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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  May 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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to bigger battlefields. >> california. >>reporter: adoring crowds welcomed berp bern to northern california -- bernie sanders to northern california last night, and again today, where he had comforting words. >> it's not going to happen. >>reporter: but hillary clinton's daunting delegate lead over sand isers still makes it far more likely that keeping trump from the white house will be her task this fall. in two kentucky appearances, today, she focused oon reducing child care costs. issued the clinton campaign hopes will strengthen her support in female voters. >> making our country or any community as strong as it can and should be. >>reporter: and clinton will need their support. swing state polls released today by the university shows her leading trump by one point in florida can and typically blue pennsylvania. she trails trump by 4 points in ohio. perhaps the most important swing
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for trump who will travel to dc on thursday to meet with speaker paul ryan, and other republican leaders as part of an ongoing, if jointed effort to unite the gop behind him. his two top rivals addressed reporter, senator marco rubio offering backing for the man he regularly called a con man. >> i find a pledge that said -- signed a pledge that said is i would support the republican nominee. >>reporter: ted cruz dodging questions about trump all together. >> what i am interested in supporting are free market principles and the constitutional l liberties of america. >>reporter: and late this afternoon, trump told the associated press he has narrowed his v.p. short list down to 5 or 6 candidates, including new jersey governor chris christie. marco rubio said he will not be on the list. reporting live, wusa 9. >> all right. thank you. of course, republicans vote in nebraska today, as well. up to the
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the primaries and election alerts throughout the campaign, download our free wusa 9 app. federal transportation secretary anthony fox tonight, threatening to close the entire metro system. and telling reporters today, he came close to shutting it down last week. live at the station in bethesda with the latest on metro's safety crisis. >>reporter: the secretary says metro's ambitious knew maintenance plan fails to address the big problem that he's seeing, way too much smoke and fire. he is also furious because he says, metro blocked access of federal inspectors to the rail during that terrifying videotaped blast at federal center southwest. the blast from an insulator on the third rail, sent metal and
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ceramic shards cat paulting on to the platform. metro manager as loued passenger --s allowed passenger trains to run uninterrupted on a potentially dangerous track. metro needs to cut the length of trains from 8 cars to 6 to reduce the flow of electricity and the risk of fire. even if it inevitablely leads to overcrow ding.>> anybody talking? >>reporter: at an unprecedented meeting of 650 of metro's mid and high-level managers, metro's new ceo said safety has got to trump everything else. including -- [ inaudible ]. >> you tonight put anyone on service that you wouldn't put my daughter on, you wouldn't put your daughter on, why would wow we've put a customer on. >>reporter: for 40 years, metro has failed to instill safety in its managers and workers. >> it wasn't clearly commat
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focus for what, how we should conduct ourselves each day. >>reporter: police responded after another equipment malfunction, riders are hoking the pressure -- hoping the pressure on metro is forcing a change. >> it makes serngs obviously, i don't want to die in the train tunnels. the burning smell, when you go into the station, and wondering what they are and what is burning. >>reporter: now, at that meeting, just right up here, the new ceo handed out this flier. safety trumps service. safety, job one here. live at the station, bruce la leshan, wusa 9. secretary fox told the inspectors not to take no for an answer. he says if metro tries to keep the inspectors tauf tracks, it's likely it could trig r a shutdown. a former dc mayor is going to prison. sentenced today to
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hawkins was the key figure in the illegal campaign backing 2010. the 77-year-old, a long-time political operative, admitted to making a false statement to federal investigators and paying somebody to lead the country to avoid the investigators. he denied any knowledge of the corruption. gray lost a re-election bid, he's now running for a seat on the city council. prince george's county where three brothers have been indicted for their involvement in a shootout that left a police officer dead. michael malik and ford face multiple counts of attempted murder and other related charges. prosecutors say he opened fire on office ners passing cars. colson responded in plain clothes ands was mistakenly killed by friendly fire. >> there are
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officers who were involved that day, who outside, the families of officer kols oen. >> each brother does face the possibility of life in prison. a baltimore police officer charged in the freddie gray case has chosen a trial with before a judge rather than a jury. officer edward -- faces charges assault assault, endangerment and reckless conduct in office. the justice department says it will not seek the death penalty against the alleged ringleader of the benghazi attack. the u.s. ambassador and three other americans died at the u.s. diplomatic compound in benghazi back in 2012. u.s. special forces later captured the suspected libyan militant. he's now awaiting trial right here in d. c.. president barack obama will visit hiroshima later this month, it will be the first time a silting -- sitting american president will visit the site
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where the u.s. dropped an atomic bok more than 70 years ago. he does intend to honor the 147 people killed. the visit will take place while the president is in japan with the group of 7, 2016 economic summit. london's new mayor is brushing off donald trump's suggestion that he be exempted from his proposed temporary ban on muslims entering the u.s.. >> he's made an exception, my friends and family and others. for more around the world that want to go to america, my concern is playing to the hands of extremists. >> the mayor says trump's ignorant view of islam could make the u.s. and britain less safe. and he hopes that clinton trounss trump in the november election. the citadel has denied a muslim student's request to wear a -- as part of her uniform. officials of south carolina military academy says it came to the decision about the head
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regarding uniformity in appearance. a spokesperson for the woman says she won't to a fend the cool this fall -- attend the school this fall unless there's a change. coverage for in vitro fertilization. >> topper. >> a little bit of sunshine here in northwest, i think we're okay for the nats game until 10:00, here's futurecast, 10:00 tonight, 59 downtown with some showers, showers gaithersburg, leesburg, everybody is back in the 50s. we'll track those overnight, see what that means to the morning commute and tell you which day
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dramatic video that killed 10 people including a local malitia leader, the air raid by syrian or russian war planes struck the town. it came hours after a cease fire in the nearby city was extend for the third time. also, another deadly attack today in turkey, this one on a bus full of police officers. three people were killed, more than 30s other hurt during this morning's come car bombing. so far, no one is complaming responsibility, however, it is believed kurdish rebels carried out the attack. an unexpected rescue, the
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found the son of pakistan's former prime minister during a raid on islamic terrorists, the son was abducted three years ago by the taliban and he does appear to be in good health. four terrorists were killed in the operation. the defense attorney says the man charged with plotting to bomb a synagogue in south florida is mentally ill and he's no terrorists. at a bail hearing today, the judge denied bond for 40-year-old james -- the fbi says medina plotted with an under cover informant to bomb the synagogue during pass over last month. agents arrested medina after the informant gave him a fake bomb. opening statements today in a civil suit against the colorado theatre where 12 people were shot to death back in 2012. the victims attorney say the gun man, james holmes, cased the theatre months before the shooting, and chose it because of lack of security. the attorney for the theatre chain says holmes was heavily armed, determined to kill and could not have been stopped. coming u
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new at 6:00, thousands of wounded warriors do not anticipate a battle they're fighting upon their return, the fight for invs, to help them start r families after enduring injuries that made them infertile. >> a u.s. senator who is working on their behalf. >>reporter: wounded warriors say they feel betrayed and forgotten. many believe having children will make them feel whole again. >> we are fighting so hard to be able to have a child. >>reporter: kevin and lauren jay have finally won that botth battle. lauren is 26 weeks pregnant now, but om after the haguers town couple shelled out their own money to pay for ifs is. >> that is
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thing, you cover everything else. why not this? >> if you haven't been through this process, you really have no idea how much love and courage and strength that it takes to create life. and it hurts to be not supported by your country. >>reporter: the jays are not alone. thousands of servicemen and women have sustained injuries that make having children difficult. >> i felt betrayed and maybe forgotten. >> they've given enough. thqney have all sacrificed so much. >> i feel like at this point that i'm begging my country to provide a service to me that i lost fighting for the country. >> this is a wound of war, this country needs to pay for. >>reporter: senator patty murray is leading the effort to allow the veteran's administration to pay for reproductive services like ivf. >> part of being whole again is having a family and then, the v.a. says,
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we're not paying for it. >>reporter: ironically the cost of ivf is covered for active duty personnel by the department of defense. but not for veterans by the v.a.. on capitol hill, andrea mccarren wusa 9. senator murray's legislation has put the full senate in the a appropriations bill. larry hogan has signed a bill to make birth control cheaper and more acceptable. to cover the whole cost of over the counter emergency contraceptives and va sect mys. the national academys of sciences and engineering and medicine says a third of all children experience bullying, the aside for poor grades, anxiety and depression, researchers found m haves of bullies themselves are more likely to attempt suicide. they found bullies are
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commit crimes like vandalism and theft. tonight, encouraging news from a fire damage assessment team that is working its way through fort mcmurray in alberta canada. 85-90% of the community is still standing. within the next two weeksing they'll have a plan to allow most of the cities's 88,000 residents to return home. the national weather service says that one of the tore through rural surn oklahoma yesterday was an ef-3 wind speeds up to 165 miles per hour. storms killed at least two people and destroyed a handful of victims. and homes. today is a yellow alert weather day. the first alert weather. >> if you took a minute and saw that video, you saw the debris flying around, the tornado, and that's what causes the injurys and fatalities, don't want to be near a window, want to be in a base
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records, we did receive a trace of rain today. we now have our personal best so far, is 14 days, but the all-time record is 17 days in a row from the 31st of march, all the way to the 16th of april, back in 1935. our current streak is 14 days. we've not received any measurable rain. a different thing. trace of rain when it rains less than a 0.01. the streak right now is still at 13. that's a record. but we could actually extend that before midnight if we see some rainfall before then. we'll go to 14. but for now, for now, it is only a 13 in a row, we'll see if we can get 14 tonight. okay. live look outside, that's all on the website, if you're confuseed with the measurable and the trace. 63 right now. winds north-northeast at 7. we're going to track a few showers and storms overnight. mainly south of town. bus stop temperatures, 54-62. slight chance of s
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of thunderstorms tomorrow. warmer, more showers on thursday and friday. but, again, no one-day will be a washout. 10:00 tonight, we have showers in. mid to upper 50s. why we want to get the game over quickly at nats park. by morning, we're okay. low to mid 50s, clouds, sprinkles, by lunchtime, this model is trying to bring in a good area of line of showers, a couple of storms, there are two other models that say, no, not going to be happen. showers and storms in the forecast tomorrow and it could be isolated, could be scattered. 50s across the board. 60 by 11:00. and 64 by 1:00 p.m. showers or storms possible thursday, 70, the same on friday. mid 70s. now, the next 7-days, maybe a storm on saturday. nats on 9 sunday. if you can't make it to the ballpark. right here on 9. 64, dry, how about that? upper 60s on monday. mid 60s, maybe a shower on tuesday. kristen bersets is
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park. we want to say congratulations to stephen strasburg. a nice man, very generous man. >>reporter: generous, huh, you're making friends with him now, the city of d.c. loves him, nats fans love him and he's here to stay for a while. coming up, strasburg talks about his big, new contract extension. and what it means for him and how it all got don
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now, wusa 9 game on sports with kristen berset. brought to you by xfinity. welcome back, we are live at nationals park, a big day for this nats organization, as they have locked up pitcher stephen
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prasburg for several more years, he signed a 7 year extension worth 175 million dollars. now, strasburg arrived at today's press conference, brice harper was there to look on, also there with his wife and his daughter. with a big smile. strasburg is a free agent until the end of the year, with a good season, he could have gotten more money, but the timing felt right to get it all done right now, for him and his family, and he told us super agent -- don't both me e, get it done. >> i pretty much told scott to p kind of just leave me alone as much as about possible. so i mean, to be honest, you know, it's hard to block something like this out. because it's, you know, it's your future, and you know, it's your kids future, too. >> you have to have two willing participants and stephen wanted to approximate here enough, we wanted himug enoh and we got a deal done. >>reporter: all right, so last night's game against the tiger was a
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harper, first, he spotted -- in the sand, it looks like his twin. moving on to the end of the game, the 9 inning, he gets struck out, brice harper gets thrown out of the game from the dugout, it didn't make him very happy. the next batter, he returned to the field to celebrate. clint robinson hit the walk off home run. we're waiting to see if there is punishment for that. the capitols game 6 against pittsburgh penguin, of course, the caps looking to keep their stanley cup hopes alive. the caps gets back on the ice and looks to keep the momentum going from the big game 5 win at home, the coach knows this is all out of his hands at this point, up to his team to play at the level he knows they're capable of. >> it's in their hands, they're the ones that are going to step on the ice. my job is to get the right people on the ice at
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times. and they know what they need to get done. yandou sort of hope that they're driving the bus now. >>reporter: all right, the incredible story, steph curry, the nba mvp award for the second season. he's the first ever player to win it by unanimous vote. of course, curry returned last night to the playoff game against portland, put up 40 point, 17 of that in overtime. of course the warriors this year, the most wins in nba history, so a great year, great season for steph curry. that will do it for us here at nats park. we'll see if the nats can get the big wip tonight. >> will you not agree, steph curry might be the best athlete out there right now. >>
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>> holy mackerel! there goes that! >> pelley: a new wave of tornadoes sweeps across the heartland. also tonight, children escape the war in syria but cbs news find them in a new kind ofy of . >> pelley: toiling in turkish sweat shops for penny an hour. london's new mayor delivers a message in plain english. >> i think donald trump has ignorant views about islam. >> pelley: and a rock star takes on hunger in his community. >> reporter: do you know anything about cooking or washing dishes? >> i'm an expert in the field of washing dishes. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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