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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  April 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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neighbors saw a tatoo on her body. >> i heard that because i know they found her car in prince william county. >> reporter: police responded to cotton mill around 11:00 this morning and located a woman's body in a ditch. a quarter of a mile from where she works as a youth counselor. her car was found a comb of days after she was seen on surveillance video walking in and out of a ccs. she was about to graduate getting a degree in criminology. we talked to one of her sisters yesterday. >> i have a feeling somebody took her. >> i'm really sad. i pray for the family. i don't know what to say. my daughter and her
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lives here. my grand kids. >> reporter: many questions tonight. was this woman killed at this location, was her body dumped. how long was her body here and left at the drainage ditch. all of those questions police will be investigating. her body has been sent to the medical examiners office and they hope to find a cause of death. prince william county police are encouraging anyone with information to give them a call. we learned more today about the troubled young man shot while making a bizarre bomb threat dressed in an animal cosactual at a boltmore tv station. >> alex brissey will be charged with arson and reckless endangerment. we spoke extensively with police and his father to understand why it happened. scott broom is with us from baltimore
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>> reporter: it's back to business here at fox 45 in baltimore. we spoke to police who gave us a glimpse at the fake bomb this bizarre and troubled young was wearing and a glimpse from his father. dressed in animal costume wearing a fake bomb that police thought could be real. alex bris si was cut down by gunfire thursday. police showed the fake bomb vest that turned out to be made from life preserver, and candy bars with wires. he was lucky to survive. >> he had his hand on what appeared to be a detonator. >> when i saw the bullet hit him and bounce back a little bit it tore me up. >> reporter: his father talked about seeing the video of his son shot and said he does not second guess police. >> they didn't know it wasn't a bomb. he had a breakdown a couple of
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weeks ago, said god was, he had communications with god and the world was going to end june 33rd. >> reporter: he said his son, a fan of role-playing and costumes suffered a mental breakdown, howard county police took him to a hospital for evaluation where he was released. brissey lit his car on fire and walked in the tv station aiming to prod cast his dilutional revelations arguments mental health tragedy that did not end in death. >> whatever come in to his head, it was real to him. it was as real as anything when something comes in to your head what you are willing to risk your life for, drove him to where he lost all sense of reason. >> reporter: his father says it was obvious to him that his son did not intend to hurt anyone. evidence of that, that the fake bomb was made out
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bars. his father said he had been mercilessly abused and bully throughout his high school career. he is recovering from gunshot wounds. when he gets out in addition to mental health treatment he will be facing criminal charges. scott broom, wusa9. >> chief davis complimented the security gad that said was a hero. he gave the man a challenge coin encouraging him to apply for a job with the baltimore police force. another yellow alert day. joaquin "el chapo"topper joins us from the weather center. >> i have a glimmer. not picture perfect. here is the glimmer of hope. we did not issue a weather alert tomorrow. we have one on sunday. we are generally dry in
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this is our next batch of rain. i won't get in here until 7:00 and 10:00 p.m. tomorrow. may not be the prettiest day, in terms of a little nuisance shower, that's all we are going. tonight, going out, friday night, temperatures low to mid 50s, 55 at 10:00, looking at 51 gaithersburg. 54 fairfax. light activity. all shades of green. it's nuisance. by 7:00 in the morning, nothing heavy falling too many. 9:53 downtown, 53 sterling and lease bug. by 11:00, back to the 50s. by 1:00s clouds, all the showers are few and far between and west of i-81. we will come back and track the rain saturday night in to sunday. sunday could be a different story. lots going on this weekend.
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the fairfax fire chief will use every means available to find out who posted awful comments about nicole mitten dor of, she took her life in the shenandoah national park. there is no evidence the on line comments had anything to do with her suicide but they upset a lot of people including other women firefighters. >> i have no idea whether it is somebody inside or somebody from the outside. i don't know. >> reporter: now that nicole has been laid to rest, after a massive search led to her body in the shan do what national park, there is an investigation underway in to lurid postings about her on the community gossip site
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underground. the fire chief says he has a zero tolerance policy to bullying and harassment of any kind. >> i will use any local, state, regional, federal resource to look under every rock. >> reporter: he is certain the comments were not posted on county computers or devices because fairfax underground cannot be accessed but if he find out they are employees or volunteers, they will be held accountable and maybe terminated and made this request. >> one, take the comments down and turn the site off if people are not going to act right. when you have anonymous posts, people can say anything, its not factual or true, it's wrong. absolutely wrong. it's terrible. >> kerry wideman runs fairfax underground and says he never received a user
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remove the abuse abusive about mittendorf. >> are you saying the chief had no knowledge of the site and comments about nicole? >> the site is well known. he knows about the site. all the officials know about the site. many people have been mentioned including people on tv and official positions. he said he did not know about these posts. i spoke to a female firefighter. she did not know about the posts until they came to light after nicole's death. the women firefighters have organized a meeting, they will get together and talk about this and the chief is going. a prince william county
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is facing assault and battery charges connected to a fight with his son. sellers surrendered to police. the boy is left bloody by his dad who says he was disciplining his son. the teen was removed from his father's house and placed with another family member. sentencing for a former prince georges county board member who obtained illegal school lunches for her child. lynette moneydy ordered to perform 100 you are hours of community service and pay restitution. an audit of the meals program found mundy and other residents received free or reduced lunches they weren't qualified for. for the latest on campaign 2016, trump trump wrapped up a speech before the california republican convention in san francisco. the large
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were were there to greet him. they broke through police lines and swarmed the hotel where the billionaire was appearing and trump managed to avoid them by going in through the rear entrance. >> that was not the easiest entrance i have ever made. my wife called, she said there are helicopters following you, we went under a fence and through a fence. felt like i was crossing the border actually. i was crossing the border. you are got here. >> supporter and opponents got in to confrontations outside a rally in southern california last night. they damaged police cars. bernie sanders addressed the large crowd today at the indiana state house and launched attack on companys in the state relocating jobs to mexico. fairfax county man is under arrest for
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richard mills turned himself in yesterday at the fairfax county adult detention center. he engaged in inappropriate converonsati and solicited sex from a 14 year old girl. she wasn't harmed. mills met the girl at the mot recreation center where he worked. the water is safe to drink at a dc elementary school. tests came back clean for drinking water at mlk, southeast. students were drinking bottled water for five days, after brown water was discovered friday. the city flushed the pipes last week and it was low pressure that had discolored the school's water. we are just getting started on wusa9 at 5:00. what you need to know about calling 911 in the wake of prince's death investigation. riders sounding off about the problems at metro, passengers get ready to wait longer for trains this weekend. topper
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when we might expect to finally see the sun. it's going be a few days. more people from our area diagnosed with zika virus, protecting your backyard from the
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. mosquito season is just starting, the governor is urging us to do everything we can to control the zika virus, that's suspected of causing brain damage in adults. >> reporter: so far, in maryland dc and virginia, about
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30 zika cases, all are travel related. although some were sexually transmitted and some are among pregnant women. there are also some cases of microcephaly in babies in the united states, but health officials declined to say if any of those are in our region. what can you do to prevent the local transmission of zika as we roll in to mosquito season. >> any standing water. >> reporter: montgomery county chief health officer in her own yard, describing what all of us should be doing to prevent local mosquito born spread of the zika virus. >> by brushing and getting rid and you can rinse it out. >> reporter: the mosquitos that transmit zika evolved to live close to people and breed around our homes. you should be clearing out any object, where water collects including your gutters. >> i'm go
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do it for me. >> reporter: and down spouts. the chairs on your porch can be a problem. the message is getting out. >> standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. >> reporter: it can cause microcephaly in babies and neurological problems in adults. inflammation of the brain. >> i want all pregnant women to use insect repellant to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. >> reporter: asian tiger mosquitos can breed in a drop of water. getting rid of all the water you can reach will still make a difference. >> reporter: maryland officials say they start, plan to start spraying for mosquitoes in most counties in the next two weeks. there is no spraying gh
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in montgomery county. state and county officials say that if there is evidence of zika, if there is a case of zika or heavy mosquito activity, they can start spraying despite, declare an emergency and spraying despite ban that might be in place. bruce is giving us additional information. you should remember the three d's to avoid mosquito bites. drain, dress and deet. drain standing water, dress in long sleeves and pants and spray yourself with a deet based mosquito repellant before you go out. you could see delays over the weekend. especially if you are on on the red line. the general manager ordered surge maintenance work. they will
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cables, insulators hoping to help with the recent arcing insulator problems they had this week and give riders confidence in metro. >> i started a job and taken metro my fist week and late and delayed and stopped and it took me twice as much time to get home one night. i was like i'm driving. >> the work is expected to be done by sunday night. riders should prepare for 20- minute delays because of single tracking between vanness and medical center. this is what you told us to say to you. >> spin it a little bit. we need the rain. it's been wonderful for pollen suffers since tuesday. let's talk about the air rainfall. we are behind for the year. not crazy or drought. fod word needed here. suffice to say, we had 9.5 inchs for
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we average almost 12 inches we are a little bit behind. 1-2 inches potential for rainfall. most will falls overnight saturday in to early on sunday. tomorrow during the day, best in show, do stuff tomorrow. winchester, nice out there. today's high temperatures 59. i'm sweating this up with out, too. -- this one out, too. 55 right now. winds easterly at 5. chilly tonight with some showers, not a lot. nothing heavy, take an umbrella if you are headed out. saturday, best in weekend. not exactly picture perfect. you can get stuff done outside. yellow weather alert
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we pop in the warm sector of air, that should lead afternoon and evening thunderstorms and milder, sunday, sunday evening in to sunday night. slower than the models indicate. we will get the warm air in most of the metro by 7:00 or 8:00 sunday night. 10:00 tonight, light showers. pretty prevalent across the metro area. fredericksburg 56. 51 in gaithersburg. by 7:00, if you have soccer games tomorrow, i think you are going to be a spectator tomorrow. nothing heavy is going to fall. temperatures by 7:00, upper 40s, low 50s. 10:00, just clouds. couple of sprinkles, that's it by 1:00, 6 downtown. 61 culpepper. 61 fredericksburg, 5:30, showers close to culpepper. dry inside the beltway. temperatures in the 60s. by 6:00 a.m. sunday, overnight saturday, in
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moisture. heavier rainfall, a cold rain, temperatures only in the low to mid 50s. the god news, most of that is gone, we are left with showers, we will get to the warm sector of air, that will lead us to thunderstorms sunday afternoon. i will see you at the point to point on sunday, middle bug, middle middleburg. the day planner -- there is nothing falling from the sky. 60 by 1:00. sunday morning rain, afternoon storms, yellow weather alert, 70. i split the temperatures, some areas holding in the 60s. some hold in the 70s. depends on how far the warm front gets. more rain and showers, temperatures 70. next 7 days, put morning showers on tuesday. mainly south 70, more showers wednesday. 64, cooler thursday. dry and more like it sunshine on friday ckba in the
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going up. eye opening look at how much money we spend to attend a wedding. i will tell you more in tonight's consumer alert. how to have fun with 650,000 plastic balls this weekend.
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a tree fell on a feeder line, pepco estimating the powler be restored by 8:00 tonight, of course, leslie, in time for the friday night study sessions. >> right on time. tonight's consumer alert, prepare to pay more for health care costs, many of the largest insurers are planning to boost those health care premiums. the companies say the affordable care act is draining their coffers. the obama administration calls the reports premature, and overblown. amazon stock is surging after it announced the largest quarterly profit in history. e commerce
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tablet and eco are a huge success. alexsa e koas personal assistant has hundreds of new skills including ordering up an uber or pizza, and checking out credit balances. you will have to be ready to pay a penny attending a wedding. the average cost to attend a couple's nuptials is over $700. millenials spend even more, they spent nearly $900 to celebrate somebody else's wedding. >> good thing i don't have any friends. >> you just rent something. the same 650,000 plastic balls that filled the national building museum's beach exhibit last summer are back. >> part of an interactive art exhibit, guests will be able to mixing match and recreate the structures, josh and his wife came up
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out four other finalists to win dupont's reball competition. >> it's like building sand castles by the water's edge, and the tide comes in and washes away the sand. the sand castle. then the next day, a whole new series of beh goers come and build new sand castles. >> the exit will be open for a month. school maybe starting before labor day, in our largest school district. >> a pregnant school bus driver, we are learning details about this tacoma park woman. how the death of prince is highlighting problems with our 911 system in dc, and across the country.
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er prince's death is putting a focus on the 911 system. >> investigators are still searching for answers in prince's death. one aspect does sounds too familiar. last year we told you about a fatal flaw in 911, a tragedy that grabbed headlines nationwide. the problem, when you call from
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automatically know where you are. the same thing happened last week at paisley park, 911 call transcript shows alarming delay. we need an ambulance the caller says, we have someone unconscious. 911 asks, what is the address. we are at prince's house. okay, does anyone know the address. mcclain technologies next nab could change the way 911 operates. >> it shows the latitude, longitude and altitude. >> reporter: they tested 911 using a regular cell phone and one with tracking technology called laser. >> can you tell me the address that popped up on your screen? 911 gave the cell phone tower address nearly two miles away from pay
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when fred white activated the software, the correct address was located within seconds. you can't get this type of software right now but fcc is looking at private companies that developed ways to fix 911. when the fcc approve as plan the software would be an automatic upgrade to every smart phone maria was stabbed to death at her home in tacoma park wednesday along with her unborn child. andrea is live with details on a terrible crime here. >> reporter: it has been a very tough day for montgomery county bus drivers, they were notified of their colleague's death just
5:33 pm
radio. together, they held a moment of silence to remember her. >> she had a smile that would brighten up the room when she walked in. >> reporter: maria's smile reflected her magnetic personality. she was thrilled to be pregnant with her first child. >> the baby was starting to move. it's heart breaking. >> reporter: police have charged her fiance with second degree murder. 33 year old terry stabbed her to death because he didn't want to be responsible for the baby. investigators also say his family in angola didn't approve of her. she drove route 6308 out of spring brook high school and transported students from white oak middle school and two elementary schools, rosko nicks and crest haven. >> maria was an excellen
5:34 pm
well loved by many many people. >> reporter: neighbors in he tranquil tacoma pack neighborhood are stunned. >> the lady was 20 weeks pregnant. it was have sad. >> these are the neighbors and stuff. it's very scary. >> reporter: she considered her co-workers family and r whod out the west farm bus depot since she was hired in 2007. now the sign is draped in black. >> there are no words that can begin to describe the absence of her presence at the depo. >> reporter: cueso is held on a $5 million bond, he will be in court for his preliminary hearing may 27th. more charges against him are pending. dc police made another
5:35 pm
from last year, part of which was captured on video. james coughfield is charged with second degree murder. dc police won't say if he is the man in the white tank top firing shots. three other people were shot and three suspects arrested. school may start a little before labor day for fairfax county students. the board drafted a plan that would begin classes monday august 28th for the 2017-18 year. the county says it wants to squeeze in a little more instructional time before the break and end the year elier in june. there is time to weigh in before the final calendars are approved this fall. trending now, will ferrel pulling out of a controversial movie. >> a app helps wine lovers pick out their favorite bottle. this man with special needs is going to be very
5:36 pm
we will talk about high temperatures tomorrow, not quite as cool. 63 downtown, maybe 64 gaithersburg. 65 manassas. 65 culpepper. we will talk about if we are going to see a dry day tomorrow and weather alert on sunday.
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let's get to what the trending tonight. after serious backlash, will ferrel is pulling out a planned comedy film about ronald reagan. >> it was touted as dementia come study about reagan's second term in office. his daughter urged the actor not to make fun of alzheimers. the son tweeted the disease is not a comedy. justin beeber at the verizon center tonight. show time set for 7:30. last check, there were a few seats still available. >> no i won't. >> friday night. you know this by now, people will be picking out wine for the weekend. >> a new app will make it
5:40 pm
bottle. i know you enjoy this. it's called the blind ring. the app use as profile to predict a wine that the user will like. >> i want to build my preferences. rate a wine. >> then once the app learns your preferences, it can predict what you will like. take a picture of the label or type in the name and wine ring has a data base of 100,000 wines. here is something i hope my neighbors aren't participating in tomorrow. not because i don't love them, because it's world naked gardening day. >> ladies, i will be tweeting from my garden. normally celebrated the first saturday in may.
5:41 pm
clearly we don't have video. it's an opportunity to remind us who we are as humans and part of the planet. if you see somebody doing that, don't think they are crazy. they are doing what is trending. then make fun of them. >> if you take a picture, don't tag me in the picture. >> you are in the clear. here is our favorite heartwarming video of the day. fully clothed, daughter of a coffee shop owner make as young man living with special needs a very happy teen. >> i like coffee, i like tea, will you go to prom with me. yes.
5:42 pm
>> nice. that's prom posal. the coffee shop provides job opportunities for people with a variety of disabilities. the video has been seen 700,000 times since posted earlier this week. great job and a prom date. score. it was a big night for team oshie and the caps. after the break, college signing day isn't just for athletes. students in prince georges county make intention os official, up next.
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at 6:00, i will tell you about a former umd student that sucker punch another student outside of this bar ultimately killing him. >> this case is about alcohol, college kids. >> reporter: that fight caught on video tape, that story coming up at 6:00. now to a more positive story, a day they never thought would come. college signing day for dozens of students in prince georges county, a ce
5:46 pm
success and overcoming the odds. >> odds. >> impressive young people. 49% of the students are on the free and reduced lunch program. many of them come from low income homes but these seniors you are about to meet prove it's not about where you come from, but where you are going. >> reporter: meet the next music education specialist, biologist, child psychologist and neuro scientist, the students who despite it all, kept their eye on the prize. >> i have come from situations where i had to live with my cousins, i have been what i thought was my lowest. >> reporter: they are crossing a major stage on this college
5:47 pm
the freshman are celebrated by peers. many of the same peers who encourage them to stay on track. fill out college forms, that positive peer pressure is a skill they learned through the college summit program. >> anybody that has that will and that drive can chase the american dream no matter what their background. >> it's important for them to know that okay, there is something to do after high school. >> it's hard getting where you are, hard work pays off. >> reporter: many of the students are the first to attend college in their families, with a lot of pressure being a trail blazer. >> i learned lessons about opt misand will resilience and everything else. i'm confident that will out no matter what the pressures are. >> the young man, attending dartmouth on a full scholarship. the second student
5:48 pm
land's history to attend an ivy league school on a full ride. >> half a dozen students going to attend ivy league schools. another american is being sent to prison in north korea. kim dong chul who used to live in fairfax county was sentenced to 10 years in prison, found guilty of espionage and submersion, the second american north korea put behind bars this year. baltimore's police commissioner says the 13 year old shot by police turned towards officers. officers thought the weapon was realment it turned out to be a bb gun that resembles a handgun.
5:49 pm
america says verizon offered them a contract claiming it's the last best and final offer. cw a says the words are meaningless and executives are feeling the strain of the strike. verizon resumeed the fios installations and completed thousands since the strike began. the rain helped crews get wild fire under control at shan dowa national -- shenandoah national park. 10,000-acres have been scorched so far. not a lot tonight but tomorrow night in to sunday morning. god amount of rainfall across the metro area. live look outside. sitting on 55. winds easterly at 6:00. chilly tonight, some showers are possible. we are looking at drizzle, too. nothing crazy heavy. saturday the best in e
5:50 pm
grass. you can weed and mulch and take a bike ride and jog. may have to cut the grass saturday. yellow weather alert on sunday. morning rain sunday. warm front busts through. warm sector leading to afternoon and evening thunderstorms and milder air late in the afternoon. tonight, 10:00, maybe a little bit overdone, showers around, temperatures in the mid 50s to low 50s in the burbs. soccer game played tomorrow. 47 gaithersburg. 10:00, 55 downtown, 56 fredericksburg. by 10:00, a lot of clouds, no green blob. by 5:30, showers, culpepper south, overnight on saturday, boom in to sunday morning, that's when the next slug comes in here. 1-2 inches possible. on the day planner, notice clouds, temperature around 60 by 1:00. next three days, yellow weather
5:51 pm
alert sunday. afternoon storms 70. mid rain and showers on monday, 70. next 7 days, tuesday, maybe a morning showers not a bad day, 70m rain and showers on wednesday, nice on thursday. suhine next fridays 75s that sounds nice. >> it's a week away. these are anxious times for the you've of mailed davis. davis should be the fist terrapin selected in the draft. we told you yesterday about his remarkable story, expecting to go if the second or third round, prince georges county native says his dream is to be drafted by the washington redskins. that was great night for the capitals that won fist game
5:52 pm
against pittsburgh in dramatic fashion. a better night for tj and his family. started with a video oh oshie's wife posted. she cheered on dad. liela knocked down the penguins and so did her father. she snuck it under the pads. good for a hat trick. lots of smiles and a thrilling capital's victory. this photo capped it off. dad and liela heading home after an incredible night. >> always want to be the guy that's able to get the game winner. it's pretty cool. there is a lot of things that led up to that throughout the overtime. got to
5:53 pm
that as well. >> he is a great player. playing on the top linings he is one of our leaders we look to. he steps up huge and has a great game. gets us rolling in the serious. >> great from the get goment go. the puck was following them. when the puck is following you, usually good things happen. >> the capital classic celebrating 43 years from the top high school basketball talent. the longest running high school all star game in the country. in game on varsity profile, two local products were honored at the event at catholic university. chris jenkins and nate, former stags earned the distinguished alumni award. these were brothers featured in the title game. brit played for unc and jenkins villanova, who became a
5:54 pm
last second game winning shot. up spiring those that are heading in the same direction as them. >> good stuff. coming up, bruce and jap, for a second time, protesters try to disrupt an event featuring donald trump. outrage from a university of a maryland student to the sentence of a classmate that killed him. great time for a shiny floor wax, no? not if you just put the finishing touches on your latest masterpiece. timing's important. comcast business knows that. that's why you can schedule an installation
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a the people made a milestone on a mission that could tell us how we got here. pete takes us from green belt through the galaxy. >> reporter: big crowds for a big unveiling at nasa goddard space flight center. john is the senior project scientist on the space telescope. the successor to hubble. it will open up like a transformer exposing mirrors in full view >> the mirrors in the telescope are so powerful, they can see back in time. the lights of stars and galaxys, giving clues about the
5:58 pm
>> we look at things that are far away. see things as they were when the light was sent to us. >> reporter: the thought of this seeing the big bang has buzz building here. laura is one of the thousands behind this mission, from maryland and a university of maryland graduate. >> this team is incredibly dedicated, working non stop to make this happen. >> marylanders should be proud of this project. it's our team here at goddard that is leading the project. organizing the entire world to make it happen. >> reporter: uniting engineers word wide to see how our world came together. it will cost more than $8 billion. >> it's launch is planned for object of 2018. protesters try to storm an event featuring front runner donald trump. >> coming up, a grim endsing to
5:59 pm
virginia youth counselor. outrage tonight for a former university of maryland student that killed a classmate. thank you for joining us, i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm bruce johnson. protesters determined to interfere with donald trump's appearance. he had to be escorted at the california republican convention. it happened this afternoon, as protesters converged to stop him from addressing the gathering after massive demonstrations in southern california last night. garrett haake explains why the protests are exploding again. >> donald trump is taking advantage of his lead in the polls in indiana, skipping ahead to california, the most important state to vote in the primaries. within 24 hours he faced renewed effort determined to disrupt his events. hundreds of protesters swarmed
6:00 pm
the hotel, hosting the california gop convention this afternoon, hoping to block donald trump from speaking there. the demonstrators scrambled over barricades and passed police officers to deliver their message. >> donald trump misused his political and media platform to unearth hatred. >> reporter: trump and secret service details crossed a highway and entered a back door. >> that was not the easiest entrance i have ever made. we went under a fence and through a fence. felt like i was crossing the border. >> reporter: as trump closes in on the nomination, opposition to his most controversial positions grown intense. in southern california, hundreds of demonstrators took over the streets in a violent display, trashing a police car,


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