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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  May 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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wusa9. a man being treated for a gunshot wound. it happened in the area of new hampshire avenue and quincy street. after being grazed by a bullet. the reports are that he walked to the georgia bus station for help and we don't know anything about the shooter. >> police are looking for clues to a homicide. a man shot and found in woods off of allentown road. we got a news crew headed there. we are hearing from off duty emt that shot a little boy shot in cross fire. veronica was in a church and heard gunshots and looked around and found a boy bleeding in a woman's lap. basserville grabbed a trauma kit and helped to keep him calm. >> it was hard but in that situation i would feel myself breaking down but i said you got to get it
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somebody that needs your help and let's go to work. >> other crews arrived and the boy was taken to the hospital. police expect him to survive. >> a man fell to his death. sky 9 flew over the scene where a victim fell from a tower on log house road. montgomery county don't expect anything criminal but are investigating it. >> to a mystery in fairfax county. was it murder, suicide or an sudden. police are trying to figure out how a body ended up in the water in the lakeside apartments. bruce, what do you know? >> reporter: i know it is a sad story. we know the victim was a female but we don't know if she was an adult or trial. we don't know if what
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to her was murder or something else. >> a horrifying discovery. one of the walkers looked down from the walkway to the ga zeaba and noticed a body floating face down in the water right below her. >> you are kidding? that right in that big lake? >> right there. >> reporter: the woman or girl in the water was clearly dead by the time police and firefighters arrived just after noon. so they waited for a dive team to recover. >> it is kind of shocking. this is been a very safe neighborhood. >> police suspected it happened sometime overnight and neighbors say there are frequently people outlate at night drinking in the gazebo. early walkers could have walked by and the body was barely visible in the
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>> scary. >> you got kids here. >> i'm a home daycare provider. >> now there are a lot of apartments all around the lake and police are asking anyone who saw anything or heard anything. anyone that saw anything to call them. they need help. bruce la shan, wusa9. let's hope they get the call soon. we will let you know if we get word on the identity of the victim or the cause of death. >> jury selection in a torture trial is under way in fairfax county. >> you may remember a lawyer and his wife were nearly killed in their mcclain home two years ago. wusa9 stephanie gearhart has more. >> reporter: jury selection under way a year-and-a-half
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as a police officer and he showed a badge before forcing his way inside a virginia home. what followed was brutal and just bizarre. >> the unthinkable violence unfolded on november 9th 2014. andrew mold is accused of hurting a couple inside their home. the husband and wife were tortured for two hours. tazed, shot and nearly killed. prosecutors say that mold and his wife eliseya wanted revenge. fisher fired her from his law firm. the defendant's attorney claims he was under the influence of medicine for back pain. which caused temporary insanity. >> when police arrested him. mold was only wearing a diaper. bloody clouds and a knife and gun were stashed in his car.
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an alleged accomplice. the victims' escape miraculously because they pushed a panic button and called police. stephanie gailhart. >> the torture trial is expected to last four weeks. it resumes again tomorrow morning. >> all right. we look outside at a slightly cool but sunny day to start the work week but our rocky weather makes a comeback with another yell weather alert. first alert meteorologist topper shutt joins us. it sounds like last week. >> yes. we are nice tonight but by six a.m. tomorrow we have temperatures, upper 40s and low 50s and rain and showers to dc and over to buoy
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and loudden county. by 8:00, notice the darker green, not thunderstorms but moderate rainfall for the day. by 8:00, gaithersburg. 52 and 51 in frederick and 53 in silver spring and fairfax. by 10:00, pretty good rain through much of montgomery county and fairfax and really down 95 into manassas and stafford and cull pepper. the temperatures, we made a fire last night and i said when may feels like may i will stop making fires. tomorrow, low 50s and heavier rain now shifts to the south. east of i-95 into southern maryland and la plata and walldorf and saint mary and then by 6:30 temperatures in the mid-50s. i will show you when we come back where it had snow on the ground this morning. friends and loved ones paying their respects
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maryland woman kill in a deadly shooting rampage and a wake is under way in a funeral service for claudine molina. ofe was shot in the parking lot a giant supermarket. a man was trying to carjack her. he is accused in the shooting death of two others. and the riverdale officials say they will honor gladys. a private service will be held inside the school he worked at. the commute may get longer tonight for some. there is speed and acceleration restrictions on some lines. the idea is to reduce the electrical power used by the trains in the name of
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here is what is impacted. the red line from dupont circle and rosslin and minnesota avenue and the silver and blue lines between rosslin and bending road. the speed reductions should not have an impact on service. heading out now in the presidential campaign trail. donald trump is hitting back after the new york times offered a critical story about how he supposedly treats woman. >> 50 people interviewed says that donald trump has a history of making unwelcome romantic advances. on twitter he called that report a hit piece and pointed to an interview with one of the people quoted in the article. they did take quotes from what i said. and they did put a negative connotation and spun it to where it appeared negative. >> now, these recent allegations could hurt donald trump's standings with women and a recent poll shows 64% of females have an unfavorable view of the businessman. on the democratic side hillary clinton and rn
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campaigning ahead of tomorrow's primary in kentucky and oregon. check this out. a sign in front of howard theater. look at it, look at it. going closer. no trump anytime. it is the bottom sign on the post. unclear who put it there. but it is clear that they are not fans of the presumptive presidential candidate. you think? the dc department of transportation says the anti trump sign is illegal and they plan on removing it. actor wendell pierce is facing charges after allegedly attacking a bernie sanders supporter. it happened after a political argument pierce pushed a man and grabbed his hair and smacked his girlfriend in the head. well the actor is known for his role on hbo the wire and is a big hillary clinton supporter. the supreme court will not hear a challenge by religious affiliated employers to obama care's contraception mandate. the justices sent the dispute back to the lower court. in the meantime
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women covered by the house plans have access to cost free contraceptives. >> after a day long search. irish singer shanay o'conor was found. she went out for a bike ride and did not return and was concerned about her mental staff. she gave fans a scare in noervemb when she posted a suicide threat on her facebook page. just getting started for wusa9 news at five. what the men at d c are doing to get kids safely off to school. >> not a transportation alternative but we will tell you about the horses and hopefully down the street. a driver narrowly avoiding a partial building collapse. plus an investigation at
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issues. is a look from the national mall where visitors are being turned away but they can come back tomorrow. the beloved monument broke down on saturday morning. this time because of a faulty computer chip in the elevator control board. crews fixed the elevators and tours will start up and the problems with the elevator have forced the landmark to be closed several times in the last few months. right now, a high ranking fire official in fairfax county is in pretty hot water. a story that we broke last week. that fire investigator and his facebook page plastered with lewd comments about women. county leaders are getting involved. peggy fox broke the story and has been on top of every
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joins us from fairfax fire department headquarters. hi, peggy. >> reporter: board of supervisors tell me it is on the agenda for the closed door session and personnel matter concerning guy morgan. guy morgan is the professional standards officer at the fire department responsible for conducting investigations into workplace complaints. richy bowers placed him on administrative leave friday after the discovery of lewd pictures and content on morgan's facebook page. the pictures came to light after a sexual harassment lawsuit was filed against captain john bruley by firefighter melissa hernandez. she accuses guy morgan of facilitating retribution in the form of a reprimand. >> it is comes after the suicide of nicole mittendorff. she had been slandered by people that claims tbe
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firefighters. cheap bowers began an investigation on to who wrote the online post and the man assigned to lead the investigation was guy morgan who himself has made sexist comments. the chairman says the county does not tolerate that kind of behavior. >> he has been placed on administrative leave by support of the chief in doing that. i think someone that holds a position as he does needs to be held to a higher standard. so if your upholding ethical decisions, then you need to be, i believe, held to a higher standard. >> there is an allegation that guy morgan used the four left "c" word in front of a recruitment class several years ago. i asked guy morgan about that and he did not deny it but he wouldn't answer any questions. in an apparent facebook comment to this story, nicole mido
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he should come to work for fairfax in their internal affairs section. seeing this i wish i was closer to retirement i would like to clean out some of the pitiful people in your agency so the rest of the people can do the great job you already do. chief bowers is out of town. i have spoken with him over the phone. he is very upset about all of these allegations. and he is going to clean it up and get to the bottom of it and he is working on finding a third party, an internet party to do the investigation that guy morgan had started looking into any type of cyber bullying or sexual harassment of nicole mittendorff. i have talked to female firefighters that say the department has been put in a bad life. they said they have never seen bad behavior and a great place to work and we want to make sure that
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out there. reporting live in fairfax, peggy fox. thank you. i'm sure the supervisors will have plenty to say, they have a closed-door session that will happen after regularly scheduled fairfax board of supervisors meeting tomorrow. fenwick street in northeast washington is closed after a partial building collapsed. watch this, a new video shows one driver narrowly escaping as a brick wall crashed into the wall on sunday. there were no injuries.dc fire officials say strong winds may be the blame for the collapse. >> the win was picking up kind of heavy and it got heavier and the building came down. it was kind of scary if anybody was standing there they would have got hurt. >> it used to be a tomato packing plant and it is now being renovated. big hole there. >> you did see it fall as the car was going by. >> yes. >> stood we need to focus on a magnificent day and not so much focus on what we have to look forward to
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week. >> today was magnificent for april but not for may. i am ready for the warmth. as bad as it is here it could be worse. mary sent this to me. i think this is great. mount storm west virginia. drop a perpendicular from oakland and you are in that vicinity. there is snow. the only month they have not recorded snow on mount storm is august. that's the only month they have not had snowfall. mary thanks for sending that in. send it to the intern. the average first and last frost date for places like mount storm and davis west virginia and oakland, maryland. the same is fair banks alaska. that's how short the growing season is. this kind of cool. there is dc as the crow flies it is only 110
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you might know where oakland is. so southeast of oakland. there's mount storm right there. not that far away. live look outside. weather cam. there is the cathedral. gorgeous evening. 67 right now and look at the dew point 33 and relative humidity 28% which is actually kind of nice. winds westerly at 15 but nothing like the wind gusts we had yesterday. winds gusted to 40 miles per hour yesterday. yellow weather alert tomorrow. both commutes look wet although with that said the heaviest rainfall from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. light rain and showers ending on wednesday. we are contemplating issuing a yellow weather alert on wednesday. right now 60/40, we will probably do it. tonight 10:00, clear but not as cold. 57 downtown. 54 in gaithersburg and 54 manassas. the temperatures were
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30s. 37 when i went to bed. bwi tied a record of 37. 6:00 a.m. in the morning the rain and showers approaching down i-66 across d. c. into route 50 and by 9:00, most everybody has rain and showers. a miserable day at the bus stop and probably a slow commute. see the darker green, a little bit of yellow, that is heavier rainfall. mid-50s. by lunchtime heavier rain anakusis rain to the south in culver county. 5 in la plata and 55 in fredericksburg. a break and more showers roll through and evening. both commutes will be wet. day planner, rain, rain and temperatures falling. 54 at 1:00.
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we'll monitor wednesday for yellow weather alert. more showers, 66 and 73 pleasant on thursday. next 7 days. in fact let's focus on thursday and friday. two pleasant days in the mid- 70s and boom, another soaking rain on saturday into sunday. holding in the 60s and back to the low 70s with showers and the nats return next monday. thanks, top. amazon makes more moves to try to corner the online marketplace. we will tell you about a brand new projection watch. a carnival cruise ship docks after a heart breaking death at sea. this woman watched the riots and her store was le
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a carnival cruise ship has returned to galveston texas after the
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a search for a woman that fell overboard. crews had been searching 4000 square miles looking for 33- year-old samantha brobird. the woman climbed up to and sat on the railing of the 10th deck before falling over. in tonight's consumer alert, an e commerce giant rolls out its big brand name products. amazon plans to sell groceries and diaper and household items under its own private label. it will be available for prime customers in the next few weeks. the u.s. labor secretary negotiates a return back to the bargaining table. the company and union reps will resume talks tomorrow in mid april nearly 40,000 workers walked off of the job after verizon's last best offer and working without a contract since august. a smart watch projector, samsung has filed for a patent for technology that will
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th a surface, a user's hand or eir forearm. a larger space allows you to write or even interact with apps. straight ahead, how flight attendants could be the last line of defense in human trafficking. you may have seen this pop up. more on the first ever successful penis transplant. guys in d. c. are manning up to keep kids safe getting to and interest school. we are giving away a brand new car on wakeup wash. four more keys to go. watch for the word of the
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we have breaking news out of prince george's county. a homicide investigation unfolding. >> allison barber here to tell us more. >> reporter: we are right off of the 7000 block of allentown road and temple hills road. a few blocks away from us. we are told that police and, detectives are investigating a murder. they say a call came in and we are not sure when for reports of gunshots. when they got here to investigate, i am told that they found a man in the wooded area suffering from apparent gunshot wounds and we are told that man has died and the
5:30 pm
to give them a call. one thing we saw when we were coming in off of a neighborhood off of temple hills road. a number of police cars in that area. we are not sure fit is related to this but very close to the scene and the number of cars were blocking off the other side of what seems to be this park kind of watching that area and again a lot of the detectives on the scene. what we know right now is that an adult male was found in the woods suffering from gunshot wounds d he has been pronounced dead. i'm allison barber. wusa9. and we stay in prince george's county for this next story. a man under arrest for the murder of his brother. rashad tate was found shot to death in forestville and his brother is charged with murder. his brother was shot and set on fire. it stemmed from a dispute. a dump truck attack caught on camera. we
5:31 pm
brandon pleaded guilty to attempted first-degree murder of police officers in prince george's humor. brandon was behind the wheel of the truck when he ramped a pair of police officers nearly hitting them. brandon claims the police officers had kill his brother before crashing into the cruiser. parents and teachers want to stop violence from students as they walk home from school. they lined school sidewalks across d. c. to discourage fighting and robberies. we have more on the moment that is called man the block. >> reporter: adults were waiting for students to cross the city to get out of school because they say by the students make it even just a block from the school's entrance they are mixing with other kids and getting into fights and something they want to stop. linked and unity to protect kids from robberies and fights as they walk home from schools across d. c. >> they walk about 7 or 8 blocks to get to where i live and anything
5:32 pm
those 7 to 8 blocks. >> dyson brown knows he can be a target. >> i am afraid to walk because i might get shot or stabbed or anything. >> the children are being robbed and their cell phones are gone and their watches and their rings and their shoes and hats and glasses every day. all right, now. >> as many as 1,000 city leaders and volunteers watch the streets after class is dismissed. it is about more than creating a safe path but a path to college and a career and beyond. this program has been going on for four years but leaders say it is just starting to pick up traction. something they hope continues. reporting in southeast, ellen bryant. wusa9. and they line sidewalks by friendship charter schools next to the dean metro stop where two teens were killed. >> a frightening ni
5:33 pm
a strange man in her bedroom. it happened sunday on edgewood street near seventh street. the victim says the man ran away following the attack. police searched the area but didn't find anything. anyone with information is asked to contact arlington police. turning now to the trial of a baltimore officer charged in the death of freddie gray. officer garrett miller took the stand as a prosecution witness at the trial of officer edward nero and the first time in maryland history that a criminal defendant has been compelled to testimony against a codefendant. miller says he saw nero help load gray into a police transport van. gray was put in that van without a seat belt and ultimately suffered a fatal spine injury. a held alert from a story getting attention on facebook. a boston hospital says a cancer petient has received the first
5:34 pm
says 64-year-old thomas jennings received it. it was transplanted from a donor that died. doctors are optimistic about his recovery. >> it is early in his course but we have learned a lot. we are hopeful with this kind of experimental surgery that we can learn enough to make it safe and routine. it doesn't mean it will go perfectly all the time but so far we are doing okay. manning was diagnosed with cancer in 2012. doctors had to remove most of his genitals in order to save his life. flight attendant. some of the people at the best transactions at spotting human traffickers. and they were calling to flag congress to combat human trafficking on flights. it forces airlines to train flight attendants to recognize signs and report the cases. u.s. senator mark warner from virginia says human trafficking is a problem
5:35 pm
often barely teens. >> the average age of someone who is trafficked is 14. the father of three daughters between 21 and 26, i can't imagine the anguish that families go through when their sons and more often times their daughters are victims of human trafficking. the bipartisan bill has already passed the senate. anti trafficking advocates and others are calling for it to be passed in the house. never seen anything like this. a woman is recovering from a very unusual encounter with a shark in florida. williams in boca raton says she calmly walked out of the ocean and they are dealing with a 2- foot nurse shark clamped on to her arm. even after it was killed the shark did not come loose from the 23-year-old woman. at last word she was in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery. quite the show in center point
5:36 pm
there were equestrian displays and spectacular performances at windsor castle. she was joined by her husband prince phillip and son prince charles and grandsons, william and harry. queen elizabeth is britain's longest serving monarch. what happened after tourists stuffed a bison into their car. what was said about this meteorologist to prompt someone to hand her a sweater. and what parents could do to help teens behind the wheel. pollen high for trees and grasses and low for weeds. you can find more with the apps. open it and just scroll down to weather maps. we will come back and talk about
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out. we will uncover what is trending because it is revealing. an meteorologist in la is forced
5:40 pm
after viewers complained about her dress. >> you want me to put this on, why? because it is cold. >> we are getting emails. >> what? i look like a librarian now. that was ktla chris burriss handing meteorologist liberty chen a sweater after viewers emailed saying it looked like she was wearing a new year's eve cocktail dress. some people are saying that person shamed her by covering up on air. burress says he was joking around. >> i didn't see anything wrong. a trip to yellow stone is costing tourists a couple extra bucks. >> they were ticketed because they put a baby bison in the back of your suv. the tourists says they thought he looked cold. bisons have been around for a couple thousand of years. i
5:41 pm
the rangers said to put it back where they found it and the problem was that the herd rejected the bison as park rangers had to euthanize it. >> the only artist to score number one billboard albums in six separate decades and barbara streisand is hitting the road and will stop here at the verizon center on the 18th. presale ticket orders started on wednesday and regular ticket orders may 25th. what is going on with tiger woods? we have been asking this question for ten years. he is in town and addressing the latest rumors. right after the break, giddy up, we will introduce
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side of dc. i'm andrea mckaren. he came to d. rto pursue the american dream but tonight the dream of a law student is shattered after a crime in northwest washington in broad daylight. coming up tonight at six. i'll tell you what happened and how
5:45 pm
police capture a criminal on the run. frustrated school teachers took to the streets. upset because teachers have not received a raise since 2011 and chancellor henderson cut off communication years ago. teachers say they are struggling to survive with the cost of living rising. >> in the last three years the average teacher salary has gone down by $2400. in a statement the school system says we are disappointed we have not made more progress to date but we hope to resume more negotiations in the near future. anyone galloping in d. c. yesterday. a blast from the pass. wusa9 ran into a few urban cowboys. >> giddy up
5:46 pm
rameriz. adam and leslie, we were caught in traffic along alabama avenue and horn honking. >> they were causing commotion and people slowed down to snap photos and their owners plaid and vest. >> everybody has a motorcycle. and we ain't got no gas money. >> he calls it eco friendly. horse restricting the carriages but we had a hard time finding laws regarding the horse traveling through d. c. >> for beverly darden it is not done enough. >> i like to ride on the horse. if they bring them in maybe they will allow people to ride them and train them and take care of them. >> it is good to come here and let the kids see that there is other things out here than just hanging out
5:47 pm
and things like that. >> now i'm being told by police this is legal but you do need special permitting and you treat the horse as a vehicle. just as a fun tidbit, i was looking into thing and historians say one in four cowboys were black or african- american. >> i can't imagine that there is a ton of horse stables. >> these guys use horse stables in maryland and transport them to the dc area. not everyone recommends this riding through the city. they say that out of concern for the safety of the riders and the animals. >> because everyone drives so politely of course. great story, thanks. car crashes are the leading cause of death among teens but a new report finds that parents can keep their kids safe with a safe contract. >> when it comes to teens that have a formal agreement with parents, we found that they are ten times less likely
5:48 pm
they are four times less likely to drive when distracted. that's using the cell phone. plus parents say they need to set a good example for their kids when they are driving. safe kids recommend 50 hours of supervised driving under their bell before they get their driver's license. three degree guarantee. we are pretty good today. upper 60s. remember this is well below average. average is like 74. so 68 right now. and i will let you know how we did tonight at 11. in the 30s this morning. 36 at dulless. 67 and humidity down at 28% and winds at 15. headlines tonight, clouds roll in, but we are fine all night and you can take a walk after dinner no worries and not nearly as cold. yellow weather alert tomorrow. rain and showers. heavier activity will be 11:00
5:49 pm
and we do feel both commutes will be wet. just kind of factor that in. light rain and showers ending on wednesday. we will modify wednesday for possible yellow weather alert. future cast tonight. 10:00 and we are still clear. and in the 50s. temperatures are not going to tank like they did last night. 57 downtown. clouds roll in quickly as does the precipitation. 6:00 a.m., to westward we have light showers. by nine a.m. heavier activity, green indicates heavier rainfall and not talking about thunderstorms but a cold miserable may rain. 53 in manassas with rain and by 12:30 or 1:00. rain to the southeast. and now you are seeing yellow and southern maryland into southern charles county and also saint mary's county. not quite th
5:50 pm
to the north but not a pretty day. low 50s to mid-50s. i think most folks will hold in the 50s tomorrow. 6:00 p.m. tomorrow night. we are in between two systems but we manage to connect to each other. lucky for us. lingering showers. upper 50s down and mid-50s in the suburbs and more rain and showers as we get into tomorrow night and into very early in the morning on wednesday. tonight, increasing cloudiness and cool. winds turn southwest at ten. on the day planner, rain across the board, 54 to start and look what happens, 54 at 1:00. temperatures don't move and they fall a little bit when the rain becomes heavier. more showers on wednesday. 66. that might be too warm. we'll go to the weather alert and thursday, 73. pleasant on friday. there are two days to focus outdoors because more rain on saturday and cool and showers on sunday and more showers on monday and nats in town
5:51 pm
go back in the 70s. now, wusa9 game on sports. brought to you by exfinity. well, just about as elusive as the sun around here, we had a tiger woods citing. congressional. >> that's where we find our kristen berset and she is not alone. >> look who is with me. good morning washington, anchor mike hydak. >> we just got done with golf and tiger woods was here and we saw him hit a few shots on this tee that we are about to show you and he talked about whether he was ready to come back. what do you think from what you saw and heard? >> he has been pretty candid about saying i have no idea. and his doctor i guess is going to be the one to decide. and he gets asked on
5:52 pm
basis. when we have watched him hit a couple of shots he gingerly walked up to the ball. >> saw stretching and grunting and said if i knew i was going to play. i am going to play and he responded to everybody saying online that tiger woods career is done and here is what he had to say. >> yeah. i get that asked a lot whether it is great seeing you. i thought you were dead and i said no, i'm right here in front of you so people have written me off. i'm not that part -- i'm not fertilizer so as far as my golf, i'm progressing and getting better. just give it a little time. and you know i'm looking forward to being out here and competing. i miss the guys. >> reporter: so we are here at the 10
5:53 pm
the quicken loans million dollar hole. they did that last year, if one of the players hit a hole-in- one somebody will win a million dollars. mike will start it off. he's the professional and show us how it is done. let's check out the tee, the 10th hole over the water. >> no pressure. >> no pressure, mike. >> that looks good. headed for the sand. headed for the sand. the pressure from the cameras. >> your turn. >> tiger woods unfortunately put three in the water as we saw this morning. his back was stiff. he was convinced to have the third shot. kris, plenty of juice here. >> look at that. >> where did it go? >> did it miss the water? >> stay, stay. okay. so that's sort of what tiger did this morning. he
5:54 pm
back in and hopefully fingers crossed that he will get a chance to play this season. beautiful day and back to you in the studio as we get cleaned up. more at six. the pressures are on when they know thousands if not millions are watching. well done believe a law student comes to uc to chase the american dream but ends up chasing the person that stole his laptop. also at six, donald trump fights back after a newspaper details his alleged history of mistreating women. an arlington, virginia elementary school set a
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a satellite in space. at a virginia elementary school made history becoming the first school to put a satellite into space. if this tiny cube satellite works, it will beam back photos of earth to schools around the world. mark albert reports from the launch ceremony in arlington. 400 students at thomas moore cathedral celebrated monday after nasa released the cube satellite into space. >> it was awesome and that was the first time i watched it in space. >> once the antenna deploys it is going to take a pick of earth anam
5:58 pm
seconds. >> you will see the pictures. >> yes. >> emily socker let the mission at the school, a kindergarten teacher. >> the lesson is perseverance. you can do anything. >> the father of one of the stories came up with the satellite idea and admits he had ulterior motive. >> this gentleman is a scientist. >> we need engineers and scientists. >> what do you think? >> we did it. >> 6th grader mcphail's mother was overcome with joy. >> did i see you wipe a tear away. >> yes. this is personal for me, yes. >> the satellite battery should last nine months powering inspiration for schools around the globe. mark albert, cbs news, arlington, virginia.
5:59 pm
the equipment needed to down load the satellite pictures from space for $200. it is the same technology used by the apollo mission to send back those stunning images half a century ago. right now at six, two law school students are crime victims and it is all caught on camera. they claim that police are not doing enough to catch the criminals. donald trump encountering a new york times article about his treatment of women. >> ground breaking transplant surgery never been done in the u.s. until now. i'm bruce johnson. >> and caught on video in northwest washington, a nightmare for two law students. >> the thieves shattered the glass of one student's vehicle and stealing the belongings of another. andrea mckaren has more of this brazen crime. >> reporter: bruce and jan at 4th and i street in
6:00 pm
washington. it turns out it was ahmad's first night in the d c apartment. the couple thrilled to be here and this happened. >> reporter: watch closely at this crime. the suspect rolls up on a bike and places his hands on the car and peers into the window. moments later, he smashes the glass and snatches ahmad's belongings in roughly 25 seconds. >> i lost my laptop bag that contained my math book and my entire law school career is on that. >> the thief stole his backpack and textbook and many sentimental items. >> i was so excited. >> ahmad was in dc here to chase the american dream. it was abruptly shattered along with his friend. he had driven ahmad and his wife to their new apartment. unloading their luggage they wento


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