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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  May 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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well, windshield wipers and umbrellas will serve you well right now. the wusa 9 weather team got you ready for it. with their accurate forecast. now, it is time to find out when it is moving out of here. good afternoon, and thanks for joining us. for the news at
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i'm mike hydeck. meteorologist allyson rae is tracking the system on doppler radar. how long will it stick around? >> too long. i think that is the answer. we're done with the wet weather. here we go again. showers are continuing. the back edge here, this is not going to be all night long. we will see things taper off a little bit. the rain chances are not completely done just yet. they will linger. messy weather back off to the west. we will be tracking more showers tomorrow as wem. let's go to the future cast tonight. let's look at the temperatures. not budging all day. in the 50s. by 3:30, improvements but you have to lug around the umbrella. and more showers in southern maryland and drying out to the north and west. as you head to dinnertime, your drive home, 5:00 to 8:00, we are fine, and really starting to dry out. can't rule out the spotty showers. a little built of mist and the road spray, too, and temperatures in the 50s. and showers are back in the forecast, as early as midnight tonight and the day tomorrow. but we
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some of the workweek. we will get to those details and you can always get our latest forecast on the wusa 9 app. of course. >> thank you, allison. it was last year's deadly amtrak derailment, caused by a distracted engineer. the national transportation safety board has not released the official cause just yet. this is video the crash. and board members though have been meeting for more than two hours, discussing their findings. mikea turner joins us from the newsroom with the latest on what they are working on. >> at this time, investigators say speed, distraction and lack of technology that is supposed to slow down a speeding train may have contributed to the cause of that crash. it appears at this point, it is part of that probable cause. now, officials say, brian boschen the train engineer was distracted by radio transmissions the day his train jumped the track and he lost track of where he was moments before he reached the speed of 106 miles an hour while approaching a dangerous curve. the speed limit there is
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50. ntsb officials say speed controls on the track should have slowed down the train but those were not working. he doesn't remember much because of a head injury he suffered in a cr ash. but he listened in on a dispatcher and operator of a local commuter train that had been hit by a rock. and earlier reports say he was concerned about the operate's safety and his own. investigators say the right technology could have prevented the mistake. >> time and again, accidents, are the biggest safety challenge we find, human error. and this is an area where technology can be so helpful. and ptc, positive train control is this technology. >> again, that backup safety feature did not work. other new details here, when the train derailed, emergency windows dislodged while the train cars slid on their sides and because of this, four people were ejected. and killed. that's the latest from the newsroom you can keep up with the developments by
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back to you. >> thanks, live in the newsroom. tracking metro, the slower trip to work is soming up this week. throughout the week, metro is going to slow down the orange silver and blue line trains in the mcpherson square area. crews are doing some maintenance work on a tight curve there and some long term slowdowns, too. metro is going to limit the speeds to 45 miles per hour. on certain sections of the red, orange, silver, and blue line, as well. and that is also for a safety precaution. fairfax county police are looking for a man who shot someone during an attempted robbery early this morning. the attack, 2:00 a.m., at collins meed way in kingstown. the victim said he was approached by a man who demanded money and shot him in the harm. the victim ran after the shooter who fired a second round but no one was hurt by that one. >> good for him. >> you think so? >> oh, yes. >> and why? >> they shouldn't be able to think they can get can -- hold up people and get away with it. >> however,
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rather find a safe place and call for help. and that suspect is still at large right now. dc police are investigating a string of shootings that left two people dead, most of them happened in southeast dc, the first shooting near a gas station at 4800 texas avenue in southeast. that's near east capital street. and that's where police found 22-year-old tayvon cummings dead. another homicide, took place at 49th street, near a street, and also in southeast dc, and 45- year-old tracy coopers was killed there. and police believe these two shootings were related. now, the victims in the other four shootings remain in the hospital right now. the race for the democratic nomination continues today with a pair of states holding primaries, and as craig boswell report, the leading candidate is already looking ahead to the general election against donald trump. >> voters in kentucky and oregon could help determine who will win the democratic nomination. >> bernie. >> bernie sanders is poised to win one, possibly both
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when all of counting is done. but hillary clinton has a huge delegate lead. and is already preparing to square off against the republican opponent. >> i am hoping and really looking forward to debating donald trump in the fall. >> the money behind clinton is moving ahead, too. >> you can see there was blood coming out of her eyes. >> priorities usa, a super-pac supporting clinton released the first ads aimed at trump, these people had been lip sinking syncing statements. >> you can tell them to go [ bleep ] himself. >> megyn kelly is one of those trump had problems with and sits down with her for an interview tuesday night. >> you seem to stay angry for months. was that real? or was that strategy? >> i have great respect for you, that you were able to call me and say let's get together and let's talk. >> trump is one reason there is a movement for some republicans to run as a
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candidate. >> i think the republican party gets a better choice than trump and also clinton. >> some have said no to an independent bid including ohio governor john kasich. >> with this election season, like none other, in recent memory, make sure you stay up- to-the-minute with campaign 2016. the wusa 9 app is where you can do that. anything you want, on the road to the white house. it is right at your fingertips. 24/7. and a clear day, there is no better view of the dc skyline than the one you get from the top of the washington monument. and now, you can grab your camera, and unlike today, and head up there again, because the elevator is fixed. a live look right now through the rain. the national park service had to shut it down, the elevator did, because it stopped working this past saturday. it turns out it was a faulty computer chip that was the problem and the park service is in the process of hiring a company to inspect it to see what is going to be upgraded. for 13
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special agent anthony denozzo on ncis and it all ends tonight. our live interview with michael weatherly about his next career move. and we see what animal experts are doing to make rhinos in the wild less attractive to poachers. >> and giving up a new car in wakeup washington. three more keys to give away. watch every morning at 6:00 a.m. for the word of the day and you get a chance at a brand new set of wheels. we pay tax, title and tags. and you drive away. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. rangers in south africa are taking dramatic actions to protect rhinos. they are removing, you can see with a chain saw right there, the animal's horns. it is a bid to ensure they survive. south africa has most of the world's rhinos. and the country is now ng
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killed the animals, cut off their horns and then sell them illegally in asia. well, it didn't take long for a law student in northwest dc to learn that crime can strike anywhere anytime in dc. here is the proof. surveillance video from fourth street in northwest. watch the guy on the bicycle. go up to the car. peer into the window. and moments later, he smashes the glass. and then grabs ahmed slay's backpack, his textbook and a bunch of other perm personal items in 25 seconds. a go fund me page has been set up to help replace the items he has lost. and we have more information on this story, if you would like to help, on the wusa 9 app. phone cameras these days, can really take some beautiful pictures. well, there is another way to take your photography to the next level. they are called blips. it is a tiny lens kit that attaches to your phone's camera. and in some cases, you can take shots that are so close, it looks like an image from a microscope. the basic
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summer. we are under a yellow alert. so what does that mean for your afternoon plans. it is soggy now. will
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hey, hey. a >> trip to pick up lottery tickets turned deadly for 46- year-old james grere. he was pulled er
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suspected drunk driving in may of 2014 and suddenly the wituation escalated and ended 17th officers on top of him while they repeatedly zapped him witha taser. and now his family is demanding justice. >> his lips were blue and discolored. and they still continued to put the rap on him with his head slumped over and unconscious. at that point, it took almost seven minutes before anybody tried to give him cpr. >> so far, not one of the officers involved has been charged. there is an ongoing investigation, though. court document, however, state that, quote, police used reasonable force. grere's family has now hired an attorney and they are planning to sue the hayward police department as well as the city. a couple of tourists visiting yellowstone national park are in some hot water after they put a bison calf in the back of their suv. have you seen this story? they said they thought the animal looked cold and wanted to help. it is a wild animal. rangers gave them a
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tragically the calf had to be euthanized, because after the contact with the tourists it was too comfortable and approaching people and cars. and it was ostracized from the rest of the calves. park visitors require that visitors stay at least 25 yards away from wildlife in yellowstone. a much happier outcome for this mama duck and a dozen ducklings when they waddled into an elementary school in charles city, minnesota. you can see the mama duck built a nest and laid some eggs in the school's courtyard and how cute are they? the eggs hatched and monday was the first time for the new family to head out into the wild. and it also turned to be a neat learning experience for the kids. sitting there on the side. there and the family now makes its home in a nearby creek. stories from across the country and right here in our backyard, that everyone will be talking about today. nikki burdine has you covered, in today's trending report. >> an inspirational story. a veteran defying the odds. bryce harper gets
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award. and an old-fashioned burger chain goes high-tech. some of the stories trending today. >> next time you order a frosty, it might be at a self serve kiosk. wendy's is rolling them out to save money, replacing workers with touch screen technology. already happening at some mcdonald's and panera restaurants. now thousands of wendy's across the country will be doing the same. it is all in response to california's minimum wage increase. which is now up to $10 an hour. and will soon be $15. >> and top dc sports star bryce harper made an appearance on "the tonight show" last night and didn't do an interview but he played a little game called catch phrase. here is one of the crews. >> you put this ouarnd trophies and stuff so they don't break when shipping items. >> what you wrap around trophies -- >> we got! >> we got it! >> like looking in a mirror, man. >> unreal. >> i don't own one trophy. >> jimmy fallon made fun of harper talking about trophies, to describe how he
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wrap. to iraq war veterans who lost right legs to road side bombings will try to be the first combat amputees to climb mount everest. trying to make the 29,029-foot trek on friday. weather permitting. army reservist chad dukes and staff sergeant charley lindsell are on separate expeditions. >> two other army officers on the summit, if successful they will be the first two active duty service members to reach thtop of mount everest. that's what is trending today. i'm nikki burdine. now back to you. uncle. we had it. i have had it. uncle. >> i am with you. i feel like i'm getting mean tweets. saying make it stop. >> the chill in the air. >> i need some vitamin d. >> i feel the same way. >> you
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topper said there is one may years ago that we had 20 days, or what was it? >> 22 if he recalled correctly. >> and we are at 14 of 17 of this month so far. so let's keep it going. or not. >> we need some sunshine. let's take a look at the michael and son tower cam. it is cloudy. it is uncomfortable. it is cool. and only with the temperature, if they could get back up to normal in the 70s. we do have some better-looking weather for the end of the week. but then we have the weekend to talk about. i know, i am just full of good news here. let's see what we can get out of here, with good news. cloudy skies by now. temperatures are in the 50s. and here is the good news. we are kind of in the midst of the work part of it. for today. and things will improve as we head through the dinner hour. not getting much warmer, though. staying in the upper 50s today across the board and consistent temperatures, and 52 for gaithersburg. and 53 for the area. and tomorrow, we have another rain chance. not nearly as bad. spotty showers, and you will see that on the future cast. thursday,
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for friday as well. and saturday, not looking too promising. but we will keep our eyes on it for you. and here are the showers, the back edge, it is getting out of the interstate 81 corridor. and so go through the future cast, and things stay around, for another few hours, and we are talking to about 3:00, but already improving, and drier weather through frederick and hagerstown. and down 81 and lighter and spottier, and lingering for southern maryland through the mid afternoon. and 7:30, as early as 6:00, we are drying out across the board and can't rule out some spotty showers for the rest of the evening. here they come back for wednesday morning, and now, wednesday morning, they will be wetter for areas off to the north and west and maryland the panhandle, could see some more of that, more steady rainfall, as well. and spotty showers, morning, and afternoon, and for wednesday. and we haven't pulled the trigger on the yellow weather alert day. but still uncomfortable and not a good sunny spring day. i can promise you that. still cloudy. still cool. we will go with lower 60s. but that is is very optimistic with the northerly wind.
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forecast for now. we might have to adjust that downward a little bit. as we head to thursday, we are leaving it dry. but i think morning clouds and a stray shower for areas north and west. for today, we are stuck in the 50s. i think our warmest temperature so far has only been 57 degrees. and yellow weather alert day. isolated showers tomorrow. you won't have to kind of hold on to that umbrella all day tomorrow. we will be a lot spottier. and you can track the showers on the app easily. and 64 degrees. and thursday, 72 degrees. not bad, but that forecast, it is subject to change. i will say friday is looking promising. and clouds will increase, and now saturday, preakness, a lot of outdoor activities on saturday. it looks pretty wet. i saw a new computer model run that takes bull's eye of the rain farther south near norfolk. we will watch that one, too. lingering showers on sunday. i can't stay here. >> we know that. >> i got to go. >> we know. get him a plane. >> it is already booked. >> plane leaves
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four hours. boarding pass is in your inbox. >> what are you waiting for? >> hey, go. >> he spent 13 seasons playing special agent tony dinozzo and tonight, michael weatherly will make his final appearance on the cbs hit show "ncis" and joining us live from new york city. and we have a special connection to the show with the dc landmarks and the story lines over the years. thanks for joining us. >> you bet. and ncis was in washington, d.c. just a few weeks ago, shooting in the white house. with michelle obama. >> i remember. we did a story on that, too. really, really cool. dinozzo really connects with fans and so many are reacting on social media to your final night tonight. i would like to read one or two comments to get your reaction. is that okay? >> of course. >> okay, so barbara writes, we will miss michael. i would love to see him as the next james bond. what do you think? >> well, bob, we've made
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to see me again, you would like to see my -- >> the best james bond, too. excellent. excellent. >> high five. this is his handle. he says his performance is like having multiple personalities of your favorite actors all the way from the duke, john wayne, to fred flintstone. >> there it is. that's what i was shooting for. >> you are making an impact. and bob montgomery probably says it all for the fans. michael, 9 grass is not greener on other side. -- the grass is not greener on the other side. he is very upset you're leaving. you got to be flattered by the comments. >> yes, very sweet. and i can only say that i think that fans of the show tonight, the season finale, it is a really, really epic, big, in the classic ncis pattern, it really is full of surprises, and i think everyone should be prepared, and mike, i brought you a kleenex, if you would like one. maybe you don't need it yet. but everyone
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for, you know, the kind of television that you might not be able to go to work tomorrow. >> that good. well, congratulations, on a great run on ncis. and we know you have another show in the works on cbs. it is called "boss." >> "bull." >> bull. >> it is called "bull." >> congratulations. thank you for your time. and don't forget you can watch michael weatherly's final appearance tonight. weervegz. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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welcome back. tonight on wusa 9 news at 5:00, a sad story out of northern virginia. a teacher is accused of raping and sexually assaulting two students. we are going to follow-up on
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district, too. and two people are dead after six different shootings there. and also, what an nba center called opposing guards that has him apologizing now. >> that will do it for the news at noon. i'm mike hydeck. have a
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