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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 6, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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♪ tonight, are ben and jen back together? new video inside their parisian petaway. and the rumors they were caught kissing on vacation. plus, liam hemsworth, we ask him point blank about allse tho miley wedding rumors. >> what is the st are you getting married? >> and tmi alert. >> how's the sex? >> ashton and mila, dax and kristen our famous star couples get personal about their love lives. maybe a little too personal. >> oh, my god. and style tips ffom our expert joe zee. what we learned from his fixes for the stars. i don't think it's doing her any favors. >> why don't we change that to a v-neck? >> his dos, don'ts, and do-overs. >> i hope so. >> julianne, now you've justtgot to way and see. nine kids, two famous sons. donnie wahlberg introduces you to his thrift store-lovin >> with $29.
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>> from new kids to tv fame, why their mother-son bond has only gotten stronger. >> yesterday i was in the market. i didn't think i was going to get out. they're taking my picture in the marke now for may 6th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." it is friday. that means it's time to have some fun. and how fun is this? juicy couples news. and we've got it. ben and jen smooching in paris. a new kardashian pregnancy. >> i vote to name th karma kardashian. and in the back on department, liam hemsworth engaged with miley cyrus. you heard the rumors. you've seen the pictures. you know what we did? we went directly to the source. that's how you get the real answers. will there be a wrecking ball wedding? >> what is the status? are you walking down the aisle anytime soon? because ladies out there, we need to kno >> i just find it easier to not talk about my personal life because usually i say the wrong thing. it ends up just complicating things m
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>> is it hard kind of keeping your personal life out of the public eye? >> i mean, obviously people are going to photograph it and write -pwhat they want to wwite. but it's my personal life, and i feel like it's just easier on everyone if we keep it personal. >> so hypothetically speaking -- >> everyone's happy. >> everyone's happy. >> so we are let's say planning a wedding anytime soon, are we talk destination wedding? summer? winter? >> i don't know. >> i'm not gettiig it out you. >> you're not going to get nothing. >> liam and miley were snapped together monday at l.a.x. and this morning liam hemsworth had some sailing training for the america's cup. ainslie sailing for the race en this weekend. >> the one thing i was aiming to do was stay on the boat, and i managed to do that. >> from new york to paris, where ben affleck and jen garner are sparking rumors they're back together. the couple announced their split in june but have remained on friendly terms. jen, ben, and the kids did some sightseeing in the french capital, and they both sampled the local ice cream.
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there's even a report they were seen kissing. we checked on that, and sources close to the pair told us "they are not together but they are friends and co-parents." we also are told jen supported ben in the filming of his new movie "justice league" the same way ben supported her when she was in georgia filming "miracles from heaven." next, baby news. rob kardashian and blac chyna are having their first child. >> congratulations, chyna. have you seen the sonogram yet? >> the couple along with kim ignored the paparazzi when they asked about them last tuesday. >> are you excited? >> but she made it official today posting this emoji. the couple have been dating since january. the news comes after some reality show drama. rob can be seen arguing with his sisters about his engagement to blac chyna on a preview for kardashians." >> the hostility in your voice. that's exactly why i don't say things. the first time i ever propos someone in my life don't come at me with some [ bleep ]. >> it's getting good. isn't it?
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pregnancy. but confusing as to how all the kids are going to be related. >> here's the thing. kylie until she marries tyga is kind of a de facto auntie. but any child kylie and tyga would have would be a sibling to tyga's current -- you see what i'm saying? >> that cleared it all up. okay. >> can we just move on to music news? there is big music news. jennifer lopez and justin timberlake both released brand new videos today with singles that are really i think vying to become like the summer jam. >> totally. >> that song for the summer. but i want you to watch closely. we're going to let you in on some of the secrets ou might have missed. >> this will be the song. coming out may 6th. ♪ i got this feeling >> j.t. and j. lo both used social media to build up the hype before releasing their videos. it seems like it's the current go-to by artists. justin's "can't stop the feeling" debuted at midnight. jennifer's "ain't your mama" at 8:00 a.m. she spent the hours in between teasing fans with sexy bikini shots and behind-the-scenes
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this is j.t.'s first solo song in three years. he wrote it hims jennifer's was written by meghan trainor. both are catchy but who has the better video? justin's is full of famous face& giving him a slight advantage. ♪ i've got that sunshine in my pocket ♪ famous friends like gwen stefani in her car, anna kendrick swinging into a hairbrush. james corden not carpooling. and "the big bang theory's" kunal nayyar are all lip-syncing. they're in the soon to be released animated film "trolls" and j.t. is on the soundtrack. but it's these studio shots that give us a look at j.t.'s inner circle. that's his mom and stepdad sharing a little moment. and blink and you'd miss her. there's j.t.'s wife jessica biel in the backgroun ♪ i ain't going to be cooking all day ♪ i ain't your mama >> now to j. lo's "ain't your mama." ain't no doubt she's the star of this video. other than hillary clinton's voice in the beginning she's the only celeb in her take a stand anthem for women. >> human rights are women's rights.
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>> and when it comes to looks, j. lo win she has six hairstyles and seven costumm changes, going from '50s housewife to '60s secretary, all the way through to full-on modern-day diva with her signature choreographed da number and $4,000 boots, a gift from her pal rihanna, who has a collection with manolo blah >> i like the tune and i like all the looks. well, cameron come on in here we need to talk about the fact that it's just a week from today that michael strahan will walk away from kelly ripa and "live." >> it's literally new developments pretty much every single day, and of course we are committed to keeping you plugged into the lates let the countdown begin. stray's last days. >> seven. >> we made it. >> freaky friday. >> it's freaky friday. freakier. it's michael's last day. >> are you looking forward to "gma" in the fall? >> yeah, i'm looking forward to it. but i still look forward to going to work at "live. i love being there. i still love it.
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not anything huge. when regis left after 22 years it was dubbed his farewell special. there was a long retrospective piece and surprise guests. >> please welcome new york city mayor michael bloomberg. >> yesterday kelly was bundled up heading home alone, earbuds in, blocking everything out. we've learned ripa has been recently pretaping interviews without michael to air once he leaves. last week she sat down with anna chlumsky and told the audience they still don't know who michael's replacement is. even though she showed her love for anderson cooper a source connected to the search for the new co-host tells "e.t." they're definitely looking for someone more ethnically diverse. like next week's line-up of guest hosts. rumors chrissy teigen is going to fill that seat on "live" but i can confirm her rep has heard nothing. before the fill-in host takes the chair here's a little lesson on how to grill a guest. the teacher is ellen. the guest is mila kunis. and the topic? well, why don't we let ellen tak f
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>> do you want to have more children? >> yes. >> you do? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> are you trying? >> you mean like am i having sex? ellen. >> yeah. are you having sex? >> how has this turned into -- yes. >> you're trying. >> not like that. oh, my god. it seems like -- >> you brought it up. >> the tmi didn't stop there. >> all right. we have a little surprise. >> happy mother's day. >> happy mother's day. we put babies in you. >> ellen then surprised the "bad moms" stars by bringing out their husbands. who've been friends since their days of doing "punk'd" together. check out the pda in front of a studio audience. no time for shyness when ellen's about to put you on the spot. >> have you ever hooked up on set? >> have you ever waxed each other's body parts? >> waxed? >> well, can we be loose on that
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term, guys? where are the judges? how about groomed? >> you can say that. >> oh >> yeah. >> but when did you groom him? >> oh, i didn't groom him. he groomed me when i was pregnant. on the way to the hospital. >> okay. we groomed each other. so i guess we're the better couple. anyway. >> leave it to ellen to get them to talk about all that stuff. all right? >> grooming. >> amazing. >> they're going to walk off set saying did i just say that out loud? that would have cost the world. >> mother's day is just two days away and we're celebrating some star moms. straight ahead. >> lori loughlin with her two look-alike daughters and later our flashback with donnie wahlberg's mom back in his new kids days. >> donnie came from a family of nine children. >> plus our fashion guru joe zee's bestworst-dressed stars of the week. it's a lot going on there. >> oh, it's ddfinitely an explosion for sur
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melissa rivers was for her dedication to suicide prevention by didi hirs
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they'll automatically get a cool pass for playing uncle jessie's wife on "fuller house." our samantha harris sat down with lori loughlin and her two look-alike daughters as we continue our mother's day exclusive. >> you watched "full house" growing up. you said it was weird, right? >> maybe they weeen't watching because they were leading fabulous lives and now they want their own careers in the spotlight. >> today i'm here with this stranger - >> 16-year-old olivia has over 150,000 youtube subscribers where she's done makeup ke
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honestly. i'm not happy -- it's hard because she has such deep-set eyes so they're kind of hooded. so then i feel like -- >> what? we're getting pretty honest here. >> despite the teasing they really think mom is cool. bella, 17, is a fashion blogger and the sisters have been featured in "teen vogue." but 51-year-old lori doesn't want to be behind any kardashian-type empire. >> i have no interest in being a momager, a manager. i really don't. >> you're not like that at all. >> and i don't want to be. >> dad is fashion designer mossimo giannuli. and both girls are taking acting lessons. >> you have a fashion designer dad and a mom who's an actress. does it give you the pressure of more to prove? >> it definitely gives us like both of us a leg up. especially in acting. but it's also going to be difficult because she's a really good actress so we're going to have to live up to what she -- >> thanks. that's so nice of you to say that. >> once in a while the kids will hook you up and take care of you.
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>> bella and lori are starting work next month on a holiday film for hallmark. lori says she wants bella to see what it's like to be on the set 12 to 14 hours a day. >> yeah. peel back that curtain, show her the real work. by the way, we're not done with moms here tonight. get ready to absolutely f love with "blue bloods" star donnie wahlberg's mom. >> who i am in here i got from her. >> and so much style to talk about this week. >> never let the dress wear you. >> joe zee tells us what is hot and what is not. you don't want to miss this week's "dos, don'ts, and do-overs." >> even she can have a bad dress day. >> don't go away. closed captioning provided by --
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well, it has been such a great week of fashion. and joining me right now is our friend joe zee with our dos, don'ts, and do-overs. joe, people are going crazy on social media over your do-overs. >> oh, they love this. can i tell you, nancy? a woman even sent me a private message on facebook and said could you come over and give me a do-over? >> you're starting with a do-over today. and i cannot believe that it's j-law. >> let me tell you, though, i love, love, love j-law but even she can have a bad dress day. so here she is in an oscar de la
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renta on the red carpet but this is what i would call a goth ballerina look. my first step in the do-over i would actually change the tank top and make it a sweetheart neckline that's strapless. first of all, i love the shoulders and collarbone on women. that's always so attractive. and then i would actually turn the dress from black because she's been doing a lot of black lately to more deep wine maroon color. >> that looks great with her skin. >> oh, i love it against her skin because it really sort of sets her off. i would add a little bit of an accessory. i would actually do a choker here because it's so on trend now. the '90s are -- >> so much. >> but just the fact that black was a huge trend on the carpet this week. all the stars were going back to the basics. >> you're right. ariana grande, she looked so elegant last night in new york in her ball gown. she's a definite do for me. and julianne moore, did u see this little shout out she had last night? >> i hope i'm a do, joe. please. >> i love you, julianne. she's always a do for me. lshed ookeeaso bulutif at her premiere. she's wearing a stella mccartney dress. i love how relaxed it is.
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so many different ways. take, for example besackinle's sequined halter by mu the cut is so great. that halter is so flattering because let's face, it the shoulders is the only place where nobody gains weight in. it's a great way to accentuate. >> we're talking dos, don'ts, and do-overs. i know you have some don'ts. >> a big don't this week is never let the dress wear you. bryce dallas howard showed up this week and she wore this outfit. what do you think? >> she looks a little librarian. >> definitely a librarian vibe. i'm going to do it over and show you how. first of all, let's tackle that black turtleneck. that's a big no for me. it doesn't do anything for her. it's not fllttering. it's too cove let's turn that into a v-neck because i love a collarb woman. >> now she's a sexy librarian. >> super sexy. >> now let's turn the top white. let's give her some framing and light around the face. let's turn the skirt into a high-waisted skirt. right away the illusion will make those work a lot better for you. >> sure does. >> and last but not least let's
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i think a lot of women forget the slimming should go all the way down and immediately that changes the silhouette. one more do-over for you, nancy. elizabeth olsen, she wore this floral dress from dolce and gabbana. i love elizabeth oleszen a and gabbana this is a lot of floral drape. by first step would be to minimize the florals. you don't want it to feel so crazy it feels like an explosion of print. i would turn that into a midriff top. that is so on trend right now. thirdly, i would actual the top part into a solid color so there is just the statement of the skirt. lastly, i would actuall them short-sleeved. i have one more bonus tip for you. when it comes to posing for pictures a hand on your hip will accentuate your silhouette even more. >> oh, it so does. you're going to see walking around like in stores, like in target. they'll be walking around like this. on the soccer sideline. >> of course. in the supermarket check-out li
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now let's wrap up our mother's day celebration in heartwarming style. every friday we get to see how much family means to donnie wahlberg on "blue bloods." and their season finale is tonight on cbs. but nischelle turner found out that the family bonding on the show is nothing compared to the real-life bond donnie has with his mother, alma. >> there's this long-running, i don't want to call it a debate but i guess it is, about who's the favorite kid. >> i already know. she's got to be politically correct, but i already know. >> no, no, no. >> i'm the favorite. >> the competition is kind of tough when you're one of nine kids and mark wahlberg's your baby brother. >> little angels. >> look at that face. how could i not be your favorite? look at that face. >> it's easy to see why donnie calls himself a mama's boy. this woman single-handedly raised him and his siblings while on welfare. >> i had to learn how to make meals out of nothing. i'd go to the salvation army store and buy shirts and
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>> the wahlbergs have come a long way since then, and with the family's reality show "wahlburgers" miss alma herself has become somethhng of a celebrity. >> yesterday i was in the market. i didn't think i was going to get out. i'm serious. they're taking my picture in the market. ♪ you want to take a chance >> and any new kids on the block fan can tell you she's been there for donnie from the very start. we first met her 27 years when she and the other new kids moms actually answered their sons' fan mail. >> donnie came from a family of nine children. and was the second youngest. so he usually wore his broth hand-me-down sneakers. >> do you think about like holy cow, where we've come from and where we are now? do you ever sit back and think about that? >> her messages to us were always to be a good person. she reminded us not just in words, in deeds. you know, i remember i bought her a fancy bracelet for christmas one year.
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and she turned around and pawned it and got gifts for all of her grandkids. she was like what am i going to do with this fancy bracelet? >> to this day i only thrift and somebody will say to me, whoa, oh, that ring is gorgeous. i'll say, yeah, it was $29. >> we're only a reflection of her. you know, mark and i get all the glory for being so successful, but you know, that's all superficial. it really is. you know, it's who are you in here and who i am in here i got from her. >> all right. i fell head over heels for her. i mean, she's just the sweetest lady. and get his. she actually wanted to be a singer or an actress herself but she had to raise nine kids. so that's that. >> staying >> absolutely. >> she said it does do her good to see that mark and also donnie have taken her dream and just run with it. and guess what, nancy.
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>> today's miss alma's birthday. >> happy birthday, alma. >> donnie posted a picture of them together. happy birthday, miss alma and happy mother's day. >> stick around. "the good wife" is coming to an end and we're on set to say good-bye.
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from todrick hall. only at celebrating an "e.t." birthday, gabourey sidibe is 33. robert downey is 56. and george clooney is 55. >> you know, george's lover in "e.r." was julianna margulies. and this weekend we say good-bye to "the good wife." sunday night on cbs. what a great show. >> we've been on that set from the very beginning. so we had to stop by one final time to bid farewell. and juliana told us she's taking home a souvenir.
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>> alicia's office chair. it's a slice of heaven. that's one thing i begged them. someone said do you want your high heels? i said no, god, i want to be in birkenstocks for the next ten yeer my calves changed size. from wearing all those high heels. >> i feel you, julianna. see you monday, everybody. bye-b ♪ know you're budgeted for the expected, and the unexpected. know that at least the process of buying a new home can be clear and simple. know your investments can make retirement closer than you think know. the one word behind all the guidance we provide, tools we create, and services we offer.
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phil: previously on "the amazing race" -- five teams continued racing through bali. the detour was for the birds. and totally nuts. >> oh. ah! phil: at the double u-turn, tyler and korey made a big move% >> brodie and kurt. >> if we want a chance in the finals, they're the biggest threat. we have to do it. phil: burnie and ashley followed suit. >> let's u-turn tyler and korey. >> they did the move to get us eliminated. foism at the roadblock, cole cokered his fear of heights. >> he did it. phil: tyler and korey won their second leg in a row and helped send their rivals out of the


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