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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  May 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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a car crushed to the tree came down with a crash in a dc neighborhood. i'm debra al alfarone. pete is live on yuma street tonight. >> reporter: you can hear the crews and the chain saws cleaning up that tree. neighbors say it could have been a whole lot worse. it was noon when that 60-year-old oak came down across yuma street. it crushed the toyota tacoma. nobody was nearby. the family says the soggy
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because of all the wet weather could have not given way at a better time. >> we were glad it happened on a saturday because there's an elementary school and that's where a lot of parents pick up and drop off their kids. it was an empty vehicle, saturday afternoon, nobody was out there. we're just thankful that no one was hurt. >> reporter: they're trying to restore power for 50 homes. until then, a couple blocks of road nearby will stay shut down, but a little bit more irony here, that truck, the family was about to trade it in for a new one tomorrow. live in northwest. finally, today a few hours of sunshine and plenty of people took advantage of the skies and warm temperatures along the georgetown waterfront this afternoon. before those showers hit again. so what is on
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for tonight and sunday morning? let's get over to first alert meteorologist howard bernstein. >> debra, we have a little sunshine now but we're not done with the showers just yet. what we had earlier is now toward the eastern shore, but notice the trailing line, that's actually the cold front that's coming through. you can see it here just off to the west. we haven't had a lot of lightning with these showers. see here along the west 15 and just southwest of gettysburg, this is going right toward frederick city here in the next 15 minutes or so. everything's moving east at 40 miles an hour because the washington spirit has a 7:00 game. so if this holds together, it could be there just around game time. it won't be a long lasting affair like what we had this afternoon. down
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you have isolated showers still possible for the next couple hours. headed out, consider that, a jacket too as temperatures now are in the upper 50s and low 60s. so leesburg will cover to 66. by 8:00, all of this should be out of here. we'll fall into the 50s late they are evening. it is going to be chilly tomorrow. you'll need a jacket. more on that coming up in a few minutes. from catholics to muslims, clergy members are taking on the fight to solve dc's unsolved murders. these advocates are planning to take this fight to the mayor and city council. stephanie ramirez brings us this story. >> reporter: francine mcclinton was one of these leaders. she is the m
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southeast jurnournalism killed a year ago. nothing, milton's photo is more than 100 photos displayed to show the real faces of those unsolved murder cases. it is called open heart closed campaign. one of the things they're doing is sharing these photos. >> we should care about the fact that there are so many unsolved homicides and these lives do matter. unfortunately when it happened in our community, violence and murders have become so frequent and so routine that some people are just becoming numb to them. >> reporter: the others pushes to get these photos aired on dc's access channels. in southeast, stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> dc saw 162 homicides in 2015.
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currently unsolved. today marks the one year anniversary of those grusome murders. a family all found murdered along with the housekeeper. they've been beaten, tied to chairs and set on fire. one year later only one suspect has been charged in the case. 35-year-old duro whit faces felony charges. he's due in court in august. a sea of t-shirts on display outside saint marks presbyterian church this weekend. each of the 202 shirts bears the name gun violence victims from our area. >> we obviously know that this is a political issue, but our
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our issue is actually trying as best we can to prevent this death of people through the use of guns. >> the t-shirt memorial will remain on the grounds of saint marks until june fifth. ahead on this saturday, local health workers getting the word out on how to protect yourself from the zika virus. and how you can sample the best of the world.
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. this just in, we are told that a juvenile has been shot in southeast washington. it happened just about 30 minutes ago in the 2500 block of 12th street. dc police tell us the child was taken to the hospital with what appears to be nonlife-threatening injuries. dc health workers were out urging people to fight the bite. they wanted to educate about the spread of the zika virus. workers handed out kits containing condoms, insect repellents. the federal government says there have been close to 500 cases reported in the united states. and so far all of those cases have involved people or their sex partners who travel to countries with zika virus outbreak. three cases have been reported in dc b
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and south america. a little florida girl is safe today thanks to her pet dog. 7-year-old molly was playing with her 2-year-old shepherd when a snake showed up. house jumped between them, was bitten three times suffering damage to his kidneys. her daughter and the rescue dog they adopted two months ago are inseparable. so she's not surprised he'd risk his life. festival season in full swing and this weekend thousands of people are expected at saint sophia cathedral greek fest al. the festival features greek food, desserts, live music and a bizarre and there's a tour. it runs until 10:00 tonight and again tomorrow from noon to 7:00. thousandsf
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around the world without ever leaving the district of columbia. the open house featured a rare look inside 28 embassies. the annual event features food, performances and cultural activities from european countries without needing to get out your passport. >> the whole point is that we get something back to the -- give something back to the people in dc that work in the area. this is their chance to actually go in and find out what's going on in there. and it shows a little bit about the european culture and food. >> if you can stand the crowd. a lot of people out there today. today's event was part of a month long passport celebration. other passport dc events include next sunday's national asian heritage festival followed by the embassy chef challenge gala. it's going inform cost a little more to s
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hotel room. the board approved a .25 increase in tax. arlington officials say that's going to bring in over a million dollars in revenue for travel and tourism in the county's next year's fiscal budget. and then there was one. 116-year-old woman passed away in new york city leaving just one person left alive born in the 1800s. emma was born in 1889, now the world's oldest living person. she lives in italy. when a newspaper reporter asked her about the key to her longevity, she mentioned her daily glass of homemade brandy, her diet and the close to 11 hours of sleep she gets each night. i like it. showers interrupting our sut what about tomorrow? can we expect clear skies all day?
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. in waco, texas, the walls came tumbling down of floyd casey stadium. about 100 spectators showed up to watch as the stadium was imploded just after 7 o'clock this morning. the stadium opened in 1950. it served as the home of the baylor bears. and the land will go to the city of waco until it can be cleared of debris. >> always cool to watch those. >> i know. i like to watch those things. i don't know. >> it's still cool to watch. >> it's cool stuff. you know
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>> sunshine. >> yeah. what is that thing in the sky? it got a lot of rain. we certainly expected this e timing was right and still got a couple brief showers that i can't say won't get you here over the next one to two hours. and then it's going to be kind of chilly tonight and sunday. let's start with the doppler because we have a big area of rain that pushed through. got to dc about 3:00. it's affecting areas around thee . so you're seeing heavier rains there. that line from pennsylvania, this is the actual cold front now coming through with a broken line of showers. you'll see some of them through frederick county. a little heavy north of the border and pennsylvania. scattered showers from frederick north through carol county. a little heavier cell. i've been watching this
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here. boy, it's germantown at 7:00. at this current pace, it's going to be there just before game time. it shouldn't last too long, but there's 4500 people there. so you have to keep that in mind. leesburg you're looking at that neighborhood here. so we got to certainly keep an eye on that. there's another cell just to the west of anisville. yes, another wet day. the street broker leer -- broke earlier this week. it broke on the 12th and today marked the 17th of the last 18 days. we had rain at reagan national. tomorrow can be 18 out of 19. temps, we got to 76 earlier. we're 62 in washington. 30s and 40s in the high country. just a feel for some
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moving in. sunny and 62. but still with the south west wd that tells me we're ahead of the cold front. that front pushes through and you see the colder temps in chicago at 45 degrees. buffalo, 49. all wrapping around this bigelow over the great lakes in ontario. so the chill is there. the blue on the map are snow showers. we're talking maybe tomorrow some frost. so here comes that front coming through. future cast has a chilly, sunny start to sunday. clouds will build in the afternoon. we're looking at spotty showers developing especially north and west by 3:30. but 5:00, 6:00 p.m., we could get some showers. chilly really chilly tomorrow night into monday morning. 30s and 40s. monday looks great, if you can take monday off, do it. i'm not writing you a note, but do it
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tuesday. so tuesday another yellow weather alert. tonight we're going to see that shower, then clearing. northwest winds, 10 to 15. 40s and 50s tomorrow morning. breezy and brisk. 57 to 62, spotty showers, keep n mind the average high is 75 degrees so way below average tomorrow. beautiful on monday, near 70. rain and showers tuesday. wednesday more showers. back in the mid 60s. and then at least thursday and friday look okay before showers possible again. >> at least you have some sun in that forecast. >> yeah. that's for sure. >> you know who's with us tonight? frank is in the verizon center tonight. we got the miss particular home opener season --
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here we are live at verizon center. home opener. a chance to see what the redskins got for the first time in their draft picks, specifically the top pick out of tcu josh the big wide receiver is out of practice today. this guy is going to have to make a quick transition from college to the professional ranks because a lot is going to be expected of him. >> it's day four. you just got to get comfortable like you said. it was like this at tcu. i didn't know the play book, it
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was foreign to me. just with time i'll be good. >> another interesting story to watch out for this redskins rookie minicamp and perhaps the training camp is quarterback adams, the redskins bringing in. he gets an invite hopefully to training camp. he's got a lot to prove because no one selected him in the nfl draft. >> always a chip on my shoulder. everybody is always doubting me and think i can't do it and don't believe in me. and i just tell them put me on the film. i'm a game er. when it comes to the game, it's a different story. nationals red hot. it was the first of day night double dip.
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the rays game. jason wirth just one hit. fast-forward to the sixth and right on queue, it rained just like our guy howard said it would. thunder and a sweep grab by a young fan. and by the way, remember bryce got suspecting for a game for going after an umpire last week, he decided to pull his appeal back. so he will not play tonight against the miami marlins. here at verizon center, mystic and the new york liberty, let's bring in the coach. how are you? >> i'm great. ready to get going. >> opening night after all these years of coaching, you still get the opening night jitters? >> a little bit. the jitters are more nervous for our players than myself. i've done this long enough that i try not to be that nervous. i think first night
6:27 pm
bit. it's probably like opening night of a play or anything else, you don't know if anybody's going to remember their lines or do the right things. >> we'll be here for you. what's it going to take to get to that next level? >> our mantra has been to be 10% better than you were a year ago. everybody agreed to come back better. and you know, it doesn't have to be 50% better. everybody gets one more rebound, or everybody makes one more free throw. all of a sudden your team gets better. and then every day, walk in the door, come out better than when you walked in. >> liberty is in town. >> i think that's the 10% part that comes in. we lost a close series that could have gone either way and made mistakes. if we can improve on the two or three things we have that we can do to get better, then we have a chance to be a great team. >> thank you. good luck
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that's coach mike tebow. new yk is in town. that's it from verizon center. let's send it back to you debra in the studios. we wish them lots of luck tonight and tell us a little bit about what our rest of our night is going to be. brief shower early then we're clearing temperatures mostly in the 40s. brisk day with spotty shower, breezy, 61. monday looks great and then, yeah, more wet weather tuesday and wednesday. >> we're going to see you right back here at 11:00. >> see you then. ahh... yeah! ahh...
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>> ninan: casting questions about trump. the billionaire businessman says voters don't have a right to see his returns. >> it's none of your business. >> ninan: plus what women who worked with trump are reportedly saying about him. also tonight, dramatic footage of a skydiving adventure gone horribly wrong. >> everybody out. >> ninan: a planeloaded with passengers crashes into a field. more fallout over the new white house guidelines allowing transgender students to use whichever bathroom they choose. and a rare sighting in san francisco. what's luring these visitors from the deep. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs weekend news."


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