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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  April 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>>reporter: a woman who said her dog kept barking during which he now thinks was the robbery. she didn't want to show her face on camera because she is afraid of becoming a target. >> it is just very scary, sometimes, to think it happens around here. >> she said her home has been broken into and people have stolen things from her porch. >>reporter: another stabbing was off campus, not far from the school's front door. police said the injuries are not life-threatening and he should recover and they aren't sure what the suspect in his 30s -- what he was after other than usual items like a cell phone and wallet ellen brian, wusa9. dc police said the suspect is in his 30s and they believe he was alone when attacked but they are looking out for witnesses. police are investigating the death of a man in fairfax county. they say he was killed. 20 one year old
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lane and centerville and police said he had injuries to his upper body. a neighbor said he was a student at george mason university and lived with his sister and parents. authorities are trying to figure out what sparked a fire on a dc military base. the fire ripped through two adjoining homes on joint base anacostia-bolling. it was believed two firefighters were injured but we know that no one was hurt in the fire. the housing office is in the process of locating the victims a new place to stay. the weather alert, topper shutt is in the weather center and we could have storms popping up? this is on a day when folks are voting? >> most of you want the showers or thunderstorms. no excuse not to vote. if you are worried about a passing shower, vote in the morning, before 2:00 and you will be fine. 75 at 10:00, 83 by 2:00 and 82 by 6:00 with a slight chance of shower or
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most will be north of town. no excuse not to vote. 1:00 tomorrow, and futurecast, 83 downtown and 84 in manassas with clouds and quiet in the storm department. by 3:00, 85 downtown. 86 in fredericksburg and 84 in leesburg and sterling end by 5:00, showers pop up here and they are. by far and away the lion's share will be in pennsylvania and points north so there is no excuse not to vote and most of you will not see a shower tomorrow. will come back. big changes for wednesday and we will tell you how many days we could issue a yellow weather alert this week. >> see you then, topper. the gop presidential race has taken yet another unprecedented turn. the campaigns of john kasich and ted cruz joined forces to announce they would battle trump together in some upcoming primaries. the ohio govr
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campaign rally and andrea mccarren was there. >>reporter: we heard enthusiasm and support for this unusual alliance and we met several democrats who support governor kasich. some of them said they would consider crossing party lines to vote for him -- to vote for him should he become the republican nominee. >> we are delegate hunting and that is what it's about. >>reporter: john kasich, one day after he and rival gop candidate, senator ted cruz, rolled out plans to team up in an effort to defeat front runner, donald trump. >> we apply resources and places we think we can do the best. >> we are going to win. >> the goal is to stop trump from getting the 1237 delegates needed to cement the nomination.
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governor kasich will back off of indiana to campaign in oregon and new mexico. the ted cruz's campaign will focus on indiana. this is an effort to pave the way for an open convention. >> it's important. right now, the way things look, hillary clinton will be president and we will lose the supreme court and the u.s. senate. >>reporter: voters at this town hall responded favorably. >> the country is divided and they are making a good decision. there doing what they can to make it happen. >> we need to do what we can to take care of donald trump. i don't agree with a lot of donald trump's messages and i don't agree with his temperament. >>reporter: they believe indiana is critical to stopping trump's rise to the nomination. the statewide delegates may go to the winner, but the remaining 27 are up for grabs going to the winner of each congressional district. >> i think it is responsibility of true republicans like governor kasich and senator ted cruz, to continue to run and tried to stop what i see as distraction of the republican party.
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>> donald trump fired back via twitter calling the kasich ted cruz alliance a move of desperation. live from rockville, andrea mccarren, wusa9. the presidential race is not the only one getting attention today and tomorrow in elections for house and senate seats. >> on the democratic side, chris van hollen and donna edwards are battling it out for the senate seat in maryland vacated by the retiring barbara mccluskey. last poll had been hollowed with a 16-point lead. more on that race, coming up at 6:00. there are handful of republicans gunning for the senate seat. we've had two in the studio with us and tonight, republican richard douglas will be on the set with bruce at 7:00. if you have have a question, send it to was on the wusa9 facebook or twitter pages.
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with the latest developments in campaign 2016 with the wusa9 news at. at the profiles, the delegate count and the primary result on your phone. the city of cleveland has reached a $6 million settlement and a lawsuit over the death of tamir rice, 12-year-old african- american boy that was playing with the pellet gun outside a recreation center when he got shot by white police officer. the video showed a cruiser skidding to a stop, rookie patrolman opening fire and within two seconds, the wrongful death suit alleges police acted recklessly. community leaders are rallying. the death of freddie gray and the unrest that followed -- he died april 19 of last year after suffering a critical spinal injury in the back of a police transport van. in addition to remembering him, there is a voter rally encouraging residents to vote in tomorrow's primary elections.
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the metro board chairman warns there could be a repeat of the track fire near friendship heights station. he said the system is wearing out and if the aging issues are not addressed, the problems will continue. a metro spokesperson said the electrical arcing of an insulator was likely the cause of the fire on the red line. police are investigating an accident inside a montgomery county cemetery around 11:00 a.m. at the gates of heaven cemetery off georgia avenue and silver spring. police found this chevy cobalt turned on its side. the spokespeople said one of the three people was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. increasing violence and a normally quiet park. montgomery village has people on edge and detectives are investigating. there was a violent assault that left an 18-year-old dead. stephanie ramirez has new details from centerway park.
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>>reporter: the evidence of this brutal beating stretches almost across the entire length of the playground starting with the spot on the ground here and goes back to the playground. there is blood on the ground and police identified the victim of the sunday night centerway park federal assault is 18-year-old, oscar benitez of gaithersburg. detectives are investigating whether it is gang related. we found what appears to be a court history on the victim including assault and armed robbery. >> we are worried. this is normally a safe neighborhood. >>reporter: the fear of gang activity is why these two i -- as not to be identified. >> i'm scared they might be looking. >> this is terrible. it is a safe area. >>reporter: they said this is the most violence they've ever seen, even though it is occurring nearby. >> there have been gang related crimes and violence and there was a murder
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murders. it is frightening because i come here a few times per week to walk and i realized this happened at night but it could happen anytime. >>reporter: this volunteer told me -- >> something needs to be done. we need to feel like our children children -- we don't want to worry about things happening in properties next to the school. >>reporter: residents said lights could make the park more safe and they said sometimes people come here because of the seclusion. in montgomery village, stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> police want to make sure people know there is a $10,000 reward for anyone to offer information leading to an arrest. tom brady's four game suspension for deflate-gate is back on. the federal appeals court reinstated rate is penalty for allegedly using under-inflated footballs during the 2015 afc championship game. the 2-1 decision overturns a lower court ruling. the playerso
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planned in honor of the grammy and oscar winner who died last week. investigators are looking into the cause of his death. in the meantime, minnesota state senator hopes to introduce something that would make purple minnesota's official state color. as jamie yuccas reports from the paisley park estate, it is one of many tributes honoring his legacy. ♪ days after prince's unexpected death, those who love to him are struggling with the sudden loss. >> i'm finally able to compose myself. it doesn't feel real. >>reporter: at prince's paisley park warm, friends and families handed out mementos to fans and held a memorial after the artist was cremated. his final resting place will remain private, much like his life. >> they know him like we do. we want to keep it at that. >>reporter: sunday, the hockey team held a moment of silence in minnesota. on saturday, he was honored by another music ea
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bruce springsteen opened his new york city concert with a classic. >> ♪ purple rain, purple rain. >>reporter: nbc saturday night live aired a special tribute featuring never seen before footage of him performing at the show's 40th anniversary after party. ♪ newly released footage shows prince addressing an atlanta audience earlier this month during what would be his final performance. while it could be weeks before autopsy results reveal more answers, fence continued to descend on his home, the last place he was seen alive. theodore matthew said he drove 23 hours from virginia to pay his respects. >> i believe i will never love another artist like i love to prince.
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>>reporter: jamie yuccas, cbs news. the late cintas music vault is said to include thousands of unpublished recordings which could be worth millions. minnesota law states that the closest blood relative should inherit everything if there is no well. prince had one full sister and several have relatives. they could all end up splitting the inheritance. with less than one year left in office, president obama steps up pressure on isis. during a speech in germany, he confirmed that more u.s. forces will be on the front lines in syria, but not to fight. >> i've approved the deployment of up to 250 additional u.s. personnel in syria, including special forces to keep up this momentum. suspect they will join 50 elite commandos already in syria to provide support for opposition forces battling isis. president obama order 200 troops and an apache helicopter to iraq last week
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talked with the president about the additional troops. that interview and more, tonight at 6:00 30:00 on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. a reunion five decades in the making. >> four young marines bound by experiences gathered to relive the past. in the late 60s and 70s, they grabbed a surfboard to create a picture that would take them back to 1966, when they were stationed at camp pendleton outside san diego. one of them got the idea for a reunion while flipping through a scrapbook that they all struck the same pose from five decades ago. >> they are looking pretty buff. better than the younger versions, actually. how could you not be happy on the beach at pendleton? >> that is a good idea. it will be beach weather here, pretty soon. 80s today and tomorrow and locate your umbr ellaan
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light jacket because we will lose 15 or 20 degrees in the next 48 hours. a little bit unsettled. 3-degree guarantee for today, i think we are okay. we went 84 the high and that will be close. i will let you know tonight how we did at 11:00. a live look outside with the michael & sons weather camera. relative humidity is 40%. winds out of the south at seven and the southwest, 10-15 and breezy through tomorrow. milder, breezy and dry, very nice. bus stop temperatures, 56 degrees. the yellow weather alert for tomorrow afternoon. not everyone will see a shower or thunderstorm. if you are worried about a scatter shower, vote in the morning. a few showers in the afternoon, north of the border. 9:30 tonight, a great night to take a walk after dinner. 72 downtown and
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springs. 70 in fairfax. by morning, the will be sun to start and 67 downtown. only in the 60s, upper 50s, down to 57 in frederick. by 9:00, we are back in the 70s with a couple of sprinkles to the north, north of frederick with temps in the low 70s and by 1:00, 80. 83 downtown, 84 in manassas. a few showers south of culpepper end by 530, there will be -- by 5:30, there will be a couple of showers. over the bridge, into delaware and into new jersey and eastern pa, we are down to 81 and warm. by 9:00, nothing crazy and temperatures in the low to mid- seventies and we cool off into wednesday and
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the front. tonight, nice. 56-64 and winds out of the southwest at 10-15. by morning, partly cloudy and breezy and warm. a perfect day to vote. 56-79, pretty nice. by afternoon, showers are possible with the winds up to 85 and wins at 10-15. warm from the mountains to the coast. 74 in oakland and 81 in hagerstown and low 80s in winchester. 84 or 85 and culpepper, 81 in leesburg. downtown, 83 and that will be high enough, 77 by the water. there is a small craft advisory for the bay tomorrow. the day planner is 66 downtown, 72 by 9:00 and 79 by 11:00 with low 80s and partly sunny by 1:00. showers and drizzle on wednesday. 66 on wednesday and 64 with more showers on thursday. it will be wetter on wednesday than tomorrow. friday, showers possible
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70. the nats are in town through thursday. the game should be okay, but not the best weather wednesday or thursday. the weekend, a tough call. we will keep saturday dry and showers sunday. 69, and 65, more showers on monday. new information on a man with disabilities who died after a struggle with fairfax county police. today, a group that advocates for people with disabilities called for an independent investigation into the death of this man. it happened that rountree park and investigators say he wandered from his group home outing and became competitive when officers tried to help. he hit his head and died after going into cardiac arrest. we are learning new details about a series of murders that left eight family members dead. airfare might be more affordable but will be
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expensive than a big box membership store. i will tell you more in the consumer alert -- consumer alert. the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edsdwar said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons.
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working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids.
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i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
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found marijuana grow operations at three of the sites where eight people were as a kind -- executed last week. the murders weren't random or spontaneous, according to the attorney general. all the victims were member of -- members of the same family. incredible pictures out of burbank, california. a speeding driver crashed into a fire hydrant. investigators said no one was hurt and area streets were shut down well cruise turned off that water. expect to snatch up low airfares if you travel soon. american airlines said fairs are down 7% compared to last year. united, delta and southwest are reporting falling fairs as discount carriers and weak business travel pushed ticket prices lower. cvs pharmacy is recalling select cases of organic spiced herbal tea. a gold emblem
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contaminated with salmonella. the packages i stamped with the march 18, 2018 best buy date. take it back to the cvs if you have this at home for a full refund. costco members have to shell out more money. the company reportedly is raising membership fees by 10% starting in early 2017. the basic membership will increase to $60 and executive will cost $120. at&t is launching the internet access program for low interest -- for low income households. they're making good on a promise to the fcc to win approval for the merger with direct tv. the $10 at&t internet service will be available to families enrolled in snap, the food stamp program. straight ahead, students going back to class days after a shooting at the school's pr. dc gets one step closer to a new soccer stadium.
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story about a meteorite that caused a massive i'm chris van hollen. my entire public life i've worked to bring people together for the common good. sometimes that means taking on and beating powerful special interests... like big oil, the nra and wall street. and i've done that. but sometimes it means finding common ground to get things done for marylanders. that's especially important now-- when so many seek to divide us. we must ensure that every child can succeed and build an economy that works for everyone. i approve this message because together we can get more things done.
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in bowie, maryland, it is a scientific certainty that a meteorite
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did not start a brush fire sunday afternoon. it did not happen. >> stop spreading it around. it didn't stop sightseers from showing up after a tweet from the do fire department went viral come overnight. the fire chief apologized. wusa9 is live to explain this one. >>reporter: now that we understand the scientific facts, you can understand why the fire chief wanted to take it all back and apologized. when you see the hole in the woods it is easy to see how someone's imagination might have gotten the best of them. whitemarsh park was the scene of a two-acre brush fire under investigation. the epicenter of this bizarre crater had gawkers clicking pictures. >> it looks like it is real. >> they came thanks to a tweet from the belief fire department. a possible meteor strike, it announced. featuring a picture of a rock without any actual evidence of a real meteorite strike. it went viral on facebook and the media reported the tweet
5:30 pm
people like patrick came with a magnet to look for pieces of the offending rock from outer space. >> i thought i might as well check it out. >>reporter: the news got to a curator from a large assembly of media rights. he went ballistic, almost all media rights are barely warm to the touch when they make it to the ground, explaining after a flaming entry to the atmosphere, media rights slow down and cool off. in short, it is all but impossible for a meteorite to start a forest fire and one that would cause a crater like this would come with a tremendous sonic boom and enough energy to knock over a forest of trees like this struck -- like this in russia. in short, whoever sent the
5:31 pm
astrophysicist. investigators suspected arson and were looking for fingerprints on food wrappers left behind, trying to figure out who had the energy to dig a mysterious hole in the woods with rocks on the bottom, and why. the fire department got one thing right. the circumstances are weird. the hole in the ground was dug by somebody and the fire started, somehow. it was definitely not a media right. that is the apology from the fire chief in bowie, jonathan howard. he is sorry for all the attention this has caused, particularly from the media and said it won't happen again. scott broom, wusa9. >> at least everybody got to have a little fun. scott, thank you. adding to the speculation, all of this coincides with a meteor shower which ended late last week. breaking news and new information on saturdays smoke incident on the red line. the metro just announced investigation focuses on the medal part of a railcar that became dislodged and made
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contact with the third rail. that contact likely caused the loud noise, the flash and smoke. investigators ruled out power cables and nobody was hurt, but there were plenty of scared people during the saturday incident. charles county man faces first-degree murder charges in connection with the death of his father-in-law. they said he went to the la plata home of 71-year-old, john yates on saturday night looking for his daughter. they got into an argument and yates was stabbed to death. they said hensley drove away with his 12-year daughter but she escaped and hensley was later caught and charged with assault and kidnapping. of virginia man held without bond in connection to a stabbing in arlington. >> ryan calls got into a fight with another man on 24th street, according to police. the victim was stabbed and rushed to gw
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severe wounds. the suspect was arrested and charged with the case. two are treated for injuries received in a beltre crash that began when an equipment failure caused the hold of a woman's car to fly up in the air. she was in front of the vehicle and was struck from behind. the second vehicle flipped over and the drivers were rushed to the hospital. they are expected to recover. brown -- groundbreaking got under way ford dc united's stadium. muriel bowser was on hand for the $300 million project. construction on the 20,000 seat venue will be complete by the spring of 2018. the ceremony was symbolic. to work will officially get under way later this year. a teen gunman is dead and two are expected to recover after shooting at a high school prom. 18-year-old former student, jakob wagner, fired a two students in antigo, on
5:34 pm
they said he was bullied in school and had expressed an interest in guns. the prom queen things counseling is the best thing for students, right now. >> it will be quieter than usual, but i hope everybody will get back and we will get through this. >> other students say the communities support will help them get through this tragedy. disgraced nfl quarterback, johnny manziel, will reportedly be indicted tomorrow. a dallas tv station reports that johnny football will face a misdemeanor assault charge for allegedly striking his girlfriend. she claimed she was hit so hard that her eardrum burst. prosecutors are expected to make a formal announcement tomorrow. we hear from a teenager who survived the shark attack in florida. after the break, a familiar warning about detergent packets and dangers they
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toddlers. one silver lining. with showers on the way, it will knock down the pollen, which is crazy high. tree pollen and oak are high and low for grasses. kathy asked if it was higher than this. yes, higher in 2009 and 2010.
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doctors warn parents about popular detergent packets. a new study shows an increase in the number of children getting hurt after biting into the colorful pads. to some toddlers, they look like candy. two years ago, angela's daughter went on life support when she ate a package. >> she was foaming at the mouth and couldn't breathe. she was just laying there. >> study shows there were 62,000 detergent related calls to poison centers in 2013 and 2014. procter & gamble said it introduced new pods with a bitter tasting film on the outside to keep kids from
5:39 pm
they keep -- they hit store shelves next month. keep them out of the way of kids. we are hearing from a florida teen recovering from a shark attack. >> this happened while he was visiting new smyrna beach on saturday. he felt the sharks nose hit his leg and moments later, the mammal jump up. >> i thought i stepped on a shell or landed on something like that. two seconds later, it hit me again and i thought it took my whole foot, that is how bad it hurt. >> kelton won't have to have surgery but he will have to wear those big bandages. he said it wouldn't stop him from surfing. the rocky mount wildfire in shenandoah national park is 43% contained. two young girl show appreciation for the volunteer firefighters battling the fame --
5:40 pm
officials tweeted out that fire is read, water is blue, i don't know firefighters better than you. 9000 acres have been burned and the fire is believed to be caused by people. beyonce's new album is more than music. why is celebrity chef is the target of some angry beyonce fans. the story behind this viral i'm chris van hollen. my entire public life i've worked to bring people together for the common good. sometimes that means taking on and beating powerful special interests... like big oil, the nra and wall street. and i've done that. but sometimes it means finding common ground to get things done for marylanders.
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ant now-- when so many seek to divide us. we must ensure that every child can succeed and build an economy that works for everyone. i approve this message because together we can get more things done. everhas a number.olicy but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families that have supported them,
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usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect
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glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us. i'm bruce leshan. a nasty battle among democrats over race, gender and politics. in the u.s. senate race in maryland's, the closing arguments from the candidates, coming up at 6:00. all the single ladies are on social media and they are talking tonight. let's see what is trending. beyonce is blowing up after dropping her latest album. ♪. >> it's not just the ng
5:44 pm
she released this album called lemonade and it is creating a lot of buzz on social media. stephanie gailhard is live to explain what she did and why. >>reporter: beyonce was very strategic and there was a lot of mystery and speculation surrounding the release of this new album, especially on social media. that is exactly the way she wanted it. she surprised fans this weekend by releasing the album during an hbo special and before the special was over, she made lemonade available on the music-streaming service, on tidal. ♪. >> in a day when it's easy to make music at home and successful, someone like beyonce sets herself apart. something more engaging and involved and touches the community in a different way.
5:45 pm
>>reporter: that is what beyonce did with lemonade. adam levin is a music expert. >> being secretive and letting out tidbits of information, and on the platform she is on, makes it a more exciting sort of thing. ♪. >>reporter: will it translate into dollars? >> money is an interesting thing in the professional musician world, these days. money is not really made on albums anymore. it's made on tours and concerts and that is why people are downloading albums for free, whatever that is,'s hard to make money on the music, itself. >>reporter: he said offering an experience like lemonade on title is a savvy strategy, especially since beyonce is part owner of the company. >> it is a bit
5:46 pm
she kept it a secret. >>reporter: this album is beyonce's most personal, yet. she draws from every corner of popular music, new and old. >> it was a bold statement with a lot of artistic courage to do it. there is an element where she is not necessarily trying to placate or please anyone. she's trying to tell the truth, as painful as it might be. >> in the sun 24 hours, lemonade has soared to number 1, more than 25 countries. live tonight, stephanie gailhard, wusa9. >> how can you not like lemonade? >> we saw the fury and the forgiveness. this was an epic -- epic production to release. you should see the live tweeting , when it was occurring. you should see what people are saying about it. it's very entertaining.
5:47 pm
>> it is available on itunes. >> apparently there is a cd, dvd set on may 6. she will make some money. >> we can enjoy it. one person that might not be happy is celebrity chef, rachel ray. talk to me. >> when you get mistaken for rachel roy, there could be a problem. beyonce addresses possible jay z and fidelity on lemonade and rumor has it that his mistress was rachel roy. the singer mixed up the rachels on social media. roy, ray, two very different people. on instagram, fans tore into rachel ray, the chef. on the recipe for steak salad, one said think you can have a man like that?
5:48 pm
and the rest of the thread is filled with similar comments as well as rachel ray defenders trying to set the record state. someone who doesn't have a e at the end admits frequently mistaken to leslie, i can understand what rachel ray is feeling. it's not even her name. >> when people ripping into rachel ray figure out she is and the woman, they will say, look at this masterful chef. i will pick up a few recipes. >> it would be drama, no matter what. moving on. attaching photo of a waiter helping a man with disabilities is taking off. >> it happened not far from atlanta. edina snapped a picture of a server feeding a man his meal. it was so he wouldn't have to struggle with it on his own. he said it struck his soul and there are still -- still good people in the world.
5:49 pm
michael & sons weather camera, some clouds are coming in but it could be a very nice evening. 76 and winds out of the south and we will continue out of the southwest at 10-15 for the next 24-36 hours. milder and very nice. bus stop temperatures, 56-73. much milder with a yellow weather alert for tomorrow afternoon. not everyone will see a shower or thunderstorm, i want to emphasize that. a few showers, but no excuse not to vote. temperatures warm tonight and perfect for a walk. 73 downtown and 71 in fairfax. by morning, mainly 60s. 57 in frederick, 57 in martinsburg or cumberland at 60 degrees in the morning. by midmorning, we are back
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and buy 1:00, you could walk to lunch. we will see anything after 1:00 of any consequence. 83 and sterling and leesburg, and by 6:00, showers to the south and once again, the lion's share will be well to the north, even north of baltimore into delaware and new jersey and southeastern pa. by 9:30, a couple of showers and temperatures 74 downtown, 71 in fairfax. no excuse not to vote. the polls open at 7:00 in maryland and close at 8:00. 56-64 and winds out of the southwest at 10-15. a very mild start. lots of sunshine and 72 at 9:00 and almost 70 by 11:00. by 1:00, we are dry and by 4:00, we will be dry. wednesday,
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day. we may have to issue a yellow weather alert for wednesday. 56 and cloudy and drizzle. more showers on thursday, only 64 at. , more showers but near 70 with the weekend okay, 69 on saturday, showers late sunday and we will try to give the showers later with more showers on monday and 65. the nats are in town tomorrow, wednesday and thursday. not concerned about the games being canceled, but be advised that temperatures will only be in the 60s. wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset, brought to you by xfinity. one player no one had their eye on. no one expected him to be available. when the panthers
5:52 pm
yanked the franchise tag from josh norman, the burgundy and gold swooped in. scott said it took 10 minutes to get a hold of norman and they would do all they could not to let him get away. they may have emptied their pockets to get him, making him the highest paid corner in the league. these players don't come around too often. everything came as a shock to norman but he and his family agreed that dc was the right place to start the new chapter. frank hanrahan has more. the redskins rolled out the burgundy carpet for their latest signing, five years and reported that they shut down the corner, josh norman. a week ago he was with the panthers. he was a free agent and the redskins got him out here. >> kind of crazy. i'm talking to you guys.
5:53 pm
i know this team is kind of still surreal. i'm blessed, very fortunate. this magnitude -- >> i understand the contract and all that, that is part of the process, part of the business. we are getting a really good football player that will help us win games. >> normans activities will begin in late may. the history making season of the golden state warriors may have hit a major snag after finishing with the best season ever. they will not get through the next couple of weeks, without their leader steph curry. he slipped on the court during last night's game and slammed his knee on the court. he's diagnosed with a sprained scl scl -- acl and will be back.
5:54 pm
and played well. >> they have a lot of talent on that team. one person won't affect it that much. coming up at 6:00 with bruce and jan, the race to replace senator barbara mikulski is down to the wire. we will get the latest. the fire chief commented on reports that cyber bullying may have contributed to the suicide of a firefighter. starbucks rolls out a pilot program to get health democrat donna edwards knows what it's like to struggle. divorced and without a place to live. raising her son alone. going without health insurance to poout fd on the table. but donna persevered. then she put that strength to work for us.
5:55 pm
taking on the nra. rejecting wall street's cash. powerful interests don't want democrat donna edwards. that's a powerful reason why we do. women vote! is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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5:57 pm
starbucks recently announced a five-year plan to donate one non-nude% of unsold food to charity. >> -- 100% of unsold food to charity. >> jordan often has unsold sandwiches going into the garbage every evening. >> we are affected at a human level when we see something perfectly good that could feed a needy family going to waste or expect he alone. many starbucks employees voiced concern and the company decided to take action. >>reporter: after your of testing, they rolled out of food donation pilot program in arizona and california. >>
5:58 pm
locations donating all the parish symbol foods every day. >> it's simple. we take the food and put it in a bag and zip tie it and put it in the fridge. >> the food is delivered to food banks and agencies like the san diego rescue mission. >>reporter: the yogurt parfait mode -- may go into lunch bags or be served immediately. >> it is something they couldn't afford and we are able to provide it through programs like this with starbucks. it is making a real difference in their lives. >>reporter: starbucks plans to donate 5 million meals to those in need in hopes to extend it to all the 7600 company operated stores in the u.s. over the next 12 months. >> if other companies emulate
5:59 pm
needle a little bit, we will make a real difference in fighting hunger. >>reporter: john blackstone, san diego pier expect that is fantastic. recent data shows one in seven americans have uncertainty about where their next meal is coming from. >> 30% to 40% say the food supply is wasted each year. battleground baltimore, why senator barbara mikulski may be replaced on the democratic side. zero-tolerance for bullies. we tell you how that was connected to the suicide of a firefighter. a local high schoolers stabbed on his way to school this morning on what police are saying about the investigation. i'm jan jeffcoat. i'm bruce johnson. nasty to the end. the senator from maryland, barbara mikulski. chris van hollen and donna edwards have fought over race, gender and effectiveness. brucsh
6:00 pm
kensington. >>reporter: in some ways, it echoes of hillary clinton and bernie sanders in this battle for the democratic nomination. and, a clear path to the senate in this heavily democratic state. chris van hollen's, the candidate, several will be here with the big rally, a get out the vote rally and they plan to start in about one hour. donna edwards said she is running to shake up the establishment. >>reporter: much of the following -- much of the fight is in baltimore. they tried to persuade the last remaining persuadable voter. >> they do what they say. >>reporter: in west baltimore, there is some anger that maryland's political establishment, including many african-american politicians, hali


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