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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  May 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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home and he is always really polite and he answers the door and stuff and he is just a really good kid and he is always having conversations and everything and just always involved with school. >> eric attended mary g. porter school in woodbridge this letter informing students is post on the website. this neighbor that didn't want to be on camera is shocked. >> it is a big shock. you know? i have never seen that boy hanging out with wrong crowd or all of that stuff. very nice family. >> the 17-year-old has been charged with murder. police aren't giving us any information on what may have led to this situation that ended in murder last night. live in dale city, debra alfarone, wusa9. police have not released the name of the 17-year-old suspect because he is a
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it is intoxicating home brew made famous by some rappers and today it sent a dozen middle school students to the hospital after drinking after a a cocktail. we have more outside the francis scott middle school in silver spring to tell us more about this. >> well, if you are in the hiphop culture, it is probably a good bet you are familiar with this stuff but for the rest of us, if you got a middle schooler, there is something you need to know about, the disruption at the school today, a measure of how nasty this stuff can be. rescuers sent to francis scott middle school at 10:45 this morning. >> we did evaluated 12 to 15 students and transported six, they had ingested the mixture of alcohol and other things. >> seen on youtube kids mixing up a
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it has been pop lied by rappers including 36 mafia. the brew that turned up here was brought from home according to school officials who said that trips to the hospital for six were out of an abundance of caution. >> that is no good. most parent had never heard of purple drink, liz or scissors and they were surprised by the consequences. >> it is unfortunate, part of the cull -- culture that we are living in. >> it is a drug and intoxicating and because it is so sweet, kids like middle schoolers like the stuff if they can get their hands on it or cook up a batch. no life-threatening illness is from but there was
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response here, just to be sure. reporting live in silver spring, scott broom, wusa9. it is just another things parents have to look out for. rapper wayne suffered a seizure back in 2013 attributed to abuse that have drink. well violent crime does not happen too often in harpers ferry west virginia and that's what makes the shooting death of two women unusual. jefferson county authorities say the women were shot on chest hill road. a man related to both of them is in custody. they are believed to be domestic in nature. we learn that rail system will close at midnight every day of the week starting friday, june 3rd. this news coming after two more incidents caused single tracking on the red line near friendship heights this morning. wusa9 stephanie gearhart live for us at the circle station with more on what people are saying ou
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early on the weekends. >> adam, as you can imagine, a lot of people are frustrated about all of this but some are understanding because they know these repairs need to be done and they need to be done fast. now, this comes as no surprise to a lot of people. we learned metro hours would be changing last week when metro announced its safe track plan. under that plan metro is squeezing three years of maintenance into one year. metro officials say that they must close the system at midnight each night to finish the work on time. people who rely on metro on the weekends late at night have mixed reactions about the trains shutting down three hours earlier. >> i think if they are shutting down the metro a few hours earlier you are obviously going to -- you are not going to be deterring drunk driving as much. also people will be using uber more and surges for sure. >> i understand that it is something
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and we have to be patient. >> i think they are a little too high for what they want. they don't offer service, elevators rarely work. >> as his point, metro won't even extend its hours for special events like concerts and redskins games. again, these changes go in effect june 3rd. reporting live at the dupont metro, stephanie gailhart wusa9. thanks, stephanie. we have a live look outside where blue skies and the sun made appearances this afternoon. >> halleluiah. >> it has been awhile since we have seen something other than clouds and rain and so forgive us if we are excited. chief meteorologist todd berset is in the weather center. >> a beautiful friday evening, great for the game. in fact i posted this on twitter
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and instagram and facebook. we are done with everything, a couple of leftover showers and a rumble of thunder to the northwest of reedville but that's it and that will be gone in an hour. so the game, great. 74 at 6:00 and 71 at 8:00. getting cool by 10:00 and temperatures in the mid-60s. so for tonight, 9:00, temperatures still in the 60s even though the cold front went through. this cold front won't drop temperatures that much, at 68 downtown and 66 at the ballpark and 63 in silver spring. in the morning the tee times are good. if you want to plant flowers you can. mid to upper 50s. by 10:00 in the 60s. showers just entering across the divide but by 1:00, now we have showers and hagger town and martinsburg and still okay inside the beltway, you have until 1:00 and by 3 or 4:00 a couple of showers roll tgh
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we will come back and make a couple of changes to sunday. we will talk about that in a minute. the obama administration is answering the debate over schools and transgender bathroom rights. the government sent a letter to every public school in the nation offering new guidelines. the directive says that transgender are not to be discriminated against and should be treated consistent with their gender identity even if it differs from school records. now not everybody is happy with these new guidelines which includes the lieutenant governor for texas. >> the president does not know the line he crossed this time. when you take on mom and dad in their homes, when the president threatens their children, he has made a huge mistake. >> the government's letter warns that schools do not comply with the directive may face lawsuits or loss of federal aid. we are going to hear from local parents coming up on this very toat
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so you can hear some of the outrage from state lawmakers growing and so are the messages on social media an. >> we turn to news anchor jen jeffco. >> plenty of opinions so let's go to twitter right now. barbara says never have to worry again about lady room lines, now i can room the men's restroom. brent says is this a joke, world hunger and cancer and the news focuses on the election and transgender bathrooms. >> what about dorm rooms please discuss. >> and one says if we care about americans why don't they ask about our opinions before they shove it down our throats. >> there is governor
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risking having federal funds because of this. turning to campaign 2016 donald trump is denying a post that he used false name to pose as a spokesperson for himself. our editorial partners say he would try to get good press using john barron or miller. people magazine played a 1991 recorder of john miller to different reporters and to donald trump's ex-wife marla maples and they agreed its trump. >> to prince georges county where several people were burned out of their homes. the flames raced through the homes. they believe it broke out on the 2nd floor and traveled all the way up to the third. there is no word on what sparked the fire. one firefighter suffered serious burns to his hands. >> police in fairfax county are searching for a hit-d-run driver. investigators say at
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shiplet boulevard near cappella avenue at 9. a car, possibly a dark colored honda or toyota struck him and the driver stopped for a moment and then kept going. and he, the victim, was pronounced dead at the scene. turning now to the latest in the trial of the baltimore police officer charged in the death of freddie gray. one of his long-time friends brandon ross took the witness stand in the trial of edward nero. he says he saw nero throw gray head first into a police van. he died few days later from a spinal injury he received in the van during the trip to jail. we are getting started for the abc 10 news at 5. tomorrow marks one year since the crime that claimed the lives of two parents and a son and their housekeeper, the unanswered question in the dc mansion murders. thousands of families living in fear of deportation, many of them in our area.
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why they are having trouble fighting to stay here. aviation officials come up with a plan to
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night's luggage nightmare. it was a year ago that darren windt slaughtered four people detectives believe that he could not have done it alone. bruce deshan talked to
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>> the mansion still stands. the grass unmowed and someone has left a white orchid. dc's mayor says it was an act of pure evil. the wealthy family and their housekeeper bound in their home. phillip tortured and stabbed and burned alive and his parents beaten and stabbed to death. police arrested darren windt with some of the $40,000 they say extorted from the family. they say they found his dna on a discarded pizza biz crust at the house. >> it is too big for one person. >> his lawyer says he was set up, perhaps someone on the wrong side of a deal. >> if you are going to kill everybody, why do it in such a way that guaranteed the wrath of god will go on you. >> you think whoever committed this murder may have been trying to send a message. >> what if you are trying to set the stage for
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never do what happened that caused this occur. they never do it. >> come on they found him with his money and the saliva was on the pizza crust. >> how do you know it was brought there by other people. >> the new owner has applied for a permit to tear the mansion down. bruce deshan, wusa9. wentt got rid of his first lawyer and in a disagreement. we don't know the current attorneys will try to cast suspicion on a vast conspiracy. he is due back in court on the 19th. a new plan for the security lines at the airport and chief is additional tsa agents and overtime. jay johnson named out a ten- point plan at reagan airport.
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times i missed my plans and i was here an hour before my flight. it is ridiculous. >> the new proposals come too late for this passengers in phoenix because a computer glitch. up to 3000 people had to board flights without their luggage and days before they are reunited with their bags. >> hopefully they get them. >> a family from new jersey are the lucky holders of a winning ticket to saturday's 4 29. 6 million-dollar jackpot. >> marsha called me and said guess who won the powerball and i said who, and said we did and i said stop april fooling me and get off of my phone. >> it was true and no word what happened when she figure
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the lotto winners will receive a check for $25 million each. a bunch of them went in on it. >> yes. >> we need to pool our resources. >> we did. the last time was a billion. we had people throw in. >> we could be a contender if we buy a ticket. >> got to play. we saw the sun. good thing. >> like we won the lottery today. >> yes. the three degree guarantee. i might get it right. no guarantees right now but it is looking good. i went 76 for a high. and we'll add up the numbers at 11. live look outside. yes, there is sunshine and it is 76. let's put a cap on that. winds are northwest at 12 but gusting to 22. cold front number one is through us today. we will have a nice evening and nice friday night, a great friday night. temperatures in the 60s and dry.
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tomorrow afternoon so you can get stuff done in the morning. no worries, showers and storms, noon to five p.m. and there is a couple of weddings in annapolis and it will be close. remember it is good luck if it rains on your wedding day. >> breezy and chilly on sunday. we should make 60s and some of the suburbs like haggerstown in the 50s. okay. 10:00 tonight. nice. clear skies and 66 downtown and 61 in gaithersburg and 63 in manassas and fairfax. in the morning start at 7:00, an extra hour of sleep on the weekends. in the 50s. 59 downtown and 56 in la plata and starting to see showers in garrett county and temperatures in the 50s. by 1:00, 73 now do. 72 in silver spring and 72 in buoy. and showers essentially hagerstown and winchester along the i-81 corridor. they move
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through most of the metro and by 4:00, showers and storms on the east side of 95 and future cast showing storms rolling through at 4:00. good news, won't last long. they are gone and we will see the sunset tomorrow and temperatures in the 60s. behind the cold front is much cooler air. in fact take you all the way into late, if you are out super late on saturday night. upper 40s in gaithersburg and upper 40s in frederick and low 50s downtown. it will get little bit on the chilly side sunday night. tomorrow, 64 at 9:00, sunshine and 69 at 11, sunshine and maybe a couple of showers getting close now. 73 by 1:00. under 7 isolated shower and we get colder air. 63 degrees for a high. dress for the 50s and pleasant on monday, temperatures near 70s and that is still
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about it below average. next 7 days. naves in town. afternoon storms and nats sunday, cooler, only 63 on sunday. upper 60s on monday and rain returns on tuesday ending on wednesday and cooler in the 60s and back in the low 70s with sunshine on thursday and sunshine with highs in the mid- 70s on friday. >> a massive meat recall. and wendy's goes auto mated to combat calls for higher minimum wages. after the break. incredible video from a massive indoor pot bust in one maryland city. >> could this strange looking device be the key to fighting depression. we show you a prising new
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being called the largest ever pot bust
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two people facing multiple charges after detectives uncovered the drugs and weapons inside the home. howard county pice posting video of the grow operation on their facebook page. you can see the pot plants are just everywhere. packed into a basement along with fans and lights. investigators also found heroin, crack and $75,000 in cash inside the home. in tonight's consumer alert. before you fire up the grill this weekend you need to know about a meat and poultry recall. the u.s. d asays 47 pounds made by windsor carries a high health risk. the partially cooked products could be contaminated with listeria, a bacteria that can cause serious infection in older adults and people with weak immune systems. they were sold with best buy dates from may 2014 to october 2017. wendy's
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serve stations in 6000 restaurants. making this automated push as the call to increase minimum wages rise and the labor market tightens. wendy's will roll out the kiosks this year. employees at joe crab's shack will rack up the tips again. the first national chain to test a no tipping policy and didn't go over well in some locations and reduced the foot traffic by 10%. the dramatic rescue after a 9-year-old was abducted allegedly by her own uncle. we talked to local immigrants in fear of deportatwiion th i.c.e. raise that are imminent. >> a fairfax official is on leave because of racy photos on his facebook page. and did you hear? we are giving away a brand new car on wake up washington.
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wheels. a fire official in charge of investigating workplace misconduct has himself in place on administrative leave. this happened an exclusive wusa9 news story exposed lewd material that guy morgan was posting on facebook. peggy fox broke the story and joining us from fairfax county
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apologize. >> reporter: i didn't hear that. reached him by phone and surprised it was me on the phone. i asked him about the post and he said he couldn't answer any questions because thmatter is under investigation. guy morgan who is on administrative leave from being the lead professional standards officer has posted sexually explicit photos on the union page a female firefighter named jessica pickett says she filed an eeo complaint against guy morgan and says he was unprofessional and used bullying intimidation against her and she met with chief bowers about it. also today a moslem firefighter posted this saying guy morgan used intimidation techniques like he was a terrorist. he said the human rights commission found several violations and ruled against him and this allegation from a
5:30 pm
female firefighter told by mike moeller, the president of the professional association. >> she says he used the four letter word beginning with the letter "c" in a recruitment class. >> i spoke to the woman that told that story and she said that when guy morgan used the "c" word in that recruitment class several years ago, she said everybody laughed. so on the phone today. i asked guy morgan did you use the "c" word in a recruitment class and he said i can't answer any questions because i'm under investigation. i said are you denying you used the c word in a recruitmt class and he paused and repeated that he cannot any questions because the matter is under investigation. he believed it would be a thorough and fair investigation and that everything would come out. i haveed
5:31 pm
with chief richard bowers and i'm still waiting to hear back. live in fairfax, peggy fox, wusa9. we know you will stay on top of it. good work there. thank you. thousands of women and children living in fear and under the threat of deportation. >> according to internal documents today obtained by rotor the immigration enforcement is planning raids at a 30-day surge starting this month and 100 people in virginia are on that list. we are live in crystal city. dahlia. >> reporter: this building behind me houses the one and only immigration court in all of virginia and advocates say that is part of the problem. people want a lawyer and then they may not be able to make it to court depending on whether or not they get a ride or where they live. some are hours away. so they default on
5:32 pm
date and now are subject to deportation. >> i live 11 years here. >> this mom is afraid of deportation and agreed to talk to us if we did not show her face or use her name. >> she says the gang violence that made her leave el salvador has gotten worse. her 15-year-old daughter had to flee to save her life. >> why was it important to bring her even though you know that she is illegal. >> i mean it is because if she come here, she can live and in my country she may be killed. >> another is too afraid to appear in person. >> immigrant advocates plans to fight the deportation and i.c.e. targeting immigrants and were no show. >> simon sandova
5:33 pm
like the obama administration has drawn a line in the sand in 2012. >> if you came illegally in my first term, i want to help you stay and give you a work permit. if you came illegally during my second term, deportation. >> as for this mom, trying to live through the fear and uncertainty. >> we have to be prepared. we never know. >> what happens? >> i don't know. >> advocates say there is real fear in the community and they have seen it play out in january. they say parents are so afraid in those cases that sometimes they leave their kids at home and don't send them to school because of the fear so they are setting up a hot line. they want to answer questions and concerns that people may have. we have the number on the bottom of your re
5:34 pm
wusa9. dahlia, thank you. and a spokesperson says they can confirm or deny the existence of specific law enforcement actions but she says undocumented immigrants that arrive after january of 2014 are priorities to be removed. right now police are looking for the gunman behind a shooting in northeast washington. this happened at 16th and new york avenue. and we don't have a whole lot of information. we know that victim is a male but we don't know the extent of his injuries. we will follow this and bring you more information as it comes to us. police have just released the name of a man killed in a crash in prince george's humor. two vehicles collided on route 301 last night near the intersection of brandy wine road. willow rice was pronounced dead on the scene. 7 others in the crash were taken to the hospital and they are expected to survive. it will cost you a bit more
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c. beginning june 1st. it will cost $2.30 an hour to park in all zones, the biggest increase for the normal demand zones that used to cost just 75 cents an hour. motorcycle parking 25 cents an hour. get more information on wusa9 app. an alleged serial bank robber behind bars. 26-year-old butter cain was arrested. responsible for two robberies in april and another one earlier this week in falls church. the 9-year-old girl that police say was abducted by her uncle is back home and safe. >> the multi state search for carlie trent ended with a dramatic rescue in tennessee and cops needed four-wheelers to reach her. a pastor found trent in a back woods campground. this unfolded as missing advocates were in
5:36 pm
hope awards including breaking bad brian crankton and american's most wanted john walsh. >> it makes everybody smile and shed a tear thank god that she is safe and back at home. >> and a responsible person saved this little girl. >> one of the good samaritans pointed a gun at the uncle and the other one called police. the manhunt rages for the gunman that shot two police officers in new hampshire. investigators say that both law men seem to be fine. police in manchester put a shelter in place order for areas near the shootings. officers on the streets looking for the gunmen with their weapons drawn. the world's oldest person died. >> susanna jones
5:37 pm
alabama 1889 and attended a school for young black girls. she died in a senior home in brooklyn, she was 116. right after the break, an organization that is helping young girls of color achieve new levels of success. less rain and more pollen. here is the latest readings. moderate for trees and grasses. weeds not much of a factor. but mold spores with our rain as you might expect. if you open our app go down to weather app
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tomorrow. girls in washington d.c. are encouraging young women to be bold. four graduates heading off to amazing colleges. >> ms. thomas joined girls inc. in 6th grade and she met the first lady and studied overseas and send a slot at harvard. >> i'm excited about this opportunity. >> they help them overcome challenges specific to women. >> girls inc. is a
5:41 pm
fun and be in a safe place. >> a thea and three friends are headed to great schools. but before they go, they are taking time to reach back and lift up the next generation of young leaders. >> start looking at colleges now. be aware of yourself. decide this is what i like to do. maybe i should try it out more and maybe i can make a career out of it. >> i encourage you to screen from the mountain tops if you are passionate. >> these middle schoolers getting the message. >> make sure nobody stops us from being what we can be. >> a sister circle of graduates with great expectations. >> those graduates hope to become doctors and scientists and a thea, who you heard from hopes to pursue work that cure diseases like the zika virus one day. trending now, new developments in george zimmn'
5:42 pm
off a gun. >> mark zuckerberg talking about the sensitive news stories. >> a win-win competition for a lacrosse team because they haven't lost a game in about 7 years. we'll tell you their remarkable story coming up in sports. did you hear? we are giving away a brand new car on wakeup washington. watch weekday mornings at 6:00 a.m. for the word of the
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wheels. let's talk about what is trending. bogus bids are driving up the auction price of the gun used to kill travon martin. >> bidding began at $5000 before reaching a price of 65 million-dollars. the top bidder at one point identified themselves, here we go as racist mcshoot face. the first online seller of zimmerman's bidder with drew. >> i thought it was taken off of the auction l
5:46 pm
>> it is on a different site. >> facebook trending. ceo mark zuckerberg is responding to allegations that the social media site was not clueing conservative stories on its trending sections and he has found no evidence to support it and he will meet with conservatives and others across the political spectrum to hear their points of view. >> how about a couple of goofy items. >> friday the 13th. >> someone with too much time on their hand and a four minute video of the noises matthew mcconaughey has made in his career. >> they forgot all right, all
5:47 pm
where was that one. >> if you got a lot of time on your hands, tape a couple of our shows and put together a four minute clip of the noises that leslie and i make up here. >> it will be a symphony of bro, son. dude. >> we will put that on today. >> knock yourself out with that editing software. topper. live look outside. it is gorgeous. 76 right now. winds are gusting to 22. the cold front through and dryer air moving in and second cold front will approach in the afternoon. tonight no worries and perfect for baseball and temperatures in the 60s until midnight and yellow weather alert for tomorrow afternoon and i want to emphasize the morning softball games find and your early games fine. critical hours noon to five and breezy and almost chilly on sunday and a slight chance of a sprinkle and northwest of town and start out sunny on sunday and the
5:48 pm
afternoon. don't be alarmed. 10:00 in the 60s and by 10:00, 50s and by 10:00 now back in the 60s and 67 in manassas and fairfax and by 1:00, showers get almost to frederick. at least on future cast they do. certainly all the way along the i-81 corridor. and by two or three or 4:00 showers and a few storms move through and then they are gone by 7:00 and we are in pretty good shape with temperatures in the 60s. day planner, 60s to start and 69 by 11:00 and showers possible by one p.m. and back in the low 70s. sunday, just an isolated sprinkle and the clouds will come in the afternoon and more sun and almost pure sun in the morning. 63 and 69 on monday. next 7 days. rainy showers on tuesday and they end on wednesday. in fact mid 60s both days
5:49 pm
low 70s on thursday. and mid-70s with sunshine next friday. we are going to pivot to something more serious. right now a fairfax mother is crying for her teenager to come home. >> he and a friend disappeared on wednesday and may be on their way to baltimore. >> they may have a connection to the baltimore area and that the two were seen on surveillance videos at a truck stop near jessup, they believe they may be headed towards baltimore. the 13-year-old that goes by danielle and 14-year-old rudy. the two are friends. rudy's patient rents say they have no idea why they would just up and leave. police say danielle is in need of medication no matter what the family says that they will forgive rudy and welcome him back with welcome arms. >> no matter how long it takes me until they are here i will be looking for you.
5:50 pm
that is for sure. so come back home, please. >> rudy's mother tells me she is concerned for her son's safety because at 14 he has never done anything like this before and she says he hasn't been on his own before. and at police headquarters in fairfax, stephanie rameriz, wusa9. and we have pictures of the missing teen on wusa9 app and our website. sports brought to you by exfinity. >> an old saying if winning was easy losers would do it. terps open up their tournament at home where they will likely win this week because that is what they do at home. 50 game win streak in college park. now the terps have just won a rough spot through the competition and picked up
5:51 pm
wa to keep it alive and make it back to back natural titles. >> you can be a fantastic player but if your team is not doing well it doesn't matter and that translates here, we had so many amazing players come through here and so many players in the years and all of the act collates you can imagine and all they want is to win a championship. >> they are working hard to get better. they are a selfless group and a strong championship mentality that everything they do, they are trying to become the best they can be and love each other. we have had fun. it has been a lot of fun. i think the girls are awesome people. i am glad it is not over. >> if you think maryland's streak is impressive. mcdonna high school girls have not lost in seven years. streak at 154 games, won in a row.
5:52 pm
8 straight conference titles and 7 straight undefeated seasons. mcdonna has one more game left this season. so the pressure is on, right? they got to keep this streak alive. >> our goal was to blow everybody out in the playoffs and we have done that. >> personally like i don't feel any pressure because i know there is so many other girls to make just as much of an impact. i don't feel pressure. >> we try not to talk about it. we try to focus on our next opponent. >> coach chris says don't think about the streak but i think it is always something in the back of our minds but this team in general is special. we want to play well for the people around us. and mcdonna faces rowland park tomorrow looking for 155. >> interesting that you can go through an entire high school career and in a sport and not lose a single game. >> expected to win every
5:53 pm
though. they come close. >> did you like that one bite, our goal was to blow out everybody. >> blow out everybody. >> all right. thanks, frank. >> speaking of blowing out folks. check this out. a musical moose in alaska. getting clicks on facebook. [ chime dssoun ] >> about as entertaining as paint drying. >> i can watch it for 15 seconds. >> a woman shot this video from her cabin in the national park reserve. coming up, with bruce and jan, the obama administration faces backlash over the new guidelines for transgender students in public schools. also at six, a historic command change for the first time ever, a wo
5:54 pm
up a top u.s. war fighting command. >> a special
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trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. prince georges county. 40 pregnant mothers to be enjoyed a special group baby shower in prince george's county. >> all married to military members who ar
5:57 pm
active. andrea mckaren takes us to this celebration at national harbor. >> i can relax and enjoy what i'm going through and trust that he will make it home in time. >> reporter: a lot of expectant moms caroline has cravings. >> i want a real plate of food. >> but like other women her husband is deployed in the middle east serving our country in the navy. >> he left after jan but he is supposed to be back four days after my due date, that is clue. >> the 75th baby shower hosted by operation shower. a nonprofit that provides these showers to help ease the stress of deployment. >> it is amazing and just great to be around other moms and other service members and feel the love and support from the commune. >> tech sergeant m hayes is due to deliver her baby in just ten days. her husband is scheduled to return home in 8 days. >> i have three bo
5:58 pm
is the first girl and so i am excited. >> i am waiting for him to get back. >> but until the spouses return, they know they are not alone. >> it is exciting to know that there are other women and families and people that care about what we are going through because it is hard. sweet babies. you can find out more about operation shower. >> all you have to do is check out our wusa9 app. critics fire back after obama administration puts public schools in the middle of the transgender issue. >> a dangerous drink send students to the hospital. a historic change of command. the united states has its first ever female combat general. >> heading for a showdown here with the state over an order to allow transgender students to choose between the boys and the girl's restroom
5:59 pm
the department of education and justice says transgender students in public schools should be treated in a way that matches their gender identity even if their birth records indicate something different. states that don't comply could lose billions in school funding. the lieutenant governor says his state would not be blackmailed. >> the president does not know what line he crossed this time. when you take on mom and dad in the homes and the president threatens their children, he has made a huge mistake. >> the directive comes days after the alabama alabama and north carolina sued each other over north carolina's law requiring people to use bathroom corresponding to the gender on their birth certificate. >> north carolina's governor is asking the congress to intercede. >> critics are angry. supporters say it is a big step for
6:00 pm
others say that schools should have priorities. >> reporter: jan and bruce, react is mixed. according to fairfax county officials they say that students are coming out more as transgender students than before. >> there is an explosion of transgender students. >> this teacher found the organization, ftps pride to support the transgender students and employees. >> it says the transboys are real girls and the transgirls are real girls. and that they have a right to an education. >> the federal government threatens to withhold federal funding if public schools discriminate against transgender students. the letter to public school district says that students are allowed to use restrooms and locker room based on their


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