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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  WUSA  May 6, 2016 7:00pm-7:15pm EDT

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shootings at two locations that tord two his car and block him not allowing him to escape. a short time later he did surrender to without any problems. thanks for joining us. >> here is what we know thus far. four fast facts. the suspect tordil is in custody. police think he pulled the trigger outside the montgomery mall killing one man and wounding a man and woman. then it is believed that he traveled to the grocery store
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police think he is from the gro store shooting. >> rtereacame from all directions and boxed him in. they rammed the car from the front and back, pulled guns, told him to get out of the vehicle. >> reporter: it took him several minutes to respond. when he did he emerged from his car, hands raised. police had already been watching him for more than an hour after plain clothes officers saw his car
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watched him getting coffee. cehe stepped outside alone. >> we needed to be the public was safe. our fear to have any other blood shed here. >> reporter: police recovered at least one weapon in tordil's car. they hope with his capture alive they can get more information from him including why he stayed so close to the scene of the second shooting today. >> do we have anymore information from the people around there in terms of what they saw, what they witnessed? >> reporter: much the same, bruce, as we were hearing throughout the course of today. he was here for more than an hour in several restaurants and shops acting like o
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recognized him after seeing car him and pinncalmbetwn himself and the violence. the scene is finally cleared at montgomery mall where a man died and a man and woman were injured. we are joined live with reaction from shoppers. >> reporter: reaction was mixed from shoppers that we spoke to outside and inside the mall. as well, i spoke to a security guard at macy's. he heard the gun shots. he tells me he is stunned that the mall was never placed on lock down and as you
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we did walk inside. i was surprimathe frgeme at 1:30. >> i am scared to death. i am going home. >> reporter: her birthday shopping trip was ruined once she spotted the active crime scene outside the macy's. three poem were shot and one man was dead and another clinging to life, a woman hurt. >> this is crazy. what is going on with this world? >> if i had known there was a shooting before i left my house, i probably wouldn't have come. >> reporter: store managers say business was slower than normal but we did see shoppers going about their business, some unaware of the tragedy outside and others unphased. >> i did see extra
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going around the mall enit mixed reaction. some folks were very concerned and rsunty police getting processed for evidence. we have reached out, i should tell you, to montgomery mall officials corporate officials, to ask about their policy and how and when employees were notified about the shooting. we are still waiting for a response. >> thanks a lot for that. we have breaking news right now. we have just learned that eulalio tordil has been charged by
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first degree murder as well as assault >> $2are joined live i studio about the turmoil otshow us domestic issues between tordil and his estranged life go back more than a decade. the 62 year old is an employee of federal protective service. his estranged life gladys recently filed a protective order in prince george's county against him. it was granted and it required had i am to turn in any firearms that he owned and refrain from using firearms unless whil
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had abused enrc and threatened her and thei o daughters fodecade. goinba glasses broke off her face. this year he threatened to harm her if she ever left him. she was a chemistry teacher at park dale high school in prince george's county. we are still learning about eulalio tordil and now that he is in custody we hope to get more information. >> thanks a lot for the information. here is what
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abworked as a chemistry teacher until yesterday. >> in a alwe can for the school community. gladys was 44. he confronted her at the high school yesterday and shot her while she was still in her suv. there is a go fund me set up for her two daughters. we have a link to it on our wusa9 app. >> one of the questions to le them? eathem then you hear about this happening. >> this brings back intense memories of the sniper shootings that happened 14 years ago. >>
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hill on the lling people as they did seemingly mundane things. and the strange thing a is in 2002 a man was shot and killed while pumping gas at that gas station. around the corner is the aspen hill shopping center which played big during the sniper shootings. you see the boston market? that's where the suspect was arrested today. it's also the restaurant where the two had lunch while people searched for the killers. at the michael's the snipers blew out a window.
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>> we
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of crisis. >> after decadepassengers are have to ta bridges as metro temporarily silence five segments. eastern market to minnesota avenue, bidding road for 16 days in late august and early cement. noma to fort trouten and roseland to pentagon for 18 days in december. you can expect a
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trac i are in the clear because the disruptions will mean >>le on the ifook at that schedule for maintenance and plan your vacation. can
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weather. >> i don't know, miserable day, the most miserable day in may? you make the call. tough call. we only went for ploved hea the hour. we are seeing gaps in rain which is good. watching this activity up near
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this is going to rotate back to the south and west. evern'hing
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and east. this will
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the chicago cubs are doing something fans haven't seen in years. winning a lot. washington nationals are doing what was expected on paper, winning a lot. cubs and nats are the two best teams in major league baseball. whwill finish the weekend with the upper hand? the second game at wrigley field is a forget able game with four home runs allowed. down four in the 8th they chip away some more, a two run home run to make it 8-6 and in the 9 9th, trying to give harper a chance. he is on deck to tie the game but swings at a ball in the dirt. capitals are having to do what others have done to them most recently, just last season, with rangers. break the
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opponents by erasing a 3-1 deficit. this begins tomorrow night with game five at the verizon center. the team had a spirted practice today for about an hour. they realize the predicament they have found theirselves in but are not in panic mode. this is a different path than they expected to be on but it is one they will navigate as best they can so history doesn't repeat itself. >> a position you don't want to be in obviously but at the same time you have to fight through it. i think it's a huge test for us. i think we're going to take this test and see what's going to happen. >> synchronized swimming and synchronized falling. the game winner in triple over time. check the bench. watch the two players. if we could drop the lower third we could see them fall, look at the
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little too excited about the celebration, just could not get over the wall. they don't care. >> perhaps that's why they're on the bench. i don't know. just saying. >> that's all
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♪ tonight, are ben and jen back together? new video inside their parisian petaway. and the rumors they were caught kissing on vacation. plus, liam hemsworth, we ask him point blank about allse tho miley wedding rumors. >> what is the st are you getting married? >> and tmi alert. >> how's the sex? >> ashton and mila, dax and kristen our famous star couples get personal about their love lives. maybe a little too personal. >> oh, my god. and style tips ffom our expert joe zee. what we learned from his fixes for the stars. i don't think it's doing her any favors. >> why don't we change that to a v-neck? >> his dos, don'ts, and do-overs. >> i hope so. >> julianne, now you've justtgot to way and see. nine kids, two famous sons. donnie wahlberg introduces you to his thrift store-lovin >> with $29.


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