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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  May 4, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> right now at 7:00 a lunch break turns into a rescue mission after a hummer plowed into a popular diner. a hijacking after metro bus. the suspect admits he was high on bus. first, even more rain and showers creeping into the viewing area. thanks for joining us. >> yellow weather alerts keep coming. chief meteorologist tom is tracking who's getting hit hardest. >> the trouble spots are i-66 west, i-95 south and also 50 west. here's the radar over the past hour. lighter activity hagerstown, west of frederick down through leesburg and across 66 into 95 around woodbridge and dell city. we'll zoom in first to the north. these have weakened considerably. heaviest activity north
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border toward green castle. everything creeping, creeping very slowly off to the east/northeast. down to the south once you leave old town you have a wet ride through 95 toward fredericksburg. a little heavier activity just on the east side of the river there in charles county. this is going to produce a little bit of heavy rain. no hail, no lightning with these storms. it's going to move off about 7:55 and maybe hughesville at 8:39. in terms. futurecast, by and large the lion's share of precipitation stays west of us tonight. this is 10:00. some more activity could develop along i-81 on the east cited with temperatures in the mid-50s. by midnight, we're looking at temperatures in the 50s with still some light rain and shower out i-66 and points to the north and west. we'll come back and look ahead to mom's day. download our app. it's free. you can track these storms with us. we'll also push you severe weather notifications and the seven-day outlook as well. four people are in
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into a restaurant in tyson's corner and caught fire. it happened during the busy lunch rush at silver diner. >> that's where we find 9 news now. he's live with witnesses who were quick to help. >> reporter: much calmer, much quieter scene out here this evening as the cleanup process really begins after that suv came barreling through this restaurant. it was a frightening and chaotic scene as witnesses describe. it's still unclear why or how exactly it happened but what has emerged is what you guys just mentioned. the story of bystanders who became heroes. witnesses say the hummer came crashing into the entrance of the restaurant, hitting three pedestrians, pipping one of them between the suv and the building. you see witnesses trying to help. one of the victims carrying them to a safer place. witnesses say the driver reversed the hummer slightly at which point the man pinned was able to shake loose just before the driver sped forward again, crashing into the building a
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caught fire. >> the second time i think he was dazed after that first impact, so i'm not -- that's what was going on through my mind, like it was something being done deliberately. >> reporter: despite the smoke and the flames, we still see witnesses running toward the wreckage trying to pull the driver against his will, they say, out of the hummer. you can see they didn't give up until they finally drag him to safety. we are told that driver is an employee here at silver diner. he's been a cook here for about two years. the company says that he's been on bereavement leave for the last month or so. all of this remains under investigation. >> thank you. the man police arrested for stealing a bus and fatally mowing down a man in northeast d.c. was apparently high on synthetic marijuana and pcp when he did it. court documents reveal 30-year- old. police say loving assaulted a
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the bus yesterday around 10:30. they say he drove it for 90 seconds, then stopped with 40- year-old anthony payne in full view and ran him over. tonight people are remembering payne as a caring man. >> he was funny. he was friendly. he always liked doing things, helping people. >> loving has been charged with second degree murder. he's being held in jail without bond. montgomery county police say a man has been hit and killed by an amtrak train. it happened along the tracks in rockville. the police investigation has been tying up service on the mark brunswick line. right now, the jury in the grace mann murder trial is deliberating the killer, steven briel. he admitted to killing mann last year but pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. a uva psychiatrist diagnosed
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him as paranoid schizophrenia. the prosecution called the insanity defense merely an excuse. this video shows a ballow high school student cursing and threatening a teacher. the teacher remained calm. reaction from southeast washington. >> reporter: many students here at ballew have seen this video. it made the rounds on twitter and facebook. a lot say the punishment does not go far enough. >> that's disrespectful. >> reporter: a high school student nose to nose with a long time substitute teacher, calling him a snitch and threatening to beat him up. >> what do you think should have happened to him? >> he got suspended. >> suspended at least. >> reporter: instead he's not going to prom. they say the student was having a, quote, bad day and is now remorseful. >> not simply letting them miss prom. >> are teachers safe at our area high schools? >> they're absolutely safe. that's not even a question. >> reporter: john davis, chief of schools, says
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instead they offer an intervention of sorts, a new program called restorative practice. >> we want to work with them so they have the appropriate behaviors moving forward. the only way you're going to do that is to work with them, not just suspend them. >> reporter: a spokesperson said the teacher refused to press charges. in congress heights, wusa 9. >> suspensions are down 50% at schools that use the restorative practice method. new details surrounding prince's death. a lawyer for the family of an open poid adick -- opioid addiction expert say the singer's people contacted them the night before they died to come up with a treatment plan. he says it was the son who discovered prince dead in an elevator and called 911. tonight the race for the republican presidential nominations
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donald trump the only g.o.p. candidate left. his last remaining rival john kasich has pulled out of the race. >> as i suspend my campaign today, i have renewed faith, deeper faith that the lord will show me the way forward and fulfill the purpose of my life. >> we're told the ohio governor was sitting on a plane in columbus ready to fly to dulles for fund-raisers in our area. he just had a change of heart, said it was time to throw in the towel. >> his departure takes the once crowded gop field down to just one candidate. out of the 17 republicans hoping to become president, donald trump is the very last one standing. ted cruz dropped out last night, people went to twitter cruising the hashtag never trump. they posted pictures as they burned their republican registration cards and changed their party affiliation. now other members of the republican party are having to decide if they can support trump. >>
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i don't know. maybe not vote? i don't know. it's a tricky one. >> i think we probably really looking for change. >> they got to accept it as it is. >> what we're witnessing is a historical race we never in my lifetime have seen anything like this. >> some republicans told us they would even consider voting for hillary clinton over trump. today president obama went to flint, michigan, and he drank the water. he hoped to send a message that they can now put away the bottled water and drink tap water they run through a filter. flint's water source has been switched from the flint river back to detroit's water system, but most of the city's lead pipes still need to be replaced. so for now bottled water is still recommended for pregnant women and children under the age of 6. two recalls already involving millions of items getting even bigger. how to know if your airbags or your frozen foods are involved is right after the break. another
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d.c.'s most famous baby panda. later you can find out what he's up to now and how it will help him in the future. you're watching wusa 9. this is your only local news at 7:00.
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e.t. phone home.
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your takeout meals from some restaurants are a little different these days because styrofoam containers have been banned. but we found some eateries that are still using them. we're going to show you who's not following the law tonight at 11:00 on wusa 9. new tonight at 7:00 we're getting our first look at johnny manziel's mugshot. he was booked in jail and quickly posted bond for a domestic violence charge. the former cleveland browns quarterback will have his first day in court tomorrow. the biggest recall in today's history has doubled in size. today federal regulators announced at least 35 million for takata
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fixed. that brings the total number of faulty airbags on american streets to 69 million. they have faulty inflaters that can cause them to explode sending shards of metal into drivers. at least ten people have died worldwide. federal safety officials say it will take 2 1/2 years to replace all the defective airbags. car owners will be notified by mail if their vehicle is involved. another massive consumer alert today will have you checking the freezer. a washington state company expanded its recall of frozen vegetables and fruits. they're linked to a listeria outbreak, and the cdc says one person in maryland, another in washington state has died. but health authorities don't believe listeria was the cause of death. the recall of frozen vegetables include more than 350 products sold under 4 # different brands. >> you can find the full list on the wusa 9 app. are you feeling lucky? tonight could be
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become a millionaire. the power ball jackpot is venturing into the territory at $348 million. that's no chump change but a far cry from the $1.6 billion prize shared by three people in january. that drawing is tonight at 11:00. will that get you to buy a ticket, do you think? >> why not $100 million? it's not worth the time? >> it's got to be at least a billion. >> okay. this little guy might be the last thing you would expect to see while walking in washington. we're going to tell you where this baby beaver was spotted after the break. we're looking at a couple of showers to the west of town. everything is fairly light from leesburg to fairfax to quantico. we'll track the heavier cell to the east of quantico and look ahead to the weekend. it's mom's day after all. you can make a drive to work a stylish one. we're giving away a brand-new mercedes benz to
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viewer. tune in to wakeup washington tomorrow at 6:00 in the morning to find out how you can enter and win. we also have details on the free wusa 9 app.
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includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me a couple of incredible caught on camera moments involving wild animals in our area. check this out. a viewer tweeted this video of
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the fountains at the metro station. the critter is clearly lost. a kid let the animal climb up its leg. animal control officers did safetily capture that little beaver. >> okay. a not so cued and cuddly animal is causing concern in a frederick, maryland, neighborhood. he's searching for food in a bird feeder in the backyard. somebody else spotted the same bear yesterday snoozing in a tree obviously after a snack. the bear sightings go up this time of year as the animals crawl out of hibernation. >> this is the most famous bear big enough for schooling. today we got a behind-the- scenes look at the training at the zoo. training is important for the veterinarians to handle the bear for dental and vision work and drawing blood. it's essential, touch and attention are essential for building relationships. pandas normally touch with
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their paws. >> are you happy with the progression? >> yeah, he's definitely easy to work with and very motivated for brief periods of time. buddy, you've got to come down. >> that's so cute. he says forget you. >> you can't get enough of him. >> he's still a baby and very early stages of training with only several days under his belt. always so cute. today is a yellow weather alert day. now, here's wusa 9's first alert weather. perhaps you had the same thought i did earlier this morning. it seems like it's rained a lot in the last 15 days or so. let's go ahead and graph that if you will. monday, april 18, we'll switch months on sunday, april 1st. rained on the 22nd, 23rd, three day respite and more rain on the 28, 29, 30, 1,
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probably end up with measurable rain, albeit light tomorrow. we may have three more days ahead. in the last 13 days we've recorded some rain at national airport, ten of those days. so you're not imagining things. a live look outside at our live michael & son weather cam. down to 57. here is the radar over the past hour. it's kind of sort of disjointed. nothing crazy heavy. a little light to moderate activity in leesburg, hagerstown. this is your worse commute down toward fredericksburg. this is the heaviest activity around quantityco-- quantico. it may get to white plains at 8:25. the things are moving 12 miles per hour and losing steam as they move into more and more stable air. so nonetheless, yellow weather alert tonight. showers and a few thunderstorms tonight. yellow weather
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through friday. improving slowly over the weekend. i still think a couple of showers are possible on saturday. starting saturday night with a cold front. i think the afternoon for mom will be fine. 10:00 tonight, in town and around the immediate metro area, nothing really going on. temps in the 50s. there are your showers on the east side of i-81 just to the east of winchester. by 6:00 a.m. a couple of sprinkles, light rain or drizzle possible. low 50s to start. by 8:30, 9:00, we're only 53 downtown. 52 in silver spring and 52 infairfax. the heaviest rain is to the south and west of us. but we're not going to see any breaks in the clouds. by this time tomorrow night light showers possible as you're heading home up to 70 out route 7 and route 66. day planner mainly clouds tomorrow. temperature 56 by 1:00 p.m. next seven days, some showers on saturday, especially saturday night into early sunday morning. but then the afternoon on mother's
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70s. mid-70s on monday. near 80 on tuesday and wednesday. increasing chance of thunderstorms. nets back in town starting monday. >> thank you, topper. don't forget mother's day is sunday. we want to know why your mom isthe best around. use the hashtag wusa moms to tell us about your moms. today the capitals welcomed a few fans at georgetown hospital. these new babies just one and two days old. already they're rocking the red. they've got hats and bibs to cheer on the playoffs. parents tell us today they hope the caps fans bring the team a lot of luck. they'd need it tonight, right? >> they've got a few things going their way but it is a very important game tonight. a big big game for the cavs. what approach is the team taking for this evening's game? we'll hear from coach coming up
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now wusa 9 game on sport with kristen
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you by xfinity. the washington capitals play some of their best hockey monday night despite the loss in game 3 to pittsburgh. they're looking to take that confidence and momentum into tonight's game. some calling this a must-win game. frustrated caps fans certainly are. nonetheless this is an extremely important game because a loss means the caps would have to win three straight to advance. the coach says he's confident his guys can take care of business because, well, they've been here before. >> we lost game 3 last year against the islanders and sort of started building our game. we were down 2 in that series just as we are here. so hopefully there's some good memories of that that we can carry forward. >> we played well. a lot of good chances. not easy to do coming into this building. obviously they're going to have excitement. we found a way to carry the majority. we're excited about that. >> so the caps had
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game 3. he will once again be a key issue tonight. the caps do have a big opportunity for some success because the penguins will be without their number one defenseman. the suspension of kris letang leaves an irreplaceable player that needs to be replaced. pittsburgh lost 9 of 11 games when kris letang was not able to play. he is their most important player and changes the scope of the game. the capitals needed to take advantage of his absence and their mistakes. >> he played big minutes for them. you know, we lost a key component on our d line, so we'll have to make adjustments and guys have to go out, guys come in. so i mean, it's a big loss to them, but they've got players that can make a difference, too. >> not just letang out but eric farris has been spotted in the press box in a suit. he's also out tonight. so big opportunity for
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>> let's win this one. >> absolutely. still wet tonight? >> nothing crazy heavy here. two yellow weather alerts for friday. >> that's the news at 7:00. >> leslie and adam will be back at 11:00. have a great night, everybody. ahh? yeah, ahh? ahh? ahh? you probably say it a million times a day. ahh? ahh? ahh. but at cigna, we want to help everyone say it once a year.
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"e.t." breaking major news tonight. janet jackson is pregnant. >> her 50th birthday just days away. what we uncovered after this message. >> my husband and i are planning our family. >> now she's dropping a new music video. then, uh-oh. dancing like she hasn't danced in years. then. paparazzi. dwin goes off on the >> if they were any closer, they'd actually be kissing. what caused his latest outburst. plus, is jennifer lopez engaged? the truth behind the reports. >> and look out beyonce. where jay-z could soon be telling his side of the "lemonade" cheating controversy. candace cameron noticeably absent. why she hasn't showed up to see her tv s


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