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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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right now at 11, candles light the night sky as police officers and the families from around the country come together here in d.c. >> and the powerful tribute to more than 100 law enforcement members killed in the line of duty just last year. and thank you for joining us. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm adam longo. this year's vigil started with a story of our own fallen hero, montgomery county police officer, noah. he's more on this emotional ceremony that wrapped up. >> reporter: hey, adam, lesli, an incredibly touching site for the family. he was here last year and participated in the vigil paying respect to officers who died in the line of duty deaths before him. >> me he told me himself it's an honor to be on the wall and have the vigil. and that same conversation,
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said yes, no, it's an honor but not necessarily a good thing. >> reporter: a year later, rich liatta and his family returned this time lighting a candle for their son killed in the line of duty. liatta remembering once more the last time he said goodbye. >> my usual goodbye to him was have a safe night and i really wanted to tell him i loved him and i didn't and i regret that to this day. >> reporter: killed by a suspected drunk driver while on an alcohol task force, the 24- year-old officer joined the list of 123 officers nationwide killed in the line of duty in 2015 quick. >> they put their lives every day on the line for us and out here, most of the officers and families who are suffering, it reminds me to be grateful for that work and service they do. >> reporter: candles for those lost blanketed the national wall at the national on officer's memorial fund
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candlelight vigil. this year, there seems to be a heavier weight on officers who are seeing increasing acts of violence against police. in the early month of 2016 alone, the dmv lost four officers in a span of two months. >> and we feel the pain. everything. guys are dieing in the line of duty and doing things that me and my guys are doing everything day. >> and this is that law enforcement family coming together. >> and this is a love. his compassion and kindness, what the police are all about. >> reporter: more than 20,000 law enforcement members and family members of the fallen participated tonight and the names we heard and a few more from the past will be added and have been added, actually, to the fallen officer's memorial in d.c. stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> an important way to remember the folks who have given everything. thank you. and tracking metro tonight. another -- in the weeken
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metro closes four hours and in four hours at 3 a.m. three weeks from now, it will shut down fly hours early -- down three hours earlier as part of the state track plan. and stephanie has more on what this means. >> reporter: on a beautiful friday night like tonight, most of us like the folks you see here like to stay out late with friends. in three weeks, they will have to cut the party short because this metro station and all the rest in our area are closing three hours earlier at midnight. >> and i live in fear. coming up, the city itself is a dit of a track and because i don't want to drive out here and -- >> she took metro to meet her friend at this restaurant tonight and she will take it home n. three weeks, she won't have that option if she wants to stay out pa
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close at midnight every day. that means on weekends, it will close three hours earlier. metro said it must make repairs and fast. it's squeezing three years of maintenance into one year in order to finish the work on time, metro said that it must cut hours. >> and seems like the new york system is put together and less expensive than d.c.'s, and i feel like we constantly haveerns and doesn't make sense. >> i understand it's something we have to do and we have to be patient. >> and i think they're too high for what they want. they don't offer the service, elevators rarely work. >> reporter: riders are thinking of a backup plan. >> and if they're shutting down the metro a few hours earlier on the weekend, you will obviously -- you're not going to be deterring drunk driving as much and people will use uber more. >> and it's convenience to take uber home. makes me plan more
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impact where i go out. >> reporter: at this point, metro said that it won't extend the hours for special events like concerts or red skins games. reporting live at dupont circle. stephanie gailhart, wusa 9. >> we have is to study up to learn about the changes in the coming weeks and months. travelling by air is not going to be easier the next few months either, but there is help on the way. the secretary of homeland security out outlined plans for hiring more agents and deploying more k9 teams ahead of the travel season and that is when lines could get longer. the florida congressman john mica sat on the floor of washington's reagan national airport to hear the secretary's briefing and cbs news reporter chris van cleve talked to him after that. >> and i am focused on making ur -- making sure we go forward and we focus on this d
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attention of myself and the tsa administrator. >> and i asked the secretary if he felt they did a good enough job preparing the american public for the lines. >> no, no. >> the situation that is created. >> i don't think so at all. the way it's brought to the attention is the media and thousands being left behind and in almost every airport. >> and so, it looks like the #i hate the wait is not going away any time soon. and new tonight, we got a break from the last two straight weeks of gray and gray and -- . >> for a few glorious hours, almost all of the region was bathed in sun. remember sun? and that weather was different from the last few weeks and so striking that we pulled garrett hague off of the politics beat and asked him to investigate this unusual phenomenon in the sky. why i if there
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traditional signs like may like mother's day, you can be forgiven thinking we're stuck in an endless month of march. we got a taste of the real spring today. after two solid weeks of rain, plane in this soggy city have reached a breaking point. >> and i felt like going outside. i was tired of beinged in because of all of the rain. >> reporter: and some teetering on the edge of a weather- related emotional abyss. >> we're stuck in the house and the kids are driving me crazy, my wife is driving me crazy. >> reporter: we have become tunnel people. >> reporter: tweeting out our frustrations from deep underground and then this afternoon, the sun rushes. is any after tweeting about that, too, we turned our gazes upward and enjoyed them. >> and refreshing. >> reporter: along the potomac, everyone was done with being wet, even the fish. >> and that is amazing. >> reporter: this six-month-old needed shades to enjoy the day. he spent 10% of his life under a cloud. we did the math. >>
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beautiful day. >> reporter: paytons packed restaurants soaking in the heat and why did this gray mayhemmen? this spring of our discontent? >> is it el nino, climate change or weather? it's just a bad stretch of spring. spring you can get stuck patterns when low pressure's and hundred dollarss don't move. -- and high pressures don't move. we got on the wrong side of the coin. and the sun is gone tonight, but topper shutt remains to tell us about what is going to happen when the coin flips again this weekend. i hope you have good news. >> we don't [ laughter ] >> all right. >> and this is the thing. the weekend will be okay but not perfect. and -- . >> thank you. >> i'm going away now. >> we're in good shape in the morning and start with future cast. the temperatures in the 50s and it's clear. that is a good start. by 10:00, we're clear. the temps in the 60s and by 1, we have showers
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leesburg and culpeper. if you're inside the beltway or close rockville, fairfax and into waldorf, you got until 1, 1 8:30 to cut the grass and finish the golf round, do what you want to do. by 4:00, they're on the east side of i-95 and the temperatures are falling into the 60s, 65 in gaithersburg and straggler storm, too, into the west and that rolls through during the evening hours and by 7, boom, everything is gone across the bay, temperatures falling into the low to mid- 60s. we're coming back and you'll be surprised how cold it gets and again, a yellow weather alert for tomorrow and critical times to about 5:00 p.m. a reminder, download the app and it's free. go to the app store and search for wusa 9. and we'll push the severe weather alert and the seven-day as well. and thank yo
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leave after a wusa 9 investigation into his personal facebook page. he runs the office of professional standards at the fairfax county fire department. several women firefighters complained his posts on facebook were disrespectful and many of the photos are too racy to show you here. and two fairfax county families are in tears, worried sick about the missing teenagers. the 13-year-old lima who goes by the name danielle and her friend, righty terrible orzono, who is 14 years old, they left their homes early wednesday and spotted together later that day in a truck stop in jessup, maryland. the family was pleading for them to come back home. >> no matter how long it takes me, i am -- [ indiscernible ] and i will be looking for you that is for sure. to come back home, please. >> the families tell us the teenagers might be headed to baltimore wh
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people. if you have seen the kids, contact fairfax county police. >> imagine a woodpecker going on a tree and just tap, tap, tap. >> thamay not seem soothing, but to this woman, those sounds are saving her life. up next, the story you will see on 9. a breakthrough treatment for depression. >> and monet, common, the special event that brought out all of the stars, paying a visit to the white house. . >> and check out this guy making himself a little comfortable in the living room. why they're looking for a new
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. >> this is rebecca. she had her first bout with depression when she was 16. in her 60s now, she has taken almost every antidepressant known to mankind and nothing happen -- helped her during the real lows. then her gaithersburg psychiatrist suggested she tried something called deep transcranial magnetic stimulation or tms. a sort of depression-fighting helmet. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the machine looks like one of those old-fashioned hairdryers. and it's been a game champer for her mental health. >> and it's like the difference between living and just existing. how -- was really, really sick and i had a lot of suicidal thoughts. >> reporter: tms is okayed by the food and drug administra
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can't tolerate or benefit entirely from antidepressants. that pecking sound you hear is a pulsating magnetic field, similar to what is used in mris. >> and like you would imagine a woodpecker going on a tree just tap, tap, tap. >> reporter: the magnetic energy is targeting part of her brain involved in mood regular leg. the treatment is time consuming and at first, there are daily sessions over four to five weeks, each lasting 20 minutes. dr. wati ati a is her psychiatrist. >> and we do it twice a week for four weeks and once a week -- . >> it doesn't work for everybody and some patients still take anticypress -- depressants and since tms, the extreme lows are gone. >> and you want to be alive and you
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do things. music is a joy. nothing really remarkable. it's just thaty couldn't enjoy those things before. to be in the moment is like a gift. >> to be clear, tms is different than electroconfallsive therapy, which uses an electric shock and requires seitation. for tms, patients are awake and it's done on an outpatient basis. >> and when it comes to side affects, some patients report an irritation to the scalp area where that treatment takes place and some report getting mild headaches that quickly disappear and as for insurance coverage, check with your
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provider. not all policies cover tms. and tonight, a followup to a story we brought you last night. the junior-senior prom in montgomery county and a parent told us the school underestimated the demand for prom tickets and some kids missed out and others who had them were scalping them for $200 now the school principal said that i have to book a venue a year in advance and this year is the rock hill hilton that can handle up to 600 people and that to -- demand from juniors and seniors. >> and that is not a perfect science and you can't ensure every student will be allowed to go and you try to set up a system that is fair and that is open and transparent. and well-communicationed -- communicated. do the people have the opportunity to go as they choose. >> many juniors hold off until the senior year because of the
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crack at buying tickets and pounds out as recently as two years ago, the school barely sold 500 tickets. and first lady michelle obama, president obama. >> uh-huh. >> and they both posted a final state dinner at the white house tonight. >> and the guest of honor, leaders of five nordic countries: norway, sweden, finland, iceland and denmark n. a nod to the country's winter weather, it featured columns made of ice and a transparent ceiling to let guests see the night sky and they were able to see the night sky. >> and there is sun on their faces. a miracle. >> and you don't want to come over from scandinavia and get rained on in washington. >> right. >> and like they come laughing. it rained all day and held in the 50s. the weekend isokay. the morning is going to be find. guess who else is
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>> yes. >> and i was oscillating between 76, 77, and 78 and i said along 76 and that is okay. and we're going to go 73 tomorrow, even though a cold front is on the way and that is looks like the low 70s before it passes. and it's still 66 downtown and cooler in the burbs. yes. and winds calmed down and the only weather alert for tomorrow afternoon. the morning is fine and in fact, the morning is beautiful, quite frankly. the showers and storms between noon and 5:00 p.m. and dry inside until that 1, 1:30 and blustery on sunday. a great day for march and not so much for may. morning southern and an afternoon sprinkle or showers and pleasant on monday and tracking more rain and showers on tuesday. >> and 7 in the morning in the 50s, clear as a bell and 54 in gaithersburg; 56, buoy and by 10, the 60s and still clear. by 1, we ha
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hagerstown, winchester and into e-81. the clouds encroaching into gaithersburg and fairfax and leesburg and middleburgh. and by 4, we have showers and storms and stragglers. the future cast is picking up on these and i buy that and this is reasonable by 4 and they roll through between 5 and 6:30. after 6:30, 7, the showers across the bay and temperatures into the 60s and we'll get chilly tomorrow night and that is not even our cold night. by 10:00, 57 downtown and 54 in gaithersburg and some meet get the upper 30s and many will get in the upper 30s into sunday night. and okay, and sunshine to start. 69 by 11 and 73. again, showers possible by 1:00 p.m. and the next seven days, on sunday, pups in the park tomorrow evening and a double header. going to be okay and nice on
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monday and showers and storms on tuesday and wednesday and nice again on thursday and friday and we're not going to go a stretch of seven days and we're not going to be locked in there. >> thank you. >> and thank you. >> and that is nice -- . >> yeah. >> for the 95,500 people out there. >> right. >> and so, something big for a high school -- . >> and we have a maryland lacrosse high school team looking to do amazing stuff and perfect for 154 games and looking for more medals at rio in the summer games. we're going to be more dominant if that is ♪ what if there was a paint that made you look at paint differently question everything you know
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>> mcdonough is the country's top lacrosse team, routeing notre dame prep in the conference semi on thursday. there is little time to enjoy that big win. and our grace olson explains why. >> reporter: tasting victory in the -- chasing victory in the play-offs is always sweet. >> i think this has been one of
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beginning to finish. >> and we came our best. the goal was to blow everyone out in the play-offs and we have done that. >> reporter: for mcdonough, a 15-4 final in the semis was more than a satisfying post season win but the eagles 154th straight. >> and that i trying to -- and so many girls that can come and make an impact on the field and i don't think we feel brush. >> and we try to focus on the next opponent and win the game, to who what we need to do to web that one game. >> and coach chris tells us not to think about the streak. i think it's something in the back of our minds and this team in general, so special and we want to play well for others around we have so much on our team and someone coming off of the bench come with as much intensity and that works well. everyone is focussed and we will be. everyone bought into the system
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games we have played well. >> reporter: the eagles play for their 8th street conference championship and consecutive win number 155 tomorrow night. number three, roland park has their work cut out for them. frank. >> and the number was 20. look at this with the nats and this is how the day started for max scherza. the 20k. the day ended nicely, too and bryce harper, a mammoth home run and that is when -- the kids are enjoying it 5-3 and that is at nats park. and at 15 years of age, bethesda's own katie ladecki won the gold meter and she's back getting ready for the real games in brazil and she is the current world record holder in three different events. expect big things from her this summer and she's going for more gold. >> and
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on deck and just racing all of these people and i think i will have a good childhood experience feeling more comfortable and ready to race. >> and i expect her to win a lot of races this summer. >> and they go together. >> uh-huh. >> and a gr
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. >>you know, they say everything is bigger in texas. >> and even the family pets. check it out. here is a home where a buffalo roams. a thousand-pound bison named bully. >> and how did she get in the house? >> i don't know. ask she use a litter box. when she lounges around, she rolls up and goes all over the place. are you worried about buffalo chips on the carpet, leslie? it's okay. she's housebroken. the owner said it's time to let her go. the bison needs more room to roam. >> and i see. >> and
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better. better space and bigger grassland and i think it's best for her. >> and i don't know how she's housebroken, exactly. >> and how do you break a half- ton bison. if you're looking for a new pet, the owners have a ad on craig's list, asking price is $6,000. if you are looking for someone to roam in your backyard, give them's call. >> and we deserve a better seven days. i'm great price on this boneless chicken! yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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