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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  May 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me meteorologist allyson rae says we need the rain. but do we need it every day? good afternoon. thank you for joining us, i'm andrea roane. scattered showers are moving in
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triggering today's yellow weather alert. allyson, with all of the rain and the saturated ground are we concerned about flooding? >> the rain is very, very light. we won't be concerned about flooding today. what we are watching closely, it's so light, we had a passing shower earlier this morning that didn't pick up at the airport. we had .01 or greater, measurable rainfall for 13 consecutive days in the month of april and including parts of april as well. that breaks a record. the old record was 10 days. we could make it 14 today. the best chances for the passing showers or the morning and through the early afternoon. we have seen a few passing showers but we are not done with the rain chances yet. a few more are filtering in for areas to the south and a few to the west. these are light. it's a matter of how much will we pick up at the airport if it goes over the airport. right now light showers from orange to stafford and fredricksburg. tonight the nats game will be dry to start. before midnight -- th
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midnight we can make the 14 day stretch -- we could have more showers work in to end the game. we will look at when we could see the sun. make your plans outside, i have one day for you coming up in a bit. >> all right, allyson. may showers are a nuisance. two storms across the mid- section could mean more severe weather in the great plains and mississippi valley today. two dozen tornadoes left a trail of devastation across oklahoma, nebraska and iowa yesterday. two people died. in about 15 minutes, see how residents vowed to rebuild after suffering a crushing loss. for the latest on the forecast and weather warnings when they happen, be sure to download the wusa 9 app. president obama will travel to hiroshima this month, the first visit by a sitting u.s. president to the site where the u.s.
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american warplanes dropped atomic booms on hiroshima and nothing give nagasaki. the president's main reason for going is to attend an economic summit. voters in two states cast ballots today. donald trump is running unopposed and has an uphill climb uniting the republican party. on the democratic side hillary clinton and bernie sanders battle in west virginia. the front-runner faces a tougher general election battle against trump in a trio of key states. craig boswell reports. >> reporter: it's primary day in west virginia and nebraska. >> this election will kind of be a turning point for our country. >> reporter: donald trump is running unopposed but can't lock up the nomination until june giving full support from
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challenge for the presumptive nominee. >> what remains is for the people that have accepted that fact to get comfortable with that fact. >> reporter: trump marie solve some issues during a series of capitol hill meetings thursday including a face to face with house speaker paul ryan who says he is not ready to endorse trump. in an interview with the milwaukee journal, ryan said he would step aside as chairman of the republican national convention if trump asked him to. >> he is the mom mine neevment i will do whatever he wants with respect to the convention. >> reporter: while trump tries to tamp down tensions, the democrats are battling for last minute votes in west virginia. bernie sanders leads hillary clinton in west virginia polls but behind in the delegate count. a new poll shows her race with trump is close in three king states. she leads by one point in florida and pennsylvania and actually trails trump by four pots
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matching up better against trump as the vermont senator voice to stay in the -- voice to stay in the race -- vows to stay in the race until all the votes are cast. >> download the wusa 9 app for election alerts, the latest polls and candidate profiles when you want them. iraqi forces are battling to retake the city of fallujah after it fell to islamic fighters two years ago. it has been home to a brutal insurgency since the iraq war. 100 soldiers died there in 2004. fallujah was the first city to fall to isis and they haven't budged an inch since. hearts are heavy over the deaths of three people killed during that shooting spree across prince george and montgomery county last week. the victims rights foundation held a vigil in gaithersburg. three people were injured and
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fire in a high school, mall and grocery store parking lot. the victims were 44-year-old gladys tordil, the shooter's estranged wife. one of the six baltimore city police officers linked to the death of freddie gray decided to have a bench trial rather than a jury trial. edward nero's trial is set to begin thursday. he is one of three officers involved in freddie gray's arrest in april of 2015. officer nero is charged with second-degree assault but not grey's death. the fight for d.c. statehood gets new life. first supporters of new columbia have to get all d.c. leaders on the same page. delia goncalves is at the wilson building with their sales pitch. >> reporter: supporters have to convince amc commissioners that while we have been here before it's worth another shot. while the wilson building, the center of d.c. government is
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down the street from the u.s. capitol building it's time to get out of its shadow. >> it doesn't hurt. i would like to see it obviously as a resident of the district, i would like to see it. i hope it happens. >> reporter: d.c. needs more than hope. becoming the 51st state takes an act of congress literally. supporters are trying out the sales pitch to skeptical amc commissioners. statehood means budget autonomy and d.c. would likely get two democratic senate seats and one in the house. that is a hangup in congress. >> it will help the economy. >> a large number of people around the country have no idea and could careless. >> they pay federal actions and fight in wars. >> reporter: that's why supporters say efforts by comedian john oliver and jonathan banks means the tide is turning. now they just need congress to turn, too. supporters say bernie sanders and hillary clinton are in
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favor of d.c. statehood. republican donald trump is reportedly open to it. in downtown, delia goncalves, wusa 9. the mayor hopes to get the statehood referendum on the november ballot. the measure must then be approved by congress. more than 25% of student loan borrowers are behind in their basements. coming up, some ways -- in their payments. coming up, some ways they can erase thousands off their balance. >> and police come face to face with a gunman refusing to be taken alive. what e gunman's family has to say about the violent night. >> did you hear, we are giving away a brand-new car on wake-up washington. watch weekday mornings at 6:00 for the word of the day and your chance to win a brand-new set of wheels. you won't pay
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two baton rouge police officers are on the job after this harrowing gun battle with a suspect armed with an assault rifle. theodore smith was the first one shot but kept shooting at the suspect. the gunman, calvin smith, was despondent over a break up. the family said smith was mentally ill and wanted to die. >> indicated that the person firing at the officers were no way the child that they raised and the child that they knew. the family was concerned for the safety of the officers and sorry that mr. smith had placed them in this position. >> an independent review board cleared the officers of any wrongdoing linked to the shooting. well, we are under a yellow alert. allyson is tracking showers moving in. how it could affect the commute and tonight's game at nats park
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off dry. we are dry right now. a few spotty showers. with this pattern, you can't rule out passing showers at any point. we will get to the details and when we could see good
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tonight at 11:00 a member of our wusa 9 family opens up about her battle with torret's syndrome -- tour tourette's syndrome. that is tonight at 11:00. two window washers are back on the ground after their scaffolding got stuck 17 floors up a building in lower manhattan this morning. new york fire crews rushed to the e.
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pulled the scaffolding to an open window to pull them into safety. no one was hurt. hopefully their bosses gave them the rest of the day off. college loan debt is a hot topic. the latest government statistics show seven out of ten college graduates have loans and up to 25% of borrowers are behind in payments. as kenneth craig reports many are not taking advantage of programs that can erase their debt. >> reporter: leah burke racked up $140,000 in student loan debt. >> i figured it would be juggling, balancing, making ends meet making the payments. they became a greater challenge when she left the corporate world for a lower paying job at this nonprofit new york city college. >> i am the associate director of alumni relations. >> reporter: the move turned out to be a blessing. burke learned about the government's public loan
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it wipes away college debt for educators, soldiers and many others with public service jobs after they make 10 years of payments. >> i had to pull over when they told me how much i would be forgiven. >> reporter: how much? >> in the range of 25 to $30,000. >> huge? >> yes. >> reporter: the government estimates the program could help a quarter of the u.s. work force. >> we know that tens of millions of borrowers could be eligible for significant forgiveness. only a few hundred thousand have signed up. >> this is one piece of the puzzle. maybe figuring out how to take the burden away. >> it applies to federal loans. she is on the hook for her private student loan debt. after struggling to pay off her education for years, she can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. consumer financial protection bureau advices people with student loans to contact their lender to find
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loan forgiveness. so far one west point leader is defending the female cadets in what some call controversial picturement many are taking exception to the women with fist raised linking it to the black lives matter movement. supporters say they were posing for what is called an old core photos when different teams and groups get together to mimic the high collar ultra serious photos of 19th century cadets. a study suggests that states where recreational marijuana is legal have seen an increase in fatal car crashes. an increase in the number of deadly crashes in washington state and here in the district. the findings raiser use concerns for other states considering legalizing pot for recreational use. a judge has ruled drug lord joaquin guzman could be extradited
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states. el chapo has been moved from a mexican prison to one closer to the u.s. border. his lawyer said he wanted to be extradited to the u.s. because conditions at the prison were unbearable and were making him ill. if extradited he would be sent to brooklyn to face federal charges. in tide pools on the rugged seashore a popular species is making a come back. researchers in california say the star fish population has increased following a severe die off two years ago. that's when a naturally occurring virus and el nino struck killing off nearly 90% of the population. we are not out of the woods yet. it will take years before the population gets back to where it was before the die off. two storms making their way across the nation's mid-section could mean more severe weather in the great plains and mississippi valley. two dozen tornadoes left
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trail of devastation across oklahoma, nebraska and iowa yesterday flattening homes and killing at least two people. >> oh, my god. that is the most violent motion -- oh, my god. >> reporter: this is the twister that decimated garden county, oklahoma, monday. >> oh, no. >> reporter: violent winds ripped away everything in their path including trees and electric poles. forecasters declared a tornado emergency for communities in the track of the fast moving tornado. a 76-year-old man was killed. family members say he was on the phone with them when the storm hit. lisa buckner lives next door. >> i ran back to the seller, walked down and started praying. >> reporter: her house was one of several torn to pieces. in johnston county, another man was killed after a tornado snapped trees and
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buildings. county commissioner roy belvins called on a friend to search for the victim. >> when he got there he thought he was still alive but it was bad. >> reporter: in lincoln, nebraska, hail and heavy rainfall pummeled entire neighborhoods. flash flooding stranded drivers. the same system that caused this destruction is moving east with severe thunderstorms in the forecast for the central and southern plains and parts of the mississippi valley could see heavy rainfall and possible flooding. cbs news, oklahoma. you know you don't even want to whine about the kind of weather we have after you see that devastation. that was huge. >> massive. scary looking. it proved to be very scary, devastating. we are just dealing with light showers. we can deal with that.
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gray skies. mother's day was the best day we have seen in a while. we had a passing shower and in the morning so the consecutive days of measurable rain continues. today we are tracking spotty showers. we have a chance later on tonight of another good shower coming through. that trend could continue. we could make it 14 days of consecutive measurable rainfall. now, here is a look outside. it's cloudy. it's a little breezy, cool. it does not feel like may. where are the 70-degree temperatures and the sunshine. i wish i had it in the seven- day forecast and i don't. winds are out of the east- southeast. temperatures will be below average for today and tomorrow. winds will be a little gusty from time to time but not too bad out there. 52 martinsburg. 52 hagerstown. the temperatures have gone up and down a few degrees here a there as the rain comes through and the
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lower 60s. upper 50s. not changing much with an early wind. 62 culpeper and 61 fredricksburg. cloudy skies. the boundary here is stalled out hanging around our region leaving showers in the forecast. even though we aren't going to see a lot of soakers today, a chance for light showers and drizzle remains today, tonight, tomorrow morning, tomorrow night, thursday, thursday night. the best chance will be on friday. take a look at first alert live doppler. spotty showers, drizzle if you will. and up to the north as well, charleston town, frederick. these are not a big deal just a nuisance. you could probably get away without an umbrella. tonight first pitch 7:05. cool in the low 60s. as the game progresses, the later it goes on the better the rain chances are. letter pack the rain gear. as you head home, walking to the metro or your
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run into showers potentially. here we are at 6:30, dry. even though a little sun is shine is possible for southern maryland. 10:30 tonight, here come the showers. if we get enough rain to get over .01 inches that would add to the consecutive day running, 14 days. this arrives before midnight. if we don't have this coming through, i think our streak will end. 10:30 tonight showers possible. if you are not at the nats game, good sleeping weather. tomorrow morning -- tomorrow and thursday look similar. it's not going to be a wash out by any means. spotty light showers throughout the day. this is lunchtime. you head to lunch, it's dry. you leave lunch and a couple of showers. 5:30 scattered showers and a rumble of thunder. thursday same story. spotty showers in the morning. cloudy skies. winds turn on thursday out of the southeast. that helps
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warmer but ahead of a cold front on friday. 61 today. 67 tomorrow. 73 thursday. now, on friday. we get to 75 then the cold front. showers and storms. saturday a few lingering showers. sunday is the day to make plan
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tonight at 5:00 metro holds a meeting with hundreds of managers as the enagcy remains under fire for safety concerns. the red pandas get a new home at the zoo and facebook is accused of sensoring some conservative stories. that is tonight at 5:00.
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panda. >> little but cute. we will be back with those stories and more at 5:00. until then have a great day. see you tomorrow morning at 4:25. we are giving away a new car --
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>> phyllis: well, you took your sweet time getting here, didn't you? >> jack: is there a problem? >> phyllis: yeah. yeah. i'd say there's a huge problem. we can kiss our primo space at dillman's department store goodbye. >> jack: what -- wait, why -- why would you -- >> phyllis: oh, that's because fiona's giving it all to billy. see, we're gonna be lucky if we get a dusty shelf in between the clearance bin and the janitor's closet! >> jack: fiona said that? >> phyllis: no, but i don't think she was saying much of anything else other than, "oh, billy, ha ha ha, you're so handsome!" >> jack: are you sure you're not overreacting here? >> phyllis: overreacting? >> jack: i can see the state you're in. i know you. whatever you heard or think that you heard -- >> phyllis: no, it is what i saw when i went to billy's. he is sleeping with fiona!


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