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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  April 27, 2016 7:00am-8:07am EDT

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donald trump sweeps all five states scoring hundreds of delegates and setting his sights on his potential next opponent. >> if hillary were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. the only thing she's got going is the woman's card.
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[ thunder >> it was spinning. >> ce hancof tornadoes. some large hail, damaging wind gusts, and heavy rainfall. >> okay, this is what we're dealing with. >> reporter: searsrcheav he found el faro's data recorder. the device could provide clues into what led to the cargo ship sinking. rough financial news for apple. the giant computer reporting its first revenue drnop i 13 years. >> this is a company that doesn't have the gamechanging products that it once did. >> "" timemagazine honored celebrities, politicians, and more for its annual list of the 100 most influen p
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reporters to ask him when he's planning on dropping out of the presidential race. said one reporter, it's a legitimate question! >> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places.
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mog. the central united states. heavy rain caused floodinghe pls .water in wichita, kansas, overflowed on to streets and flooded cars. reports of tornadoes stretched from texas all the way to indiana. in oklahoma, a possible twister tore off rooftops. >> the massive system stretches more than 1,000 miles from texas to the dakotas, and it is moving this morning toward the east. manuel bojorquez is in oklahoma, caught in the storm's path. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is a medical clinic in the middle of town. what people here believe is a tornado ripped the roof off of it. you see part of it landed next to the building. the rest of it is believed to have gone on to strike another building nearby. power lines are also down.
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impacted rains, and winds nearing hurricane strengt. lightning lit up the night sky in oklahoma. thunder clouds stretching for miles warned of menacing tornadoes. in chicota, oak o ha-- in oklahoma, blinded drivers on the highway, downed trees spread power lines across the road. hail pounded planes on the tarmac in kansas city. at the airport in cincinnati, pilot alerted passengers they weren't going anywhere until conditions improved. winds in kansas reached up to 80 miles per hour. in the st. louis suburbs, trees were ripped from their roots, sending them crashing down on to power
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>> we dodged a big one. it's so close to the house,r: r gers fans in arlington, texas, quickly moved to shelter as showers pouredto managed to finish the game without injury. >> i was afraid of the baseball players, that they were going to get like all like hurt whenever they were running because the mud and stuff. >> reporter: despite the damage here, so far there are no reports of injuries. officials have decided to cancel classes for the day. the storm system threatens the mid to lower mississippi valley with severe thunderstorms which include high winds and hail. >> thank you very much. the strong winds tore apart buildings in north texas, too, overnight. debris from homes and cars littered streets there. at least five people were hurt.
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good morning. we're expecting another round of severe weather across the southeast today. here's the setup. everything highlighted in the yellow, that's the slight risk of severe weather. we're expecting it, it's already started because of the potent upper level low. that will trek eastward setting up storms this morning. as we look at the hour-by-hour forecast, you'll notice the storms continue to fire up through the daytime heating into the afternoon. the biggest threat as the system pushes eastward affecting st. louis down to houston will be damaging winds, gusting 70 to 80 miles per hour with straight-line winds and hail. >> thanks. donald trump and hillary clinton this morning are closer than ever to a showdown in november. a string of primary victories gave them new momentum in their fight to win
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democratic nominations. clintofestins in pennsylvania and maryland. sanders won in rhode island. >> trump did even better, winning all five states and getting more votes than ted cruz and john kasich combined. trump picked up an estimated 105 delegates. kasich collected just five, and cruz got only one. trump now has 949 delegates in the bank. he needs just 288 more to clinch the republican nomination. we begin primary coverage with major garrett at trump tower in manhattan where he covered thank you very much's victory speech. good morning. >> reporter: donald trump won every county in every state last night. ted cruz is mathematically eliminated from winning the gop nomination on the first ballot. not surprisingly, trump said he has no intention of changing his off-the-cuff style and began to turn his attention toward the general election. do you consider yourself the presumptive nominee? >> i consider myself the presumptive nomi
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>> reporter:natial on the first baev doesn't, he said hel nnyy.>>o en th second or third or fourth ballot who has millions of votes, five, six million votes less than trump? those people at a minimum will be upset, very angry. at a minimum, they're not going to vote. >> reporter: trump said it's time for ted cruz and john kasich to quit. >> i think they're hurting the party because they have no path, zero path to victory. >> this campaign moves back to more favorable terrain. >> reporter: cruz conceded early from indiana, a state he needs to win next tuesday to stop trump's delegate march. from the famous gym in the basketball movie "hoosiers," -- >> what is it? >> 15 feet -- >> reporter: cruz tried to connect with voter by re-creating a scene from the film. >> do you have a tape measure? >> narrator: instead he flubbed the woor
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>> reporter: in new york city, trump devoted more attention than ever to hillary cln. >> if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. the only thing she's got going is the woman's card. the beautiful thing is, women don't like her, okay. >> reporter: trump continued to complain about gop nominating rules but said big victories have a way of solving that problem. and with an eye toward his own self-interest, trump suggested bernie sanders ought to run in the general election as an independent candidate which, of course, would divide the democratic anti-trump vote. >> thank you very much, major. hillary clinton's new york sweep brings her 90% of the way to the democratic nomination. she added an estimated 194 delegates to her total. bernie sanders picked up 129. she needs another 245 delegates to clinch the nomination. nancy
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where hillary clinton e we have heard from her before, making an overt pitch opponent. >> i get unaccountable money out of our politics. and i know together we will get that done. >> reporter: to do it, clinton will need his supporters in the fall. more than 1.2 million voted for him just yesterday. >> we all agree that wages are too low, and inequa
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high. that wall street can never again be accused me of playing the "woman card." [ boos ] >> well, if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is plague the woman card, then deal me in! [ cheers ] >> reporter:
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sanders supporters who are not u "face the nation" moderator john dickerson morjosng. >> in every state -- >> yeah, exactly. and remember, there was a period where his opponents were saying he could never get over 35. >> won every single county. >> that's right. >> it was interesting, at the "time" 100 dinner, we were watching the numbers. he was watching an iphone going, this race is over, let me make this speech. nothing can stop him now. do you think that's true? >>
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thine to watch is the energyhl. the picture with him -- >> which becomes with inevitably this question, how can they make sure hillary gets the sanders vote, and chow trump make sure he gets the vote of the republican? >> trump's got the bigger challenge. he keeps winning. the idea of stopping him at the convention just seems that much more farfetched. he's won that many more votes. there will be that many more people who will be furious if he doesn't win the nomination at the convention. on hillary clinton's part, it's going to be a long dance. you saw her delineating things they agree on.
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her last night. he talked about issues. you couldyeah. it's a pretty risky strategy. he's cox will be women in thetoo >> if they are the two candidates of the respective parties, what's the big issue in the general election? >> how fast we can drive to the bottom. i think it's going to get nasty and ugly fast. i think hillary clinton willine. she's made an issue of the fact that he lives in buildings with his name on it. i think it's going to be ugly first before we get to the issues. >> thanks. the only surviving terror suspect in the paris attacks has been traysed to france.
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re thewr k ate this morning in 35 years.anunderwater robot located the data recorder from the sunken ship, "el faro." the so-called black box was found nearly three miles under water off the bahamas, but it's still attached to the ship's mast. the national transportation safety board doesn't know how it will be brought up. in january,
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happened when the ship ran into. apple's quarterly revenue was down about 13%. it dropped from $58 billion to $50.6 billion. the company's stock tumbled nearly 8% in after-hours trading following tuesday's earnings report. "wall street journal" financial editor dennis berman is here. good morning. >> great to see you. >> mild earthquake yesterday with these -- >> mild earthquake. >> a mild earthquake yesterday. what's behind it? does it signal trouble for apple? >> trouble for apple is obviously a relative term.
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it makes about $10 billion in the last quarter.nd greatest ru of protest at scale ever in the history question of are they going tuild a car, are they going to have augmented reality. that is the big question, what's the next thing. >> part of the problem is the iphone 6 was such a huge success. not only domestically but internationally. >> huge. >> well it's hard to find nation can be that good. >> of course, tim cook would say wait until september. there you'll find the iphone 7 in all of its glory. lots of new features. what's happening is people are holding on to their phones longer. they're really incredible machines, and they might do something 10% better, a little tt
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holding on is growing. th day said it's been a challenging quarter. how does he explain t be they going to ?ben >> the answer is no. his someone yesterday say, oh, they're going to buy tesla. that's a crazy idea. they can buy all kind of things. they have so much money. are they going to do some huge, crazy deal, no. it's not in apple's dna. ye facebook,
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prince's apparent lack of will could spur a court f
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getting this bernie sanders tattoo. if you do have one of thesend gy with glasses. if you color in the eyes, you could be ghost rider. or you flip it another bernie tattoo. you're cookie monster. >> so nice of him to give us ideas what to do with
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tattoo. it is. >> do you have a tatty mu. >> it's spelled ianttarget. cusd when retailers take positions that risk political fallout. the siblings of prince could share the singer's estimated $300 million fortune. that includes whatever's inside hisen
7:32 am
ahead, how princeay the military. an official says new guidelines call foratio minvealns movie. it would be a rival in the entertainment business. katzenberg trying to find a buyer for a while. >> comcast getting bigger and bigger. and "the hartford current" reports at least 80,000 chick's
7:33 am
flames destroyed a coop on the same farm. a battle could be looprinces paisley park home in ha charlie. prince was notorious for being so protective of his music. he hired an army of lawyers. he went after his record companies. he even sued fans over bootleg recordings. but it appears that prince in death may have no control over his estate.
7:34 am
♪ private. tuesday his only full a will. be i spoke to prince the sunday fore last. >> reporter: elw dell mcmillan was prince's friend and former manager flea. he helped the icon resolve a bitter dispute with warner bros. in the '90s. >> prince was in total control. what he wanted to do. if he wanted to have wail, he would have had a will. >> reporter: without one, law says the fortune must be split equally betwhi
7:35 am
'80s. >> i would see hed arcan in 100 or 200 years, hr bach, h beethoven. >> reporter: fans may still
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original , him. ed tk you very much. cot itboycotts to work.
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we haven't seen real successand. it's really hard to make these things stick. >> we reached out to al issue? >> certainly the history does show being inclusive is more successful than being exclusive. the big risk is you take a stand, and you're on the wrong side of history. that you get it wrong, and it damages your brand. the reward is that you have an issue that resonates with your customers and builds brand loyalty. not to mention 350,000 people to e extent this issue so
7:38 am
that can also help theole heme . andhink t c is strong leader. >> cta >> great to have you. and someth i the air at dyson. only on cbs, james dyson shows the new hairdryer that they say took more than $200 million to create. looking forward to that. let's see how well it work. if ye
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different asthma control medicine,
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dyson, the companyamth airs dyson supersonic. your hair looks nice. >> thank you very much. thank you very much. james dyson's been making use of the air around us for more than three decades. today, the company that bears his name launched the supersonic hairdryer. an invention, he says, designed to revolutionize your routine. >> i want them to last. >> reporter: it's been 30 years since james dyson first invented
7:43 am
the bagless vacuum and built an empire out of air.ayhingou noti it's very light launched his new hairdryer amid great fanfare earlier this morning. why are you in sfwhoek? well, the japanese love me to tech willing. and -- technology. and this is the country where i first launched my vacuum cleaner. >> reporter: a sentimental favorite? >> yes. >> reporter: the dryer which dice nn says is lighter, faster and more efficient, took y
7:44 am
and technology to develop. >> yes, it's beenyea heavy. and it gives flow but not products, all that technology comes at a higher cost to customers. the supersonic is expected to retail for it $400. you think people will pay that if a revolutionary a dryer? people care it their hair and beauty. they don't want to damage their hair and want nice, smooth, glossy hair. i think they will pay for it -- at least i hope they did. >> reporter: for actual as innovation, dyson
7:45 am
its fixtures worldwide anding it, iw sorbin >> reporter: they had 100 ennes working on this project. the dyson supersonic hairdryer
7:46 am
in december >> they will. >> heai
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he rain... ugh the mud. ts dash cam video shows an
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tuesday over southern alornia. witnesses across >> oh, boy. the presidential campaig
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workout that takes just a few minutes at a we're ing. in fact, it's already started. donaldmp tru won every county and every state. >> not surprisingly, trump says heo as nintention of changing his off-the-cuff style. >> remembe
8:00 am
had a ceiling, it couldn't gete will hurt sales at all? >> it'sy >> we're making news. >> taking id >> yeah. you're never too old to get a tattoo. >> no -- >> i like it. i think it's sexy. go for it. >> all right. thank you very much. >> it's -- it's spelled g-a-y-l-e. >> yeah.
8:01 am
remaining delegates to clinch the onald trump says he is n the presumptive gop nominee. he says ted cruz and john kasich should get out of the race because they have no path to victory. his speech criticized the likely democratic nominee. >> i think the only card she has is the woman's card. she's got nothing else going. frankly, if hillary clinton were a man,
8:02 am
springsteen concert." pretty thingoodso. >> i couldn't see it. >> everything is scrutinized. >> don't get into a picture behind the presidential candidate. >> that's right. hillary clinton had a quick answer to trump's comments last night. >> mr. trump accused me of playing the "woman card." [ boos ] >> well, if fighting for
8:03 am
health care and paid familymary pennsylvania, and connecticut. >> sanders insists he will sta democrat who wouldn't drop out. nancy cordes in philadelphia looks at how the 2016 primary race is taking on shades of 2008. this is interesting. good morning. good morning. remember all those clinton supporters at this point in the race back in 2008 who said they couldn't imagine voting for this guy barack obama? there were real concerns about party unity back then, too. what happened next created kind of a template for the way that democrats could find a path toward unity this time around, each though there are some bl
8:04 am
familiar with the long process of uniting a against sometimes. >> shame on you, barack obama. >> reporter: by the middle of o delegates behind her opponent and virtually tied with him in the popular vote. >> i am in this race. i am staying in this race because i believe -- game isn't over. the elections aren't over. no buzzer has sounded. >> reporter: some polls showed half of clinton voters vowing not to support her upstart rival. john heilemann chronicled the 2008 race in the book "game change." >> they were the women largely who said
8:05 am
for barack obama, never, never, never, never, evn join me in working as hard f the policy differences between clinton and sanders now are bigger, which could make party unity more elusive. >> people in the democratic establishment recognize that the party has moved to the left. that sanders represents that leftward shift. sanders, not clinton, is the one who has connected in a powerful way with the future of the party. >> reporter: while clinton had incentive to be a loyal soldier in '08 -- >> we will someday launch a woman into the white house. [ cheers ] >> reporter: sanders could have more to gain by holding out. on the issues that motivated his long-shot bid in the first pl
8:06 am
tore coe in philadelphia, and we're going to fight for a working families. >> reporter: the clinton campaign knows that it cannot expect sander to even tepidly make the case for clinton until after he has ceded the nomination. the question is when will it happen. will it be when clinton clinches the number of delegates she needs likely in mid-may? tell be after the final primaries in early june? what they worry about is that he won't do it until after the convention which is happening here in philadelphia in late july. >> that's right. we'll be there. nancy, that piece brought back a lot of memories. we can look back and say, i remember that, remember that. gret piece. thank you. louis c.k. talks with charlie about the show his fans didn't even know was coming. >> stead's the best thing you've ever done. >> it's my favorite thing that i've done, yeah. yeah. i think it'he
8:07 am
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♪ in "morning rounds," putting your workout on the fast track. more than -- less than 20% of adults get the recommended weekly exercising including moderate intense aerobics. now we're learning little bursts of activity may offer the same benefit as an intense gym session. dr. jordan metzel practices sport medicine at new york's hospital for special surgery and conducts fitness programs. good morning. >> good morning. >> great to have you here. nice to meet you. what do you think about the short bursts of exercise? >> increasingly, we think short
8:13 am
bursts of exercise are great supplement to the tlongero 40 minute exerse. btsts make a difference. >> itnten?ty and the best way to think about it is if you can talk and exercise like you're walking, that's mild intensity. if you're having trouble talking but can houghpuff that's moderate. if you don't talk because you're really breathing hard, that's intense. if you're doing a short burst, do it intense. >> what's the best way, g ayle's question in terms of what exercise to get the best workout? >> the best way are called pliometrics, rapid elongation cycles. jumping jacks, jump squats, a great exercise called the burpee. >> i hate them. >> i hate this exercise! >> you like that
8:14 am
>> yeah. >> how about plank and that stuff? et>> getting the heart rate up there. >> what about rs yout'ave tok ua good sweat for an exercise routine. >> for some parts of the week, we want that. if you devise a routine, some days during the week, you want to do a longer exercise where you're sweating a lot. the body's trying to cool itself, and you're working hard. for some of the shorter periods, you may not sweat a lot, but you get a lot of benefit from the high-intensity exercises. >> if you're on a weight-loss program, you want to burn a lot of calories, don't you have to exercise for a longer period of time to burn those calories? >> probably -- probably some combination of both. the longer exercise periods of time are great for ramping up your metabolic furnace and burning calories. the short bursts make a difference and activate muscle in a different way, particularly pliometrics,
8:15 am
high-burxecles strong glutes, thenee. >> howhelpde >> the interface between technology and fitness is something i'm personally excited about. tracking your fitness, using social apps, building social communities make a difference in terms of making people more compliant. >> do you think that you should get 10,000 steps a day? >> i do. interesting to your fitness question, the apps, tracking devices, make people more accountable. >> thank you. we'll be here. >> we're working on that here. thank you very much. >> pleasure. we'll be tracking our activity for the next 24 hours. walk with us and see how many steps we take. you can follow alot
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i'll have 500.> th're be ca for influential people and hear melissa mccarthy's inspiring toast to the honorees. you are watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back.
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new york city gall amp the honorees included iconic dej primary races, we found him at the gala. >> we feel good. the early numbers are phenomenal. necessary tremendous interest and voting going on. record-setting voting. it's good to be good for
8:21 am
>> reporter: mia farrow -- >> this is a as far as the republicans, i don't even wto ♪ so what does it mean to be here, rubbing shoulders with politicians -- >> yeah -- >> reporter: people who have done tremendous things. what's that like? >> you know, i haven't walked in the room yet, but i'm looking forward to seeing astronaut scott kelly's at our table. i can't wait to hang out and talk him. actually when he was up in space, we communicated through
8:22 am
e-mail. >> reporter: how excited are you to be back on earth? >> certainly are still up there. i think about them on planeted earth. it's -- planet earth. we've got a lot of good stuff here. >> reporter: good stuff like music, sports, and fashion with a conscience. like supermodel karlie kloss' philanthropic work. >> this summer across the country we're learning how to code. it's something i'm passionate about. >> reporter: comedian melissa mccarthy thanks thanked her fellow honorees. >> so many in this room were told you can't do, that that's not how you should think. you're doing it wrong, you're nuts, you're crazy, that's not how we do things. that's not acceptable, there's a way to do it. an o
8:23 am
host" trevor noah. >> there's someone in the room you know, you don't know, or you want to get to know. that's the beauty of being in this room. don't you think it when you look at the list? >> i never thought of it like that. i went wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. >> "time's" managing editor nancy gibbs said many honorees made the cut by coloring outside of their career where they spread their influence in different industries or passions. >> wow. >> nicki minaj was the closing act, on the stage dropping it like it's hot. i'm thinking norah left there with new dance moves. >> ones i cannot repeat on tv. i mean, she was absolutely. one of my favorite moment was seeing charlie rose sprint in front of the cameras. check this out. i was like -- i saw him like -- charlie, charlie? he came
8:24 am
elevator. >> that's a nice shot
8:25 am
8:26 am
guess which airline added more nonstop straight-shot flights hey, d.c., than any other out of reagan national last year? here's a hint. did ya catch it? no? here's another. their colors are yellow, red, and blue, and they save you tons of green. still nothing? that's okay. just go to for the answer. on this airline, everybody wins.
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level? when a pumpkin meets a peanut, does he have to say, okay, you're totally the same size as me,opene sunset. >> okay, okay -- peanut? >> okay, okay, i got it. yes. >> louis c.k., let's try that again, please. tries to raise the bar inside his new series, "horace and peete." he talks about his online show and get back on the road. plus, the edgy e-mail he sent fans. >> i love that. plus, the 107-year-old woman who danced with excitement at the white house has a new reason who to move. how politicians rushed to get her something she's lacked for years. now it's time to show the
8:30 am
headlines. the new york types reports on plans by the founder ofss along helped build. it some announcement about the -- "the chicago tribune" reports on a public service announcement about the harassment some women sports reporter face. shows what happens when male volunteers read real online comments it others, about women sport reporter to the women's faces. >> you need to be hit in the head with a hockey puck and fri you. >> boy, that's terrible. tv and radio personalities. they were listening to the tweets, and the men seen
8:31 am
write the comments, we want to stress that.ents create over 30 accounts to harass me with. i think twitter needs to addres free speech. it's about making it a useful platform for everybody. >> absolutely right. people are encouraged to share the video with hash tags hash about raising awareness about harassment of women sportscasters and people in general. it isn't right. >> i agree. they should go after those -- >> say it anonymously. >> that's right. britain's "guardian" reports the largest ever airlift of lions will start friday. the 33 animals were rescued from circuses in peru and colombia. the activist group that prompted the raid said the animals often suffered in deplorable conditions. the lions will live out their days at a south
8:32 am
eedolifrdom and liberty is very nice, too. here's how they looked earliert. the "wall street journal" says a unit of google's parent company alphabet plans to build a smart city. sidewalk labs wants to develop new districts of housing, offices, and retail space within existing cities. they would be heavily integrated with technology. sidewalk wants to build them without the constraints of city regulations on parking or street designs. . >> i've heard some other innovative people talk about this. building cities. ceos have talked about this. i think this is the wave of the future. something. britain's "telegraph" reports on prince harry saying he'll probably never be king. >> yes. >> are you ever going
8:33 am
not. [ laughter ] >> harry appeared to be veryo t during a visit to a school to promote the invictus games to be held in florida next month. i'm proud to be an ambassador to those games. >> can't wait until you talk to him. he seems to have such a great sense of humor. >> is that because he's behind will and kate's children? >> yeah. >> he's fifth in line. >> he's right -- probably not. >> probably not. and "variety" reports on a milestone for our "late late show" colleague, you go, james corden. his youtube channels top one being with a "b" views. he has more than 100 clips on the site. the most popular by far are his karaoke duets with stars like adele and justin bieber his show airs late nights at 12:37 on cbs. his latest one about the takeoff, spoof on the beyonce video, is worth the price of admission. it is hilarious. >> yes.
8:34 am
love carpool peete." steve buscemi and edie falco l and then even with the "cheers." you're taking your probatol, right? >> i ran out. >> what do you mean you ran out? >> changed my insurance again -- >> reporter: rooted in serious dialogue and staged on a simple set, "horace and pete" is unlike anything on tv. >> so what's going
8:35 am
>> a long story. >> reportet beltway's >> reporter: similar to his trademark comedy only in the beltway approaches controversial subjects. like this exchange with a female character who may or may not be transgender. >> if you used to be a guy, i think -- i mean, would have an obligation to tell someone you're going to be with. >> why? >> aren't we all saying that when someone becomes trans that's
8:36 am
caitlyn jenner is a woman now. dr e-- bruce enin a dress or got tc tlyn jenner a he sleeps with a she have to tell him i used to be bruce jenner? i think that's an something unresolved -- for the average person who doesn't think about this kind of stuff all the time, which is what horace it. >> reporter: tell me who horace is. >> he's a -- you know, nothing. he's just a nothing guy. he's -- there's part of me in horace. >> reporter: which part? >> he moves little bit slow and is a bit of a schlub. >> reporter: do you think of yourself that way at all? >> sure. in life, i'm -- my guts hanging
8:37 am
human experience and tell a story -- >> that's because i'm an it always will be. >> reporter: with "horace and pete" behind him now, louis plans to spend a year honing the skills of what he is best known -- standup. >> a sunday morning. that's my least presentable hour. a lot of stains, just like -- food and me and whatever. and so i'm -- i'm sitting there -- >> reporter: where is truth in comedy? >> it's not always there. i think loying is an effective way to get -- lying is an effective way to get laughs.
8:38 am
>> sure. lyg at's achy they're laughing. like, this really happened, man. that makhehe'sike, she's going having sex. she's going to have sex! what do i do? i'm like, well, you don't do anything. [ laughter ] you don't have a role in that at all. >> reporter: his jokes embrace discomfort -- >> a mexican at the border, just let me in! >> reporter: which some call cringe-worthy. >> there's an actual reason why babies cry on airplanes, and it's because they're upset that gay people are getting married. a cringe is a -- repelling away from something, so it's an area you don't want to
8:39 am
i don't want to think aboutnthe. >> reporter: yes. that's the essence "horace and pete" that included rambling thoughts about trump. >> and i wrote, p.s. -- all i meant to write was stop with the trump. just stop it. it's not funny anymore. that's all i was going write. then i looked at it like, you know, cuz this. well, cuz also -- the thing is this and this and this. i twlowrote this manage illnant tumor of a thing -- malignant tumor of a thing, this wasp nest of thoughts. i sent it to my mom. she said, sure. send it. >> reporter: you sent it for her sflfl. >>
8:40 am
>> yeah. i hate to put her oeone coming - >> his rookie years. ticay. >> reporter: will you do it agaion't. i shouldn't have said even what i said. i'm sorry. i apologize. >> reporter: you don't mean that. >> not at all. >> great. >> yeah. he rarely does interviews -- >> he is the king of comedy today. he's the guy people are look at. >> to norah's point, he rarely does squlufs interviews. he lost weight. looks good. >> i like that he crawls into the crack he says people don't want to talk about and exploits that for comedy. >> interesting about the show, it's only on the web. re
8:41 am
here's a guy with all the he has, created a show >> do you know what like? that he sent it to his >> more with louis c.k. at he reflects on his friend gary shandling, and the prospect of a broadway play in his future. >> go, louis c.k. she is probably the best known 107-year-old woman. ahead why she no longe
8:42 am
♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
8:45 am
has a photo.d. rginia mclauren's-yeaold virgin mclauren famous. >> i thought i would never live to get in the white house. >> you are here! >> reporter: it went viral, and interview requests poured in from new york, los angeles, even europe. mclauren couldn't travel. she's had no government-issued i.d. since her purse was snatched years ago. >> i didn't ever get the i.d. o
8:46 am
my pocketbook. >> reporter: when the i.d. >> that's what they said. tripoli wasn't until her up in person to deliver the paperwork. >> good to see you! >> reporter: mclauren's concern isn't really travel. she wanted to be sure that she had the right to vote even though d.c. doesn't require voter i.d. she does want her son to drive her to myrtle beach this summer. you say you're not going to fly. why not? >> no. i never flew. i'm afraid. >> reporter: you're not going to fly until -- >> the lord gives me wings.
8:47 am
i.d. for that.hiseat. >> she knows who she is. >> she wants a card so she can
8:51 am
>> a unexpected journey for a e >> whogratulate our friend -- >> congratulations to -- our colleagues at cbsn. the 24 h
8:52 am
award. bravo. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags.
8:53 am
ahovw prict price on this t.neless chicken! [ laughter ] thousands ofe my giant.
8:57 am
this is great day washington. just another beautiful day. good morning, i am on the coach with 2 beautiful women, just another day in my
8:58 am
>> average day forlems >> we are used to you ohisice ly neighborhood, the old police lieutenant is now the lieutenant of your dc neighborhood. we love our dc cops, i have his cell phone number, we are friends on facebook. you are having coffee with the cops in your neighborhood. tell me. >> it is not simply because we are on tv and i am a reporter. >> n
8:59 am
southeast dc, i haven sith a close-knit community. i know you joke about what are yout the house and moved from southwest to the home in southeast, he said i knew we were buying a house, i didn't know we were buying into a community. >> wonderful. >> you are a part of it. >> i have to give credit for that. >> adorable. >> right. >> before i was on tv, i was friends with my police lieutenant on facebook, i had his phone number, hey, come over here get these neighbors. and they answer the call. you have dc's dancing cop in your living room for coffee, what do you do? >> she comes over right after


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