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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  April 26, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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right now at 7:00, a lockdown lifted at the white house. the secret services it knows exactly why a man hopped the fence. >> one of the greatest things that ever happened the district of columbia. >> she bust aid move with the -- busted a move with the president and now is helping to make changes for other seniors. >> and voters make their voices heard and the weather is not an excuse. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm bruce johnson, and topper has more on the showers that may be moving in. topper? i think we are in good
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way out and guest -- get into west virginia. we'll zoom in a bit. nothing around the immediate metro area. frederick and washington county no longer under the watch. fulton and somerset county until 10:00 tonight. southern maryland, st. mary's, look at the temperatures, 75 downtown and 67 in gaithersburg and looks great for the nats' game and the final hours of polling. thundershowers trying to develop and temperatures in the 60s. we'll come back and tell why you we issued a yellow alert for tomorrow and thursday. the secret service said that have a robbery suspect sent the white house into a lockdown. the man was running away from a
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this afternoon and crossed the street and jumped a fence at the old executive office building. officers took him into custody quickly but as a precaution, the white house next door was put on lockdown that. lockdown has been lifted. a rockville daycare provider is behind bars p are charged with beating a girl in his care. kia divband worked at little dreamers. the report show that is millie lilliston had a host of injuries and died last week at children's hospital. according to court records, divpanned said that the baby choked on food and turned blue and he attempted cpr while his wife called 911. we may have a confession in the double murder that ok
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day on the job. those who questioned ronald hamilton said that the suspect admitted to shooting his wife crystal because they were arguing. the rookie officer ashley guindon was killed. new developments in a prince george's county shooting that left a woman dead and 5 men hurt. the woman is identified as 49- year-old joanne woods from district heights. investigators believe that she and four other victims were targeted but they have no one in custody. the shooting helped this morning on hillmar drive across from a playground. neighborssay that something needs to change. >> it's just of the community coming together. that's pretty much it.. that's all can i think of. it will take
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>> folks are leaving flowers at the base of a tree where woods was shot and two victims are in the hospital in stable condition. new tonight, d.c. police have arrested two 19-year-olds for the latest stabbing outside of a d.c. high school, the second day in a row that a young person was stabbed near a school in the northwest. this happened near roosevelt junior high. the person was not a suspect and is expected to survive. they have not released a mote ?ief -- motive. >> that's sad that you can't feel safe in your community. >> i can't believe it. things have changed since i've grown. kids have no remorse for anything. >> yesterday of in tenleytown, a student was robbed and stabbed. police are look for suspects in that case. if you haven't cast your ballot yet you have under
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hour to do so. >> and voters have been choosing their choices all day, and andrea, you are have the latest. what are you hearing on the turnout so far? >> reporter: pretty good, jan, but it's stive safe to say we are seeing more people handing out flyers than the rest of the day. but we could see a record high turnout across the state. [singing] >> reporter: 18 years old and she just voted for the first time. >> i felt like i was arrival a person, you know? i could have a say in what was happening in the government and i felt like a full american citizen, you know? >> reporter: the high school senior was singing to
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at the voting place, wanting to vote since he was 4 years old. >> she would talk about politics. it's just part of growing up in washington. i told her when i was a little boy my dad took me on john f. kennedy's inaguration. >> reporter: the morning voting got off to a rough smart rockville. >> when i went to have my ballot, the certain in front of me, her ballot jammed. it was out of service. >> reporter: she and 15 other voters were told to cross out their ballots, write "spoiled" on them and come back later in they had time. >> apparently, there was a second scalper -- scanner that was also out of service . >> reporter: then they got the problem fixed, and there
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nine democrats and five republicans vying for the position vacated by congressman advice van hollen. >> andrea, thank you. and a lot of draws on the ballot, and one of them is the presidential primary. donald and hillary clinton are expected to have clean sweeps. neither trump nor clinton can clinch the nomination tonight even if they win all the delegates. by now, you must know that the state is home to one of the nastiest primaries in the country but it's time to know who will work to succeed senate seats. today, it looked like there was heavy turnout in the chris van
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lighter in donna edwards' district. >> i did vote for donna edwards. >> why? >> she has been active. i have seen her out. >> i will vote for van hollen, done well, and i was tired of the attack ads. i don't know. >> van hollen has suggested that edwards was ineffective in congress and she is calling that a fog horn of racism and sexism. when edwards and van hollen announced their bid for senate, candidates lined up to take their congressional seats. and in the
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district now. positive --they are all hoping to replace congresswoman donna edwards. you can find polling place information and candidate bios on our wusa 9 app and watch our digital election special which starts at 10:00 p.m. with live updates on race results. bruce and i will anchor if that -- anchor that for you. and perfect kittens stolen from a humane set. that's coming up
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now, she is asking the court to appoint a special administrator to oversee his estate. it's not clear how much money prince left behind when he died suddenly last week, everything from 300 million or more. we are waiting for word on the cause of his death. d.c. police are looking for two men who tried to lure a little girl into their vehicle on argyle terrace in northwest. 1 of the men, described as white or hispanic, 60 years old and white hair and a nose ring and the other, described as 70 years old, white or hispanic with short hair and green eyes and a tattoo shaped like this on the back of his neck in a whitey is can or a small suv. please call police if you have any information. a happy follow up for the washington humane society. the 3-month-old kitten stolen from the shelter is back in the hands of the humane soci
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photo of princess jazzy with a police officer. they tracked the kitten down using a license plate number from the car seen leaving the shelter after the kitten disappeared a few days ago. someone stole a kitten? did they need the cat? police will continue to investigate. >> i like the name, though, princess jazzy. >> absolutely. after thousands of submissions on social media, the two eaglets at the arboretum have names. >> freedom and liberty, the winning names from the social media campaign. the american eagle foundation said more than 36,000 people voted. the eaglets were born to mr. president and the first lady in february. since then issue thousands have checked out this live eagle cam. you can find a link on the f ree wusa 9 app. remember the 107-year-old d.c. lady who danced
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president and first lady? she has big plans and now has a ticket to ride. the update coming up. it was warm. it was nice today and it was breezy, and that made the pollen miserable. high grass and low for weeds and mold spores. we'll come back and give you a different timetable on when the showers could
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the 107-year-old d.c. woman who became an instant internet sensation when she chanced with the president and first lady needed a photo id to enter the the capitol but ran into a problem. >> reporter: it's a special delivery for a special fortunate. >> good to see you. >> reporter: the d.c. mayor presented 107-year-old virginia mclauren with a new photo id. after losing her id in the purse snatching, she struggled to get a replacement without a copy of positive her birth certificate. the mayor came up with a remedy that gives an exception for resint
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you may remember her from this video, then-106, so excited to meet the president that she started dancing, and the 50 couple joined in. she is staying put and no one will snatch this id. [laughter] she calls it one of the greatest things that's happened. >> right now, i don't feel 106. i feel about 16. >> reporter: craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> i just love the laugh. and the mayor tweeted the photo, "the best part of today was the smile -- i call it wrong, but she will be able to use the version until the real one comes in the mail. >> we need to have call her mama mclauren. take a
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arch in st. louis. it goes from gray to grayer and then gone. the national weather service recorded a 67-mile per hour wind gust in st. louis and a small tornado in kansas. >> but it's not as crazy as it could have been. it could have been worse. >> there is a huge temperature shift from yesterday to today in a lot of parts in the midwest. >> oh, yeah, and we'll get that tomorrow. the warmest day since september. it was in the 80s today but i don't remember. >> oh, really? >> just read it. >> i'll get it at the end but either way, the warmest since september, and speaking of the 3-degree guarantee, we thought we went warm enough, 83, and the average high is 70. we'll let you know how we did tonight at 11:00, and a live look from the michael and son weather cam, winds out of the
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west at 14 so westerly winds and low humidity generally do not provide us with thunderstorms and that said, the cold front has yet to move through and is way back in west virginia. it's hammering west virginia, south and westward, those areas are getting big-time storms and they will duck through harris s onburg and fredericksburg. it will be good for the nats' game but that said, the best chance of thunderstorms between 10: 10:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. the bus stop temperatures, 54 to 64, not great. a yellow weather alert tomorrow and thursday, but not for storms but for rain and showers and drizzle. so an umbrella and jacket will probably be a good idea for the rest of the week. 10:00 tonight, we still are pretty much shower free in the
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immediate metro. showers in southern maryland. 70 in 70 in sterling and suffice to say that futurecast is still putting in a chance of a shower and a thunderstorm through fairfax and the district around 2:00, 3:00 in the morning when the front itself will go through, and after that, we're left with stable air in the morning but just a not so pretty day. temperatures in the 50s tomorrow morning. so we'll lose like 20, 25 degrees continue today and tomorrow, 9:00 in the 50s and 1:00, struggling to get to 60 with light rain and showers. so the day planner, 50 to start and 59 at 11:00 and it doesn't move much, 60 at 1:00. more hours on friday and that will more than likely be a yellow alert day as well. saturday, better, sun there, and a shower possible, near 70 and showers and rain try and hold off until
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monday with more showers and rain and low 60s with a shower possible on tuesday. top, thank you so much, and more on the capital's second round series and a look ahead at this year's
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the nhl has released the schedule for round 2 of the playoffs. the capitals' series against pittsburgh begins thursday night at the verizon center. and the caps have good news when brooks orpik started to practice. the first time on the ice since this hit caused him to miss 3 games. his status for game 1 is up in the air and is considered day- to-day. >> yeah. perfect. just didn't see it coming. if i saw it coming, probably nothing -- nothing comes of it. i have been hit harder than that and
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night because it's also the start of the nfl draft. the burgundy and gold signed josh norman so who will they go with with their twost -- 21st pick? frank hanrahan caught up with those who think that the washington needs to work on the front. >> we'll take a football player. but honestly, frank, i think they will go defense. you ultimately have to go defense. you can look at the secondary but we'll talk about norman. norman helped in the secondary and have the least depth on the defensive line and a position where you can add the immediate impact player, come in and play 50% of plays, and you can have 4 or 5 guys at high 50 round talent, ll
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the needs of other teams. >> my wad. bad. that's chris
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our long national nightmare is over. >> kelly ripa finally returns, but heis t nightmare for "live" really over? >> there are trained professional snipers in case i drift too far off message. >> the drama you didn't see behind the scenes as producers plot an earlier exit for michael. the tensions, the turmoil and clues to kelly's next co-host. plus -- >> you can't pretend everything's well when it stinks. >> what we found in our vault that reveals the key to kelly's success. >> and -- ♪ you better call becky with the gooo hair ♪ juicy new gossip surrounding beyonce's "lemonade." >> are you b >> what the beyhive is saying about claims jay z cheated. >> did you have an affair? >> and why this singer seems to be taunting beyonce. then, did prince predict his own death? wh


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