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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 630 PM  CBS  May 8, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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it's a murder mystery at one prince george's county community tonight. hello i'm debra alfarone. the murder happened along greenfield drive last night. investigators are scrambling to piece everything together. wusa9 stephanie gailhard is live for us tonight in prince george's county. so stephanie, what did you find out about the person who passed away? >> reporter: debra, neighbors tell me that the victim was kenny, he was in his 60s. he loved to work on his old mustang car here still parked in his driveway right where he left it less than 24 hours after he was murdered. the tragedy unfolded last night around 8:30
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drive in lanham. police bagged evidence last night and continue to investigate today. neighbors tell me they believed kenny was shot to death. meantime a source says he was found inside his home by his son. police are trying to get to the bottom of this murder mystery right now. neighbors tell me this is typically a quiet community, but they do see police come by here when responding to incidents at a group home just up the street. >> i'm just shocked. i'm totally shocked that first of all it would happen in this neighborhood and that it would happen to kenny. kenny was just a really nice guy, friendly, didn't bother anybody. he's a retired postman. and just really a nice guy, loves to fish. >> reporter: neighbors say he is going to be missed.
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who did this and why. reporting live tonight stephanie gailhard wusa9. >> thank you so much, stephanie. appreciate that report. well in northeast dc a stabbing overnight sends one person to the hospital. it happened near the bus at the minnesota avenue metro station just after 12:30 this morning. the victim described as an adult male who was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. tonight, police reviewing surveillance video from the area in hopes of finding a suspect. we're learning more tonight about the beloved teacher and the estranged husband turned murder suspect. in last week's shooting spree. stephanie ramirez spoke to people who knew that couple well. >> reporter: those from the filipino community tell me that both the suspect and the community are from the same province in the philippines. >> it saddens to see that there are suppose to be
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today. >> reporter: instead who works with the non-profits helping filipino migrants say they are now helping the family of the 44-year-old. to get her remains back to the philippines for them to give her the traditional burial. though he worked with the beloved prince county george's county and that they were valedictorian. and later in life seen here with her husband and now husband, the 62-year-old as they would participate in activities together. brave is a word that came out on gladis, but did others know could this have been prevented? they are all questions that they believe they are haunting loved ones as the suspect now heads to court. >> and you have to be unified in epidemic of this violence. >> prosecutors tell us that they will have a bond hearing tomorrow in montry
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stephanie ramirez wusa9. >> tomorrow's bond hearing could shed more light on how they were able to buy not just one, but two handguns after the protection order according to our sources. last week's shooting spree also claimed two other lives, injuring at least three more people. a carnival cruise ship packs just hours before they are set to sale from the port of baltimore. it was used by passengers for boarding, getting off the ship. the ship suffered only minor damage and was cleared just to sail on time. but part of that damaged gang wave fell on to three parked cars belonging to employees who worked at the port. no one was hurt. the cause of the crash under investigation. okay, let's turn to weather now as you know we caught a break b looking like more unsettled weather for your workweek. let's get to howard bernstein first meteorologist. >> yes, we will not have a nice stretch of clear dry weather
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at a decent day today some clouds have moved with a few radar returns coming towards west virginia and western virginia, probably any of that is reaching the ground. we are dealing with a very comfortable evening despite these clouds. temperatures are still from the mid-60s to 70 in college park. we are sitting at 68 in fairfax and the winds are starting to die down after having gusts towards 30 miles an hour. if you're going out this evening, it looks like a fine evening for soccer. whatever else that temperatures will fall through the 60s into the 50s by midnight. and tomorrow, well it looks like we will have a chance for a couple of showers as we head in towards the middle of the day on the afternoon. it won't be as warm with highs in the 60s to maybe the 70s in the southern suburbs. i'll be coming back in a few minutes and talk about the unsettled weather that we'll be looking at for the rest of the coming week. we'll see you then. >> thank you, howard. just ahead on wusa9, a special celebration on the anniversary of ve day at the world
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park service paid tribute to moms and those who served during world war ii. nearly a dozen laid wreaths. gary cowden flew in to attend today's event. >> i work for the veterans administration and i see veterans from all over the war. it is so vital that they would understand and hear their stories and know the history that it is absolutely vital that we understand the price of our freedom. >> more than 16 million americans served in world war ii. 350,000 of them were women. well today was all about mom. from breakfast in bed to gifts. >> it's been a fabulous day, of course. i'm spoiled with my four boys, i guess right? and my husband too making it a special day. yeah. i got to sleep in and we had breakfast today. >> well i
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this mother right here for taking care of this sweet baby boy, lucca and for teaching him language and for helping to create boundaries and to hold us all together. >> i'm looking forward to a nice spa day here at emerald. and then it will be off for dining. >> now the national retail federation says that americans spent more than $21 billion on mother's day. greeting cards the most commonly purchased item followed by jewelry and things like going to brunch. happy mother's day to all you moms out there and mother figures, we appreciate you. welcoming up, why someone in our area have about a million reasons to smile. here is mother's day. of course we caught a break for moms, but are we looking at another week of
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as zoo keepers tried to weigh the baby panda cubs. they used food and a tennis ball at the end of the stick to show bei bei how to move into certain positions. that training will help the zoo's vets when they need to do exams. bei bei receives treats such as water sweetened with honey and other food for getting it right. not bad. there is a big winner in last night's $420 million power ball jackpot. winning ticket that matched all six tickets was sold in trenton, new jersey. but closer to home someone in virginia won $1 million in last night's drawing. it was purchased in mclain and correctly matched five numbers. okay, who would steal an american flag in front of someone's home? that's what a grandmother wanted to know when the flag she hung up
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husband a world war ii vet was suddenly gone. some officers from green bay police department heard about it, bought her a new one and hung it up for her. so many people are commenting, thanking that vet for their service and of course thanking those thoughtful officers. a fallen tree caused some problems for drivers headed through rock creek park today. the tree was at the intersection of davenport street and grant road northwest, but fell block branch road appropriately. and the tree company was called in to remove that fallen tree fortunately. no one was hurt. some wind today, but enough for that tree to come down, huh? >> the ground is pretty soggy. it's been raining and raining and raining. maybe it didn't take much. but we
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speaking of the rain, i want to show you the graphic with you as we picked up another .04 inches of rain. but it's measurable and that's the key. the 12th day in a row of national rain. >> look at this. >> we've had measurable rain today here. a trace is not measurable. that is a lot of days. they have been nice and high or not nice and high if you suffer from that -- that allergian. but a lot less wind as they will slack somewhat as we get through the evening and tonight. still a very comfortable evening. temps running well into the 60s. even a couple of spots like manassas and culpeper. 70 plus. even the naval air station with the mid-60s in cumberland
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frederick at 68. outside that michael and son weather camera under mostly cloudy skies. the temperature at 69 and a very dry air mass. how that front would move through earlier because the humidity is at 26% with the northwesterly wind at 12 miles an hour. and there is a lot of active weather still across the country with a break today. storm system out across the west in the mountains with the rain and snow showers there. but that will activate into the severe weather in the plains. a big tornado watch in kansas and oklahoma and you'll see that on the left a couple hours, boom there they go with a line of very strong thunderstorms likely tornadoes in there and they are there for us. the clouds are moving in as we may see a sprinkle squeezed on out here. but remember how dry that air is. it will be tough to rain and survive a trip from the clouds. not very worried too much about the way of the sprinkles tonight, but the rain chances, they will go up once again. and after today's break. in fact by tomorrow morning, you could see some early su
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but i'm thinking mostly cloudy with a stray shower in the morning and a couple of showers in the afternoon that looks like the better chance will be south and west of us as they could be up here with a computer model, it is not the gospel event due to the guidance on the showers. if you'll be out tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening, keep in mind that there could be passing showers. not enough for the weather alerts, but passing showers. a few showers. tuesday morning will start out cloudy, maybe a break in the sun, but watch out west in the afternoon and evening that they will roll towards us. again late tuesday and tuesday night and then another piece of energy will continue this parade of showers again on wednesday. midday. 81 in the west having the greater threat, but we will need to see what will roll towards us by the afternoon evening on wednesday. tonight, partly to mostly cloudy on the chillier side with a lot of the 40s to the north. the low to mid-50s, movin
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highs on monday. not as warm with more clouds tomorrow. the mid to upper 60s could get a few low 70s towards fredericksburg and reedville. but yeah, it is not a great start to the week and not a bad start for the week. for tonight your forecast in detail partly to mostly cloudy, chilly, 54 degrees. winds are light southwest at 45 miles an hour. monday morning, might see some early sun, but the clouds will roll in with a stray shower by noon with those temps in the 50s and the 60s. we will stay in the 50s tomorrow with a couple of low 70s to the south. yes, a few showers. looking out your three-day forecast. tuesday also sees a few showers near 70. isolated showers wednesday, could see more by 72. and then debra, i know how much you love the rain to keep a few more showers going in here. isolated there on thursday. am showers on friday. then saturday could be a few showers on the afternoon before next sunday when i do think that it will be dry
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as we've got the nats game, they are in town to have that game right here on >> a lot of curly ws on those seven days. >> yes, they start tomorrow. >> you know who necessary about the curly ws that, guy. >> hey frank. how are you doing? >> good to be back. nationals trying to avoid the bruins in chi-town as the one- time nats have been ♪ stand by me
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nationals have been good, but the cubs have been the best in all of baseball, showing that beating the curly dubs three straight, that's why they are the best trying to avoid the dread sweep at wrigley field. yes, some nats fans in the windy city representing the top five wilson ramos who will single to the left. daniel murphy is going
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score. the nationals are up 3-1. and they tie the game. that's where we stand right now, still playing babasell. 3-3 in the 12th. no, they cannot catch a break, they are still going a. gorgeous day for moms day out at camden yards. the o's, they would hit the bombs for the moms. they pitched six homers including this grand slam from manny machado. take a selfie out there with multiple wins, big 11-3. all right, they have dug themselves a good size hole in their playoff series with the penguins, defending home ice with the win last night and now they will shift to pittsburgh for their huge game six. braden holtby only allowing one score. jason wilson tallied some goals for the caps
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but still trailed the best of seven series. three games to two. >> and mine says i don't want to go home. i don't want to see an end. we stopped it once. >> no one wants to be finished playing right now. you'll see probably the best hockey that this team has played this year. >> their best, got to be their best on tuesday night. they won the big ten title in lacrosse yesterday. undefeated women trying to do the same, facing northwestern this afternoon. they are in playing for this trophy, the big 10 title. now, tied up at seven the second half. they would score her get this the 60th goal on the season. and they were not done. six minutes later, running towards their trophy winner who will score their 50th goal of the season. remaining undefeated winning the title 12-9, congratulations to the terps.
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close them out. up one, lebron tips it and time runs out before they get that shot off. th didn't go anyway, but they would sweep 4-0 and they are moving on as you've got to love this. he is my age and they will break on the internet with this. 42. becoming the oldest player to connect last night. they are going crazy folks, they're going crazy in san diego. that was in san diego. and those fans appreciate that. they will be blowing out their first ever home run still rounding the bases as we speak. >> yes, about touch homes. you've got to love it. bartolo colon. >> yes, when people are still playing pro sports that are your age or older. >> age is just a number. >> yes. you're as young as you feel. >> resigned to play another season. >> unbelievable. weather wise no problems tonight, but we could take
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highs will stay in the 60s at least for the most part. not as soggy as last week, but not quite pretty enough for sun. >> well i'm going to dedicate this show to bartolo colon who is not a nat, he's a met, but i love that. you can get updates any time on our app. we will see you right back hear at 11:00, take care.
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