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tv   Wusa 9 News Saturday at 7am  CBS  May 14, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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>> the countdown is on. only three weekends left until metro starts shutting down early. what you need to know about the new maintenance plan in the works. and although we are starting out with sunshine, it's a yellow weather alert this afternoon. we will be tracking showers and thunderstorms. plus, bringing europe to you. visit italy, greece and more without ever living northwest d.c. the news starts right now. >> this is wake up washington on wusa 9. >> wake up, washington. it's 7:00 this saturday morning. i'm nick giovanni. you're not going to believe this, we have a sunrise snapshot to report to you. >> what? the sun is up. >> believe it or
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recently. >> after the showers yesterday morning, yesterday evening was nice. >> spectacular. >> the flip today. the morning looks nice. the afternoon -- >> not so much. >> we will be dodging showers. let's look outside right now with our michael and son camera. enjoy it. it is a nice morning outside. we have sunshine. temperatures are not that chilly. right now in the mid-50s and winds are calm. humidity not that bad this morning. as you notice the showers and storms in here, the humidity will go up as well. i want to point out the front that is going to be arriving here later today is stretching from cleveland over into eastern ohio. and this will continue to track east. by the afternoon, we will bring scattered showers and thunderstorms into the picture. it will be dry for noon time today. then we will start to see the line of showers and storms
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corridor. by 3:00 p.m., that's when it approaches the i-95 corridor. that's when you will want to stay away of the weather around you because we will be damaging the showers and thunderstorms as well. leesburg at 52. coming up in a few minutes, we're timing out when the showers leave and the sun returns again coming up in a bit. a trip around the world or the continent. passport d.c. picks up this morning along embassy world. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. nowhere in the country can you visit so many places under one roof and also never leaving the city. yes, so many embassies, 70, in fact, are participating. it is
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and people enjoy the food, entertainment, culture. it is so amazing. it is happening in a month-long time and we have the eu delegation spokesperson. tell me. it's all about europe today. how do people travel to 28 countries. >> today is all about europe. you can visit 28 different embassies of the european member states here in d.c. you can go in each one, walk around the grounds. you can eat food, talk to people, do arts and crafts and you don't need a passport. you may have to stand in line for five minutes but that's it. >> how do you do it one day. >> wear comfortable shoes. if you feel like walking, it's better to walk. if you pick up a flyer outside of the delegation, you can get a bike share bike for the y
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the rest of the year. >> what is the top embassy? can you give me the top three. >> i can't play favorites. come and see us. >> reporter: okay. excellent. doors open at most of the embassies at 10:00. it goes until 4:00. admission is free. >> you have to respect that he has to remain unbiased. >> reporter: very diplomatic. >> well played out there. developing this morning, police questioning why -- really why would a 17-year-old allegedly beat a 14-year-old boy to death in prince william county. the two teens were distant relatives. a little before 9:00 thursday night, police found 14-year-old lewis dead in his dale city home. he had been hit by an object to the upper body. they arrested the 17-year-old shortly
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with murder. >> he's always really polite and answers the door and stuff. and he's just a really good kid. he's always having conversation and everything and so involved with school. >> police have not released the name of the 17-year-old suspect because he is a juvenile. they're not saying exactly what led to this murder either. friends say he lived in the
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better than d.c. we're constantly having issues. it doesn't makence. >> i understand that it's something that we have to do and be patient. >> i think they're a little too high for what they want. >> the metro also says it plans to change the schedule for the safe track plan to accommodate an order from the fta to immediately repair repairs on three specific sections of the track. as always, find the full list of the changes on our wusa 9 mobile app. president obama and the first lady michelle obama hosted the 12th and one of the final state visits oftheir administration. they hosted nordic leaders last night. the president managed to work in a little "game of thrones" reference during his speech. >> we're honored to have you here. as you can see from our decor, winter is
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>> winter is coming indeed. the decor and cuisine for the night reflected nordic culture. the dinner included salt cured tuna, a nod to the nordic finishing industry. which foods may help to prevent alzheimer's? find out why two food groups are leading that charge. and although we're starting off this saturday with sunshine, there are more showers and storms coming in for this afternoon. we will be timing them out and talk about
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>> more than 200 runners are making for the mountains as part of the mountain trail 100- mile run. >> one of those runners, our very own traffic reporter larry miller. how about this. he started running at 4:00
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he told us he hopes to finish the race in under 30 hours. the race goes through much of the george washington forest national park and fort valley, virginia. while on the run, larry will climb more than 17,000 feet. you see some of the setup there. larry with his mom on the scene there to support him. and he's in for a weekend. >> i don't know how he does it. congratulations to him and everyone else for participating in that. it should be a wild ride there. >> much respect indeed. he's off to a beautiful start, i imagine. >> uh-huh. >> he's seeing a nice sunrise. but the weather may shift. >> they will have to watch out from 12:00 to 3:00 where he is running for the possibility of showers and storms. and those arrive here in the metro area a little later this afternoon as well. so enjoy the morning because this afternoon, we're going to be dodging some showers and storms that may put a slight daer
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activities. let's talk about the weather this morning. we have sunshine. with the sunshine, temperatures warming up. they will be warming fairly quickly. we're starting out at 56. by lunchtime, temperatures will be around 70 degrees in some spots. so it's going to be a quick warmup for the next four hours. as we go into temperatures around the close metro, 49 right now. 52 in arlington and in springfield. here is the next front. this is the cold front that will bring showers and storms this afternoon. not only that, we will be tracking a much colder picture to the forecast for the second half of the weekend behind this front. we have at yellow weather alert this afternoon. shower and storm timing mainly noon until about 7:00 p.m. and the showers and storms will come earest places west, closer to i-81. then it will take a little longer to
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corridor. breezier and cooler tomorrow. and then the nice weather returns on monday. starting out this morning with plenty of sunshine. it's about lunchtime that we see the clouds increasing and the chance of a shower out west near the i-81 corridor. closer to 3 p.m., these will be approaching the metro area. brief heavy rainfall possible and gusty winds as well. this is moving through for the late afternoon into the early evening hours and then we will see them clearing out here by 8:00 p.m. and what comes behind this front is some much colder air for tomorrow. here is your day planner showing a nice morning around the low 70s. by noon time today, showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon hours through the early evening. then you will notice tonight we clear out this evening and we will see temperatures tonight falling down into the 40s. so there is cooler air to come. the next three days shows just that. today we're in the 70s. tomorrow, an isolated shower possible in the afternoon. but it's a lot cooler. we're in
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times gusting to 25 miles per hour. so it will feel like we're in the 50s the entire afternoon, even though we technically make it to the low 60s tomorrow. then your monday. pleasant weather returns. we're sitting back in the upper 60s and showers return again on your tuesday. so here is the next 7 days how things play out. tomorrow, a little breezy and cool. the game is in the early afternoon hours. overall it should be nice for the game. it's this afternoon that we will have to see the double header the second half of the first game and first half of the second game showers around for that. >> it turns out what is good for the body may also be good for the brain. coming up, the two food groups in particular that may have
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>> checking out what is new this morning, starting with a police officer in serious but stable condition following a confrontation with two suspects in los angeles. reporters on the scene say the officers were doing surveillance of a gang suspect when the gunfire broke out. one suspect was killed. a second injured during the confrontation. another officer was also injured but we're told not seriously. staying in california, firefighters were on the scene of a massive commercial fire last night. this happened in the city of south gate, just south of l.a. the flames were put out around
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we're not sure if there were any injuries. none reported at this time. an announcement from a major pharmaceutical company that will make it harder for states to get ahold of medicines used in lethal injections. pfizer is blocking the drugs. the medications that could be used for executions have been put off limits. and chicago mayor emanuel is abolishing the police review board. they will replace it with a shy vail you know department that will have more independence and resources to do its work. the review is prompted by the police shooting of teen ager mcdonald. time now for a look at the forecast. melissa. >> it is starting off to a nice saturday morning. unfortunately the afternoon does not look the same as this morning. i am tracking that potential for more showers and
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so get your outdoor plans done this morning. this afternoon, there's going to be a window of time where we will see the showers and storms around the region. you will notice lots of sunshine. temperatures climbing to the 50s right now. but this is the front that is going to bring the changes. it not only brings us showers and storms, but it's going to be a much cooler second half of the weekend. we will show you that in a second. here is the day planner today. noon time today in the metro area, we're still dry. there's the shower chance in the western locations. closer to i-81, towards lora. then we have showers and storms around the metro area around 4:00 p.m. they will linger in the early evening hours and then they will clear out. look at the difference in temperatures tomorrow. today we hit around 73 degrees. tomorrow, we will struggle to get to the low 60s. we are also going to see the chance of an isolated shower. and winds morrow will be breezy at times. so we might see wind gusts tomorrow rn
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per hour, making it feel like we're in the 50s. monday, temperatures warm back up but i'm tracking the return of showers right after that. we will talk about that more in our next hour half. >> reporter: good morning. in today's health alert, creating a world without type 1 diabetes. that is the focus of the walk to cure diabetes today. it starts at 9:00 a.m. in leesburg, virginia. type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that strikes children and adult suddenly. there is nothing to do to prevent it and today there is no cure. but walkers today and nationwide are raising millions for life-changing research to help the diabetes research foundation turn type one into type none. when we say there's an app for almost everything, here is proof. now there's a breast feeding
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in the pilot study, researchers found that the use of text, private social media support, before and after giving birth, led more new moms to begin and continue breast feeding their babies. the cells, hormones in breast milk protect babies from illnesses and the brains of premature babies get a boost from breast milk. it's good for mom too. for more we have links on our website, or download our free app. i'm andrea rone. other health news, concerns over the zika virus mounting yet again this morning. a pregnant work in puerto rico became the first american whose infant developed microcephaly. babies are born with abnormally small heads and brain damage. the cdc predicts that 20% or
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puerto rico residents will become infected with zika this year. with the aging of america, cases of alzheimer's disease is expected to triple. greens and grains have been associated with a lower risk of alzheimer's, as well as fish, lentils and olive oil. >> they have different components in them that help to protect our brain. other ones give our brain fuel. >> the so-called brain foods are also elements of the mediterranean diet that includes less red meat and processed foods. nine out of 12 studies found a link between the foods and the lower risk of alzheimer's. you should also
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brain with strategic challenges. his name was called in the nfl draft but it was the navy's call. whether he could pursue a spot on the ravens roster. we have the decision next. and we're giving away a brand-new car on wake up washington. not just any car, but a mercedes benz. tune in monday morning at 6:00 a.m.
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>> well, it looks like max is settling into the 20k club nicely. this was him yesterday posting up at 20 and k streets northwest. he saw an opportunity and took it, commemorating his 20 strike- out game. bryce harper was up for the challenge here. harper had his 11th homer of the season, the first in a week and a half. and the nats got the w thanks
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to that. 5-3 the final. caps are causing their season a failure this weekend. their dreams crushed by the pittsburgh penguins. a moment we can't forget even though we want to. the penguins will move on to face the lightning. game one went to tampa bay. the lightning never looked back. they take it 3-1. the only conference semi left in the nba is going to a game 7. dwyane wade made sure of that hosting the raptors in game 6. let's go says wade. he finds josh richardson with a vicious dunk. one of five assists for d wade for the night for 22 points. a 12-point heat win. this sends the series back north of the border. they will pick it up shortly. his name was called in the nfl draft but it was the navy's call, whether reynolds could pursue a sp
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roster in season. we have now learned that reynold has been cleared to play by the navy. this is pending approval of ash carter. we continue to follow the road to rio which is getting closer for katie. remember when she was 15 years old? she took home goaled in the london olympics and now plans to add to the collection in brazil. >> i feel a lot more comfortable on deck and just racing all these people. i think i'll have a good trials experience just feeling more comfortable and ready to race. >> we are ready to watch, no question about it. coming up in our next half hour, it has been one day now since president obama weighed in on the bathroom debate. coming up, which state is sounding off this morning, saying they won't listen to the president's advice. and although we're starting
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i'm already tracking the next front that will bring showers
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there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking.
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of creamy cheese, there's no end to what you can discover. and once you get a taste for the new, chances are you won't stop there. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. >> this is wake up washington on wusa 9. >> let's just stop and appreciate this for a second. taking a live look at the jefferson memorial, with the sunshining down upon it.
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couple of days. but the one streak we were suffering through for 15, 16 days. >> it was quite a while. >> is over. i'm nick giovanni, alongside melissa nord. the new streak is starting potentially. >> it is starting. but i don't think this streak is going to be as long. >> thank goodness. >> yesterday we saw showers around. today we will see showers and storms in the afternoon, prompting a yellow weather alert. so the outdoor plans, try to get them done this morning. because this afternoon, there will be showers and storms that pretty much everyone is going to see. then we will talk about a nice second half to the weekend. right now, the sunshine is allowing temperatures to warm up. we have 56 right now technically. there are 40s in some of the suburbs but the sunshine will allow temperatures to warm up quickly. even though 7:00, yes, we're sitting in the 40s and 50s, as we get closer to lunchtime today, we're soaring to the low 70s. so it is going to be a
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temperature warm-up that will be nearly 15 to 20 degrees in a lot of spots. it is 48 in frederick right now and we're sitting at 56 in d.c. here is the next front that i'm tracking in here for later today. timing-wise, this morning looks fine. futurecast shows as we go from here closer to the noon hour today, we will start to see a couple of the showers popping up along the i-81 corridor. rolling the clock towards 3:00 p.m., right along i-91, we will continue to see these from the afternoon to the early evening, before they clear out, making way for a drier late evening time frame. it is much colder behind this front. we will talk about that chilly second half of the weekend coming up in just a few minutes. nick. >> lighting the night for fallen officers. last night police officers and families from around the country came together for the 28th annual national law enforcement officers me memorial. the name of the 123 officers killed in
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year were added to the memorial wall. one of those names was fallen montgomery county police officer. his son attended last year's ceremony, paying respects to officers who died before him. >> he told me himself it's an honor to be on the wall and be at the vigil. i have a picture of him at the vigil. i told him yes it's an honor but not necessary lie a good thing. >> officer leatto was killed by a suspected drunk driver. the event was part of national police week. turning now to other news. today marks day four of the search for two missing teenagers from fairfax county. they apparently left their homes early wednesday. spotted together late they are day at a truck stop in maryland. the families tell us that the teenagers might be headed to
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people. if you see the teens contact fairfax county police. this morning a top firefighter official in fairfax county is on administrative leave after a wusa 9 investigation into his personal facebook page. guy morgan runs the office of professional standers at the fire department. several women firefighters complained that his posts on facebook were dis respectful. yesterday marked one year since a local murder mystery captured national attention. three members of the family and their housekeeper were allegedly taken hostage and killed by darren went. to this day, investigators are still looking for accomplices. we talked to his former lawyer who says he was incapable of committing this crime alone. >> if you were going to burn everybody's house down and kill people in a brutal way, would you ask for $40,000 is that worth the rest of your life or death
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millions. >> went's trial has actually yet to start. he is due back in court in august for a status hearing. pushback this morning with states disagreeing with president obama's directives to public schools across the country yesterday. the white house told public schools to allow students to use the restrooms and public facilities based on their gender identity. texas is one state that says they won't comply. >> we will not yield to blackmail from the president of the united states. this has everything that to do with keeping the federal government out of local issues. >> now, obviously the white house directive does not carry the force of law with it but schools could risk losing federal dollars if they don't tow the line. eight streets including the district of columbia have laws
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regarding the bathroom use. north carolina forbids it. out the door doesn't even begin to describe the line about to form along embassy row this morning. it is the place to be for passport d.c. we were talking this is one of the only in d.c. opportunities. >> reporter: it really is such a unique experience. passport d.c. is all about celebrating the world embassies and really experiencing the culture. we're here at the eu delegation. and you walk through at all of the embassies, you will go through security of course and get your passport stamped. that's the fun part. there's the stamp right there. when you walk through too, it's all about the swag. you get the bag and here is a water bottle. and this is the fun thing about learning about all of these countries. here you will learn
7:36 am
28 nations part of the eu and also just talking to people, learning about the food, the culture. there will be foods and drinks out here. kids play as well. it's so fun. and you have 28 countries. you will be shuttled to all of these different places. and there's also the eu app to find out how long the lines are and the scavenger hunt to win all of these prizes. admission is free to all of the embassies and goes from 10:00 to 4:00 today. back to you, nick. >> and it all starts with the swag bag. that's what i'm talking about. >> reporter: it does. it really does. that's what draws people in. >> much appreciated. homeland security is taking steps to address long lines you may see at the airport over the summer. many frustrated flyers are using the hashtag right now i hate the wait to complain about this problem. some waits at peak periods are
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as long as 90 minutes. and the problem could get worse during the summer travel season. secretary of homeland security jay johnson says they plan to hire more agents and deploy more k-9 teams to help stream line the process. >> i'm focused on what we do going forward and making sure that we are focused on this, that we are anticipating that this has both the personal attention of myself and the tsa administrator. >> airlines are expecting a record number of flyers this summer, meaning more passengers and of course more bags to screen. johnson said tsa is working with airlines to limit carry-on bags and their size. if you live in ward 8 in the district, you're invited to an endorsement forum. may along with four other candidates will be on hand to answer your questions. the forum runs from noon until 2:00 p.m. that's at the high school at 1601
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16th street southeast. virginia governor terry will deliver the commencement speech for the class of 2016. it takes place at the eagle bank arena in fairfax. the governor will also receive an honorary degree from the university. he put into motion the institute for biomedical innovation on campus and championed the research partnership between mason and nova health system. how about facebook trending on his own type for days now. zuckerberg will weigh in on controversy over the trending news articles. we are off to a sunny start. unfortunately tracking more showers and thunderstorms for the afternoon. we will be timing them out and talk about the rest
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>> good saturday morning, everybody. i'm larry miller. hope your weekend is off to a great start. metro will be single tracking throughout much of the weekend. that means it will be slower to get to where you need to go. let's talk about where the single tracking project will be happening. between dupont circle and vaness. it is seeing a number of issues. orange line will see it between mcpherson square and smithsonian. on the green line, you will see that single tracking project happen between georgia avenue and prince george's plaza. if you see something on the roads that we don't, hit us up on twitter. i'll see you bright and early monday morning starting at 4:25. >> always watching, always tracking. wusa 9's first alert weather. >> if you haven't stepped outside there's an odd but familiar grow on the
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thank you for sending in that picture. >> also known as the sunrise. >> aka the sunrise. >> it's been a change. unfortunately it doesn't mean we will see an all dry day. but this morning looks pretty nice. and the second half of the weekend, it will be mainly dry. it doesn't mean that it will be overly pleasant outside but we will take what sunshine we can get. right now the sunshine is shining in full. we have a nice look from our michael and son weather camera this morning, overlooking the national monument. we have got temperatures right now that are running in the mid- 50s. and the winds are calm. it will be a fairly quick warmup from here as we go closer to the noon hour right now. over in prince george's county, 48. 51 in andrews. and upper marlboro is sitting at 49 degrees. this is the next
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there is cooler air behind this. so we are going to see a significant cooldown temperature-wise tomorrow versus what we're going to see this afternoon. so our yellow weather alert main time frame is about noon time today through 7:00 early this evening. much cooler and breezy tomorrow with an isolated shower. then a nice monday. rain returns shortly after that into your tuesday. so it's going to be pretty short lived in terms of the nice, quiet weather. here is your day planner today showing a nice morning. 2:00 p.m., around the metro area, we will start to see showers and storms. they will happen close tore i- 81. later this afternoon, we continue with the shower and storm chances and it will clear out by later this evening. so it's only going to be about a 3-hour time frame when we're seeing showers and storms for your particular area. and you can track that all by downloading our wusa 9 app. so when you have outdoor plans you can track the showers
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your phone, move inside briefly and then move back outside and enjoy the rest of your weekend. futurecast shows the morning quiet. in the afternoon hours, here come the showers from the west. they're right over the i-95 corridor. there will be brief moderate to heavy rainfall possible within some of these and some gusty winds. i don't think this is a setup where we will see severe weather across much of the region. just note that because we have a little more heating happening this morning with that sunshine, it will pack a punch this afternoon. we will continue to see these lingering into 6:00 p.m. later this evening, the clouds clear out and that makes for a breezy but clearing later evening hour. let's talk about temperatures. highs this afternoon are going to be running right around 70 degrees closer to frederick and winchester. it will be around 73 in washington. warmer to the south and east. closer to 77 in fredericksburg. look at the difference
7:45 am
temperatures tomorrow afternoon versus today. tomorrow, we're going to be struggling to get to 60. and the winds will be breezy tomorrow afternoon. so it will feel like we're in the 50s throughout the entire afternoon. i'm forecasting around 61 in d.c. further north and west, you're going to be in the 50s tomorrow. around 57 in frederick where we have the last day of the greek festival at the church there. we are going to stay in the low 60s in arlington for a taste of arlington. andrew will be around 60 degrees tomorrow afternoon. now, with the cool air, we're expecting a few chilly nights ahead. look at the cooler temperatures sunday night into monday morning. a lot of spots running around the upper 30s, low 40s. about 45 inside the metro area. but it will certainly be chilly. now, the next three days show that cooldown. today we're in the 70s. tomorrow low 60s at best. but your monday looks nice. there's the turn-around.
7:46 am
return once again. here is the 7-day and how things play out. today we have the double header. just keep that app on hand. there will be showers and thunderstorms around. tomorrow, nassau 9 will be nice. just an isolated shower in the afternoon hours. monday, highs in the upper 60s. you will notice showers around tuesday and wednesday. highs in the mid-60s. and we should clear out by the end of the workweek with temperatures climbing back to the 70s. all right. on the consumer front, gorgeous gowns, smooth limo rides is part of prom season. lesli foster is here with advice for the big event. >> let's face it, prom is expensive. to make it memorable the better business bureau says make sure that the designer dress that your daughter wants is not a dud or a knock-off. research the dresses online before you buy. parents should get a written contract for a limo on prom night and be clear ab
7:47 am
the fees. and if your prom goers are dining out with a group know that some restaurants will not split the checks and charge higher gratuities for larger parties. and don't forget the flowers. do comparison shopping to get the best deal on the flowers. so this time last weekend we found out that someone won the $429.6 million powerball. the only thing is we didn't know who. >> after a week of a mystery, finally a woman and her 7 adult children from new jersey have claimed the ticket. valerie arthur is one of the eight members of the smith family and served as spokesperson at a press conference yesterday. she says the winning powerball numbers came to her 70-year-old mother in a dream. the family says they will split the money. valerie says one of her sisters will use the money to fund a mentoring program she has been running for 15 years. wh now she has her own funding
7:48 am
ladies at risk. she can go and change lives on her own accord. >> that's a great -- that's just wonderful. they plan to give 10% of their money to the church. and in the end, the smith family decided to keep the cash value option. that is around $284 million after taxes. the ticket is the largest single jackpot winning ticket sold in new jersey and the sixth largest in powerball history. >> that has to feel good to say i'll take the $284 million up front. >> and a deserving family. one of the daughters is using it for her charity. a good story there. >> you would like to think that we would think that in our position, we get that kind of money and we think of taking care of someone else. it's beautiful. >> well deserved. trending this morning, facebook's trending section. >> believe it or not. at issue, how facebook selects what news stories belong
7:49 am
gives mow reported this week that facebook employees have leeway in picking the trending copics and weed out politically nservative stories. >> we have evidence of them black listing in a lot of cases conservative news. you can't call that a trending news topic if the news stories are not trending in the first place. >> in an online post zuckerberg said that the company has no evidence of political bias but they are taking the allegations seriously and has launched a full investigation. still ahead, we have a recap of our top stories of the morning. and plus what you need to know in today's forecast. showers and
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>> new this morning, isis now taking responsibility for yesterday's deadly attack on a cafe in iraq. suicide bombers killed at least 13 people and injured another 15 that we know of so far. a number of the victims were a group of soccer fans watching the madrid-real game on tv. this comes after a wave of bombings in baghdad that have killed 100 people thus far. isis claimed responsibility as well for those attacks. a historic change in command inr
7:53 am
the first woman in the nation to head a top tier war fighting command. lori robinson was sworn in did i defense secretary ash carter during a ceremony at colorado's peterson air force base. she will oversee norad and the northern command. and the world's largest aircraft landed in india earlier this morning. it's on its way to australia with a 133-ton generator that will be used by a mining company. the plane is the longest and heaviest airplane ever built and can hold up to 640 tons of cargo. and mnt bank has agreed to pay a settlement to resolve allegations that it knowingly certified mortgage loans that violated federal rules. the new york-based bank admits from 2006 to 2011, it uc
7:54 am
loans that fell short of certain underwriting and quality control requirements. a spokesperson for the bank says it decided to settle to avoid costly litigation. time now is 7:54. to run through our top stories, replying trying to figure out why a 17-year-old beat a 14- year-old boy to death in prince william county. they say the two teens were disat that point relatives. police say they found 14-year- old lewis coca-crespo dead in his home after being hit by some object to the upper body. a 17-year-old was later charged with murder. it's official, three weeks from now, metro will shut down every night at midnight. that means on weekends it will close three hours earlier. it's part of a safe track plan pushing three years of maintenance into one year. metro also says it will change the schedule for the safe track plan to accommodate an order from
7:55 am
begin repairs on three specific sections of tracks. and flyers are asked to be patient over long lines at airport check-in. the tsa announced they will be hiring more agents and deploy more k-9 teams to stream line the process. homeland security will also work with airlines to reduce the number of carry-on bags that passengers bring through security. this weekend cbs will honor the longest serving correspondent of 60 minutes. the network will air a special after the regular edition of 60 minutes tomorrow. he is 84 years old. he has received numerous awards including 12 emmys and filed more than 900 reports. before we check in on the forecast, we go back to the embassy in northwest d.c. this morning. >> reporter: nick, do you want to go to italy, france,
7:56 am
it's all about passport d.c. a unique experience. a month-long celebration of world embassies and celebrating their cultures. here at the eu delegation, you get your swag bag and you can take your picture in front of any country that you want. stand in front of the green screen, and it will automatically be uploaded to facebook. nowhere in the country can you do this sort of thing. after that, you can head through the shuttle bus or bike share and head to the 28 member states of the european union. >> i love that. >> the earlier you can get there, the better on multiple fronts. not just beat the lines but see the sunshine. >> let's talk about the good before the bad. >> oh, yeah. >> john baker sent this one in. again, that odd yet familiar
7:57 am
horizon there. bringing the picture of the sunrise for us. >> today will be mixed with clouds and cooler temperatures. yellow weather alert this afternoon through the early evening keep that wusa 9 app on hand. we will reach 73 before the showers and storms. tomorrow, an isolated shower. otherwise breezy. it will be cooler. feeling like the 50s in the afternoon even though we technically make it into the low 60s tomorrow. monday the pick of the next few days. showers return again tuesday. very good. passport d.c. today. taste of arlington tomorrow. thank you for sharing your saturday with us. and remember you can download the wusa 9 app for the
7:58 am
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