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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  May 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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we don't know anything yet on who was behind this or why. >> we are also following more breaking news right now. this out of prince george's county, at high point high school in beltsville. here's what we're hearing from authorities now. >> we're hearing that apparently there was some sort of shooting outside of the building. and that's pretty much all we know right now. the prince george's county police and the fire department are responding. we'll, of course, follow this and give you updates as you're heading in. >> several people reporting on twitter that there is a large police presence in that area. more details coming in. we'll kick it right back out to you with the latest. moving on, a middle school murder scene is crawling tonight. less than 24 hours ago, a teenager was shot. now, prince williams county police are following a new trail of evidence. wusa 9's pete montine live from godwin for us. pete? >> reporter: the gunshots came from a school field
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half mile behind us. a 19-year-old was killed. and tonight, his friends want answers. >> prince william county police searched these woods. as friends of irmale menseray, searched their feelings. >> all i could think of was a fight over some petty thing. >> reporter: a funny guy who loved his mom. police say it was after dark, when he met a group of men on the school yard and they shot him. >> when i heard the gunshots, i came out here. and -- to my window, i looked and i seen two people walking down there. >> police took several suspects into custody by the afternoon. neighbors feared they took this path, a common cutthrough for students. >> i'm not shocked it happened here. to me, it was just a matter of time. >> that's what the world is coming to, you know. >> police say a wounded man made it to a nearby shopping center, but died on the way to the hospital. >> no beef is worth
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life. and it's sad that our generation has to learn this the hard way. >> reporter: for a time today, #r.i.p.-ish was trending on twitter. his friends tell me they're not exactly sure what he was doing here. live in woodbridge, pete mustn'tine, -- mun teen, wusa 9. it was a tense 17 hours as misscoured -- police scoured. his dad beat his mother and took off with him. in the end, zion was found. and his dad, joshua williams, is in police custody. debra alfarone is live in spotsylvania tonight, to connect all of the dots. deb? >> and legs li -- lesli, 17 thundershower -- hours that, little boy was dead. after the toddler was found, police closed in on joshua williams pretty quickly. here's how this
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>> this man is considered dangerous at this time he may be armed and dangerous. >> 7:00 p.m. wednesday night. police say 28-year-old joshua williams visits his ex, and their 3-year-old son zion. they take a ride in her nissan altima. >> we got a call from a female victim who had just escaped a severe beating. an attack from her ex- boyfriend. mr. williams. >> she runs for help, leaving zion in the car. an amber alert goes out. police spread out. >> we're also getting help from the virginia state police. and the united states secret service. >> police say by morning, williams had abandoned the car. >> bring the child to us. bring the child to safety. >> reporter: around noon, the news that took 17 long, tense hours to arrive, zion williams was safe. >> what do you have to say to him now, that the child is safe and back with his mom. >> well done. thank you. you did the right thing. now, do another right thing. and turn yourself in. >> reporter:
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police say they surprised joshua williams at this spotsylvania county home, on falcon ridge drive. >> the child is safe. and home with mom. mr. williams was taken into custody. no one was injured. and i would look at that as a win-win for everybody. >> williams now faces two felony charges, one for assaulting his ex. and the other for abducting his child. we are live here in spotsylvania county tonight, debra alfarone, wusa 9. >> police say zion's mother was seriously hurt but is out of the hospital and is expected to recover. well, we're seeing some light rain around the area right now. but guess what. again, things are going to start to pick up overnight. first alert meteorologist topper shutt joining us now. what are we seeing on the radar now, other than bad news? >> i just want to say, we're as tired of issuing these yellow weather alerts as you are of hearing them. here is the latest radar.
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notice, instead of the usual movement from southwest to northeast, or moving northeast now to southwest, the activity you see in howard county, around columbia, and entering eastern sections of mont montgomery county, will move in. in fact, we'll zoom in a little bit. nothing is heavy. again, sort of nuisance sort of stuff. one shower to the west of rockville. but mostly, laurel and columbia, it will move eastward toward echison, alne. it's going to roll all the way to reston. they're moving very, very slowly, though. maybe fairfax at 6:38. but it will be all light today. and i kind of like this graphic really. tomorrow it's going to be a washout. all right? saturday, somewhere between isolated and scattered in terms of showers. clouds are going to hang tough on saturday. saturday we may have a morning shower for mom. rest of the day is fine. monday, essentially dry. couple of showers possible south of town on monday. so here's the future
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in the morning. you can see, a lot of rain has already pushed through the metro area. notice yellow and dark green. 54 in gaithersburg, 52 in frederick. just doesn't feel like may, does it? feels more like march. we'll come back and talk about the possibility of yellow weather alert on saturday and look ahead to mom's day. >> thanks, top. fire sprinklers appear to have saved a senior living home from serious damage in germantown. flames broke out in the kitchen of a third floor unit at the churchill complex on father hurley boulevard. one resident has been displaced. no one was injured. tracking metro for you now. and we are anticipating a major maintenance announcement from the transit agency tomorrow. sources tell wusa 9 that general manager paul wedefeld requested a closed-door session. he wants to brief them on a major safety plan he has in place. and that could mean another system wide shutdown or a slowdown for extended periods
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of time. we talked to writers about those possibilities. >> whatever it takes to make it safe. i just got off a train and smelt burning brakes. whatever makes it safe. i think that's really important. >> i think that's the best way to do it. just get it right and make sure you maintain it is the key. >> metro shut down the rail system completely for nearly 30 hours in march to address safety concerns about cable fires in the system. and there are growing fears about the safety of metro buses, after tuesday's hijacking that left 40-year-old anthony payne dead. metro says they are taking security seriously. buses are considered high risk. the buses that are considered high risk are monitored by police. and many of the buses in its fleet are equipped with plexiglas shields. metro glass reports, in spite of this incident, bus rider assaults are actually down 30%. turning to campaign 2016, where the focus is shifting to
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donald trump will hold has first rally tonight as the presumptive republican presidential candidate. but after defeating 16 opponents. he has a lot of fences to mend. he also face is a huge -- faces a huge challenge. that includes paul ryan. the house speaker said today, he is not ready to support trump. despite his critics, the billionaire is refusing to back away from his attacking style. >> i am who i am. i don't like to change. i don't like to really change. i feel i'm a presidential person. >> reporter: now, before she make its to november, hillary clinton has to beat bernie arounders -- sanders first. she's campaigning in california today, ahead that was state's primary next month. and if he wants to be 45, trump that is, he's not going to get help from 41 or 43. spokesmen for george h.w. and george bush say they have no plans to endorse the donald or any other candidates. no word so far
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whether he will support trump. a sky-high scare. at the washington national cathedral. >> a man climbed up the scaffolding last night. police received a call just after midnight. and our wusa 9 cameras were the first on the scene. the man remained on the scaffolding for about an hour and a half, after he was talked down. police say they will not press charges. so we are just getting started here on wusa 9news at 5:00. sentencing day for a prince george's county man who shot his stepfather to death in a dispute over yard work. the feds put the smackdown on electronic cigarettes. what that means for people who like debates. topper is back with more on our yellow weather alert. and if the sun might make an appearance eventually this weekend. and right after the break, we're back at the silver diner. one day after a former employee crashed his hummer into the building. and sky 9 is just moments away from being at
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that's prince george's county, where there has been reports of a shooting reports of multiple victims. we're getting the very latest information we can. as soon as the chopper gets ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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fairfax county homicide investigators are now working the case in tysons, after an employee rammed his hummer into the silver diner yesterday. a number of people got hurt, including the driver, in what witnesses believe was a deliberate attack. wusa 9 scott broom is live in tyson's, following up for us. hi, scott. >> hi. there have been repairs under way at the restaurant here, after this biz ash -- bizarre incident. the video, unforgettable. the question for the police investigators is whether this was some kind of murder-ic
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by a disgruntled employee. or if it's possibly some kind of bizarre actions. heroic bystanders pull a deranged man from behind the wheel of his flaming hummer, after he allegedly rammed it into the silver dyson's wednesday. witnesses tell us it looked like a deliberate attack on the restaurant by an employee on leave. but today, as the restaurant is being repaired in hopes of a reopening in time for mother's day weekend. fairfax county police are not able to say this was a crime or something else. key to the case is the man who was driving the hummer, identified by restaurant officials as a cook who had been on leave since april 2nd, due to a death in his family. that man, who neither police nor coworkers named publicly, has not been named by homicide p detectives because of his medical condition. no charges have been filed. at least one of the heroic people seen dragging the driver out, is a
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to be reported. he was rescued by standers as well. >> the whole front is kind of devoured, destroyed. >> reporter: today, customers came to marvel at the damage and the bizarre circumstances, saying it was a miracle no one died. >> shock. definitely shock. pretty crazy stuff. hopefully everybody is okay. >> wonder what the back story is. in then to burst into flames is really kind of bizarre. >> under a lot of stress. i think he dealt with in a wrong way. feel bad for him and his family. >> so that man continues to recover. he's in bad enough medical condition he can't give an interview. police, they are waiting to speak with him. so the restaurant is on track to reopen by the weekend. and police still have to solve the mystery of why this apparent attack happened here and whether or not the individual behind the wheel of thatmm
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charged. in tyson's corner, scott broom, wusa 9. and some were offered trauma counseling and some said they did go to sessions today. people under 18 will soon be banned if buying electronic cigarettes. >> that ban on sales to minors will take effect in 90 days. every e-cigarette on the market will need federal approval. each application could cost $1 million. the rule also will allow the fda to evaluate the ingredients of these products, how the products are made and their potential impact on public health. it will also allow the fda to evaluate the ingredients. >> ecigarettes are on the rise among americans in 2015. three million use the devices. and while some think esigs are a healthy alternative to smoking, guess what, the science behind that is still unclear. it'sun known whether --
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whether they lead regular people to become smokers. here's first alert weather. you're like, don't hurt the messengerrer. >> really. we're as bored with this as ever. >> i tweeted this out an hour ago, put it on facebook. if you wanted to diagram a miserable day tomorrow. tomorrow is it. >> really? >> it's coming. >> really? >> yeah. so you're walking around town, with the sunglasses on. windows rolled up. >> i'm in a rental car right now. it's got florida plates on it. we're looking at another -- we talked about this, too. the heaviest rain will be late tonight and tomorrow. let's start with our streak. we keep our streak alive. here we are. april. starting on the 18th. starting in may now on sunday. how many days has it rained? quite a few. 22, 23. got a break there for a while. 24, 25 and 26. then we had a stretch from the 27th, all the way -- all the way to the 5th, of rainfall. so that's -- let's
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one, two, three, four, five. that's nine days in a row, a trace or more rain at national. and 11 of the last 14 days. we'll certainly make it 12 to 15 tomorrow. probably again on saturday. live look outside. care of our michael and son weather cam. it's 57. not what you would expect this time year and time of night. look at the radar. we talked about this at the top of the show. showers are moving from northeast down to the southwest. they do that as this low pressure begins to move up from the south. so nothing is heavy. it's all shades of green. okay? but we do have some rain laytonsville and alne. also down 108. and headed toward silver spring. this is all pushing off to the south. again, nothing heavy. even at norbeck road. a little rain. enough to wet the roads. this is going to roll through rockville at 5:38. montgomery mall at 5:52. and potomac at 6:00. but it will be on the light side. yellow weather alert through
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night, until midnight saturday. we're trying not to issue one on saturday. showers, light rain and drizzle tonight. hmm. delightful. heavier rain tomorrow. and quite frankly, cold. we have sort of expectations in may as to how warm it should be. tomorrow is going to be a cold day, given those expectations. showers on saturday. then maybe a morning shower for mom on sunday. but mother's day does look nice, especially in the afternoon. so future cast. 10:00 tonight. a little walk after dinner. okay, low to mid-50s. nothing crazy heavy. light showers here and there. leesburg, 54. manassas, 54. 55 in fairfax. and by morning, prepare for a wet commute for everybody. activity again moves from northeast to southwest. culpepper, only 51. are you kidding me? only 49 in frederick. and 51 in silver spring. and 52 in fairfax. by 9:00, more rain begins to pivot off the atlantic. 54 downtown. 54 also in bowie. and look
5:19 pm
by 1:00. look at all the yellows. and pretty far back to the west. almost to hagerstown and martinsburg. i think tomorrow's bull's-eye, essentially will be the immediate metro area. by 6:00, we still have plenty of rain. temperatures in the mid-50s. and by 9:00, plans tomorrow night. it is friday night. umbrella and a jacket. maybe even a coat. 51 in gaithersburg, 54 downtown. and 54 in manassas. okay. talk about the day planner. looks like this rain showers across the board. next seven days. here's your morning shower for mom. but we're okay. mid-70s monday. upper 70s to near 80. tuesday, wednesday and thursday. and increasing chance of showers and thunderstorms. but at least we'll see some sun. >> we'll take it. thanks, tonner. new video from the front lines in iraq. appears to capture the dramatic firefight. killed navy seal charles ke
5:20 pm
>> you can see the troops ducking behind the pickup trucks, as the bullets whiz over them. what appears to be a u.s. blackhawk medical chopper arrives to help the wounded. an intense conflict lasted half the day and included 23 air strikes. >> have a look at this. a warehouse in houston goes up in flames. that smoke could be seen for miles around. fortunately, nobody was injured. there were, though, some concerns about burning herbicides and pesticides in that thick, dark cloud of smoke. a big-time suv recall. and some finger-licking good nail polish. now i've got your attention. we'll talk more about it in our consumer alert. and we'll tell you about a young man who is about to graduate with 12 years of perfect attendance. >> good for him. and every dog deserves a home. sometimes their owners don't even have one. so tonight, you'll meet a local woman, dedicated to helping homeless pets and their family. tonight at 11:00,
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right here. this is beltsville, maryland. actually one of the highest points in prince george's county. we're hearing that two people were shot. one dead, and one expected to live. >> there is a heavy police presence there, as our chopper, just moments ago, arrived on the scene. this shooting happened just a few minutes before 5:00. clearly, several hours after school would have let out. still, though, waiting for details on whether this happened inside of the school, just outside of the school, whether or not it involves students. those details still nebulous at this point. our reporters have just arrived there. but they're expected to be briefed by the authorities there in prince george's county, in a matter of moments. as soon as we have more information to bring to you on this breaking news, we'll certainly have it. all right. well, we'll talk about consumer news. a pretty big recall to tell you about. let's switch gears here. and it's a defective rear ratch door that could cause you serious inner injury if you own a nissan rogue.
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than 100,000 of these small suvs, because the door can fall on you without warning now, this impacts all 2014 through 2016 model years. nissan says it hasn't been a problem in the united states but they want to make sure they clear it up soon. fiat chrysler will outfit one of its 100 minivans with google centers and software. the driverless vans will be used to expand real-world testing. and it is nail polish. but get this. it promises to be finger- licking good. kfc in hong kong is selling two edible glossy-coat lackure -- laquers, based on its recipe. the baste tastes like the chicken. orange apparently tastes like the hot and spic
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the polish comes in a package of a bucket, not a bottle. i wouldn't eat it. >> no. >> might smell good, though. >> maybe. but no. a tip of a hat to a hool highschool student who had perfect attendance for 12 years. >> steven hanas was recognized. his parents were also there to help mark the occasion. they helped push him to go to school every day, even if it meant his mom had to spray him with water to get his butt out of bed. >> i'm gog get the spray -- going to get the spray bottle and squirt you. >> now, perfection apparently runs in the hanas family. steven's brother graduated from school after 12 years without missing a day. and his oldest brother jimmy did the same thing. so i guess he had to do it or he was just going to hear about it from his parents and brothers the rest of his life. >> look at him how. -- now. big time. don't forget, we're giving away a brand new car on wake-up washington. >>
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wusa 9, 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. andrea and mike. find out how you can enter and win. details are on the wusa 9 mobile app. all right. it's more serious news here. a town of 80,000 people could end up being burned to the ground. as wildfires close in. and sentencing day for a prince george's county man who shot his stepfather to death in a dispute over yard work. and we are continuing to follow the breaking news at high point high school. this is in beltsville, maryland, where two people have been shot. one apparently is dead. one is expected to live. we're following this story. we have crews on the
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we're continuing to follow the breaking news out of high point high school. >> this is straight out of wusa 9's ellison barber who just arrived on the scene. have you been able to learn anything about exactly what happened? >> almost as soon as we arrived on scene here. we got word from the prince george's police department that one person, an adult is dead. a second wounded. they say right now, they believe the shooting is domestic-related. last we heard, they were still looking for a suspect, but we are waiting for some type of official update from police. you can see here, it is an incredibly active scene. we've seen a number of ambulances come. a number of police cars arrive on scene. the scene has grown exponentially since we
5:31 pm
i spoke to one witness a few moments ago, who told me his son goes to this school. he said earlier, he heard five or six shots. he was asking me if anyone had died. and unfortunately right now, we can confirm from police that one person is dead. as far as we know, that is an adult. and police say this shooting appears to be domestic related. but you can see, this is a very active scene. and more information will certainly be coming over the next minutes and hours as we stay here on this scene. back to you guys. >> ellison, do you have any idea from authority fist this shooting happened inside of the school or outside the school? >> we have no word officially from authorities right now. we have heard from a few different people here on scene. there are a lot of people watching, who have kind of gathered or heard something. that came by and heard this came possibly in the back of the school. we're not sure exactly where. i know from a lot of other parents that the school had already let out. doesn't seem like there were a lot of students here. but they say at least one witness has said on en
5:32 pm
happened towards the back of the school. and you can see, sort of over here to the right of the school, there is a large presence of police officers gathered over near the football field area. and you can see, there are larger buss and apparatus pulling up here on scene now. >> reporter: but to be clear, ellison, what we're saying tonight is that we do not believe there is any connection between the people who were involved in the shooting and the school? >> reporter: right, as far as we know, there is no reason to believe that. the information we have confirmed right now is relatively limited. we know an adult was shot. and an adult has died. and we know a second person was taken to the hospital. it doesn't seem like they are students at this school. as far as we know, they are not juveniles. it seems like it was unrelated and just so happened to be on this property. but again, that's information that could change or grow. we could learn more as time passes here. >> and from l ellis -- ellison, from the posturing you're seeing from authorities, does it seem at all to you like
5:33 pm
are actively searching that immediate area for the suspect? >> it actually seems in terms of how many cars there are here. a lot of officers seem to be talking to each other. there doesn't seem to be the panic of someone actively searching or trying to find someone. we don't know if they have anyone in custody or not. but far as far as a crime scene goes, a lot of officers seem to be calmly arriving and meeting up with each other, talking, gathering information. we did see this one volunteer ambulance arrive here. if we could have the photographer move to the left. this ambulance arrived about 10 minutes ago. and the first thing they did was open the back doors and take a cart out. and took it inside. we actually do see over here. spokesperson for the police department seems to have arrived on scene. so i'm going to toss it back to you to see if weth k gather more information about what happened here at the school. >> you collect that information. and we will share it as soon as we know more. ellison barber from outside the
5:34 pm
we stay in prince george's county for the next story, where a cold-blooded killer was sentenced to just 10 years behind bars for murdering his own stepfather, who also was a d.c. police officer. >> antoine james could have faced life in prison if convicted of first-degree murder. but instead, a jury found him guilty of involuntary manslaughter. wusa 9 anchor jan jeffcoat. >> reporter: james is received a maximum conviction. three years ago, he shos had the shot -- he shot his stepfather, 18 times, at point- blank range. >> my son shot my husband. >> reporter: prosecutors release this from from a -- video from a security camera. in it, you can see two men, doing yard work. coming a little closer. standing on a ladder, replacing a light bulb right outside the garage door. about this time, antoine james was inside, angry with his mom mo who had asked him to help
5:35 pm
he said, watch this. that's when you see james enter the video. raise his arm toward newell to fire the first of 18 shots. >> i'm happy that he got his full 10 years. even though it should be like way more. >> it's been three long years since jaylin newell -- lost her dad. his younger children are being raised by family members. >> it's hard. like i said, i got 8. so i gotta take two more. and it's hard. >> reporter: in the end, james' mother, bernadette newell, sided with her son and asked the judge to show mercy. he's already served three years. he could be up for parole in out in two. adam? >> all right, jan. thank you. a court spokesperson believes the jury rejected first- and second-degree murder charges because they just weren't convinced it was premeditated. 25 years ago tonight. the night many would like
5:36 pm
forget. it's when the mount pleasant riot started. it began after a rookie police officer shot a salvadorian man on cinco de mayo. hundreds of people filled into the streets, setting off confrontations with police. cars and buses were set on fire. mayor sharon pratt kelly instituted a curfew. and the riots ended. latinos in d.c. had unequal access to basic services in the district. a new composite sketch of the suspect wanted in a pretty creepy assault in springfield. a woman at the bar on the corner of amherst and commerce street says a man who looks a lot like this person, approached her from behind and touched her inappropriately. happened just before midnight on march 29th. you can see his description on the screen. fairfax county police want to hear from you if you know anything about this case. renaming the george mason university law school, after the late justice antonin scalia may not be a done deal.
5:37 pm
about how much influence big money donors could have on the school. that's according to our editorial partners at the washington post. an anonymous donor gave the school $20 million and asked for the school to be named after scalia. the faculty senate is asking the university to delay renaming the school until it better understands the implications. trending now. another band would rather donald trump not use its music. but after the break. how about these puppies. just adorable, right? soon they're going to have really important work for some very special people. all right. let's talk about the pollen counts. somehow, we're getting pollen readings. here's the deal. just moderate for trees. low for grasses. but still, very, very high for mold spores. if you're sneezing, it's probably because of mold spores. and given our forecast, you will probably continue to sneeze. when we come back, we'll talk
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when it rains, it pours, we are following more breaking news tonight. this from metro, telling us service is now suspended. between eastern len fant plaza -- laenfant plaza. they say the federal center station is going to remain closed for the rest of the day. closures, of course, for passengers on the orange, blue and silver lines. the cause, we're hearing, once again, one of those arcing insulators. metro officials say they are going to replace it tonight. well, let's shift a little bit here. because it is puppy palooza at the warrior canine connection in brookeville, maryland. and 19 future have been born in their in the last few weeks. andrea mccarren has this week's salute to service report. >> the name may sound familiar. because it's the
5:42 pm
own service dog in training. bunt. >> just two weeks ago, parker's patriots emerged. 11 yellow english lab puppies, destined for an important mission. serving a veteran. >> we have groups that come from walter reed. >> reporter: right next door, another litter of puppies, just 24 hours old. >> it's beautiful. i mean, it's life. so it never gets old. puppies never get old. there are eight golden retriever puppies. the future service dogs will go to puppy parents, who will socialize and train fem authority first two years of their lives. then they'll return for about six of advanced training. >> i am looking for a certain amount of mellowness. >> after that,
5:43 pm
matched to wounded warrior and be matched to post traumatic stress for mobility. >> there are so many opportunities to volunteer. you can be a puppy raiser, like i am. you can be a puppy petter, or help out at events. for more information, just check out our wusa 9news app. in brookeville, andrea mccarren, wusa 9. >> i love those stories and if you are a veteran and you're interested in a service dog of your own, you can also find that information on our wusa 9news app. so yet another redskins player cashing in. we'll tell you who and how much, on the way in sports. but right after the break. a push to close cold cases in d.c. from the stepfather of a journalist, shot and
5:44 pm
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there are 3500 cold cases in d.c. but only seven detectives, just seven, working to close them. >> one that remains unsolved is the murder of sharnise melton.
5:47 pm
delia goncalves is live in southeast. with more on her stepfather's mission. >> it was 9:30, the nightthe of may 27th. simply trying to catch the bus here when missay she was used as -- police say she was used as a human shield. and despite surveillance video with 14 suspects, people on peds and dirt bikes, no one has ever been caught. but her stepfather says he cold front -- he won't stand for it. >> death won't silence the voice of someone like charlies. -- sharlees. >> there is hope. that doesn't come from staying silent. it comes when they come out into the light and say, you know what? i'm sick of this. >> reporter: hope is what mcclinton said is brought his daughter repo
5:48 pm
the river. >> in the essence, you want to reveal what is best in humanity. >> reporter: and hope is what these grieving parents still have. uplifted by an honor given by their daughter this week, at her alma mater. the prestigious house school of publication. >> the award for excellence recognizes the graduate students who shares passion for this kind of coverage. >> in the midst of all of this, god was lifting us up once more. professors who met us with tears. because they really wanted to see her succeed. >> reporter: but mcclenton believes his daughter did succeed. and even in death is still giving a voice and a platform for families in her community families deserving justice. >> it won't be the last time. that my daughter and all the other 4,000 of need to be avenginged. >> mcclenton
5:49 pm
frustrating. he will not give up the fight, though. and he says he will continue to lobby city council. and the mayor for funding to add more cold case detectives. we're live in southeast, delia goncalves, wusa 9. >> they tell us the cold cases date back to 1960. there are currently six detectives and one sergeant assigned. we asked the police, the mayor's office, and the city council chair about increasing that staffing. we're still waiting for a response. live look outside. it is our live michael and sons weather cam. feels more like march. 57 degrees. look at that wind. north/northeast at 14 miles an hour. here's the radar. widened it out. this is where the center of low pressure is. and eventually, this is all going to pivot and move through the metro area tomorrow. nothing crazy heavy tomorrow night. heaviest activity rolls in tomorrow. we have showers pushing in again
5:50 pm
southwest howard county do montgomery county. nothing crazy heavy. a little light activity around silver spring, college park. yellow weather alert, through tomorrow. showers, light rain. and just drizzle tonight. heavier rain tomorrow. and i'm going to call it cold. just prepare for just a raw day tomorrow. and showers on saturday. morning shower for mom on sunday. really not bad. all right. here's the rainfall graphic for you. this is the hourly, how much will fall hourly. and this is the total. so we're looking at maybe an inch of rain between now and, say, saturday. if you look at the hourly, most of that falls during the day on from the friday. that's going to be our heaviest rain tomorrow. and we're look at maybe even rain heavy at times for the afternoon commute home. here's your day planner. temps don't move hardly at all. 53, 54. that's it. next 7 days. maybe a morning shower for mom on sunday. but the rest of the
5:51 pm
fine. and then warmer monday. near 80 tuesday, wednesday, thursday. increasing chances of thunderstorms. and the nats back in town. if you can't seem to get any satisfaction, we have at least one trending story for you. rolling stone to ask donald trump to stop playing music at his rallies. >> they requested that trump cease all of their use immediately. adele, steven tyler, and yeel young have all made their own request to get trump to stop playing their tunes, too. when the burgundy and gold sign josh norman to the deal, they asked if there was any money left for anybody else but they apparent were
5:52 pm
concerned. they announced a contract extension for their tight end. five years or $50 million. reed was a third round pick in 2013. and many questioned his ability to stay healthy. but he had a breakout year in 2013. finishing with almost 1,000 yards and 11 touchdowns. now, he says he's ready to e provhe is worth his big payday. >> makes me feel great, man. just to know that my hard work has been paying off and things like that. and you know, it makes me honestly feel like i want to run through a brick wall for these guys. and you know, they trust me with all of this money and things like that. and you know, i'm going to go out there and play as hard as i can for them. >> reed is now tied for highest paid tight end for the league. >> that earned him for the mvp award. harper has been playing like one. recent slump in all. and not even 24 years d
5:53 pm
the year in tonight's inside pitch. >> made his major league debut for the nationals. against the l.a. dodgers in 2012. time line. pretty impressive ever since for the 23-year-old. winning the rookie of the year. then the 2015 mvp award last season. plus, a silver slugger last season. however, harper has never won a golden glove for defense in the outfield. offensively, he could be in the running for the triple crown. that's best in homers, rbis and batting average. right now, he just needs to bump his average up a tab. and be right in the mix. they continued their lengthy road trip at the chicago cubs later tonight. frank hanrahan. and that's your inside pitch. back to you. this series, nats and cubs, top two in the national league. ml player of the year and rookie of the year facing off. >> as long as
5:54 pm
the crazy outfits at home. >> can't promise that. coming up next metro is set to unveil a maintenance plan that will shut down the system. >> new hurdles for the presumptive nominee. but up next. wusa 9 investigates an intersection, where a man in a wheelchair died, trying to cross the street.
5:55 pm
i'm terhe golf. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive.
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ys be you.
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some people want montgomery county to put in a stoplight at an intersection, where a man was hit and killed in his 40s. police say he was hit while trying to cross the drive in his wheelchair. and it's not the only crash there this week. ellen bryant talked to people who blamed the stoplight at the intersection for their trouble. >> is the intersection we are talking about. this stoplight is always flashing yellow. the only time that signal turns turns to red is when someone comes up and hits the walk sign. >> that beeping means it's safe to cross the drive. but people who cross say the walk signal doesn't always mean you're safe. >> we almost got hit. and she just drove up. didn't really care. >> men walking to montgomery county coalition to the homeless center have less than 15 seconds to get halfway across the street. >> as long as it's
5:58 pm
it's confusing, and not enough time to get across the street. the conversation brought up again saturday night. after a man who lived at the shelter was hit and killed by the car in that intersection. >> our clients are truly distraught over his loss, but also very nervous about the crosswalk. because they have to use it, day in and day out. >> reporter: four days later, the shelter took these photos, after two cars collided at the same intersection. >> they're going really fast. and i don't know whether it's the location. but a lot of trucks, too, that go up and down. >> it's a problem. anybody can talk to you about this. >> one problem we noticed is not everyone crossing the street hit the button first. >> we do our best to remind our clients to be as safe as possible. but i also think there's a great frustration with the light. >> reporter: if you drive either direction from this stoplight, you'll find traditional stoplights with walk signals in all directions. reporting in rockville, ellen bryan, wusa
5:59 pm
county's officer say its is waiting to finish the reconstruction from saturday night. >> at that time, they will reevaluate the stoplight and see if any changes need to be made at that intersection. we begin at 6:00, with breaking news from prince george's county. two people have been shot. one of them killed outside of high point high school in beltsville. >> reporter: police say at this point, the incident does appear to be domestic in nature. our ellison barber is live on the scene with the latest for us. what can you tell us? >> well, you guys can see that this is still a very active scene going on behind me. we've spoken to two or three different students who say they were inside. they have been able to come out. two of the people we spoke to played on the softball team here. they said they were supposed to have a game, when all of a sudden, they were told to go into the back into one of the equipment crates. one of the people i talk to said they didn't know what happened. they were just confused and quickly shoved into the equipment great. shortly after,
6:00 pm
had been shot. and then a second shot and one possibly dead. a lot of emotions here. a number of parents here. saying they're still waiting to get their children out of that school. most of those people are children who were here for after school activities, whether that's softball sports or rotc. there are different rumors here in terms of what actually happened among amongst the students. what we do have confirmed from police is that one person was injured. another killed. and they say this shooting is domestic in nature. we're still here waiting for an update from police. and we'll bring you that as soon as we have it. reporting live, i'm ellison barber, wusa 9. >> all right, ellison. much more to come during this newscast. breaking news also now from metro. the federal station is closed and will remain closed for the rest of the day. heavy smoke late this afternoon. caused once again by an arcing insulator. metro says it will fully replace the third rail. service


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