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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  May 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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chances are, you are saying come on, enough with the rain already. well, take a deep breath. more rain for today and tomorrow and possibly into parts of the weekend. good afternoon. and thanks for joining us. for the news at noon. i'm mike hydeck. how could today's ow
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affect how you get around today? meteorologist howard bernstein is tracking what is headed our way and when it is moving out. howard? well, mike, it looks like the mid. day in the metro will be fine. but as we get into the afternoon and evening, more showers from the west. these showers are going to be with us on and off at least through friday. and maybe part of the weekend. a big spin here over michigan. an upper storm here that keeps throwing pieces of energy our way. and that creates lift. and now, we've got showers. dry in the metro. look out to the west. by hagerstown. up to green castle. and in the last hour or so, we have seen a lot of development out of the park, right over the shenandoah river there. we are going up here first north of hagerstown and west of green castle. heavier showers that i am tracking moving to the north east. and the last 20 minutes, west of upperville between front royal, and look what happened, nothing there, boom, all of this is developing. this is moving up the river. so watch out in the western louden and persville, and north falkier and places to harper's ferly, charlestown, brunswick, watching out for that.
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watch there as well. one thing we are are also not seeing, without the sun, not much in the way of warming and temperatures now basically mid- 50s, and 60s, if we're lucky, 61, i don't think we are moving that much and what is the case the next couple of days. so for the afternoon and evening, maybe 61. i might be optimistic there. we will have spotty to scattered showers. temperatures fall through the 50s. and if you can't, join us, and haven't do so already, download the wusa 9 app. and all sorts of information, the weather maps, the future cast as well and track the showers there when you can. join us on wusa 9. i will be back in a few minutes. there is some hope in the seven- day forecast. mike, back to you. >> sounds good, see you in a bit, howard. a typical day quickly turned deadly for a plan on tuesday, when police say a man hijacked a metro bus, and drove off and hit and killed a pedestrian. we are learning more about the suspect and getting a firsthand look at the moment he was caught. today, that suspect is due in court. nikki burdine reports. >> reporter: the chaos started
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minnesota avenue. dc police say 30-year-old keith loving of northeast dc got on a metro bus and in seconds pulled out a gun and held up the driver. police say loving attacked the bus driver and got control of the vehicle. the driver and other passengers managed to break free, but that didn't stop loving. police say he hijacked the bus, and took off. and that's when things took a tragic turn. the bus jumped a curb, hit can -- hitting and killing 40- year-old anthony payne in this gas station parking lot where he worked. and police have weapons drawn and pull loving off the bus and take him into custody. he is due in superior court this afternoon facing murder charges. nikki burdine, wusa 9. >> police say the metro bus driver acted quickly, alerting police, about the incident, by hitting an emergency button. a federal investigation into last year's deadly smoke incident on metro, lays out how this tragedy could have
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avoided. the ntsb report says that if metro had stopped all the trains at the first report of smoke, carol glover might have survived. that is actually metro protocol. according to this report. but it was not followed on that day in january. nearly 100 other passengers were hospitalized, when smoke filled that metro tunnel up near l'enfant plaza january 2015. other problems are electrical issues at the station. and officials learned the smoke detector close to the arking piece of equipment was not working. someone plunged a knife into a man's upper body and dc police are trying to find out who did it. this is the scene just before 7:00 this morning on galveston street. just east of mlk avenue. in southwest. police say the stabbing was inside an apartment building there. at last check, the victim was unconscious. the suspect or motive has not been identified. the investigation is continuing right now. it turns out, that the u.s. navy seal
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in iraq was the grandson of a notorious financier charles keating iv, died while helping the peshmerga forces fight militants in iraq. 391-year-old is the third american combat -- the 31-year- old is the third american combat casualty sy the united states redeployed forces to iraq two years ago to advise the military. >> his father charles keating jr., sent to prison for the savings and loan failures of the 1980s. to the race for the white house, for republican ted cruz calls it quits after losing to donald trump in the indiana primary last night. and republican contender john kasich is expected to make a major announcement today. as far as the democrats, bernie sanders says he is gearing up for the biggest political upset in american history. after he won last night. nick giovanni lass the latest from campaign 2016. >> reporter: on the g.o.p.'s calendar, today, just became day one of the unification process. accordto
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reince pribus and asking the party to jump on the trump train. and with another convincing win in the indiana primary by nearly 17 points. it prompted cruz to tell his supporters last night, his path to victory has been floadz, as fror closed as he put it, leaving trump as the presumptive nominee. and trump spent much of the victory speech stressing republicans start coming together. >> because we want to bring unity to the republican property. we have to bring unity. you will not be a great president, or a good president, she will be a poor president. >> bernie sanders had an upset over hillary clinton, 52 to 48% in indiana. and sanders saying afterwards, quote, i understand secretary clinton thinks this campaign is over. i've got got bad news for her. >> i think we can pull off one of the great political upsets in the history of
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states and in fact become the nominee. >> sanders is projected to win a string of primaries this month. taking nebraska, west virginia, oregon, and kentucky, to name a few. and that said, for him to actually pose a legitimate threat at this point, sanders campaign acknowledged they have to win over super delegates who currently favor secretary clinton. nick giovanni, wusa 9. >> we are just learning the "the wall street journal" is reporting that john kasich will suspend his campaign. john kasich is expected to suspend his campaign according to "the wall street journal." we will keep you up on everything from 2016. all you have to do is very simple download the wusa 9 app. you have the information 24/7, up-to-the-minute, at your fingertips. can the caps avoid a first round exit in the playoffs? the puck drop pes tonight for game four and the pens lead the series 2-1 monday night. and this is a la
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series. penguins chris le tang suspended for tonight's game after monday's hart hit on marcus johannson and for the caps, orhix sitting out for a similar hit. a bomb shell report slows new details surrounding the death of music icon prince. coming up, one of his representatives is shedding some light on the late singer's health. >> but first, the details of the diplomatic efforts to quell the violence in syria. we'll be right back. >> oh, yes, and did you hear, we are giving away a brand new car on wake up washington? watch tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. to get your chance to get a new set of wheels. the best part, you don't pay a dime. tax, title, tags, all on us. tune in tomorrow morning beginning at 6:00 a.m.
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welcome back. a recently fired employee and another person are dead after a workplace shooting near
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houston, texas. investigators are not releasing any names but they say the gunman was fired earlier this morning. they say he left and came back to the night transportation company and started shooting up the place. the gunman committed suicide after murdering his victim. those are sounds of men armed to the teeth, shooting it out in the streets. syrian army forces and pro- government fighters shelled the opposition-held city of alipo on tuesday. we got the footage from syrian government forces which cannot be at this time independently verified. diplomatic efforts are under way to stop the violence that has kilted nearly 300 people there, just since april 22. still ahead, we have a yellow alert day. throughout the day. howard is up next with the forecast. howard? >> yes, mike, it looks like even throw it is dry now, more showers moving in for the area. and i am tracking a big upper @a friday. seven-day forecast, though, a wettle promise there, next
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a bomb shell report came out this morning revealing new details about the circumstances surrounding prince's death. as jamie yuccas reports, three people were reportedly inside the singer's minnesota mansion when he was found dead last week. >> dr. howard cornfeld, a national authority on open yo
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addiction treatment was called by prince's representatives the night of april 20 but dr. cornfields could not clear his schedule for an april 21 meeting and sent list son to minnesota to quickly evaluate the health and device a treatment plan. when andrew cornfeld arrived, prince's representatives could not finds him. the musician's body was found in an elevator, a few minutes later. and it was andrew cornfeld who called 911. cbs news confirmed that pain killers were found at the scene. sources tell cbs news, the carver county sheriff's office contacted the drug enforcement administration about joining the investigation. if the pills are related to his death. on tuesday, the carver county sheriff's office released a log of dozens of emergency calls from prince's paisley park home. in june of 2011, the report says rp, or reporting person, is concerned about prince's cocaine habit. an a
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his habit and she was advised to report it. but officers were unable to investigate. since information is a year old. and she did not specify prince is in immediate danger. jamie yuccas, cbs news, new york. >> prince's autopsy which includes toxicology results, is still pending. and investigators are trying to figure out where he got the pills that were found at his home. and who may have provided them. now, to a disturbing health alert now. there is a new studies out that says medical error is the third leading cause of death in the u.s. doctors at johns hopkins school of medicine says those mistakes caused 250,000 deaths each year. and you might think this is a slam against the doctors. but researchers say it is not bad doctors. but system failures which are the culprits. >> by message error, we are referring to patients falling through the cracks, a fragmented health care system, diagnostic error, medication dosing errors
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errors are not included in national statistics. doctors have these susks -- suggestions for patients. ask about the medications an  alternative treatment options. read up on the possible complications of them. and also get a second opinion. johnson and johnson has two huge verdicts to appeal over tall kum poweredder producted. a jury in st. louis ordered the company to pay $55 million to an ovarian cancer survivor in south dakota. this comes just a couple of months after a $72 million judgment for a family of an alabama woman who died from the disease. several hundred similar suits are now pending and studying trying to prove the link between the powder and cancer, so far, mixed results. an all-out air assault against the zika virus in parts of europe and barcelona bringing in bats to keep out the mosquitoes. a colony of 100 bats could eat a qu
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mosquitoes. and with summer coming, mosquito concerns are mounting. so the hope is, the bats could be a natural solution. >> without our bats actually helping control our insect populations in given areas, we may be in a worse situation than we are now. >> one down side though. the bats might not eat as many of the mosquitoes that carry the zika virus, because those mosquitoes are apparently more active during the day, and bats do most of their eating at night. it is being called the largest evacuation in the city of alberta canada. the entire city of fort mcmurray is being evacuated as a wildfire is burning in the south end of the city. hen that daniels has more. >> reporter: an entire canadian city of 80,000 people are fleeing their homes under the threat of a massive wildfire. the plumes of dark thick smoke can be seen for miles. >> i am terrified. >> i am very scared. i am very nervous. i don't know if i ll
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home to come back to. >> the fire is burning in the city of fort mcmurray, started sunday and thought to be under control until the winds quickly changed directions. panicked weres had only a few minutes to evacuate. >> we don't flow what we will have left. >> cars packed highway 63, the only road out of the area. fire is being fueled by high temperatures and low humidity. and entire neighborhoods have been destroyed. >> our focus is completely and entirely right now on ensuring the safety of people. of getting them out of the city. >> city leaders have asked for help from canada's army and air force. and local authorities say the worst may not be over. because high temperatures and strong winds are expected again. through the day. henna daniels, cbs news,. >> so far no serious injuries have been reported. fort mcmurray is the center of canada's oil sands region, with a third largest reserves
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world. behind saudi arabia, and venezuela. so if april showers bring may flowers may showers bring mold spores and mud. >> yes. >> but lawns that are nice looking but tough to mow, once they dry out, because they are so tall. >> huge already. >> yes. in a week. >> it is going to take my chance tuesday when i had the two-hour window. >> when we get a window, jump on it. here comes again. more rain coming in. later today. tonight. tomorrow. friday. i mean and even early next week. we will have a warmup and rain chances in that seven-day forecast. and here is a look at first alert doppler. and while the showers are starting to expand, and cross virginia and west virginia, it is really that storm system, out across michigan with that line of rain through ohio, and kentucky, that is going to be plaguing us for the next several days. but first things first, quiet now in dc. notice how these showers over the
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slowly moving off toward the east and northeast. watching the showers, not much in hagerstown. but west and north of there, mostly in southern pennsylvania. green castle. plight see a couple if you're traveling out 68, 70, or toward hancock, and then look at this. coming out of the park, east for the most part of the river here. west of upperville, moving northeast toward harper's ferry, brunswick and western louden county. and we have the showers, there, and you can see, west of upperville, boy, route 17, you will run into some of those between upperville and millwood and occasionally some heavier showers as well. with scattered showers now, south and west of there. approaching culpepper. so this is going to head toward culpepper and falkier county and prince william and louden and fairfax. as we get into the middle and latedder part of the afternoon. so for us, we will get into the upper 50s, and might get 60, 61 if we're lucky. and then see the spotty to scattered showers, especially through the evening hours. and maybe some breaks overnight. allergy index, it didn't come in, it
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tree pollen high. gros is low. and weeds are absent and the mold spores it is kind of up there. on the high category. which you would expect with all of the rain we have been having. the temperatures are struggling, too. we have some low 60s out on the shenandoah valley. mid-50s though, south and east of us. and in town. and we are sitting at 57 degrees. we barely moved. just a few degrees from the morning low. and cloudy sky, north/northeast winds and the humidity is 83%. the dew points are in the 50s so the air is moist and cool and as you look at highs across the country, we have some of the coolest weather, from the great lakes, coming down toward us. these are today's high, right? well, tomorrow, the coldest stuff comes from here to the central appalachians and virginia, and virginia and maryland and dc and the highs are only in the 50s for the most part and again, it is all thanks to this upper storm here, and it is slow moving. and it is going to head our way and south and east, and which means, more rain for the next several days, on and off. so looking at the future ,
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for the afternoon, here are the showers that are coming in, and perhaps a better chance west of town, through mid afternoon, and there will be some showers around, for the ride home, and also this evening. and that's why we have the yellow weather alert. and tonight looks like the heaviest showers are into west virginia and charlottesville and we can't rule out a few showers and patchy areas of fog again, for thursday morning and then in the afternoon, scattered showers, especially west and south of dc. but thursday night into friday morning, look at low the heavy rains are being -- how the heavy rains are being depicted on the future cast. a slow commute friday morning with the showers on and off midday and through the west. and those areas west and southwest, they could get two inches or more, between now and saturday. and we are looking at maybe totals in town, an inch, give or take between now and saturday. and we are still in a little bit of a deficit, for the year. believe it or not. because these rains have been, for the most part, lighter. 61, maybe. scattered showers. and 52 tonight. and tomorrow, and friday, not much change. and scattered showers. and highs upper 50s to
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60. and lows, low 50s in town. a few upper 40s north and west. the seven-day forecast, the weekend looks a little better. a few afternoon showers saturday. i think not too bad mother's day. and a late shower monday. not too bad there. but a chance for afternoon showers. warmer by
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coming up tonight on wusa 9 news at 5:00. will voters start to rally around donald trump now he locked up the nomination? also a ceremony to honor fallen montgomery county police officer noah leotta and you might have to impress a computer instead of an hr person the next
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interview. join us tonight at 5:00. >> let's get rid of the rain, shall we? >> we will try. i'm mike hydeck. have a great day, everybody. [000:28:09;00] ♪ bend me shape me, any way you want me. ♪ ♪ as long as you love me, it's alright. ♪ shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. the bed that moves you.
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only at a sleep number store. >> nick: you know, today's ceremony is a chance for everybody who loved sage to say goodbye. >> faith: it'll be sad. >> nick: yeah. it's gonna be really sad. we're all gonna miss her. but at least we're gonna have all those good memories that we can hang on to, right? >> faith: like when sage used to read to us. >> nick: yeah. exactly. you know, a big part of today is gonna be sharing those memories and celebrating the fact that sage was in our lives and we're very grateful for that. >> faith: and 'cause we know she's wish the angels now with


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