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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  April 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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they said the device consisted of nothing more than candy bars. candy bars, chocolate bars in their brightly colored aluminum wrappers wired together to look like a bomb. but no actual explosive device on the suspect. police say the suspect is a 25- year-old man, they believe from howard county. they are not releasing his name just yet, they do expect he will survive the injuries he suffered when he was shot multiple times by police officers after leaving the television station behind me. to recap, this incident began around 1:20 when the man dressed in an animal onesie and surgical mask came in the entryway of the fox 45 station in baltimore with a flash drive in his hand. he said this was something he wanted to have aired on the news tonight. the man was not -- we do not believe let into the station proper. police can't confirm that. he stayed in the vest
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buell -- vestibule area. when the man left the station, he did not comply with his orders to stop moving, take his hand out of his pocket and allow himself to be approached by officers. three different officers fired on the man. he was hit multiple times. he was fired on by counter s.w.a.t. team officers. these were actual rounds. at the time police didn't know the device was not a bomb. they had to take it seriously, something that the baltimore police spokesperson explained a few minutes ago. >> hindsight now being 20/20 there were candy bars in that bomb, that device, that replica outfit he had on. when he walked out on the street he posed a threat to the community and officers and they were forced to use real guns to shoot the suspect. the entire staff of that fox 45 news station has been evacuated. they are not being allowed back in the bu
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to put on a newscast out on the street after being out of their building about five hours. we are expecting one more update tonight potentially from police off camera and more information tomorrow potentially including the name of the suspect who is expected to survive being shot multiple times by police this afternoon. reporting live in baltimore, garrett haake. today's incident comes two years after a man drove a truck into wmar's tv lobby and barricaded himself inside for five hours. the fence surrounding the white house will be higher. the secret service plan to raise the fence by five feet. this comes as 1600 pennsylvania avenue went on lockdown twice this week with president barack obama inside. the first incident saw a man jump the fence by the old executive office building. the second was declared when a man was spotted throwing his personal items over the fence. ellen brian has more on what the fence will look li
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than what you are used to. it will be double the size. here is what the white house fence looks like right now at 6 feet. this is a rendering of what it could be in a couple of years at more than 11 feet. >> for tourists like us, it will be like disappointing. >> i think it's still accessible. i can still see the white house. >> reporter: the national park service said to increase security the fence needs to be taller and stronger with anticlimb features like security sensors based 30 feet apart on the top. >> it looks very intimidating. that's the purpose. >> we wouldn't know the difference. it's the building behind the fence that we are looking at. >> reporter: it starts with making changes to the fence surrounding the white house grounds. phase 2 focusing on the fence around the treasury
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the charging documents says cox sexually abused a woman waiting for a bus. while she called police, he moved to city restaurant and lounge where he stole a woman's phone then to 17th and g where he tried to steal another woman's purse and phone before jumping over the fence. he faces two more sexual abuse charges for his actions at the hospital after his arrest. stephen cox was in court yesterday and will be back in court tomorrow. reporting in northwest, ellen brian, wusa 9. >> the national park service says construction on the new fence should begin in 2018. authorities have arrested three people with ties to one of the san bernardino terrorists. in custody are the brother of faruq. also the brother of the sister. the charges in today's case are
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they are charged with fraud over a sham marriage between marquez and his wife. now to the campaign trail. the republican presidential trail, ted cruz fending off an attack from john boehner who took a shot at ted cruz during a speech at stamford. >> lucifer in the flesh. over my dead body will he be president. >> he allowed his inner trump to come out. >> cruz said that is proof that he is the anticandidate. >> reporter: donald and hillary are washington insiders. they believe in big government. they got rich exploiting the corruption of bog. >> he was saying i'm the only one that can beat donald trump. i have proven it time and time again. oh, please. >> both cruz and trump campaigned
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cruz was accompanied by carly fiorina. he appeared on stage, bobby knight with donald trump. defense secretary ash carter is defending the u.s. strategy in the war on isis. today he told a senate committee that u.s. backed forces in iraq and syria are making substantive gains. he rejected the suggested need for an american lead multination ground force. >> in the near term such a strategic approach would be a significant military undertaking. we would embark upon largely by ourselves and it would be seeding our competitive of special forces. instead fighting on the enemy's terms amidst a local population that responded violently to such an
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attacks against isis are disrupting the terrorists groups finances and rye cutements. vice president joe biden paid a surprise visit to forces in baghdad. he is there to thank them for supporting the fight against isis. he met with iraq's prime minister at one of saddam hussein's former palaces. the u.s. is condemning air strikes that killed dozens in northern syria the past 24 hours. a children's hospital took a direct hit. rescuers carried young victims from the rubble. they believe the as sad lead government and proof that the partial cease-fire has collapsed. sources tell the associated press 16 u.s. service members have been disciplined for mistakes that lead to the bombing of a civilian hospital in afghanista
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they received administrative punishment. the pentagon is expected to release a full report tomorrow. pat roberts is blocking a vote on the nomination of eric fanning to be the next army secretary. he won't allow a vote until president barack obama promises no detainees from guantanamo bay will be moved to fort levinworth kansas. senator john mccain said it's unfair to block the nomination over an unrelated issue. if confirmed, he would be the first openly gay leader of a u.s. military service. you will need a jacket and umbrella tomorrow? >> topper shutt is tracking the wet weather. >> i'm trying to do what i say and say what i do. it's raw out here. here is the radar the last hour. light rain pushing through town across nats park. heavier activity began to fire up al
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we are in the stable sector of air. we zoom in and look at light activity past top bowie out 50 and showers to waldorf, 301 and route 5. that is about it. tomorrow morning we do it all over again. more rain and showers. 47 in gaithersburg at 6:00 in the morning. 51 downtown. 50 fairfax and 49 in silver spring. we will come back and talk about another yellow weather alert for one of the weekend days. we are a couple of hours away from round one of the nfl draft and game one of the caps- penguins. big sportsnite. live reports from both. >> up next new developments su
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a minnesota judge filed a warrant for prince's home and recording studio. it comes one day after cbs news and other organizations indicated law enforcement source -- cited law enforcement sources as saying prescription painkillers with on him. a jury indicted a man, will smith during a -- indicted a man in the killing of will smith. police say kordell hayes hit smith's s.u.v. the drivers pulled over, got in
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fired. montgomery county police discuss the future of tasers with the county's public safety committee. the "baltimore sun" newspaper reports that montgomery county police have been involved in four of the 11 fatal taser incidents in maryland since 2009, the most of any jurisdiction. anthony howard died three years ago after officers tased him for 37 seconds. his father was at the meeting. >> every day i got his picture. it makes me feel terrible. >> i would like for them to take action. >> we are told that police are beginning to use new tasers that will stop after 5 seconds. the department is on board with the idea of creating statewide standards to regulate taser use. dop, d.c. schools are -- coming up, d.c. schools are
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discovered. how it's impacting students. >> the people of flint michigan are one step closer to getting millions of dollars
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approved $220 million of federal aid in the flint, michigan water crisis. it will go to replacing miles of lead contaminated pipes. president obama will traffic to flint to meet with residents next week. three officials are facing charges in switching flint's water supply. d.c. school officials say the water is safe to drink. >> that is not keeping them from ordering systemwide lead testing after a dozen schools have elevated levels of lead. delia goncalves is outside mlk elementary school in southeast. >> reporter: mlk is on the list of 113 d.c. schools that will be tested for lead. right now everyone here is drinking bottled water because of brown water discovered friday. the water now runs clear at mlk but kids are staying away from the water fountain until test results come back tuesday. the city was flushing the pipes
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school's water friday. >> it won't let my kids drink the water. >> chain of custody is produced and sample sent to the lab. >> reporter: mlk and all d.c. schools will undergo lead tests. parents were not notified. >> the water is safe. our kids are safe and we are as in an abundance of caution making sure that we are going back out and rio de janeiro testing water -- retesting water sources. >> there will always be some doubt that it will be safe because the majority of the buildings are old. >> i don't trust the pipes. >> the lead pipes at all d.c. schools and all d.c. rec centers will be complete by june 17th. delia goncalves, wusa 9. dcps says out of an abundance of caution the schools were tested for lead. al
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okay. new details in yesterday's double stabbing at a tacoma park apartment building. a woman was found dead and a man wounded. investigators say that 3-year- old maria veronica mbunga was 20 weeks pregnant and her unborn child also died. they say the man's injuries were apparently self-inflicted as a cover up to the murder of his fiancee. they say he didn't want to be responsible for the baby on the way. tonight tacoma park police charged thierry kinshala nkusa with second-degree murder. right now towns on the gulf coast are dealing with flash floods. check out the scene in gulfport, mississippi. a bystander recording when a woman ran to a car, got caught in high water. the good samaritan helped the driver to safety. some areas on the coast have seen 12 inches of rain today. turn around don't drown as we like to say. >> thank you, jan. we say it but
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ears. we are looking at steady rain. it doesn't look like late april. a better pattern into the weekend. sunday we issued a yellow alert for rain. live look outside with our weather cam. three-degree guarantee is in jeopardy. 60 today. 51 right now. winds out of the east-northeast at 12. this is about as cold as it can get in terms of cloud cover in late april. we are almost into may. light showers into southern maryland. that is pretty much gone. to the west stronger showers. rumbles of thunder heading to culpeper. when it hits the stable air mass it won't be a thunderstorm. we are looking at the radar. shower activity to the south of upper mars borrow. the ball -- upper
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it's cold and damp. tonight chilly, some showers, not a bunch. bus stop temperatures, 48 to 54. yellow weather alert tomorrow and sunday. saturday will be better than sunday but it's a low bar. here is the futurecast. 10:00 tonight light activity, drizzle, light showers. 53 downtown. 49 in gaithersburg. by 6:00 in the morning, light showers to the west. everybody will have a damp or wet commute tomorrow. mid-morning, 9:00. 51 in laplata. by 1:00 most of the activity moves out. we are left with clouds, drizzle and temperatures scratching and clawing to get to 60. 52 at 9:00. 53 at 11:00 and only 56 by 1:00 p.m. saturday more showers. the better of the weekend days, 64. 6 with morning rain and afternoon thunderstorms sunday. the warm front tries to bust through. more rain
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back live at the verizon center. in less than two hours the much anticipated series between the caps and the penguins gets underway. ticket prices for this series are the highest of everyone in this round.
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capitals penguins. they are rivals, full of talent. the interesting thing, everyone on the outside is looking at this like caps versus penguins, inside the locker room they are down playing the hatred between the two teams. >> i don't see how they are more of a rival than anyone else. it's not a -- philly is, rangers are, islanders are. every team you could say that. you take the team for what they are and where ours is at and totry cu fos on what you can do to be successful. >> you know who really, really, really doesn't like the penguins? this is t.j.'s daughter. she is taking out her dislike on that penguins poster. obviously she expects her dad and friends to take care of business tonight. a big night in sports. caps game and you have the
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draft. what will the burgundy and gold do with the 21st pick. frank, can you shed light on that? >> reporter: you know what, that's a great question. i have no idea. that's the brilliance behind the gm as the redskins brass hunker down at redskins park with the 21st pick. they trust the second year guy that got the redskins back to the play-offs. he likes to prefer best player over need. we will see what he does when the draft starts at 8:00. >> a handful of guys in the fired round and second, sixth, 7th that are football players. there is a value for each one of them. it gets lesser and lesser. i will take the lesser hite weight speed guy for the most consistent football player. >> we shall find out. we ar
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frank hanrahan. back to you. >> thanks, frank. it will be interesting to see what they do. at 7:00, we have a story about some caps fans that think they have the team's lucky charm. we will bring that to you. live at the verizon center, kristen berset. >> they won't do a quarterback. >> i hope not. yellow weather alert tomorrow. i hate to sound like a broken record. saturday maybe okay. i put a tune any sun there. can you see that. it's 60 tomorrow, 64 saturday. 68 sunday. we have azaleas festival. i will be at middleburg point to point rain or shine. >> a lot of rain. >> we do
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>> pelley: a bizarre bomb threat at a tv station. police shoot a man in an animal costume. ( gunfire ) two airliners nearly collide. a pilot slams on the brakes. >> sorry about that. that was my mistake. >> pelley: children and doctors are killed in an airstrike that destroys a hospital. teenagers record their crimes to get noticed online. and the refugees will weren't welcome until they changed the heart of a new england town. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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