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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  May 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:40pm EDT

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police told us early on that as knew, and two of those people were cut down by gunfirfie t pe who'd been hit. a business a friday before mother's day at the mall. a crowded parking lot and gunfire in the rain. three people cut down. a man shot and killed. another man bravely wounded and a woman who's expected to survive. >> one individual was shot. two other individuals came to that person's aid potentially. they were also shot. >> reporter: here's what t ntgo police chief mcswne said early >> thha point that the victims knew the suspect. >> reporter: after this, a woman was killed in her car outside a giant in aspen hill eight miles away. the focus nearly immediately was on -y
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officer who is suspected rented elantra. at montgomery mall, shoppers were still coming and going as the investigation unfolded. witness jose gomez said he heard gunshots and saw a police officer who was on the scene almost immediately. the officer directed had imto put a jacket over a woman's wound to apply pressure and stop the bleeding. the mall parking lot, a scene of a senseless tragedy that no one could explain. so again, the tragic toll here, one individual, a man who died after being shot. another man described by police as grave condition at a hospital. the woman who was helped by mr. gomez apparently with nonlife-threatening injuries, but still seriously wounded. all of these people appa
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attacked them here on this friday before mother's day. we have just received a copy, unsealed, of a protective order that went out of effect back in march in prince george's county against tordil taken out by his wife gladys, who was shot and killed yesterday outside high point high school. it says that tordil was going to be required to pay $750 every month, and that he was going to have to give up a 2003 toyota highlander to his ex- wife, have no contact with them, and importantly, because he was a federal law enforcement officer, to give up his weapons to the prince george's county sheriff's department. we do not know if he complied with that. the order did allow him while wees still on the job to have service weapons, but they have to stay on the job. interesting documents just released in this case. reporting live at the west field montgomery mall, wusa 9. >> thank you. just before 3:00,
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word that waiting for, that he was in custody. >> garrett, you were literally steps away from this when it all happened. >> that's right, lesli. apparently, tordil after the second shooting at the aspen hill giant just around the corner and according to police, parked his car and went shopping. he browsed at the michaels here, got a cup of coffee and that's when plain clothes police officers picked him up. he knew who he was with the be on the lookout sent by police. that followed an excruciating hour in which police tailed him from the dunkin' donuts where they watched him sit in a crowded restaurant and eat lunch. they fearing if they swooped in, there could be more violence. instead, they waited until he came back out with his car when officers swooped in hitting his car with theirs.
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>> you can see officers there leading him away from that car and the scene that developed over the next hour or so. we arrived just minutes later. police searched that car and put it up on a flatbed tow truck to be taken away to be searched further. tordil taken closely from the scene here as more and more media swarmed in. we were able to hear from police about what happened. >> i saw the police actually chase the car into the parking lot, box it in, in this section over here, pull guns and five minutes later, he came out with hands up. no fight. >> we went to several addresses not only ought of concern he might -- out of concern that he may try to harm other people, but other areas were also being looked at actively. prince george's co
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slept sips last night in that m frustration and from they afte shooting last night. they were trying to catch up with them trying to get ahead of them to go to any place he might have been, visit with anyone he might have known. unfortunately, they could not get ahead of it before the shootings today. we were able to make a quick, safe arrest immediately afterwards. reporting live, garrett hayes, wusa 9. >> there was a lady, and i told her the ambulance was coming. >> reporter: so you see the woman on the ground? >> yeah. >> reporter: you walk up to her and what down do? >> -- and what do yo
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: you tried tog, you ce and put the jacket down. >> a lot of people saw and are affected by this. delia gone calfs has been talking to shoppers all day. >> she joins us now with some of those reactions. >> what is going on with this world? >> reporter: sylvia anders heading to montgomery mall with birthday shopping is greeted with police tape, dozens of cruisers, and evidence markers littering the ground. you say three people were shot, one dead and another clinging to life. >> i'm scared. i'm leaving. i'm going home. >> i'm just shocked. i'm su
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calm, thoughwas slower than normal. >> i did see extra security going around the mall when i approached. >> reporter: did it raise any concerns at all? >> no. >> reporter: this woman's son in lockdown at a local high school. >> reporter: the school's taking care of the kids, and getting that message was very helpful. i'm sure they will not release the children until they are certain of their safety. >> if i had known there was a shooting before i left my house, i probably wouldn't have come, though. >> reporter: the scene has now been clear outside of montgomery mall and the macy's, you can see the tape has been removed. several vehicles have left that parking lot. two vehicles, at least, have been towed. we're assuming that maybe those vehicles did have some evidence. they were nearby the shooting scene. now, i talked to a security guard at the macy's who heard the shooting. he was stunned that the mall was never on lockdown. i also spoke to a store manager wh
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really was the us dark. he says they only received a recorded message from management about this shooting at 1:30. that's about two hours after the shooting occurred here outside of the macy's parking lot. we reached out to the mall to find out what their policy was and how and when they notified their ploys. we're still waiting to hear back. that's the latest here from the mall. delia goncalves, wusa 9. >> a lot of people were concerned about the fact that we didn't know in the very beginning when all of this started to occur at the mall. right now, we're learning more about the background of tordi there. >> joining us live in the studio with more on what he's learned mo? >> reporter: he appears to have had a turbulence app lent relationship with his estranged wife who he is accused of shooting and killing yesterday. the 62-year-old is an employee at the
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service, a division of the pacourt documents that tordil's estranged filed, protective order documents, she filed that restraining order, if you will, in prince george's county against tordil. the court issued that protective order that required, as scott mentioned, tordil to turn in his firearm and to stay away from the scene of yesterday's crime. as a result, in march, the federal protective service where he works placed tordil on administrative duty, stripping him of his gun as well as his badge. in that order, his wife claims he abused and threatened her and their children, two daughters, for over a decade. going back to 2006 when she says he began subjecting their children to intense military- style discipline. she claimed that during an incident in 2010, tordil slapped her so hard that her glasses broke right on her face. she said just this year, he
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ever left him. s that police headquartered with more on a weapon we found we are told by sources that the ballistics evidence at the scene match the .40 caliber weapons, however, it will take weeks if not longer for formal tests to be complete. right now, the suspect is in montgomery county police headquarters being questioned. we do not know if he's talking. we do not know whether he is being cooperative. a short time ago, with a montgomery county detective was a family. two women and
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going inside ana bag of evidence. ths a flatbed trucks carrying cars into the back lot here. we don't know, we do not believe that it's the suspect's cars, but we do believe it could be two of the cars connected to the victims. also, i want to tell you about his upcoming court date. we do know he will be in district court in rockville on monday for a bond review. it is highly unlikely he will be released if you consider the alleged horrific damage he has done in our community over the last 24 hours. also, he will be going to
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suburban hospital went on lockdown for part of the
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crews told me they had just come from one arrested. were shot at , they left. montgomery mall. one man died, another man is in grave condition. police tell us a woman was also shot but has nonlife- threatening injuries and that she's being treated at the hospital. i have been in touch with people inside the hospital a couple of times today. they tell me that montgomery county police contacted them and told them to refer all questions about how the victims are doing to the police deme
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#montgomery mall. let's look at what folks reand throughout the evening newscast. you can
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the south and southwest. the areas in yellow are areas of rain. we'll zoom in a little bit. the heaviest activity right now in parts of fairfax. as you head out route 7, not far from the americ bridge and upper marlboro. if you have plans tonight, it's not going to rain as hard, but it will keep raining with showers and
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so yellow weather sun for mothe tonight, 10:00. you can futu twe'rleft wita wn manassas. only spotty showers and maybe a little drizzle. then by morning, say, 7:00, some showers possible. not every dids where. right now, manassas down 95 toward fredericks. temperatures in the morning around 7:00. 49 in olney. 50 in bowie. that's pretty chilly. a lot of clouds hanging on in terms of what falls from the sky tomorrow. i think games could be played. the only way games would not be played tomorrow is if the rain is so much that the fields are
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not in any condition. look chaps. by 12:30, illybrea
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turning now meet with house speaker paul ryan and other house republican leaders next week. in west virginia, the billionaire held his first rally since becoming the presumptive republican presidential nominee. at this point, ryan says he's not supporting trump. it's believed the two men would eventually find common ground. >> i'm comfortable with the idea that it's going to take some time in some cases for people to work through differences. >> reporter: many republicans are concerned that trump's candidacy will split the party and hand the election to hillary clinton. she told supporters she will fight to stop the centerpiece of this campaign building a wall
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the investation into hillary cu
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customer service.
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both new plan to dig out from neglected work. he says we will all have to suffer as he closes stations and rail methree ar worth of ma into just one year. passengers will have to take bus bridges. national airports to braddick. eastern market for 16 days in late august and early september. no noma to fort to then in october and early november. rosslyn to pentagon for 18 days in december. take that all in. plus, expect a lot of
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tracking and delays. first, leshan was this backlog. >> yeah, metro's new ceo offered a right? >> that smoke could really mess you up? >> of course. >> reporter: rickey powell speaks for a lot of us. after watching the alarming video of one more electric arcing incident, he was happy he'd been offloaded at another station thursday. >> reporter: you could feel yourself wheezing just looking at that video. >> exactly. when i saw that video, i was so glad that i was stuck in metro
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>> reporter: in southwest? >> killed an alexandria on maintenance l to work crews on nights and weekends. >> the new ceo is a great die. i love his policies and the way he gets in there. he takes charge. >> reporter: powell is retired, but he takes metro rail every day of the week from his home in hyattsville. >> that preventive maintenance that should have been done years ago wasn't done. now you hear you'll have to shut down or you have to keep shutting down every other day. you do what you've got to do. >> reporter: metro plans to fix al t
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connections by the benefit from >> that's what weede felled ifc through this, metro will have to continue a rigorous maintenance program. it will at least be able to keep its head above the sand. lesli? e crews an extra six hours a week to work. the ceo says that midnight closing may end up becoming permanent. if you live in a home built before 2009, your windows could be dangerous, especially for small children. >> peggy fox shows us what happened to a 3-year-old boy in prince william county last weekend. >> reporter: the fa
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re: of the windconnection and cysting on the floor. >> i saw my son running with his arms out and his kneecaps hit the sill and he tumbled head first. >> reporter: shawn says he was down there in two seconds. >> he crawled into my arms and he was taken to the hospital. >> they didn't find any problems, which is remarkable. >> daddy, get off! >> reporter: he was all right, but someone wanted to speak out and -- but shawn wanted to speak out and warn others. >> this could happen in half a second with you watching. >> reporter: those windows are a big problem. >> so this window sill is
5:34 pm
inches, 7 in the next door neighbor's house, and foot drop we're going to measure it here. the windows are not illegal. the code changed in 2009. since the neighborhood was built in 2002, the homes are all grandfathered over the old code. >> something has to be done buzz right now, it's unsafe. >> the international building code says windows should be 2 feet off the floor if there is a more than 6 foot drop outside. if you are concerned about your windows, you could retrofit them or put a device in them that would keep
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it was a today we show this inthe chaos, he punched fellow umd student jack parva in the head. it was because of that punch. police are looking for the person responsibility for a deadly stabbing in alexandria. officers were called to the home near 395 last night. that's where they found a man who'd been gravely stabbed. he was rushed to the hospital but doctors were unable to save them. we are waiting for the release of his name and we also do not know about the suspect or a motive. a total of 49 wildfires are burning in western canada. nearly 90,000 people
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the are battling the flames. officials say th enormous, they started creating their own weather system. >> even lightning was spreading. >> electric what we were seeing burping down it was absolutely apocalyptic. it was something that you'd see in a movie, and it's after the movie. >> officials say the fires are going to keep growing until the area gets some desperately needed rain. to fredericksburg, virginia now and a story that's been nearly six decades in the making. >> that's where robert lee williams lived. out of the blue, he got a letter from a woman he found
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going online and told williams that her husband found statn mu about you. i'm glad she i ye talkget new license. >> the gift card was sent to thank her. still ahead, the latest on the saga of boaty mcboat face. >> the story that keeps on giving. todd? >> doesn't it, though? a little bit of sunshine trying to poke through the clouds. that is a good thing and a harbinger of what's going through. on
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to ic. >> instead, the ship will be named on where we would ctedby cell phon >> a start-up company named yonder has created a special en they give you the pouch. if you need to access the phone, you leave the zone and the bag unlocks. the yonder bags
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for anyone attending a performance few to it. it's very hard for to you talk are >> high school students hated the bags when forced to use it on a three-day retreat, but eventually, they enjoyed the break from reality. >> it's nice to put down the phone and take in what's around you. >> just be present. james corden had a lot of fun with his late night karaoke. ♪ [music] ♪ us
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[ laughter ] >> all right. >> clooney not at all like you would imagine him. >> no, i was trying to hear his voice, but it was sounding a little off-tune. that's okay, it's still a great look for all of them. >> how could you not have fun with that and just enjoy it. everybody was into it. cool. family matters as a set of quadruplets take to the field. wouldn't that confuse the other team? >> plus, an organ donor's best friend takes the recipien
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. >> a silver spring teen is gearing up for prom after overcoming some major health challenges. >> in an extraordinary twist of fate, mariana will enjoy this rite of passage 500 miles away
5:47 pm
ever since i was a tt girl yoby colin. disney movies. >> i can't wait. >> reporter: two years ago, her ability to make it to the special night was in doubt. born with cystic fibrosis, she struggled just to breathe. >> my life was different. before i would watch netflix for hours on end. >> reporter: something life changing happens to mariana. her healthy lungs were a perfect match. >> now i can go to school, see my friends, do anything i want,
5:48 pm
next . could do. >> her friend was prom. >> when prom comes up, mariana is the one. >> reporter: so by taking her to prom, colin is bringing his best friend, too. >> he would think that's amazing. >> i want kale la to be caleb to be a part of it, too. >> the story has a fairy tale ending, too. family, friends, and community raised the money to fly her to cincinnati to go to prom. caleb's parents' decision to donate helped over 70 people. if you would like more information on becoming an organ donor, check out the 9 news app.
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we went 56 the high today. average high d we do? we'll talk about that tonight at 11:00 when the numbers are in feeling pretty good. a live look outside, it's 51. winds out of the north- northwest at 12. we have good rains to go through another couple of hours and overnight, light rain and showers. right now, pretty darn busy radar. the area of low pressure is off to the east of easton and still spinning back good rain shields all the way from fredericks to lees. heaviest activities in yellow here. so just to the north of sterling. that will move off to the south and southeast. pretty good area, too, just to the south of oldtown. that will move more southeasterly toward la plata and waldorf. the waldor
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so it's going to idea. showers are possible with sue c we should i into the 0 toght, crazy heavy. temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. by 7:00 in the morning, most of the showers manassas southward down 95, i wouldn't get too hung up. >> i 10:00, still showers. la plata, only 58 downtown. only 56 in silver spring in bowie. a few breaks in the clouds. by
5:51 pm
66 downlooking at temperatures in the low 60s. the next seven days, temperatures in the mid-70s. if you are interested in the derby, a slight chance of a thunderstorm in louisville at 82 tomorrow. now wusa 9 game-on sports with kristin bussette brought
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to you by xfinity. >> for yes old. now the lacrosse in colle. thisleeeout they are quadruplets. >> people don't believe us like, wait, you are all born on the same day? yep that's it. >> our friends are like, no, they are really quadruplets. >> the refs will ask is she your sister? i'll say yeah, we are quadruplets. they are mind blown. >> we grew up playing lacrosse together. >> i think every coach that coached us has seen the connection. it's so rare. you don't have this many sisters
5:53 pm
>> they are all fowe play together long. >> we inead of us of going to watch them play, and i think it'll be hard for us to go decide what watch win. >> you are never alone in anything that you do, even just driving to school. we're, like, eating breakfast and stuff. it will be really weird. >> it will be sad. i think i can make my own name. >> it will be nice to come home on breaks and talk nonstop. >> it's definitely something that we have to get used to. we can't live together forever. >> so georgia the goalie is glowing to play at albany, maggie is staying close to home. the identical twins wi
5:54 pm
>> so three schools for the four of them. thaklittle easier for dad. that tuition, all of those weddinth it. >> you know what dad needs? one of those hall la gram things we reported on earlier. >> all three games at once. >> spencing his money on
5:57 pm
daughter. hannah daniels has the áyork. >> sarah is grateful for her little girl sasha and her own health this mother's day. in november, she and her husband received shocking news. >> we found out we were having a baby with a home pregnancy test and a week later, cancer. >> reporter: the 34-year-old needed a series of scans right away that involved radiation. >> we decided after weighing the risks and benefits that it was more beneficial to get the mammograms. so we shielded the baby. >> reporter: scans show cancer in both. >> mount sinai west says many treatments are safe tore pregnant women but it's best to wait until after the first trimester. >> there are certain ones you cannot give during pregnancy, but there
5:58 pm
regimens, which arcancer then started chemotherapy. >> you can't eat certain fish and you can't eat a hot dog. how can you put chemicals in your body? it seems crazy. >> reporter: serafinnished -- sarah finished chemo just before the baby was born. >> reporter: she's thankful she was able to get the treatment she needed and the baby was perfectly healthy. >> reporter: hannah daniels, cbs, new york. >> a sweet ending but again, her cancer treatments are not over yet. >> she is scheduled to have six weeks of radiation. the nightmare that started in prince george's county and spilled over to montgomery county is now over. a fel derapolice officer suspected in the shooting spray that left three people dead and three wounded is behind bars tonight.
5:59 pm
capt ball of the nofar from where police say he shot his final victim, a woman in her car in aspen hill. pete is standing by live and saw it all go down. pete, they arrested a man without firing a shot. >> reporter: only a few hundred yards a few hours after a woman was shot and killed in a giant parking lot not too far from here. we just have video in of the arrest. tordil wanted for a shooting la ofth e night at the high point high school in prince george's county in beltville. po licesay he was going store to store here. we heard from some witnesses. let's take a listen.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: police say it cars, pod media feing a t could prably edin here, it was kind of a shock. >> reporter: police say tordil was going store to store in this nearby shopping center. he sat quiet as this man ate lunch. police maid their move when he went to his car. police pleaded with him to come out. finally, he did so without hurting anyone with the weapon he was carrying. >> plain clothes officers waited until it was safe to take him into custody, and that's what they did. >> when you see it happen unfold in front of you, all kinds of things are going through your mind. >> reporter: police right now have not released the name of the woman killed nearby


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