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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  April 30, 2016 8:00am-9:59am EDT

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. good morning it's april 30th. 2016. welcome to cbs this morning, saturday. trying to stop trump anyway they can angry protesters force the republican front runner to sneak in the back door for his latest speech. plus, john kasich gets into a heated exchange with a voter over whether people are born gay. a superfan of csi solves a murder using what she learned on the tv show. will farrell drops out of
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we look at your world in 90 seconds. >> i felt like i was crossing the border actually. >> donald trump ducks for travel in california. >> hundreds of protesters kept trump from walki walking in the door when he spoke to the republican convention. >> clinton and trump. two sides of the same coin. hillary is playing the woman card. that's what trump accused her of. now she has one. se vere weatherti connues to cause hoicks in the nation's midsection. oklahoma was hit with high winds and hail. after will farrell has backed out of a role surrounded si controversy, farrell had ognedn to portray ronald reagan on a comedic movie based on the late president and his battle with ozhiemers. video shows a truck lost breaks and smashing into a home. >> it sounded like a damn bomb went off
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music artist and producer warren g. >> all that. ak♪ te me out to the ball game >> that was awful. and all that matters. >> it's not often that the queen gets involved in a twitter war. >> prince harry, remember when you told us to bring it at the games? >> be carewhful ouat yis wh for? >> really, please. >> boom. on cbs this morning, saturday. >> now it's down to the state of indiana. the last place where maybe people could stop trump. cruz has been trying because he placed last in four out of the five primaries on tuesday he picked a running mate. for a race he will not be running.
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welcome to the weekend. we have a great line up for you, including a look at the summer movie season. it may seem early but it officially launches this friday, we'll break down the block buster and the children's films on the way. we go inside the sports brain. a book takes a look at the science about the superstitions held by many fans. bob mould's music influenced nirvana and the pixies. we'll talk to him about what fueled his early roots. our top story this morning, a call for republican unity from donald trump. in the face of intense backlash. in san francisco, hundreds of protesters demonstrated outside the venue where trump was about to speak to the california state convention. the crowds forced him to leave s
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small barricade to get through the back. >> many of the protesters were angry over trump's stance on immigration. once inside, the gop front runner told the convention his entrance was like crossing the border. >> good morning. donald trump less than 300 delegates away from clenching the gop nomination, tensions are running high both inside and outside of the party. establishment republicans are accepting he could be their kpnkpn candidate. but opposition to the man and the message shows little sign of letting up. temperatures flared where donald trump addressed the gop convention. protesters attempted to block the entrance forcing him to arrive on foot. >> that's not the easiest
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i felt like i was crossing the border, actually, you know? i was crossing the border. but i got here. >> trump was in california ahead of the state's june 7th primary where the most delegates of the nominating cycle will be awarded. >> i speak to the people in this room. there has to be unity in our party. there has to be unity in our party. >> he's wooing mainstream republican audiences who are showing signs they are accepting he might be the nominee. >> i will do my deuta squty and for the man, trump. >> trump now has 80% of the 1,237 delegates needed to clench the nomination. >> i'm up by 400 or so delegates. i'll be up by more than 500 when it's over and we'll be up by 5 million votes. okay? >> ted cruz addresses the same california audience later today. the texas senator has been
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of indiana which holds its primary tuesday. >> god bless the great state of india indiana. >> he picked up a key endorsement from the state's governor who avoided taking shots at trump. >> i'm not against anybody but i will be voting for ted cruz. >> in an interview with face the nation, cruz responded to former house expecter john boehner. >> i wondered if boehner was auditioning to be donald trump's vice president. a trump boehner ticket would say the washington cartel in all its force. >> after cruz addresses the g convention it's back to indiana where the 57 delegates are seen as critical as to whether cruz can stop trump before the convention. >> thank yo
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gay rights and marriage equality came up during a campaign stop in california for republican presidential candidate john kasich. the ohio governor appeared at a town hall. he was asked by a voter are people born gay. >> i'm not going to get into all the analysis of this or that. i'm not going -- >> it's not analysis, are people born gay? >> our next question -- >> probably. i don't know how it all works. okay. i mean, look, are they? you know, in all probability they are. okay. [ inaudible ] you have free regular rights. i'm not out to discriminate you i think you ought to have a good as life as anybody else i can't be mere cleore clear. i'm not in kentucky or mississippi. let me finish. let me finish. i'm not in favor of that. i'm not in favor
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discrimination against anybody. >> kasich says he does not support same-sex marriage but he has attended a gay wedding. let's take a look at the presidential campaign. good morning. it's been quite a week. >> as always. >> it's been quite a year. >> it just keeps going. what do you make of boehner's remarks this week calling ted cruz lucifer in the flesh. clearly the establishment still doesn't like him. >> that's the point. ted cruz was a giant pain in john boehner's neck when he was speaker of the house. and he was resentful. they were hoping he could stop donald trump. but it seems clear now he's not going to be much of an obstacle and john boehner felt he could be free to say what he wd
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well. he's trailing in the polls. we're seeing new strengths with donald trump. i think he did better than people expected. it will be interesting to see if that carries over. there are a lot of people are like, let's end this thing. people are unwilling to go and vote for ted cruz because they want to get it over with. i think it's possible he could win. >> will mike pence's endorsement make any difference? >> it was not a pretty strong endorsement. >> he's calling him lucifer, though. >> and that's the bar. definitely beat that. yeah, maybe. i don't know if it will make a big difference. people who vote for donald trump aren't establishment people. they won't care what he says anyway. >> is a contested convention still a possibility? >> it's going to come down to -- the reason everyone is in california. it's the last big state to vote on june 7th. it has a lot of delegates. you can win three delegates in each district. it's
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clench it before then. >> the democratic race, the tone seems to be changing. >> yeah, it has been a near mathematical certainty for a while that hillary clinton was going to be the nominee. i think the sanders campaign is starting to adjust the way that they're fighting. and focusing more on shifting how the democratic party runs its races and what it stands for than trying to win. >> why has bernie not dropped out? >> i think that's why. keep in mind he has been a democrat for a few months. he's not a party guy. he is an independent that wants to shake things up. the reason he's not dropping out. he wants to go to a convention and advocate with people backing him up for the things he stands for. >> you suggested also it might be harder for him to drop out. >> yeah. i think that if he were to drop out now his fans are so eager for him i think he'd face so much outcry from people. it's easier just to stay in. >> we thought these weeks have been interesting. if it's trump
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have lots of interesting things to talk about. this morning people in paris -- in parts of oklahoma rather and texas continue to clean up from the damage from a string of tornados that came through on friday. a storm system moved across the southern plains bringing rain thunderstorms and tornados. several people were injured in the little town of lindale texas. fallen tree and power lines prevented first responders from reaching some areas in western arkansas, the problem was hail. no major damage or injuries reported there. that was not the case in parts of oklahoma where huge hailstones shattered windshields and damaged hoods. a warehouse was also damaged. no injuries have been reported. for more on what we can expect today we go to our meteorologist. >> good morning, and this large storm systemti
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showers and thunderstorms across the country. and futurecast shows you this continues to move to the east bringing stormy weather to the south and to the north. we actually have some snow. we do have a slight risk for severe thunderstorms as we go through the day. the yellow area from southern illinois down to eastern texas, damaging wind is possible, large hail even a few tornados possible. as we go through the day, also the slow moving system can bring flooding rains. we have a for a suicide car bombing that killed at least 21 people in a baghdad suburb. it targeted shiite pilgrims who were walking to a shrine. more than 40 other people were injured. t
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u.s. war planes need to stop flying at the russian border. this comes after a russian jet harassed a u.s. plane on friday. officials say the jet was in international fighter space. it's said to come within 100 feet of the american air craft. the pentagon said since the beginning of this year there have been a number of incidents where russian military aircraft have come too close to u.s. military planes. survivors of a u.s. air strike last fall on a charity hospital in afghanistan are calling for those responsible to be put on trial. 16 members of the u.s. military were given punishments that could end their careers after the deadly attack. 42 people were killed in the mistake that was blamed on human error, a violation of combat rules, and equipment failures. david martin has more. >> reporter: the 3,000 page investigation into the destruction of the hospi
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miscommunications whose only excuse was the fog and fatigue of war. the report called the strike by the devastating gunpower a disproportional response to a threat that didn't exist. the actions of the commander who called in the strike were not reasonable under the circumstances. the overall commander of the war in afghanistan said the litany of human error did not in his opinion add up to criminal negligence. >> there was no intention on any of their parts to take a shortcut and they were attempting to do the right thing. unfortunately, they made a wrong judgment in this particular case. and ended up targeting this doctors without borders facility. >> reporter: the gun ship was given the coordinates of a government building taken over by the taliban. the targeting system zeroed in on an open field instead. that air crew picked out
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closest building that resembled the one they were supposed to hit. they were not certain and kept radioing the commander on the ground. looking for clarification on the building to be struck. the ground commander who could not see the target from his position, gave the go ahead. and according to the investigation, willfully violated the rules of engagement. rounds away the aircraft reported. firing the first of 211 rounds. some of the 16 officers and men were relieved of command and were given letters of reprimand that will end their careers. families of the victims received money depending on whether their family member was killed or wounded. for cbs this morning, saturday. david martin at the pentagon. a cease fire took effect today in parts of syria. fighting continues around ale o aleppo.
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russian forces are trying to retake that rebel strong hold. holly williams is in near by istanbul. >> reporter: this latest attempt at a cease fire doesn't cover the city of aleppo which was syria's hub but is now a killing field. more than 200 people lost their lives this week. many of them children. the syrian regime along with backers in russia and iran is trying to recapture all of aleppo. an internet video appears to show the after math of air strikes on the city this past week is truly disturbing. it shows desperate attempts by medics to save lives, often in make shift clinics. rescue workers pulling survivors from the rebel and carrying the dead away in body bags. and some people just shouting out in despair. because while the world negotiates over syria's re
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strike. on friday, the muslim holy day, attacks in both rebel controls and regime held areas were reportedly around mosques. things could be about to get even worse for the people of aleppo. the u.s. says that russia has moved heavy artillery to outside the city. sparking fears of a new offensive or a siege of rebel held areas. anthony? >> holly williams, thank you, holly. at least seven people were killed when a six story
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nairobi, kenya, it happened last night during heavy rains. more than 120 people were injured. emergency teams continue to search for victims in the rubble. the building is five months old and is the second one to collapse this year. will farrell says he will not star in a political satire fi film about ronald reagan. in the movie ronald reagan has alzheimer's. carter evans reports. >> reporter: from films like the campaign to nixon's spoof dick. hollywood has a track record of turning washington's problems into comedy. but a
8:19 am
reagan's second term in office hit a road block when will farrell removed himself from th@ movie. his repsa says it is not a alzheimer's comedy, will farrell is not going to be part of it. >> he must have thought and said no way am i going to be dealing with a backlash. >> reporter: two of reagan's children praised farrell for walking away. his daughter said maybe you have some idea how wide spread this disease. i may never know your reasons for dropping out of the project. but i will remain grateful that you did so. his son michael tweeted thank you for taking the right path. that screen play has been praised by hollywood executives and was one of the top ten
8:20 am
annual compilation of the year's best scripts. the loss of farrell could stall it. >> it side swiped the chances of the movie ever getting made. >> reporter: for cbs this morning, saturday, carter evans, hollywood. time to show you some of this morning's headlines, "the washington post" says the obama administration wants to make it easier for law enforcement to purchase so-called smart guns. the plan aims to crack down on the wide spread availability of the illegal guns by increasing the number of firearms that only function in the hands of specified users. the nra said the president should focus on fighting terror threats. a criminal investigation has been opened in
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i illnesses originated from packaged salad. china is denying the u.s. permission to dock an aircraft carrier in hong kong. despite being granted an initial invitation. the u.s. consulate was told the timing was deemed inconvenient for china friday. this follows recent tension over china's presence in the south china sea. the $4 billion atom smasher near geneva switzerland has been knocked out of commission after a weasel entered the transformer. it triggered an electrical outage. it did not survive. the elephants who have been a signature part of the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey service are getting set to
8:22 am
the change follows decades from animal rights groups. >> they're going to an elephant conservation center. >> i do remember seeing them as a kid i was fascinated. >> a lot of people say it's cruel the way they're coming up, a lawsuit claims a mobile app is to blame for a high speed crash. we'll look at some of the dangerous ways teenagers are using social media. and how the app could prevent it. later, a park ranger helps solve a murder. she did it by remembering what she saw on a television show. you'
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morning. saturday.
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okay, you'll need to wait for this. newly released video shows the landing of the space x falcon 9. it shows the rockets descending from the perspective of the ship. it makes a perfect landing. the first time they succeeded in retrieving the rocket after a launch for the international space station. that's pretty amazing. >> i was mesmerized by it. still to come the seat on the plane where no one wants to sit. we'll tell you how to avoid getting stuck in the middle. also. >> traditions like the white house correspondents dinner are important. >> i mean, really. >> it's oneth of lae st chances for laughs for president obama as he headlines t
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♪ our top story this half hour teenagers and the risk some take while using social media. a lawsuit filed this week in georgia claims a mobile app snapchat was responsible for a crash. >> most people use it for fun. as we report a few are snap bragging about dangerous stunts and violent crimes. >> reporter: 16-year-old amy joyner of delaware died last week after being beaten in her high school bathroom. a student allegedly recorded the attack with a cell phone and shared it on social media. seniors attended a vigil frl joyner. >> social media plays a big part in what's going on
8:31 am
it's cool to record a fight and be on social media because of a fight. that's where a lot of us mess up. >> reporter: in ohio last week this 18-year-old allegedly live streamed the rape of a 17-year-old girl on the app periscope. she faces up to 40 years in prison for charges including the illegal filming of a minor. in march near tacoma, three teenagers were charged with raping a 15-year-old girl and posting it on snapchat an app with more than 100 million daily users. this is how snapchat works. you can take video or pictures. i can choose from a number of filters. this one will show you just how fast i'm going. last year, 18-year-old crystal mcgee from atlanta allegedly used this speed filter to take a selfie and show her friend she was driving 107 miles per hour. moments later, she crashed into a driver who was seriously injured. mcgee survived but continues to post pictures of herself while
8:32 am
lucky to be alive. >> i have heard teenagers say that things don't feel real till you see them on social media. >> reporter: lisa demore is a child psychologist. you're talking about situations where people are seriously injured. and in some cases death. >> it's so tough with teenagers because their better judgment can be overridden by their wish to be connected to their friends. >> in a statement snapchat said we actively discourage our km d community by not using the app while driving. that warning did not appear when i used it as a passenger. >> it's against the law to begin to be doing that in many states. it's really scary what's happening there. >> it's disapointing to hear her say that younger people think it exists unless it happened on social media. >> the notion that everything needs to be posted online. even with the
8:33 am
delaware there are people posting what really happened. in the snapchat we saw the girl literally survive this crash and she felt the need to show everyone. it's an interesting -- >> it's hi tech bullying. >> thanks so much. coming up for most of us air travel is already a hassle and headache. then you get shoved into a middle seat. the up next medical news in our morning rounds including the latest of the threat of the zika virus in the u.s. and what's being done about it. and doctors on
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time now for morning rounds with the cbs news chief and contributor. john spoke at a global health conference in houston warning about the growing threat of the zika virus in the u.s. he checked in with the troops at the front line of the battle. >> reporter: a team of mosquito hunters have set traps throughout houston neighborhoods. they take them back to a lab where they freeze the insects and grind them up for testing looking for viruses for zika, west nile a. there is no proof that mosquitos in the u.s. are infected with the zika virus.
8:38 am
scientists say it's almost inevitable. it rains a couple hours ago i can see there is water there. infectio infectious diseases expert says protecting vulnerable neighborhoods is critical. >> they are so intimately linked with human habitats that they've evolved to breed in tires and plastic containers. those are what have to be removed. >> reporter: the three d's are to drain, dress and deet. >> the one misconception i'm hearing it's not going to be a problem. certainly for the families of the children who are born with microcephaly it will be devastating. >> what did the experts at the conference say needs to be done to fight zika? >> they want to get ahead of it. they don't want to have to wait. the mosquitos are here in large force. and that the first case of a zika in mosquito in the united
8:39 am
there's going to be a lot of concern, if not panic in some people. there are things they can do now. they can go into the neighborhoods, help clean them up. they need more labs, we were in a storage closethey want to convert into a laboratory to test for the virus. the bottom line is they're saying do we have to wait until mosquitos are here before taking as much action as possible. recent reports have hinted at some progress in the battle against childhood obesity. another study finds that may not be a case. >> there had been some small encouraging studies showing that in specific populations and specific cities the youngest kids we were seeing a leveling off of childhood obesity. this data comes from one of the largest studies we have involving health and nutrition in kids. it showed that really for the general population of kids between the ages of two
8:40 am
childhood obesity has continued to rise steadily between 1999 and 2014. and significantly they found that class iii obesity, the most severe form, also increased significantly during that period of time. >> we know this is very complex. what are some of the factors that contribute to childhood obesity? >> adjunit's helpful to go back realize we're fighting evolution. a million years ago there wasn't any food. back then there was no obesity problem there weren't that many calories. now there's plenty calories. any calories we have goes to the bel belly fat and it stays here. we have to sound an alarm. an entire village has to gather around this. we have to address this from industry, so stop selling us junk food. sell us healthy stuff. people are hanging around looking at their
8:41 am
when you were kids you went out and ran around you played. they don't do that as much. you have to be able to educate people to what's going on. and you have to be able to have schools, healthier lunches. you have to have for people who can't afford healthy food, you have to lower that price. it's every different angle. you have to create a village where it's just healthy. you trip over healthy behavior the food is healthy, there's a lot of activity, walking paths, that's the way to get around. no one -- >> it's interesting because it's become part of the national dialogue especially with the president and first lady saying this has to be a concern. >> i agree with you. just to pick up on what john said, i think what is so striking about this data is that childhood obesity is not an issue that's been completely ignored. during this period, 1999 to 2014 there's been a great increase in public awareness, both of the risks of childhood obesity and of the epidemic itself. i completely agree with you. this has to be, you know, more
8:42 am
of a global approach. there are children for instance who luckily most children have some access to healthcare where for instance they can go to the doctor, and be diagnosed with type ii diabetes and be treated for that diabetes and followed for it and given medication. those same kids may not be able to have access to the y to get activity. they might not have after school sports. it's a dramatic realicati occasf resources. if you were having trouble remembering something, start drawing. researchers found when it comes to remembering things, drawing was more effective. for those self-conscious about their artistic abilities. the researchers say the trick works regardless of your talent level. is. >> it as
8:43 am
it's stored in many different areas of the brain. smells, sounds, visual things. my entire life, when you're trying to remember something and you go hold on a second. what are you doing? what are you doing? we still don't know. >> draw where i put my keys. >> that's where they are. >> i need to get some oil paints. >> thank you both very much. up next, what many travellers dread the most, getting stuck in the middle seat. more and more airlines are now making you pay extra not to sit there. travel editor peter greenburg reveals what the airlines don't want you to know and how to beat them at their own game. that's coming up on cbs this morning saturday. ♪ here i am stuck in the middle with you ♪ confidence comes from redefining the beauty of our skin. it's simply uplifting. discover rénergie lift multi-action, lancôme's #1 lifting and firming moisturizer.
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oh, that feels good. i'm telling you. my dogs are barking today. whew. oh! that feels better. >> we've all been there in the dreaded middle seat. many passengers will do anything to avoid it. that's getting harder and harder. airlines have discovered that they can once again increase their bottom lines by charging more for a window for aisle seats. >> it's one more fee that comes at the expense and comfort of the traveller. peter greenburg is here with advice on how to not get stuck in the middle. good morning. >> good morning. >> i'm taking notes on this segment. >> little more room. >> i think so. >> we always learn it's about profits. is there that much money to be made? >> every square inch of a airplane is considered a value. they want to get as
8:48 am
from that piece of real estate as they can. when go online to make a reservation and look at a seating chart. guess what the only seats available are the middle seats. the problem then is it's an upsell. it's like planned agony. they want you to upsell to a more preferred seat. here's the problem. airlines define a preferred seat as a seat that's closer to the front of the plane. they include middle seat as a preferred seat there. >> i noticed that. >> the bottom line, is you need to go to other websites to look for what's really available. because what's available is only what the airline wants to show you on their website. so go to a website like seat to see the actual configuration of the plane you're on. you can look for certain seats that may not be reflected because they're holding back seats. so many people get upset because they end up stuck
8:49 am
seat and they see empty outside seats. >> they should pay me to sit in the seat. how do you avoid the dreaded seat? >> a number of airlines are starting to auction seats. yes. 30 different airlines we were able to look at. they will auction the seats. some airlines will auction the seat next to you to make sure you're paying for the middle seat to be free. >> what specific airlines are doing this for the preferred seat? >> delta, they're all doing it and they're finding it's another source of revenue. smart business travellers doing it for $3,000 seat on an international seat they can get for $380 at the last minute. it's worth it for them. >> so if i'm getting on a flight tomorrow, and i want to avoid this, what's the smartest thing i can do. >> there's an app for that. believe it or not, there's an app called seat are you. for the dreaded middle seat people. you get stuck in the middle seat, sign on to the
8:50 am
will sell you his seat. the airline would charge you to upgrade it. there's a submarket. >> i was once in between a husband and wife fighting in the middle. i was like sit together and fight. >> that was called in flight entertainment. up next president obama raises his glass at the correspondents' dinner. this is cbs this morning, saturday. ♪ it's a wonderful night everybody can see ♪ with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa,
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>> tonight, president obama becomes the comedian in chief for the last time in his presidency when he makes his annual remarks at the white house correspondents' dinner. in headlining the event for the past seven years, he's proved he's willing to use his sense of humor to skewer congress, his political rivals, and even himself. >> i confess i did not want to be here tonight. but i knew i had to come. just one more problem that i've inherited from george w. bush. though i am glad that the only person whose ratings fell more than mine is here tonight, great to see you, jay. we've all seen what happens when somebody takes the time slot after leno's. no one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than the donald.
8:55 am
and that's because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter. like did we fake the moon landing. what really happened in roswell? and where are big e and tupac? four years ago, i looked like this. today, i look like this. and four years from now i will look like this. some folks still don't think i spend enough time with congress. why don't you get a drink with mitch mcconnell they ask. really? why don't you get a drink with mitch mcconnell? these days the house republicans actually give john boehner a harder time than they give
8:56 am
new black. bernie sanders might run. some folks really want to see a pot smoking socialist in the white house. we could get a third obama term after all. and donald trump is here. still. >> foreshadowing all of that is quite entertaining. >> it sure is. he has aged over those years. >> he must get sick of people saying that. as soon as we saw 2009 i said look how different he looks. >> his last night. donald trump will not be there tonight apparently. coming up our summer movie preview including captain america civil war and the long awaited ghostbusters sequel with an all female cast. you're watching cbs this morning, saturday.
8:57 am
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♪ welcome to cbs this morning, saturday. i'm anthony mason. >> coming up this half hour, a fan of the csi tv shows helped solve a murder using what she learned from the series. see what she saw that police didn't. why does sports fans go crazy watching their favorite team? a new book helps us understand why fans do what they do. even though it is spring, the summer movie blockbusters start arriving in theaters next week. we've got a preview ahead. first our top story this half hour. donald trump wants republicans to unify around his presidential candida candidacy. as opposition to him increases. the gop front runner told the california state
9:01 am
san francisco last night that he will win the nomination. >> hundreds of protesters demonstrated against trump outside the hotel where he spoke. the crowds forced trump to leave the motorcade and walk to the convention. >> that was not the easiest entrance i've ever made. my wife called she said there are helicopters following you and then we went under a fence and through a fence. i felt like i was crossing the border, actually. you know? john boehner this week boehner referred to cruz asuc
9:02 am
>> john boehner praised hillary clinton and he praised donald trump. he said donald was his friend his golfing and texting buddy. if you think john boehner is the kind of leader you want, donald trump is your candidate. >> with indiana's republican primary on tuesday. cruz has won the endorsement of the state's governor who called him a principle conservative. you can see the interview tomorrow morning. we'll hear from bernie sanders and donald trump's convention manager. damage assessment teams are working their way through texas and oklahoma. rain and thunderstorms and tornados were there. stores were turned to rubble in lindale
9:03 am
western arkansas the problem was pellet sized hail. no major damage or injuries were reported there. people in parts of oklahoma, were not so lucky where massive hailstones shattered windshields and damages hoods. a warehouse was always damaged. an iphone belonging to one of the teenage boaters who disappeared last year off florida will be analyzed by apple to see if data can be retrieved. they vanished in the atlantic ocean last july. the phone was recovered last month when a norwegian ship found their boat. this week florida officials released videos of the teens as they departed from jupiter inlninln inlet. the pilot was sight of the debris when he radioed for help. an american mother and daughter are safe after spending four months lost during a hike in new zealand. noroline and rachel lloyd from
9:04 am
police say the most important thing was that the women managed to stay warm. >> they stayed together. police are applauding them for their efforts and their calm thinking. they stayed together, they stayed warm. and rationed their resources out. understandably a little bit worse for wear now, dehydrated and exhausted. >> they were spotted by a search helicopter then picked up and taken for medical treatment. a woman who likes watching criminal mysteries gets solved on tv managed to do that in the spanish city of seville. she noticed something investigators didn't. >> reporter: common has swept leaves and picked up garbage at a park in seville spain for 28 years. what she collected behind a park bench landed her in the
9:05 am
of her own crime scene investigation. there was a pile of bloody tissues she said. they were items that belonged to a 28-year-old woman who police believed overdosed on drugs and died in the park. authorities just left the bloody items for barbagarbage pickup. she wondered why so much blood. this is evidence she said. her only crime scene experience came from watching her favorite american television show. following what she saw on tv, she used plastic bags to carefully collect the evidence without contaminating it and stored it just in case police ever needed it. when an autopsy later proved the woman likely died from being violently raped. police couldn't believe they ignored evidence and were stunned to learn she saved it. the dna evidence she collected has led to the arrest of a local man. the prosecutor credits her for closing in on
9:06 am
she credits csi saying you can learn a lot from the show. for cbs this morning saturday, london. >> i love that story. >> they should put her on a commercial for that show. >> no kidding. hot rod racer sydney frigo awoke in the hospital after a crash. it flipped and tumbled over the retaining wall. he was apparently alert and responsive as a medical team raced to get him to the emergency room. the white house briefing room returned to his dramatic roots for just a few moments friday. actress alison janny who played the press secretary on the tv series the west wing made a cameo appearance and addressed reporters. >> josh is out today, he has i believe it's a root canal. yeah, he has a root canal. let's be honest. i'm better at this than he is anyway.
9:07 am
>> white house press secretary josh ernst emerged saying it's not her show anymore. she was at the white house to help people with pain killer addiction. >> i'm sure that was a treat for the reporters there. all up next, your brain on sports. why do we seem to lose our minds when watching our favorite teams. the science behind why a tee shirt cannon gets fans almost as excited as a great play on the
9:08 am
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9:11 am
that's a visual i want to get out of my head. >> sports fans can seem like a crazy bunch. >> i have a pair of lucky boxers. >> they are superstitious. they'll root for teams that perpetially disappoint. and none of them can resist the allure of a tee shirt. >> that was his. >> upon further review the behavior may not be as strange as it appeared. a closer look reveals sports fans might not be that crazy after all. a new book offers just that kind of closer look. it's titled this is your brain on sports. the value of rivalry and what we can learn from the tee shirt cannon. >> joining us now
9:12 am
co-arthur who is executive editor of sports illustrated. good morning. let's talk about the tee shirt cannon. >> paul mccartney wants one. >> i was reaching for them and i'm not even a fan why do i need the tee shirt. >> you don't know if it's your size. we love the tee shirt cannon it taps in to two things. scarcity, the other is that it's free. and human behavior changes radically when something costs nothing. catch one of these if you give the usher a nickel you get to keep it. but free. >> it's free promotion for them. you become a walking ad of whatever that shirt has on it. what about we saw fans doing there the distraction does that actually work? >> oh, the free throw shooting and -- no, it doesn't work. e'
9:13 am
>> why do we do it? >> because what's the alternative? sitting there and doing nothing. that would seem sort of weird. we do that in sports in other ways too. there's a lot of studies that say like shootouts in soccer. the goalie has to guess one way or the other. they would be more effective if they stood in the middle of the goal. we do that in life. there are all sorts of applications, portfolio manager will trade too quickly. a doctor will prescribe and diagnose. you can't just say do nothing. we like to act. it's called the action bias and sometimes it gets us in trouble. >> you have a chapter entitled why rooting for the mets is building the ikea desk. as a mets fan i understand this. but explain that to me. >> noebbody could figure out ik for a long time. it had customer satisfaction. buou
9:14 am
yourself. what they found is when people build this, they really overvalue the product. it's because of all the effort that went into it that it distorts their value when they had to struggle. same with a sports fan. you root with the mets, guy wins a batting title, guys win an award. when they finally get to the world series, it's viewed as a different value if you were a yankees fan. >> we believe in suffering. >> exactly. >> the psychology i found fascinating. i think it's our nature, you're watching any game even if you have no vested interest you say they're the ones that are supposed to lose. why do we do that? >> it's irrational. usually we want to align with winners. why is it we watch sports and by definition has the less chance of success that's who we want to win. we do this. there has been research. why is an interesting question. some of it is we like what the underdog represents. the little guy can take down the
9:15 am
striving. one thing that's interesting about underdogs is that people get that concept. so corporations, always try to position themselves we're do know evil. we're not a big tech company we're little guys. politicians they have born in log cabins nobody says i grew up with a lot of privilege it's nice to be here. one thing about underdogs is we love them. once the game is over we move on. it's not like we're the small schools in the ncaa tournament. not like we're butler fans for life. we enjoy the run. >> you look at myths, like the idea that quarterbacks are always the best looking players on the team. >> that's not actually true. that was a concept we looked into and it wasn't true. it really is a myth. we ran our study. i wrote this with a social psychologist and what we came up with, by position, quarterbacks, blind taste test non-fans. quarterbacks not statistically better
9:16 am
there is something called the halo effect. we like one quality about something, their singing voice and we assume all sorts of other things, they must be nice, generous and funny. same with quarterbacks. they're the face of the franchise. >> all right. fascinating stuff. thanks so much. the book is this is your brain on sports. it is on sale now. up next, our summer movie preview including finding dory. the sequel to the disney animated classic finding nemo. and another blockbuster sequel independence day resurgence. whoa. you're watching cbs this morning saturday.
9:17 am
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captain america? it's an honor. i'm shaking your hand too long. wow. this is awesome. captain america. i know you too, you're great. look i want to say i know you know a lot of super people. thanks for thinking of me. >> that's from captain america, civil war. the latest blockbuster from marvel opening nationwide next friday despite the calendar. it also kicks off the summer movie season. it's time to review the most eagerly awaited movies in the pipe line and we have the managing editor for screen is captain america the hit of the summer. it's hyped everywhere. >> it's a lot of fun. it's called captain america civil war. but there's a bigger cast than
9:21 am
we saw paul rudd so many actors. they have new actors like the black panther guy. a new spiderman. there are almost as many people fighting as there were in the actual civil war. and so, i mean, less is more. not a credence that marvel adheres to. i've seen the movie. it's a lot of fun. there is a big fight scene at an airport that is going to go down in history. >> box office of the last three summers has been flat. could it be that they just -- because they keep making the same movies over and over again? >> i guess that's possible. every year there's another reason not to go to the movie theater. the reason might be there's a new season of my favorite show streaming online or the reason could be the last time i went to the movie theater the guy was taking pictures of the phone. this happened to me. he was using his flash to take pictures. i don't know if you can tell, this bothered me. >> sensing it.
9:22 am
to be something to get you not only to want to see the move but need to see the movie. now, you can say they make the same ones over and over again. they're trying to make events. >> tell us about money monster. you mentioned how films are the revenues are bringing in. george clooney's movies they haven't performed that well. >> he hasn't had a big hit. he plays a jim cramer tv host. he's taken hostage live on the air. julia roberts plays the director of his show. given the subject matter i feel like this movie could be timely and relevant. this is the summer movie season when timely and relevant are not always the most popular qualities in movies. people tend to go for more explosions and punching. so i think the hope here is maybe if the movie is good it's counter programming it's the movie you see if you're not in the mood for captain
9:23 am
>> this is an event for me. finding dory the sequel to finding nemo. >> it's finally here. >> you guys are excited. two tickets sold for sure. pixar's track record with sequels has been spotty. i don't think my arms can stretch wide enough to show you the gulf between toy story 2 and cars 2. the guy who made finding nemo came back to pixar to make the movie. you hope he can recapture the movie one more time. >> 20 years later they're making a sequel. independence day. that's a long time to wait. >> no will smith. >> no will smith. someone plays his son. that's how they're getting around that thing. what they're hoping for here is to be the jurassic world. to be the sequel to a beloved 90s blockbuster. the reason the director has given in interviews is will smith has made a bunch of
9:24 am
sequels and sci-fi movies recently he wanted to do something different. perhaps he saw the screen play and that may have affected his judgment. that's the reason that was given. >> moving on to july we have a new steven spielberg film. >> you think of e.t. or at least i do and the interesting thing here is the writer of e.t. melissa mathson wrote the screen play for this film. they hope they've recaptured the magic. it's based on a book. to me, that sort of combination of subject matter and creators is very exciting. >> i want to ask you about the ghostbusters remake. >> touchy subject for some people. >> high on my list. >> i hope it's great. >> the cast. melissa mccarthy. lesly jones these are the women you want to see. >> some people get touchy about they're remaking ghostbusters. look, if you h
9:25 am
do i want to see a new guhost busters, make it with the biggest comedy director and make it with the funniest people on the planet. these four women are amongst the funniest people around. i don't see how there could be a better possible ghostbusters. >> also in july we have the third film in j.j. abrams. >> they're going beyond the stars. if you like the previous ones this looks very much in the same style. it's not a star trek of our childhoods where there are people talking about science. it's people running. again, it's the summer. this is about explosions and punch. >> i didn't do well in science. >> you'll be fine. >> beyond beyond i can't believe we're up to the fifth installment of jason bourn. >> to me, this is one that i feel like is almost as sure of a sure thing this mm
9:26 am
this movie not being successful. people love the bourn movies. so i think this one is going to be a huge hit. >> finally in august we have dc comics suicide squad? >> i think they're trying to kind of capture some of that guardians of the galaxy marvel magic. this is their attempt to do the version of that with a suerperho team that's not well-known. will smith is in this one. he turned down independence day to make suicide squad. >> there's a rumor ben afflefle could be in here. >> he pops up a couple times in the trailer. supposedly he showed up to film a cameo. >> don't ever take a picture next to you. >> don't do that i'll get very upset. >> thank you as always. >> i'll text you from my
9:27 am
9:28 am
9:29 am
ranking from top to bottom. car company of the year? luxury cars just seem like they would be top awarded. better be some awards behind what you are paying for, right? the final answer. chevy. the most awarded car company two years in a row. wow, it's like a luxury car. i was shocked. i mean it's like, this is chevy? for a limited time, get cash back for 15% of the msrp on most remaining 2015 chevy vehicles while they last.
9:30 am
she was a figure in the transformation to las vegas. to the world class dining city it is today. she grew up in connecticut worked in restaurants all through college and mastered the business under famed new york resron tour. she rose rapidly before finding a restaurant development company. she co-owned several restaurants with her husband. the latest being andiron steak and sea in suburban las vegas. welcome to the dish. you brought a heaping helping of
9:31 am
>> yes. >> this is huge. what do we got here? >> this is a biloxi butter milk fried chicken sandwich. >> what are the different things in the sandwich? >> i like comfort food. and so our restaurant honey salt is based on dishes we love to eat at home. my husband and i met in biloxi. we've got a caesar salad but it's got kale and romaine. that's my super healthy when you want to indulge it's quinoa, several kinds of quinoa and lentils. it's got fennel. and oranges and a little avocado. and our concept is farm to table. and so we use an areas -- it's not an organic restaurant but we use mary's chicken. that's what you see roasted. >> a little pie here as well. >> yes. i'm a dessert girl. so pie is my --
9:32 am
>> -- my favorite. pie and doimatnuts. >> like dessert. >> our pies change. now with peaches and stone fruits coming into season. that's what we're featuring on the menu. of course, we're just finishing the prime of the season and we've got the candy striped beets and goat cheese. and for me, you can't wash this down without -- you've got it in your hands without a watermelon margari margarita. this is fresh crushed watermelon juice, there's wine. to me the spirit is very important. we use tequila. >> which is george clooney's tequila. >> he's not bad to look at either. and a nice guy. his partner randy gerber, we had a restaurant and a bar together in los angeles. and so we're very particular. we love our cocktails. what better than a fried chicken sandwich and a margarita.
9:33 am
background. i know your family was into cooking. it seems like you did government and international relations before you -- >> i went on interesting path. my parents are passionate foodies. they love food wine and art. as children we travelled and went to museums and ate everywhere. and so this was just a path that i went down. my father's a doctor. and so he was like, wow, maybe a doctor or lawyer. i went to georgetown. a fellow hoya. i had worked since high school. my first job was in a mexican restaurant. i worked through high school and college and restaurants. and so i thought i'd take a little break. and get into the restaurant thing. then really when i went to cornell and got my masters that pulled things together. >> how did
9:34 am
steve wynn? >> he was family friend. i thought las vegas was a nice place to live. i didn't think it was going to be home for almost 20 years. when i heard the vision that he had for vilodgeio. >> that was the innovative one that changed the way we perceived the city. >> wolfgang puck was already there. it was on an individual scale. what steve and elaine did really was the game changer. >> as i hand you this dish to get your signature on it i'll ask the woman who is known as the chef snatcher for rekroocrug the best. if you could have a meal past or present who would it be? >> prince. i was always a fan in high school. it was purple rain and i never got to me
9:35 am
i think he swas a game changer. i think that would be the guy that i would have -- >> good pick. elizabeth, thank you so much. upn next bob mould is a pioneer, influencing artists like nnirvana. >> and what fueled his fury in the early days. he'll perform in our saturday session.
9:36 am
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9:38 am
starring in this morning's saturday session, bob mould a pioneer whose career began in the punk era of the late 70s. >> he formed the group sugar and has led a successful solo career. first we caught up with him recently during a stop in new york. one of the god fathers ofnd
9:39 am
rock. bob mould may be more prolific than ever. as a song writer. >> you described it as like putting out a rain bucket. yeah sometimes i feel like i'm running around catching the rain as it falls. >> are you still driven to write. >> yeah. yeah. it just goes and goes and goes. that's all i hear is music. >> his song dogs on fire has long been the theme for the daily show envisioned a life in music while growing up in malone, new york. that's where he laid hands on the debut hand of the ramones. >> wow they look like a gang. it looked authentic compared to the sparkle and glitz of heavy metal. when i heard the music it
9:40 am
elemental. i was like i think i could probably do this. >> it seemed attainable. at 17 he went off to mcallister college and formed a punk band. >> we were very driven. >> driven to do what? >> make music. sculpting the sound. >> the band cut its teeth at minneapolis's famed first avenue club. where prince also played. buy the mid 80s he was making noise with critic and landed a deal with warner brothers. becoming the first punk band to sign with a major label. >> people were elevating the band's cause and putting us alongside
9:41 am
people like that. then i thought, hell yeah, i can do this for a while and can do it better than him. >> he was also keeping a secret in the 80s, his sexuality. >> it had to be difficult going into the music business when you did -- knowing you were gay. >> when i look back on it, people look at my work and like what were you so angry about. put yourself in the middle of 1983. the leader of the free world can't even bring himself to name the disease that's killing his friends. you'd be upset too. >> mould would have his greatest commercial success with his second band, sugar in the 90s. before going solo. his recent work including his latest album patch
9:42 am
is considered something of a career renaissance. did you ever expect in your 50s you've have one of your most critically lauded periods? >> absolutely not. no. when i started you know, punk rock, it had that certain strain of nihilism that touched back to that i hope i die before i get o old. i didn't think i was going to get to 30. >> you've had a lot of different chapters or episodes in your life musically. why is that? >> i don't know. i have no idea. maybe it's like that am radio where i keep changing the channel. all that static in between. is equally as interesting. i don't know, i'm a bit of a wanderer. >> how would you describe this
9:43 am
chapter? >> bonus round. >> last weekend bob held a series of concerts at minneapolis's first avenue. the performance we filmed was the venue's first big rock show since prince's passing. from his new album patch the sky here is bob mould. ♪ ♪
9:44 am
♪ ♪ it gets cold and it gets lonely ♪ gets you down inside ♪ ♪ when it's evening and i wander off ♪ ♪ it's a long dark ride ♪ now i'm very conscious of the voices in my head ♪ ♪ they multiply and amplify the fear ♪ ♪ i can play the victim or get on with life instead ♪ ♪ by finding resolution as they clear ♪ ♪ we've
9:45 am
conversation ♪ ♪ i remember that ♪ understand me it's a long way back ♪ ♪ if i decide to listen ♪ ♪ ♪
9:46 am
♪ no more time to listen to the voices in my head ♪ ♪ say good bye time to say fare well ♪ ♪ to all the ghosts and demons and all the words they said ♪ ♪ i decide to listen to myself ♪ ♪ ♪
9:47 am
♪ ♪ we'll have more music from bob mould you're watching cbs this morning saturday. saturday sessions are sponsored by blue buffalo. you love your pets like family so feed them like family with blue.
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♪ i think of things we used to do ♪ ♪ then my whole world turned thank you for watching we hope you have wonderful weekend. >> we leave you with more live music from bob mould this is the descent. ♪ ♪ ♪ i started out so starry eyed full of hope and wonder ♪ ♪ i wore flowers in my hair ♪ not aware i'd been defiled
9:55 am
♪ every time i see you i know it's going down ♪ ♪ i how can i believe you karma comes around ♪ ♪ i know this ride you must be there by my side ♪ ♪ you going down i must be descending ♪ ♪ didn't want to play the song ♪ that gave people so much hope ♪ ♪ i turned my back, turned away here's the rope that made me choke ♪ ♪ every time i see you i know it's
9:56 am
♪ how can i believe you karma comes around ♪ ♪ you can see it in my eyes you can read it on my face ♪ ♪ you can hear it as it cry ♪ i hope it's not too late ♪ can i try to make it up to you somehow ♪ ♪ can i try to make it up to you ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you can see it in my eyes you can read it on my face ♪ ♪ you can hear it as i cry ♪ i hope
9:57 am
can i try to make it up
9:58 am
we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it's the people. american workers. they build world-class products. and that builds communities. and a better future. for all of us. because making something in america means so much, to so many. weathertech. proudly made in america.
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♪ ♪ to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day.
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narrator: today on "lucky dog," an underdog gets a second chance with a family in need of a new game plan. jimmy: the reason we're looking for a dog is for companionship for my boys, because they both have autism. brandon: what's life like around here every day? jimmy: every day is a challenge. brandon: come. [brandon clapping] narrator: but before dodger gets called up to his new home, he'll need to prove he's a team player. brandon: if dodger has no tolerance for unpredictability, he's the wrong dog. i'm brandon mcmillan, and i've dedicated my life to saving the lonely, unwanted dogs that are living without hope.


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