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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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good evening. an accident with a train means a frustrating monday morning commute for some people. we are live in northeast with what you need to know. stephanie? >> cleanup is underway. more than 16 hours after the freight train derailed. come monday morning it is going to be a tough commute for some people especially those folks that rely on the line to get to work. officials say that those folks should expect major delays. >> i
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at 7:00 this morning. i thought it was thundering. >> i mean it was just, you know, terrifying when i did hear it. it shutdown the metro met -- metro station was closed down. people used shuttles. >> they made us get off of the bus three blocks before the station. >> inconvenience. i understand that. chemicals, something that they were -- that spheult. >> i was tough. i can not get to the store. >> they are inveat
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the train derailed. >> we want to find out what happened and how we can support making it safe. >> reporter: the freight train was traveling from maryland to north carolina. >>and you can question bringing chemicals through a residence area -- residential area like this is prudent. >> reporter: as for metro, service is expected to be back to normal tomorrow start agthe 5:00 a.m. the officials do say before you leave your home to go to work tomorrow morning make sure you check on-line to make sure nothing has changed. reporting live tonight, back to you. >> you can check on delays on metro, amtrak line. if you have not
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>> it is a halt along busy interstate 95 today. now, four separate crashes causing a 20 car pileup in the county. it is at the throrpbberg, sro video exit. 9 people hurt. we are told none -- thornberg exit. 9 people were hurt. the cause of the crashes are under investigation. there was a gruesome discovery this morning. a passer by discovered a man in a creek. he appears to have been in the water for some time. now they are trying to determine his eye denity and how he died. they want to hear from anyone with information in this case. >> starting today, montgomery police officers will wear special badges to remember some of the fallen brothers. the honor badges pay tre
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fellow officers who died in the line of duty. front of the badge says lest we forget and on the back the names of each of the 18 fallen montgomery police officers who have died. faces charges for the death of a roommate in 2013. the 30-year-old reportedly told 2 other room mates that he fought with him and now she is gone. the room -- they found the roommates body in the room. it will be foggy and damp. it looks like the rains we are having tonight, most of it should be gone by the time folks are waking up for the nd
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we could see heavier downpours in the next few hours, tracking the activity. west virginia and maryland. heaviest up, now, lynch. seeing lightning at times coming in from the valley a couple of severe warnings right there. light to moderate showers are coming in. even a little bit of the lightning showing up right aroundliesberg and sterling. the heavier showers crossing in towards western montgomery right now. you can see it there over towards germantown now. heavier showers are up just to the northside of harbors ferry. that will be over the next few hours, it will be damp ask cool. the temperatures, lower to middle 50s. not moving much tonight, tomorrow, i think the warm air will come in. instead of being the 50s and 60s in the metro he should be in the 70s more unsettled weather is in
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the next several days. i will detail that for you coming up in a few. >> sounds unsettling, okay. thank you, howard. trailing in the delegate count senator bernie sanders has a new strategy to make up ground for the race for the white house. meantime hillary clinton and republican front-runner, trump, turning their attention to the general election. there is the latest on the trail tonight from new york. hillary clinton leads sanders by just 4 points ahead of tuesday's indiana primary. she focused on donald trump on sunday linking violence to the republican's redric. >> people talk about immigrants, muslims, women, i mean, enough. enough! that is not who we are. >> reporter: trump returned fire. on sunday, talking about sanders words being used against clinton in a general election. the senator questioned if she
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after taking wall street money. >> what he said was worse than what i said. i will use that. we will have that teed up. >> at a press conference he asked states he won to switch to his side and conceded he still needs to win big in the remaining primary. >> that is, i do not denight it for a second. a tough road to climb but it is not an impossible road to climb. >> the run underdog, cruise, said not to count him out. >> nobody is going to get to 1237 before cleveland. i will not get there neither is trump. >> trump leads the polls. >> reporter: there are 92 delegates for democrats and 56 for republicans in tuesday's primary. >> for all of the election coverage keep it here. check it out on pace
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twitter. download our free app. coming up tonight for the first time in decades a u.s. cruzship is headed to cuba. an era anding to a close for
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groups to stop training elephants to perform. >> it is a bittersweet decision, no question about that. it is the best thing we felt it was the right time. the people will enjoy the circus knowing it is humane and has not caused horrible suffering. >> the elephants will head to a conservation sent perin florida that is owned
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the circus -- center in florida that is owned and operated by circus. carnival cruiseship heading for havana. a small group of cuban-born passengers were on board the sold-out voyage. and they waived a cub an flag to some. americans still can not legally visit cuba as tourists but are permitted to go under several categories including cultural exchange and people to people programs. carnival says the ship will cruise every other week from miami to cuba. meantime, a 1400 passenger cruiseship left the port of baltimore tonight after a scrub down because of the noro virus. the cruise liner pulled in after passengers complained of nausea and vomiting. it carried st
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passengers set sail from england two weeks ago but two days into the trip people were sick you. >> are told to wash your hands and sanitizers and told to be careful. i do. it is not the ship that is sick and giving us the noro virus it is the passengers who are not doing what they are told. >> we understand that the number of passengers on the ship has dramatically decreased in terms of the number of sick passengers. >> on friday the ship was docked in virginia where it was quarantined. when it reached baltimore healthy passengers were put on buses for a tour to the beach. while crews scrubbed the ship from top to bottom. it is say shocking statistic. 23 toddlers shot someone in the gun in the u.s. so far this year. "the washington post," reports since a little more than a week ago there have been 7
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in a 1, 2 or 3-year-old shot themselves or someone else. it was more frequent this year than last. we are having problems with sound with our video. but, severe weather across the country being blamed on 6 deaths if texas. another round of intense storms threatening the gulf coast heading into tomorrow. now, we have the latest from texas. >> reporter: there are reports of the cancellation of the city's jazz fest. across the louisiana border and in arkansas lafayette county. >> i want out. high water stranded residents like robby henry. >> getting ready, someoned look someone -- someone said look outside. i looked outside and my car was under water. >> reporter: a body was discovered, a man who died in the same area
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her 4th grand child friday night. 8 inches of rain fell in 1 hour. 60 miles north there was a cleanup from a tornado that destroyed businesses and homes continues. >>from where we are standing here you can not see the house? >> no, all trees. >> reporter: katie says her family friends and three teenage girls survived by seeking shelter in the closet. the weather service confirmed the tornadoes that destroyed these homes here was a catastrophe ef-2 with winds up to 115 miles an hour. the system continues to track east into alabama and parts of the deep south. back to you. always watching, always tracking wusa9's first alert weather. dc's most accurate. we are seeing bad weather in some parts we are not happy about it. the weather pattern here
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can always be worse. >> yes, yes it can be. >> yes. >> gloomy. >> yes. >> great word for it. >> have not dropped but tomorrow, tomorrow we will not go with the yellow alert. we will have a couple more before the week is out. >> oh, fun. [ laughter ] >> let's talk about 3 degree guarantee. go big or go home. if you are going to miss you might as well miss by a lot, right? >> yes. >> the warm front never made it here. i thought it would. >> no it doesn't. oh, okay. i have never seen this. >> we will not talk about it. >> this is the biggest difference we will have. you can see where the warm air was. the blue ridge area. now, so, we stopped in the upper 50s, a couple spots in the low 60s, now, west of the area. middle 60s windchester. middle 70ss, and parts of the area. yes, 80 in petersberg. now, maryland getting up in the warm air. 72. tomorrow, i do believe, the warm front will make it and well into the 70s. firs
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rain moving in tonight. that is heavier downpours, severe warnings for wind and small hail. no warnings here. look at all of the lightning south of interstate 64 where the air is warmer. and we had a little bit of lightning this evening coming in with the cell as it came across all this week. now it moves towards montgomery county. moderate rains now crossing 270 to the east part of the county. you folks at howard county, all headed your way. a rumble of thunder. dc, light rain, just between the district line the bridge. heavier showers, also, in west virginia, approaching the area. charlestown seeing some of that. south of meyersville coming out of the area. this is all moving up towards route 15 and route 70. north of frederick. the heaviest stuff we are watching now, south of culpepper. moving east at 30 miles aphour. lightning, thunder, heavy downpours there. and
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the area here at 11:28. now, 11:41. eventually towards i-95. we are still in the middle 50s in town. upper 50s to lower 60s. light winds, fog starting to form. visibility less than a mile. it could be a concern tomorrow morning. humidity, no surprise, 93%. still at the east forth east wind. satellite and radar there is a lot going on. look at this thing spinning here coming through chicago, up through indiana tonight. now, we have the other batch of storms that formed from kentucky. that is what we are dealing with in virginia. a front nearby. so much lift in the atmosphere that unsettled pattern will be with us. so, we see the showers tonight. it will be coming through. clmorrow morning, few showers,
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look at this, sunshine by the afternoon with a couple of showers and storms, i don't think it will be that widespread. right now, not a yellow weather alert. tomorrow night, more rain and showers potential thunder into tuesday. we have to watch the timing of it this. even heading in towards wednesday, more showers in the afternoon. here is another front keeping things unsettled into thursday and friday. your lawn will look great if it doesn't already. middle to upper 50s tonight. the showers, the storms, the areas of fog. tomorrow morning, fog, clouds, 50s, 60s, partly sunny for the afternoon. isolated thunderstorms, upper 70s to low 80s. and then heading for the 3-day forecast we will cool down again. tuesday, wednesday in the 60s, having to see when the showers are. no yellow weather alert. we will have to raise it from time to time and deb ra, thursday and friday look unsettled with the temperatures in the 60s and keep
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fingers crossed we will be back in the 70s with viewer showers. >> you can appreciate the sun without a little bit of rain. >> well said. thank you very much. >> well, trending tonight, another interesting story here. what would the new "baywatch" movie be without the beautiful bronze babes running along the beach? there was a photo shoot just for that. it did not turn out so well. he face planted and masterfully he sweeted that photo poking fun at himself apparently the perfect movie. a special homecoming for a military man coming home from being deployed to kuwait. he did not even have to wait to get off of the plane for it to feel like home. right there you see it turns out his pilot is with united airlines and when dad found out a military flight was chartere
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coming home, he signed up to be captain. he said it was the most memberrably flight in his career -- memorable flight in his career. new baby pictures tonight of princess charlotte just ahead of her 1st birthday. how fast can you solve
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a north carolina mother and daughter were rescued in new zealand. she went to visit her daughter. they decided to go out for a day long hike. then they were disoriented. they were stranded in a wooded area for four days follow a helicopter spotted them. >> when we got in the ambulance that i would of only made it a couple more hours. >> we wanted to get down. it was going to get dark and then -- then, clearly no path. >> like i was never happier. >> i honestly thought i -- i died. >> they
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than a mile from where they started. they were dehideerated and exhausted, they stayed together and both -- dehydrated and exhausted they stayed together and they are going to be okay. may be 4th in line for the thrown but princess charlotte took center stage. the buckingham palas released these pictures of the youngest princess today. the photos taken by her mother. princess charlotte will celebrate her 1st birthday tomorrow and president barack obama and the first lady left a birthday gift for the young princess when they visited recently. you might remember that. they gave her a puzzle and a stuffed animal resembling their dog, bo. in texas this weekend, the competition was
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quick. concentration was key. rubik's cube competition. they were trying to solve the puzzle known as rubiks cube. proceeds benefited a san antonio children's museum. the museum currently has a 7,000 square foot exhibit dedicated to the puzzle. it was invented back in 1974. >> it is a mental challenge. it is a goal sending thing. achieve it. get faster and faster and faster. it is fun. keeping the challenge especially. >> today's competition, one of many worldwide competitions. organized by, bet you did not know this, the world cube organization. today's rain did not stop thousands from participating for a race for a good cause. the 5k race, runners and walkers through the streets of town town washington. this year's event raised close to $1 ll
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brain tumors. >> all right, now, looking to keep winning, the caps looking to
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now, wusa9 game on sports with diane roberts. brought to you by xfinity. >> now getting suspended. the question was for how long? the nhl hit him with 3 games after he hit him hard. hard enough to knock him out of the game last night. the team has been without them before and now they will have to do it again for parts of the series. >> now, more on the penalty kill. he finished 2nd in the regular season. went missing
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and now and game up on overtime. meanwhile the nationals are hitting the series. and going on. this is the first time it happened in 30 years back then they were the the top pick. we are learning more about the home life of the player hoping to follow in taylor's career. more on that coming up in a few. we have more coming up in overtime. >> that is what we call it. oh, yes. now, it will get better. now, any way. stop looking at me like that. yes. i know. >> they have rain tonight. now, thunder. now, tomorrow, early fog,
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clouds, partly sunny. much warmer tomorrow. now, could be an afternoon shower or storm. i think it will be isolated enough. and then we have to watch how things develop for much of the rest of the week. unsettled that is the keyword weatherwise. if you get an opportunity to mow the lawn do it. now, it is not rainy, go and do what you need to do. go back in. >> can you tell us at all anything in the future ever, ever, ever, ever? >> yes. >> you can get
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if yit's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags.
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"game on overtime." the nats giving them something they have not had in three decades. >> ready to start. >> game 3 goes to enemy territory as the caps look at the red in pittsburgh. two days after he got this hard hit. >> it is hard, left center. >> how hard will the league hit him? suspension line. the washington redskins select ... >> they houp cousins gets this guy, often. we go one-on-one with captain chaos. and, firefighters are saying


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