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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  April 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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that said, the front is still to the west. we can't sound the all-clear just yet. but most of the showers and storms, headed through elkins. and they're going to duck in between charlottesville. that is good news. also good news. remember frederick and washington county, were under the severe thunderstorm watch. they have now been cleared. which i think i agree with. most of the activity will be right north of the border. and also over the delmarva, particularly into southern new jersey. we are looking at the potential for severe thunderstorms north of the border, until about 9:00. now, on future cast. this is 10:00 tonight. just leftover showers here and there. and still pretty mild. 75 downtown. 67 in gaithersburg. and 72 in silver spring. we'll talk about why we had to issue a yellow weather alert for tomorrow and thursday. and we're cont plating a -- cont flating a -- contemplating a third one on friday. maryland and four other states are making their choice for president. it could go a long way toward deciding and
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and donald trump, who are expecting big victories tonight. >> let's go to garrett haake who has been keeping track of all of this. >> reporter: maryland is the second biggest prize for all of this tonight. after pennsylvania. and the candidates in both parties did duke it out here. but over the last month, no poll has shown donald trump or hillary clinton with less than a 14-point lead in maryland, which means the drama, if there's going to be any, is going to have to come from somewhere else. >> thank you so much. wow. >> in her final preprimary rally last night. hillary clinton looked every bit the front runner. training her rhetorical fire on republican leader, donald trump. >> come out of those towers, named for yourself. and actually talk and listen to people. >> reporter: clinton can't mathematically lock up the nomination tonight. but she can squeeze bernie sanders' white house window all but closed. today in philadelphia, sanders vowed to return to that city for the
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having fought for every vote, through california's primary in june. >> we're in this race. >> i have to knock this guy out. >> reporter: meanwhile, the republican race has taken a turn towards game of thrones style intrying, with -- intrigue. with ted cruz and john kasich, agreeing to split up three primary states. cruz will get his shot in indiana, where he delivered this message today. >> if you don't want to see hillary clinton as the president and nominating donald trump ensures that hillary clinton wins the general. then i would ask governor kasich's supporters to stand with us. >> reporter: but kasich has declined to ask outright for his supporters to back cruz and raise money today before heading to oregon thursday. last night, trump called his rivals' unprecedented pact proof of the republican
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>> we have a corrupt system. this whole thing with the delegates is ridiculous. >> let's talk about the delegates. trump stands to win a event tonight. he is favored by double digits in all five states. we could win most of the 37 delegates in maryland. but look for john kasich to pick up a handful of those, possibly in congressional districts 4 and 8, prince george's, and montgomery county. delegates look closer. but not by much. good night for bernie sanders would be a win in one or two of the five state negligence play. reporting live, garrett haake, wusa 9. >> the next big presidential primary is the state of indiana. a week from today. cruz is trailing trump by 5 points in the hoosier state. the fierce fight for the u.s. open senate seat, vacated by senator barbara mikulski, who is retiring. deep fault lines in a party over race, gender and leadership.
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bruce, how is the turnout there so far? >> pretty heavy for a primary. what we've seen is pretty steady turnout here. a little lighter in prince george's. which could be a good sign for chris van holland. the latest polls have suggested that he is ahead by double digits. >> reporter: at the middle school in bethesda, steady turnout, all afternoon. and all the democrats we talked to were voting for chris van hollands. >> i feel that donna edwards is truly not qualified. yes, she was also a congressperson. but she was very ineffective. >> chris van holland. >> and why? >> he served our community better. i don't even know what donna did, except for negative campaign. >> they do say if you're not on the campaign, you're on the menu. >> dog whistle of racism and
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more like a fog horn. and at the middle school in the lake neighborhood of prince george's. some voters think her voice is one that is missing in a senate that is 98% white. >> it would be wonderful to have a qualified african american in the senate. >> the fact that we live in a diverse society in the united states is important to have leaders that reflect the population. >> are the most important -- the most important thing is to have someone who has a track record. >> reporter: van holland argues he's been the more effective progressive. and done a better job, serving all of his constituents. and it say line of attack that seems to be swaying some voters. even in areas edwards represent negligence congress. >> and most of our campaigning is to talk about what van holland didn't do, what he should have done. if you want to get elected, you talk about what you have done of. >> polls suggested that edwards led strongly among african
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whites, one big question for maryland democrats tonight is whether that fisher will have a lasting effect on the party. live in bethesda, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> and both van holland and edwards did give up state congressional seats to run for senate. lots of people had suggested van holland was on track to maybe even be speaker someday. he gave that up as well. the primary to replace van holland in congress are just as heated. the democratic primary is a three-person race between former lieutenant governor, anthony brown. state's attorney glen ivy. and state delegate, josephine pena melnick. and businessman david thrown put more than $12 million of his own money into today's democratic primary. thrown is in a crowded field. we could see a record turnout for today's maryland
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local polling places report a steady flow of voters. we only know of one polling place that had an issue that was rocking horse road center in rockville. 15 to 20 voters were turned away after two ballot-scanning machines malfunctioned. >> when i went to have my ballot scanned, they said, the person in front of me, her ballot jammed. and the scanner was out of service. apparently, there was a second scanner. but that was also out of service. so even their backup plans didn't work. >> election officials tell us that after 10 minutes of anxiety, is that problem was fixed. they say half the voters who were turned away promised to come back to cast ballots later in the day. we can only hope that no race is decided by the few voters who won't be returning. polls in maryland are open until 8:00 tonight. >> we're going to have up-to- the minute results of all the races as they come in. expwran and i will be -- jan and i will be anchoring a live election special. beginning at 10:00 tonight
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our free wusa 9 app. you want to be sure to join us. we'll be going live to our reporters who are in the field with the maryland primary winners winners and losers tonight. and to other news we're following tonight. there's new evidence in the case of a woodbridge man, accused of killing his wife and a police officer, as well as two more officers. at a hearing today, a police sergeant testified that ronald hamilton confessed to the shootings, moments after they took him into custody. he said he snapped and might have had ptsd. he was a combat veteran in iraq and afghanistan. those shootings happened at hamilton's home on february 27th. investigators say he killed his wife crystal and police officer ashley guindon on her first day on the job. prosecutors said if hamilton is tried and convicted, they will likely seek the death penalty. looking at the possibility that a mexican drug cartel killed eight members of a southern ohio family. relatives were shot execution- style and found
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four separate homes in pike county. investigators say they found a marijuana operation in some of those homes. they figured the street value of the plants add more than -- at more than half million dollars. reports that the pharaoh has been found. ntsb says search teams spotted the device, 15,000 feet below the ocean surface. the alpharaoh sank near the bahamas, during hurricane joaquin in october. all 33 crewmembers were killed. coming up, something a lot of folks have been talking about. and that's the estate of music icon prince. well, it is now in the hands of a court. >> coming up next, lawmakers may have come up next with
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the senate has reached a tentative bipartisan deal. details are still being measured out. but it would authorize 1 -- $1 eivet 70 million -- $170 million in grants. three officials switched sources in the water, causing the lead contamination. dozens of protestors. they were demonstrating against the new state law, which limits the use of public rest rooms to the gender on the person's birth if
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opponents on the bill say it discriminates against trand transgender -- transgender people. it is designed to keep rest rooms safe from predators. prince's sister said he did not leave a will. she filed paperwork to give her the right to be executor. prince's estate is estimated to be worth about $250 million. that probably possibly more. that could soar to another $100 million over the next five years. the 57-year-old died near his home in minneapolis. coming up, the 107-year-old who danced with the obamas at the white house, gets a special delivery. >> coming up next, montgomery county day care provider is under arrest. accused in the beating death of
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a maryland man is facing a murder charge tonight, after a 6-month-old child died in his day care center. >> that baby suffered a long list of injuries. >> reporter: the day care is called little dreamers. and police tell us, it's located in the basement of this home. they also say it happened one
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>> a source close to the investigation says this is 6- month-old miller lilliston, who they called lily. the infant just waking up from a nap last tuesday, when while feeding, she started to choke and vomit. this is what 35-year-old kia divband told policing according to documents. day care owner said once she stopped, he took mill to the bathroom, noticed her unresponsive, lips blue. so he attempted cpr, while his wife, the day care co-owner called 911. >> i'm surprised, maria said in spanish. she went to a day care open house and said the owners were always friendly. >> i have a hard time, knowing a 6-month-old baby has been killed. >> reporter: court documents say there were new injuries and also old ones. but the state attorney says according to evidence found, including bloody baby wipes inside the day care. >> they speak for themselves. it's what the state alleges
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but he he has a right to defend himself, and we will do so vigorously. >> the day care gave up the license after a vigorous inspection. >> the suspect said he has never had priors or complaints against that day care. police are expecting to be in court again on may 20th. for the second day in a row, there's been a stabbing outside a northwest d.c. high school. two 19-year-olds now charged with a stabbing a juvenile during during a -- during a fight at a high school. police say the victim was not a student and will survive. monday, a man tried to rob him. that suspect still at large tonight. and we're learning more details about the shooting in forestville this morning. we now know the name of the woman shot to death. she is 49-year-old joanne woods from district heights. police now believe all five victims were targeted. they were shot on hillmar drive near
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itit all happened across the street. one neighbor woe spoke to did not -- we spoke to did not go on camera. >> you can't go anywhere. there's not going to be anyone shot. it's going to be something happening. you're not safe anywhere. >> investigators are trying to figure out who shot the victims and why. d.c. residents, virginia mclauren is 107. you remember her. she was dancing at white house. and says she feels more like 16. and that's because she wants to travel. and now she can fly again. today, d.c. mayor, muriel bowser presented her with a temporary photo id. a permanent one is on the way. mclauren lost her id when a thief snatched her purse. she ran into a road block getting a new one because she had no birth certificate. today, they announce a new rule to make it easier for older people to get photo ids.
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if she looks familiar, you're one of the millions who watched the viral video of her dancing with the president and first lady athe white house earlier this year. speaking of flying. we're told those two eagles hatched six weeks ago, at the national arboretum, will be ready to leave the nest six weeks or so. today, they got their names, freedom and liberty. quite appropriate. the american eagle foundation says more than 36,000 people voted on five different possible name pairings on the friends of the national orboret -- arboretum facebook page. freedom and liberty, obviously got the most vote. turning to the country's midsection. take a look at the hail, coming down in kansas city. this is at the international airport there. caused plenty of flight days. -- delays. storms with 70-mile-an-hour winds in missouri and kansas, tore offer the roofs and houses. knocked off trees. cut off power to thousands. and tonight, tornado watches are posted for parts of texas, oklahoma,
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but you never get used to seeing that. >> we showed you yesterday. a huge potential for severe weather. for us, good news. the severe thunderstorm watch has been trimmed back a little bit. let's start with the 3- degree guarantee. i'm sweating. my 3-degree. it seemed high enough. right? well, we'll talk about that tonight at 11:00. live look outside. start with the michael and sons weather cam. it's very, very nice. just tweeted this out. looks fine for the nats game tonight. temperatures in the 70s. 84 now. winds are calming down a bit. but still gusting out of the west. at 21 miles an hour. and humidity is really not that high. so that's one of the things we look for in terms of one of the ingredients, if you will, for severe weather want don't have that. we have a front. it's to the west. right now, all the activity. these are going to go southeastward. right now, inside the metro area,
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notice frederick is gone. and washington county is no longer filled in with the yellow. the severe thunderstorm watch, confined to pennsylvania and points north. so yellow weather alert tonight for thunderstorms. they're going to be few and far between. bus stop temperatures, 54 and 64. and damp. now, yellow weather alert tomorrow. and thursday. not for storms. no, but for damp conditions. showers, rain, drizzle. good stuff. an umbrella and jacket. probably a good idea the rest of the week. future cast. 10:00. still 75 downtown with clouds. showers kind of all around us. by 6:00 a.m., notice the light showers and light rain rolling through. so i would expect a wet commute to and from work tomorrow. look at the temps. only 59 downtown. 9:00, 57. 52 in rockville. and by 1:00, still struggling to get to 50 with light rain showers and drizzle tomorrow. an entirely different day tomorrow. here's the day planner. 50s across the board. only 59 at 11:00. maybe we make 60 by
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-- maybe we make 60 by 1:00 p.m. 64, more showers on friday. 66. next seven days. well, we'll keep saturday okay with a slight chance of a shower near 70. showers and rain developing late sunday or sunday night. 65. rain and showers monday. leftover showers tuesday. temperatures kind of cool, holding guess which airline added more nonstop straight-shot flights hey, d.c., than any other out of reagan national last year? here's a hint. did ya catch it? no? here's another. their colors are yellow, red, and blue, and they save you tons of green. still nothing? that's okay. just go to for the answer.
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sfx: clap, clap, ding
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it's almost that time. the nfl draft ki
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the burgundy and gold hold the 21st overall pick. andrew billings, a defensive tackle out of baylor could be that pick. most of the pundits are saying that washington needs to needs to bolster defense. they could always trade back. this is a deeper draft in the second and third rounds. our frank hanrahan caught up with jared bell, who thinks washington does need to work on that defensive front. >> i think they've got to beef up that defensive front a little more. we talk about josh norman, add it to the secondary. if washington can beef up their pass rush even more, it will make the signing of josh norman that much better. >> of course, they do have that shut down corner in norman, who was introduced yesterday. a big and much-needed pickup for this redskins secondary. former redskins chris cooley stopped by our studios this morning to talk washington football. he says norman is the right guy
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he gives you toughness. he gives this defense some confidence. they build around him. they feed off of him. it's contagious, the way he plays. and that will truly affect the secondary. in this defense. got better but didn't truly play with what everyone wants to call swag. i think he creates that. and for joe berry, he creates versatility. i believe he could play a lot of man to man coverage. where you can walk him down on the number one receiver. defense livein -- defensive line in. >> they need help there. >> i think they're going to trade back. >> that's wusa 9news at 6:00. >> cbs evening news is next. and we'll be back wi
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has the waltz around the bureaucracy to get an i.d. >> i feel great. >> pelley: captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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