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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  May 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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south of d.c. area. going to have some moderate rainfall. if you go farther into the northern neck, down toward colonial beach and over toward leonardtown and reedville, you will have heavy downpours and perhaps gusty winds. but in terms of the future cast, by 8:00 tonight, light activity. temperatures in the low to mid- 60s. we'll come back. we'll track tomorrow morning's future cast and tell you why we had to issue a yellow weather alert for wednesday and for thursday. >> topper, tonight, donald trump is hoping the state of indiana hands him a decisive win can bring a win to rival ted cruz's campaign. meanwhile, one last attempt to stage a comeback. garrett haake has this last- minute battle coverage for us tonight from outside trump tower in new york city. so garrett, why did you pick trump tower out there? >> it's a sign of just how confident donald trump is
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instead, flying home last night to await the results here at trump tower. >> reporter: if ted cruz set the stakes, donald trump called him on it. by handing most if not all of the 57 delegates. >> did we win in indiana, folk. >> it's over with, folks. over with. then we focus on hillary clinton. >> reporter: the latest polls in the state show trump with a commanding double-digit lead. meet gail trump, no relation. >> he's a man of his own words, you know? he seems to do everything that nobody else will step up and do. >> this morning, trump's own words seemed to push everybody's tolerance. linking cruz's father to the assassination of president ed
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later, cruz unleashed his sharpest verbal attacks on trump yet. >> this man is a path logical liar. he doesn't know the difference between truth and lies. >> reporter: but asked if he would vote for a nominee trump, cruz refused to respond. >> reporter: and rater in the afternoon, -- later in the afternoon, saying he doesn't have the temperament to be president. suggesting it was more back and forth. we expect to hear from trump himself here at 9:00 p.m. reporting live from new york, garrett haake, wusa 9. >> meanwhile, the race for the democratic nomination is a little more clear. hillary clinton has a 4-point lead over bernie sanders in the latest indiana poll. but even if sanders wins indiana, he will still be far behind clinton in delegates needed for the nomination. indiana elections officials are expecting
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they say early voting numbers are already higher than the state's past two presidential primaries in both 2028 and 2012. polls close at 7:00 p.m. you can download our free wusa 9 app. frightening morning commute, aboard a metro bus. a passenger attacks a bus driver, hijacks the bus, then runs over a pedestrian, killing him. wusa 9, stephanie gailhard has the latest tonight. >> reporter: deadly drama aboard this metro bus. it began like any other ordinary morning commute. that is, until a passenger pulled out a weapon and attacked the bus driver. it happened near j street and kenny worth heavy. with the suspect now behind the wheel, the bus barreled through this intersection at minnesota and burrows. it jumped the curb and ran over an innocent bystander. killing him. >> people was just screaming, somebody hit. somebody hit. and when we looked, it
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chaos. >> reporter: miraculously, police say the bus driver managed to push the emergency button before his attacker pushed him off the bus. >> he was telling him to let him go. >> he seemed like he was drunk. but he's crazy. i think he's very crazy. >> reporter: statistics show attacks like this one are on the rise. in 2014, more than 170 metro bus drivers said they were assaulted by a passenger. >> as the summer goes by, they need police on the road. they stop the crime from doing what he's doing. and it's not going to get any better if they don't do something about it. >> the suspects will go before a judge sometime tomorrow morning. and police are in the process of looking at the bus surveillance video. the bus driver who was attacked is going to be okay. we're told. and thankfully, no passengers were injured. a damning final report today from the ntsb report on that metro smoke crisis, a year
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one woman died. and 91 people rushed to hospitals after being trapped on a train, filled with smoke. in a tunnel. with some of the victims looking on, the ntsb found the smoke was caused by a prolonged electrical short like this one. a short caused by ineffective inspection and maintenance, bad n. and -- management and inadequate safety oversight. d.c. responded to mass casualties. >> it was a litany of errors and failures that came together to create this tragedy. >> the ntsb chair says the continuous stream of incidents and safety recommendations over the last 33 years are an indication that something is fundamentally wrong with metro. he says it's safety oversight. now, the ntsb is urging the transportation secretary to permanently appoint the federal railroad administration to permanently oversee safety on metro. now
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northeast d.c. csx says it expects to restore freight train operations through the area sometime tomorrow. crewscrews have hazardous chemicals that leaked through the cars. they're now back-filling. then they will rebuild the damaged tracks. a former d.c. governor is heading to prison for federal income tax fraud. mark had been an employee with the district's department of youth and rehabilitative services. they said battle used his access to government computers to steal social security numbers and other personal data from juvenile offenders and their families. he then used that information to file bogus federal income tax returns over a three-year period. now, the scheme caused the irs to issue more than $2 million in fraudulent refunds to battle and others. battle was sentenced today to four years in prison. an american service man has been
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northern iraq. he was advising kurdish forces, battling isis terrorists near mosul. he was at least two miles behind a kurdish front line, when isis used truck bombs. to launch the assault. they helped kurdish forces fight pack. it is the third death of a u.s. service member in iraq since the war on isis began two summers ago. an 11-year-old girl kidnapped from a new mexico navajo reservation monday has been found dead. and now, police are looking for her killer. >> police say a man grabbed both the girl, ashland, mike and her brother ian, yesterday, yesterday, after they got off a bus returning home from school. ian was found along a road last night. he told police about an abduction. police say the kidnapper was driving a van with tinted windows. that's all they've got. an illinois woman has died from her injuries, two days after she was shot along a wisconsin interstate. police later shot and wounded
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they have not released his name. but they believe he burst into a milwaukee apartment hours earlier, and shot another man to death. funeral services were held for six of the eight family members shot in southern ohio. security was tight. deputies patrol the funeral home parking lot. volunteers help direct traffic. eight members of the roden family were found dead, back on april 22nd. all shot execution-style. no arrests have been made. and police won't say if they have suspects at this point. the murder trial of a washington student is in its second day in fredericksburg. no question strangled to death. steven briol is pleading not guilty by reason of insanity. they say he is a paranoid schizophrenic who thought grace was trying to kill him. grace's best friend said briol confessed to strangling grace. text messages he sent to his mother may be key in his
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a decision on whether to charge three virginia police officers who repeatedly tazed a man before his death. >> but up
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president barack obama traveled to flint, michigan tomorrow. to meet with residents, reeling from that city's water crisis. he'll also meet with michigan governor rick schneider who is expected to ask for federal support.
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they plan for the city's lead- contaminated water. thousands got sick, after they switched the water supply to save money. a michigan legislative committee approved a $5 million plan. about 1500 teachers waged a second sickout today, over concerns they will not get paid this summer. if approved by the state legislature, the plan would restructure detroit's troubled schools by paying off its huge operating debt. >> chicago schools are outlining new rules allowing transgender schools and locker rooms to allow students to respond to their jinder identity. -- gender identity. the rules come in the wake of a north carolina law requiring all people to use rest rooms corresponding to the gender on their birth certificates. no clin charges will be filed againsre
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stun guns on a man multiple times before his death. lenwood lambert jr. died after being taken into custody, back in may of 2013 for a medical evaluation. the medical examiner ruled he died of acute cocaine intoxication. the prosecutor ruled there is no evidence that the south boston officers deliberately caused lambert's death. coming up, a look at the damage left behind by last night's incredible hailstorm. >> up next. an israeli is sentenced for the murder of a palestinian teen, whose death led to the 2014 gaza war. and with mother's day coming up sunday, we want to hear more about your amazing mom. if you'd like to share a story about your mom, you can use the #wusamom so we can share it
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taking a look at headlines around the world. tonight a jerusalem court his sentenced an israeli man to life in prison for killing that palestinian teenager in 2014. prosecutors say joseph hadid and two accomplices drove to a forest and burned him to death.
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that summer. >> investigators say a deadly helicopter crash in norway was caused by sudden mechanical error and not human error. all 13 on board the airbus chopper died when it crashed on the island in the north sea last friday. video evidence showed the rotor propelling into the water, moments before the accident. >> the torch relay from the 2016 is under way in brazil. brazil's president lit the torch for the olympic flame at the presidential presidential palace today, before sending it off on its last leg of the journey. the three-month relay will hit some 29 cities before hitting rio august 5th. president obama is honoring this year's national teacher of the year. she is 44-year-old johanna hayes, a high school history teacher in waterbury, connecticut. president obama said hayes' life story is an inspiration and shows
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overcome big obstacles. hayes had a baby while in high school. but she graduated and went on to earn a four-year degree to realize her degree of becoming -- dream of becoming a teacher. and what a great moment for her there. people across the area are still talking about last night's hailstorms and caused a lot of damage in our area, right? many say they've never seen anything like it before. >> topper is among them. but didn't come without a price. stephanie ramirez has a closeup look at the damage in the area. >> i want you to see this. this is one of the few signs i found battered like this, after last night's hailstorms in prince williams county. >> i want to go up there. whoa. >> it was mesmerizing. quarter- to golf ball sized hail. >> i have never seen a hailstorm this significant, in this area since we've lived here. >> that fascination quickly turned to panic. the two were stuck at a gas
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something else at home. >> our brand new car. >> their 2016 honda accord, just six days off the lot, littered with dents. >> i actually didn't think i had any damage until the rain dried. it's very frustrating. since i've gone through all of this stuff, trying to find a brand new car. and now i've got to take it back to the shop. or take it to the shop for the first time. >> reporter: several woodbridge neighbors suffered the same; the hail hitting here. manassas, west falls. >> i'm trying to find shelter. >> next time, maybe i'll try to find ray house with -- a house with a carport or a garage. >> the damage may be around $1,000. the good news, i'm told the insurance is going to cover the cost n. woodbridge, stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> stephanie adds that hail is only half the size. prince william county fire says the fire marshal vehicle was also hit as well. >> gosh. you've never san
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that before. >> we have seen the size of the coverage. >> six miles by six miles. it was huge. and the storm stayed together for about 2 1/2 hours. average life span of a thunderstorm is 45 minutes. let me show you the picture. this might be the biggest hailstone in montgomery counselee. i think it's official now -- county. i think this is official now. you don't see that too often. that's big. pretty much by any standards. even out in the midwest really. live look outside. it's our michael and sons weather cam. 66. light rain at national right now. looking at winds out of the east at about 7. winds are going to continue to be east or northeast through thursday. even through friday. that's when we're really going to have a cool stretch here. here's the big picture. this is over the last hour. this is by far and away is where the heaviest activity is going to be. fredericksburg is now east into southern maryland. and also st. mary's
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county. this has popped up a little bit. pretty good area of a little deep red. and red. that's rainfall rate over an hour. don't see any rainfall yet. but you'll notice heavy downpours as this pulls off to the north and east. heading to hagerstown about now. and waynes borough, as we get into the 6:40 hour. but lighter activity as you go to the north. around the immediate metro area, just light showers, light rain, silver spring, college park. now, connecticut heavy. nothing crazy heavy. this is where the heaviest activity still is. down toward prince frederick and mechanicsville. waldorf, you're getting out of the intense rainfall. just light rainfall left. but this is going to push eastward and eventually across the bay in the next 45 minutes. that said, yellow weather alert tonight. showers and then early thunderstorms tonight. storms are possible until about 10:00 p.m., i would say. then yellow weather alert tomorrow and thursday. for showers. not so much for thunderstorms but showers. both commutes could be wet tomorrow.
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so 10:00 tonight. just light showers. upper 50s, low 60s. and we'll take an umbrella if you're walking the dog tonight bye 6:00 -- by 6:00, light showers. by 9:00, we're still in the 50s. and by lunchtime, we're back up to around 60 to 61 degrees with light activity. temps don't move enough at all tomorrow. day planners, showers, light rain or drizzle. 59 by 11:00. and 61 by 1:00 p.m. yep. rain and showers thursday. yellow weather alert, 59. we'll probably have to issue yellow weather alert for friday. next seven days. weekend okay. couple of showers on saturday. but 70. pretty good for mom but early in the morning. and near 80 on monday. and low 80s next tuesday. >> too early to be concerned about the series? >> if you're a caps fan, you've been concerned since game 1. but we'll see. there's all of these hits and these suspensions. we've got another game. another suspension. so the tide could turn. the coach speaks ou
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series of vicious hits in this latest, coming up. it's a roadside attraction. unlike anywhere else in america. 32 acres of these vintaging cars and trucks, rich in history. a photographer's dream. we take a trip down to old car
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the capitals penguins series was expected tonight highlight of the nhl post season. two of
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instead, this series has turned into a series of vicious hits and suspensions. the latest comes after this hit. penguins' chris latang has been suspended one game after a late hit. the league ruled latang made significant contact to the head. but it's the -- is the viciousness of this series overshadowing everything else? >> every series has its own storyline. and it will change as the series goes on. >> i'd love to be able to go out there, drop the gloves. it's new age. and not old school hockey anymore. you know what? the league is going it take care of it. hopefully we can keep the league clean and hard. >> chris jenkins became a national hero, after lifting has vil on navia -- villanova wildcats. dedeclared for the nba draft but has now decided to drop out of the draft. and
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for his senior year. jacobs led the team in three- pointers, including this incredible buzzer beater last month. good news for local basketball fans. the maryland-georgia series. this year, the game will be at the verizon center, november 15th. and two terps had fun in hollywood this week. all of the viral videos. well, they appeared on the ellen degeneres show today. got the coveted ellen underwear. thanks to all of those viral videos and thtwo sitting next to them are the ones that created it. and they kind of got to show off. >> we're trying to get bruce to do the running man. >> come obruce. >> big -- come on, bruce. >> big man on
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>> pelley: on primary day, cruz missiles aimed at trump. >> this man is a pathological liar. donald is terrified by strong women. the man is utterly amoral. his morality does not exist. >> pelley: also tonight, a study finds medical errors are now the third leading cause of death. >> we're talking about things that happen that shouldn't happen in a sound health care system. >> pelley: a jury finds a cancer death is will iked to talcum powder. and did a dead king bless soccer's fairy tale season? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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