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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  May 11, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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right now at 7:00, the man accused of pulling out a gun inside the u.s. capitol visitors center faces a judge for the first time. >> the streak continues. another day of rain in the washington area, but finally, finally friends, there's some sunshine on the way. >> two passionate words that bryce harper is suspended, and slapped with a fine. he can pay it, but you won't find him on the bench tonight. >> first tonight, changing up metro safety plans. what should be at the top of the priority list. thanks for joining us. letters sent today to metro's gm says three rail segments need to be fixed right now. maintenance crews wept to one of those areas this afternoon for yet another smoking incident. explaining what happened, and how metro gm respond today save demand. >> reporter: the smoke is
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trains are running again. metro crews are working after this smoking incident. you see them down here and up on the tracks. metro as it was a smoking boot that caused the smoke this afternoon. the boot is the portion of the track that is supposed to contain, and protect the power cables. this stretch of track happens to be one of three sets of track identified by the fta that metro needs to address immediately. in a letter to metro gm, paul whitfield, fta says the three areas that need urgent attention. you might say, isn't that the point of metro's safe track plan, that systemwide maintenance effort that metro recently announced, and is about to undertake. the fta says these three segments of track must be a priority before metro begins that safe track plan. those areas include the red line for medical center to van ness station. on the blue, orange and silver
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of where we are at the silver linery. finally the area that needs tock addressed is bolston to east falls church on the east silver line. the metro says they have responded to the fta's letter. a final plan will be released as soon as possible, but likely will not be ready by that may 16 date that they originally targeted. at stadium armory, wusa9. right now, on the wusa app, you can read the full letter. new charges for the teenagers suspected of killing a man on the train in july. a grand jury indicted jasper spears. police say he
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kevin sutherland, then ended up stabbing him. when the attack happened, spears was on release, suspected in another assault case in d.c. a murder mystery in prince george's county. police are looking for a killer after two men were murdered in district heights. samuel page crashed into a tree. just around the corner, police found 26-year-old kevin mews. he died in a hospital. so far, police could not think this was a random crime and they think robbery was a reason for the shooting. he said he was a prophet, and now larry dawson is out of the hospital and in front of a judge. wusa9's pete montine has details. >> reporter: it was a swift hearing. new court documents say that dawson pointed his bb gun directly at capitol police. the gunman police say caused this, could face up to 50 ye
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in prison. in federal court this afternoon, 61-year-old, larry dawson heard the charges against him from his wheelchair, dressed in a robe. he was just released from the hospital, after a march 28 struggle with capitol visitors center garb. a woman bistander was also hurt. >> disturbance in the gallery. >> reporter: this was not dawson's first issue at the capitol. last fall he was arrested for assaulting an officer here. prosecutors say dawson poses a serious flight risk, he will face a judge again on tuesday. outside u.s. court, pete montine, wusa9. the rainy record continues for the 15th day in a row. we got this, another rain soaked day across the entire metro area. starting to sound like a broken record, or an 8 track cassette or something. give
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>> i'm not on anyone's hit parade. here's the radar over the last hour. this actually is sort of encouraging. all the showers are now running east of baltimore. just a couple of stragglers here or there. maybe a sprinkle to the southeast of hagerstown. that is about it. the game's going to stay rain free for the remainder of the evening. dry right you now at nats park. but let's talk about the future cast. there's some good news here too. at 9:30, we're seeing breaks in the clouds. 61 in silver springs. by morning, we see a lot of clouds, okay, but not much in terms of rain showers. so that is sort of good news, i suppose. upper 50s, to low 60s to start. so not that cold. by 8:00, a couple of showers popping up according to future cast south and east of town. but remember, these showers could be pretty much anywhere. there's a chance we may not see measurable rain at the airport. 62 by 8:00. also, look ahead to
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weekend, one day we'll be dry. we'll let you know which one it will be. today, family and friends remembered the life of a man many call a hero. this is from the viewing of malcolm winfeld. witnesses say he ran up to help a stranger who was shot at the montgomery mall. family and friends say they will miss his happy, and positive attitude. >> prankster, a jokester, and that he made everyone happy. and he always helped everyone. i think he would be happy to see how much people loved him. >> more than 1800 people have donated to help pay for his funeral costs. services are tomorrow morning at st. rose of lima catholic church. their owner is facing animal abuse charges. d.c. police say they found the three
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emanciated. they're either in foster care tonight or already adopted. bernie sanders says he is ready to fight for every last vote. he picked up a win last night in west virginia, but only closed the gap with hillary clinton by 7 delegates. she's on track to clinch the nomination in early june. on the other side, house speaker paul ryan today said the path to electing a republican president has to start with solidarity. so far, several top republicans, including ryan have stayed away from backing donald trump. the presumptive gop nominee will meet with ryan to hash out their differences. london's new mayor who happened to be muslim is slamming presumptive gop nominee donald trump tonight. the mayor called trump's vi
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on islam ignorant, and said that could alienate mainstream muslims and make america and britain less safe. hundreds of giant food store shoppers could be affected between giant and food lion. employees at eight stores in our area were told in march their stores could close. that's why these march to giants corporate headquarters today. the spokesperson says the federal trade comission is reviewing the merger, it's too early to speculate, but they do not anticipate any store closures. still, workers are worried. >> it's just devastating. we're just hoping for some answers today. at least tell us, have we been sold, or what's going on? they're not telling us anything. >> giant says the ftc told them they should have an answer by june. now over to prince george's county, where some residents say the new trash pickup truck system stinks. the company told residents by robocall and door hangers they
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pickup schedule to one. some say the rollout has been a mess. >> i still live here. y'all thought i moved or something? >> i don't get a break at work when i roll out something new. >> the spokesperson for the county executive office says with some 160,000 homes, they anticipated some problems. but the complaint rate according to them is about 2%. still, they're working to fix the problems by next week. coming up, the man who went on a shopping mall stabbing spree, just hours before the attack. >> a new warning about zika, especially with all the rain we're getting, officials say it's only a matter of time before cases could increase around here. that's after the break. >> as we head into break, we want to say hello to richard
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this photo, far and away, the most popular post on the wusa9 facebook page today. head it there to wish him a big happy birthday, and a
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we've got more stormy weather across the country's midsection tonight. these pictures are from sumner county, tennessee. in western kentucky, neighbors are picking up the pieces from tornadoes that hit that area yesterday. at least 10 people were injured. the man who went on a deadly stabbing spree in massachusetts was released from a hospital psychiatric ward just hours before the attacks. his family says he was admitted to a hospital on monday, but released hours later. police say derosa barged into
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family's home on tuesday, killed an 80-year-old woman and injured her daughter. then crashed a car into a macy's, injured a man, and killed several others. an off duty officer shot and killed derosa. the potential for mosquitoes carrying the disease will increase in our area, especially as the warm, and wet summer months approach. the head of the national institutes of allergy, and infectious diseases, tells us, it's only a matter of time, before the zika mosquitoes start breeding. >> we will likely have a small local outbreak of zika in the united states, and the reason i say that is because we have seen outbreaks like that with similar infections transmitted by identical mosquitoes. >> make sure to keep those puddles clear, to protect yourselves, wayou nt to use nets and bug spray with at
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least 30% deet. michael phelps heads to the summer olympics in brazil, he will be wearing these in the pool. we have to get a couple of these. >> you already had a couple. but yours are in purple i thought. we're going to say 74 tomorrow downtown. 72 in gaithersburg. 75 in manassas. we're going
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visitors at the ronald reagan presidential arlibry in simi valley, california got an unusual sight. hundreds of goats. the fire department brought them over as part of an effort to keep vegetation to a minimum, in case of wildfires. olympic swimmer michael phelps is enjoying time with his brand new baby boy. phelps told the world about boomer phelps in his mini speedo. >> this is baby boomer's first suit. so he'll be rocking this his first swim lesson when he gets in the pool. >> like i said, tyler's got the same size. boomer was born last thursday to phelps and nicole johnson. he weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces. phelps saybe
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best experience of his life. he plans to take boomer with him to brazil for the summer olympics, but phelps says as boomer grows up, he won't push the boy to become a competitive swimmer. we are now on our 15th straight day of rain. that got us thinking, it is starting to look a lot like seattle around here. we asked colleagues at our sister station in seattle what they do to have fun in the rain. their response? the caption, it never rains here. what are you talking about? >> they're having a great stretch right now. like sunny and 80 in seattle. >> we've got their weather. that's okay. we can still do some stuff. i saw some lawn crews out there cutting the grass. i don't know how they were getting it down, it's rainy. a roofer is not happy, some outdoor painters are not
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record. we're 15 days in a row of measurable rainfalls. that's measurable rainfall. .01 of an inch or more. we may not add to it tomorrow. we may break it after 15 days in a row. the old record was 10, so we've shattered this. now we're just piling on. 3-degree guarantee. not so confident about this. i was going 66. it's going to be warmer, we'll go 68. the computers were going 72. i should just listen to myself. when we have an easterly wind it just doesn't get warm. a live look outside. up to 60 now, at least we're in the right decade so to speak. just a couple of stragglers here and there. just a couple of showers tonight. bus stop temperatures, not too
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bad. 54, to 66. scattered showers and thunderstorms thursday, friday, and saturday. no day will be a wash out. cool and dry sunday. we're going to fall back into the 60s, but we'll give up the rain. that's a pretty fair swap, i think. 10:00tonight, some breaks in the clouds. if future cast is correct, we're going to have fog develop tonight. 63 downtown. you can probably walk the dog without an umbrella. 56 in rockville. 57 in fairfax. by 9:00, a few spotty showers here and there. nothing really organized like we had today. by 1:00, 70 downtown. 70 in leesburg, and 69 in culpepper. by essentially 24 hours from now, we're back to 72. maybe 72 in martinsberg. a better chance of showers and storms along the i-81 corridor. day planner, a lot of clouds, maybe a sprinkle. 70 by 1:00 p.m. next
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again showers are possible through saturday. nats in town, pups in the park again on saturday. nasa on 9, on sunday. dry, cool, 69 on monday. upper 70s tuesday. still dry, maybe a shower or thunderstorm late wednesday, but the bulk of the day will be fine. so we're going to start our new stretch of three days next week of dry weather. that will be nice. >> just get through what? sunday? it's hard to keep up. >> bryce harper in trouble again? he's making baseball fun. doing what he does. getting the emotions in the game. yes, bryce harper getting in trouble for his words. the latest on harper's suspension, plus, it's like a bad dream. the capitals react to yet another early exit. sports is next. >> electric shock therapy. lobotomies, insane asylums. some of those hospitals still exist, though abandoned and dark. tonight, we take a rare look inside with a man dedicated
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plenty of storylines for tonight's nationals/tigers rubber match. jordan zimmerman is back in d.c. facing his old team. bryce harper has been suspended and fined for his choice words to the umpire. he is appealing the suspension. he's already had one plate appearance against a former teammate, he singles on a full count against zim. the nats lead 1-0 right now. full highlights for you tonight at 11:00. alex ovechkin had 7 points in 6 games against the penguins. the net minder was spectacular as usual, but the penguins were hungrier. the penguins were the best team in hockey over the last few months, and they played like it in this series. trying to explain
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wrong, and why, after having the best record in the nhl, the capitals could not break their playoff slump. one thing is for sure, this exit hurts the most. >> for my team, it doesn't matter what happens. you know, we lost in the second round so sucks. >> it hurts. we put in a pretty good effort there to come back down 3-0. we're playing, they're a good team. you got to take your hats off to them. >> it's been a long period of suffering for d.c. sports fans of the big four teams. none of the teams in their respective conference league final this
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wizards/bullets, '79. a big fat zero. sadly. you want to say there's not a curse. but i feel like there's just something. >> no
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only at a sleep number store. kelly ripa is demanding resp her new interview about the drama at "live." michael's final show is less than two days away. now does kelly want to move the show to hollywood? >> would you go? >> would i go to l.a.? and minnie driver's itter battle with her neighborhood. my exclusive with minnie tonight. >> then a disturbed taylor swift fan cuffed. new details about the scary encounter. plus, we grill ryan gosling about his new baby girl. then, only our cameras are rolling as an empire star says i do. >> you are free to the bride. >> the bride's two custom couture dresses nearly ruined by


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