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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  May 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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breaking news from south carolina. the former north charleston police officer seen here shooting a fleeing an unarmed man in the back is charged with violating the victim civil- rights. many cannot forget the last is unsettling shooting of 50-year- old, walter scott
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scott. the policeman, michael slager, was booted off the force and put in jail. is $6.5 million civil settlement was approved with scott's family. thank you for joining us. i'm andrea roane. prince george's county police investigated double homicide this afternoon. one of the vic gums was found on gateway boulevard and police found the other victim one block away on halleck street and district heights and there are a lot of questions around the investigation. ellen brian has been on the scene all morning. what have you learned? >>reporter: there are a lot of questions and investigators are asking them. you can see them talking to neighbors to ask for information. they believe the attack was targeted and that both men that died were in their 20s and one was from district heights. whether or not they knew each other, there trying to figure that out. bullets pierced the window
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car where police found a man dead behind the wheel with multiple gunshot wounds. he was driving in the 6400 block of gateway parkway and at some point, crashed the car into a tree. >> we heard sirens all night and then lights flashing. >>reporter: investigators found out he wasn't the only one heard. around the corner on halleck street, they found a second man with gunshot wounds on the road and took them to prince general hospital where he died. police believe the motive is robbery but when asked for suspects, -- >> there are no suspects we can share information about. >>reporter: the neighbors are worried about this violence in their front yard. >> i'm kind of used to it. but i don't like it. >>reporter: we talked about investigators going door to door and they are putting out a crime alert that said what happened and also says it appears the two shooting scenes are related, the one around my shoulder and around the corner but they're looking for more information and will follow this.
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ellen brian, wusa9 from district heights. >> you can follow the story and when we get more developments, you can find them by downloading the wusa app with breaking news alerts and live updates. always watching, always tracking. wusa9's first alert weather. dc's most accurate. yes. rain once again. a shocker. unbelievable, the stretch we have been in. we will talk about that in 10 minutes. the immediate concern for the next couple of hours, tracking all morning out of southwest virginia and west virginia and most of this is light to moderate rain. a little bit of yellow and green from culpeper into warrenton with heavy stuff to the south. and the metro, there are spots not getting anything. you see some holes in the radar toward dunkirk and tysons with light rain in northwest dc that will pick up with this activity coming toward
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the heaviest is well south of us and it looks like newland and reed veil and leonardtown, southern maryland, you will see heavy showers and temps in the 50s. the rain will subside this afternoon with getting back to the 50s and for drier weather, some in the seven day forecast and i will share that in a few minutes. it has been one week since a man followed a teenaged girl to her apartment building in montgomery county and tried to sexually assault her. an aggressive search is under way in silver spring for the sub. here's an update on what police are doing to find the suspect. >>reporter: montgomery county police went door to door yesterday handing out flyers to people who live and work in the area, hoping to track him down. >>
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concerned about the situation. >>reporter: ingrid clark is raising her great-grandchildren on castle boulevard, the same area where this man followed a 16-year-old girl to her apartment building and tried to sexually assault her. >> 16 could be six and i have two great-grandchildren i'm raising and we need safety in the area. >>reporter: the incident happen in the 14,000 block of castle boulevard one week ago, today. the said the man followed the teenager to her building and up the stairs, trying to hold a conversation and she pretended to be on her cell phone. moments later, he snatched her phone, exposed himself and tried to pull her pants down. her brother, home at the time, heard her cry for help and rushed to save her. a suspect got away. >> we need to step up security in the area. we really, really do. it's become uncomfortable. especially, when someone can walk into a child's house. >>reporter: on tuesday, police knocked on doors and passed out fliers with a ut
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in a blue vehicle with four hours. >> it's not safe for children to walk around. >>reporter: there's a cash award leading to the arrest and montgomery county police plan to give out up to $10,000. >> anyone with information should contact montgomery county police. one person is being treated for smoke inhalation after fire broke out in the soma northwest dc. fire investigators are working to find out what sparked the blaze on mckinley street near 39th street. it appears it started in the attic and quickly spread to the floors below. on the road to the white house, bernie sanders celebrates a big win in the west virginia primary and donald trump is preparing for a big meeting with house speaker, paul ryan. nick giovanni follows the latest. >>reporter: west virginia's primary was another reminder that secretary clinton may want to shift your focus to donald
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deal with. in part, she said we will stay in this race until the last vote is cast. bernie sanders campaign racked up a considerable number of wins, to this po int. >> we have now one primaries and caucuses in 19 states. let me be as clear as i can be, we are in this campaign to win! >>reporter: sanders trail secretary clinton by some 700 delegates, superdelegates. donald trump moved closer to officially clinching the republican nomination, picking up all 36 -- all 36 delegates in nebraska. if he ends up with all west virginia's delegates, he will have a near clinching. to capitol hill, an anticipated meeting with house speaker paul ryan.
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goal is to start getting on the same page and ultimately, trying to unify the republican party. nick giovanni, wusa9. >> you can get the new developments in the historic campaign in one place. download the wusa9 app for election alerts, polls and profiles when you can. and the words of howard bernstein, what happened? there's always next season. they ended this season with a crushing overtime defeat last night and things looked leak late in the second. when the pen struck a four nothing lead but they made an inspiring comeback scoring three goals in the final period to send the game at overtime. six minutes into ot, and that benigno got won by braking for the fourth game. always next year. talk about getting medieval? find out what is behind the resurgence of using leeches to treat people wanting to reduce wrinkles or lower broad pressure.
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explosives blows up in a crowded market with deadly results. next, why summer flayed the death toll will continue to rise.
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isis said it was behind a car bombing attack that killed at least 45 people in a mostly shiite neighborhood in baghdad. 50 others were wounded while shopping at the crowded market and there are fears more are dead. it's a maritime ministry that has everyone baffled. this unknown, unnamed tank or washed on a beach in liberia. parts of the ship are burned out . nobodies were found and one lifeboat is missing. the coast guard is working to figure out who owns the ship and what happened to the crew.
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15 days of rain. it is a record. we need a record -- we need a break from this dreary weather. howard has a forecast. a couple of breaks coming on the seven day. while it is raining, that tends to clean the air but the tree pollen is down in the medium category and mold spores have dropped toward the moderate category. rain now come
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electric shock therapy, lobotomies and insane asylum's. some hospitals still exist, but they are abandoned and dark. tonight, a rare look inside to a man dedicated to preserve that part of history. insane asylum's at 11:00. the family of a massachusetts man behind the deadly stamping -- stabbing rampage said he was mentally ill. it was in taunton, south of boston. the gruesome attacks could have been worse if not for the actions of one man. >>reporter: a deadly stabbing spree ended in gunfire inside this restaurant in taunton. police said an off-duty deputy sheriff fired one shot, killing the suspect, arthur derosa, before he killed anyone else. >> there waa pregnant lady who was holding her stomach. she was screaming and crying to save her baby. >>reporter: derosa rammed his car through the front of this macy's and armed with a knife, walk inside the mall and started his attack. >>
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city of taunton this evening. >> four were stabbed in two separate locations. police said the bloodshed started more than 3 miles away. derosa crashed his car into a truck for stabbing a mother and daughter inside his home. >> one of the women has succumbed and died at the hospital. she was 80 years old. >>reporter: officials believe the death toll could have been worse if not for the off-duty deputy sheriff who shot the suspect, ending the rampage. >> derosa's family told station wbz in boston that he had a history of depression, had been suicidal and had gone to a local psychiatric hospital on monday and was just released yesterday. anna warner, cbs news in taunton, massachusetts. in today's health alert, a new survey finds many adults have asthma and don't know it. research finds most people are aware of common symptoms including wheezing and shortness of breath. not other signs, trouble sleeping, chest pain and persistent cough.
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one in every 200 are newly diagnosed with asthma every year. a new study shows popular heartburn drugs known as proton pump inhibitors can damage blood vessels. research published in an american heart association journal finds long-term exposure to the over-the- counter medication can cause blood vessel cells in the lab to age more quickly. recent studies linked long-term use of the medications to heart disease and dementia. researchers at ucla say yoga and meditation may help reduce the risk of developing alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. participants who practice mindful exercise for three months were better able to navigate while walking or driving, had fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety and could better manage stress. here's a study that might make you squirm. it turns out some are using
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from sagging faces to high blood pressure. it's called hydrotherapy and there is a shop in phoenix where people can have leeches placed strategically on customers to treat various ailments. >> it creates a tunnel and they take out all the toxins. >> they carry a substance in the saliva and it works like a holistic antibiotic. >> medical leeches go back 2000 years. physicians only have one scientifically use -- one scientific use for them, microvascular surgery. 16 black west point conducts who posed for raised fists won't be punished. u.s. military academy said it concluded a photo of the cadets didn't violate any department of defense rules limiting political activity. west point says an internal
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investigation captured the gesture. 10 people were hurt after tornadoes touched down in western kentucky and more violent thunderstorms could hit the eastern u.s. today. jerika duncan is in mayfield, kentucky. >>reporter: fast-moving wins formed the funnel cloud over mayfield, kentucky within seconds on tuesday. [siren] the storm damaged homes and businesses, narrowly missing several schools. >> it was black as can be. you could see this stuff coming off the ground. >>reporter: communities sorted through the damage into the night. >> a tornado came through here and when my parents, i fell to my knees. >>reporter:
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parents escaped their home just before the twister hit. >> they both got out within 30 seconds and the neighbor knocked on the door and said there is a tornado and they made it from here to here. >>reporter: the severe weather is connected with the system that spawned violent tornadoes across southern oklahoma on monday, killing two people and leveling several homes. brooke was relieved her mother managed to survive. >> she made it out alive. her neighbor didn't. we are glad we have her. all this stuff can be replaced. >>reporter: in mayfield, the violent wins tossed the cars around like children's toys. we counted 60 vehicles that were destroyed because of the tornado and it's not over, just yet. more severe weather is on the way in the southern plains and the midwest. jerika duncan, cbs news in mayfield, kentucky. always watching, always tracking. wusa9 first alert weather. most accurate in dc. howard said i feel like i
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>> yes. all the storms that are killing people, so, we have a little rain, get over it. it's not the worst thing, by far. it has been a little dreary. >> mike pointed out that now that we are through may and mother's day, it is a good time to plant and you don't have to worry about frost or freezing. >> in west virginia and western maryland, there could be some this week and. a long stretch of dreary weather, it hasn't been raining constantly, but it goes back and it started raining april 22nd. this streak started april 27th and with 15 in a row, 16 -- i have doubts we will make 16. it's raining now and showers are coming from west virginia and most of this is on the light side because there is heavy showers embedded here
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you see what happened, a couple of heavy showers developing over the last little while. right over route 29 up toward columbia, it will stay mainly west of i five. to the west, to prince william, we have steady showers toward haymarket and manassas, to fairfax county and just south of quantico, we have showers coming out of stafford and the heaviest weather is showing up. the heaviest weather from leonardtown south to the northern met through montross, it moves east east, northeast about 25 miles an hour. cambridge and oxford, they will have another hour or hour and half. we will get rid of this in the next couple of hours. we turn cloudy and maybe even son before the day is over. highs in the mid-60s with east winds at 5 miles an hour. teat
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in town but mid-50s in most spots. national, 57 with no wind and humidity at 89%. we have activity in the middle of the country and a disturbance keeps coming our way but we will get some breaks. the three day forecast, 64 with showers tapering off and tonight, patchy fog and 75 with a stray shower. the better chance for rain is west of the blue ridge and more showers tomorrow night into friday. friday, we make it through the morning rush-hour. we don't have a weather alert up, but we will watch that. friday morning intimidate, showers and possibly a storm for the afternoon and evening, and the weekend -- a lot of things are going on on saturday -- a threat for showers or a storm mainly in the afternoon. morning plans on saturday, you will be okay
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a nats on 9 looks all right. a late shower may turn
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tonight, at 5:00, not in my backyard -- residents taking action overflight past for planes using national airport. county are fired up over the new trash pickup schedule. how ordering pizza saved a man's life. i love pizza. >> it is
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weatherwise, showers taper off and 60s tomorrow. friday, 70s and showers west of the blue ridge. friday, we have to wat
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[ door opens ] >> adam: thank you. >> victor: seems to me i see more of you in here than i ever did on the outside. >> adam: yeah, it seems that way. it's not by choice, believe you me. >> victor: i don't remember demanding your visit. >> adam: no, you didn't demand my visit, but your actions did. >> victor: get to the point. >> adam: you're launching yet another plan from in here. is that plain enough for you? >> victor: hm. >> adam: listen, i'm not buying this whole, you know, subdued victor newman thing you got going on here. you're forgetting how well i know you. >> victor: you don't know a damn thing about me, do you? >> adam: hmm? i know enough to know that you locked up in here with nothing to do with your time but plot and plan and scheme endless


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