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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 2, 2016 1:35am-2:35am EDT

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our long national nightmare is over. >> that's kelly ripa's return is the nightmare for "live" really over? will she quit if her next co-host isn't a bff? the power shift behind the scenes. plus, you can't pretend everything is well when it stinks. >> what we found in a vault that reveals the key to kelly's success. then -- ♪ you better call becky with the cool hair ♪ >> juicy new gossip surrounding beyonce's "lemonade." what she is saying about claims she cheated with jay-z, and why this singer seems to be taunting beyonce. prince and the painkillers. what his inner circle is telling
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he died? >> i already know. >> we haven't heard from anyone in prince's family until now. >> how do you belief your brother died? >> are his siblings fighting over his reported $300 million fortune? >> it feels like that could get messy. then the oddest home tour our cameras have ever seen. >> we're trying to wake him up. and our mariah carey exclusive, on stage and behind the scenes. weno kw she is a diva. but is she also a bridezilla? >> i tried my dress last night, if you must know. now in our 35thsean, "enrta" thanks for joining us, everyone. we have news this weekend on prince. the prescription painkillers found in his possession when he died as the mystery behind his death suddenly deepens. >> it does. that in a moment. but first, kelly ripa appeared defiant when sh
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returned to "live" this week. she had a lot to say there is a lot that she couldn't. there is just so much to this saga. and we know what happened when the cameras stopped rolling. >> i'm going to be completely honest. i'm fairly certain that there are trained professional snipers with tranquilizer darts in case i drift too far off message. >> kelly's message? a self-assured i got this. ripa walked out tuesday, holding hands with her exiting co-host michael strahan. and then she addressed her conflict with the network head-on. >> i needed a couple of days to gather my thoughts. after 26 years with this company, i earned the right. so what transpired, though, over the course of a few days has been extraordinary. in the sense that it started a much greater conversation about communication and consideration and most importantly, respect in the workplace. >> i thought she was very sincere. >>he
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return for 55 seconds. >> the audience was excited and couldn't wait to see her. and there was some tension in the air too. >> they hugged each other at one point. >> at the end of the show. >> also watching kelly's return, body language expert patti wood. >> one of the things i noticed right away is telly went into a frozen back posture. now she does that normally a little bit. but she stayed frozen back a lot longer than she normally would. and that's a position that shows power and control over the situation. but also, a withdrawal from michael. >> patti also says that kelly's gestures conveyed anger. and there was this interesting moment. >> if you watch here, watch closely, she sticks out her tongue, and then she goes into wonderwoman. so shows her defiance with the toue thrust and says i am a powerful woman with
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>> kelly's husband mark had interesting body language with the paparazzi this week. he tried to clear a path as kelly left for work. >> highways the first thing you're going to say to michael? >> the big question now, all the tv executives are asking, is kelly ripa going to stay? is she going to stay after her contract expires? abc is going to have to put a lot more money on the table to have a chance at persuading her to stay put. >> speaking of kelly's contract, on thursday, during a wildlife segment with a screaming armadillo, kelly joked about her situation with the network. >> i want to take him into contract negotiations with me. >> and another apparent jab on friday's show when ripa made this remark to michael. >> you have gotten divorced. >> strahan seemed stunned and annoyed by her comment. ripa just celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary with mark consuelos. strahan? his recent split is so messy it made headlines. >> abc wants to get back to busine.
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and the best thing to come out of all of this, you guys, is that our parent company has assured me that "live" is a priority. [ applause ] >> meanwhile, anderson cooper is fueling speculation about replacing strahan when he jumps to gma. >> look, i'm very happy at cnn. i've, you know, it would be a dream to work with kelly, but nobody is offering anything. >> you can do it all, sweetie. the age of seacrest. >> yeah, but here is the thing about anderson getting the job. we learned it all depends on cnn. the journalist's contract requires that he get permission from the network for any additional gig, and it's unclear if cnn will allow him to do it. >> i just want to take the opportunity to publicly thank you, anderson. you have made such a difference in my life. >> kelly signaled her devotion to anderson this week with the media watching her every move, she was snapped carrying a copy
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kelby live's bff also discussed the gig with megyn kelly. >> there is a question whether you're going to be taking a walk to sit next to your friend kelly ripa on "live". >> i like learning new stuff every day. i'm always open to new opportunities. >> we confirmed may 13th is michael's last day. originally a source said kelly and michael would host together through may 25th and that's it. but remember, she is only scheduled to start gma fulltime in september. that's a long time between now and then, right? that is supposed to be when "live" is going to start the search." of course, they have moved that search right out. >> because of that every agent in the country is on the phone. we've got even more on kelly. we're opening our fault to show how she went from jersey girl to a big-time star. right now beyonce kicked off a world tour in miami and laid with jay-z by her side. all anyone
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was her hbo "lemonade" special last saturday. >> it made it seem like she was calling out jay-z for cheating, and even outing a supposed another woman. >> are you cheating? are you cheating on me? ♪ you can take the dishonesty, it's all over your breath ♪ >> it seemed like beyonce was finally addressing all the jay-z infidelity rumors. these eight words about cheating still have everyone talking. ♪ you better call becky with the cool hair". >> so is there really a becky with the good hair? many thought it was fashion designer rachel roy, the ex-wife of damon dash. and whether this is art or real life, rachel had posted this instagram. good hair, don't care. whoa! ♪ you better call becky with the good hair ♪ >> can you confirm what your relationship with jay-z is? did you have an affair with
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>> rachel roy was bomb boarded before she denied being becky. she said her instagram was meant to be fun and lighthearted but revealed the bey hive have turned dangerous. online haters have targeted me and my daughter in a hurtful and scary manner including physical threats. roy was already the rumored reason behind the jay-z beatdown elevator. "e.t." got a little insight into who rachel is when we spoke a few years ago. >>ar we my heart on my sleeve. some people are attracted to that, and some people aren't. and that's okay. >> on monday, jay-z's former protege rita orawas also taunting the hive and the rumor thheat s is the real becky. she stepped out wearing the exact same gucci dress they wore in her formation video. the top and skirt are available in store news. and you can see a yellow bra peeking out
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it could be the lemon bra? rita tweeted her response, have i nothing but the utmost response for beyonce. let's continue enjoying "lemonade." >> you know what it is? it's "lemonade." it has a little tang. but it had a loft sugar. ♪ >> it was so sweet. >> of course, the stars have joined the conversation about bey's new album. >> the over arching theme of forgiveness is such a beautiful message. >> with jay-z. >> yes. >> in her personal stuff. >> i have one foot out of "lemonade." the other foot is still in it. >> it's so transparent. it's beautiful music. i'm very proud of her. >> but the question of if there is a real becky, who is she, still remains. lawyer lori loughlin posted this saying it wasn't me. and it also wasn't james cordon. >> i make you laugh like jimmy with the good hair. what was i talking about?
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a recipe for lemonade. ♪ >> he has beyonce's fashion down. let's take a closer look at her dresses. she flows in layers from roberto cavalli, but then tears it up with that baseball bat. >> i've styled beyonce many times and i know that dress was shipped over. and it was, you know, fit to a tee. >> this leather bullet $265. but this gucci blouse is pricey at over 2500. the lemon designers come from all over the globe. they really liked launching the careers of new comers. this gold mesh top was created by project runway alum natalia fedner. >> absolutely designers will be household names because beyonce wear theirs clothes. >> his resort wear, and this sensual lace bodysuit is by use sufficient al jazmi. >> he d
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forth e kardashians. beyonce surprises you all time. >> so much more fashion to talk about. his do's, don'ts and doovers of the week. >> everything we throw it in a blender and it's like a crazy smoothie. but up next, prince. detail from inside his private memorial. what his inner circle is telling us. >> do you even want to know how he died? >> i already know. >> plus, what gets his ♪ ♪ maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do. maxx so you have 10 yearsline. of exi doence? but no phd... first kid here's all the numbers, food's in the fridge, oh and lucas likes to pull on jewelry, so you might want to lose the nose ring by their second kid, every mom is an expert, and more likely to choose luvs than first time moms live, learn and get luvs ♪♪ got two jobs to paye a mortgage, ♪
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♪ life's short, talk is cheap. ♪ i'll be working while you sleep. ♪ ♪ still don't think i've got a brain? ♪ ♪ i took two bullets in the chest. ♪ ♪ got three kids, i never rest... ♪ ♪ so yeah, i've got a brain. ♪ a degree is a degree. ♪ you're gonna want someone like me. ♪ ♪ but only if you have a brain. ♪ (music fades out)
1:48 am these 5 areas dentists check. this check up? so good. go pro with crest pro-health advanced. mom's right...again! a skin transformation that rivals the leading department store moisturizer. revives skin to fight 7 signs of aging. with olay, ygeou as, les so you can be ageless. olay. ageless. ♪ purple rain, purple rain >> the world is still mourning the loss of prince as we learn more about his final days. we have new details after the icon's private memorial service last week. our team of reporters were in minnesota, gathering information after his passing, and here is what we know. did prince overdose on painkillers? well, there are new claims about his death. law enforcement sources say prince had prescription drugs in his possession and
1:49 am
paisley park compound when his body was discovered. >> this is what killed otherwise young healthy adults. not elicit drugs, not street drugs, prescription medication. >> "e.t." with addiction specialist dr. drew pinsky. >> nearly 100% of my patients that have died in the last ten years have a pill bottle at their bedside much like prince. >> citing a source, "e.t." cited last week that prince began taking the powerful narcotic percocet years ago, and his friend and confidante sheila e. told us this. >> i mean, you think about it. all the years that he was jumping off those risers. it would have messed up his knees and him doing the splits. he was in pain all the time. >> we spoke to sheila e. again after last weekend's memorial for prince. >> it was very somber, really sad. you know, i don't know that he really knew how he touched almost everyone in this
1:50 am
♪ i never meant to cause you any sorrow ♪ >> i think that he really knew how big he really was. >> is there a public tribute? are there tributes being planned for him? >> there are. we're in talks with everyone. as of right now i'm supposed to be the one musical director to put his tribute together. >> and we learn more about that emergency landing prince's plane made six days before he died. "e.t." has obtained audio of the transmission between his pilot and air traffic control. >> what's the nature of the emergency? >> an unresponsive passenger. >> male, female, age, anything? >> i do not know that. unresponsive. that's all. i got to go. >> as the investigation continues, there are new questions about what will happen to prince's reported $300 million fortune. the pop icon did not have a will. so the money is expected to go to his family members, including his sister, tyka nelson, and five
1:51 am
them, alfred jackson, reached out the "e.t." on his behalf. to be clear, he has not seen prince in 15 years, but still, he stands to inherit millions. >> i missed my brother because my brother was everything in the world to me. >> alfred shared these personal family photos with "e.t." that's him with his mom and his younger siblings, prince and tyka. >> he is a genius. what ever he here in music, he could go copy it. just like that. >> just like that? >> like he has a photographic mind or something, you know. >> alford met with siblings on thursday to discuss what could happen next with prince's estate. >> you think he knows that you loved him? >> yeah, he knows. >> he knows. >> god knows it now. >> we have more memories of prince ahead. his lost photos, as those who were invited inside his minnesota mansion tell all. up next, mariah carey is only giving
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pass. >> this is different. i don't usually show that. >> we're behind the scenes for all the diva moments. >> and what she is only telling us about her wedding. >> i tried my dr
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people who are statistically more likely to stand up to a bully. do a yoga handstand. and be in a magician's act. listerine® kills 99% of bad breath germs so you can feel 100% in life. bring out the bold™. yo," e.t." my mama said knock you out. >> we have and stars with their moms, kicking off with olivia munn. >> she is doing this only usbecae the cameras are there. >> we're celebrating mother's day. >> get out of here. it's my turn. >> starting monday on "e.t." >> i love me some "e.t." >> one of the greatest, most incredible geniuses that we ever had in music.
1:55 am
carey as she broke down on stage in paris remembering prince. mimi was on her world tour, but she only gave out backstage exclusive. >> they talked about her kids, her wedding plans. pretty much everything. ♪ >> how you planning a wedding while on a world tour? >> i tried my dress last night, if you must know. >> and? >> it looks good. they came and brought it. you know, i don't want to go into the whole thing. >> who came and brought? who are the people? >> i can't say the people. i can't say the names. a fabulous designer house that's amazing. >> does this mean mariah's a bridezilla? the big french designer's name lie chanel, givenchy and new york come to her? but even the ultimate diva has a limit. >> she wants some of it to be more traditional. >> traditional for my third wedding, whatever. i don't mean whatever. obviously, i've been married and so was h
1:56 am
♪ >> james flew in five days before to surprise his fiancee. we found out he is a quiet guy and prefers to hang in the background. also traveling with mariah are her twins roc and roe. >> i cannot believe they're turning five. eek. >> how are they enjoying being on tour so far? i've seen your great pictures and video all over the place. it looks like so much fun. >> they love it. when do we go on the plane? they want to go on the airplane. if we stay somewhere too long, they don't really like it. they're travelers. they love it. but i need to keep them grounded. so i'm a little bit like, you know, i'm like hey, cut it out, they're like mommy, you scared me with your voice. i'm like sorry, i got to do something. i'm not going to hit you. >> i'm going to dedicate this to my
1:57 am
>> "e.t." was front for mariah's 80-minute show. and look who we found next to us, roc and roe with her headphones n,o dancing to their mama's hits. so cute. ♪ this moment being twirled around by four strong dancers is her favorite moment. and can we just talk about the fashion? mariah gets to wear four different styles on stage. backstage we saw this skinned bodysuit and pantyhose on hanger. then about ten minutes later on mariah. and you see the cameras? they're there filming her eight patchy fog part docuseries "mariah's world." then the 46-year-old gets a short break before she resumes her vegas residency june 7th. ♪ >> no need to tweak the performance at all. >> yeah we have to do some other things. i'm very excited. circumstances the wedding going to be on your docuseries? >>
1:58 am
i don't know. some things have to be private. he is not really that type of let me be a star type person. so i can't force that. >> since everything mariah says and does is so wild, it's worth posting, here are mimi's memable moments, which were obsessed with the instagram picture of you making the pizza. >> well, it was a silk nightgown. >> i wear negligee at home and then i wear regular clothes when i have to. >> classic. how about mimi's reaction to missing the "american idol" finale? >> i was devastated that i couldn't be there. i almost lost my mind. i didn't know what the hell to do. i had to go home and ice my head. >> the delivery that you have is so amazing. >> it's me. i can't help it. i'm just trying to be -- i don't know what it is. i don't. >> as for her thoughts on filming a docuseries, you've been a very private person up until now. so what
1:59 am
>> i'm still a private person. trust me. cameras, really? i'm dressing. >> and her haters? >> haters going to hate. players going to play. >> i doan know them. i never met them before. >> inside her dressing room you'll find velvet kucurtains a soft lighting. >> what are your dressing room essentials? >> do i have any? i think i get none. you want to me my one? >> right here. the lamb. the decal. >> those are gifts from her fans who call themselves lambs. and mariah puts them to good use like covering up the girls so we don't have to. >> bye. >> she always look likes she is having fun on stage. although backstage in this case. mariah is very busy, of course, with this tour. but she does have two acting gigs lined up. >> nice! >> she is voicing a character in the lego batman movies, which she actually auditioned for. >> what? >> she had to audition for a big part. >> a big star
2:00 am
come on. >> indeed. >> another is a comedy based on all i want for christmas is you. mrs. cage's the family man. all right. straight ahead, we look back at kelly ripa's love story. the man by her side through all the live chaos. >> he has been my movie star since the day i met him. >> love that that's next. >> closed captioning provided by -- olay luminous illuminates skin with pearl optics science.
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2:04 am
evans get caught sneaking a peek at his co-star? elizabeth olsen wore this plunging alexander mcqueen gown at the premier of "captain america's civil war" causing chris to seemingly stop and stare. but can you blame him? number three, britney spears's dark past exposed. ♪ >> struggling with drug abuse. new court papers. blair revealing that at one point her life got so bad she spent a night in a parking lot. ♪ oh baby, baby >> so why would you care about this now? it's because safety lufsam luft the man who claimed to be her manager is suing her for breach of contract. she was taken to the psych ward and put on involuntary hold. >> we still have many bumps to go. but we're resilient. >> britney's dad jamie was granted con seven or hi
2:05 am
this lawsuit on monday. did beyonce accuse jay-z of cheating? on her "lemonade" special, she mentioned a so-called other women nicknamed becky. ♪ you better call becky with the cool hair ♪ >> y areou becky? >> rachel roy, jay-z's ex-business partner was confronted about fair rumors which she denies. rita oraalso called out by fans, but she tweeted this response. have i nothing but the utmost respect for beyonce. let's continue enjoying "lemonade." and the number one story this week, kelly ripa's return to "live." >> i'm fairly certain that there are trained professional snipers with tranquilizer darts in case i drift too far off message. >> she walked out holding hands with her exiting co-host michael strahan, addressed her conflict with the network head-on. >> apologies have been made. our parent company has assured me that "live" is a priority. >> and wile all eyes were on
2:06 am
took time to reminisce about her man, mark consuelos. you watched their romance from the very start. >> i did. we were all working on "all my children" way back in the '90s by the way and through the years. mark really has been her rock ever since. we've seen that bond play out in front of our "e.t." cameras. >> i'm so smitten. he has been my movie star sincety day i msince since the day i met him. >> even today mark shielding her from the hoards of cameras. when we first met kelly in 1992, life was simple. >> you can't pretend everything is well when it stinks. kelly transformed into a daytime star with that big soap opera hair. >> either asked me if i'm kelly bundy from "married with children" or if i'm kelly the girl from 90210. tonight we are "e.t.'s" special correspondents at the 20th anniversary of soap opera digest. >> his proposal was sweet
2:07 am
afternoon, and we had wine, pizza, a lot of pizza. you want to get married? yeah. we were on the next plane to vegas. so we got married in vegas 24 hours later. >> such a romantic. >> and then we got to las vegas and got married and didn't tell anybody for a few months. and then we figured out we were pregnant. >> both wiglong, they showed us around their new york apartment, showing honeymoon pics from italy. >> look how happy we are. >> kelly still has that honeymoon dress and talked about wearing it on a recent vacation. >> see that dress? that's my wedding dress. and guess what? it still fits! >> god, i never loved you more than i do right now. >> the consuelos' gorgeous kids are now teenagers. back when she returned to all my children after giving birth to daughter lola, she had to wear a fake body bump. >> it's a bodysuit that has velcro. and what happens is i can put the belly wherever i
2:08 am
i think it's foam. >> we always knew these two were special. >> no matter what goes on, no matter what goes wrong, he is going to be there. he is my best friend in the world. and i know he is going to be there. and he is very strong. he is a very strong supportive kind of guy. and you need that. >> what a hollywood love story. >> yeah. >> right? it's so beautiful. the apartment that we saw in the pisa little different from the place they have today. >> i can imagine. >> they upgraded a couple of times through the years. they used to have this big loft in soho. and that's where they had one of the most epic engagement parties ever for me and my wife nevassa. >> oh my god. that's so cool. you're a fancy one. >> we take a look at taylor swift's fashion evolution before she co-chairs monday'sed me g m. >> a pool, but who is the infamous party boy owner who didn't wake up until 2:00 in the afternoon for our scheduled tour? >> we're trying to wake him up. >> stick around.
2:09 am
>> we've known jackie evancho. now jackie is chaining things up and going pop with her new single "apocalypse." ♪ going to go crazy >> i kind of wanted to experiment in that world because i've been singing classical music since i was really young. i'm going to permanently stay in the pop world. i'm young and want the break the barrier. >> and jackie, who just turned 16 tells us she has other career goals too. >> singing is my main passion. and right now that's what i'm concentrating on. so once i master ♪
2:10 am
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welcome back, everybody. let's talk about kourtney kardashian's ex-scott. >> let's talk about him. the pair split up last summer, but scott has been keeping himself busy. from what the public sees, it seems to be a lot of partying. be he has also patiently been flipping houses. >> we went to tour a home with t,scot one that he is renovating. but hen she got there, things didn't really go as planned. >> we're here at scott disick's house that he is flipping. scott has been asleep, but we're trying to wake him up so we can check out his amazing home. >> we were told the night before scott agreed to give us a tour of his hidden hills home, the notorious party boy o
2:13 am
we're told he got home at 9:00 a.m. >> we're trying to get scott up. he was up late working. >> scott finally got up at 2:05 in the afternoon. but the season reality star made it clear he did not want to be on camera. >> he came down stair, and his first thought was somebody move mid bar stool. >> we were in here a minute ago with him, and there were only three because we're photographing the house. and he is so meticulous, he needed to have the fourth one back in its exact position. >> wow. who knew this guy was so meticulous. but looking around the 8200-square-foot mansion, there are signs, like the perfectly folded towels in the bathroom and scott's closet is all color coordinated. plaid shirts here, suits over here. seven of basically the same white sneakers are stacked and straight. then black boots, then tan. inside the fridge, there is hardly any food. red bull, beer, wine, and sports drinks. as scott cooked in here? >> i think he
2:14 am
takeout and prepares the takeout in here. the oven and the microwave get used a lot. >> outside is a fleet of luxury cars lining the driveway, a rolls-royce, a range rover, a bentley. >> this is nice! >> here, i'll show you around a little. >> scott shows off his new multimillion-dollar home to khloe on this weekend's "keeping up with the kardashians." he bought it to be close to kourtney and their three kids. he says he is trying to reconnect with their family. as for signs of the little one, toys are hidden away in a bedroom closet. >> the kids come over quite often. i believe kourtney comes over quite often. >> the home goes on the market next week. and for a mere $8 million, you, like scott says kids can have famous neighbors. >> their grandmother, aunt and uncle. the kids come over quite often. i believe kourtney comes over quite often. >> do you think lending the scott disick name to a house adds t
2:15 am
we do have a lot of high profile people looking at it. >> oh, yeah. this is definitely an entertainer's home. and while it's on the market for now, scott's main residence. but there is a report that scott is planning rob kardashian's bachelor party. it true? he wouldn't really comment, but he said the space is perfect for that kind of barracks i would say it sure. my goodness. >> it's great. >> yes. >> if you want to talk about a huge celeb-packed party, look no farther than this year's met gala. it is dubbed the oscars of fashion. rightly so. it's monday night. taylor swisft i co-chairing there is a ton of pressure for tay to slay. at her firsta gal in 2008, taylor wore this badgley mischka creation. she picked it herself, no help from a stylist. >> this is then gow that taylor wore nearly ten years ago. 50,000 skins on the dress. >> the designers reveal to "e.t." the then lesser noncountry
2:16 am
everyone, even vogue's anna wintour. >> anna looked at her. and i saw her flick her eyes back and kind of gave her a double take. >> just two months after that firstla ga, taylor was still a country girl who invited "e.t." along as she shopped for clothes in a mall. >> i love dresses. and a cute little short cotton dress. i love the gossip girl look. >> for her second gala in 2010, we saw her style mature with this white ruffled ra ed ralph . >> have you seen any gowns you love so far? >> jennifer lopez looks befuautil. she is right next to me right now. gorgeous. >> the gown was from a runway show five years before. but when it came to the met, tay dresses not on trend, but based on theme. >> the theme is american fashion. so i was looking for a '20s in the hair. something kind of flapperish about the way the pleats are, i guess ♪ we never go out of style >> next year in
2:17 am
this black and gold jay mendel. >> these days is experimental. sort of girlie and dresses and i really like the retro look right now. >> when the met shows punk as their theme in 2013, taylor went with an edgier jayen mdel and smoky eyes. she was pretty in pink in 2014 oscar de la renta. when we flash back, we can see her evolution from all american girl to haut couture goddess. >> it will be taylor's sixth time there. sal guru joe zee will be on the red carpet monday and we'll have a full wrap-up of all the fashion tuesday on "e.t." but he is not done yet. still to come, we flash back to styles of the week whom. looked flawless and whose dress did you just want to shred and start over. >> everything is thrown in a blender and it's like a crazy smoothie. then th
2:18 am
closed doors. did he have a crush on beyonce? stories you haven't heard from those invited inside his minnesota mansion. >> it is amazing. that is ahead. first in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which star of "the big bang theory" was born in belgium? jim parson? or many sleep-aids have pain medicine but zzzquil is different because why would you take a pain medicine when all you want is good sleep? zzzquil: a non-habit forming sleep-aid that's not for pain, just for sleep.
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2:21 am
paisley park there could be new music and other media coming out for years to come. >> i bet. sadly, like michael and elvis before him, prince will be worth now than he was when alive. we talk to three people who may have known him best. the man who discovered prince when he was just a teen. one of his photographers, and sheila e., now giving up details about the man behind the icon. >> sheila, do you even want to know how he died? >> in my heart, i already know. s. >> you think you do? what do you think happened? >> absolutely. it's my moment, my thought, my heart. yeah, i can't share. >> but sheila e. did share news what is next for paisley studios. the music factory will become a tribute museum. >> so paisley park could essentially become maybe like the next graceland? you would open it up to fans? >> it would be bigger than that. >> wow. >> he has been gathering like memorabilia and stuff from all
2:22 am
motorcycle, you know, instruments that we played awards. there is pictures of him all down the halls. some you've seen before, some never. >> what happens to the estate? >> all of that is being worked out with the family. ♪ how can you just leave me standing, ♪ >> prince's music is getting a second life after his death. ♪ >> our jennifer paros is in prince's hometown where his paisley park is reportedly in financial trouble, but now it could see millions in revenue from the continued revenue. >> in the three days following his death, nielsen tracked about 579 album sales, an increase of about 42,000%. >> prince came from humble beginnings. he was just 16 when gary levenson became his first manager. >> you listen to demo tape after demo tape, and you come across prince,
2:23 am
about it, really. >> what was it about his sound when you first heard that demo tape that piqued your interest? >> it was very energetic, very vibrant and very original. and also, you know, you had to listen past the fact that it was done in a basement studio. >> when you first met him, where he was living? and what was he doing at the time? >> he was going to north high school, living in north minneapolis. >> tough neighborhood? >> it was a tough neighborhood. and he was living at his aunt's house, and his bedroom was a mattress in the basement. i think he had a rough upbringing, you know. his parents weren't around. i mean, his aunt's family took him in. but he was really like a second class, at least looked to me like he was second class in the family. didn't have his own bedroom. but we became, you know, friendly. when my younger son was born, he was in the
2:24 am
wife at the time. and we had a lot of fun. >> you really found out that prince is a normal guy just living in a small town community. he spent a lot of time here at the chanhassen cinema. he would go and rent the entire movie theater out for a midnight showing. he didn't watch any r-rated movies. he only watched pg 13 and below. the last time he was here was early march to see zoo tautopia. >> photographer kevin was one of the first to carry camera inside paisley park, becoming fast friends with prince, the kind that shared insights and more like prince's maybe crush on beyonce. >> i said to him, she is so talented, and i love her to death. she is so beautiful inside and out. jay-z is a lucky guy. and prince just looked at me and smiled and said very. >> there really have been so many
2:25 am
the minnesota twins, prince's hometown of minneapolis, from the pitchers mound, the stadium was all lit up in purple. and the players all wore purple armbands, samantha. >> you know what? i think every minnesotan has some connection to prince. my dad produced all the rock concerts in the city. he would call my dad and pull up to the backstage. my dad would escort him to his seat after the house lights went down. after the lights went up he would usher him backstage again so that no one even knew prince was there. he got to enjoy the show. very cool memory. let's lighten the mood a bit and talk fashion we saw this week. the stars were out sporting some very interesting looks. fab life co-host and editor and chief of yahoo! style joe zee got an eyeful. he and nancy o'dell broke down this week's do and don'ts and do-overs. >> your number one do of the week. >> i'm so excited.
2:26 am
splurge on a statement. so we saw kate hudson running around. five looks in a single day. the one that really caught my eye were the suede over the knee boots. >> mine too. >> by brian atwood for $6,000. >> yes! >> sophie, my stylist, she sort of did a reveal of them today this morning. i love them! >> found out quickly that these are going to be available actually in the summer. other people can get them. then i found out they were $6,000. forget about it. okay. all right. what about chrissy teigen now? i know you guys are good friends. she stepped out for a date night. she got a little bit of hate for leaving her baby daughter luna at home. >> i don't know why they're so hard on her. the poor woman has to heat dinner. and you're right. she looked fantastic stepping out for dinner. as long as i have known her, her style is very basic, and then she throw answer incredible statement outer piece on top. and that's really her style. i love that idea. >> what about kim kardashian?
2:27 am
patterned red dress. and of course, it's kim. so it's sheer. she is showing off her curvy girls right there. i mean, they're hello. >> okay. all i have to say, i love this look. this dress is custom-made for her, inspired by off the runway you. can't buy this dress, but of course kim would have it. and look what she says to the paparazzi. >> picture of getting out of the car with my spanx, can you not use that? >> how can you not love kim. > can you tell what was the fashion don't? >> d myon't of the week. we all love dame helen mirren. but this week she issing the way she through on top layering the texture of the jacket over the busy print, all the different flowers and the frills, everything was thrown in a blender. it's like a crazy smoothie. >> all right. well, i know one of my favorite parts is always your do-ov
2:28 am
every week. what is your do-over? >> this is my favorite part. my do-over of the week is actually drew barrymore. i would change the wash of the jeans to something darker. so it feels more sophisticated. it feels more slimming. >> it does. >> she looks immediately ten pounds lighter. and i would change the top underneath to a white shirt so it really bright es the face and makes the jacket a lot shorter so it's not shapeless. then because it is the red carpet, in black just to give it a little more oomph and have it be an anchor piece. and last but not least, the finishing touches are in the details. >> oh, levee that. >> red toe pop. >> she looks so chic now. okay. i was seriously taking some note there's. >> me too! totally. i was like -- i was on it. >> sarcasm. >> all right, joe zee, thank you very much. >> you did doh a great job. we'll have you back on future "e.t. weekend" edition. you can see him eve
2:29 am
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promo considerations provided by -- turkey, the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day. yeah, look at all those stars with birthdays this weekend. diana egron is 30. kin
2:32 am
willie nelson is 83. now take a final look at your choices. which star of "the big bang theory" was born in belgium? that is johnny galecki, born to american parents. he is 41 this weekend. happy birthday, everybody. when you think of mother's day, you think flower, butterflies, and hearts. not on "entertainment tonight." >> yo, "e.t." >> my mama said knock you out. >> star moms and stars with their moms. kicking off with olivia munn. >> she is doing this only because the cameras are there. >> starting monday on "e.t." >> we're almost out of time this weekend. for all the late-breaking hollywood news, go to our owebsite, >> check out the new video from elle king for her new song sweetheart. >> if is a follow up on the big hit single x's and o's. she'll be touring throughout the entire summer. >> enjoy the video and the rest of your weekend, everyone. >> bye. ♪
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"the weekend insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> angelina under fire. the headlines targeting her marriage and weight. >> angelina and brad have always had to weather speculation like this. >> that's just part of our good week. >> bad week. >> prince george and princess charlotte, you know it's going to sell out straight away. >> and why did this photo of prince george crash the internet? then kelly ripa's live return raises eyebrows. >> i'm so happy you're back. >> oh, thanks. >> but was her apology genuine? our body language expert reads between the line. >> respect in the workplace. >> that's a major body language tell. she is angry. plus queen bey's lemonade hits the sweet spot while her critics go


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