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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  May 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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information that's been developed, an attempt to obtain a separate vehicle with which to make an escape. >>reporter: at the aspen hills shopping center, police believe tordil attempted to steal maly na's toyota rav4. he lost his eye glasses in that deply struggle. and -- deadly struggle and that's why he likely stayed in the immediate area until his capture. >> it was a second loaded magazine, fully loaded magazine found underneath of the car. >>reporter: investigators also discovered suicide notes written in march, in which tordil indicated he would likely die in a shootout with the police. tordil appeared in court today, via closed circuit television. he spoke only one time, when the judge asked him if he could hear. yes, sir, i can, he replied. we also have promising good n
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shooting. his condition is improving and today, he underwent surgery to remove one of the four bullets that entered his body. reporting live, wusa 9. >> that sure is welcomed news, because we were very concerned about his condition after the incident. thank you. tordil is charged with two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of attempted first-degree murder, and 4 counts of using a handgun in the commission of a felony. he faces life in prison without the possibility of parole. and prince george's county can file charges. the emotional outpouring for the victims of tordil alleged attacks continues today. >> a community vigil tonight, and at the scene of one of the attacks, a makeshift memorial has become a community gathering place to show support. claudia
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her car. >> yeah, you're right, and the parking lot here in front of the giant is sort of become a parade of people coming by, taking pictures, sharing thoughts, many of them complete strangers, the memorial behind me here growing in terms of flowers and balloons by the hour. for mrsz molina and the others who were victims is. tordil's last victim was molina. she worked for 25 year, to support her family. murdered while sitting in her toyota rav4 here in the giant parking lot in an apparent attempted car jacks, now complete strangers reflecting on the loss. >> this makes me so sad, and makes me cry. >> i think it's beautiful, none of us knew her, but we all seem to be impacted by some way because the community. >> we feel the loss, we
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sad that the community. >>reporter: more than 400 coworkers of malcolm wind field to share their grief. as the facility es worker, everyone there knew him, a nate f of prer rue remembered as a hero for coming to the aid of a woman at montgomery mall, as he tried to take her car. that man and another were wounded. >> it's so sad. >>reporter: he had two high school age kids. a vigil was deeply emotional. and tordil's first alleged victim was his estranged wife, gladys, shot outside high point high school, an immigrant t from philippines. her classroom door has become a memorial for students. she was picking up her two college bound daughters when she was murderers and a bystander was wounded. badly shaking people who never knew any of them.
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another vehicle slowly passing by, as people again, look this memorial here, another measure of the outpouring from complete strangers of the gofundme pages that have been set up to support the various families, at least four children among these victims headed towards college, with tuition costs, people have donated in excess at this hour, $125,000. for these families. that's likely to continue to grow. reporting live in aspen hills, scott broom, wusa 9. >> so many people by the seeping randomness of it all. funeral plans have been announced for malcolm. right now, two students are recovering after being stabbed inside of a montgomery county high school. the suspect is 15. wusa 9's pete -- is live at churchill high school to tell us what happened there. pete. >>reporter: police say one of the weapons used was a pair of scissors, enough to
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and a lot of concerns. the ambulance outside of winston churchill high school left empty after students saw their classmates bloodied after an argument. >> it's scary. a lot of things have been happening. there was a shooting not far from here and now this. >>reporter: police say it was during lunch when a 15-year-old boy assaulted another 15-year-old and a 17-year-old. students say one of the weapons use was a tool to detail clay. the police say nobody was seriously injured. >> i about didn't know that type of stuff happened at churchill in potomac maryland. >> if there's sharp tools, there has to be somebody like nonstop watching, this can't happen. >>reporter: parents received a note from the school, saying students were safe and secure. students were dismissed at their normal time. >> everyone still feels safe here. bottom line, but always hard to find out about things that
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going wrong in this community. >>reporter:. >> now, it is not clear if anybody will be charged. live in potomac, wusa 9. turning to campaign 2016, right in our own backyard today, hillary clinton was in louden county, as part of her breaking down barriers tour, the former secretary of state talking about the struggles that young families face, balancing the demands of work and home. one of those challenges involves caring for a newborn, paid family leave can provide crucial support for new moms. >> and i'm talking to the nurses there and i said, so, what are some of the issues you're seeing coming through the hospital t? and one nurse said just breaks my heart because when you're talking to these new young mothers and they have to go right back to work, and they don't have any time at all, you can just see how torn and upset they are. >> after her visit to the coffee shop in stone ridge today,
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tomorrow, she'll visit a day care center for young parents in the work force and talk to them about issues that are important to them. meantime, if he reaches the white house, donald trump has the selected new jersey governor chris christie to lead his transition team, as he heads into the primaries unopposed, trump faces a tough battle, united the republican party behind him, something the bill nar says may or may not be an issue. >> does the party have to be together? unified? i'm different than everybody else, perhaps that's ever run for office, i don't think so. >> trump will head to washington this week to meet with congressional republicans who at this point aren't ready to back him, that includes house speaker paul ryan. our streak of wet weather stays alive with a little rain today and another yellow alert for tomorrow, chief meteorologist topper shutt is in the weather center with the details. >> right now, most of the showers are norlth of town, frederick and hagerstown, we'll zoom in
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light activity, all shades of green, light. fairfax county out i 66 and 123 and route 7. zooming in more. right now, sit dry at the nats park, they host the tigers tonight. some of these showers to the west could roll through here, in the next little bit. so they're all light. by 5:35, we could see a shower around the ballpark and around silver hill at 5:49. again, nothing heavy, i think a bigger headline, you're going to go to the game tonight, it's just kind of cold. i mean, temperatures in the upper #1k350s low 60s, so get ready, 64 maybe a shower by 8:00, 62 with clouds, by 10:00. on the futurecast, 8:00 tonight, most of the showers still north of town, nothing crazy heavy yet. by 9:30. most of the showers into frederick, will come back, though, show you why we issued a yellow weather alert for tomorrow and tomorrow morning's commute and the records in terms of consecutive days with measurable rainfall in the metro. all right. top. to prince george's county now t son of
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with using a baseball bah bat to kill his father. police say 42-year-old monty anthony has admitted his role in the death of his dad, 64-year-old kenneth williams, they lived in a house on greenfield drive. the two had an argument before anthony used the bat to attack his father. neighbors tell wusa 9 anthony suffers from some mental health issues. tracking metro for you now, where it was another tough day to the transit agency, multiple delays out there on the orange, blue and silver line, one of the problems stemming from work over the weekend. a train that was sent over some tracks that had just been worked on, caught fire. outside of the stadium armory station. riders were understandably upset. >> we were packed on there like sardines and it was super hot. >> it's very frustrating and it's under utilization of our tax dollars. >> metro's epic maintenance project begins on june 4th. you can see the
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when on our wusa 9 news app. dueling lawsuits tonight, in the fight over north carolina's public law on bathroom access for transgender people. >> about an hour ago, the department of justice filed suit claiming it violates u.s. civil rights laws. north carolina governor pat mccrory, sued the federal government calling the justice department position a baseless and blatant overreach. the controversial law that has spawned protests requires people to use public bathrooms that correspond to the sex on their birth certificate. >> we are just getting started here on the news at 5:00. shooting spree suspect eulalio tordil had serious accusations against him before last week's events. the question we're asking tonight. >> why was he out on the streets. >> and mercury on the move, we head to green belt to learn more about the planet's epic journey. >> new driver's licenses for people who live in
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making sure you're protected. >> a long ways away, right? >> and right after the break, sentencing day for two drag racing drivers who killed three
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my baby, my baby, that agonizing cry was all el va could say over and over again, after two allegedly racing drivers slammed into her family car two years ago. that killed her 4-year-old daughter, her husband, and her brother. today, a montgomery county judge hit those drivers with sentences of 20 years in prison each. in the courtroom and joins us now live from georgia avenue and casontreet where the terrible
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>>reporter: yeah, leslie, 20 years, it sends a message. they were strangers, allegedly racing down georgia avenue here at speeds of more than 100 miles per hour. salvador ra months was trying to turn left with his family in the car, when they hit him. they were going so fast, it was impossible for him to even see them coming. investigators say wakefield hit the family first, slamming her turbo charged volkswagen into their car broadside, at at least 77 miles per hour. they say sanchez was racing his camaro 106 miles per hour when he hit them t. impacts so catastrophic, it tore the family's nissan in two and threw all four members of the family
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family car. and just kept crying for her 4-year-old. >> i feel very badly because i'm also a mother. thinking about losing one of my children would drive me crazy. >>reporter: after a judge sentenced her husband to two decades in prison, sanchez embraced the woman who lost her husband, her daughter, and her brother. there are no winners here. sanchez says she's now left to raise her five children alone. >> my husband is not a criminal. he didn't do it to want to kill somebody is. >>reporter: even more bizarre, sanchez's own mother was hit b a car while walking across the very same intersection 7 months earlier. she later died. >> if you really are a car enthusiast, if you enjoy
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a track. >> what i want to say to people and to young people out there, driving out there, don't speed. >>reporter: sanchez's lawyer ip cysts that there is no -- insists there is no evidence the two were actually racing. he plans to appeal. live in aspen hill, wusa 9. >> there are no winners in this case, you said it best. the mother who lost her husband, her child and her brother was just too shaken up after the sentencing today to talk to us. but without her husband to help, she not only lost her family, she's been unable to pay her bills and she's also lost her home. well, we pivot a little bit. redesigning the driver's licenses with protection for you in mind. >> transportation officials unveiling the new look today in glenn bernie. the last time they were updated was back in 2003. the old design made them more
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these new cards feature cutting edge technology to protect marylanders from identity theft and fraud. someone who purchases a powerball ticket in maclaine is going to pick up a million dollars at a 7-eleven on old dominion drive. only one grand prize ticket was purchased and that person bought their ticket in trenton, new jersey, it's worth about 430 million dollars. not bad. the big winner picked all the numbers themselves. >> on behalf of all of the mothers out there, we are so grateful for a beautiful day of weather. happy belated to allison and so what you give one day and then you take it away the next? >> yes, we do. yes, we do. >> that's how it works. >> better nice on mother's day than on monday. or tuesday. yeah, we're setting all kinds of records for consecutive days
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this is measurable rainfall, on the 18th of april. we'll tell you how many days it's rained. this is may, starting last sunday. so we had rainfall on the 22nd, 23rd of april. then we had three day, just three days, 24, 25, 26 of a respite. and then since the 27th of april, it has measurable rain, not a trashgs but measurable, a 100th of an inch or more at the airport through the 9th. we will add to that tomorrow. it's a record. it's a record in terms of consecutive days, 13 days in a row, that's a record for may, and any month in any year. and i think we have a chance to add to that tomorrow on the 10th and the wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday to add to that. so we'll have a little more detail, how many records we're breaking on the website and my blog shortly. we'll take a look at the 3 degree guarantee. sweating this one out. 67, might make it, might make it. may not be until late tonight. we'll talk about
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11:00. a live look outside. 62 right now. relative humidity at 78%, winds out of the south at 8. here's the radar, good news, nothing heavy. good news, not that much coverage, either. mainly showers, frederick, hagerstown, over towards martinsburg and cumberland, light showers to the west of town, we showed you these earlier, these could move through the ballpark, but it will be light. the bigger deal is how cool it will be at the ballpark. get sweatshirt ready. pushing off to the east, though, but a couple of sprinkles just right to the north of the nats park, the first pitch at 7:00. we're tracking some showers tonight. bus stop temperatures 50s tomorrow. and wet. get ready for that. yellow weather alert tomorrow, that's going to be a very wet commute, maybe we'll is have a dry commute home, but a yellow weather alert tomorrow. it will be unsettled the rest of the week. we're trading in 50s for 60s, that's still not exactly great. the average high is low to
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70s, but lit be sun -- it will be unset is led for a while. a couple of showers north of frederick. walking the dog after dinner. then by 6:00 a.m., look at all of the rain and showers and look at the yellow. and even a little flick of red right there around the la plata. heavier downpours tomorrow. as if you don't need any other obstacles on the way to work. we're still in the 50s and then by 12:30, 1:00, a lot of clouds, a couple of sprinkles and temperatures struggling to get to 60 degrees. so day planner looks like this. 50s across the board, maybe 60. maybe 60 by 1:00, the rain begins to shut off. more shown r showers on wednesday. 73 on thursday, with showers, 73 on friday with thunderstorms. so this streak could be kept alive here. showers or storms on saturday, 65. nats on 9 sunday, got a dry day, hallelujah. 66. a dry day on sunday. 70 with clouds comingn
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get through this week. all right. top, doughnut chain krispy kreme could be sold for a billion dollars. and uber is suspending service in one city. a reverend who studied his faith here in d.c. is honored today, after being shot and killed in that church massacre in south carolina. we'll hear from reverend
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the widow of reverend clemente pinckney received the -- she stood in for her husband after he was one of 9 mother emanuel church members gunned down during a bible study last june. the late south carolina senator was a student at the wezly theological seminary when he was killed. this is the first time the school has awarded a post mouse degree to someone who has not completed the course work. >> he would have finally completed all of the studies, everything that you know, he had wanted to do. and to say that he's not here
5:25 pm
physically, to receive it is bittersweet. >> the seminary says pinckney was working on his thesis when he was gunned down, but they believe he completed and defended his thesis that night. in tonight's consumer alert, a sweet deal is in the works, j.a.b. holdings, the owner of pete's coffee and keurig is buying krispy kreme. they purchased the company for 1.3 billion dollars. the acquisition is part of the fast-growing coffee empire. a pause in sfshgs lyft and uber are suspending their ride-sharing service in austin, texas, after voters backed a measure to require drivers to get fingerprinted around background checks. lyft says the move threatens the business model. they spent 8 million dollars on a campaign proposal self-regulation for the ride-sharing companies. mortgage rates have fallen close to their
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year. freddie mack, reports the average 30 year fixed rate is 3.61 down 5 points while the average 15-year rate is 2.86. and don't forget, we are giving away a free car on wakeup washington. >> that's right, tune in tomorrow to hear how you can enter and win details now on the wusa 9 mobile app. straight ahead, it could take months to put out that massive wildfire torching parts of canada. >> honorlaing w enforcement officers who died in the line of duty. >> and right after the break, new details on that protective order placed against the maryland shooting spree suspect
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and to the protective order filed some two months ago against tordil, the suspect in last week's shooting spree in montgomery county. >> there are seriouss -- allegations in there. big question here, why weren't the police involved? wusa 9 stephanie ramirez brought those concerns to the investigators today. what the they say? >> adam and leslie, we're talking about two young victims who are dealing with this incredible hardship. we're not going into detail of what's in here, but i can tell you from the officials, attorneys, they're saying what's in these protection orders is not enough to set all the
5:30 pm
and whistles to call police. >>reporter: when there are serious allegations involving children, the district court is required to report those allegations to the prince george's county department of social services. the county conducted an investigation, however, a spokesperson for the prince george's county police department tell us us they were never asked to investigate. tordil was apparently not on their radar. the question is, why not? and that answer is hard to get, several about county officials say they cannot comment on the case because it involves children. she can't speak directly to this, but long-time domestic violence attorney dorothy said over the phone, when it comes to last week's violence. >> always our worst fear. i think sometimes people don't take domestic violence seriously. and sometimes people just make up, as a way to get a leg up in a divorce case. >>reporter: an organization that helps provide legal council to domestic violence victims. >> this is how we have
5:31 pm
>>reporter: prince george's county attorney says a review bond will be taking a look into what happened here. >> something could have been done differently, we have to discover what that is. >>reporter: i can tell you, we just learned from a state department of human services spokesperson that they do give copies of intakes from child protective services to the police department, we are contacted the police department and are hoping to find out more on this. for wusa 9, i'm stephanie ramirez. stephanie, thank you. now, also brook says getting out is the most dangerous time for victims and encouraging those trying to get out and to contact one of the area's many organizations. having a plan and informing others to keep an eye out are important steps. check this out, this is from oklahoma. okay, a tornado touched down a little while ago around el more city, it is now headed off to the north and the east. and they do have
5:32 pm
covering much of southern oklahoma and northern texas as well and a tornado warning in effect for garvin and murray county until 5:00 p.m., local time. so that's 6:00 p.m. our time. you can see the cloud there that produced the tornado. i think it's still on the ground. i think it just moved east and south of el more city and headed closer to -- zooming in here -- it looks to me like it's headed closer to a place called wind wood, where the tornado warning is in effect. right now, we don't see anything from that cloud, that is one ominous looking cloud. again, that is in the south-central oklahoma. they are chasing this. it was on the ground at one time at one time around el more city, sit closer to wind wood. this is where the warning is. there's el more city, the storm has moved east of that. across 35. there's win wood, the tornado warning continues until 5:00 local time, 6:00 our time for wind wood, big time hail. that comes back on the ground,
5:33 pm
impressive looking sight. appreciate that, topper. well, four people are behind bars. two 18-year-olds and a 19-year-old and a 17-year-old juvenile are all being held without bond, investigators say the victimish mail mans ray made arrangements to meet someone last week. that's one of the suspects allegedly opened fire, for reasons still aren't clear. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. violent juvenile crime is up in the district, and tonight at 11:00, wusa 9 anchor bruce johnson has some exclusive interview s with juvenile offenders who are part of that problem and bruce, you say the system for rehabilitating them just isn't working. >> everyone knows the system isn't working. i talked to all of the adults with big roles in the juvenile justice system, including judges and workers, nobody has s satisfied with this resolving door. the young peopl
5:34 pm
younger, they're angry, and many have no hope of even reaching adulthood. no secret why this isn't working for many of these young people. they're being sent back to the very same poor families, dangerous communities, and failing school that sent them out in the first place. how many of you have lost friends, family members to the violence out there? everybody. >>reporter: we rekrantly sat down with a group of teenage offenders. >> mothers, fathers, drug addicts, homes broken. we don't got nothing, it's like we've got to go get it. >>reporter: they wearing gps monitors. no names or faces. we were not permitted to ask about their specific crimes. all but two got their start in dyrs. >> how old were you? 12. >>reporter: 12. >> stole a car. >>reporter: stole a car? >> yes. >>reporter: how old were you? >> like 14. >>reporter: byrs, department of youth rehabilitative services, tonight, you're going to hear from a 14-year-old and a 15-year-old, a
5:35 pm
predicted their own deaths. you're going to hear that the district's youth prison, is only half full, and you're going to learn why. you're going to hear about new approaches to rehabilitating the city's juveniles, interesting stuff and risky stuff. >> we're not throwing them away? >> in the end, you know, you're doing the same thing, expecting different results. the insanity. >> we know you're going to be talk about this on facebook live at 7:30. >> yes, a lot of times we interview the talking heads, the people in charge, we're interviewing the the youth, the people directly affected by this. why the stuff doesn't work for them. >> looking forward to your report tonight. >> all right. well, this is national police memorial week. a time to remember fallen officers. [ bag pipes playing. ] . >> today, a dp police headquarters, law men, family members and others from
5:36 pm
of the lives lost, it's part of the 37th annual washington area law enforcement officers memorial service. the father of montgomery county police officer noah -- was there as well. rich -- knows the dangers of the job all too well, his son was hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver. >> fallen heroess, every day out there. they're out there sacrificing every day, they don't know if they're going to come home. and they still go out there. and they serve and protect. >> so far, 33 officers have lost their lives in the line of duty this year. 124 law men and women were killed on the job last year. according to the national law enforcement officer memorial fund. still ahead, how some employers are helping their workers pay down student loan debt. and trending now, why heavy metal power company ozzy and sharon osbourne are calling it quits. p
5:37 pm
explaining why she showed up two hours late to play a
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
ed show to some frustrated fans. we all strive to be on time, to deliver all of
5:40 pm
trending stories. first up tonight, musician lauryn hill taking to social media to explain why she was more than two hours late to her concert in atlanta on friday night. >> and people still stayed. on top of that, hill played for less than 40s. here's the direct quote from her facebook page. the challenges aligning my energy with the time taking something that isn't easily classified or contained and trying to make it available for others. i don't have an on-off switch. >> she didn't feel like it. >> but you should find it. one fan comments how do i get my money back for the ticket ts i paid for, the energy that poetly flows to my bank account would like to refreshed and refilled. >> well put. >> fake it until you make it. >> be there. >> another singer with a history of tardiness apparently made it to the stage on time this weekend. >> talking about axle rose joining ac/dc for
5:41 pm
show together in portugal. ♪ [ music ] ♪ . >> a big hat on. rose is filling in on this this tour for brian jones who has beenside lined due to problems with his hearing, the doctors told him if he kept going on tour, he could go deaf. >> there's an easy solution for that. just do what he did. >> step aside. not show up two hours later. after a roller coaster ride that spanned 3 decades, ozzy and sharon osbourne splitting up. >> ozzy has been kicked out of the house. the breakup is over, and is an affair that the heavy metal sirng has been having with a celebrity hair style aj. the black sab both front man has been missing. the fear that he has been relapsed to drinking and drugs. we are giving a way
5:42 pm
on wakeup washington. >> tune in to wusa 9 at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. find out how you can enter and win. and you can also find out on our wusa 9 mobile app. mercedes-benz son, come on. >> taking a stroll down memory lane with stephen strausburg and the man who helped turn the pitcher into an ace. that's later in sports. plus, mercury makes it epic journey between the earth and the sun. we head to prince george's county where
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firefighters say they're finally making progress against a massive wildfire burning in canada, cooler temperatures and some much-needed light rain are helping crews there. in the town of fort mcmurray, many neighborhoods have burned down, while others were spared. the fire is nicknamed the beast, still expected to take months to put out completely. burning mainly right now in forests and away from towns. that were once in its path. college loan debt tops more than get this, a trillion dollars in the u.s.. >> a growing number of companies are trying to ease the pain. robert garland and
5:46 pm
$1300 a month in college loan, that is more than their mortgage. garland says most young college students don't fully understand how loans will impact their lives. >> not until you get out of college that you start to realize what kind of a burden it's going to be on your life. >> now, garland and about 5,000 fellow employees at fidelity investment, are helping to pay down their college loans. fidelity is giving workers $2,000 a year, capping at $10,000 to pay off those loan. the price water house keerps has a similar plan. so the planet mercury was on the move monday. see that little dot right there? that's mercury, giving us all a cosmic show that lasts one in a decade. scientists closely watching to learn more about the small planet. weijia jiang explains, from the green belt.
5:47 pm
the globe watched mercury move between the sun and the earth for the first time in a decade. >> i thought it was so small, it's how big the sun is. and how small we are. >>reporter: the solar system's smallest planet resembled a black dot against the glowing face of the sun in the 7.5 hour trip. >> it's a pretty exciting event because it connected so many different kinds of scientists. >>reporter: scientists at the center in green beeld, maryland used the rare o kurns to study mercury's thin atmosphere. it provides information about the sun can the weather around it. >> it has an impact on technology, especially, but its also has an impact on astronauts, on their health, so we need to be able to forecast it, to predict it. >>reporter: nasa scientists are also using mercury's move to look for new planets in our solar system, and beyond. >> transits are so important because you can measu
5:48 pm
of the planets, the orbits if we see slight shifts in the orbits in time, we can have another mass in the system, another planet causing that. >>reporter: mercury puts on this show an average of 13 times a century. the next trip will be in 2019, but then it won't happen again until 2032. weijia jiang. >> nasa provided close to real-time images of the trip, a lot of people checked it out through telescopes, be warn td, if you ever look at a similar eclipse, you've t got to have special filters to protect your eyes from the sun. because staring directly into the sun, not going to end well for you. >> no, not a good thing. a live look outside, we have clouds, temperatures 62 right now. wind withs out of the south at 8. the problem with the wind, they'll switch and become easterly tomorrow. late tomorrow night and tomorrow and tomorrow night, that will keep us cool, here is first alert doppler over the last hour, od
5:49 pm
happening right now, a lot of cloud, but in terms of shower, frederick, back to the west, i 81. hagerstown. a little shower, okay, a little shower up between brunswick and frederick. this is moving off to the south and east, though. it is going to head towards centreville on our storm tracker, at about 6:46. for the most part, we're looking at light showers tonight, perhaps heavier stuff after midnight. we'll be tracking more showers throughout the night. bus stop temperatures in the 50s tomorrow morning, it will be wet. miserable again. good enough for yellow weather alert because of the slow smut. unsettled the rest of the week. it won't be as chilly or quite as miserable as last week, but that said, we've got temperatures holding below average. most of the week. with showers and storms in the forecast all week. 10:00 tonight, a couple of showers north, a couple of showers south, temperatures upper 50s, low 60s, taking a walk after dinner, look at what happens by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. this is becoming a little more
5:50 pm
of runs, manassas to la plata. i 66 tomorrow, eastbound or even up i-95, northbound, not going to be a pretty sight. 9:00, everybody has light rain or showers. and we're still in the 50s. 55 in gaithersburg, 56 in bowie and silver spring. by lunchtime, good news. most of the showers now pulled across the bay, bad news it's still cloudy and chilly. again, we have some expectation in may to have a little warmer, i'm tired of being cold in the house during may. well, 55 tomorrow, in fwathersburg at lunchtime -- gaithersburg at lunchtime. maybe 65 in manassas, warmer to the south can west of us. and then another batch of the heavier showers and thunderstorms tomorrow night at 8:30. we have to deal with that overnight on tuesday and into wednesday. so day planner, rain and showers, rain and shower, finally a break, still cloudy. 60 degrees by 1:00. all right. wednesday, showers and storms,
5:51 pm
64. milder on thursday. showers and storms. 73. we still have showers in the forecast on friday. and saturday. nats on 9:00 and in town on sunday. fortunately, right now, dry, but cool, 70 on monday, with sunshine and clouds moving in monday night. now, wusa 9 game on sports with kristen ber set, brought to you by xfinity. >> it took six years, but the way that stephen strasburg has started his 7th season in the big looelg leagues is what -- leagues is what everybody expected to see. now, tonight the detroit tigers will try to find -- more on strasburg's resurgence. >> once again, stephen strasburg is the pitcher the nationals drafted number one in 200 #. during the month of april, the 27 yoed didn't lose a game -- 27-year-old didn't lose a game striking out 14 batters in
5:52 pm
first game as a proin 2010. strasburg's former head coach at san diego state university remembers that win against the pirates very well. >> in my living room, my family, you know, playing every pitch with him, sweating bullets, of course. what a night to remember, a lot of fun. >>reporter: strasburg lost one, he won 13. martinez took over at san diego state, after head coach and major league hall of famer tony begin died of dancer. martinez was an assistant under gwynn, who watched the special relationship he had with the former pro. >> tony, you know, mentored him through a lot of, you know, interesting, you know, growing through the college baseball program and being the marquee. he protected stephen and guided him whether it's tuesday agent or dealing with scouts or dealing with whatever might be on a day-to-day basis, and it really kind of grew into is almost a
5:53 pm
relationship. it was really cool to watch. >>reporter: strasburg will be a free agent at the end of the svenlt he hopes the native son returns to play for the san diego padres, but he says he'll be happy for and proud of the pitcher no matter what wr he ends up. -- where he ands up. nats fans hope stephen strasburg remains here at nats park, that's as lang r long as he stays healthy. as for injury, coach martinez says he has never talked to strasburg about that for superstitious reasons. wusa 9 sports. of course, this being a contract year, he's having an incredible start. if he gets the win tonight against detroit, he will have gone 6-0 for the first time ever in his career. this is the strasburg we all thought we l would see. the growing pains, injuries, the surgeries, and now he's feeling like himself. >> we stuck by him. why would he go anywhere. we don't need to be a farm team for everybody else. strasburg has got to stay. >> maybe they're talking to each other. all right. coming up
5:54 pm
and jan, hillary clinton campaigns in virginia, holding a discussion on women and family issues. >> also at 6:00, the clash over transgender rights, heads to court. as north carolina and the federal government sue each other over the state's new bathroom law. >> but first, swad ling might help your baby sleep better, but it might also increase
5:55 pm
at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
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many parents swad l their babies to comfort them and help them sleep better. >> this popular practice can be deadly in some cases. chris martinez tells us about a new study that links it. >>reporter: her 2-month-old son every time he goes to sleep. >> he was used to it, being in my womb and con striktd, that's a position of comfort. >>reporter: many parents use the wrapping technique of new babies. but it increases the sudden infant death syndrome when they are on their side or stomach. >> you want to make sure that you are putting them back to sleep on their backs. >>reporter: researchers found the risk of sids is higher for older babies since they can roll over. they suggest using a wearable
5:58 pm
blanket or sleep sack instead. doctor coreen cross says tight swad ling may help the baby to sleep too deeply. >> so tightly, sort -- they don't wake up. >>reporter: you should keep the crib fuel of bumpers or pillows. for her, it has been a major help. but she plans to start using sleep sacks soon. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. experts say it can also overheat a baby. >> and that is something that can also raise the risk of sids. right now, at 6:00, battleground virginia, hillary clinton campaigns in our area, talking to families about issues they care about. also coming up, what sparked a deadly shooting spree that put montgomery county on high alert. >> within the past half hour, a
5:59 pm
massive tornado cut a path of destruction through parts of oklahoma and thanks for joining us, i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm bruce johnson. the man that went on a murder rous rampage last week was in court today. >> eulalio tordil is charged with two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of a tefrn first-degree murder. andrea was in the courtroom, she's live in rockville right now, andrea. >>reporter: there's no real surprise, a judge ordered tordil held without bond. we learned new disturbing information both in court, and through charging documents. eulalio tordil bought the alleged murder weapon legalfully las vegas in 2014. well before his wife obtained a proo tektive order against him in march of this year, after that, he was supposed to surrender all of his weapon, including the 40
6:00 pm
handgun. >> the defendant's service revolver was surrendered to his employer after that ro tektive order was -- protective order was obtained. this weapon was not. >>reporter: at the mall, we know tordil approached a woman headed towards her silver toyota rav4 in the parking lot. tordil replied, i'm not kill kidding, i'll shoot you. she screamed. and tordil shot her and two men who came to her aid. killing mike. >> these were rand m killings, there are appear to be based on information, an attempt to obtain a separate vehicle. with which to make an escape. >>reporter: at the aspen hills shopping center, police believe tordil attempted to steal molina's toyota rav4. he lost his eye glasses in that deadly struggle. and that's why he likely stayed in the immediate area until his capture. >> it was also a second loaded magazine, fully loaded magazine


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