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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  April 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. rights now at 11:00, two big stories we're following out of fairfax county. prayers sent out to a missing woman. plus, news of a another death in police custody. how did a man missing from a group home end up in a physical confrontation with officers? glatd you are with us tonight -- glad you are with us tonight. as the search continues for the missing firefighter, nicole mittendorff, we're learning more about the last days she had
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they say she called in sick the same day they spoke to her. we are at the fair view fire station no. 32 with the very latest. >> reporter: even with the information that she called out sick, state police still say the evidence they have so far does not point to anything suspicious. this fire station is where she worked and tonight it's where family and coworkers gather ed ed to pray for her safe return. >> we have faith in him. bring her to the heeler. lower her down, do whatever is necessary to get her back. >> reporter: wednesday, april 13th is the last time anyone heard from nicole mittendorff. her family reported her missing two days later. police found her car at the shenandoah national park saturday evening. >> there are multiple places you can go. >> repo
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searched tote. -- searched today. police have new information gathered from her cell phone, information from files downloaded just before she van issued. -- van issued. another day ended with nicole mittendorff still missing. >> (music). >> it's about home and bringing nicole home. >> reporter: as her husband broke down and her parents held back tears, everyone pleaded for the same thing. >> hope. keep that in your hearts and in your heads and on your shirt. bring nicole home. safely. we have hope
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(music). >> the search for nicole will start back up tomorrow morning. crews will be searching on the ground and in the air. as for the firefighters here at her station, they are still working and now they are doing it with a little bit of extra light. the candle that you see in the window is for nicole. he says it will stay lit until she comes home. everybody hopes she comes home soon. state police say physical and digital evidence has been critical in leading them to that search at the shenandoah national park. if you know anything or saw nicole, if you have any information about the description of the area of the park where she could be, give police a call. . tonight, the family of a disabled man has a lot of questions about how their loved one died during some kind of confrontation with police. >> the 45-year-old man lived at a group home and needed special care, but he did go to a work
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today, something went wrong. we are live in fairfax county. what do you have? >> reporter: well, while police investigate what they describe as a tragic incident, this family wait to find out how things went wrong. >> reporter: he suffered from mental disabilities. he didn't speak. he lived at a nonprofit living home. the 45-year-old was released from the group home to a work program. it was operated by saint john's community services. he was in their carry this afternoon when he walked off. one of their officers, a 20- year veteran located him and tried to talk him into coming back with him to the park. but he became physically combat i have. backup arrived and he was put in handcuffs during which he hit
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himself. while being treated, he went into cardiac arrest and later died. >> this is just a tragedy at this time and the fairfax county police department is investigating this in two darnt -- two different ways. first our major crimes division are investigating this from a criminal perspective and our detectives from the internal affairs are looking at the administrative investigation on this. >> reporter: his family telts me that he does have or -- tells me that he does have or did have a history of wandering off. they say in fact he had a similar incident just last year where they describe him being roughed up by fairfax county police officers. while they told me that his disability may have played a role, they do question the level of special needs training the fairfax county poli
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responding to these incidents. the family stressed they are waiting for the investigation, the details to play out. police say it is on going and police also stressed at this point details of that investigation of what happened are subject to change. live in fairfax county. >> thanks. well, police are asking any witnesses who may have seen or heard anything around round tree park this afternoon to contact them. we did reach out to saint john's community services whose care he was in but they were closed for business after 5:00. we will keep trying and let you know wa they have to say. also, out of fairfax county tonight, a fire has destroyed a family's home. the flames breaking out about 6:00 this evening at this house. two people were inside. they did get out safely. no one was hurt.
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the top of the home, it's pretty much gone. you can see it. two neighboring homes suffered exterior damage. for the second night in the row, donald trump campaigning in the state for the first time. >> fresh off his big win in new york last night, he spoke to thousands on the earn shore. the real battle for maryland will take place much closer. >> reporter: the polls all show maryland should be the most competitive by far with prince george's county and montgomery county it's tightly contested. >> 61. 61%. >> reporter: energyized by his dominant win in new york, he returned to the work of shredding his primary opponent. is it fun to be at a trump rally. >> i mean, honestly, do you think this happens
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ted cruz. >> reporter: including last night's second place finisher. >> as far as kasich is concerned, he will get slaughtered by hillary. >> reporter: while kasich may not be able to beat trump in maryland, he could did he brieve the p -- deprive the front runner from delegates here. >> john kasich is the only one who can beat hillary cliinton. >> a super pac says they are spending $1 who can beat hillary cliinton. >> a super pac says they are spending half a million. the kasich campaign called for outside groups to step in with negative ads hitting the front yun ner -- front-runner. meanwhile, ted cruz joins kasich with no mat math call path to
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today predicted a floor fight in cleveland. >> i'm note going to reach 1237. and donald trump is not going to reach 1237. >> reporter: cruz will campaign in frederick tomorrow morning. so far, none of the major stop trump groups have responded to the kasich campaign's request for backup. with time running out, it seems unlikely that they will. reporting live. >> story goes on an on. if you live in merchandise, bhi the way, the -- maryland, by the way, the last day is the tomorrow for early voting. still time to register and vote or you can vote next tuesday april 26th abdomen and you must bring your id with you. download the free app
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stay informed throughout this historic election. right now, some unhappy hockey fans. the washington p capitals were on the verge of a sweep but it wasn't their night. >> some unhappy players i'm willing to bet as well. >> the series shifts back here to d.c. more from tonight's game. they could have been sitting on a plane right now with a cold drink. >> maybe they just wanted to do it in front of their home fans. it wasn't the best game from the capitals. while the fliers finally but together -- put together the kind of game they needed. we are live from the wells fargo center with reaction from the caps locker room. >> reporter: you know what, the capitals knew that philadelphia would play with disperation but for the capitals they came out a little flat.
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afterwards that's exactly what the players were talking about. >> it's not going to be easy. it doesn't matter watts the score -- what's the score in this series. you have to play until the end. we knew how well we have to play, and tomorrow we have to forget about it and move forward. >> yeah, game no. 5 will be friday night back at verizon center. right now the caps still up 3-1 in the best of seven series. life from philadelphia. back to you. >> thanks so much. there's only been four times ever to come back from the 3-0 deficit. the fliers did it in 2010. the capitals look to keep that from happening and close things out friday at home in game 5. some other big news in
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been trending on twitter this evening. >> sports analyst curt out of a job because of some comments he posted on facebook about transgender people and rest rooms. his comments were unacceptable. this is not the first time he has made some inappropriate comments. the network disciplined him last year for retweeting a post that compared muslims and nazi germany. you've heard about the history making change to your $20 bill and you've heard about the connection to the hip hop hamilton musical. see what the creator of hamilton has to say about it all. >> he didn't have to make a lot of money to feel important. and he was kind and he loved children. and he loved his family so i figured if he loved his family, he would love a family we crte
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>> nice. michelle become obama there. why she picked him as a husband. looking at a pretty good start, a little chilly on your thursday. temperatures low 30s and -- it returns and rebounds pretty rapidly. low 50sened 60s -- 50s and 60s by 9:00. we will come back and talk about clouds coming in tomorrow and our yellow weather alert on friday and what delores kelley: although we were all one maryland, our schools weren't treated the same way. narrator: with neighborhoods getting unequal funding for schools, something had to be done for our children. kelley: it didn't matter
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ere chris was from. he knew that we couldn't leave a child having less just because they lived in a region that was poor. joanne benson: he has not just talked about it. he is going to stand tall for all children to succeed. i'm chris van hollen, and i approved this message.
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a big change to -- on your way to your wallet or purse. women will appear on american currency. it is change that means a lot more than just money. >> reporter: harriet tubman will be the new face of the $20 bill. she's making history as the first african-american ever on paper money and the first woman in more than a century. she escaped slavery in 1849 and led hundreds of others to freedom. we joined the women's suffer
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>> you know, for the entirety of her life, she worked on this. >> it's an inspiration to me. finally getting her justice. >> reporter: her image will replace that of former president and slave owner andrew jackson. his face will go on the flip side. >> misery has way -- has a way of catching up. >> the original plan was to put a woman on the $120 bill -- $10 bill. but the huge successful ham till ton -- hamilton on broadway may have influenced that. >> it would have been an outrage if hamilton had gotten the boot from the 10. >> the back of the 10 will get a face lift. and those
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finished by 2020, the 100th avenue of -- area of of women winning the right to vote. a lot of people wondered when martin luther king might be on some curb reason -- currency. >> what does the crater of ham -- crater of hamilton say about this. >> he's thrilled about all of it and he's excited that -- a great artist on our money. a singer, one of us. but when asked by fox news, he said "that's crazy". >> there is more reaction to this historic role reversal. we combed through social media
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day. this is so awesome to find out on woman crush wednesday. it's about time not sure what took it so long. >> all this talk about $20 bills makes me wish i had one. >> 14 years, you think they could get it together. >> women are officially on a form of currency. how about some equal pay, though? all right. so this was take our daughters and son's to workday. >> michelle took some questions from the children. "what are your plans as you and your family prepare to leave 1600 pennsylvania avenue. we're going to get our house ready. they are kicking us out. i
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the president and i, we might just take a vacation, don't tell anybody. we might just do nothing for a second. >> but they won't rest for very long. the first lady says she plans to stay active in public service. another big priority is helping the president with his presidential library. >> we've had a fantastic stretch. >> we have but it's not going to last the forever. you know, we showed you this at 7:00. a little dust devil. there is the real deal. they actually bolted the glass doorses, which it's the last place you want to be. we always talk about debris posing injuries. this is textbook. this is why you want to get away from windows even in a severe thunderstorm. this proves a point. just really crazy. look a that. >> look at that. it's security surveillance in a
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but that is inscene. >> yeah, if you were in front of that door. >> there is metal flying around. >> the people there are looking out the window, we better go. >> they did finally take cover. that's just alleges i said -- as i said, that's debris 101. that's why we say stay away from windows. now, are you aed -- ready? we went 70 for a high. well, 71, not bad. okay. tomorrow we're going to go 74. i raised it to 74 tomorrow. comfortable outside. down to 59. thumdty still very low -- humidity still very low. 59%. so a chilly start but a milder finish tomorrow. bus stop temperatures. 42-60.
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morning, probably a good idea. yellow alert friday we had to do it because of showers and storms. showers are likely during the nationals game. it will be played it won't be a complete disaster. 66 just a couple of spring else possible by -- spring els possible. 40 ted cruz -- 40s primarily. upper 50s now. 55 and 57 in d.c.. 58 in sterling. by 1:00, we are back to around 7 7 70 in fred rick's burg. a lot of sourtdly -- southerly winds. even by 6:00, 75 downtown. most of the activity rolls in here on friday
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evening -- friday afternoon and evening. 50s across the board. there is your next seven days. it's beautiful on saturday . maybe a few clouds on thunder thursday. beautiful sunday, warmer on monday. some showers tuesday night and we are back to about 69 with sunshine on wednesday. >> still a good luking -- good looking forecast. >> not only will the nats be playing at home. they could not get it closed out tonight but the fliers were desperate for a win. so the series continues on. we will have complete postgame reaction li
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now, game on sports. p. >> the washington capitals said it, that fourth game is always the hardest to get. disappointed in their showing. they came out aggressive tonight. the capitals did not. there were some brave cap fans cheering on their team. carlson checks -- he se
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balance, lands hard. taken off the ice on a stretcher to a local hospital where he will be held over night. fliers have a 1-0 lead. put the caps in a 2-0 hole. fliers win 2-1 to force -- let's head back out to philly. >> certainly a frustration night for the capitals, a chance to sweep out philadelphia. had a very slowstart, not enough as the caps fall 2-1 and will have to return home for a game 5. >> we're confident. we're good here. it's playoffs. you know, we expected them to have a good push back. so we have an outstanding team in here. we've got a lot of guys who are extremely cool under pressure. so we're going to go into game 5 and try and take care of
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business. >> our goal is to win every game in front of us. you can't worry about where you are at in the series it focussing on that game and doing what you can to win it. >> the coach is saying if we play with the intensity that we did in the 3rd period tonight they should handle the fliers on friday. >> thanks so much. the capitals -- wizards could be cloezing in on a new head coach. met with scott brooks today. made him an offer of 5 years in the $35 million range. harper, the shot to deep right center. can't catch it. making it 2-0, nats. solo shot, his second of the season. they
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we have a yellow weather alert. >> we are okay tomorrow and then friday and friday night. it's going to shower during the game. if you're going to attend and keep your plans. it's not going to be a complete disaster. >> we will take it. >> have a great night, everybody. thanks for staying up with us.
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>> stephen: hello! we're on in one minute. what's going on in there? what the hell is happening? >> i'm winning, that's what's happening? bite my big apple. wooo! >> tonight, stephen welcomes dennis quaid. matt walsh. and a musical performance by charles bradley. featuring jon batiste and stay human.


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