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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  May 6, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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an active scene here but this seems to be a localized scene and response because a lot of folks are coming to the mall unaware of what happened here and when we first entered the mall property, saw fos casually walking through with their shopping bags, so certainly there are some shoppers here in the mall unaware of this tragic situation that occurred. short sel after 11:30. right here off west lake drive the macy's entrance, a very heavy police presence. you can see some folks kind of gathered outside of the entrance at macy's. our vantage point here, we can't quite see the detail that scott broom had described in regards to the officers who were taking a look and focusing investigation. so far very early on but focusing on some vehicles in th
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but you can see that there is a heavy presence and a lot of police tape really blocking off this area. this is going to be a long investigation. we just pulled up to the scene. so of course you know the information is coming in piecemeal, but what we do know of course, scott broom reported and mike you just reported three people have been hurt in a shooting that occurred here at 11:30. we have reports of two men, one woman, scott broom just reported that they have been transported to the hospital. we are trying to piece this all together and just running into some folks who came to the mall, stepped out of their car, and literally saw this scene. and were just shocked at what happened here just a short time ago. so we're going to stay on the scene, continue to talk to shoppers and police and find out more about what is happening and this tragic situation that occur around 11:30 outside a very busy mall on
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>> thank you delia. and unfortunately we are now getting confirmed reports from montgomery county police on a second shooting, this one at or near a giant food store. this was connecticut avenue, aspen hill road. the police confirmed that there has been an injury, a shooting victim in this. we're going to follow this. we have no idea if these two are related but again one shooting at montgomery mall, another shooting at a giants near connecticut avenue and aspen hill road. ann bennett was at the mall. she saw the commotion. ann, are you there? >> i'm here. >> tell us what you saw. when were you there? were you on the way into the mall? on the wisconsin out? where were you? >> i'm a sales row. i was on my way into the mall to pick up a lunch for an office i was going to, and a bunch of police vehicles rolled up behind me. i thought maybe i had taken an illegal turning
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by fire vehicles police vehicles, and basically sort of locked in for a moment until i got some word about what was happening. and i was just asked to park and shelter in place. >> did you hear any shots? did you see anybody transported in an ambulance while you were there? did you just see police cars? >> i did see -- there were three ambulances on the scene. two arrived while i was here. one was already here as i was coming in. i did not see actually anyone get into those ambulances based on where i was parked, but i'm assuming someone was taken away because all three of those ambulances left. >> ann where are you now? are you still on the grounds of the mall or have you since left? >> no, i am still on the ground at
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what's interesting is those who came in during this happening were sort of put in one section of parking yet there are still people just casually walking into the mall, doing their shopping, and it appears that the stores are still open. i mean, people are coming and going. we're just in a corner area here parked, and i'm actually waiting for an officer to come over to tell me it's okay to go back to work. >> right, so you're actually kind of being held there until they said it's okay, right? >> correct. >> what happens for the rest of your day? are you trying to just get back to the office for the rest of your friday? you're just kind of getting lunch, right? >> i have to tell you i'm a sales rep so i am currently in my office which is my car. i have to say i have places, things to do and places to go this afternoon, but i am pretty shaken up. i'm shaken up over the
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the people that are going into the mall, it's just seems commonplace to them. i almost feel like silly for being as shaken up as i am, because people are just -- there's all sorts of police vehicles and activities and things going on, but people are just walking into one of the side doors of macy's to continue their shopping or do whatever chores they have to do. >> we understand why you were nervous and we appreciate your time in talking to us here on wusa9. that's ann bennett. she saw the commotion at the montgomery mall in bethesda where police say three people were shot, two males and a female. they were transported to the hospital. we also learned a short time after that also confirmed by montgomery county police there was yet another shooting. this was near a giant on connecticut avenue and aspen hill road. there is a victim apparently in that shooting as well. we're trying to get more information on that. you can st
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there, a live picture of a giant right there. police car on the right-hand side of your screen. now we want to toss it back to scott broom. he is at westfield montgomery mall. scott, have you learned anything new? >> we haven't learned much new except police presence here and that the investigation is ongoing. there's been no information or commentary here whether or not this incident and the one at the giant that you the eve been reporting on are licked at all, but obviously it raises the anxiety that we have two major incidents going on fairly close to each over. i'm going to step out of the frame and let you take a view of what's going on. this is outside a macy's store at the westfield montgomery mall. that would be the west -- southwest corner of this mall property, if you're familiar with it. all of the attention is being focused on a small area of the parking lot just outside the macy's. a large gathering of detectives right now focused on
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vehicles there. so without any official information we are presuming from looking at that, that that is the location of this shooting where we do understand that three people have been injured and transported to the hospital. two men and a woman. motives, we don't know. time of day, extraordinary. location also extraordinary. especially given the busyness of this mall as our guest on the phone was just suggesting. it is very busy here this afternoon. lots of people coming and going. i do see a gathering of what appear to be customers and perhaps employees in front of macy's, and the mall is still open. there were a lot of people around here when this happened, and there continue to be a lot of people here now. we just don't know what the motive was. we don't know who was involved but we do know the montgomery county police appear to be searching for a suspect who left this scene after shooting and injuring at least three people. so it's a very fluid and ongoing situation right now. poli h
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location. it's completely taped off, and things have calmed down but the investigation is just beginning. >> scott, can you give us a sense of how many police cars are there and what kind of extensive amount of tape is being used to rope off? are they roping off 20 cars? 100 cars? how many police do you see? >> reporter: no, this section of the parking lot looks to be about two dozen vehicles, the taped area, maybe only a quarter acre, the size of a suburban house lot. they've got this crime scene narrowed down to a narrow location. there is a very heavy police response. just briefly as i look around at least a dozen emergency vehicles here. this is after the medical responders, fire and e m sf left the location. they are finished with their work. but the police are just beginning theirs. >> it seems like i saw official cars coming out of a parking garage close by. that what you can see from
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vantage point? >> yeah, but the parking garage does not appear to be involved with this at all. so again, i think the reason the mall is continuing to operate, and i know we did get reports of nordstrom, sort of a lockdown situation that does not appear to be the case from where i am. we're outside the macy's. i presume, just based on the number of employees, although i haven't been able to walk over and speak to them, that macy's is at least this entrance is shut down for now. but business at this mall is continue despite this very disturbing incident. >> scott, why don't you take a moment to try to gather some information if you can. we're going try to tap delia goncalves for more information. we've learned since the last time we talked to you that all of the victims are adults. this is from montgomery county police. it seems like you have some people close by what. do you have? >> reporter: well, sylvia just stepped out of her car. it's your rt
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and what was your first reaction? >> i can't believe it. this is crazy. i come here all the time. i just can't believe it. i don't even know what happened, but i'm leaving. there's no way i'm staying. >> reporter: there's reports that another shootings occurred on connecticut avenue. >> oh god, i'm scared to death. i'm leaving. i'm going home. >> reporter: tell me about coming to this mall. >> i come here at least once a week to the restaurants. i come here with my son to take him to the playground. it's a nice mall. i mean, it's safe. you couldn't believe something like that could happen here. really. so this is crazy. what is going on with this world? no, it's too scary. >> reporter: so you're heading home. >> i'm leaving, i'm going home. >> reporter: sylvia, be safe. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: have a better
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sylvia described just the shock of stepping out of the car and seeing all this police tape and police activity, and then hearing the reports that people had been shot here just a short time ago. and i've got to say what's remarkable about all of this is despite the action that you see behind us here, outside of the macy's off west lake drive, there are still shoppers inside the mall. when we first arrived here we did see some folks casually walking around as if it was a normal day at the mall with their shopping bags in tow. so it is very localized right here to this particular entrance. again, the details are still very sketchy at this point but jeff pan over here to the school buses. i want to show you there are some montgomery county school buses here in the parking lot which only indicates to me that there is some kind of field trip or some kind of activity involving school children inside th
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so you can only imagine if they're parked here in the macy's lot, then perhaps we have some students that are holed up inside as well. and so i can only imagine very tense moments for the people in this general area. but as sylvia said, some folks pulling up, seeing this activity, going home, just kind of shocked and stunned at what they're seeing because this is a very popular mall and it is a friday afternoon with a lot of shoppers in the area. and so again, we will continue to stay here on the scene and talk to some more people. but certainly from what we are seeing out here some tense moments. school buses. we don't know what is happening inside, but you can only imagine that it is a very difficult time for the people who are inside and fortunately maybe anyone what could have witnessed what happened here. back to you. >> deal i can't, hopefully we don't see any school kids. maybe it's just the bus drivers getting lunch in th
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school students let us know. we want to remind you there is a second shooting we are covering. not only the shooting at the montgomery county mall. there is another one near the giant on connecticut avenue, aspen hill road. we did get initial reports that there was a victim. again when we covered these stories, information changes throughout the time of the story. so we're trying to get more information. i think we have a map to show you. we don't know if these two shootings are related but we'll show you a map momentarily about where a shooting at montgomery mall took place and now this second shooting at a giant in aspen hill where connecticut avenue and aspen hill road come together. they're drivable distance but to give you an example on the mileage we're still trying to work that out to see how the two may or may not be related. we're not getting any confirmation that the two are related but if you are just joining us we are covering two shootings right now. the first one we got news of montgomery mall in bethesda, three victims, two males, one female. they've been transport
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scene at the hospital to try to find out their conditions. we have two crews on the scene at it the mall gathering information, talking to people who are going in and out of the mall. delia goncalves just talked to a very nervous customer, said she was scared to death, her name is sylvia. here is the map. the first shooting, montgomery mall, you can see the distance, a significant drive to get to the aspen hill giant so we're not sure if these two shootings are related. it is our understanding the shooter in both locations is still at large. this is the giant connecticut avenue, aspen hill. we are trying to get information on the possible trigger person in either or both of these shootings. but again, fluid situation with things continuing to change. we have two crews on the ground at montgomery county mall. we're trying to get a crew ready to go over there at connecticut avenue and aspen hill. we also have crews headed to the hospital to try to find out the conditions of the shooting victims. i'm sorry, larry, what
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say? they are eight and a half miles. my producer larry tells me the montgomery county mall and this giant are eight and a half miles between the these two locations. the shooting took place some minutes apart between the two locations. we have not gotten any confirmation about whether or not these are related. it is our understanding right now that the shooter or shoot keers be at large. we're trying to get information on that as well. we talked to another woman named ann bennett who saw the commotion. she is actually being held in the parking lot at the mall right now. she's not allowed to leave until police say she can go back to work. she stopped at the mall to pick up lunch for her colleagues, said she's a sales rep, was going to go back to work. she mentions that she feels sort of weird because she's so concerned and nervous, and regular shoppers just seem to keep going in and out of the mall despite the fact there is a crime scene there taped o. scott broom also told us he probably saw close to two dozen police vehicles as they searched the area t
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information from montgomery county mall as soon as we can and get our reporters in place at local hospitals to find tout condition of the victims. we also learned from montgomery county police that all the victims in these shootings are male. in the montgomery county mall shooting -- excuse me, not male. all adults. in the montgomery county mall shooting, two males, one female. we're still trying to learn of a victim at the giant shooting. let's see if we can connect with scott broom. is scott broom available right now? delia goncalves. let's go back to delia goncalves. >> reporter: we now have paul starks here with montgomery county police. please let us know the very latest. >> we're still looking at things right now. there are three adult victims, two males, and one female who appear to have been shot. they've been transported for treatment. there's also the report of
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giant food store in the 13,000 block at connecticut avenue in the aspen hill area. >> timing is very close in timing. do we know if they're connect although all? >> you're right about that. it is close in time but right now, there's no indication that's been brought to my attention that these are connected. of course, that is something that detectives will be looking. a people at each scene sharing information. >> do we know at this point, and could you tell me where the victims were shot? did it occur outside the mall or inside the mall? >> it appears that it was outside in the parking area here at the westfield montgomery. >> reporter: we know all three adults at this point, but we're hearing initial reports of a drive-by. any information that waleed to you believe that this was a drive-by? >> there's a lot of information coming in. we can't confirm so much of it right now. this is stale pretty fluid and active scene. there will be a briefing we can
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one of the assistant chiefs. >>eporter: any word that you could relay to any of the customers coming to the mall, the folks who are familiar with the mall, those who are here already? is the public in danger? >> right now, the suspect is at large. we don't have a suspect in custody. much of this mall has been shut down as far as the parking lot. >> okay. and the folks inside, is there a lockdown situation happening inside the mall? >> i don't know what restrictions mall security has put forth. >> i will let you go and brief the other reporters. i appreciate it, captain. still a developing scene. obviously captain stark trying to piece it together speaking to an investigator with the maryland state police right now. and he confirms that the mall is shut down no. one is allowed in, and that we have three adults. did he tell us they are looking into the possibility that this
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initial reports suggest that it was drive-by shooting. however, as you know, in the very beginning stages of these investigations, lots of information trickles in. so they have to piece it all together and try to figure out exactly what happened here. the suspect still at large. and so certainly folks should be aware and take precautions because the suspect is still at large, and what we do know, even though the timing is horrible with not only this shooting, but a second shooting at the giant in aspen hill there is no indication right now that these two shootings are related. but let's take another look here at the scene, a very active scene. police will be here certainly for some time and as scott broom reported, mike you had mentioned as well people in this parking lot you can see all those cars there inside the police tape, and that police perimeter. they are not leaving. and so although it's no
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lockdown situation, paul starks, the captain could not tell us certainly if there was a lockdown situation happening inside the mall. he says things are shut down here until they can piece this all together. and the search for that suspect continues. three adults now at the hospital. two men, one woman. the take-away , the two shootings, even though horribly bad timing, with the shooting happening here and then a short time ago the shooting outside of the giant, captain paul stark does not believe these shootings are connected. again, still looking into the possibility of a drive-by shooting. we're going try to piece this altogether for you and we will get back to you as soon as we do have an update. back to you mike. >> just to recap if you are just joining us we are following a shooting at montgomery mall in bethesda. three adults injured, two males and one female. police captain paul starks telling us the suspect is still at large. the parking area
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he's not sure what kind of lockdown or even if a lockdown is in place. we've gotten communication that people in nordstrom's were staying in place. we're also following a shooting eight miles away on connecticut and aspen hill. it is still unclear if these shootings are related. they're eight miles apart but the shooter is still at large. we've also talked to shoppers coming in and out of the mall. scott broom joins us with more what. do you know? >> reporter: all right, i've had a closer look now at the shooting scene. i've been able to move from this location briefly and it appears as though the three individuals fell one, two, three in a row as if they were right behind individual parking spaces. almost like bowling pins. i don't want to make light in any way, but
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about the initial information and unconfirmed information that delia got that this potentially was drive-by type of situation. the three individuals where they fell, clustered tightly together, one, two, three in a row, directly behind what appears to be a white toyota, sort of a off-blue subaru, and a black pickup truck. we don't know if those vehicles are related to these people. we have no idea what the relationship, if any, between these victims were. we have no idea if this was targeted or ran document and frankly, neither does the police spokesman, captain paul starks who just spoke with us a moment ago. all the information they're collecting right now is preliminary. but it is an immensely active investigation right now. and we're about to receive a more significant briefing from a team of police officers who are assembling in the next manipulate or so to try to get
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on what they have. what i can see from here is about quarter acre size section of the parking lot outside the macy's store here at the westfield montgomery mall. three people were shot and just before about 11:30 this morning. it happened very quickly. two men and a woman. the first responders have come and taken them. they are wounded. we're not aware of any fatalities. nothing like that has been confirmed at this time. so the police investigation is the focus right now. the first respders and the victims are long gone. but ace just reported you can see that the victims seem to have fallen all in a cluster together in a row, behind individual parking spaces here in the parking lot. i would like to break away if i can because off camera right now we're beginning to get an official briefing from captain paul starks and other police officials, and when i get finished with that i will get back to you with the information they have right
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and if we could put the map up once again we're following two shootings, one at montgomery county mall and another at the giant. the interesting thing about montgomery county mall it is very close toy-270 so a suspect could get away quickly if that's the case. now, if and we con not confirm this, if these two shootings are related they would have to take another route entirely. we're trying to get a crew on the scene at the giant which is in aspen hill there on connecticut avenue, where another possible victim is supposedly shot there in a second shooting that we are following. we have reporter pete trying to get set up. we also have two druse headed toward the hospital to try to find out the condition of the victims. it is our understanding the possibility that the two men and one woman were shot outside the macy's at montgomery mall are possibly wounded. but we do not have any confirmation on their conditions. we're trying to effort that from the hospital as well. we spoke to a op
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montgomery mall to get lunch, ann bennett. she said she saw all the commotion, the ambulances. she is waiting in an area that's surrounded by police tape, one of possibly a dozen or two dozen cars that are waiting for the all-clear so they can go back about their day. while all of this is going on people are still coming and going inside montgomery mall according to the eyewitnesses we spoke to. and our own delia goncalves is at the scene there at montgomery mall. she has been talking to people who are coming in and out. one woman, it was her birthday. she was going to depo home. at woman waiting to try to get out of there. delia. >> reporter: sylvia anders the woman we spoke to. she walked up to me and said what is happening and i told her about the reports of the shooting and the three adults, two men, one woman now injured and at the hospital. she said, and i think everyone
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is feeling this, what has our world come to what is happening. we did talk to captain paul starks. key not confirm if the shooting here at the mall and the shooting at the giant was related. he did say obviously we all know horrible timing. however, there is no indication that those could be related. however, you know with these very early investigations, information sometime changes as we learn more. but take a look here behind me as jeff zooms into the scene. a very rainy investigation on a rainy day. lots of folks you can see gathered outside of the macy's entrance. they've been there fore some time. i don't see any panic or hysteria, i would say. there is a security guard it looks like with an orange baton just kind of directing traffic or directing cars that are coming through. and speaking
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through, a lot of people have mentioned and even that caller who you spoke to a short time ago said she was disturbed that actually despite this crime scene there were people going about their business. captain paul starks could not tell us if there was a lockdown situation inside the mall. however, we do know that these cars here in this rainy parking lot in the police perimeter not allowed to leave perhaps, some of those folks who are outside gathered outside of that macy's entrance are the owners of these vehicles. you can see there's a woman here just kind of casually walking by in her umbrella walking to another entrance. so it does seem like people are coming to the mall, uncertain of what is happening. a security guard here running to the scene. it's just a very fluid situation. we are just showing you pictures live here of what we are se
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-- before our eyes, police and state police. we have montgomery county police, and we do have some officers that are briefing other members of the media who have gathered here as well to try to get the latest information. everyone is just trying to piece this all together and figure out exactly what happened. there were unconfirmed reports of a drive-by. captain paul starks could not say whether or not that was the case. however we all know they do look at every single possibility when they are investigating pieces and situations like this. we can tell you that those three victims are at the hospital. they are adults. the shooting he believes occurred outside the mall. exactly where outside, we don't know if they were walking out, if they were near cars, if they were in the parking lot. still a lot of unanswered questions at this point. we're going stay here on the scene and continue to press police forth
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get those questions answered four. but certainly a very tense day for a lot of folks. people still inside the mall. we're not certain how many. people are in the macy's right now. affected by this situation and told to stay inside but we can tell you we will be here and try to get those answers for you. >> all right, thank you delia. we were talking to captain paul starks and he said he wasn't sure of what was going on inside the mall. we have somebody on the phone from inside the mall. i believe her name is nancy dicker son. are you there? >> yes, i'm here. where are you in the mall what have you seen what have you heard? >> i'm inside the nordstrom's cafe, which is kind of right around the corner from the macy's. and the doors, side doors that normally are supposed to be unlocked during business hours have all been locked. we can walk out into the mall. there are a lot of people out
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people in the cafe are trying to leave and find out one by one that we can't get out. >> nancy, did anyone from the mall or police address you and tell to you shelter in place, or did you just try to leave and find the doors locked? >> no, actually, i got the alert on my cell phone from wusa 9 while i was eating lunch and said oh my god, there's a shooting. i used to work for montgomery county police. so i started watching and looking around. nobody said anything. there was no announcement. i went over to a gentleman and i said, do you know where the manager is, and he said i am the manager, and i said, do you know there's


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