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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 2, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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warning for arlington and fair fact and montgomery. a lot of lightning in tyson and hail around four corners in tyson's corner on the west side of 95 of fair way drive. old courthouse road. that's huge hail and it is headed towards tyson. it is going to be a slow drive home. in the beltway and 66. will zoom back out and get the bearings out there. it is a busy radar. we have got the one storm to the south and that is still the biggest storm of them all. this storm is new and it is intensifying and a pretty big storm now entering fairfax county, southwest fairfax county and we have of course the storms to the west so we are not done. back around 15 and warrington and out leesburg and not far from middlesburg and those are still going to move. if
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northeast towards leesburg and the one towards waldorf in the southeast and then this storm north of fairfax is moving essentially to the northeast. so tons of warnings are still out. right now we don't have any tornado warnings out. yes, jan? >> i got a question from a viewer here. they are asking about the lightning because they are seeing a lot of strikes. how bad is the lightning on the radar showing. >> lightning is bad. i will take everything off. it is not crazy bad but there are the strikes if it is a white strike it is newer. there is pretty good lightning out towards aldi and you go out 50 with that storm and the storm in tyson, a fair amount of lightning. i have seen more but a fair amount of lightning. >> do you think the system that is coming from the west, you said that there was another system that you are watching, how quickly is the system coming towards us and how dangerous is that situation looking right now? >> let
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on. the ones on i-81, not crazy severe but we will probably see severe thunderstorm warnings popped on them i would think. there is still stuff in woodstock and i-81. the atmosphere will be unstable until about 3 or 4:00 in the morning. we will have gusty winds and severe warnings. >> we should ask the viewers to post on facebook. call us if you know anything we should dispatch crews too. >> and storm reports. if you have pictures of hail do it now before the sun goes down here. but this is -- okay, let's take a
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>> we got hail in woodville. check this out. oh, my, look at that. yep. yep. >> that goes to the point of how widespread it is. >> in terms of the area covered, it is very -- >> i mean baseball size hail could cause just not damage to property but fur out in this, this would be incredibly painful. >> it is serious stuff. we don't normally talk about this in the east but, yeah, this is -- we have had numerous reports
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these are all reports of hail. that is pretty impressive. not unusual. put it in to perspective? >> not unusual to have hail this time of year but what is unusual, bruce, how widespread it was. that struck me as unusual. there's the hail down towards dale city and manassas, we will pop some up. penny size hail 6:02 and quarter size at 6:14 and quarter size hail and then golf ball size hail at lake ridge at 6:25. it didn't fall apart and tennis to
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aquawan and quarter-size hail to the east. that's crazy. to the north we go. this is not as intense but also pretty good hail around rascon and north of rascon and quarter- size hail around wolf trap and tyson corner. severe thunderstorm warning and wolf trap as well. the number of hail reports kind of unusual, no, we can get severe weather in may and june. i can get that but this is impressive in terms of the hail. >> we should remind people if you don't have the wusa9 app, this is a good reason to get it for situations like this. >> yes. we will go to facebook and social media in a minute but right now severe thunderstorm warnings that you should take seriously.
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not tornado warnings anymore. this is a severe thunderstorm warning for the arlington district and fairfax until 8:15 and more further south to charles, calvert and prince george's. >> if this would turn into a tornado warning we will be on the air in a heart beat. >> thanks, topper. >> the warnings have expired but if condition ripen we will let you know and topper says he will be on facebook live and chat with you and we can show some of the pictures and some of the videos that some of you guys are sending in. >> we would like to thank you for joining us and >> asking my dad for $5 to rent a microphone, doing a show and getting on the radio what? it doesn't happen to anyone. >> gwen did bring blake to
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decade starting july 12th. shelton's buddy teased they could be collaborating. >> you never know what could pop-up between blake and i. >> that sounds like something is in the works. >> sunday's america country countdown awards getting two different honors. carrie underwood took home female vocalist of the year. quite a red carpet look today. >> thanks. >> i wonder what mike says while you are getting ready. >> i don't care. >> from super sheer to beaded, carrie's fitnroess e utinois rck solid. >> you don't need that much. i like free weights. >> another american idol was on the mind of presenter reba mcintyre, her daughter-in-law kelly clarkson and that adorable new baby boy. >> have you met baby remy yet? >> he is so cute. we're buddies already. >> he knows a good buddy when he sees her. >> another big event was the
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dinner. the show was there for all the inside scoop you haven't heard starting with olivia pope's baby bump? >> kerry washington is expecting and maybe showing just a little bit in her ruffled victoria beckham cocktail dress. her proud hubby watching from the side. this is going to be their second child together. bellamy young was pretty in pink. >> i was not going to be subdued. >> the first lady was in beige silk. sela ward was in white. then came this from the president -- >> i'm not exactly sure what he does. [ laughter ] who is a funnier
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>> there's no contest. >> no tacos. obama. >> candace cameron bure showed a floral gown. >> trying to channel bridget bardot. >> what is the nerdiest thing about you? >> i snort loud. like bad. it's badd >> and believe it or not, cameron is not alone. >> i snort sometimes when i laugh. >> snort when i laugh really hardd it's part of who i am. i don't care. >> such blatant honesty is what one should expect on a night like this. >> obama's got the mike. you've got to be here for that one. >> obama outline was paying contribute to kobe bryant who ended his speech with mamba out. >> thanks for e.t. on the espn. coming up next, hot gossip before tonight's met gala. did taylor swift ditch calvin? >> are kate hudson and nick jonas back on?
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>> olivia with her funny woman. their best and worst mother day memories. >> we had our mother's day card sandhe would say, thhnk you, and throw it into the trash. >> my heart hurts. >> i cannot wait for this story. it's coming up. >> julianne hough wedding dress dilemma. >> sleek chic bride or will it be super romantic pretty princess? >> that is exactly what i was trying to decide. i'm so lucky i've been able to wear amazing designers and dresses on the red carpet. i don'ttknow what my style is. >> she is partnering with hashtag teach that helps teachers get classroom supplies. >> most teachers are literally paying 500 out of their own pocket for school supplies. they give everything they have to these kids.
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for measure on today's stories go to
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taylor swift, less than 24 hours before she hosts ttnight's met gala. with mixing and mingling in new york, it's about hot gossip. >> the prered carpet style is about plaid. 46 outfits in the last 24 hours. >> taylor is going to be her bff selena gomez. who else will be walking the
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jenner, newly pregnant blake lively. lady gaga has been getting ready since 8:00 this morning and kate hudson since noon. she instagramed this picture, yes. kate hudson eats before putting on a gown. she has been snap chatting her glam process all day long. >> last night, kate reunited with her rumored former flame nick jonas. the two had dinner at an italian restaurant around 9:45. they left at 12:35 a.m. and left in separate doors. also look out for kim k. redeeming herself after her now infamous couch dress. she told us she weighs 139 pounds and showed it off in this denim mini. >> the night is a full-on fashion face-off. what goes into picking the perfect dress? inside vampire diaries star's fitting.
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>> we have gold options. silver and darker silver. >> the most challenging part. i've worn gowns with long trains in the past. you don't want to pull a jennifer lawrence and fall down the stairs. that is a fear of mine. >> the met stairs are so steep and little, too. coming up, olivia munn and her mom together. we've seen her imitate her so many times. >> is there a edding on the way? >> i cannot wait for them to get married. >> mila kunis gone wild? in my bad mom." >> exclusive first look is next.
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oh, my gosh, i think every mother has been there. >> the pressure of being perfect
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with many kids is too much for "bad moms." >> hangover from motherhood. a first look at some of our favorite hollywood moms gone wild. >> here is a sneak peek of "bad moms." >> is that your mom bra? >> this is my sexy bra. >> you wrapped an ace baadage around you. >> the harried working mom trying to balance it all while christina applegate leads a group of alpha mom bullies. >> it's war. a bit of moms gone wild. >> bad moms. >> bad mom! >> mila had a bit of a gravelly voice but not because mom was out letting loose.
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awake and so am i. >> getting crazy. >> oh, my god! >> christina's squad, "bridesmaid" squad. >> when is the last time you allowed yourself to get crazy? >> last night. when the husband and kids are out of town. >> oh, man. >> i made out with so many women tonight. >> guys, i really like it. >> in real life she is not much of a partier. >> we put the kids down and look at the clock and it's 7:43. we're like, oh. maybe pop on john oliver. i don't know. >> even perfect christina fesses up to her own moment. >> my daughter got mad at me and she was 2 1/2 and slammed the door in my husband and my face.
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we both simultaneously flipped her off. >> long as they don't see it, right? no? all this week we are celebrating mother's day a little bit unconventionally. let's start with olivia munn and her mother kim. after she sat down on a loud working movie set, i learned where olivia gets her sense of humor. >> when i can buy my family dinner. i finally made money. my mother said she pay, she pay now. my mom is big on me paying for things since i have money. >> i know she made it. >> kim is down with olivia's hollywood lifestyle what does she think with her romance with aaron rodgers? >> i like him. first time we didn't know who
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she told me i dated a football quarterback. because i have a big family, i cannot wait for them to get married. >> we are not engaged, mom. >> not engaged. >> i thought she was. i was excited. i didn't know that. why didn't you tell me? >> you believe everything on the internet? >> she believes everything online. >> if you can think of a mother's day that stands out in your mind, a favorite memory, either of you? >> growing up, my mom is not very sentimental. when we were kids. she come home from school and have our cards we made for her. give it to her and sit there waiting for a response and she would go, okay, thank you, and throw it into the trash immediately. >> what? >> i have five kids. >> what about mother's day present? >> i bought my mom a house. she wanted a house a couple doors down from her. i got her that.
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day? >> next door. >> the house two doors down. >> they sold the house and i don't want someone to move in next to me. i asked her, can you get that house for me? >> this issthe most anti-social thing to do is buy the house next door to you because you don't want somebody else to buy it and move in. >> got to love the honesty. >> can i give her a hug? >> she is doing this only because the cameras are there. can i give my daughter a hug? she was looking at the camera. >> give her a hug. >> he say so. >> it's only real when the cameras are on. >> don't believe that. i saw those two offcamera, they were every bit as affectionate. i adore them. our mother's day celebration continues tomorrow. meet andrea, the single mom who
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>> my mama said knock you out. job
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>> it's an exciting night on cbs. >> michelle turner dropped by to check out the episode. it's all about family when sam's school is taken over by an old enemy. >> how many kids does he have agaii? >> you have like 47 kids? >> oh, no. hell, no. >> you got me sounding like an out of control basketball player. >> you talked about adding to the family, correct? >> i have a kid coming. >> in real life. >> are you talking about the show? >> the character. >> i was going to say --
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>> only on "e.t." >> i like the awkward silence. it was actually a couple of weeks after that interview with kate she announced she was pregnant. >> of course, eric's brother is the father of that baby. >> yeah. >> bye, everybody.
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