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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  May 12, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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right now at 7. lewd photos of a high ranking firefighters facebook page. we get action on the story you will only see on 9 tonight. metro's plan for a 6 day shut down on the rail could happen sooner than expected. >> the record rain streak in jeopardy but don't get excited yet because there is more showers on the way. >> following breaking news out of for the andrews. the suspect that claim to be wearing a bomb vest in custody. >> the situation has been diffused. wusa9 mola lenghi is outside the base and what are you seeing and hearing. >> reporter: the issue has been resolved according to officials but as you can see right behind me here at the entrance of andrews, a very active police
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showed up at the base, visitors said around 5:00 this afternoon claming to be wearing a bomb vest and unclear if she was in fact strapped with any sort of explosives or if she had props that looked like explosives or anything at all. just making a claim but serious enough to evacuate the center. the main gate on lock down for an hour-and-a-half and the area was kept clear of visitors as well as personnel. unclear exactly who the woman was. whether she was a visitor, employee but as we were told, she is in custody and we will continue to follow this story. i'm mola lenghi for wusa9. we are following a developing story in prince george's county that the mayor has died. james walls was found dead in his home. an autopsy will determine what happened but so
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is no signs of foul play. walls was serving his 3rd term as mayor. the youngest ever elected mayor. a high ranking officer in fairfax county has been reassigned after news news started to ask questions about lewd pictures posted on this man's facebook page. guy morgan is the professional standards officer who investigates complaints against employees. the personal facebook page is loaded with pictures of scantly clothed women and suggestive photos. several firefighters brought the pictures to the fire chief's attention in the past few weeks. angry not anything was done they spoke out on wusa9. the pictures that i saw and the pictures that i showed the fire chief were lewd and lascivious and vulgarity. >> the pictures are totally contradictory to the title that he holds. >> what i would say to chief boweries that. the standard you walk pass is the standard you accept and in
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in essence condoning it. >> we started to ask questions this morning and before we broke the story we were told that morgan was assigned to noninvestigative responsibilities and while it was being investigated externally. students and educators celebrating a teacher whose life was cut short. gladys was gunned down a week ago today. police suspect her husband was the gunman and accused of killing two others the next day in an montgomery county shooting spree there will be a school vigil in her memory. hundreds paid respect to malcomwin field was laid to rest. he was trying to help
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that was shot. he leaves a wife and son under daughter. victims of hate crime and spoke for prince george's police officers that were killed in the line of duty. one rock star dies in minnesota and it is national news for a week. 88 police officers get shot in a four-and-a-half period and it barely makes tv. across the country 17 police officers have been shot and killed this year. that's up 59 percent over the same period last year. can ter bury blames police critics and the media for creating new environment for the violence. hoping to get the kids out of school and head out on vacation, you might want to think again metro's new ceo is talking about moving up a 16 day shut down on the
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orange lines. as well as speeding up work on the red line. the federal transit administration says that all of the trouble with smoke and fire is now demanding that metro start the work immediately. metro riders worry about safety and they worry about how they are going to get to work in schools. what does this money for you? >> i don't know how they will do it. there is so much personnel they have. >> i think metro needs to know that we need a reliable way to get in and out of this city. >> how are they going to do it metro is talking to regulators and hoping to have a schedule for the maintenance surge worked out within awoke. no rain today. we haven't been able to say that in more than two weeks. >> i don't think we will
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up any rainfall. we have until one a.m. technically. there were showers west of us at four or 5:00 but now nothing. right now pretty quiet evening and pretty mild evening at that. now, by 10:00, temperatures will go up a little bit. maybe 67 do you want. 65 in sterling and leesburg and 64 in fairfax. now by morning, generally just clouds. low 60s and so we have not issued a weather alert for tomorrow. advance it by 8:00 and a couple of sprinkles and at the bus stop towards culpepper maybe a few sprinkles. the best chance for showers will be nine a.m. to three p.m. and the futurecast is much less robust than it was, a little bit of yellow in montgomery county but run-of-the-mill showers at 10:00 on friday. look at that by 3:30 everything is across the bay with temperatures in the 70s. that's cold front number one and we will come back and talk about cold front number two that rolls in on saturday. right now, police and
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robber in the washington area. investigators believe that this man has robbed at least three banks in northern virginia in the last month. the most recent case is wells fargo held on west broad street. investigators believe that he also knocked off a wells fargo and suntrust bank. both sides gave opening statements in the trial of freddie gray's death. a 30-year-old defendant requested a bench trial. the judge will decide his fate. narrow arrested gray and says that nero followed his training and touched gray once on the ground. the trial will last five days. the gun george zimmerman use holiday he killed travon martin has disappeared from an auction site. gun took down the listing without
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millimeter was five thousand dollars. there was a barrage of opinions on the issue. zimmerman says what he does with his gun is his sibu. ness >> what i decided to do is now tower, i'm a free american. a florida jury found zimmerman not guilty of second- degree murder and manslaughter three years ago. donald trump, gop meeting has come and gone in washington. still no endorsement from housespeaker paul ryan. the two met at the republican national committee building in d c this morning and walked away pledging to work together and for the sake of their parties. i was very encouraged with what i heard from donald trump today. i do believe that we are planting seeds to get unified. >> as for donald trump, he tweeted he had a great day and things
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well. outside the meeting protestors packed the sidewalks outraged over donald trump and what they cause his hateful rhetoric against women and immigrants and the middle class. technology that sounds it is out of a futuristic crime show using dna to create a suspect's face. trees shut down. neighbors furious. we get to the root of the problem
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64 people on a florida roller coaster got taken for a ride today or half a ride. this coaster at busch gardens got stuck and it took rescue teams an hour to get everybody down. no one hurt and they have a stor
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>> all right. talking about this crazy scene for a while. the giant grocery store at leisure world plaza. the a car crashed into the store. in the checkout lanes. no one hurt. residents say their community is changing before their very eyes and they were the last to know. five trees had to be removed on edward avenue. homeowners wished they were told. the contractor cut down the trees. they are replacing four miles of water line and has a state permit to remove 37 trees close to the water line. >> we didn't do that and should have. >> while they are ram. ing up the work they did neglect the community outreach. they will replace the trees
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it will take two-and-a-half years. stretch of the beltway in prince george's county is safe we are told but it caused headaches earlier today. road crews had to shut down three out of the four lanes on the outer loop in capital heights because of two problems. metal plate that covered a big pothole came loose and concrete from a bridge wall was crumbling on marlboro road. crews made emergency repairs and traffic is moving once again. state of michigan has a message for flint residents, your water bill is on us. the state is hoping it will encourage residents to flush the pipes to restore water quality faster. everybody in flint is supposed to run their water for five minute every day for two weeks this month so the new water source can flush out lead from old pipes and to keep the lead out. expected to cost e
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sound at the cloud of air. a look at the test run that could transform long trips into short trips. talk about high temperatures. i will rethink the numbers at 11 but for now, we will go 78 tomorrow downtown and 75 in gaithersburg and 76 in silver spring and 75 in fairfax and down towards waldorf temperatures in the mid-70s. we will come back and we have a cold front and we will give you the critical hours of the showers and storm and what part of the week you can make plans for. your chance to win a brand new mercedes benz on us. tune into wakeup washington tomorrow. 6:00 in the morning to find out how you can
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>> police in loudoun county are hoping a brand new tool will help them solve a cold case. this is a company that uses dna database and algorithm to generate pictures of what the suspect could look like. in 1987, the sheriff's department says man abducted and raped a girl and the case was cold but new hopes of finding the attacker. >> we are looking at potential suspects in this. we have been able to show that composite to a victim in this case. and so we are working through all of the di
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that we have to as part of an investigation and we are hoping that this takes us to where we want to go. >> this is fascinating. sheriff chapman is asking if you know the person at age 25 or age 50, please give them a call. you can look at those composite pictures on our wusa9 app. the possible future of transportation glided closer to reality in the las vegas desert. take a look at the hyper loop one first test run that lasted six seconds but in that time the dummy sled reached up to 300 miles per hour. then crashed into a pilot sand because there are no brakes yet. it uses magnetic levitation. >> it could cut the trip from l ato san francisco to 30 minutes. larry hogan has a
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study it between washington and baltimore. >> i like that. from la to here, it has to be a straight shot, right, because there are no curves. >> it could be difficult. >> here is some obstacles. >> i am thinking the future is here now but after listening to you. >> 40 years ago the cars were supposed to flying, they aren't flying yet. let's talk about the streak. that's in jeopardy and as jan mentioned no one will complain about losing the streak. it will end at 15 consecutive days with rain. we have had measurable rain since the 27th of april and i think it will stop. we have until 1:00 and right now i think the showers will stay well south of us and there is not that much on radar. it will end at 15 and by the way that is incredible because the old record was ten in a row. we really kind of piled on. three degree guarantee. well, i thought 74 and i lowered it to 72. i almost w
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we will talk about that tonight at 11. right now the live look outside. mild. down to 64 and winds out of the south at nine. we have not seen that for a while. easterly wind for the last few weeks. showers and storms in the ohio valley to west tennessee and kid. this is a cold front that that will roll in tomorrow and then saturday afternoon. showers earlier diminished and this is the warm front and with the warm front to the west, we can't get into the warm sector of air that is to the south of us which is where the showers and storms are. because that easterly component to the wind. we call it cold air in the winter and can get it anytime of the year. there is the radar. everything is dying out. pretty pretty thunderstorms earlier. west of culpepper but gone. mainly dry tonight. no
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60s and a late shower here at the bus stop after 8:00. showers and storms critical time, 9:00 a.m. to three p.m. but the rpm is not as robust as earlier. afternoon showers on saturday. your morning soccer games are fine and the earlier tee times are fun but weather alert for saturday afternoon. dry and cool on sunday. 10:00 tonight. you can walk the dog, no worries, temperatures in the 60s. by 6:00, a dry commute to work and a couple of showers maybe by 9:00 and leesburg and gaithersburg for futurecast has them right now. by 1:00 most of the showers pushing rapidly across i-95 and could intensify to southern maryland between noon and one p.m. on the day planner clouds and then perhaps a shower or storm by 11:00 and certainly by 1:00 temperatures in the 70s. afternoon storms on saturday, good enough for yellow weather alert and breezy on sunday. and nice on monday and upper 60s and then 70s
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mid-70s, wednesday and thursday. and some showers and storms possible. probably not a wash out either day. it was locker clean out day for the ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help.
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now, wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset. brought to you by xfinity. >> today was break down day with the capitals headed to the off season. as if the loss was not bad enough they had to face us the media and answer questions about their early exit. less than 48 hours to think about it. frank has more. >> chris, the players would love to be getting ready for a game 7 against pittsburgh but that's not the case but they are cleaning out their lockers as long off season is ahead of them and bouncing out in the second round against the penguins.
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me down for too long. we will use this as motivation. i came in as a fresh face and hearing trotsy talk about the guys last year and i think it hurts more now. we want to be in a position to win a stanley cup every year. i think you can tell on the faces of our players and our staff and our organization that this one -- last year's hurt a lot. this year hurt even more so i think you got a bunch of angry players that will be ready next year. >> it is all about winning. we need to get over the hump that we can't get over. so that's what i feel like. >> it comes down to simple stuff. nicky backstrom saying we got
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next year. >> at kepler ice complex, back to you. >> probably not a lot of turnover next year so they are hungry and hopefully we see that next season. hopefully they have learned. we certainly have.
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>> sharon and ozzie united today. we have his first nterview since his cheating scandal. >> she's great. >> ozzie was saying couldn't do it without you. you're like his right arm, he says. >> so much gossip to get to tonight. is katy dumping orlando because he's getting cozy with selena? is gwen pregnant with blake's baby? >> then one day left for michael strahan on "live." what the show is planning and is kelly sending a message with this jacket? plus, big stars, full fashions, julia roberts barefoot? who's stealing the spotlight in cannes? p> i'm going to check that off the list. then, oh, yeah, meet the men of the new "bachelorette." >> listen to some of these occupations. a hipste a super fan. >> don't forget the erectile dysfunction expert. >> oh, my goodness. also, melissa mccarthy fights back the tears.


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