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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  May 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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we pivot now, and bring you some new information as we continue to look into complaints from women firefighters in fairfax county. they are pretty upset about lewd photos, posted on the facebook page. the man responsible for internal complaints. >> and within the hour, after we started asking questions, we learned that a high-ranking official has been reassigned. while they take a closer look. peggy fox here with the exclusive. >> well, some are so bad, we can't even show them on tv. we're talking approximate half naked women and very suggestive poses. the fairfax county fire chief calls them inappropriate. the personal facebook pictures were posted by the man responsible for investigating internal complaints within the department. a department that was just recently sued for sexual harassment. >> sexist, chauvinistic. >> he's talking about guy
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you'll find lots of scandily clad young women, often in provocative poses and tight shirts. guy morgan runs the office of professional standards. at the fairfax county fire and rescue department, which investigates workplace misconduct. >> here's the guy placing judgment on us for the inappropriateness of our actions and things we do. and we take a look at the profile page. and you know, it doesn't -- just doesn't add up. >> mike molar is the president of the virginia professional firefighters association and has been a fairfax county firefighter for 40 years. he said he told fire chief richard bowers about the picture weeks ago, after the suicide of nicole mitten dover. people who claimed to be firefighters had harassed and slandered mittendorf online. >> i don't think there is a pervasive sexual harassment. >>
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firefighters are upset with guy morgan's pictures. >> the pictures i saw. and the pictures i showed the fire chief were lewd and lascivious. vulgarity. >> boswell also said she brought the pictures to the chief's attention, weeks ago. >> and in not doing anything about it, you're in essence, condoning it. >> the fire chief said he was notified about the photos last week. and he told guy morgan that they were inappropriate. guy morgan has been assigned to noninvestigative duties while this is being investigated. >> right we also checked with the county supervisor. john cook says he hopes there will be a thorough investigation. we will, of course, continue to ask questions. sky 9, here over the scene just a short time ago. of a nasty crash, involving several vehicles. montgomery county. randolph road in silver spring. investigators say emergency crews are evaluating several injuries there. to
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county, suffered emotional pushback. at a memorial ceremony for fallen police officers. >> the national president of the fraternal order of police. called the rising number of attacks on police hate crimes. scott broom is in the county now with some reaction. scott? >> pretty strong language. and partly because this is a very emotionally-charged time for police, all around the country. after an alarming spike in line of duty deaths since the beginning of this year. prince george's county police officer jaky colson, one of 17 police officers shot and killed in the u.s. in 2016. an alarming 59% increase in police deaths, compared to the same time last year, nationwide. >> being a victim of crime for simply wearing a badge or scarf is a hate crime. >> reporter: that's national fraternal order of police chuck.
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in prince george's county. canterbury blaming police critics and the media, for creating a new, dangerous climate for police, in the wake of ferguson, baltimore and cleveland. >> one rock star dies and it shows up on national news per week. 88 police officers get shot in florida in a 4 1/2-month period. and it barely makes news. >> isabel hogan, and officer brennan mcveigh, killed last year. >> this is really serious business. that our people are misinformed as to what police officers do. >> everybody [ inaudible ] in this nation and under god. >> reporter: i think they're in a lot more dangerous than -- danger than they used to be. >> reporter: the message today was clear. blue lives matter, too. and the
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police protested at a beyonce concert. because of formation they believe has an anti-police message. with clearly officers around the country. and here in prince george's county. are concerned about. reporting live at the fraternal order of police lodge, scott broom, wusa 9. >> scott, thank you. and some additional perspective here. an important sta50 -- statistic in all of this. 71% of the officers shot and killed nationwide this year were attacked. the police unity core arrived in washington today. that bike ride started in 1997. and the fundraising event benefits the national law enforcement officer's memorial and museum in d.c. organizers say more than 1900 people participated in this year's four-day bike ride. the unity tour has raised a total of nearly $18 million for the police memorial. opening statements today. in the trial of the second
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charged in connection with the death of freddie gray. edward nero is charged with assault, misconduct, and reckless endangerment. all misdemeanors. prosecutors say nero arrested gray without cause. spence said the officer followed his training and only touched gray once on the ground before gray was transported. a handful of demonstrators were outside the courtroom. >> we just want to see justice for freddie gray. and all others. >> the trial is expected to last about 20 days. well, we have been striking out on sunny days. like matt shirser has been striking out on tigerless. struck out a record-tying 20. that, of course, is the good news. first alert meteorologist topper shutt. top 16 straight days now. >> we might break it today. >> we could break it today. in fact, adam. we had showers off to
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so far, nothing measurable. we have showers along i-81, down towards winchester. and off to the east. we're going to track the martinsburg, winchester. nothing crazy heavy at this point. but this is moving off to the south and east. computer models hold this together. we have until midnight. we shall see. in the meantime, this could track all the way to germantown, by about 7:24. on the light side. let's talk about tonight at 10:00. most of the future cast has showers to the west of us. a lot of clouds. pretty darn loud. walk the dog after dinner. by morning, here's the deal. we have showers and thunderstorms in the forecast tomorrow. but we think the commute is going to be dry in the morning. just a couple of sprinkles north and west. temperatures in the low 60s. and by 8:00, 9:00, showers begin to develop, martinsburg, cumberland, out towards 60s. by 10:00, 11:00, showers and thunderstorms begin to roll through. and by midnight, showers
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fairbax, and la plata. by then, temperatures will be in your 70s. that's front number 1. we'll come back and talk about number 2, what that means for your weekend. >> all right, top. let's turn now to campaign 2016. protestors rated donald trump today, as he met with republican leaders today on capitol hill. the washington tour that was designed to solidify party unity, began earlier with a visit with house speaker paul ryan. and after, ryan and the presumptive presidential nominee issued a statement saying, this was our first meeting, but it would be a very positive step toward u -- unification. >> i was ryve encouraged with what i heard from donald trump today. i believe we are planting the seeds to get ourselves unified. >> and while speaker ryan was upbeat, he stopped short of endorsing the billionaire's bid to become the party's presidential nominee. the hero of last week's montgomery mall shooting spree, has
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malcolm killed while trying to help another victim. pete muncie. >> reporter: st. rose. lima church is where he was christened and where he was buried today for the legacy of helping people any way he could. >> he live and died a hero. >> malcolm win feld was known as mike, a big teddy bear, a jokester. but most of all, selfless. >> all around, a great guy. no one ever saw it coming. >> it was last friday, when police say ugalio killed win feld in the montgomery mall parking lot. pinfeld was trying to help a woman shot, when he was shot and dying. >> he would go out and anybody that asked. and if she did ask him, he will run over there and help her. >> many came here from
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navy yard. his family had one message to the hundreds who paid their respects. >> forgive a lot of people. because you never know. you might not see them again. >> reporter: donations are being made to a go fund me to help winfeld's family. it is already nearing its $150,000 goal. in gaithersburg, pete mondean, wusa 9. >> he was 45 years old. leaves behind a wife, son and daughter. we are just getting started on wusa 9news at 5:00. using hot technology to solve coal cases in northern virginia. a washington post writer lives up to his promise and eats his own words. donald trump now to become the gop presidential nominee. and topper is back with more on tomorrow's thunderstorms and what we can expect this weekend. and metro, falling in line with the feds, over plans to
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scary little pub back from metro leaders, after demanding the rail systems work harder and faster to fix safety issues. >> the federal transit administration wants metro to start work immediately on the red, orange, silver and blue lines. bruce leshan is live at len fant plaza, with metro's response to this. >> yeah. metro says he and the secretsary of transportation want exactly the same thing. a safe system. but for the feds, that could mean moving up the planned 16- day shutdown on the blue, orange and silver lines. and that could have a ripple ef
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system. >> the federal transportation secretary slammed metro's response to that third rail insulator explosion last thursday. and federal regulators ordered metro to immediately start work to cut the threat of more funds on long stretches of the orange, blue and silver lines. from potomac yards to stadium armory. and on the red line, from bayonneess to medical center. >> safety, constantly goes through your mind. like what am i smelling? what is this smell? is this a serious incident? do i just stay on the train and keep going. >> but amy, merely, a professional tour guide, fears if they start the maintenance work immediately, she will have a tough time getting in and out of the city. >> i just hope they take it very seriously. that we need them to be there. >> reporter: metro has a brand- new, chief safety officer. >> i don't really want to comment on that. in my vast ur
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experience here. >> reporter: patrick lathe an brushed aside questions about the fed's demands. but after years and a big turnaround, he is urging washingtonians to keep things in perspective. >> i believe the riders could get comfortable. you can shut the system down, any time you get on the highway or drive in the car, you're in a much more dangerous situation. >> i hope they can get it solved. because i really like metro. it's an efficient way to get into and out of the city. >> reporter: now, the transit administration suggesting that metro may need to go slower to cut the risk of that electrical arcing. ceo paul wedefeld said he is in constant contact with the department of transportation. but he declined to commit to either of those things. if he does, that will almost certainly mean
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frustrations for metro riders, and probably all the residents. live from lenfant plaza. bruce leshan. wusa 9. >> more people are out on vacation. but looks like that will have to change. an alleged serial bank robber has struck again. the fbi says this guy entered the wells fargo on west broad street and falls church. and passed a note, demanding cash. then he took off, demanding money. investigators say the same crook pulled the same routine at a sun trust bank on mount vernon in alexandria. back in april 18th. and the wells fargo on third street on april 28th. so take another good look at it. if you have any information on who this is, you can be eligible for a $5,000 reward. the washington post columnist, literally ate his own words today. last year, he vowed donald trump would not win the gop noti
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if trump did. there he was, making good on that promise. during a facebook live event. he ate an 8-course meal, prepared by a famous chef there at del taco restaurant. >> there it goes. [ laughter ] eight-course meal in the middle of the day. and yes, chris just pointed out. our floor director. he was drinking trump wine. >> oh. >> the newspaper said it was a hit. >> you know, they could have gotten a little more creative with that restaurant in chicago. it was like edible paper. like an edible thing. they could have made it taste a little better. >> i will think it would be pretty easy. >> i think that was one of the eight courses. i think he probably came away from the whole thing, doing well. >> eight-course meal in the
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>> all right. we're looking 3-degree guarantee. i'm worried about this. and i lowered it last night. 7:00. to 74. 72 for the number. well, oh, boy. we're sweating that. we'll let you know. can still go up a little bit before we're all said and done. we'll look at the numbers at 11:00 tonight. live look outside. care of michael and sons weather cam. it's 66 now. in on. we can do it. winds out of the south at 5. that actually is a good time. all right. here's the satellite picture radar. you can see all the showers and thunderstorms in the midwest. this is cold front number 1. that will roll through tomorrow. and we'll zoom in a little bit. most of the showers and storms are well wet in town. there's a warm front. but the problem is, it's too our west. we're still on the cool side and mild side to the south of that. remember, like wintertime, we talk about cold air, flow off the ocean. and high pressure to the north. that gives snow for a while.
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just keeps temperatures kind of on the cold side. so it's going to eventually pop through. we'll get the warm speck of air tomorrow. right now, we're tracking a few showers. showed you earlier, back to winchester. these will duck down to the south. these are falling apart. quite frankly, moving off to the east. we've not seen many measurable rains today. until 1:00 a.m. but for the most part, charles town, winchester. pushing off towards leesburg. mainly dry tonight. and certainly mild. bus stop temperatures in the 60s. perhaps a late shower aitsd:00, 9:00. bus stop. and afternoon showers on saturday. so your morning softball games are going to be fine. early morning tee times will be fine. afternoon, not so much. and cool and dry on sunday.
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all right. 10:00 tonight. 57 downtown. 56 in culpepper. and by morning, 6:00 a.m. that's why we've not issued the yellow weather alert. still thinking about it. looks dry. then by 9:00, couple of sprinkles here and there. leesburg, gaithersburg. according to future cast, by 1:00, line of showers and storms probably develop. and this is actually not as robust as it was an hour ago on future cast. now, just lighter activity is pushing through. gets a little heavy through southern maryland. by 6:00 p.m., boom, it's gone. it's across the bay. almost across the sea. 74 by 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. and 71 in gaithersburg. 73 in fairfax. pretty warm day. day planner look like this, a lot of clouds, thunderstorm possible by 11:00. and by 1:00, about 75, 1:00 p.m. next three days, yellow weather alert for saturday afternoon. 74. breezy and
5:21 pm
and 53 sunday. next seven days. sunday night. 45 downtown. to 8:30 with the birds. so cool day, so they have friday, saturday, sunday. a little warmer next week. showers and storms by tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. and by wednesday and thursday, we are in the mid-70s. >> thanks, top. still ahead, the shrinking middle class, where it's going. and what it really means to be average. we'll tell you more about that in tonight's consumer alert. this face... man's best friend. but tonight, you'll find out how she is sophia's study buddy, too. rover does breeding. tonight at 11:00.
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thanks for coming today.
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choose from. you all chose the best tool for the job. wouldn't it make sense to make the same choice, when it comes to your truck? absolutely. this is the 2016 chevy silverado. nice. a good-looking pick-up. incredible. i love it. find your tag and get a total value of $9,000 on this silverado double cab all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. new information now on a story we covered back in february about a local man charged with his third dui. chavez was here in a rockville court today, for the first time since his arrest. that incident was caught on camera, by wusa 9. chavez argued successfully for continueiance in the case. his lawyer told the judge he wanted to review the report before proceeding. chavez is exed
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in court in two months. in tonight's consumer alert, the middle class is the new minority in america. decades of declining industries, financial stability and family wage, jobs have really widened the inequality. just about every metropolitan area across the country. that's quoorgd to a new analysis released by the pew research center. and it finds it helps steady in the d.c. region. defines a three-person household with an income between $40,000 to $125,000, as middle class. those emoji symbols we use to express ideas. well, they are getting more diverse. google is releasing about 13 new ones to showcase the variety. those icons show women in a range of jobs, including healthcare, and construction.
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people convicted of violent crimes will be headed to the polls in virginia this november. governor terry mcauliffe, explaining his decision caught on camera. we see the suspect on his knees, with his hands in the air. and right after the break, this picture was actually created using nothing but dna technology. police in northern virginia hope they will end out. >> did you hear, we're giving away a brand-new car on wake-up washington. watch weekday mornings at 6:00 a.m., for the word of the day.
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let's start with breaking news. we're following police on the scene of homicide investigations in southeast washington. >> and ellison barber is live with the latest. >> reporter: we're at the corner of 37th and eli street. this crime scene is about a block away. police say an adult male was shot and pronounced dead at the scene. they said patrol officers heard a series of gunshots around 3:15 this afternoon, when they came to the area to investigate. they found an adult male who was suffering from gunshot wounds. and again, he was pronounced dead here on the scene. right now, they say they do not have any suspect information or any type of lookout. cars, suspect description. they are still here, obviously working on the scene. some family members arrived. earlier, chief lanier was speaking to us
5:30 pm
comfort a grieving family member. this is just steps away from the national youth baseball academy. a lot of children come here to play and hang out. we are told the crime scene does include part of this baseball field. you can see part of the parking lot area. but they say the actual shooting seems to have occurred in the street area. it actually is not related to the baseball academy right here. but again, this is a very active scene. still ongoing. last i heard, police were still working to identify the victim. but it does seem that there are some relatives now, arriving here. reporting live in southeast, i'm ellison barber, wusa 9. >> thank you. cold cases are being solved by hot, new technology. >> this could be a great tool for police. in fac, in one virginia neighborhood, cops were hoping it could help get a rapist off the street. debra alfarone is live in sterling with details. deb, this is fascinating. >> reporter: absolutely fascinating, adam and lesli. i'll tell you, 29 years ago, it was a really
5:31 pm
at the time, police collected dna. but it remained a toll case. well, fast forward, three decades. and you're about to see dna do something it's never been able to do before. generate a picture of the attacker's face. >> it was a rape, abduction, 9- year-old girl. we want the suspect behind bars. >> it was june 1987. police say they have been trying to solve this case ever since. dna didn't help until now. with these new photos. >> is it a likeness of that person? definitely. is it a driver's license? photo id? no. huh-uh. >> reporter: these pictures then and now of a potential suspect, were designed by a nano lab. they took the suspect's suspect's dna ask matched it against their own database, against 10,000 known dna samp
5:32 pm
person may look like. loudoun county sheriff, mike latman. >> we have been able to show that in this case. >> the victim no longer lives here people who live in this say this is something out of a crime show. a good one. >> definitely intriguing. i'm glad the technology is there. >> that is wonderful. >> they've done wonders without being able to capture people now, with dna that they couldn't even use years ago. >> and the service is called snapshot. the company says they introduced it back in 2014. and since then, they've helped several law enforcement agencies catch criminals. we are live here in sterling tonight. debra alfarone, wusa 9. >> every little bit helps. loutedon county sheriff's office is asking you to take a look at the pictures. and if you know that person at either age 25
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want you to give them a call. check out right now on wusa 9news app. right now, a search is under way for two missing teenagers. fairfax county. 13-year-old daniel lima. 14-year-old rudy torzano were both reported missing yesterday morning. police believe they may have taken a taxi to the jessup area, where lima used to live. police say lima is in need of medicine. tonight, virginia governor terry mcauliffe. he is speaking out about his plans to restore voting rights for about 200,000 felons. 80% of these ex-offenders are nonviolent. but what about the other 20%. >> morally, the right thing to do, the actions i took put virginia in line, with 40 other states in the united states of america. these people served their time. they're done with parole. >> mcauliffe made those comments at wakefield high in arlington. that's where he signed off on legislatth
5:34 pm
easier for students to transition from classrooms to the work force. a new commission on d.c. statehood will hold its first meeting today. and members of the public are invited to this 6:30 event at the kellogg center on the campus of gallaudet university. the new columbia is cochaired by mayor muriel bowser. the group approved a plan to get it on the referendum in november. the new hampshire attorney general is launching an investigation into a police beet down that happened in the town of nashua. chopper video, showing the suspect here, dropping to his knees and surrendering. before police started punching him repeatedly. after a police chase that began in massachusetts. it has reached a critical stage. >> wasn't fighting, though. it was a little much. >> it does appear he is complying with the officer's orders. and until they start to move very
5:35 pm
appear to be farther. what happens in those last seconds is going to be crucial to this investigation. but clearly, this is tough. >> the beating went on for more than 20 seconds. the 50-year-old suspect took over a dozen blows from the officer's fist and feet. police say he had warrants out. partnering with gwinnett company today, to honor those who went above and beyond on make a difference day last october. >> that day marks the country's largest dance community service. bringing together millions of people to volunteer and make a difference in their local communities. and award-winning host, andy cohen was recognized for his effort to try to defeat -- >> these people rose to the top. and most extraordinary is really cool and inspiring. in a state like these,. >> we were and are deeply
5:36 pm
dedicated to this annual national day of service. and the impact it has. in the local communities. that we serve across the country. >> the 14 winners received $10,000 to continue their service project. i was there today. and i can tell you, they are some amazing people in this country, trying to make life better for others. amazing. well, patients with insurance charge thousands of dollars in surprise fees. why we seem to be paying even more for medical treatments. plus, reporter andrea mccarren and her service dog in training. but take us inside the national museum of jewish history. and for now, warmer tomorrow. 78 downtown. 75 in gaithersburg. 76 in silver spring and fairfax. we'll come back, though. because with those 70s, going to come another roun of showers and thunde
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in tonight's salute to service report, we take you inside one of the hidden tips. >> it's located in dupont circle. and the folks there were kind enough to invite a bunch. service dogs in training. along with our reporter, andrea mccarren. >> good boy. >> great to be here. first time i've been intrude by a dog. -- interviewed by a dog. >> inside 1811r street northwest. is a fascinating glimpse into u.s. military history. >> there's nothing unique. gets better and better. everybody believes. >> what is unique is this museum, filled with a treasure trove of artifacts. >> 19they protests. >> they
5:41 pm
patriotism and heroism to the united states. >> the military was one way. >> nothing reveals jewish dedication to service more than the medal of honor room. it pays tribute to 17 jewish recipients. they include inspiring accounts of world war ii. >> used as a great concentration camp. and went and saw them. immediately began the way of establishing the jewish community. >> the jewish war veterans group was founded in 1896 by civil war veterans. they wanted to fight the stereotype that jews did not contribute to protecting our country. today, the group advocates for veterans of all wars. >> we revised. we need help. >> in northwest washon
5:42 pm
>> and the national museum over jewish military history opens to the public, monday through friday, including memorial day. and admission is free. trending now. online outrage tonight, over george zimmerman's quest to sell the gun. that he united used to kill trayvon martin. >> caitlin jenner may soon decide to become bruce once again. and it's not a pipe dream. a six-hour trip may take you 30 minutes. technology that could be a reality in just a matter of
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i'm delia delia goncalves in bethesda. trees are disappearing left and right in these neighborhoods and homeowners were never told why. i'll get to the root of the problem coming up. and we steer away from the problem with the trending train k. get to our focused thinking report. george zimmerman was trying to sell the gun he used to kill trayvon martin. >> that weapon was pulled offer the auction site, minute after it went on sale. a jury that could have supported awe man
5:46 pm
>> jan jeffcoat. >> very strong opinions. this is one of the most polarizing topics on social media today. here are some of the tweets that we can read. we start first off with a black cat who writes, why is this guy even relevant? he says, 9-millimeter, removed from website. good on them. this person writes, george zimmerman made many people happy today. highlighted many days. caitlin says, george zimmerman said not prepared for the traffic and publicity, surrounding the auction? dmz rights, too bad i can't buy get the gun. >> i know george zimmerman is an awful human being, but let's pull it with the death threats, people. the online auction site has a huge following, reportedly, 4 to 7
5:47 pm
each month. had to sort through a few. >> that's right. get this. caitlin jenner might soon be bruce once again. according to multiple sources, caitlin has been miserable and regrets the sex change. they say there is a chance jenner may make the transition from woman back to man in a few years. jenner is still supposed to appear nude on the cover of "sports illustrated." speeds of up to 700 miles per hour. hyper loop engineers held a six- second demonstration in the nevada desert. a dummy sled traveled 300 miles an hour, before crashing into a pile of sand. you can see, they haven't quite developed the brakes just yet. things go well.
5:48 pm
to san francisco could become a reality at 2021. what do you think about that, top? >> that ain't going to happen. it's not going to happen. >> you gotta get those brakes done. >> yeah. it's not going to happen in five years. the trouble we have with traction on the eastern sea board. want to be going 700 miles an hour in a tube. live look outside. 66 right now. temperatures going up. winds out of the south at about 5. here's the radar. most of the showers kind of diminishing now. across i-81. activity is a little heavier down toward charlotteville. that's ducking down to the south. we may not see measurable precip at nashville today. we have until 1:00 a.m., though. we'll keep you posted. there's the warm front, which is why we're not in the 70s. we go west of the front, going 70s. east of the front, 60s. here's the showers, this latest image. charlestown, light vi
5:49 pm
notice, it's all shaded in green, not very heavy at all. mainly dry tonight. mild, too. very mild. bus stop temperatures in the 60s. could see a late shower, west of town here at the bus stop. 8:00, 9:00. something like that. showers and storms tomorrow. 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and then -- right now, the morning commute, and evening commute look dry. then afternoon showers on saturday. so your morning games, friday, saturday morning. dry and cool on sunday. okay. 10:00 tonight. just clouds in that area. temperatures in the 60s. even the boroughs. 63 in frederick. 5 in silver spring and also fairfax. to the west, a couple of showers on i-81. crazy happy. and by morning, 6:00 a.m. temps, low 60s. a lot of clouds. not much shower activity. 9:00, trying to develop a couple of showers toward loudoun county to frederick. nothing crazy heavy. by 1:00, scattered showers, potentially either side of i- 95. look back to the west
5:50 pm
with those arrows. those westerly winds. that is drying stuff. that will roll through and get here by evening. all of the showers move eventually across the delmarva. look at this. temperatures, 74 do you want, by this time tomorrow evening. temps in the 60s to start. perhaps a shower or thunderstorm at 11:00. and also at 1:00. by then, temperatures near 70. yellow weather alert for side afternoon. again, saturday morning, fine. breezy and cool sunday. april, low to mid-60s. that's it. next seven days. cool on monday, too. still dry. rain and showers. thunderstorms possible, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. but at least temperature goes back into the mid- to upper 70s.
5:51 pm
>> 20 strikeouts. for max shirser. >> what a fun night in nascar. a long season of 162 baseball games, playing your former game is one way to really get that extra adrenaline boost. last night, max shirser was on point. one of the best games in baseball history against his former team. 20 strikeouts in nine innings. tying the major league record. you really could tell early in the game, shirser was destined to do something special at night. mad max, overwhelmed with excitement. plus, he was still looking at the big picture. >> these starts are great. and it's something we can all remember. but really, what you remember at the end of the year is if you win or not. if you win the world series. that's the ultimate goal that everybody plays for it. >> that's what d.c. fans want. between the mad max. still
5:52 pm
righty. and the rotation is pretty stacked. the earned run average is the second death in baseball. those three may be the big names. but there's another nats pitcher making his own statement. he is the focus of tonight's inside pitch. among the season, 22-year-old joe roth. tuesday was a rough one for roth. but until then, he had earned just four scored runs. he said he is not really surprised with the success. but when asked if he could be the number 1 pitcher. dusty said, well, not so fast. >> have over 200 names. [ laughter ] you know. i mean -- i see him as -- you know, as a great potential to be outstanding star. and i'd like to have him, you know.
5:53 pm
starters. we love dusty baker. he's hilarious. >> he does. he makes it fun. and like i said. doesn't hold back. >> thank you. >> they are. coming up at 6:00. donald trump, meeting with several high-ranking republicans here in washington. but can he win the house speaker support. also at 6:00, back to the drawing board for metro. after the feds force the transited systems to a change in plan. to make the tracks safer. but up next. a growing problem with medical billing, where patients going in network are being charged thousands in surprise fees.
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more of us than ever have health insurance. why does it seem like we're paying more for treatment? >> hidden costs in the buyer beware industry. >> in this nationwide investigation, we uncover a growing problem with medical billing. it involves patients going in net work but often being charged thousands. >> 30-year-old heather can't remember the last time she got sick. >> we're very healthy. >> but last year, her temperature jumped
5:57 pm
degrees. >> i felt like i got hit by a bus. >> her husband drove her to the nearest e.r., covered by their insurance network. doctor determined she had a viral infection, prescribed her antibiotics antibiotics and sent her on her way. she paid a small copay. three months later, she received a surprise bill for $588. it was from the doctor who treated her, who wasn't in her network. >> i went in asking, or thinking i would have to ask that the treating physician would be in my network. >> a national investigation by our partner found that edward is one of thousands. and here's how it typically happens. you pick a hospital in your insurance network. then, unknown to you, one of the physicians to treat you is out of the network, not covered by your insurance. also, out of the network, the anesthesiologist, and any special tools used. a week later, you get a bill in the mail for
5:58 pm
you've just been hit with surprise balance billing. and it's all legal. at least they have some kind of limited protection. to help consumers prevent or pay for surprise medical bills. but a texas congressman wants a federal law to make surprise billing illegal in all. in 2015, congressman lloyd of texas offered the end surprise billing pack. if passed, it would prevent balanced billing. provide 24-hour notice of out- of-network providers and provide consumers with a cost estimate. >> i've seen notifications go out. and be responsible and get insurance. they checked to make sure it was going to an in-network hospital. they are not going to foot the bill that is the result of a conflict between insurers and physicians. >> in a statement, the american hospital association said they support a structured media model, to help consumers. but that's only af
5:59 pm
received a surprise bill. to see if d.c., maryland and virginia provides consumer protection against this in your case. go to the wusa 9 app. mike hida, wusa 9. right now at 6:00, donald trump and paul ryan say they're closer to bringing the gop together, after the state's first face-to-face meeting in d.c. also, metro shut down as early as this summer. >> and montgomery county neighborhood. we'll get to the root of the issue of the trees. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm bruce johnson. donald trump, the likely republican nominee. arranged a meeting with house speaker paul ryan. garrett haake has more. the party still in ec
6:00 pm
20 million people visit washington, d.c. and it's pretty fair to say, almost none of them got the kind of welcome that donald trump received today. >> dozens of protestors and twice as many reporters greeted donald trump's motorcade, outside rnc headquarters this morning. the presumptive nominee spent 45 minutes behind closed door, where ryan previs and house speaker paul ryan, who has previously refused to endorse the donald. afterwards, he said he wasn't ready to give trump his endorsement, but they could and would work together. >> i was very encouraged with what i heard from donald trump today. we had a very good ask encouraging productive conversation. we had a very encouraging meeting. it's no secret donald and i have had our differences. we talked about those differences today. >> trump met with majority leader mitch mcconnell, an experience hewe


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