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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 12, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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z1zqjz kelly ripa is demanding resp her new interview about the drama at "live." michael's final show is less than two days away. now does kelly want to move the show to hollywood? >> would you go? >> would i go to l.a.?
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battle with her neighborhood. my exclusive with minnie tonight. >> then a disturbed taylor swift fan cuffed. new details about the scary encounter. plus, we grill ryan gosling about his new baby girl. then, only our cameras are rolling as an empire star says i do. >> you are free to the bride. >> the bride's two custom couture dresses nearly ruined by rain and the reception fun with co-stars. and all the gossip from the cannes film festival. >> justin timberla pregnant blake, clooney and julia opening up about their close friendship. >> happy hour somewhere. now for may 11th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." the countdown is on. only two days before live with kelly and michael is m
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strahan's rear-view mirror. >> for the first time since blind by the news he was leaving, she's talking about the whole thing went down from her perspective. >> and how is their relationship now. and then could kelly be moving the show to hollywood. >> my daughter's like, are we moving t should i start applying to schools now? because i know all the schools out there. >> is kelly moving to cali? well, her husband mark is on his way. at least for a bit. he was atkelly's side this morning after fox confirmed his new series will air next season. >> would you go? >> would i go to l.a.? i mean -- >> at some point. >> at some point? i mean, if -- yeah, if his -- if the show goes, yeah. i mean, eventually, i would have to go, right? and then i could be a hollywood wife. >> ripa was quick to reassure the show's executive producer. >> don't worry, i'll take you with me.
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it will be called live from my backyard. >> we spotted michael strahan today after "live." sources tell us he has asked for a low-key final show on friday. and we talked to audience members about the kelly/michael chemistry during commercial breaks. >> certainly weren't together. >> they went their separate ways. one went one way, one went the other. >> michhel joins gma full-time in the fall. meanwhile, kelly tells people magazine she was pivotal in speeding up michael's po announcement exit from "live". that she wanted him off as soon as possible. >> she was able to point out, this isn't going to work. if you want us to be able to launch our new season in september just as gma is launching their new season with michael in september, we need to start now. we need to start looking for somebody much sooner rather than later. >> as for being blind sided about michael's departure. she accepts it all could have been a big oversight.
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>> sometimes when you're dealing with big business, there can be a tendency to forget that you're also dealing with people who >> kelly also expllins why she wasn't at work the day after michael announced he's leaving. quote, i think what people need to understand about the entire situation is that i didn't just not s when she learned the news in a meeting, she says, quote, i said in the room, i am going to take the day off. >> i didn't want to come out here and say something i might regret. >> from her perspective, there was just no way she could have gone on the air the very next day without having had some time to get a grip on her emotions, gather information and get sense of what this meant for the future of the show. >> and she is a human being after all. well, taylor swift is experiencing the two sides of fame. a ffn was being cuffed outside her new york apartment at the same time she was being honored
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in los angeles with a fancy prize named just for her. ♪ what's it like to be taylor? first, you get your very own award named after you. >> if they had chosen somebody else to give the taylor swift award to, i would be kind of bummed about it. >> next, '90s rocker red carpet glam cost nearly $75,000. that's about the price of three brand-new priuses. taylor's leopard t pringown cost about $7,000. those strappy shoes, $425. metallic clutch, $1,700. diamond stud earr, ings$4,000. choker, almost $20,000. and then all her different rings, yep, more than $33,000 big ones just on her fingers. to be t. swift, you also got to know how to pose.
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kiss face, mouthopen, and point, anything. just don't be boring. and of course, you got to have celebrity fans. courteney cox showed up with her on again, former fiance. >> we had a big music night and that's where we met. i'm a big fan of taylor's. >> but there's also a downside to being taylor. this man whom police describe as emotionally disturbed and disoriented was handcuffed a detained after showing up at the doorstep of swift's new york city apartment last night. cops had to move the man's legs for him and lift him into the ambulance. the 25-year-old male underwent psyc psyche evaluation. right now, taylor remains in l.a. her team has not responded to our request for comment. >> scary. this is actually the second time that this particular taylor fan has gotten in trouble. in 2013, he was charged with
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trespassing outside of her rhode island home. hanging with ryan gosling. >> just hearing you say that -pwomen all over the world swooned. hanging with ryan. it was his first red carpet since we learned that his girlfriend gave birth to that sweet little girl. they kept it a secret for nearly two weeks. you figured he must be busting at the seams, right? >> we want to say congratulations on your new baby girl. it's a beautiful thing. >> thank you so much. >> so impressed to be able to keep that a secret. we don't know how you did it. >> thank you very much. >> ryan kept an incredibly low profile on their new baby in today's day and age -- >> i don't know how they did it. >> the new dad wasn't secret about his entrance rolling up in a vintage convertible with co-star russell crowe. >> seems to be a bro man's between you guys. >> we share an absurd sense of humor, look at the world in a similar jaun wdiceay. >> do you have a favorite of those silly things? >> hey, girl. >> do
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on the computer and looking up ryan gosling hey girl me. i know that surprises you at home. >> here's russell's fan club direct from down under. bindi irwin. >> russell has been a great friend for so many years of dad's and then of ours. we're just really, really grateful to be here tonight. >> bindi told me russell's really supported their wildlife warriors foundation. meanwhile, the cannes film festival kicked off today in france. >> this is tough. i mean, cannes film festiv amazing, but my son is everything. >> dad was dancing on the red carpet, but even that wasn't enough to keep his thoughts away from home. >> have you been able to skype? >> probably gotten old, but i do. i've been just like showing anna videos over and over again. >> what's been the favorite
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part of traveling each other and wherever you guys have been? >> sometimes this is a little bit crazy. it's good to have a practical partner in crime. sometimes actors can be crazy. justin is like a practica person and a good person to have on your team. >> you sound like you're 7. >> surprised fans with a performance after screenin their their new animated film. covered cindy lauper's true the song's in the movie. we got to say, we love their version. ♪ the duo also hit up the premiere of "cafe society." blake showing off her barely there baby bump. earlier in the day, she joined co-star kristen stewart for a photo op. she's been posting fashion pics, pretty much nailing how to dress when you're pregnant fashion show.
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>> it's all happening in cannes right now. i'm ready to go. >> pregnant, not pregnant, blake always looks perfect. we're not done. later, nonstop laughs, sofia, julia and george. how did he celebrate his 55th birthday. congratulations. >> iq isn't everything. [ laughter ] then one of hollywood's most eligible bachelors off the market? who is chris evans hooking up with now? plus, talking to minnie driver about a fight with her neighbor kaugts on camera. >> he has you on tape. >> i definitely lost my cool. >> don't go away. >> closed captioning provided by --
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tomorrow on "e.t." melissa mccarthy fights back tears. behind the scenes of mike and molly's final show. >> tomorrow's going to be -- >> tough.
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>> if you threaten me i'll the police again. >> minnie driver's bitter feud with her next door ne has gone viral. >> i definitely lost my cool. i've never been that >> the heated confrontn
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hunting star we remember. >> i love you. >> i would never have a son as disgusting as you. >> minnie's neighbor thinks she smashed black paint filled baby food jars against his hollywood home. >> this is my property. you're a sick woman. >> i wou not break the law, vandalism of any kind. >> so what has the and the 74-year-old suing each other? this share driveway and gate. suing alleging she ch the gate code and tried to run him down with her bmw. >> we have footage that your nanny shot. >> my nann trying to get out. his cars and his trucks blocking the driveway and she asked them to move. they wouldn't move. man, he -- he goes very quickly to shouting extremely
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>> last year, she filed a restraining order against him. >> he's blown smoke in my son and nephew niece facee. he started name calling and cussing at mm son, at me. they're scared to come back to the house. this is my confident wo child who -- who is great and happy and goes to a great school and has great frrends. and henry said, must be other people who don't like i said, yes, there must and there are. i would ask to stop. >> coming here, getti chance to see everything and hear her side of the story, it really does put everything into context. it's a mother c about her child. >> i hope they can keep the peace. >> tough situation right there.
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julia robert when you've been friends this long, you know how to push each oth buttons. -p>> we got married. not to each other. >> that would be so weird. >> our cameras rolling as an empire star says i do. and s finale secrets. >> we'll be right back.
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her film ed husband. >> george clooney and amal were stopped cannes today having lunch. this by the way is first time at the festival. there's nobody she'd rather be there with. >> we'll do a little double date beginner tonight, if julia doesn't get too drunk too early. that happens. >> wwth the time change. >> george and amal actually arrived yesterday and spotted this afternoon having an outdoor lunch in cannes. >> i imagine it might be quite difficult to know what to pack. because there's so things going on. >> yoeverything. i had six suitcases. he had ten. >> that's just for my tux. >> george and julia have been good friends for over 15 years. their first movie together was oceans 11. >> george doesn't party. >> george spends a lot ome
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[ laughter ] and unfortunately their hours conflict with the happy hour. >> you haven't changed a bit. >> adorable. >> we just came from george's prayer group. >> what has changed about you guys? >> kids, marriage, other than that nothing. >> we got married. i mean, not to each other. >> that would be so weird. >> our livesshave expanded though in a beautiful way. >> in a nice way. >> he is a married man. have you seen amal's influence in him now that you''e worked together again? >> only when we're at their >> yeah. >> in w >> inna beautiful way that al wives have kind of beautiful loving influence over their husbands. >> money monster with clooney and roberts is their fifth film together. >> who is the biggest jokester and who breaks character the most? >> who gets in character ever? [ laughter ] we're lucky enough after all these years, we both understand we're lucky enough to have careers and have a job an something we love.
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it's not fun for everybody. >> are you still playing pranks onset? >> this whole film is a prank. something bad's going to happen. >> be on your guard. >> george is youthful. who would have thought he turned 55 last week. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> yes, yes. iq isn't everything. >> how did you celebrate? >> mostly hiding in my room and crying. the next one is 60. i think 60 is going to kind of -- [ coughing ] >> you've got time though. it actually doesn't go >> there's years in between? i've been counting wrong. >> you're good. >> i'll be fine. >> come on, man. are you kidding me? he looks unbelievable for 55. but i get it. that 60. the party continues for julia and george. we will be with them tomorrow for the big premiere of "money monster." i know everybody is waiting to find out what amal is going to be wearing. i just want a fresh start.
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i don't want to be reminded -- [ screaming ] >> that was the ramatic moment of the last empire when rhonda began to figure out that she really didn't just trip down the stairs which caused her to lose her baby. well, is she going to remember tonight on meanwhile, her real life walk down the aisle went a whole lot smoother and she gave "e.t." a special invite inside. ♪ >> from the romantic ceremony to the party on the dance floor, we followed the beautiful bride as she tied the knot. >> amazing. >> more than expected. >> the couple of nearly four years met through mutual friends. they gotten gauged in paris last may. now a year later, exchanged vows in front of almost 140 guests. even the rain couldn't dampen
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the mood. >> we handed out umbrellas. >> it was beautiful. it was great. >> the bride wore not one, but two custom made gowns. >> classic and beautiful and then wear something fun. i did both. made it from beginning until end. it was one of the most awesome processes of this wedding. >> more than a thousand candles lit the reception. instead of a sit down dinner, there was a taco bar. you can read all about it in us weekly. severallof her empire co-stars including lee daniels who brought his boyfriend. >> i'm in love with her. rhonda, i call he i'm not answering my phone or e-mails. i'm just enjoying big sur and celebrating her. >> even though he pulled himself away from work for the weekend, with only two episodes left in the season, we just had to lee about the series. >> we are revamping empire which
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is a lot of work. rhonda i out of control. mark my words. you will not believe where she's going next year. >> but in real life, this newlywed is ready to relax. they will get off to greece for their honeymoon next week packing plenty of memories from their special day with them. >> it's crazy to feel the love from the room and having people just tell you how they feel about you. >> only kind of happens once. this is the day that everyone tells us they love us. >> they hate your character. they love you. >> and her character is a fantastic fashion designer. must have been such pressure choosing those wedding which were amazing. >> she did a great job. >> we'll be right back with news on tonight's top secret
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♪ that is beyonce -- yeah. doing prince proud last night in dallas singing his big powerful ballad. the beautiful one. and it was just announced madonna will pay tribute to him on may 22nd on abc. >> it will be interesting to see what madonna does. really interesting. meanwhile in beverly hills tonight, the two women married to prince are coming together to celebrate h a memorial is being organized by prince's ex and garcia will also be there. she was married to the late singer. >> says a lot about him that his exes are organizing this. i'm sure it's going to be beautiful. bye, everybody.
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which included evidence that was found as far as 2 1/2 miles away. they did not name any suspects. the explosion killed 15 people. 12 of them first responders including phil calvin's son perry. >> i want him to get the maximum penalty. like to see him put so far back in prison that they don't ever see the light of day. who ever it was. >> reporter: i'm standing where the blast happened. the 93-foot-long crater it left behid has been filled. west is still rebuilding after half homes were damaged or destroyed. scott, the disaster called into question, federal oversight of facilities which store dangerous chemicals in populated areas. >> manuel bojorquez there for us tonight. manuel, thank you. the "cbs overnight news" will be right back. ♪ ♪


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