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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  April 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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west virginia, get thunderstorms. and most of these, i think will duck south of us. and most of these are on i-70, through harrisburg. right now, we're okay. but that said, temperatures made it into the low to mid-80s today. atmosphere is pretty unstable. we expect a line to develop to the east of the shenandoah valley in the next, say, hour or so. we'll keep an eye on that. we have storm to the south of culpepper. yellow is moderate rainfall there. it is pushing off to the south and east. chancellor about 5:40. could have brief, heavy rain. don't see anything severe with that just yet. by 8:00, still showers and storms. winchester, up to hagerstown. i think the game will be okay. slight chance of a shower, but right now in their favor of playing the game. by 9:00, leftover showers. by 9:00, 10:00, the threat of showers are possible. we'll come back.
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for many of the days, rest of the week. we'll explain why. thank you, topper. to rockville tonight, where a day care provider is behind bars, charged with the brutal beating and death of a 6-year- old girl. 35-year-old kia difband was slapped with a $2 million bond today in court. wusa 9's stephanie granville is live where this home day care was located. stephanie? >> reporter: yeah, adam. it's in the basement of the home behind me here. april 19th. that's when police say this happened. that's a week ago today. all in the basement, under the care of one person. >> i source close to the investigation says this is 6- month-old miller lilliston, who they called lily. the infant just waking up from a nap last tuesday, when while feeding, she started to choke and vomit. this is what 35-year-old kia divband said. the day care owner said once
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to the bathroom, noticed millie unresponsive, her lips blue. so he attempted to call 911. >> i'm surprised, maria said in spanish. she went to a day care open house and said the owners were always friendly. but as neighbors learned more. >> it's horrible. i mean, who wants to do that? who wants to kill a 6-month-old baby? >> reporter: these are the incidents doctors found at children's international. including five rib fractures. bruises to her head and neck. court documents said there were newnew injuries and also old ones. but state's attorney john mccarthy said according to evidence found, including bloody wipes inside the day care -- >> they speak for themselves. >> reporter: defense attorney says his client had no record and no previous complaint. >> i will say that the saimentd of charges you heard in court today is just an allegation. it's what the state is alleging that mr. divband did. but he does
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defend himself. and we'll do so vigorously. >> and we did ask the state's attorney. he said they are questioning all parties involved, including the parents. i can tell you with the day care here. we learned they voluntarily gave up their license, after an emergency inspection. in rockville tonight, stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> tragic details there, stephanie. thanks. authorities say he is an iranian and american national citizen. he is charged with murder, second-degree severe physical child abuse. to prince george's county. police are searching for the person who shot five people early this morning and killed one of them. wusa 9 stephanie gailhard is live in forestville with the latest on this investigation. steph, what do we know? >> reporter: lesli, the preliminary investigation reveals, all of these victims were targeted. police say they were standing outside when a car pulled up to them and a person inside shot atm.
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off. and the sound of gunfire woke up neighbors in this community. and they were absolutely terrify terrified. >> -- terrified. >> in my bed at 1:00 in the morning, i heard 14 shots. but i didn't come outside. >> reporter: she was scared then. and she's still scared now. she lives across the street from where the shooting happened. >> i mean, it's sad, though. it's very sad. >> shattered glass and crime scene tape tell the story of what unfolded here. around 1:30 this morning, on hillmar drive, near walters lane, five people were shot, one woman died. >> i was hoping that someone would just shoot me in the head. i was hoping someone would shoot. it's a sad day. it's kind of awful. >> police are canvassingiatir, -- canvassing the area. >> kids play out here? >> yeah. kids play out here a lot.
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i don't even allow my granddaughter to the playground. >> reporter: people who live here say this neighborhood has changed for the worst. and more needs to be done to make it safer. >> it's going to take all of us to try to fix it. >> you can't go anywhere. there's not going to be anybody shot. everywhere you go, it's going to be something happening. you're not safe anywhere. and in just the last 15 minutes, we've seen people come by and lay flowers at that tree you're looking at right now. that's where the woman passed away. as for the rest of the victims, police tell me that two of them have since been released from the hospital. they're going to be cook -- to be okay. and two other victims are still in the hospital in stable condition. police continue to investigate. reporting live tonight in forestville, stephanie gailhard, wusa 9. >> stephanie, thank you. and late this afternoon, we learned the name of the victim who was killed.
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from district heights. prince george's county police are offering a reward for any information leading to an arrest. fairfield county, a woman is being held in connection with a man there. 24-year-old jessica daneil waylon. is accused of killing 51-year- old raymond white on in an apartment on bedford terrace in alexand alexandria. police say daneil wayland actually notified them first and told them that there was a deceased man in her apartment. and they say the two of them had some sort of prior relationship. it is primary election day in maryland. voters across the state, choosing their candidates for president, senate and congress. of course, among other races. wusa 9's andrea mccarren has been traveling across montgomery county to check out the scene in some of the polling places. and she's live for us tonight in bethesda. how
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andrea? >> it's been a steady day. and we've seen a little pickup now that people are heading home. but you know, the local and national races, a lot of them are hotly contested. so there is an expectation that we could see record turnout across the state. ♪ oh beautiful for spacious skies. >> eve cheshire is 18 years old. and just voted for the first time. >> i felt like i was a person. because i could have a say in what was happening in the government. and i felt like a full american citizen. you know? [ singing ] >> the high school senior was singing to voters at a local polling place. she recalls wanting to exercise her right to vote since she was only 4 years old. >> great. >> we would talk about politics. i guess it's just part of growing nup washington. and i would tell
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took me to john f. kennedy's inauguration >> reporter: as rocking horse center in rockville, the morning voting got off to a rough start. >> when i went to have my ballot scanned, they said the person in front of mer me -- me, her ballot jammed and the scanner was out of service. >> reporter: heltha -- helga and others were told to cross out the ballots, write the word "spoiled" on them and come back later if they had time. >> apparently there was a second scanner but that was also out of service remember. >> reporter: poll workers say there was 10 minutes of anxiety, then the problem was fixed. >> his grace on three thee ♪ >> reporter: heave has a -- eve has a message for voters. >> just do it.
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maryland are open until 8:00 tonight. so there is still plenty of time to vote. and once again, those numbers may be very high. keep in mind, more than 260,000 cast their ballots in early voting. reporting live from bethesda, andrea mccarren, wusa 9. >> that jung girl had -- young girl had a beautiful voice and a great message. amongst electronic voting machines, only listed certain candidates on the campaign. others felt it put them at a disadvantage. the paper ballots put all the candidates on the same page. voters are casting their ballots not just here in maryland but in two other states as well. >> the two presidential front runners look to be closer to clinching the nomination tonight. among the democrats, hillary clinton is the favorite. but senator bernie sanders is vowing to stay in the race, no matter what happens. on the republican si,
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closer to his goal of clenching the nomination. the billionaire is favored today in all five primaries. the biggest race is the white house after the fierce battle for the open senate seat. the fight for the democratic nomination pits edwards. she said it is long past time to have the voice of an african american woman in the senate. and he it touting his role as a house leader, against what he calls her thin record of accomplishment. lots of voters say they're voting for him. lots of voters in prince george's county say they're voting for her. >> chris van holland. >> and why? >> he served our community better am i don't even knowledge what donna did except in a negative campaign. >> she's been active for a while. i've seen her in the
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>> edwards said there is a suggestion of racism and sexism. several well-known candidates are competing in maryland's 8th congressional district. that's where incumbent chris van holland is leading. they include former tv anchor. and state senator jamie raskin. and it's a three-way race. democratic primary. former lieutenant governor anthony brown. glen ivy and state delegate, joceline. they are looking to replace donna edwards. we have this important election on air and online. we have a special you'll be able to watch. using the wusa 9 app. and breaking news. we'll be shooting them out at you all night. 24 hours a day. now for
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he leaves behind. his sister said the superstar musician had no will. nelson has filed paperwork to oversee prince's estate. she is his only surviving full sibling. but prince only has seven half siblings. and the surviving stand to inherit a small fortune. prince died at his estate last week. the official cause of death has not yet been released. we are just getting started on wusa 9news at 5:00. the man accused of shooting a northern virginia police officer to death. apparently said he wanted to die that day. new details on the attack that rocked prince williams county in just a little bit. and for the second day in a row, a d.c. teenager is stabbed near a school. topper has the latest on the storms moving through our area. and more rocky weather expected later this week. and at
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woman. remember her? who danced with the obamas at the white house? well, she's beaming tonight after a special delivery.
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for the second day in a row, a young person has been stabbed near a deform c. school. -- d.c. school. wusa 9. >> police have now charged two 19-year-olds in this case with assault, using a dangerous weapon. the police presence here has been ramped up and now so are fears. after a fight turned bloody. >> kind of not safe. >> reporter: 11th grader aaron shabazz was inside roosevelt high school, as police were outside. they say this is where a
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he was taken to children's hospital. police say he will survive. >> it's pretty sad that you can't feel safe in your own community. like in -- it's near a school. supposed to be like -- supposed to have like police on the corner, 24/7, so things like this don't happen. >> this is the second stabbing outside a d.c. school, in as many days. monday, a wilson high school student was stabbed as a man tried to rob him. >> it's got to change. you gotta change the schools. you gotta change at home. >> reporter: dan lawn graduated from roosevelt in 1976. now, he lives nearby. >> i can't believe it. i mean, things have changed since i have grown. kids have no remorse or anything. >> reporter: police were here as students were dismissed at their normal times. neighbors say the violence is anything but. >> they don't care about life. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: police tell me the victim and the two
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under arrest knew each other. live in northwest, pete monteen, wusa 9. she became an instant celebrity, after dancing with the obamas at the white house in february. >> getting down, that's for sure. now, 107-year-old virginia mclauren has another reason to smile. today, d.c. mayor, muriel bowser handed mrs. mclauren her i.d. her stolen i.d. kept her from jetsetting often. it was pretty difficult to replace the i.d. >> i thank you for one of the greatest things that ever happened in the district of columbia. i really truly -- so many of them couldn't get it. and i'm so happy. i feel great about it. >> all right. and of se
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mrs. mclauren, dancing with president obama and the first lady on the white house facebook page, has now been viewed more than 65 million times. >> now, that's just incredible service there. the d.m.v. comes to you in the form of the mayor. >> the mayor. >> they should make that a policy. anyone over 100 years old, the did -- auto dm -- the dmv should come to you. >> that's a good rule. >> in her case, she hasn't within sitting -- been sitting at all. >> she needed an id for this agency and an an id for this agency. storm -- not storms but nuisance, cold, drizzly april weather. although they'll bring flowers in may. i thought i went high enough today. i went 83. my car was reading 88. we shall see how
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at 11:00. and of course, you can download the app. you can also track the storms with us. you can also watch us now with your phone on the app. live look outside. 85 right now. gusting to 33. winds out of the west, gusting to 33 miles per hour. and looking at relative humidity. pretty low, 33%. so it's not that really humid juicy atmosphere we're kind of accustomed to to get storms. that said, there is potential for more storms between now and 10:00 tonight. gotta take you way out west, though. here we are in d.c. going to go past these. those, i think, we're going to duck down to the south. move toward harrison burg. and into culpepper and fred fredericksburg later tonight. watch continues. frederick county, washington county, points to the north. that includes chambersburg. we will zoom in. we showed you earlier. this is a much weaker storm. now it's to the southwest of
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of culpepper. here's a better idea of the watch. it covers almost all of pennsylvania. so yellow weather alert tonight. for storms. different animal for tomorrow. bus stop temperatures. 54 to 64. and just damp. nothing heavy in the morning. but would think a coat and umbrella, probably a good idea. yellow weather alert tomorrow. umbrella and jacket needed the rest of the week. it's going to be kind of cool and damp. 9:30 tonight. this is future cast. and this is a little bit calmer than some of the other models are running right now. we've got showers down to the south of us. temperatures still, though, in the 70s. it may be the case tomorrow, with the midnight temperatures, high tomorrow. 59 downtown. 50 in frederick. and more light rain and showers. notice, it's all green. so it's light am but good enough for a wet ride to work. and probably a wet commute home again. so good enough for a yellow alert as well. doesn't have to be
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severe. it can be nuisance as well. for the yellow weather alert. rain and showers to the north. 53 in leesburg and sterling. 53 in gaithersburg. only 57 downtown. and 56 in silver spring. and by 1:00, we still have light rain and showers with temperatures struggling to get back into the low 60s. day planner, not a pretty sight. light rain or drizzle. maybe 60. next three days, rain and showers thursday, 64. more showers friday. 66. i think the games will be played. i think nats game will be played tonight. bundle up if you're going. saturday, we'll keep a shower in. but the best day of the next seven. some sun sunday. more showers late. lots going on this weekend. we've got the point, middleburg. try to hold the rain off as long as we can. more showers monday. and leftover showers tuesday. and highs holding in the 60s. >> just say rain on repeat. there you go. all right. straight ea
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the country's second largest internet provider. and a floating selfie stick. adam? no hands required to snap the perfect shot. i'll tell you about it in tonight's consumer alert. votes are in. sadly, eaglet mceagle face, not the winner. we will tell you the new names of the eaglets, born at the
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votes are in. >> freedom and liberty. the names of the 6-week old eaglets. after a week-long contest, eagle experts picked the names and announced them at the national arboretum. the public announced thousands of suggestions. gotta see that list. other finalists include honor and glory and anacostia and potomac. the arboretum's director says it will be difficult to identify the eaglets, once they mature. >> pretty soon, they'll be stretching out their wings. and they'll start doing what we call branching. which is when they learn to test their wings. and by 11 to 13 weeks, they'll be ready to fully fledge and leave the nest. >> you can help support the american
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by buying a limited edition t- shirt. the justice department has conditionally approved a charter communications bid to buy time warner cable. and this deal will create the nation's second largest home internet provider after comcast. as part of the agreement, the company will be barred from charging customers, more based on how much data they use. mitsubishi now say they found an internal investigation detected that they have been tampering with fuel economy of cars, as far back as 1991. last week, the company acknowledged that it lied about the fuel economy of its cars. the company's president said he doesn't know yet how many customers will be compensated because they still trying to figure out the extent of the cheating through this investigation. it's being called the selfie stick with wings. the hover camera can take 12 megapixel pictures, as it hovers above you at a set altitude that you can control with your
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>> 00 robotics makes i -- zero zero robotics makes a camera. it will set you about $600 when it hits market this summer. >> i expect one of those in your hands when it hits the market. >> firstme ti i set my hands on that, it will fly into the toilet or something and ruin everything. d.c. police have cracked the case of a kitten, stolen from the humane society. we're talking to voters in prince george's county, about the races and issues they are focused on. but right after the break. new details and an alleged confession from the man who gunned down a prince william county police officer,
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at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
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new evidence in the case against ronald hamilton. >> here's the man accused of killing his wife and a officer. peggy fox was in hamilton today for a pretrial hearing. what did we learn? >> police say he confessed to the shooting. and according to sergeant wetimmor. he said hamilton explained why he did it. >> it was a chaotic scene. a signal one, summoned all to this home in woodbridge. three officers had been shot, answering a domestic call. officer ashley guindon, her first day
5:31 pm
wounded. the other officers were on the ground wounded. as medics assisted the injured, officer anthony parafan arrived and saw the door open. he testified he saw a black male poke hissed head out the door. he said i was screaming, telling him to come out with his hands up. >> the suspect, 32-year-old ronald ham out -- hamilton obeyed. when sergeant meadower arrived, he told officers to put the suspect in his car, where he began asking him questions. who else in s in the house? my wife, said hamilton. is she all right? no. his wife, crystal hamilton was found dead in an upstairs bedroom. sergeant hamilton asked why he shot his wife. when sergeant meadower advise said him
5:32 pm
he started to cry and said, i ruined my life, and asked him to shoot him. meadower asked him why he shot at the officers. he said he doesn't didn't know. said he snapped and might have ptsd. he said he was a combat veteran in iraq and afghanistan. the sergeant asked him if he was diagnosed with ptsd. and he answered no, but i think i have it. >> a handgun was used to shoot crystal hamilton. it was found in the front yard. and sergeant meadowar said he used an ak-47 to shoot at the officers. and that weapon could be found in the foyer, which is where it was. with so much evidence, the judge certified all charges, including capital murder to the grand jury. and commonwealth attorney paul eber says he will likely seek the death penalty. reporting live in manassas, peggy fox, wusa 9. >> sounds like we'll be following this case for a long time to come.
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>> another hearing in the case is set for the next day. may 3rd. some voters in prince george's county at this hour, say they are still trying to decide on a particularly heated democratic primary for congress. maryland's fourth congressional district race features an a- team of democratic contenders. and scott broom is with voters in largo to talk more about the race. hey, scott. >> i talked to a lot of voters, walking into largo high school here. who still had no idea who they were going to vote for on the democratic side in prince george's. when donna edwards decided she was going to run for senate, that cleared out her seat here in congress. and it created a heck of a race, among some very qualified contenders. >> wasn't easy. wasn't easy. that's the decision. >> could i -- i like both of those candidates. >> i think the qualities are very good. >> because i like them both. >> reporter:
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voters this afternoon, talking about the choice between clem -- democratic front runners. well-known glen ivy, versus maryland's former lieutenant governor, anthony brown. they're both distinguished harv around-trained lawyers -- harvard-trained lawyers with military careers. ivy battled crime here in prince george's, for two terms as the county's top prosecutor. they are challenged by jocelyn pena mel nick. who has the washington post. the front runner's advertising is remarkably similar. >> the work that president obama has done. >> the fourth district is a product of torturous jerry mandering that puts voters in anne arundel and baltimore, together with baltimore. the district is majority
5:35 pm
african american. and 70% democratic. the likely new congress person in the fall. >> how does a voter like you decide that kind of thing? >> it's rough. >> it kind of was hard, actually. but when it came down to it, you just had to make a decision, one or the other. and you gotta just live with it. >> reporter: yeah, you gotta just live with it. how about that? now, -- now, i want to remind you, brown is coming off a stinging defeat in the governor's race, where he was defeated by governor larry hogan. and brown has also dipped into his 401k for the final stretch on campaign financing. ivy has been the leader in fundraising. and pena mel nick is reminding that perhaps a brand-name politician is not the way to go. it is a good race. and a way for me to cover for you tonight in our ongoing election night coverage. here on wusa 9. and on our app. reporting live in largo, scott broom, wusa 9. >> we will look for your
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twitter as well. police are looking for suspects behind hate-based vandalism. swastika was found on a memorial stone. the offensive symbols were also discovered at other locations. witnesses told police they saw two boys, described only as white teenagers, committing the vandalism. d.c. police were looking for a couple of guys who allegedly tried to lure a young child into a vehicle. this happened back on april 18th, on argyle terrace. not too far from piney branch park northwest. and here are the descriptions we have. first, this white or hispanic male, around 70, with short gray hair, different-colored eyes. and a beetle tattoo on the back of his neck. second suspect, also white or hispanic, about 60 years old, with a nose ring. and both men had some sort of accents. they were seen driving a white sedan or small suv. if you know anything about this case, contact d.c. police. and district of columbia ofal
5:37 pm
kick off this year's alley palooza. what is that, you say? it's a campaign to repair or renovate alleys throughout the city. and this gets under way starting tomorrow. 64 alleys. eight in each of the eight wards, will be targeted. happy tonight for 3-month- old jazzy. remember, we talked about this tonight? >> oh, yeah. >> she was stolen from the washington's humane society, washington animal rescue league, new york avenue adoption center. that is like the longest adoption center title i have ever heard. staff members were able to record the license plate from a vehicle seen jetting away from the facility shortly after jazzy was reported missing on saturday. d.c. police were able to use that information, to track down the thief. the good news is, the kitten is now in the hands of animal care workers. >> that's right. >> longest title of all time. >> you can't fit that on a business card.
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trending now. what killie rippa is -- kelly rippa is saying after her return to morning television. and a little later. a truth detector for food can unearth pretty cool facts about the fruits and vegs -- veggies you eat. looking good now for the nats game. we can show showers down to fredericksburg. but they're all light. heavier showers south and west to culpepper. they're moving away from us. we'll come back, though. severe thunderstorm watch still covers parts of the area until 9:00. we'll talk about that. and we'll talk about why why we issued
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let's see what is trending tonight. the long national nightmare is over, declares awk talk show -- talk show host, kelly rippa. >> rippa returned to the set of live. the host was m.i.a. for several days. she was apparently not so happy about not being informed of co- host michael strahan's pending departure over to greener pastures at gma. she returned to a standing ovation. >> i'm fairly certain there are traid
5:42 pm
too far off. i first want to honestly, sincerely, thank you for welcoming me back to the show. >> national nightmare, though, really? >> yeah, not really. rippa went on to say that she needed a couple of days to gather her thoughts. and that after 26 years with the ancompy, she's earned that right. hard to argue with that. >> sure. . newly released footage of the article with the beatles. today, australia's film and sound archive, releasing the never-before seen tips from 1965. shows the fab four having a little fun for the camera, as their makeup is being applied. cameras were not really so great back there in the 60s. >> those guys look like they're having fun. here's today's daily food holiday. does there have to be one every day? apparently there does. >> brace yourself. it is national pretzel day. and how d
5:43 pm
>> according to this is the day to pay our respects to twisted warm bread. it was the brain child of a pennsylvania congressman back in 1983. and you can get a free pretzel from auntie anne's, by downloading their app and following their instructions. who has got the best record in baseball? i guess whoever has the most pretzels. we'll give you one guess and tell you reasons why. coming up in sports. but right after the break, a virginia marine, accused of attacking an uber driver. >> i wasn't scared to die in
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
a bomb threat forced students to be evacuated from stafford middle school. the sheriff's office says the call came in around noon today. the students were all sent to another location. bomb-sniffing dogs comb through the school but they were not able to find anything. a bomb-sniffing dog allegedly attacked an uber driver. >> he said he picked up two marines. but moments into the ride, one of the marines, maxwell sweeney, started throwing up,
5:47 pm
and started getting aggressive. >> he just jumped on me. and i started to fight him for my life. with my left-hand holding the wheel. and then with the right-hand, trying to take his hand off me. >> state troopers say after sweeney attacked the driver, he made a run for it and spent the night in a creek to avoid arrests. he's behind bars now, facing a list of charges. three people are being treated for severe burns, following a dramatic plane crash in florida. federal aviation officials say the pilot was practicing takeoffs and landings, when the plane went down yesterday in a pompano beach neighborhood. the aircraft, the house it struck, all burst into flames. neighbors used garden hoses to spray water on the crash scene before firefighters arrived. >> straight down. and after that, it was just a huge explosion. >> we received multiple calls, engulfing the house on fire as well. th
5:48 pm
>> two men and one woman on board the plane have severe burns over 30 to 40% of their bodies. officials say the man living in the house at the time of impact is doing just fine. today marks the 30th anniversary. >> mourners gather in kiev today, remembering the victims of the chernobyl meltdown. because of the long terms of this. exposure is really hard to pin down. the world health organization puts the figure around 9,000. the environmental group greenpeace says it's possible, 90,000 people were killed in the disaster. i gotta say, right now, it is very nice in the immediate metro area. looking live at the michael and sons camera. it's beautiful. warm, too. still 85 degrees. humidity pretty low with 33%. and winds gusting at the west at 33 miles per hour. you would expect
5:49 pm
but the front itself may generate a little line of showers and storms tonight. we're not completely out of the woods. things are looking better for us. i think as you said, these showers and storms in west virginia are going to duck to the south of us. going to go through elkins, through harrison burg. and clip through fredericksburg later tonight. quiet. showers to the south. we showed you earlier around culpepper. heaviest storm around culpepper. that's going to duck south. light showers around the fredericksburg area. that said, there is still a severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00, frederick county, and washington county, maryland north into pennsylvania. certainly up into pennsylvania, a much higher chance, especially north of i-70. yellow weather alert tonight for thunderstorms. bus stop temperatures, 54 to 64. school -- cool and damp. just gotta remember that for the next several days. yellow weather alert tomorrow. and also thursday. but not for storms. for showers and drizzle and light rain. an umbrella and light jacket
5:50 pm
week. i don't know if you all watched melissa over the weekend, about 11:00 sunday, she said it's going to be an unsettled week. that is the truth. really is going to be an unsettled week. 10:00 tonight. still a little unsettled. leftover showers into southern maryland. temperatures in the 70s and even upper 60s. even 65 in frederick. but then by morning. look at this. 59 downtown, with light showers with drizzle and rain. mmm. tasty. 58 in manassas. by midmorning. we're still looking at light activity. so again, yellow weather alert, doesn't always mean severe weather. it means kind of a pain, a nuisance, if you will. so you're going to have a wet commute to and from baltimore in d.c. tomorrow. with temperatures only in the 50s. and by lunchtime, maybe we make 60 tomorrow. i think it's going to be a midnight high, actually. it employs in the 50s in -- temperatures in the 50s in the bushes. and by tomorrow -- burbs. by tomorrow evening. still light showers and temperatures back in the low to mid-60s. maybe 62 in hagerstown. 63 downtown. and 64 or so
5:51 pm
silver spring. but not exactly chamber of commerce weather tomorrow. and that's an understatement. clouds across the board. 59 at 11:00. light showers. i would just go ahead and plan on a wet commute, too. rain and showers thursday. i just went ahead and made friday yellow weather alert, too. weekend a little better. we the way, the flower mart is next weekend. not this weekend. this weekend is the festival and the point to point in middleburg. 65 sunday. showers and rain rolling in late in the day. more showers or rain monday. leftover showers tuesday, with temperatures in the low 60s. bryce harper talked about making baseball fun again. well, winning certainly helps with that. the nationals still on a
5:52 pm
but they have been one of the better stories so far this year. frank hanrahan has more from today's inside pitch. all right. chris. and the question is, issue we really that surprised that the nationals are playing good baseball? the fact is, that they have the best record in the game right now. 14 and 4. so that's really what is surprising. players say it's still too early to start making world series reservations. but everything is clicking right now for the curly doves. especially when guys like chris are hitting walkoff homers for you. second longest game ever, by the way. nats just sweeping out the twins. 15 strikeout performance on saturday against minnesota. bright star for yet again another homer. he's got 9 so far in just 18 games. big names and no names are taking names and wins for the nationals right now. tonight, the first of three against the
5:53 pm
phillies. nats will throw max shirser, who is trying to throw a bat from the last out. in miami. frank hanrahan. and that's your pitch. back to you. the tv franchise, ncis dominates the air waves, the folks that inspired that show are working diligently behind the scenes. today, i got a chance to meet some of those special people. i was honored to serve as the guest emcee for the annual awards ceremony for the real ncis. that is director, special agent andrew trayvor. civilians and special agents, including forensic specificallies were recognized for their work. -- specifically were recognized for their work. they had narcotics investigations. and court intel -- counterintelligence. it was such an honor to be with him and just hear what these civilians and special agents do to protect us every day. and of course, the highlight was getting my little
5:54 pm
>> very cool. >> thank you. >> they're doing great work. >> they really are. a great group of people. thank you for having me. coming up at 6:00. more than 500 delegates are at stake in maryland. and four other presidential primaries. will trump and clinton pull off clean sweeps? also at 6:00, we're live at the polls in maryland. where voters are choosing a possible successor to retiring senator barbara mikulski. up next, how nutrition is nutritious. and whether it contains
5:55 pm
yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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5:57 pm
some apples can be stored and sold up to 10 months after they're picked. but how can you tell? >> there are companies thaw that -- now that are developing technology. whether there are pesticides on it. anna werner tells us more. >> think about this as the ultimate truth detector. >> we're inside a targeted warehouse in lake city, florida. where food tester calvin sullivans spends eight hours each day, shooting light into fruits and vegetables. the gun is actually something called a mass spect romenter that scans the produce, identifying a sort of fingerprint of each item. >> it's going to let us know and the customers know what they're buying, where it's from. and how long it's going to last. >> reporter: this machine is a prototype of what the company hopes will one day be a scanner that will
5:58 pm
everything they could want to know about their foods. greg schumacher is target's entrepreneur in residence, who came up with the idea. >> we know less about the food today than any other time in history. >> reporter: each wave monitors a particular level. like vitamin c, anti-oxidants and moisture. which can indicate the ripeness of each fruit. the hope is that one day, a single scan will uncover information like where the fruit was grown. even down to which side got more sunlight. when it was picked and how long it could be before it goes bad. and produce is just the beginning. the team's ultimate goal is to eventually be able to track and identify all foods around the globe. and hopefully equip consumers with their own hand held or smart phone devices app to scan food. >> think about if you say, our produce is fresher. and guess what, we'll be able to arm you with the ability to fact-check that. >> anna werner.
5:59 pm
>> right now, at 6:00, with so much at stake, voter turnout is heavier than normal for a presidential primary. another jumper. the secret service said an alleged robber jumped the fence near the white house while trying to get away. a possible mental health defense for the man charged with killing his wife in a -- and a prince william county police officer. new information in the case of a man who tried to jump a fence. the secret service said the man was apparently running away from a robbery at the corner of 17th and g streets. he was quickly taken into custody. now, d.c., fire, and ems reports he may have injured his hand during all. this. he was taken to a nearby hospital. but the white house was put on lockdown for a short time, following the 4:00 p.m. incident. we are told all is now back to normal. that's good news. tonight, there is new evidence in the case -- llet's go to topper shutt to talk about tonight's weather. you know, bruce, looking good for the nats. looks like most of the showers and storms staying to the north for the
6:00 pm
that said, the front is still to the west. we can't sound the all-clear just yet. but most of the showers and storms, headed through elkins. and they're going to duck in between charlottesville. that is good news. also good news. remember frederick and washington county, were under the severe thunderstorm watch. they have now been cleared. which i think i agree with. most of the activity will be right north of the border. and also over the delmarva, particularly into southern new jersey. we are looking at the potential for severe thunderstorms north of the border, until about 9:00. now, on future cast. this is 10:00 tonight. just leftover showers here and there. and still pretty mild. 75 downtown. 67 in gaithersburg. and 72 in silver spring. we'll talk about why we had to issue a yellow weather alert for tomorrow and thursday. and we're cont plating a -- cont flating a -- contemplating a third one on friday. maryland and four other states are making their choice for president. it could go a long way toward deciding and


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