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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  May 13, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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it's official, services for metro riders about to begin. >> the rail system will shut down at midnight beginning three weeks from tonight. what they plan to do to keep the system safe. >> reporter: a lot of people are frustrated and others more others understanding because they know the changes need to be done. last week metro announced the hours would be changing. when it announced its safe track plan. under that plan metro is squeezing three years
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metro officials say they must close the system at midnight each night to finish the work on time. people who rely on metro on the weekend late at night have mixed reactions about the trains shutting down three hours earlier. >> i think if they are shutting down the metro earlier on the weekend you will obviously -- won't be deterring drunk driver. >> i think it is a good idea. is better to do right now. because of the security of everyone. >> with ride sharing apps and bike share, bikable. i feel like we are going to be inconvenienced but it is not going to be any significant wrench in the gears. >> metro won't extend the hours for concerts or redskins games. the new changes go into effect june 3r
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reporting at the dupont metro, stephanie gailhart, wusa9. the strategy addresses fda and the safety recommendations. new information that you will see on wusa9. a top fire official in fairfax county on administrative leave after a wusa9 investigation into its personal facebook page. guy morgan runs the office of professional standards at the fact county department. the posts were lewd and disrespectful. the photos are too racy to show on television. several firefighters said they brought the pictures to the fire chief's attention and claims that nothing was done about it. >> intoxicating concoction known as purple drink sent middle schoolers from the classroom to the hospital today. emergency crews responded to francis scott school in silver spring. they checked out 12 to 15 students and transported six. a en
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to school. rappers made the recipe famous with nyquil and vodka and jolly ranchers and separate. >> it is unfortunate and part of the culture that we have to prepare our children and be open with them and let them know about the dangers. >> dangerous mix. the school officials say the kids will be all right. this is the top story on the wusa9 app today. we have got the information posted so parents can learn about this purple drink. brewers are true. if you have not stepped outside today. go do yourself a favorite, blue skies and sunshine. check it out. unfortunately though it will be short lived. >> chief meteorologist topper shutt telling us more. >> if you want to go outside and eat you can do it, clear
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tomorrow morning will be okay. we had to issue a yellow weather alert. 7:00 on future track, we are clear and in the mid to upper 50s. not bad. by 10:00 clear. temperatures now in the 60s. 66 downtown and 65 in fairfax and silver spring. and then by 1:00, showers getting close to the immediate metro. showers showing up in hagerstown out towards i-81 and maybe as far east as frederick. in the beltway, you got until 1:00 to mow your grass. showers will move through between 1:00 and 4:00 and rumble of thunder. the good news won't last long. by 7:00 across the bay and temperatures still in the 60s tomorrow night. you got a great night and we will salvage a good evening tomorrow. go to the wusa9
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will get the seven-day forecast. looks gorgeous now. why would a 17-year-old boy beat a 14-year-old boy to death? that's what prince william county police are investigating. the two teens were distant relatives. just before 9:00 last night. they found 14-year-old lewis cocoa dead after being hit with an object on the top of his body. the 14-year-old was charged with murder. lewis attended traditional school in woodbridge. >> we were at the home and he is always polite and answers the doors and stuff. and having conversation and everything and just doing good in school. >> police have not revealed the identity of the 17-year-old because he is under age. they lived in the same home as the victim. police believe an
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daughter. the daughter is 60-year-old elizabeth manfeld, called 911 before she was killed. when they arrived officers found her mother, 7 9-year-old shirley clark dead at the home. charles clark, behind bars tonight charged with two counts of murder. he is being held of course without bond. police officer ed nero told investigators last year that freddie gray was not placed in his seat belt when arrested and put into a police van. today prosecutors introduced that as evidence at nero's trial. he is accused of assault and misconduct and reckless endangerment. a friend of gray testified that nero lifted gray and threw him into the van head first. here is a live look at the national law enforcement officer's memorial in dc. about an hour from now, there will be a candlelight vigil to honor officers that died in the line of duty. the names of 123 officers that
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died last year are being added to that memorial including officer loli mem adddo. >> we may know whether darren windt had help to murder three members of a family and their housekeeper. it was one year since windt took the family hostage and law enforcement is still looking for accomplices but if there are other people out there they are still walking among us because police have yet to arrest anybody else. we talked with a former lawyer for the unemployed welder and he agrees that windt was incapable of committing the crime by himself. >> if you were going to burn someone house's down, would you ask for $40,000, is that worth the rest of your life or death sentence when the guy had millions. >> windt is due back in august for a status hearing. public schools in the middle of the transgender bathroom issue. today the obama administration issued
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students to use bathrooms and locker room based on their gender identity and not the biological sex. the guidelines don't impose new legal requirements but meant to clarify school district obligations to make them feel safe. the lieutenant governor in the state of texas says he won't allow the rule and follow it and ready to lose about $10 billion in federal funding over it. fairfax county schools, the largest school district in the washington area released a statement saying that its legal department reviewing the letter. supporters say this is a first step for transgender rights. others say schools should have higher priorities. >> if i am in the bathroom doing my business and a cheek is doing her business, there is nothing wrong with that but it is a little uncomfortable. >> they just got to do what they do and i got to do what i do and that's it. you use the bathroom and get out. >> it is civil rights and equal rights and acceptance and it is being part of society. what the government is saying that the transgender
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need to be equal and full members of society. >> according to ftps pride an lgtb community in fairfax there is roughly 2100 transgender students. in the white house the a listers are arriving for tonight's state dinner for nordic leaders. there will be ice columns and faces that slowly melt and a transparent feeling to let guests see the night sky. cutting security lines and frustrations for millions of travelers. the tsa security checkpoint plan is after the break. and a look inside one of the area's biggest pot busts. we will tell you what tipped police off next on wusa9.
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a pair of do it yourselfers transfarmed this space into a marijuana farm on trydell fea road. hundreds of plants and lighting and watering system. pretty sophisticated. casey faller and earl sands were arrested. renting the home. the new owners dropped by and saw a suspicious van. called police and officers smelled pot and got a search warrant and led them to all of this. the tsa has a plan now to keep security lines moving at airports across the country. the agency plans to hire more than 700 new officers and use more canine teams and encourage people to sign up for a precheck and work with the airlines to reduce the number of carry on bags. the tsa says the changes will come before the summer season. travelers have been complaining about waiting an hour or more to get through securi
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airport. it is like the tsa can't catch a break. aside from longer waiting times, thousands of bags can't be screened yesterday at the phoenix airport because of a computer glitch. tons of luggage on the sidewalk as passengers left without their bags. the screening systems are backup and working and bags on their way to passengers we are told. when you are the daughter of a prince george's county police officers you don't drive a toy car. >> you drive something with incredible street stuff. check this out gabriella watkins has her first cruiser for her 3rd birthday. if you see her in your neighborhood stop and say hi and be friendly because she is so cute and friendly herself. >> absolutely. i love that. my daughter would love that. lucky little girl. punching and pulling.
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that try to steal her car. why she is willing to forgive them is next. moderate for trees and grasses and off of the chart for mold spores. you can see this on our website and on the app if you open up the app scroll down to weath
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a woman takes on two carjackers in atlanta and caught on camera. 24-year-old jasmine warren was getting in her car when two teenagers approached her. one of them hit her in the head with a pistol when she refused to hand over her keys at one point she dragged one of the teens out from behind the steering wheel. she says it is because the suspects are so young that it is easy to forgive them. >> i forgive them because you are wrong for trying to rob me let alone a female but you know it is not the end of the world for you and you can't change. >> warren suffered minor injuries and police are looking for the suspects. take a look at this incredible site. right by the golden gate bridge. a
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hump back whales surfaced. they cropped on a bunch of anchovies on the shore. >> we are not sure how it happened but a house cat ran across the field at last night cardinals angels game. out of there and in the stand where a fan scooped him up. the cat is now available for adoption. what would you call him. >> speedy gonzalez. he was very fast. that was the fastest i have ever seen the cat running. this may be one of the strangest things we have seen all day. the sun, the clouds cleared and the sun made a triumphant return. here is proof from wusa9 and pictures on social media today. oh, yeah. the sun came back out in fairfax as well. our photographer said there. you saw adele earlier. hello sun. >> you know although i must say
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15 days in a row but monday it was sunday and tuesday sunday and mother's day sunday and it hadn't been like seattle where it is really bad. imagine they go like a month without the sun. >> i like your optimism. it has been ugly. >> let's talk about the three degree guarantee. fairly optimistic but i was yesterday and the day before. i think we are in pretty good shape. it was sort of teetering between 78 and 77 and 76 and i lowered it to 76 last night at 11 and my infinite wisdom. the weather cam, gorgeous, 75 and dew point in the 40s. dry airmass and humidity 40% and wind in fact at 14. really a spectacular friday night. a fab friday night and tomorrow morning will be okay. so tonight, 60s and dry. and until about midnight if you are out super late in the 50s. yellow weather alert for tomorrow afternoon and evening. showers and some thunderstorms noon to five and that's the main time frame here
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course, it starts noon, west of town and works its way east and breezy. almost chilly on sunday. a sprinkle, that's the only change. but still a bigger headline on sunday will be the chilly and the breezy part. tonight 10:00. we are in great shape. mid 60s and low 60s in the suburbs. by morning stop at 7:00 a.m. 55 in gaithersburg and 57 in rockville and also in silver spring and clear. by 9:30 still clear and showers just entering garrett county. temperatures now in the mid 60s just about everywhere and then by 1:00, showers in frederick and along i-81. we got time to do some stuff tomorrow morning. temperatures at 1:00, 73 down and boom, here comes the showers in the immediate metro between one and four. and if you look carefully. some of them get heavy. this is new in the last hour of future cast. trying to build heavier on the east side of 270 and
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keep an eye on it. the good news by 7:00 they are all gone and will salvage another evening. day planner like this, sunshine to start and beautiful morning and perhaps a shower by 1:00, 73 by 1:00. next three days, an isolated shower on sunday and sunshine in the morning and a few clouds in the afternoon and 63 and then near 70s, gorgeous on monday. next 7 days. it doesn't last long. showers roll back in here on tuesday and clouds monday night and showers end on wednesday. that will keep temperatures in the mid 60s and we bounce back low to mid-70s and nice thursday and friday of next week.
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could this strange looking device be the key for fighting depression. we will show you something that works funny but works beautifully tonight at 11.
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with frank hammerhand brought to you by xfinity. >> a tough call but we should know if maryland basketball will be getting melo trimble back for his junior year or head to the nba. trimble was high at the start of the season but wayne late, trimble and other hopefuls if he combine and projected right now as alikely second round. >> i am healthy and had time to work and get ready for the camps. i think he will do well. having said that doing well means that he is probably going to lead. so i think he will do well in the camps and that probably in creases his chances of leading. now there is a very big target on the back of the maryland women's lacrosse teams defending champs. start the n pavement tournament s
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maryland won the first title tournament and taking care of business and they want to go back to back to back as the national champs. our teams have been good for so long and each year you want to live up to that standard that our past has set for us and i think we all buy into that. we all want to win, you know, kathy has recruited the most competitive people. every drill and every practice and every game, we want to win and i think that translates into our games and season and we want nothing less than to win a conference championship and to win a national title. >> the facts marketing crew. max scherzer 20 strikeouts and they took a picture at 20th
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k gleek okay tomorrow morning. salvage sunday and dress for march. leslie and adam
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>> michael strahan's awkward fair well. what you didn't see after the show. >> i'm in new york gettin behind the scenes details. how kelly is really feeling about michael and what's his next move. >> plus the big stars and the big cancellations in the tv w which shows just got the ax. then not so friendly exs. details on their icy meeting. ha>> wt in the world is go with justin bieber? the hanging out in trees? we break down his recent bizarre behavior. an>> d before you head out this weekend, ladies you got to see style expert josie's do, don'ts and do overs. >> if you're going to go bold, you really do it. >> fashion lessons from the stars. what to avoid. >> she reminds me of the little mermaid gone clubbing. >> plus meganai


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