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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  April 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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we begin with breaking news tonight. a homicide investigation in greenbelt, maryland. thank you for joining us. >> tonight police in greenbelt said they responded to reports of shots fired in the 6900 block of hanover parkway. when they responded, they found a man lying on the floor. no word on the identity of the victim, or details about what happened. we'll let you know as soon as we get more information on that. one person is dead and another injured after
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stabbing in takoma park. it happened this afternoon, people who live there are only now allowed to go home. the developing details from that neighborhood. >> reporter: one woman is dead. a man is in the hospital. police are still here on scene, trying to collect evidence, and figure out why all of this happened. as birds chirped outside, officers huddled inside the lobby of the came bridge apartment. police expect to collect evidence well into the night. >> at 2:00, the takoma park police department patrol received a call for a suspicious situation. >> reporter: two people suffering from stab wounds. >> the individuals found near the elevator near the lobby, bleeding, and officers received information that there was another victim upstairs. >> reporter: upstairs inside of an apartment. police say they found a 36-year- old woman. she died at a nearby hospital.
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to surgery. two people stabbed in the middle of the day. police chief allen goldberg says this isn't a threat to the community. >> i couldn't tell you if it's domestic between the victims oh,er if there's a third party involved. however i do not believe this is a random act. >> reporter: one police officer told a handful of residents they wouldn't be allowed to go back into that building until 2 or 3:00 a.m. we've been told some residents have been told to go back inside this building. there is a bus parked around the other side of the building. we're told some people have been allowed back inside. reporting in tacoma park, i'm alison barber, wusa9. we know another victim, a man is out of surgery. but we do not know yet how he is doing. new tonight, a 13-year-old boy is recovering in the hospital after being shot by a baltimore police officer. the police commissioner
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basketball courts this afternoon, carrying what looked like a real gun. it was actually a bb gun replica of a semi automatic pistol. police opened fire when the boy refused to drop it. it comes on the anniversary of rioting that swept through west baltimore after the police custody death of freddie gray. a former volunteer sheriff's deputy in oklahoma has been found guilty of second degree manslaughter. 74-year-old robert bates says he mistook a gun -- that shooting last year claimed the life of eric harris. tonight, the ground shook at a neighbor's home in wheaton. a massive tree uprooted and crashed into
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it happened along college view drive. lots of damage, but fortunately, no one was hurt. it wouldn't appear that that was weather related, but we do have a yellow weather alert in place tonight, and guess what? for the rest of the week as well. >> it feels like it just keeps going and going and going. let's get right to topper shut. >> initial to all the showers and rain, we lost 30 degrees in temperatures today. that's really unheard of for late april. we have showers over spring, rockville, look at the temperatures, low 50s. 48 in frederick at 6:00 a.m. by 8:00, we have heavy showers out towards leaseberg. by 10:00, showers across the board, even into southern maryland. only 58. this is now 10:00 on thursday. la plata, heavy activity toward
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hagersburg. by 11:30, 12:00, walking to lunch, better take an umbrella and a coat. temperatures down to the 50s. we'll come back. we'll look ahead. might have to issue a yellow alert for sunday. right now, want to issue an alert for our app. it's free. you can track the showers and temperatures right along with us. the day after his dominating victories in five east coast primaries, donald trump returned to the campaign trail, looking to pivot toward the general election. >> but his chief rival ted cruz brought backup. announcing his would be vice presidential pick. this unprecedented move to fill out his ticket so soon provided a bit of a jolt to the race. following all the twists and turns of the race for us, and joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: donald trump has nearly double the amount of delegates that ted cruz has right now, with only ten
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left to vote, it is mathematically impossible tore cruz to win the nomination outright. but he can ill force a convention. that's why his campaign team is deciding that these desperate times called for desperate measures. >> the next vice president of the united states. carly fiorina. >> reporter: it began and looked like any other vp candidate rollout. complete with new logo and sign. it just took place about 3 months earlier than ever before. >> it is unusual to make the announcement as early as we're doing so now. i think all would acknowledge that this race, if anything, it is unusual. >> badly in need of a win in next week's indiana primary, cruz has little options remaining to turn back cruz's momentum. his campaign, fiorina who sang songs, and attacked his rivals can provide a spark.
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clinton both will be disastrous for this nation. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: at his own indiana rally tonight, trump shrugged off the potency. >> cruz can't win, what's he doing picking vice presidents? can't win. >> reporter: while light on details, the speech was more sober in tone, and marked yet other effort by the front- runner to turn his focus to the general election. >> i will not hesitate to deploy military force when there is no alternative. but if america fights, it must only fight to win. >> reporter: the last time a candidate who was not his party's presumptive nominee named a vice presidential choice, was ronald reagan before the convention in 1976. the difference there, of course, that was after all the primaries had concluded, just ys
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an open convention was already assured. reagan lost that convention fight to gerald ford back in 1976. >> it wasn't nearly as nasty as this election season has been either. for sure. on the democratic side, the bernie sanders campaign made a big decision after a bad night last night. >> sanders is downsizing his campaign after losing 4 out of 5 states in the primary. the campaign announcing today it is laying off more than 200 workers. cutting its 550 member team. but sanders says the cuts don't mean he's giving up. >> i am very good in arithmetic. and i can count delegates, and we are behind today. but you know what? unusual things happen in politics. >> campaign aides say they will focus most of their remaining resources on winning california on june 7. stay informed as this
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unfold. get election results, voting information all in one place. the free wusa app. download it now. dennis hastert admitted to committing the child sex abuse that he refused to admit for so long. he admitted to abusing boys that he coached in high school wrestling 30 years ago. and he apologized to them. the judge went beyond sentencing guidelines. he gave hastert 15 months in federal prison, and two years of supervised service. security immediately took him into custody. >> new tonight, we've got more details about the man accused of jumping over the fe
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front of the old executive office building next to the white house yesterday. he is 30-year-old steven cox. police say he was on the run after a crime spree committed shortly before. former virginia governor, bob mcdonald might not be going to prison at all. today, the u.s. supreme court heard arguments on the appeal of the corruption. in 2014, a jury convicted mcdonald and his wife of taking money amend gifts from a wealthy businessman, and essentially selling the prestige of the governor's office in return. the high court's decision is expected this summer. tennessee's republican governor, bill haslem has signed a bill that allows mental health counselors to refuse to treat patients based on the personal beliefs. opponents call the bill, just another way
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discrimination against gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender people. our live coverage continues tonight. up next, what if you had a way to never again see the faces of those accused of violent crimes. we'll bring you a story that will have you talking. >> a woman says she was attacked onboard a metro train and used her cell phone to record the aftermath. the simple request that she says started it all. >> trying to pick my son up from school, but looks like we're about to have a tornado here any minute. >> a man recording a tornado on his cell phone has
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it's an effort to slow gun violence through your web browser. the brady campaign is fong
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on the victims. >> the incident is named after jim brady who was shot in an assassination attempt on the president. live where that shooting happened at the washington hilton. >> reporter: it was right here where that assassination attempt happened on the president, and where brady was shot back in 1981. today, many would admit that gun violence, and in particular, mass shootings are out of control. the brady campaign insists that too often the focus is on the shooters, and not the victims. from sandy hook to aurora, and virginia tech to charleston. each of these horrific mass shootings has a face. rarely is it the face of a victim. instead, it's the face of a shooter. >> there's a lot of unnecessary attention. >> reporter: trying to refocus the attention onto the victims of the mass shootings, through a campaign called
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of fame. it's a plug-in on your internet web browser that once downloaded removing killers names and images. >> i think it's a good thing, because it gives people the option to know the information or to not know the information. some people want to block it. >> reporter: many first amendment advocates say this is not a form of censorship, because using the plug in is optional. >> it should be available for folks to learn about the details. but shifting the focus is probably a good idea. >> we need to know about these people. and trying to get to the bottom of it, so that we can prevent it in the future. prevention is exactly what the brady campaign has in mind. they say more than 30% of mass shootings are inspired by previous shootings, and the desire for notarity. this is where they say the
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showing less. others might argue that the public deserves comprehensive information. >> definitely, everybody has responsibility when it comes to sifting through, and understanding the truth of the situation. i think those with the most resource are those who have access to the platform. >> reporter: the brady campaign has also launched a petition encouraging the media to stop showing the shooters' names and their images on their various platforms. wusa9. now to a story that first appeared on wusa9. we've learned of a bloody attack aboard a metro train. it happened after one passenger asked another to wear head phones so that her loud music woul dn'tbe heard. >> i'm trying to call the cops. >> that's the voice of jenny brunes, who
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cell phone to record the voice of a woman who attacked her. she ran to the metro station manager kiosk. >> i'm like help me metro people. i was just beat on the metro. i had blood running down my face, i could feel it, and they didn't stop her. >> bistanders and police eventually did help. the teen suspect was arrested on an assault charge, but metro tells us, its employees are not law enforcement, and they can't perform those duties. brunes needed seven stitches above the eye. first responders receiving well deserved awards and honors. four dozen men and women were recognized for going above and beyond. one jumped into an icy respond to rescue a child. another pulled an unconscious neighbor out of her burning home. nicholas clayton, and four fellow officers were honored
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car. they pulled the guy out even as his clothes were on fire. >> when it happens to you, are you thinking i could get killed here? >> no, the adrenalin sort of flushes that out of your mind, if you will. >> we're told at least a dozen lives were saved by the men and women who were recognized today. job well done. >> courage, courage, and more courage. >> great to have them on the street. a man in omaha, nebraska, stopped his car, and started recording when he spotted a tornado forming. >> trying to pick my son up from school, but looks like we're about to have a tornado here any minute. >> that twister did touchdown, several times. we're told there is flying debris, but fortunately, no injuries, or any widespread damage, which is, you know, pretty amazing when you look at that video. >> as for us here, e
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several days before we get a glimpse of the sun again. >> yes, maybe saturday. won't last long. >> there's a light at the end of the week, right? >> and it is not an oncoming train. but a short lived respite, unfortunately. we went for 72, you probably thought, what is he crazy? but a midnight temperature. >> did you nail it? >> 72. >> i can always tell. >> but it was a midnight temperature. when we said don't dress for 72, we're just telling you that's what the guarantee is going to be. we're going for 50s tomorrow. only 54 right now. winds light out of the southeast at 3. here's a look at the radar, a couple of showers pushing just north of town, across 95 into prince george's county. howard county, laurel, and eventually into anne arundel county. most of the activity is to the
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south of us. headed over to annapolis. nothing crazy overnight. yellow weather alert through friday. so thursday and friday, bus stop temperatures. chilly and also damp. both commutes are going to be wet or damp tomorrow. then we get into friday. we're still wet with showers, and still kind of chilly on friday as well. 6:00tomorrow, light showers. it's all shades of green. still a nuisance, and still good enough for a weather alert. by 9:00, we're only 57. 54 in gaithersburg. moderate shower activity and rain. by lunchtime, we're still only in the 50s, with a lot of showers, and thinning out a little bit along i-81, but not exactly clearing out. by 6:00 p.m., 56 downtown, maybe 61 in fredericksburg. maybe 60 in la plata. folks in the south, you're our only hope
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by 10:00, still some leftover showers. cloud cover is in place. temperatures low to mid-50s. day planner looks like this. showers and 9:00, 11:00, and 1:00. only 58 by 1:00 p.m. next seven days. well, rain and showers on friday, 61. there's our brief respite on saturday. milder. maybe mid-60s, then more rain on sunday. rain ends on monday, a little better on tuesday and wednesday. we've got lots of stuff going on this weekend. the azalea festival. point to point. but it's all good. >> keep an umbrella. poncho. >> not snow. >> it's nice that there's already something to look forward to for the wizards season, we're finding out how they got their man. >> the players already seem excited. scott brooks said he's going to meet with each one face-to- face. scott brooks had several teams interested in him for a
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it didn't take long for the washington wizards to hone in on the guy they wanted as their head coach. they flew to california to woo former oklahoma city coach scott brooks. 24 hours later, a deal was struck. today, the wizards introduce brooks as their 24th head coach. he had already made up his mind, he wanted to come to d.c. if the feeling and price was mutual. >> talented group. we all know players make the team, and we have a good group of guys that are going to be continuing to improve and commit to one another. but great city, great ownership. the ability to have a great partnership with ernie, and friendship over the years an
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>> all right the rivalry heats up tomorrow when they open up their semifinal round against pittsburgh. this is the 8th time that's teams have met up in the playoffs. once again, much of the capitals successfully lean on their net minder. in a not so surprising announcement, hopey is one of the three finalists for the vesma trophy. he is a favorite to win after his historic season. his 48 wins ties martin brodeur. you can see which metro stations will stay open late for tomorrow's playoff game. the winner of the caps/penguins faces the winner of this series, the islanders and the lightning. rough night for ben bishop. he gives up four goals in one and a half periods. tampa bay tried to
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but the islanders take game 1, 5-3. it was military appreciation night. not much firepower? just two hits. a bunt single from daniel murphy that just landed fair. they did manage to score three runs which was enough tonight. the nats lose this one, 3-0. here is nats merchandise for you. you see a problem there? the washington nationals logo is in southern maryland. not quite where it is. i don't think that one will be on the show that long. >> not in massachusetts. >> not massachusetts. they're getting closer. maybe the next one will be in the right spot. that's on the
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so bring us the good news. >> well, okay, let's all focus on saturday. ignore everything else. >> yellow weather alert tomorrow, yellow alert tomorrow. only 60 tomorrow, 61 on friday. sunday looks, if it were january, it would be a good snowstorm. >> thank goodness, it's not january. >> just a cold rain. you're welcome. >> appreciate you. have
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>> stephen. you got a seclrks. i was hoping we could meet there's a lot going on. >> stephen: right now. >> you know the bit where we raise the baby on the show -- >> did i see goose go into the men's room hold on. >> there's no goose. >> stephen: hold on. yup. sorry, false alarm. no, sorry, it was a duck. i apologize. >> tonight, stephen welcomes susan sarandon, david tennant, and a


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