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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  April 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> a muslim woman from our area says she was verbally harassed and insulted just for before who she is. i'm debra alfarone. a woman says someone dumped an unknown substance on her outside of a starbucks just because she is muslim. she wants justice. our matt yurus is live. so tell us what happened here. >> reporter: debra, the suspect was sitting at a table behind me hurling faith based insults at a muslim woman taking advantage of the free wi-fi. cell phone video caught some of the attack. >> talking about me, saying f- ing muslim, trash. worthless piece of muslim trash. y'all need to go back where you came from. i got nervous an tired of it
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i called 911. >> reporter: she doesn't want you to know her name or see her face. the officer approached the suspect and then her. >> he said i can't do anything about words. as soon as i put my police officer uniform on, it is free speech. >> reporter: the officer left. and so did the suspect. but only momentarily. the victim says she was sitting here. alone. when the suspect snuck up on her and poured a liquid on her head before taking off down connecticut avenue. >> it didn't burn me, but it had a strange smell to it. i am more nervous now. when i'm coming through at nighttime. >> reporter: she says police told her they have surveillance video of the incident. she filed a report and meets with officers tuesday. starbucks was closed when all this happened on april 21. and the victim says she doesn't think there were any witnesses. live in northwest, matt yurus, wusa9. thank you so much
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turning to weather, when are we going to catch a break from the cold and rain? let's get right over to first alert meteorologist howard bernstein. you have that umbrella out howard. >> yeah, we have light rain falling in northwest dc. across much of the region, we have wet weather. you can see first alert doppler, how it is moving in over the ohio valley. even a little lightning on i-77 near the north carolina border. but for us, a wet night in store at a time, the light rain will be picking up to moderate and locally heavy but it continues to stream in from the west. nothing major, but all roads are wet. if you are going out, you have to keep that in mind. maybe a little bit of a break, but look at the rain as it continues to stream in. all those areas, you have rain coming into ohio and south western pennsylvania. with the showers an, temperatures have been stuck all day in the 50s . right now, low to
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55s . tomorrow, yeah. yellow weather alert for your sunday as we have a wet start. i think we could have rain right through midday. maybe some breaks in the afternoon. that could mean a shower or a storm later on. highs much warmer than today. debra, we do have some breaks coming in this pattern. but more rain as well. i will detail all of that in the seven day forecast in a few minutes. >> looking forward to the breaks howard. redskins nation rocking tonight after the nfl draft. enthusiastic fans spending the afternoon at fedex field. they are all hoping for the same thing. that the theme can build on the playoff appearance. >> i feel good about the defensive line. josh norm
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to the team. 2016. >> they are doing real good with the wide receiver. the linebacker safety. and the uconner back. we are building for the future. >> later in sports, we will learn about some of the redskins selections today. today marks the drug enforceability agency's 11th annual drug takeback day. it is a nationwide effort to get people to safely dispose of their prescription drugs. unwanted expired, and unused pills and liquids dropped off in collection bins across the country like these. the dc police department's fifth district station. while the final haul from today's drug take-back event is still being counted, the dea says it collected more than 700,000 pounds of prescription drugs during last year's event. well, the republican presidential candidates focusing on indiana an california this weekend. in addition to courting voters, ted cruz and donald trump making appeals to rebl
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sides. >> reporter: a surprise boost for ted cruz. >> i am here today to announce to you my whole-hearted endorsement. >> reporter: former california governor pete wilson backing his campaign. >> california is going to decide this republican primary. >> reporter: so will indiana. and in a new online ad, a cruz superpac touts governor mike pence's vote of confidence. but he refrained from criticizing trump and many republicans are convinced he will win the nomination. jimmy duncan endorsed the republican front runner saturday. protesters opposed to trump's immigration positions blocked his arrival at the california gop convention forcing trump to arrive on foot. >> we went under a fence and through a fence. and ... oh boy. felt like i was crossing the border actually.
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saturday, he called the protesters thugs and criminals. many are professionals, he wrote. john kasich responded to the incident with a call for inclusion. >> do the republicans actually think that they can win an election by scaring every hispanic in this country to death? >> reporter: trump's delegate lead of more than 400 puts him on pace to clinch the nomination with wins in indiana on tuesday and california in early june. cbs news, new york. democratic presidential candidate front runner hillary clinton is a few hundred delegate from clinching the nomination as well. well, a new art exhibit opened at dc's busy dupont circle but you won't find this  unless you are willing to go undergrouped. it was created from the 650,000 plastic balls that filled the national building museum last summer
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now, they have been repurposed into a recon figure bl exhibit and the newly opened underground. the one time trolley museum and food court and fall-out shelter is now an art space. >> a very long utilized space that has been forgotten by the city. >> i would like to see them bring other artists in from around the nation and the world to create other things that the public can get engaged in. >> other than a fall-out shelter in the late 1960s and a short lived food court on the west platform in the mid 90s , that space has remained empty until now. well, just ahead tonight, how neighbors are pulling together and helping a disabled vet who has been in his home for decades stay just a little longer. and the red carpet is out and the celebrities in town for the white house correspondence dinner. we have your ticket coming up. >> and the weather
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the crowd from having fun at maryland day. we will head out to college park when we come back.
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>> a disabled veteran who has been in his home 40 years got some much needed help that will have him staying right in his own neighborhood. stephanie ramirez reports
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alexandria on this national rebuilding day. >> reporter: he's a vietnam war veteran. a father, a grandfather, a homeowner, and, a retired bus driver. >> it's a challenge. every day. school kids keep you on the ball every day. >> reporter: but more recently, that challenge turned to keeping seymour holder's alexandria home. he is dealing with kidney failure. volunteers saw that need and saturday, the group's rebuilding alexandria and heros at home joined forces on national rebuilding day to install new railings. >> one of the big issues was a leak in the upstairs bathroom coming into the kitchen. >> reporter: new screen doors were on the list. this is not the only home. at least 40 different homeowners will get some much needed help. it is all work mr. holder says he didn't do on his own or afford to get
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supports his grandchildren. >> our work ensures they can live here comfortably and safety. >> probably drive down this street. you know. a lot. you know. it never occurred to me that you know, who lived here and what needed doing. it is nice to be able to contribute to your community. >> i didn't believe it. i wasn't surprised. don't too many things surprise an old man no more. >> reporter: but he appreciates alexandria taking care of their own. >> a program like this? i think it is great. i don't have it. i'm sure anybody who gets it is not going to have it either. >> reporter: stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> a nice story. and the next couple of weeks, volunteers plan to assist about 60 low income homeowners with free repairs and they are hoping this will help people to stay in their alexandria community. well, one of the longest serving officers in the metropolitan police department
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has died. sergeant buddy smallwood started at the 14th precinct on july 20, 1964 this was located in the area covered by the sixth district. he was promoted to sergeant in 1972 and assigned to the fifth district. in 1977, smallwood transferred to the seventh district and stayed there until he retired in 2013. and tonight, we lost a fine individual. hundreds of people celebrating the life of prince at a huge music party in minneapolis. it is being held at a community center that was once the junior high school that prince attended. a lot of the fans say it is a different feel from other prince memorials because of his deep ties to the neighborhood. and a local university opens its doors to the public for a day of free family fun and learning. thousands of people turned out at the university of maryland's college park campus for maryland
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this free campus event was to showcase all that the university has to offer. from the robots to a visit with animals from the science barn. this event featured interactive exhibits for the entire family. >> we did a lot of the wheel spinning and the air force questionnaire thing for a few minutes. >> we like the venue. answering the questions, winning the prize, not just picking up stuff. and then the bouncy stuff the kids like. the food is great. the atmosphere. it's not raining. [ laughter ] >> it's not raining. wasn't then anyway. but today's event also featured live music. dance performances as well as ice cream from the university's dairy. well, there might be some tired people out there tonight, but i tell you it is all for a good cause. the streets of washington turning to a sea of pink. as the avon 39 walk to end breast cancer got underway. this two-day walk raises money in the
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georgetown university. the cancer center, food and friends, and washington hospital center all among this year's beneficiaries. in georgetown, the 13th annual french market underway. there is plenty of french food, music, bargains. it runs along wisconsin avenue from p street to reservoir road. a lot of people, kids and dogs turned out today despite the gloomy weather and you can check it out tomorrow as well. always watching, always tracking. wusa9's first alert weather. dc's most accurate. >> so if you are going to go out to georgetown, what's the best time to go outside? >> probably the afternoon. probably in the afternoon. i think the mornings are washed out for the most part. >> that means no morning runs. >> you will probably be inside. it will be a little damp in the morning. maybe a shower or a storm into tomorrow night.
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the yellow because the sun is not here. >> that's the brightest we will see. next week, we are in and out of it. we won't have a nice stretch of dry weather for a while. three degree guarantee time. as gloomy as the skies were, i had 62. 58. we missed it. the temperatures didn't budge. four degrees. yeah. not a good day. and look at all the rain that moved in. the rain held off for the most part until the evening hours and we got a lot of it. out in the carolinas, southwest of virginia, it is all moving toward us. so the light rain is going to pick up overnight into sunday morning. it just keeps streaming in. flowing in. west to east here. nothing too heavy. but certainly, it is damp. everything is wet outside. wet streets, and, a cool night. out to the west. a couple of lighter areas here, then coming in from areas in wen
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virginia. more moderate showers. heavier ones. i should say southeast ohio. temps, they haven't moved much. we start in the low 50s . finish in the upper 50s . we are back in the low to mid 50s in most spots now. when you get an atmosphere like this, it is very uniform. as opposed to the clear nights, yeah, we are all pretty much in the same soggy boat. not bad on the michael an son weather camera. but it is a wet evening. 54. cloudy skies now. we are not reporting anything out there. southeast winds at 7. humidity is high. so check this out. national satellite and radar. we have one storm spinning here. another storm spinning in northeast colorado. western nebraska. cold enough on the last day of april for snow in the rockies. the rain in the southwest. we have more rain from the mississippi valley. heavy rain along the gulf coast wreaking havoc where the golf tournament. hopefully, we will have
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then you see the rain moving from from the great lakes through pennsylvania and the mid atlantic. futurecast overnighted, more rain. yeah, i'm getting tired of this too. we have the southeasterly winds here. keeping us with the marine layer. here we are at lunchtime. then in the afternoon, less rain, but still showers north and east of us. we get into tomorrow night, we will see a few showers here and there. monday, i'm optimistic monday we will get into some of the warmer air. so, monday, got temperatures well into the 70s with some spotty showers. not going to be completely dry everywhere. but, a better day. look, fewer clouds monday afternoon. so, keep your fingers crossed that we do that. and i will tell you, as we get into next week, things there remain unsettled but not too clear whether or not we will see sort of a nor'easter coastal storm getting going thursday and friday. periods of rain. patchy fog. southeast, 10 to 12 miles an hour. a west
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rainy and raw. testifies in the 50s . we will see a few breaks in the afternoon depending on where you are in the breaks. anywhere from the mid 60s to the mid 70s with the best chance of the 70s southwest of us. culpeper. winds south, 5 to 10. >> no more yellow weather alerts after tomorrow. tuesday, back in the 60s with a chance of showers. and then, next week, the second half of the week, i'll tell you here, my confidence in the forecast is not as high as i would like it to be. we will keep a chance of showers in the 60s . thursday, friday, saturday. >> today is national honesty day. so thank you for being so honest. but you are not that confident. >> it is what it is. >> thank you very much. >> you got it. [ laughter ] well, president obama attended his last white house correspondence dinner as commander-in-chief tonight. the annual event brings together journalists, capitol hill power brokers and hollywood celebrities. the president
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to reflect on his last months in office. >> this is a tough transition. it's hard. key staff are now starting to leave the white house. even reporters have left me. savannah guthrie has left to host the today show. nora donnell left the briefing room to host cbs this morning. jake tapper left journalism to join cnn. >> the prospect of leaving the white house is a mixed bag. you may have heard that someone jumped the white house fence last week. but, i have to give secret service credit. they found michelle, brought her back, she's safe. she's safe back at home now. >> that was one of my favorite jokes. the white house correspondence dinner also referred to as the nerd
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actresses kerry washington, emma watson, dame helen mirren, morgan freeman and mark ruffalo. >> i saw jared leto. >> and the real president in scandal. tony. tony something or other. help us out. >> tony goldwyn. we had a nail biter. stanley cup playoffs. could the caps take a 2-0 lead in the series?
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>> now, wusa9 game on sports with frank hanrahan. brought to you by xfinity. >> we knew this was going to be tight. going to be a sweat. game two of the capitals on home house taking on pittsburgh. alexander ovechkin and the caps. nick bonino behind the net. they came out with a flurry in
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the third. marcus johansen. braden holtby. that is your game winner. the penguins win. niklas backstrom on what needs to change. >> inspiration. we have to play better. we have to be more aggressive. we have to shoot the puck more. all there is. >> got to be desperate. now, winner of the caps series is the winner of the islanders and lightning. all bolts in this one. 4-1. sorry mr. howard bernstein. the series shifts to brooklyn for game three and four. all right, resin draft class 2016 is in the books. we will know if it is a boom or bust for scott. >> he seem to know what he is doing. >> the picks are out at fedex field at the party held by
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burgundy and gold. all eyes are on this kid josh doctson. >> we wanted to play on the next level. didn't care who it was with. >> it was a crazy experience. you know, from the ground up. like you said, we are at the bottom of the totem pole now starting over. i'm looking forward to it. congrats to keenan reynolds drafted by the baltimore ravens in the sixth round. he will likely convert to wide receiver and kick returner with the ravens. great story there. all right. maryland men's lacrosse. number three in the country. the chance to make it 11 win ins a row and beat johns hopkins in a huge mapup this afternoon in baltimore. 114th meeting between the terps. >> how many? >> yeah, 114. that's
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matt rambo. collin heathcock and they clinch the big ten championship out right. matinee basketball. tough in saint louis. daniel murphy singles to center . anthony rendon. and werth. a three run shot to left. nats win this one. 6-1. first series win in saint louis nine years for the nationals. all right, fans braving the elements in shy down. dc united visiting the fire. can barely see here. 68th minute. that tied the game at 1-1. that is where the score was at the end of regulation. dc united draw it is fire. 1-1. game one between the sharks and predators. look who comes ou
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ice. are you kidding me? a black cat. right? coming out of san jose's bench. usually black cats are bad luck, but the sharks take a 1-0 series lead and win it. so the black cat was in reverse. good luck. >> no problem with that. >> that is a little bit strange. >> who let the little cat out? >> who let the cat out. >> anyway, we won't sing. [ laughter ] what about the rest of the new week? well, howard has a quick update on the weather
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>> trending tonight, how can you how can you make a pizza any better? you deliver it made of pizza. brilliant idea. comes to us from vinny's pizzaria in brooklyn, new york. the owner says he came up with the idea one day when he was bored. i don't know why i'm speaking like that.
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eat out the box an throw it in the trash. now the pizza box pizza does cost you. not in heartburn, it costs $40. but you are saving the environment. what do you think about this? >> i was blown away when they put cheese in the crust. >> how do you get that? if it stays clean? >> all right, soggy start to sunday. an unsettled week. >> welshing thank you very much for watching. really appreciate it. always chec
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. welcome to a playoff edition of caps redline. on this episode of crl, we'll show you biggest and most intense moment in the round one series against the philadelphia flyers. matt and nate smith relive their hockey days in the state tournament. and dallas ovechkin makes his stance on u.s. policies. get ready to rock the reds playoff style. the stanley cup playoffs of finally here, and you're about to relive the besten


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