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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  May 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me breaking news where house speaker paul ryan just spoke about today's meeting with donald trump. >> look, it is no secret that we've had our differences. we talked about those er
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and all strains of conservative wings in the party. >> thank you for joining us. i'm mike hydeck. it appears that paul ryan is optimistic about today's meeting. weijia jiang reports. >> donald trump headed waves. the party's nominee sat down with house speaker paul ryan. and afterwards ryan and trump issued a joint statement saying this was our first meeting, but a very positive step towards unification. outside protesters would stage what looks more like a circus. >> we can bring more money. >> reporter: the demonstrators included those to deport the undocumented immigrants. >> we are here trying to give them something for their community and they
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their doors. >> reporter: the meeting came a week after ryan publicly refused to endorse trump. highlighting the party's struggle to end the fighting after the decisive primary season. but ryan seemed determined to move forward. >> we're committed to putting that in so that we will be at full strength this fall to win this election. >> reporter: the meeting has drawn international attention. here is the main door of the rnc building and the scene right in front of it. a massive media filling the sidewalk on both sides of the streets. trump is also meeting with congressional republicans today. talks that could define the future of the gop. weijia jiang cbs2 capital hill. >> don't forget that you can stay informed by downloading the wusa app. right now you can get the election alerts with the latest numbers on the profiles all right there whenever you want them. a road
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figure out how the steel plate became dislodged. all down to a crawl. no one was hurt, but a few cars did get damaged. metro is meeting right now after the federal transit administration ordered metro to make immediate repairs to prevent more smoke and fire incidents along the tracks. we spoke to passengers who will likely be affected no matter what comes out of today's meeting. >> they say that more than half of the indents they found because of fire or smoke problems. this is something that has to be fixed. >> i understand that there is a need to shut it down to make the repairs. >> reporter: that federal authority are ordering metro to immediately fix the problem spots. >> it is hard to rely on it. >> and also sinking in for
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by the repairs, but this could mess up their normal commute. some have short commutes. >> it's pretty rare. >> reporter: if they start slowing down their commute, they don't have a back up plan. >> we'll cross the bridge when we get there. >> and while they work on the federal mandate to fix the redline. the blue, orange, silver line from the potomac avenue and the orange and silver lines from boston to east falls church. >> i'm happy they're doing it. >> with the inevitable delays to come some say it is about time. >> i had my parents visit a while back. and they were like this system hasn't changed since even then. >> reporter: fta inspectors pointed out there's some work done on the redline. however they think that work needs to extend here. wuporting in the northwest
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the sixth baltimore city police officers charged in the freddiegray case just got started. all connected to the the 2015 incident. they opted for a bench trial to go before a judge rather than a jury, meaning that the trial will likely end with a verdict. the jury for the first officer has been ended in a mistrial. gray died from a critical spine injury while riding in the back of the police van following a questionable arrest that day. the new hampshire attorney general is launching an investigation into this. a police beatdown. chopper video shows the suspect dropping to his knees surrendering just before police started punching him repeatedly. this happened after a police chase that lasted about an hour starting in massachusetts and ending in new hampshire. the video surfaced at a time when police violence has reached a critical stage. >> he wasn't fighting th
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complying with the officer's orders. until they start to move close to him that there does not appear to be a problem. what happens in the last seconds will be crucial to the investigation. but clearly this is a tough video. >> the beating went on for more than 50 seconds. he took over a dozen blows. police say that he had warrants out for assault and battery, larceny, and failure to stop for police. he beat a murder rap and now trayvon martin's killer is trying to cash in. george zimmerman is auctioning the gun off that he used to kill the florida teen five years ago. starting bid is $5,000. zimmerman has had several run ins with the law since his acquittal. his girlfriend refused to cooperate investigators. it looks like it is
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they denied his request to remain free while appealing his connection in the role of the deadly explosion of the upper big branch mine in west virginia. 29 people were killed in that last in 2010. a judge sentenced blankship last month to a year in jail for conspiring to violate mine safety standards. it appears everyone in prince george's county has something to say about the new schedule for trash pick up. the county told residence by robo calls and by using door hangers that they were moving from a two-day pick up to a one- day pick up. some say the roll out is a mess and the trash trucks pass their houses right by. >> i still live here. i said what did you think that i moved or something? >> i don't get a break at work when i roll out
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work. >> the spokesperson says that 165,000 homes they have to surface. the complaint rate is about 2%, 2,000 homes. they're working to fix the problems by next week. always watching always tracking wusa9 first alert weather. dc's most accurate. we got rid of most of the fog now. we're dealing with the clouds. i want to show you the first picture. while we've got some stms, there is not much east to that. however i say that as we're trying not to get to the streak of 16 days. we're in 15 and counting looking at showers and the storms moving towards the east. i'll be tracking this one here just east of it here moving east. and there are some signs that may have a tough time moving east. the temps in the lower
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with a little sun. think of the high around 70 des.gree more shower chances, yes, friday, saturday, there's hope by sunday. for a dry cool day. that forecast is coming up. >> we'll take any hope that you could give us giving away a brand new car on wake up washington. watch each weekday morning at 6:00 a.m. and you'll gate chance. tax wheel
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welcome back, at least five officers are dead this morning, this is just a day after a wave of bombings that wounded 165. they claimed responsibility for those bo
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after the earthquake struck there this morning. experiencing several aftershocks after that initial jolt. video shot inside the news stations show the light fixtures shaking. so far no deaths or injuries reported. okay, howard is up
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so you typically marinade meat, make sure to read the labels. call for action director ys
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very salty piece of pumped up or enhanced meat. shirley is joining us now. why is it? >> it is not because the meat is at the gym working out, but injected with a solution that it contains salt and various other flavor enhancers for the meat. also marinades have a bit of salt. if you marinade it without checking the nutritional information, you may find yourself with something that's not edible. >> why are they adding the salt solution? >> because it does enhance the flavor and makes it easier to cook and you know what you're getting if it is a flavored kind of thing, but sometimes the flavor has the sodium stuff added to it without putting in flavor enhancers, also that you're paying for fluid and liquids, so it is making the meat more expensive really. >> something to be mindful for sure. appreciate the great information as always. now for more on this topic go to our wusa9
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page. go to and click on the call for action link. charge up your phone, grab a book, and pack some patience in a big way if you're heading to the airport. already denver international airport advising passengers to arrive three hours before your domestic flight. apparently going to take they believe to get through secure lines -- security lines. they are suggesting that airlines wave the baggage fees, you can imagine what thecarriers said to that. >> if the planes would allow you to check bags for free, we wouldn't have so much baggage to have to go through tsa. >> but the airlines made close to $11 billion in fees in 2015 according to fortune magazine, so their answer was a quick no to that request. tsa asked congress for more money to hire more screeners, but lawmakers responded saying that agencies should plan ahead for the busy summer travel season. sadly four children st
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sibling after shooting at a highway near san francisco. police believe it was a violent case of road rage that caused it. their pregnant woman and her boyfriend were shot. and their car crashed and burst into flames. 25-year-old marie was rushed to the hospital, but doctors couldn't save her or the baby. her uncle says that he is positive that someone saw this shooting on wednesday night. >> someone has seen something. please come forward. we are begging you, i'm begging you, please come forward. this is a young lady. gunned down unless she was nothing. >> is that the embankment? >> and now the victim's boyfriend is expected to survive the shooting. at this point they are still looking far killer. already admitted to killing three people and injuring nine more at a colorado planned parenthood clinic, but because of his mental state, his trial is on hold, a judge has ruled him incompetent and sent him to a state psychiatric hospital. his mental health will be reew
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counts stemming from that shooting back in november. 40 passengers on board in australian cruise boat has a lot of people to thank this afternoon, this is the picture of the spirit of 1770. you see the fire there? it was taken from one of the rescue boats rushing in to save some lives. everyone on board either piled on to the lifeboats or jumped into the water to avoid the flames. kevin wilson was one of four vessels to respond. >> and naturally to get everyone off as well as you could. we had to lift him out. i sort of chucked it in pretty well. a lot of them broke down. >> and everyone survived. about 30 people were taken to the hospital though for hypothermia and minor injuries, but expected to be okay too. trending today at noon, the nats pitcher max scherzer etched his name last night with 20 strikeout
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we'll take a look at history. >> reporter: strikeouts are sexy according to max scherzer, so guess you could say he brought a historic level of sexy back to nats park, building his way into the 20k club against his former club. mad max taking the mound against the tigers and you knew it was game on in the top of the first when scherzer tells miguel cabrera great to see ya, but take a seat. adrenaline was pumping at that point. 16 strikeouts later we move to the 9th. 30,000 strong on their feet knowing he was just two ks away from tieing the record. cabrera again, setting up this. justin upton goes down swinging for strike outnumber 20. scherzer will close it out there. the $210 million man completes a masterpiece joining some serious company as he puts it. only randy johnson, roger clemmons, and woods have punched out as many batters
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believe it or n scherzer still trending today across the nation's capital. that 9th gave me goose bumps. congratulates, that was beautiful. the hawaii guy weighing in, max scherzer's efficiency unmatched. i would have to agree. gustavo saying that max scherzer struck out 20. this man has been filthy going back to his cy young year. filthy and effective if you want to talk about return on investment. scherzer now holds three out of the top four spot on the nationals single-game strikeout list and he's been here for only a little more than a year. the most by any pitcher against the former team having scherzer calling it a feather in his cap. nick giovanni wusa9. always watching, always tracking wusa9's first alert l.dc's most accurate. so much fun to watch when they are on fire like that. >> special. >> man that, was a good, good outing, no doubt. >> i remember wa
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gooding when he was in the mix of the height of his career. weather wise, i know we've got some more from scherzer coming up here, weather wise more from mother nature. but i'm telling you sunday, monday f you're going to work saturday and take monday off do it because monday will be fun, monday will be really nice and sunday won't be too bad. today most of the rain is out towards the mississippi valley. i would say most, but not all because within the last hour, hour and a half a little bit of thunder developing here in west virginia and now approaching the state line moving in towards virginia. that is just around winchester with nothing going on there and there is a little bit of lightning and thunder moving east. with the heavier rain, a little less lightning now. as they are all moving to the east. if it holds together that we'll have more rain by 12:30. and front row just around the 2:00 hour. what we need is to get rid of some of these clouds that for the most part with a few exceptions that we have been clouded over for three weeks
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breaks today, but only about 70 when the lower 60s now as you'll have a tough time getting much warmer with the 70 without the better sunshine if you will. the clouds and showers are possible and that we like the way they would look now. 61 in baltimore. but look at the 70s now, mid to low 70s there and not that far away and that you cannot get into it unless you get rid of these clouds. that'll be tough to do with calm winds that we'll need them to start picking up out of the south to mix things up with the humidity at 86% with more rain coming. watching the rain, some of it in central texas and the other shot of showers and storms there from memphis all moving to the east. some of that we will be seeing tomorrow. clouds are still tough, but a lot of clouds.
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too much action as you get east. most of it will stay west until tomorrow with a patch of fog at 8:30 mof st othe rush hour should be okay. fingers lessed. by 5:00 we've seen the sun move out. saturday starts dry, but if you've got plans on saturday afternoon with a big event at the plan for team america rocket contest that i'm involved in that you'll need to get that out. showers and the thunder will be coming through before you see the cooler air move in on saturday night and sunday. sunny and dry and only in the lower 60s, but we will take it. the 70s today with the showers west. and tomorrow in the morning through midday better on the afternoon. saturday 72. we'll be dry in the morning. clearing out saturday night towards sunday. we've got the nats
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wusa9. that should be fine. low 60s. monday looks fantastic. more showers for tuesday and wednesday. the way it looks now. so we've got to deal with that. hey we'll be back with more in just a moment. hey this face is man's best friend. but also you'll find out how
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coming up tonight at 5:00, how dna is being used to create a composite sketch for a crime that happened a decade ago. tracking the telast development from today's metro safety meeting and we go inside one of dc's hidden
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jewish military history. who knew. >> who knew. that'll do it for the news at noon. he's howard bernstein. i'm mike hydeck. have a great day everybody. back on cbs at 5:00.
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>> phyllis: i need you. and for whatever reasons -- >> jack: what's going on? >> phyllis: nothing. >> jack: it didn't look like "nothing" to me. >> mariah: take 'em. that way you won't have to change the locks. >> kevin: what -- what are you talking about? we're roommates! we're friends! >> mariah: with all your money, you can buy new ones! oh, wait. you already did. >> kevin: mariah! mariah! hey. you're not thinking this through. >> mariah: done and done! >> kevin: so, where you gonna go? >> mariah: i'm gonna go someplace where people know what matters and what doesn't. >> dylan: you know what? i got -- i got a call from grandpa paul, and i got to meet whm at the hospital.


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