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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a murder mystery in prince george's county has investigators searching for answers tonight. hello i'm debra alfarone. a man has been killed. they discovered that body last night on greenfield drive where stephanie gailhard joins us live with what she knows about the man who died, stephanie? >> reporter: debra, the victim was retired from the post office and was a patrol officer for the neighborhood watch here in his own community. the mystery surrounding the death intensified tonight as they would learn more about his life. >> he was mr. kenny, it is a travesty and the man that would give his shirt off his back. >> reporter: they say he was a part of the family. >> he used to work for the post
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i mean he's had people that didn't want to leave because he was that kind of guy. >> he would walk these streets at the member of the neighborhood watch. u you know doing the whole thing. >> reporter: he lived in this home for more than a decade taking care of his son who has mental health issues. >> it did not bother him because he was on top of it to go to the hospital and he was taken. >> reporter: as they continue to investigate the murder a source says he was hit to death with a baseball bat and discovered by his son. however neighbors believe he was shot. they're heartbroken that they would never see him again. >> he is just a nice guy. i cannot believe they would do that to him. he has a mustang over there. >> reporter: he was a good guy. he will be missed.
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>> reporter: police are going through the evidence that they have gathered here at the crime scene last night. they're interviewing family, friends, and neighbors, trying to pete this all together. reporting live tonight, stephanie gailhard wusa9. >> such a sad situation. thank you so much, stephanie. tonight we are learning more about the relationship. and the estrange wife he shot to death. those in the community tell our stephanie ramirez that the suspect and his wife are not only from the philippines, but from the same town. >> this is a tragic incident. >> reporter: they tell wusa9 that he's helping the family of 44-year-old get her remains back to the philippines so they could give her a traditional burial. they tell us that they know that family through their
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and says that the philippines are where the beloved teacher and his estranged husband turned murder suspect. 62-year-old tortillo are from. >> that they are celebrating mother's day today. you have two minor children who will have a big emotional trauma. >> reporter: in the philippines he was one of five siblings. showing us a photo of her and the suspect participating in a past event from those of the same town. we spoke to the event organizers over the phone. >> it is shocking even now. >> the suspect asked her for help on facebook. >> he wanted to reform. he wants to change. i said go ahead. >> reporter: she is speaking about the protective order that they learned
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violence. it's hard to tell who really knew the details. the topic is not as openly discussed among the filipino communities. >> you would need to be unified. >> reporter: they tell us that he'll have a bond hearing tomorrow at montgomery county starting at 1:00. stephanie ramirez wusa9. >> that bond hearing is when they anticipate that more information will be revealed, including how the suspect could have obtained firearms. a man is recovering tonight after a stabbing in northeast washington. the victim described as an adult male was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. they're
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surveillance video from the area. a man is shot to death overnight. tonight, the homicide detectives are trying to figure out why. they found the 34-year-old suffering from gunshot wounds in the 2900 block of nelson place just before 2:00 this morning. william then taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. can we keep our brand new streaks of seeing the sun going? howard bernstein knows the answer. >> we had a nice day today. had a couple of clouds late. but once again we have cleared out as it will not last, it's a pattern where we will stay unsettled. but it is not going to be blue skies, you know, that sort of thing either. tear
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that's the cool spot. most areas are in the 50s tonight. keep the windows open. now tomorrow, grab the umbrella before you love the house. we'll be okay early. the morning rush should be fine. debra, we've got more rain chances after monday as well. >> thank you. attacking each other over policy issues. they even made a bolt prediction. they report on the road to the white house. as donald trump faces to the nomination, he says that the united party isn't necessary to win with the white house. >> it would be better
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be something good about it. >> reporter: he also pivoted on the key economic questions, calling for an increase. >> they would have to get more. you'll need flexibility. >> predicting that they will go up for the rich. >> but they are going down. >> they will go up. >> they called their proposal vague and wrong. >> reporter: maybe he doesn't understand that running the government is not the same. >> reporter: as a part of their investigation into her use of the private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. >> no one has reached out to me yet. >> reporter: they are ready to talk to investigators since last year. a judge said last
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may require those who testified under oath about their e-mail server. and download our free wusa9 app. a small plane makes a crash landing on the roof of the building near los angeles. one person on board that plane was taken to the hospital. no word yet on who caused that crash. now that is used to buy passengers to board. suffering only minor damages. they fell on to three parked cars belonging to employees that are working the port. no one was hurt. the cause of that crash is under investigation.
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encouraging news for firefighters in canada who have been working around the clock to contain a series of wildfires. light rain and cooler temperatures will help firefighters reach the turning point em battling those fires as they would devastate nearly 400,000 acres of land in alberta canada. they were among more than 80,000 people who were forced to flee their homes for safety. >> at that time you don't really think of what's going on at that moment and what am i suppose to do at this moment. what will be best for the kids, what is best for us, you need someone to say, you know, hi, how are you doing? good. you know, just a smile. that it will be good enough to understand how the person is feeling. you know, that they will understand you. >> it is a good sense of the community that it is amazing as we're looking forward to get back, you know, when it will be safe to get
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back. >> they would plan to spend a month in a college dormitory with other evacuees until they could go home to rebuild their communities. north carolina lawmakers have until tomorrow to repeal the state's so-called bathroom bill or face repercussions on the federal government. the department of justice says that forcing the transgender people to use public bathrooms that correspond with their birth sex violates their acts. speaking to other republicans this had weekend, that north carolina governor pat mcflury vow today support the measure. >> it is common sense privacy laws in the restrooms, locker rooms, our shower facilities in government buildings in our universities and our schools. >> north carolina, they would risk losing billions of dollars in the federal funding, if local leaders don't respond by tomorrow. the other gop leaders in the state said that the deadline is unreasonable and that they will not be met.
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as el chapo guzman has been move today a new prison near the texas border. the weekend move of their famous prisoner was routine. but they have fueled speculations about the man known for elaborate prison escapes will be extradited to the united states. texas and california have made requests to mexico. and to extradite el chapo. but so far those requests have not been granted. the legal analyst said that if el chapo is extradited that they will spend the rest of his life in prison. welcoming up tonight a rare chance to catch mercury appearing to move across the space of the sun. coming up later a rare behind-the-scenes visit with, oh yeah, bei bei. you don't want to miss that. and a special celebration on the anniversary of ve day at the world war ii memorial.
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know you're budgeted for the expected, and the unexpected. know that at least the process of buying a new home can be clear and simple. know your investments can make retirement closer than you think know. the one word behind all the guidance we provide, tools we create, and services we offer. because when you have insight, you know. someone out there is a millionaire $429 million. a single ticket sold in trenton, new jersey matched all six numbers in last night'
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power ball jackpot. it was worth an estimated $429.6 million. and was sold at a 7-eleven in trenton. well today customers and the store clerk who sold that winning ticket were happy to be affiliated with the now lucky 7- eleven. >> it was this day and that time. this is my shift. and the first time we have won anything this big. so it was mind blowing. >> in the meantime closer to home, one person won $1 million in last night's power ball jackpot for matching all five numbers except the power ball. now that winning ticket was sold at a 7-eleven also in mclain, virginia. well tomorrow you'll have a chance to see something you won't be able to see again until 2029. mercury appearing to move across the face of the sun
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called the 2016 transit of mercury. scientists say if you use a telescope, you'll be able to catch a glimpse of the planet starting around 7:15 a.m. if you're a late riser no worries because it will take seven hours for mercury to get to the other side. of course it is dangerous to look at the sun, so use a telescope with a safe sun filter. this happens about 13 times every century. that you're going to get up early and look at? >> no. i am. i think a part of the problem is that we may have seen too many clouds tomorrow. >> i do like to hear that. >> for the early risers. but the clouds will be coming back. we've had a good deal of sun today. that it just felt good. felt good. >> everyone is happier around here. >> even the dog is like let's
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it's been a long week with some cabin fever to soak it up. take care of some business. forecast the high of 70 today with the brisk wind that it may not have felt like that. but it will be 72 within our 3- degree guarantee as we would call that? correct. tonight we'll be looking at temperatures, big range from where the temperatures, or the winds have died off, the air is dry. there are some spots like frederick in the mid-40s. meanwhile in town, that we've got the urban heat island effect if you will at 61 degrees right now with 50 in cambridge, 48 and 56. down on the south fredericksburg still on the mild side at 59. did you see waldorf? looks good tonight on the michael and son weather camera. 61 degrees officially. winds are northwest at 7 with the dry air that we're talking about with those dew points in the lower 30s. humidity only 35%. the highs the next couple of days as we've got a front, which will be nearby. that will be one thing we don't want if we want nice
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in but tomorrow 67 at dc and 85 in raleigh. and as we head towards tuesday, not much difference. there's a good deal of warmth. 80s, 90s in texas. but it's not moving here for the first part of the week. we may get a little warmer by thursday and friday and still 70 as opposed to the 80s and e across the country, still watching that big broad storm spinning over western colorado with some snow and the higher elevations. this set up though in the plains would help severe weather get going. that's why we're looking at the severe thunderstorms in nebraska, kansas, with some tornadoic thunderstorms earlier. the cloudiness that you'll see out to the west will be
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turned -- a stray shower or two with a lot of showers. so we will be on the cool side here, 60s to maybe, maybe 70 degrees. we will watch the showers tuesday afternoon and tuesday night come across the area. then on wednesday it looks like the bulk of the showers to the west of us as we will need to watch that. wednesday could be a problem and we still have some shower chances on thursday, friday, saturday. we'll get to the 70s in
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second. 46 to 54 tonight. could we have some spots getting closer to 40? yes, partly to mostly cloudy chilly at 5. now tomorrow morning clouds will roll in passing showers, the 50s to some lower 60s by lunchtime. then on the afternoon the mid to upper 60s on the warm spot and lower just a little bit from what i was thinking at 6:30. and the 3-degree guarantee tomorrow that they have taken from 60 to 67 degrees for your monday. now their three-day forecast on tuesday, 69. a few showers. 72 on wednesday and the shower threat will be staying well west of us with the isolated shower on wednesday night. and on thursday, a little warmer, but still the shower threat. friday morning, there's a better chance for showers again later on saturday. on friday afternoon or saturday morning midday that they should be okay. but one of these days that they will be able to come here with a nice five-day stretch. >> i cannot wait to look
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that it is not one of those days. >> it is still better than what it was. >> yeah, crummy is a perfect word. but as you know that today is mother's day and also victory in europe or ve day. ve day will be the unconditional surrender to the ally in world war ii. and at their memorial in washington today, the national park service will be paying tribute to moms and those who serve during world war ii. nearly a dozen world war ii veteran would lay wreaths at the memorial. and they flew in from washington state to attend today's event. >> i would work for the veterans administration and i see veterans from all the wars as it will be so vital in our country to understand. and hear their stories to know the history that it will be absolutely vital towards democracy that we will understand the price of their freedom. >> more than 16 million americans would serve in world war ii. 350,00of
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okay, breaking news right now in prince george's county. that's what police are responding to the shooting in the 500 block of harry truman drive in largo. we'll have more information on that and we'll put that on our app as soon as we get it. okay, still ahead on wusa9. the news tonight. she said yes to the dress, but no to the prenup. so what happened to this new york city wedding? and could one of entertainment's long standing couple be calling it quits? we'll have
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but cigna is there for you. health isn't easy. literally. just download our free coach by cigna app. for personalized programs from a team of health coaches to help you achieve your wellness goals. cigna. together, all the way. she said yes to the dress. the ring, and the venue. but when they said no to the prenup, the new york city woman decided to use the wedding reception location to help strangers in need. her son canceled the wedding a few months before the big day, but kept the reserved space at new york city's house and host add special luncheon for less fortunate kids and families instead on this mother's day. >> if some other people can feel happier adding to the mother's day that it will be great. >> it is a selfless act and something that i greatly apprecia
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there. >> and maybe that they can have some emotional memories to the kids. and sometimes an open door that can change someone's vision of the future. >> the needy families were selected through the salvation army. today could be called a black savage. there are reports tonight that sharon and ozzy are calling it quits after 33 years. the former black sabbath front man has been together for a decade. and after he became sober, the couple reunited. and eventu allyshe mebeca the manager. tho e twhave three children and starred on the reality tv show the osbourns from
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bei bei has wrapped up his first week of training. yeah, they have to be trained. cbs cameras got a rare behind- the-scenes look. they have used food to show bei bei how to move into specific trainings when they do need to do some exams on the bei bei cubs. and other food for getting it right. game on ov
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the rare three-game losing streak as they would wrap up their series with a very good perhaps best team in baseball right now. that is the case for the cubbies taking on
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nationals. oh no, this will be a walk-off home run. plenty more on the status coming up game on overtime. when it is all about survival right now. during the regular season. that it will be all for not, right? game six on tuesday night where they may be swinging now. >> i don't believe in it in one way or another. but it will be 3-1. >> we shall see where that pressure lies with those champs. hoist that trophy. the championship rather. of course we'll be holding out hope that kevin durant
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with the free agent this summer. game on overtime as we'll hear from the super star's mom on mother's day on the matter. and we shall see. >> that it will be very appropriate today and the real mvp, we will see. >> and i think that it will be a lot. what did you talk to your mom about it as they would say that you'll never talk about it. right? we shall see. >> there you go. well, you can get updates any time on our wusa9 app. thank you so much for hanging out with us you. know what's
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the nats were hot, but they have cooled off. do they avoid that dreaded sweep? >> it will be a place to score. >> it will not be done yet. still as they would face another elimination game on tuesday night. >> moms know best. what does kevin durant's mother know about their season? find out next. game on overtime is next. >> that ball


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