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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  April 28, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> a university of maryland student missing weeks before the graduation. >> changes for the white house again all in the name of safety. >> a big night in dc sports. caps versus the penguin. >> and the burgundy hoping not to fumble in the first round nfl draft. police shoot a man that claims to have explosives strapped to his chest. >> it was chocolate bars with wiring. >> a bizarre incident now under investigation. police say the man demand
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wusa9 garret haake live outside of fox 45. what is it that the man wanted? >> >> reporter: police say he spend 45 minutes talking his way in the station hoping to air video that he brought with him on a flash drive. the suspect came back outside wearing the animal onesie. police asked them to show his hands and he did not so the officers shot him. they took him to the hospital and is expected to survive his injuries. employees are crediting the security guard calm while they evacuated the building. >> the first instinct is keeping him calm. i said i will be glad to see what i can
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>> did you try to review what he was trying to give you? >> yes. >> what was it. >> it was him talking to a camera letting us know that government is hiding things. >> the police have finished clearing the building and expected to let the staff of fox 45 back in the building. for the suspect no word on his identity. we know he is 25 years old and from howard county. garret haake. it has been two years since a man that drove his vehicle into baltimore abc affiliate wmar barricaded himself in that building for five hours. >> it is not time to put away the umbrellas and jackets. we have a couple more yellow weather alerts. chief meteorologist topper shutt is tracking the
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when we will break out of the gloomy pattern and a sharp drop in temperatures. >> yes, 30 degrees cooler than tuesday and showers to the west. we have showers in warrington and colpepper. little reflects of orange and yellow, heavier downpours but not any lightning or storms. the atmosphere is stable. >> we will zoom in and a light shower in manassas pushing to the east and headed toward woodbridge at 7:47. tomorrow we do it all over again. and prepare for it to be damp. >> 47 in gaithersburg and late april. really. 51 down and 50 in manassas at 6:00 a.m. and by 8:00 in the upper 40s and more rain and showers in the metro. nothing crazy heavy but good enough for a weather alert day. we will ta
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weekend days we had to issue another weather alert. a search under way for a university of maryland student. 36-year-old lopez was seen at a cvs where she works as a counselor. police found her car and reported missing. her older sister is desperate and worried that someone took her against her will. >> i have the hope that she will come back. i know she is somewhere. i have the feel that somebody took her. >> lopez had earned her bachelor degree in criminal justice and set to graduate next month. we have the numbers posted on the wusa9 app. good news
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the beltway. all lanes open. the crash on the inner loop shut down that stretch and the scene is all clear. new information on the double stabbing in a tacoma park building where a woman was found dead and a man wounded. investigators say that 36-year- old maria veronica mbunga was 20 weeks pregnant and her unborn child also died. they say the man's injuries were self-inflicted as a cover up to his murder of his fianci. they say he didn't want to be responsible for the baby on the way. tacoma park police have charged 33-year-old man with second- degree murder. a prominent man has been charged with sexually harassing and assaulting a female employee. the woman says she is the victim. >> i didn't think it was real. it kept happening. >> this 22-year-old woman that doesn't want to be seen on camera says she worked at the miracle center of
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missionary church in capital heights for about four weeks. this february and march. for three of those weeks she says bishop michael turner sexually harassed her and touched her without her okay. >> he would literally rub his hand all over my body and put his hand on his body. and stuff like that. >> but in the end what happened in his private office one day is what made her speak to prosecutors and file this report. >> he pushed me on to his couch and got on top of he. when he got out and started taking off his suit jacket, i ran out. >> the 61-year-old senior pastor is facing charges of 2nd degree assault and harassment according to court documents. >> anytime we have a case involving alleged sexual assault of any kind, we take
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that seriously. >> turner was arrested and placed $10,000 bond. wusa9 called and stopped by his home and church and requesting comments but did not hear back. in prince george's county. debra alfarone. wusa9. a spokesperson says that saul charge carries a maximum of ten years in prison if convicted. how safe is your child's drinking water at school indc officials say it is safe at the public schools but testing found lead in a dozen schools to be elevated. because that have a general contractor will test for lead at every one of the district's 113 schools. baseball hall-of-famer cal ripken and his wife kelly completed their divorce. married for 29 years and have two children. ripkin recently relocated to annapolis and renting a home. kelly ripkin looks forward to the
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philanthropy. >> a probe into prince. were pills involved in his death? >> he is not going anywhere. the story of this
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wusa9 has learned that the u.s. drug enforcement administration may get help with investigators to determine how mega superstar prince died one week ago today. they are working to find out if pills are related to the death. the 57-year-old died in his home in minneapolis and a special administrator has been hired to sort out his business affairs. the secret service wants to make the fence around the white house taller. they started plans to raise the fence by
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11-foot. architects presented the renderings to what the fence could look like that we will show you in a minute. initial plans including adding more security across the top and spike. >> five feet is not tall enough to throw something over the fence. >> i think its is still assessable. i can see the white house. >> will it block the view? >> i think it is all right. >> the national park service says construction could start by 2018. ted cruz has another jab but this time not for a house candidate. john boehner attacks donald trump and here is what hopefuls said in response. >> lou sa fer in the flesh. >> over my dead baby will he be president. >> he allowed his inner trump to come out. >> ted cruz spawned the comment saying
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the anti washington candidate. ted cruz toured the state with carly fiorina. john kasich and ted cruz veha joined forces in an attempt from locking up the republican nomination. indiana's primary is on tuesday. >> to reduce delays you have to create delays. high temperatures tomorrow. pretty much where they were today. 10 or 12 degrees below average. maybe we make our way to 60s downtown. we will come back and talk about which weekdays are the weather alert and take you back 14 years ago to the la plata tornado. how can an addict minutes away from death
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montgomery county judge sentenced a gaithersburg man for a grusome murder. tehran mile was convicted. his family said he was kind and gentle. among a group of men armed with baseball bats
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brought into the silver spring resident. the gun turned on him and he was beaten and stabbed and stomped to death. >> the family of mr. miles gets to put an arm around him here and there it is something that i won't be able to do with my son. >> in court miles said that he was sorry about mark's death but innocent of the crime. as many as ten other suspects involved in that 2014 home invasion have not yet been caught. police believe miles knows who they are but refuses to cooperate. tracking metro tonight. general manager paul widdafel have call for a surge in maintenance on the main line and will use thermal imaging to find out where the leaking is coming
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commuters could experience 20 minute delays. i heard you mention la plata. >> 14 years. >> i recall that. >> sunday night. >> the next day the town was leveled. >> we were all there. >> we interrupted 60 minutes and took heat from that and that was the second strongest tornado recorded. it was on the ground for 68 miles and 24 of which or 24 was in charles county itself. and again winds 200 to 260 miles per hour. f4 which would be an ef5 changed back in 2007. interesting fact. the sacred heart church rectory was not destroyed. >> with a lot of assistance you have, it is showing a lot of damage. >> it wa
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virginia side and he went around to get to la plata. >> how many lives? >> four were loss andling note here back in 1926, same thing in pla platta tornado lost 16 lives. that is kind of our tornado alley. live look outside. not so average right now. 50 degrees for crying out loud. we should be around 68 this time of night and here is the radar. another little batch of rain and showers warrington pushing 66 and zooming to the west. we won't see any thunderstorms but there is good light rain, oaksville and manassas and burke and essentially either side of i-66 throughout the night. the good news, nats, top of the hour scoreless. >> chilly and more showers. noth
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temperatures 48 to 44. yellow weather alert tomorrow and sunday. we will try to refrain from issuing a yellow weather alert on saturday. that will be six in a row. we will try to be more judicious. saturday better than sunday but that's a low bar over the last several days. clouds and by morning prepare for a damp commute. temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. cold at the bus stop. by april standards it will be. by 8:00 showers everywhere. down 95 in from 66, down from i- 270 and 50, wet roads and by 1:00, clouds and a break in the action if you will but drizzle in temperatures, low to mid 60s and by 6:00 p.m., upper 50s and maybe 60s in ma nances showers to the west. more showers
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breaks. probably the best things to do, the blossom festival and open house at the weather service on saturday and sunday. saturday is your best day and thunderstorms possible on sunday but warmer, upper 60s. more rain on monday and mid 60s on tuesday and clearing up, low 70s on wednesday and mid-70s on thursday. rocking the red and moments away from the game. we are getting closer. 8:00 and the conference semifinals will be a good one. coming up next. we will introduce you to
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. the capitals arrive focused and relaxed and the puck drops at 8:00 for this highly anticipated round. you know when it comes to sports fans an
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a lot of them are superstitious, whether it is wearing the same jersey or sitting in the same seat. diane roberts has nearby caps fans that think they have a lucky charm. >> i am right around from the verizon center at a firehouse where a little caps toy may have played a role in the first round series and the firefighters here think it might play a role again in the penguins series. this is the firehouse for rescue squad one diagonal from the verizon center. naturally some firefighters here are big cap fans. >> i always root for the home team. >> lieutenant fume went with a buddy, on the way to the game they
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with this figurines. >> i said leave it here for good luck. >> all the games won and somebody moved him for games 4 and 5 both losses. lieutenant fume put up this sign so everybody knew the rules. >> do not leave this figurines. >> fellow firefighter, we did the rule to the world. >> they exist, they are there. out there, hockey superstitions exist. >> i saw that. and i said don't move him and put him in the red position. and think it will bring us support. >> hoping to get a win for the firefighters and for the rest of you too. kristen, back to you. diane thank you. not just game one but the nfl draf
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>> i wish i could give you more inseat but that's the mystery about the draft especially when you are drafting 21st. scott mccuwen saying make the redskins will draft back. the redskins with the 21st pick. it is going to be rocking here tonight. the fans getting these nifty pictures. expect this place to be loud and we will see if the caps can take game one. i'm kristen berset, guys, back to you in the studio. >> rock the red. >> trending right now on twitter as well. thanks for
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take your child to workday. i was holding my breath the whole time.
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new details about prince's alleged painkiller addiction. >> we haven't heard from anyone in prince's family until now. >> how do you believe your brother die >> the private meeting today between his siblings. are they fighting over his reported $300 million fortune? >> it feels like that could get messy. then, beyonce stuns, a behind-the-scenes look at her new tour. and the clear message she's sending about where her relationship with jay z stands right now. and kelly ripa can't hold what she said about her contract negotiations live on air. and who is in the running to replace michael now? plus we're breaking down news about a new "dancing with the stars" couple. find out which celeb is dating a dancing pro. who's the star who snap chatted a naked selfie? and our mariah carey exclusivee front row for her paris show,


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