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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  May 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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weather alert for the weekend. we'll look ahead to mom's day. we're following breaking news out of rockville right now, where apparently a csx train has hit a pedestrian. this happened on nickelson lane, about a half hour ago. that's right off rockville pike, near the montrose crossing and the white flint metro station. live pictures here of the scene from sky 9. unfortunately, we don't have any information for you on the victim's condition at this point or why this person was on the tracks, what they were doing there. we'll put the updates out on the wusa 9news app throughout the evening. and now to dramatic eyewitness video this afternoon, of a flaming suv rated into a popular tyson's corner. witnesses siit tried -- say it appeared to be an attack. and scott broom is live outside the silver diner in tyson's to tell us more. scott? >> reporter:
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cleaning up. you can see here behind me, it was a direct hit on the front door of this silver diner restaurant. very little downtown about the -- doubt about the idea that this was the target about this alleged attack. the individual has not been identified. but silver diner said he was an employee out on bereavement leave. >> what's going on? >> reporter: dramatic cell phone video. wat kips video shows seconds after the hummer ran the silver tinier. backing up and ramming it again. heroic bystanders rush to help a man hit by the hummer. he is dragged away. >> the car just went into flames. then the vehicle burst into flames with the driver still behind the wheel. more heroics as bystanders face the fire to get
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and pull the man out. >> yeah. he was fighting me. leave me alone, leave me alone. get away from me. >> janey watkins said he did not want to be helped. >> they got him out. and he didn't like like he was all there. >> i boo the -- by the time it was all over, two other men rushed to fairfax nova hospital. and a woman slightly injured was treated at the scene. investigators are using the video and witness accounts to piece together what happened. they are drawing no conclusions about a call for a motive. janey watkins' niece, michele wright, said there is no doubt in her mind this was an intentional act. >> that's what was going through my mind. like it was something being done deliberately. >> it's horrific. they were just coming out to get something to eat. and all of this unfolds before it. >> all right. again, so a silver diner spokes spokespe.
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out on bereavement leave. hadn't been to work on the second. we also did not have the identities tonight of the injured people in particular, the identity of that man who appeared to have been pinned against the building for a moment in time. he looked pretty badly hurt on the video. and we are working hard. my colleague, mola lenghi now, working hard to find those heroic bystanders who rushed to help not only the man who was hit by the suv but the man who was inside, while the suv was on fire. reporting live at the silver diner, scott broom, wusa 9. >> it is just amazing that more people were not hurt in this whole thing. thank you. fairfax county police say this entire incident is under investigation. they haven't drawn any conclusions yet about a possible motive or cause. and no charges have been yet filed. it was a sleepless night for a lot of people who watched a bus jacker mow down and kill a man who was just in the wrong place at the
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northeast washington yesterday. wusa 9's debra alfarone joins us live. and you've learned more about the victim and the suspect who was in court today. >> i sure did, adam. we found out that 38-year-old keith loving told people at the hospital that he had smoked k2 and pcp before stealing that bus. we also found out he made a huge outburst in here today and started yelling. also, people that we talked to today say they don't even think about loving. what they want to do is remember the victim, 40-year- old anthony pain. >> he was funny. he was friendly. he always liked doing things, helping people. >> reporter: and that's exactly what people who work at this crown gas station say anthony pane was doing tuesday morning when he dide. doing an odd jorks help -- died. doing an odd job, helping clean up. court documents just released say at 10:30, tuesday morning, 32-year-old keith loving got on the houston
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fare. the bus driver asked if he was okay. then loving assaulted the driver with needle-nosed plyers. loving jacked the bus, drove it for a minute through gas pumps, then stops with pane in full view and runs him over. sobee started recording with his phone. he said he couldn't believe what he saw. >> the guy on the ground moved up twice. like i saw him literally sit up and look at his legs and lay back down. >> there's one lady screaming, please don't kill my friend. he continues to roll the bus over him, backwards and forward. at which point, i couldn't watch this anymore. >> loving now facing second- degree murder charges. he will not be getting out. he's being held on bond. and he'll be back here to face another court date on may 26th. we are live here by d.c. superior court tonight, debra alfarone, wusa 9. >> we reached out to the bus driver's union. they say more metro bus drivers are being attacked this
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over last. they are asking for more of a police presence. we've got some breaking news from the campaign trail. you are looking live at a podium and people gathered to hear ohio governor john kasich as he prepares to announce that he is suspending his campaign. he was supposed to be in our area but canceled that event, presumably to get ready for this evening's announcement. of course yesterday, ted cruz suspended his campaign. and all of this makes donald trump, the last man standing, as the presumptive gop candidate. and with kasich set to drop out, where do his and cruz's supporters turn? ellen brian talked to supporters today who are still trying to answer that question for themselves. >> reporter: after trump's win in indiana, we wanted to know, what does this mean for the republican party? will they come together to support him? >> we gave it everything we've got. >> ted cruz and john kasich supporters are discouraged. >> no. >> as they hear donald trump will likely be their parts
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nominee. >> they don't feel like there is anybody that really represents what true republicans want. or those that are moderate republicans. >> reporter: jennifer lacy is considering not voting at all. >> you've got two ends of the spectrum, and i don't -- yeah. >> republicans went to twitter, when trump won indiana, posting photos of them burning their registration cards. >> people are voting for him. and they had other choices. >> reporter: republican heidi haines thinks her party will eventually rally around trump. >> they don't deny that someone so far from the outside has come in and swept through the party. >> i think it will bring the party together. >> they've got to accept it as it is. >> reporter: and all parties agree, the drama in this race isn't finished. >> there could be things that happen at the republican convention as well. >> i hope they throw ryan in. >> i think so we probably will stand with him, republicans will, i think. >> the kids that are in nursery school, will be studying this
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school and high school. we're watching history. >> what will happen during this presidential election? well, we have 187 days until we find out. in loudoun county, ellen bryan, wusa 9. >> in the meantime, let's listen in to governor kasich now. >> emit reese showed up. and i mean, they're unbelievable. they're just so beautiful. [ applause ] and they have been so supportive. and they've traveled with me around the country as well. and it was always such a delight to have the family on the road. and as their principle he said -- principal he said, don't let education in -- get in the way of learning. and i think they learned a great deal. and of course, i want to thank the worthington christian staff, and particularly buzz imbode for their patience and willingness to kind of look after our family. it was terrific. our staff -- no
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done more -- >> all right. so after some remarks, we presume that governor kasich is going to make it official, making that announcement that he is dropping out of the race for president. there speaking in columbus, ohio. the only state that he won in this primary. fresh off his victory over hillary clinton in indiana, bernie sanders is vowing to remain in the democratic presidential race. but it is an uphill climb. clinton is now 92% of the way toward locking up that nomination. a new cnn poll today shows she will head into the general election matchup against donald trump, with a 54-41% lead. breaking news involving north carolina's controversial bathroom bill that many says targets the lgbt community. late this afternoon, the u.s. justice department told governor pat mccrory that the law violates the u.s. civil rights act. the department giving north carolina officials until monday to conf
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comply or implement the bill. if they don't, carolina could lose millions of dollars in federal school funding. well, two á.former virgin preschool employees are accused of abusing a child in their care. lisa campbell and sheree efet digs worked at the mcjames elementary school and preschool in atlanta. the mother reported finding bruises on her 4-year-old daughter. campbell and digs were charged with assault and battery. they were fired from their jobs there. things are getting back to normal after the train derailment last week. plus, csx says its trains are again, hauling freight through the district. now, the company tells us that the rail cars involved have been removedfrom the sight. and the soil, tainted by the hidroxide spill has been removed from the sight and replaced with clean dirt. csx says y
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learns will be used to prevent future mistakes. there are new revelations today about the death of prince. >> the minneapolis star tribune reports the national tribune on opioid addiction was called. the doctor couldn't make it but sent his son in hopes he could quickly evaluate the singer's health and devise a treatment plan. prince's representatives were trying to plan an intervention of sorts. but when andrew cornfield arrived at paisley park, prince could not be found. minutes later, he was discovered in an elevator, with prescription drugs. and recently police logs show -- [ no audio, please stand by ]
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[ no audio, please stand by ]
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we are learning more tonight about the navy seal kill while battling isis forces in iraq. >> 31-year-old charlie keating iv was killed while advising kurdish forces. his grandfather is charles keating jr., known for the savings and loan scandal in the '80s. keating was a star athlete on his high school track team. >> he was a
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tremendous person. joyful kid. >> keating was reportedly engaged to be married in november. he's the third u.s. service member to die in iraq in the war on isis. all right. check your freezer tonight. there are new warnings about sickness from frozen foods and it affects all sorts of brands. our pete mun mustn't -- pete montine is looking into this. >> reporter: it includes 42 brands of frozen fruits and veggies. some are sold by stores here. they could contain listeria. and that is sometimes deadly. >> reporter: andre dennis was many going into this green belt safe way, unaware of a friesen food recall. some safeway brands have been pulled from shelves, in fear it could contain listeria. >> oh, my goodness, gracious. make you sick like that. makes me not want to buy frozen vegetables anymore. >> reporter
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vegetables manufactured the food, sold at safeway, trader joe's, wal-mart and costco. doctors say listeria in the food could cause severe headache and nausea. >> not that it's not a dangerous disease. the problem is, we can't predict who will be exposed to it necessarily. >> reporter: listeria has shown up in eight states, including maryland. todays one person who was hospitalized later died. but not directly from the disease. >> it's very rare for someone to die of listeria. it really only occurs in people who are frail or at risk from other medical problems. >> reporter: the fda says food was sold with sell or best buy dates from twl 2620 -- april 26, 2016 to april 16, 2918. -- 2018. >> vifrozen veg -- i have frozen vegetables at home i will have to check. >> it was sold in all
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states. it warns listeria infection can also cause miscarriages in pregnant women. pete montine, wusa 9 remember. >> this not something to play with. we have a full list of the food affected by this recall. go to our free wusa 9 app. is being called the largest evacuation in the history of canada. an entire city of 80,000 people are fleeing their homes under the threat of a massive wildfire. residents of fort mcmurray were only given a few minutes to evacuate. that fire started sunday, believe everwas believed to be -- was believed to be under control until the winds quickly changed correction. >> i tell you what. these flowers aring going to be off the hook. we have started with rain. and it is just continuing to come. >> you know, the thing about today, just kind of dreary on the beltway. but that's going to change as we get into tomorrow night and into friday. let's talk about how many days we've had. i sat
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this this morning. wet stretch. we'll take you through april. start april 18th. then take you to may. all right? so how many days? well, rain on 22nd, 23rd. had a three-day stretch of no rain. then more rain on the 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th. and may, we are 4 for 4. so 10 of the last 13 days, we've had rain. it will probably end up being 11, probably 12, possibly 13 of 16 days. now, remember in 2002, 2001, we had rain 22 days in the month of may. so may can be wet. and actually, clime to logically, -- climato logically, it is one of our wettest months on record. want more information, check out my blog. clouds at the airport. nothing falling from the sky yet. but further west, we have showers. we have been tracking a couple of thunderstorms. mainly to the south and west. and to the north and west. notice, though, the last hour. these storms ween
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through warranton and head up 66. that said, you're going to have a wet ride going 66 westbound. heaviest activity to the west of hagerstown around 40. see a little red. going to move to the north and east. headed to fairview mill at about 5:28 two on -- 5:28 on our storm tracker. go out 50, on your way to middle burg. this is all headed off to the north and east. headed fors poolsville. maybe to the soccer plex at 5:58. i don't see any lightning this these. but if you have soccer practice up in germantown, you probably will have it. yellow weather alert tonight. showers and a few thunderstorms tonight. more so west. yellow weather alert through friday. we added friday to the mix. improving slowly over the weekend the a little more concerned about saturday than i was this time yesterday, in terms of clearing out. but it still looks okay for mom on sunday. 10:00 tonight.
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notice, clouds. but notice all the significant rainfall is back to the west. along i-81 corridor. winchester, back towards laray. temperatures, mid-50s. no bargain temperaturewise. by morning, light activity, light showers or rain or drizzle. but look at the heavy access of rain is well to the west of us, out toward harrison burg. that's going to be the case throughout most of tomorrow. just light activity in town. but boy, temperatures are going to be on the struggle bus. i mean, 56 at 1:00. with clouds. and a northeast flow. and even by 6:00 p.m., just light activity, leesburg to gaithersburg. and temperatures only in the upper 50s tomorrow. many areas will not hit 60 tomorrow. in fact, here is the day planner. more clouds than anything inside the beltway. only 56 by 1:00 p.m. now, friday, rain and showers. 59. back-to-back days in the 50s. then some showers saturday. 55. a little better. cold front comes through saturday night. that could give us a shower early for mom. but in the afternoon, it's fi
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mid70s. mid-70s near monday. near 80 tuesday and wednesday. get back to 80, couple of thunderstorms possible tuesday and wednesday. and the nats back in town, starting on monday upon. >> -- monday. >> all right. we got the nats monday. but the cats today. babies rocking the red at georgetown university hospital. >> so in conjunction with the washington capitals play-off run, team personnel, handing out some swag there today. ever since april 14th. babies born at georgetown get a complimentary caps onesie, cap and bib. that bib should stay clean for all of two or three weeks. >> lots of slob. >> slap shot was there to spread the caps' joy. you know, hopefully all this good will is going to help washington in their play-off game tonight. against the pittsburgh penguins. well, straight ahead. how about this? a bear scare. look at that guy. this is going on right in the middle of the neighborhood.
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>> yeah. i want that. that takata air bag recall is getting bigger. and shoppers cash in after a popular clothing store declares bankruptcy. that's not it. we'll tell you about it in tonight's consumer alert. and your takeout meals. >> from some restaurants, a little different these days. because disi -- styrofoam containers have been banned. that's tonight at 11:00. wusa 9. this price is so low. trying to make me eat my greens? no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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you know, residents in fredic are all for -- frederick are all for friends coming by. but a black bear? that makes them a little uneasy. >> he's very friendly, and very upright. first, up in a tree. and then, is that a bird house, he is digging into? the bird feeder, foraging into food. they eventually move away. listen to this. >> our neighbor called and said, be on the lookout, there's a black bear in the neighborhood. >> i'm just stunned. actually stunned. >> it's the forest.
5:26 pm
stunned. the black bear has been spotted multiple times in the last few days. wildlife experts sate animal shouldn't be a threat, as long as you steer clear and don't try to box it or run after it. last year, the department of natural resources says it responded to 111 bear sightings in frederick county. so they're out there. >> better to see them from a distance. >> for sure. in tonight's consumer alert, one of the biggest recalls in u.s. history continues to get bigger. takata will add another 35 to 40 million more air bag inflaters to its massive recall. the japanese company has already called back nearly 29 million of those faulty air bags. they can explode and spray shrapnel into drivers and passengers. and at least 11 deaths, and 100 injuries have been linked to those defective bags. the bankruptcy watch is over. aeropostale was once hailed as the vibrant epicenter of the mall scene. but today, the new york-based company is
5:27 pm
protection. after years of lawsuits and online retail competition. the going out of business sales began this weekend at 113 stores in the u.s. and 41 of them in canada. aeropostale says it expects to emerge from bankruptcy protection in six months stoimplets and it's a reality -- and it's a reality of the uk. pet owners are hoping that paw- ternity leave catches on with companies in the united states. like maternity or paternity leave, paw-ternity gives you time off to train and comfort and bond with your go>;cat or employees in the uk receive paid paw-ternity leave to care for a few hours for their new pets for a couple of months. >> that's actually happening the. and don't forget, we are giving away a new car here. >> funeral in tomorrow morning -- tune in tomorrow
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details on the wusa 9 app. >> i was wondering when that word was going to filter out. we're going to pivot a bit. we're talking about poisoning at a grocery store. one man is behind bars after a sinister prank. and did the suspect know right from wrong when he killed a virginia college student. and a frightening threat from a student to a teacher at
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know that at least the process of buying a new home can be clear and simple. know your investments can make retirement closer than you think know. the one word behind all the guidance we provide, tools we create, and services we offer. because when you have insight, you know.
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a viral video that is just hard to watch for any educator, or any of us really. >> high school student, caught on camera, cursing out and threatening a teacher. now that, bad behavior could have easily gotten out of control if it weren't for the teacher's calm reaction. this all happened at baloo high school in southeast. that's with we find delia gonsalves -- goncalves. >> a lot of the students have seen it already. the videos made the round on facebook and twitter. a lot of the kids we talked to who saw the video, don't think the punishment goes far enough. >> reporter: a classroom confrontation that could have gone badly. >> wow. that's all i can say is wow. >> the student, incredulous. >> why would you do that? >> reporter: choke it out. a high school student nose to nose with
5:32 pm
substitute teacher, calling him a snitch and threatening to beat him up. the video drew lots of reaction on twitter. >> i am just glad they didn't go out there and put their handoss them or whatever. it could have got worse. >> what do you think should have happened to him? >> he got suspended. >> at least. >> instead, he's not going to prom. pcps says the student was having, quote, a bad day and was now remorseful. >> it was disturbing to me to even watch the video. so something need to be done. more severe than missing program. >> are teachers safe? >> they're absolutely safe. that's not even a question. >> reporter: john davis, chief of schools says suspensions are last resort. instead, they offer interventions of sort. a new program called restorative practice. >> only way you're going to do that is to work with them, not to suspend them. >> reporter: still, these students say missing prom isn't enough. >> maybe he didn't really want to go to prom
5:33 pm
how would they know that's a discipline for them? >> some students say maybe even a public apology would work. however, we don't know exactly what happened the student. we do know he is back in class. the teachers union would like to see a hearing or suspension. a spokesperson with dcps says the teacher who was a baloo alum himself refused to press charges. we're live in congress heights, delia goncalves, wusa 9. >> a spokesperson tells us, suspensions are down 50% in the schools that use restorative practices. we've got an update on our top story. news, unfortunately, not good. police confirming that the pedestrian struck by an amtrak train in rockville has died. it's still unclear why this person was on the tracks. mark says it's westbound brunswick line trains are not running right now as a result of the incident. >>
5:34 pm
>> did steven breel know right from wrong when he killed grace man? is that that is the question for the jury tonight on day 3 of the trial. peggy fox joins us live. are we closer to knowing that, peg? >> i think so, lesli. deliberations began about 20 minutes ago. during closing arguments, the commonwealth's attorney told the jury that to dismiss and excuse this murder and agree with an insanity defense would be, quote, dangerous. the defense attorney dismissed that. he said the only explanation for what steven brile did is that he was completely delusional when he killed grace mann. >> psychiatrist dr. eileen ryan is uva medical institute at the law of psychology. she spent hours, interviewing murder defendant steven brile. she is charged in murdering the death
5:35 pm
-- mann. >> dr. ryan doesn't believe he should be held criminally responsible because he believed he was dog right in his mind. >> he was diabetes said with paranoid schizophrenia. that he was sicottic and thought -- psychotic and thought people were trying to kill him. she said he believed random statements from his roommates were secret messages. and secret messages were pouring out of his tumbler account. then the night before grace was killed, his mother told him to say 10 hail marys. so he texted back. so it's hail mary, full of grace? grace in all caps. that convinced grace was out to get him and that an organization was tasked to get him. he believed that grades had been poisoning him with
5:36 pm
put something in his peanut butter. brile took a text from katherine, the roommate, as a code that she was on his side and that he needed to take care of grace. when grace came home, ryan said brile asked why she was trying to kill him. there was a confrontation and breel strangled her. he then texted katherine. there's a mess in holly's room. went to look for a phone charger, made a mess. >> the prosecution's final piece of evidence may turn out to be its most important. it was a 15-minute jailhouse phone call between steven brile and his parents. it was just two weeks after he killed grace man. and in this phone conversation, he sounds completely normal. he is completely coherent, as he and his parents chat about relatives bbooks, about magazines and that's the whole point. prosecution is trying to
5:37 pm
but others say mental illness is not always apparent. we're here and we'll be keeping an eye on it for you. peggy fox, wusa 9. >> we know you will. the prosecution did put a different psychiatrist on the stand today who disagreed with dr. eileen ryan, and said brile did know right from wrong, when he strangled grace man. a man accused of spraying a rat poison mixture on grocery food in michigan is under arrest. the fbi says this man confessed to contaminating food in several ann arbor grocery stores. he reportedly sprayed a mixture of hand sanitizer, water and rat poison on produce in as many as 14 stores. >> what it he has been doing it for weeks or months or years? and suddenly someone saw him? and it makes you think about everything you buy all the time. >> ray whole foods employ -- a whole foods employee noticed the man
5:38 pm
health officials are warning consumers who think they may have purchased contaminated food, to throw it out. turning out a computer may have the final say on your next job interview. and 50 cent apologizes for what he did to a man with autism. topper? no showers in the immediate metro area. this is radar over the past hour. we'll come back and tell you where these are headed and talk about another yellow weather alert day on friday. and looking ahead to mom's day
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time to join the technological revolution. you may have to press a computer instead of hr, to land your next job interview. >> here's why. companies like mattress firm are using computer analytics to select the best applicants. the software process is detailed questionnaires, asking to give reviews on issues ranging from complex problems to advancement in the company. >> i remember taking the assessment and thinking, i'm either going to be really good for this job or i'm not as fit for this company. it was really detail. >> a company
5:42 pm
technology. and it claims the helps large corporations reduce turnover. it seems to be working for mattress firm. its turnover rate is down 50% to 38. oh, 50. rapper 50 cent. apologizing for making fun of a janitor at the cincinnati airport in a video posted on social media. we showed it to you yesterday. the rapper accused the young man of being high on the job. yeah. bad call. turns out the 19-year-old has autism and a social introvert disorder. and he said he is truly sorry. and said he has personally apologized to him and his family. >> glad he did that. break out your light saber. today is an unofficial holiday for star wars fans. >> it is may 4th. or may the force be with you. after that iconic line from the george lucas film franchise. we're guessing these people
5:43 pm
circled. fans gather dressed as their favorite characters. and you are feeling one with them. because that's when you would come out of your mom's basement too. >> i will now be attacked on twitter. tonight, game 4 in pittsburgh. we'll answer the question coming up in sports. and right after the break. it is the third leading cause of death in this country. how medical errors are responsible for more than 250,000 deaths
5:44 pm
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at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
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leaving surgical instruments in your body? how about injecting with 10 times the prepare -- prescribed medication. they suggest that medical mistakes like those, are now the third leading cause of death in america. that's right after cancer and heart disease. bruce leshan sorted through it all, to find out what you can do to avoid becoming a statistic. tell us, bruce. >> yes. lesli, and adam. a quarter million of us killed every year. and these medical mistakes, well, they are all preventable. >> it
5:47 pm
>> reporter: patty skullneck still struggles with the death of her son michael. >> it is not anything that goes away. >> reporter: michael had a benign brain cyst. but a colorado neurosurgeon, with a history of problems, convinced michael to have an unnecessary operation on his brain that left him paralyzed, blind and ultimately killed him. >> and before he died, he opened has eyes and he mouthed, i love you. and he took his last breath. nothing can ever take that away from me. >> reporter: medical errors, misdiagnoses, overdose, preventable complications, or simply falling through the cracks, are far more common than we thought. >> every doctor or nurse that takes care of patients knows that we are human beings, working in a messy system. >> reporter: a new analysis in the british medical journal of four large studies suggest 700 americans die from medical mistakes every day. but the hopkins doctor who
5:48 pm
the lead author, says we are not keeping track of the numbers. >> if somebody trips over a cord that leads to a ventilator and the patient stops breathing and dies, how does that get listed in our national health statistics today? it should not be listed as respiratory failure, it should be listed as medical error. >> and i love you very much. >> reporter: so how do we fix the problem and save lives like michael's? >> physicians need to listen. and patients need to learn to speak up. >> reporter: now, here is some advice from the experts. go to the best hospital. read up on your condition. know the alternatives. know about other treatments, know what medication you are taking before you take it. and bring a family member or a friend along with you when you go for an office visit or for hospitalization. lesli? >> bruce that, is so important. having an advocate with you when you're going through
5:49 pm
processes. every disease, diagnosis also has a billing code. but there is no code for medical error. and the lead author of the study says we need that kind of data to save more lives. a rash of broken car windows in alexandria. police say they have received reports of 15 smashed-out windows in the north area. only one car owner is reporting that crooks stole something from the vehicle. now, if your car is damaged, alexandria police want to hear from you. a manassas family is out of a home, after their car smashed into it. from prince williams county fire and rescue. it triggered a gas leak. five adults, four kids and their pets are all safe. but out of their home tonight. all right. it's been so busy. the start of the month. have not had a chance to get to the main almanac. i did post this on the blog. but the average high on
5:50 pm
is 72 and 51. by the end of the month, it's low 80s and low 60s. as we mentioned earlier, average precip is close to 4 inches. one of our lower months. highest temperature in the wettest. live look outside. it's still 60. winds are still easterly at 9. but the radar -- i mean, the rainfall is well to the west of national. in fact, here's a look at the radar over the last hour. hagerstown, down i-81, to the north and east of winchester. and also down to the south of i- 66 in well to the west of 95. that's where the heaviest activity can be found. around 40, if you're traveling out hagerstown, out 40 toward hancock, you'll find activity. this is a pretty heavy storm, too, across the border. this particular storm is headed toward upton and williamson on our storm tracker. they're only moving at 12 to 13 miles an hour. this one down to the south. bakers height. as you get into the 5:49 hour now. and swan pond, about 6:06. in the immediate western suburbs,
5:51 pm
notice, just shades of green. but enough to slow you down if you're going out. 50. eventually, this will go. this will cross over route 70 or shortly in the dulles toll road. and certainly if you're going out 59 or 66 westbound. for tonight, no surprise. yellow weather alert. we have showers and a few storms tonight. primarily west of town. yellow weather alert tomorrow. and also friday. improving slowly. slowly over the weekend. 10:00 tonight, around town. pretty quiet. but there's your rain out to the west again. it's going to be kind of that way. the rain will stay to the west. 6:00 a.m. a few wet roads here and there. low to mid-50s to start. and by 8:30, 9:00, low to mid- 50s with the heavy rain to the west. day planner. not too much falls from the sky. but look at the temps. struggling again to 56 by 1:00 p.m. next seven days. 59 friday. probably heavier rain thursday night and friday. for the immediate metro. for mom, okay. after a morning shower.
5:52 pm
and 74 monday. near 80 on tuesday and wednesday. couple of storms possible tuesday and wednesday. may the force be with the capitals tonight. is about all i could find for light saber on short notice. but it will do. game 4 tonight. caps have better chance than any to avoid going down. and steal ice in their series with the penguins. playing without their number 1 player, chris latang. he spoke for the first time since being suspended for this hit on marcus johanceon. he said he -- johansen. said there was no intent to hurt him. >> there was no malicious intention there. i -- if you look at it, it's right in front of him. the
5:53 pm
>> it's a must win for us. like every dame -- game. we go in, expecting to win, wanting to win. and doesn't change. we believe in the group in this room. and we just gotta make sure that we're executing the way we should. and we'll be all right. >> big game. all right. former quarterback washington is wasting no time, endearing himself to the cleveland brown faithful. griffin executed what we call a quarterback sneak today. on some unsuspecting high school players. the school received $25,000 from the nfl for new uniforms and helmets. they unveiled a new mannequin with their new uniform. went up to go try it on. but little did they know that number 10 was actually number 10, hiding in there, little mannequin. you know, he's not the quarterback here anymore. but he's still doing what he did so well in this community. and obviously the cleveland brown fans are excited to have him. >> say what you want about him. he ha
5:54 pm
people, to kids, to everybody, wherever he is. >> and he took that right there. and kept doing what we did he. what we all kind of fell in love with him for really. coming up. donald trump knocks out the remaining competition in the republican presidential race. also at 6:00, president obama tries to show flint water is safe on his first visit to the city since the crisis began. and being a panda cub. well, it ain't easy. we'll take you behind the scenes of bay-bay's training at
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
the national zoo's smallest giant panda bear is in training. >> surae chinn takes us behind the scenes with bay bay, the giant panda cub. >> hi. come on, baby. >> it's panda practice for baby bear. panda keeper laurie thompson uses a tennis ball for bay bay to touch with his nose. but the 9-year-old toddler cub is not always on point. >> he's just learning to climb. he's got a baby brain still. and he's good about doing stuff with us. but he's distracted by climbing or anything else that is going on. >> it's only his sixth day of training, minutes at a time. then he goes out to play. >> this is their living space. their den where most visitors see
5:58 pm
it's a very short walk to the outside where bay bay spends most of his day. >> look. right over there. >> this is just amazing. it's negligence something i've never seen. >> wusa 9 has been with bay bay for important milestones. eating solid while may helps him get out. >> we found a food he's willing to like. and do something for it. good. >> food is an important part of training. but so is touch and attention for relationship building. all very necessary for drawing blood, vision and dental work. >> he's good for a few times and then he gets distracted. >> pandas are natural climbers then become experts at fain
5:59 pm
panda express. >> bay bay loves eating apples, but ironically, must stay away from honey. just like in humans, babies fear disease. at 9 months old, here's here to stay for a while at the zoo, he's returned to china when he turns 4. at the smiths sonian national zoo, surae chinn, wusa 9. >> he's got to take him in. >> one thing for sure, he's adorable. >> they are an endangered species. >> it is estimated that there are roughly 1800 of them left in the wild. right now, donald trump says he'll start focusing on the attacks on hillary clinton. and rushing to help victims after a hummer crashes into a silver diner and catches fire. and we're learning prince called for help in treating his pal
6:00 pm
death. john kasich formally suspended his campaign a short time ago. dropping out of the race, clearing the field for the presumptive nominee. this, after a wild 24 hours, which saw trump win in indiana. forcing his chief rival, ted cruz from the race. he joins us live with what is next. garrett, i understand you're at union station. >> yeah, bruce, we ran out here to get this live shot set up, just back in new york city and trump tower, where i can tell you, the trump campaign absolutely did not expect their good fortune in having the field cleared so quickly for them after that big win in indiana last night. they expected to fight this thing all the way out to the california primary in june. and i can also tell you that the kasich campaign thought they would be fighting on as late as this morning. john kasich was supposed to be here in deform c. now. raismo


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