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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the search for a suspect after a woman is killed and has go. on the eve of a major announcement to put-- repair problems with the metro systems, another fire. police have just released the name and picture of the man accused of killing a woman outside of a high school. her estranged husband. let's get to allison who has been there-- allison barber. reporter: the suspect is 62- year-old who is from maryland. he is employed by the federal protective service. the victim is his wife. they were separated but today he followed her onto the campus and that is where the shooting
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this is an isolated incident and no students were hurt but were on campus at the time of the shooting. the baseball and softball team were supposed to have games but they say they were running for cover instead of taking the mound. >> i had a sense that it was a shooting, it was really scary.>> we said we are in the back of-- in the bathroom. i called him and there saying we are on lockdown. >> active shooter at high point high school. reporter: chaos, confusion, horror. >> towards 95. >> this is an act of domestic violence that began with words in the parking lot of high point high school. >> a woman who we believe is in the process of picking up
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confronted by a man with whom she had a prior relationship. >> a bystander tried to step in. the suspect pulled out a handgun and shot at that man before turning it on the woman. reporter: one student said the woman's daughter saw it all. >> she came out of the building and we had to pull her back in. reporter: police are still actively searching tonight. investigators say he fled the scene in the car. i'm ellison barber , wusa9 it breaks your heart to realize their child witnessed the violence tonight.>> the suspect they are looking for. this is the 62-year-old, he is an employee of the federal protective service. ca11
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smoke and fire on the rails forced the so-- shut down and a major disruption to the commute. the federal center remains closed after 2 incidents today including one that caused this. >> a huge fireball on the night before the metro gm is expected to layout a new maintenance plan that could fix the problem but with more disruptions coming first. >> garrett has been talking to concerned writers and he joins us now. reporter: they shut down the station after it filled with smoke. they were already planning a shut down but moved up the timetable after seeing the video you are about to watch. >> the train left federal center and a
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appeared to follow it. kevin watch in shock from a class-- across the platform. >> she sparks shot up 10-15 feet. >> they blame and arcing insulator. >> we replaced them with fiberglass and when they get hot they smolder. >> he planned to order them tonight but a second fire thought to be caused by debris shortened his timeline. service is suspended on 3 lines and crews hustled to replace every insulator in the station. part above and below ground. the response people were here for the first instance and now again?
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the results in decades of underinvestment fixing only what was already broken. >> we have to come up with a new approach and that is what we will do. reporter: the plan they plan to layout tomorrow could cause for large-scale shutdowns to make wholesale improvements and upgrades to it essentially trading short-term reliability they hope for longer-term safety. as for this station, they are expected to be open again in time for the commute tomorrow morning. >> we will have to be patient. tomorrow morning is looking a little tough whether you use metro or not. >> another weather alert and we are sick of saying it. the latest timeline
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>> it's going to be a different day because it will have some heavy rain. it's a different story tomorrow. light showers moving from the northeast to the southwest, counterintuitive. the heaviest activity is around i-81. severe but pretty heavy downpours but by morning everybody is going to get in on some moderate to heavy rain. 49 in frederick, the 50s downtown. 8:00 still have moderate rain, heavy rain into charles county and st. mary's county but now we have heavy rain and significant rain all the way back to culpepper. we will be checking that all day and also a reminder to download the application. you have access to doppler radar .
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regularly scheduled broadcast you can watch on your phone. the search for a sexual predator, police have released a sketch of a n who tried to sexually assault a teenaged girl headed home from school. he followed the 16-year-old to her apartment building yesterday afternoon. he grabbed her cell phone, exposed himself and tried to take off her clothes. she screamed, her brother came out and the guy ran away. he was driving a blue four-door sedan. a teacher and her husband are picking up the pieces after fire destroyed their home and everything in it. >> in their greatest time of need they have had to learn how to receive. >> there story of gratitude in fairfax county.
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reporter: this is what is left. nearly everything they own is in that pile. 2 weeks ago a fire ripped through their home but the fire did not destroy it, water did. >> you walk out with what you have on. >> they were able to walk out leaving a lifetime of memories inside. >> i say maybe they will fix the attic but the devastation, you can't imagine. reporter: what is harder to imagine is what happened next. they had the responding firefighters who they think with coffee, donuts, and gift cards. >> they remind us that humanity does exist. >> they responded to the family, not just a fire. >> a lot of our work is still undone. >>
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worries. >> but it is a worry for us. gift cards and close to get them through what they knew would be a tough transition.>> it means more than putting the fire at. >> the way they embraced us was a warm blanket. reporter: stranger started asking. >> the hardest question is how can we help? >> i received a check for $100 and it is so hard, there's $100 and she said use it the way you need it. >> her instinct was to give. i have been a giver for years. >> the couple has dedicated their lives to public service, a retired firefighter and an educator. she was back to work within a few days of losing everything. almost everything. >> this is what is left.
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wusa9 >> they have earned everything coming their way and then some. she was actually his guidance counselor when he went to elementary school. the powers friends have set up a gofundme page and you can find information on the mobile application. the campaign trail, donald trump lead this crowd singing take me home country roads. it is his first rally since becoming the presumptive gop nominee. >> how about hillary clinton? i was watching her three or four weeks ago.
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mines out of business. and she tried to explain, that's a tough one. latino groups came out against one of his social media posts. it read happy cinco de mayo, the best taco bowls are made in time-- trump tower grill. i love hispanics. they called it, and we are quoting, clueless, offensive, and self-promoting. bernie sanders was doing some self-promoting, the campaign rally that was right down the road from his rally in south charleston, sanders told a crowd that he is sick and tired of greedy corporations that cut jobs and open factories overseas. >> it is time to tell corporate america that if they want us to purchase their products
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better start manufacturing those products in west virginia and vermont. >> he's hoping to notch another win when voters cast their ballots. hillary clinton has spent the day, a whopping 546 delegates are up to grabs and she is hoping to win most of them, and set her sights on trump. >> we have to win big here to get ready for the general election. she idsa trump was doubling down on plans to roundup millions of undocumented workers. >> we are your latest developments and candidate profiles all by downloading our this application. the best part is that it is free.
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eating she is going to eat. for some people without a home their dogs are a lifeline. the woman who makes sure that both have what they need to survive. why is our city hall suing senate o'connor-- sinead o'connor over a facebook post? you keep us on time most of the time. the obama's when john stewart and biden for a special tribute to
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for some homeless people the choice between living in a shelter outside is an easy one. most shelters to not allow pets.>> they decide to live alone because they don't want to live without the pets. a woman who has made it her mission to help.
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always been helping animals but when she saw a facebook post she found herself asking the question who is taking care of his dog? that's how she started her own outreach. annemarie knows this walk by heart. >> she knows everyone who lives back here. especially those on 4 legs. they call this city home. >> basically i sleep on a sliver and she owns the queen sized mattress. reporter: she works odd jobs for the necessity. >> if it came down to me or sasha eating, she's going to eat. several times a week year round. reporter: then she is off to the next camp.
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>> this is why i do this. >> baby girl is a special case. >> she has a massive growth and they are talking about possibly having to amputate. >> it could end up being $2000. >> baby girl is getting ready to get spayed. >> she is adorable, but there are too many out there. >> she has her hands full with ice, brownie, and seuss. >> after she has completed her rounds she opens up shop for the humans. >> the debate
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having a pet is when she does not get into, she is not here to judge. >> if i can help them keep their animals, that is what i'm going to do. >> your good, go play. >> she depends on the generosity of veterinarians, donations and friends and even put out her own wallet for everything needed. wusa9 if you have an interest on helping the animals you can go to our application. we have more on annemarie's organization. >> that will tell me how this guarantee is going. >> the body language. >> i was sweaty. i saw a funny tweet. installing spring, kind of cute.
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because i advertised 72, 58. >> everybody said 55 or 56 but we will take it. we will go only 56 for a high. michael is on the weather cam, we won't see much in tonight and tomorrow and winds out of the north, they will turn more northeast lane tomorrow. you may ask yourself, why is nothing moving? it is an area of low pressure and one of the west coast. kind of a circular jet which makes it kind of dry and warm causing all those fires and making it unsettled. it-- a cold front comes through and should break this. the bad news is this area will finally move northward
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haven't seen. we are going to see heavy rain tomorrow. we have flight activity pushing through back to the west into fairfax and along i-81. >> yellow weather alert, bus stop, cold and wet and miserable. we're going to call it cold. the weekend is better, maybe a morning shower early sunday. >> pretty heavy rain across much of the metro area and it is 49 in frederick 53 downtown. the yellow is moderate rain, it is just cold and raw but even getting all the way back along the i-81 corridor.
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pick. most of the rain comes in on saturday. if you have softball games as long as the fields have dried from friday's rain. a little shower and we are in the 70s. so saturday. >> we have softball games to win. >> had inside. it will be called out and inside we will see what they can do. i have found themselves in quite a precarious situation. thoughts on why his team is in a good position. the 2 best teams in
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now wusa9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. the nationals and chicago cubs are not just the two best teams in the national league but the two best teams in all of baseball. we get our first look as they open up a 4 came series. could this be a preview?
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i know it is early but we can dream. he bends over and singles to write. he scores, chris comes around and price, great thrill. they do more damage, this time a two run homer.รณ! five-to-- 5-2 this. >> the 10th inning, pedro alvarez lists the fly ball to center and it is a sac fly but a winner. 1-0. there starting tight end, he signed an extension, 22 of that guaranteed tied with the highest-paid tight end in the league. many fans may be
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the team is not worried about the history in the postseason, they are only thinking about game 5. a deficit is not in the situation, they were the best team and this was supposed to be the year they exercised the demons favor about the demons but they may be a little weary. this team is not. >> there is a recent they want 56 games, but did not happen by accident. there was a lot of good work put in and belief in the group. there was a lot of response after a loss and that is where the believe comes in. >> because of the success it is given to the head coach who has contributed the most aside from winning the pres
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they set a franchise records in winds-- and wins this season. >> a big game for connor kelly, the big ten semifinals, 4 goals included the 20th of the season, they win 16-9 and will face records saturday in the big ten championship.
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wusa9 weather is sponsored by johnson garden centers. >> our city hall is suing sinead o'connor all over accusations she made about the death of prince and a facebook post. she wrote if investigators want to found out who supply drugs they to question her.
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guy is around. santa claus, it was david letterman who helped salute the uso. hopefully we have the video? >> as part of the celebration the already virginia woman who turned 99 years old. there he is, the bearded one. that's the president. and first lady. >>ar we e
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>> stephen, stephen, i need to talk to you about a pizza. got a minute? >> no. gotcha! now, it's at the top of the show or act five. >> don't ask him. it's just my stunt double. >> how much do you even pay for this stunt double? >> gotta go. (theme song playing) >> tonight, stephen welcomes judge judy! zac posen! and w. ka-mao bell!


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