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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  May 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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anthrax. the man is also going through decontamination process on scene. and then they'll take him to the hospital. also, the police officers who arrested him. they will also go to that same decontamination process. we talked to a man as he was trying to get to his car from work. >> so i looked over and there was a gentleman in the car on the phone. eventually, he came out, put his hands up and some officers walked up to him after about 10 minutes or so. he had his hands up. the officers looked like they had gas masks on. and they just walked him to the bench on the side of the mall there. >> reporter: now, that man and other people are still not able to get to their cars. those are also right over my shoulder here. they're trapped. they're not allowed to get in this area. 3rd and fourth street, still shut down. some areas and walkways around pennsylvania and madison street. they say it could take several hours before this is all cleared up. reporting
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wusa 9. >> hopefully it's much ado about nothing. ellen, thank you. like a driver who misses his exit on the beltway, the engineer on that deadly amtrak derailment that happened a year ago, near philadelphia, lost track of where he was. thought he was farther down the rail line, where the speed limit was 110 miles an hour. that's the conclusion today, at the national transportation safety board, which also warned more people are likely to die, until all railroads implement automatic safety systems. wusa 9's bruce leshan is live with details on this. good evening, bruce. >> hey, adam. here is something i didn't know. there are no posted speed limit signs on the rails. amtrak engineers pride themselves on knowing exactly where they are and exactly how fast they are allowed to go. but in this case, the ntsb says brandon bostian was distracted by reports of someone throwing
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trcks at trains and simply lost ack of where he was. >> reporter: bostian hit the throttle just before the crash. accelerating the amtrak regional to 106 miles an hour, as it rounded a 50-mile-an-hour turn. eight people died. 185 were hurt. >> we shouldn't be here today. >> reporter: he was on the phone with his wife when the train new off the rails. >> the part that doesn't make sense is how does one accelerate, when you're distracted? >> reporter: the engineer said he was worried about a commuter train ahead that had been hit by a rock. "i blew my train's whistle quite a bit. i was concerned. with all the confusion on the radio, that they may have personnel on the ground ." the ntsb concluded the veteran engineer with an unblemished record was distracted and thought that he was approachin
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a significant curve. >> he went in a matter of seconds from distraction to disaster. >> reporter: for 45 years, the ntsb has pressured the federal railroad administration to mandate what is called positive train control, or ptc, a backup system that would have slowed the train automatically if the engineer was going too fast. >> this shows that any human on even their best day can make a mistake. and that's the reason that ptc is so important. >> reporter: amtrak now says that it has installed positive train control, ptc, on every section, every mile, of the northeast corridor, that it controls. but congress has pushed the mandate along, delayed it, passed it down later in time. lid the ntsb is concerned, more
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installed in every mile of the rail system. live at union station, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> let's hope they get there sooner, rather than later. now, the ntsb also wants the railroad administration to require more safety systems on the windows inside the trains. some of the victims were ejected through the windows. and others, including lynn were hurt when they were thrown sideways out of their seats. like a broken record. it's another yellow weather alert day. the live look outside right now, where the rain is making another wet ride home for you. first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt is in the weather center. and top, gee, what are we seeing on first alert doper? >> gee. -- doppler. >> gee. well, we're seeing a back edge of resip -- precipitation. we're pretty much done in frederick for a while. wind chill, sprinkles off to the west. most of e
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leesburg, fairfax. moving slowly. nothing is crazy heavy now. but yes, enough to make the roads wet. up toward rockville and germantown. heaviest activity is into southern maryland. a little different shades of green there. a little heavy activity south of marlboro. as you go down 301 and 5. the guzz 92 -- good news is, nothing heavy. 10:00 tonight, probably can take a walk after dinner. low to mid-50s. most of the showers well to the west of us. bue bu by morning, future cast is kind of emphatic. just scattered showers in town. that said, that's enough and prompted enough for a yellow weather alert. at least in the morning. by 8:00, most of us have light showers. and by 10:00, showers about everywhere, even down into southern maryland. when we come back, we'll talk about the possibility of canceling that for wednesday afternoon. when we'll see the sun. and we'll look ahead to preakness day. all right, top. tonight, we're learningmo
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about a fairfax county teen, killed while walking along some train tracks. this happened last night on burke road. and ileana diaz spoke with people who knew 18-year-old erica dunne. >> erica dunne was last seen on these train tracks with her two friends. they made it out alive. but unfortunately, she didn't. today, many are finding out about it on social media. >> a friend that was with her at the time had sent out a tweet to pray for her. and i was like, oh, my god. >> reporter: friends spent the night, praying for erica dunne. she was walk on the tracks with two friends when she was hit by a train on burke road. her two friends were able to get out of the way. but not erica. this happened around 9:40, monday night. erica later died at the hospital. >> it's like such an extreme way to go. >> i can't imagine what the family is going through at the moment, to be honest. and when i found out, i was upset myself. >> reporter: the signs around the train tracks read no trespassing. but we're told this is actually a popular hangout. >> it's kind of a regular
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for teenagers to just kind of go and hang out. >> reporter: erica was known to go there often. >> the train is really scary. because i know a lot of kids hang out down there. >> reporter: erica graduated from lake braddock cross country last year. she was on the cross country team and the choir. >> she was so sweet, so nice to everyone. especially on choir, she was so talented. very good singer. >> i remember she smiled a lot. that was always nice to see. >> it's not fair to be taken that young. each after they -- even after they graduate from this school, they're still one of us. >> reporter: those who knew her say they hope others will stay clear of these tracks. meanwhile, police say they're investigating exactly what happened here. reporting in burke, virginia, i'm ileana diaz, wusa 9. in the last two years, there have been 29 fatal train accidents, involving pedestrians. one of those was near the burke center amtrak station. we've got some breaking news from the district right now. two
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officers indicted for involuntary manslaughter, following the death of a man at med star washington hospital center. we have been following this story since 74 yearly james mcbride died last october. the medical examiner determined that he died of blunt force injury. if convicted, they face up to 30 years in prison. the fairfax county board of supervisors, taking action today. reacting to a wusa 9 investigation into sexual harassment complaints. and the fire department. the board voted to hire an outside consultant to examine the working environment in the fire and rescue department. now, the action comes weeks after the suicide of nicole mittendorf. and the apparent sexual harassment directed toward her by other firefighters. and late last week, fire officials were placed on leave. reported on lewd images he had posted on
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to campaign 2016 now, where voters are casting their ballots in two states today. primaries under way in oregon and kentucky. bernie sanders is poised to win and possibly both states am but hillary clinton has a huge delegate lead and is already preparing to square off against donald trump. she began running anti-trump ads on television. some disgruntled republicans aren't happy with their current choice and have not given up yet on the third party candidate. >> i hope the country gets a better choice than clinton or trump. it it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. >> several he said no. organizers of the third party candidate drive believe they will know in the next couple of weeks if there is someone willing to run against trump and clinton. a final farewell today for the final victim of the shooting rampage in montgomery county. a funeral service was held today
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claudeina molina, at st. jude catholic church in rockville today. molina was shot and killed in a parking lot, outside an aspen hill giant store. they say it killed molina and two others this month. desire new information on a couple of women who looted dozens of items from a victoria's secret stores. dumping all of the items into a lawn-sized trash bag. that was back on april 27th at the town center in waldorf. police have issued an arrest warrant for alexis weston of d.c. and charges are also pending for a 17-year-old woman, a female, i should say. and detectives have discovered stolen items at a home in the district. one of washington's top tourist attractions is back in business. >> finally, after being closed saturday, the washington moanulate opened -- monument opened again saturday. park service blames the le
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elevator control board. so we're just getting started here on wusa 9 at 5:00. a college professor, behind bars tonight, accused of sexually assaulting two students at northern virginia community college. president obama explains for the first time, what prompted him to step into the debate on transgender students, using bathrooms at public schools. topper is back with more on when this gloomy weather will finally give way to seasonable sunshine. and right after the break, new details and reaction after a day of deadly violence in southeast d.c.
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fear and sadness permeate a southeast washington neighborhood, where an outburst of violence yesterday left two people dead and four others suffering from gunshot wounds. >>
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as 22 yearly tevon davanty cummings and 45-year-old tracy louise cooper. andrea joins us live with reaction. >> reporter: we're at 49th and b streets in southeast where that outburst of violence has proven to be a turning point for some who live in the area. they are very concerned no one has been caught. a cold rain fell on this southeast washington crime scene. police stood guard. two murders, less than half a mile apart. and investigators believe they are connected. >> i'm scared for myself. and that's just it. myself, my kids, everybody. nobody is say. -- is safe. >> reporter: on this dismal gray day, the outlook feels bleak.
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shattered families, anguish and despair has come to stay. >> i'd rather move with my kids. >> i just think it's ridiculous. it's ridiculous. >> again and again, we heard that hope was in short supply. >> this neighborhood. you know. there's no surprise. >> and then we met ray evans. >> the hope is education. and d.c. should offer it for free. >> we've got money to do that. so people have money to look forward to hope. real skills and not hang it out on the corner, getting shot or shooting someone. >> reporter: it took six interviews for us to find someone who still believed there was hope in this neighborhood, of the other five, two told us they're planning to move away. reporting live from southeast washington, andrea mccarren, wusa 9. >> and no one should have to live that way, andre a. thank you. police are offering a reward of
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up to dr. 25 -- $25,000 to anyone with information leading to arrest and conviction of the person responsible for any homicide in the district. a big defeat today, for supporterps of d.c. gun laws -- supporters of d.c. gun laws am a federal judge has ruled on a key provision of the district's gun law. and that it's likely unconstitutional. soso judge richard leon issued a preliminary injunction that orders police to stop asking people for a, quote, good reason, in order to get a permit to carry a firearm on city streets. the law in question was passed in 2014, after its previous ban was overturned by a different judge. tonight, we're hearing president obama's first comments since issuing new guidelines on transgender students, using bathrooms and public schools. in the buzz feed interview, the president said the measure is designed to protect those students. >> i think that it is part of our obligation as a society to make sure that
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treated fairly and our kids are all loved. and that they're protected. and that their dignity is affirmed. >> the guidelines give access to give transgender students access to bathrooms and locker rooms that match their chosen gender identity. critics say the president's orders are an overreach. it seems we play that same refeign, every day. >> it is. and i resisted and resisted. and we issued one for tomorrow. we had to. >> so day thattens in y. >> there we go. the good news swe may be able to cancel it tomorrow afternoon, when the rain passes. let's talk about how many days it's rained in the month of may. in case you're scoring at home. here's our calendar for you. it rained the first 11 days in a row. then we had a break on
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thursday. then it rained the 13th and 14th. had a break on sunday. and a break yesterday. and now we're looking at rain today. so that is a whopping 14 out of 17 days. now, the only may that i can find to compare with this in recent memory is 2003, when it rained 24 days out of 31. we shall see if we can maybe not break that one. live look outside. care our michael and sons cam. winds north/northeasterly at 5. radar over the last hour, showing everything light. most of it moving across 270 and 95 into the delmarva. there are a few leftover showers, towards leesburg. and a few straggler showers. most of the activity is essentially right around the beltway. so wet road for most. silver spring, east-west highway, gwinnett, 29. potomac. hyacinth, 1.23. also toward walkers mill and toward bowie. but again, the good news, nothing heavy. but the
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scattered showers tonight. and yes, another yellow weather alert for tomorrow. the morning commute looks wet. evening commute may actually be dry. if that were the case, if we would cancel the yellow weather alert. going to take a while. nice on friday. friday is the day to play golf, cut the grass. because another soaking rain rolls in here for in time for the weekend. you can probably walk the dog without the umbrella. low to mid-50s. and by morning, showed you this earlier. future cast, pretty emphatic. i think so i buy that. temperatures, low 50s. 50 in gaithersburg. 51 in silver spring and fairfax. and again, this is at 6:00 in the morning. then by 8:00, 9:00, future cast is removed the showers from the immediate metro area. but just be advised, there could be showers here. heavier activity to the west and across the divide there. and then by 12:30. scattered showers. look, only 56 downtown. showers also
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maryland. around saint mary's county. and then by evening, a few showers. but not much. may have a dry commute home. temperatures struggling to get to 60. maybe 60 in sterling. 60 downtown. maybe 60 in bowie. but 59 in gaithersburg. and 8:30, a lot of clouds, very few showers. you go way out to cumberland and romney. so. day planner looks like this. no shortage of showers in the morning. then temperatures lingering, about 58, 59 degrees. afternoon sun on thursday. will take a while. we'll say 69 and 75 friday. that is the plum day of the week, so to speak. next seven days. rain on saturday, we're going to call it a cold rain. i think 62 is a cold rain for may. showers linger, sunday, monday, tuesday. they're not washout days. temperatures go back in the low 70s monday and tuesday as the nets return to town. >> thanks, topper. and no offense. i honestly wake up every morning, having forgotten what you said about the forecast the night before. all right? >> but you don't have
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every day. >> my alarm clock goes off, i check nigh news app so i know what to wear when i take my little girl to the buzz stop. the app is free. why not download it? >> please? still ahead. google has a new way for you to communicate with your friends. and a new medication to keep the dog calm when the thunder roars. like you know, lately. i'll tell you about it in our consumer alert. and alzheimer's. prince george's county executive comes home to it every day. he and his family are sharing their story with me. and they're talking about the long goodbye. tonight at 11:00.
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police are looking for the gunman who shot and killed a man. >> the attack happened this morning in the kingstown area. the victim said he was approached by a man who demanded money, then shot him in the arm. police say the victim then ran after the shooter who fired off a second round, but no one got hit that time. the suspects did get away. no foul play here. that's the word from fairfax county police today, following the discovery of a woman's body in
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police have not released the woman's name. but they do say that death does not appear to be suspicious or criminal in nature. let's talk a little consumer news now. and things are looking up for the housing market and for home depot sales. the retailer got a 7% boost. a survey of u.s. home builders find four months of straight optimism in the market. and the housing imdex is positive. clocking in at a score of 58. it is a new way to communicate with your friends. google's space app. lets you share links and youtube videos. here's the best part. you don't have to bounce around between apps. google's spaces is available on android and ios phones. and you can help get xanax for pooches. this is something you give to pooches when thunder or other things send them over
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without putting them to sleep. it available now, but only with a written prescription from your vet. straight ahead. marijuana blowback. an increase in violence in prince george's county, as a result of relaxed pot laws. plus, we try out new technology, designed to keep you safe, behind the wheel. and right after the break, a teacher at northern virginia community college. accused of at giant, shoppers are discovering low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do,
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a professor who taught at northern virginia community college, is behind bars tonight, charged with raping and sexually assaulting two students. peggy fox is at the manassas campus, where those alleged attacks happened. >> reporter: the suspect's name is yuceph talive. he taught math here at the manassas campus. two scom plaints from two women -- two complaints from two women allege that he raped one of them. >> yuceph, after a third party, not the alleged victims, called police. he was an adjunct professor who ought taught math. he's now been fired, and behind bars with rape, and sexual battery charges against him. >> i wouldn't believe that here in manassas, this campus here, we would have something going on like that. >> i just january it's very -- just think it's very shocking. >> the two women said that talive sexually aste
5:30 pm
one victim said that when she went to get help with math, talive put his hands down her pants and raped her in a classroom. she said he also grabbed her breasts and buttocks, at least once each week of classes since march 22nd. a spokesman for the college said that talive was hired in august of last year and that he only worked here at the manassas campus. the college's own police department is handling the investigation. and they say if there are any other victims, they'd like to hear from them. in manassas, peggy fox, wusa 9. >> and yuceph talive has a court appearance next wednesday in the prince williams county courthouse. >> he's accused of killing has estranged wife and staging it to look like a suicide. in loudoun county for the trial of raulio castillo. prosecutor says more than two years ago, michelle castillo was breet -- beaten and strangled before she was found hanging in the bathroom. raulio remains free on bond. there are a
5:31 pm
floating around. trying to explain an an alarming spike in the number of murders right now. and in prince george's county, statistics are beginning to point to the marijuana trade to account for at least some of it. what's different is decriminalization. and how that may have affected how people in the shadow trade are doing their dangerous business to supply the demands. scott broom for us, live in prince george's county for us tonight, to tell us more about what you learned. >> decriminalization means decriminalization. but dealing this stuff is still a felony. and it's causing problems. here's what i found today. here in prince george's county, of 12 murders, classified as drug-related. all 12 of them were not related to heroin or pcp or methamphetamine. all 12 of them were related to marijuana. >> one theory is that the trade has exploded with decriminalization in both
5:32 pm
though dealing weed is still a felony. a business conducted in the shadows. the death of sean hargrave may be the result. he was shot to death in brandy wine may 2nd. prince george's investigators say it was a marijuana-related robbery. eight days later, three other young men were charmed with the -- charged with the murder. the spike in marijuana-related murders is on the radar. police say dealers are often young and getting in the business without much thought. there are turf battles, drug debts and robberies, all come with scores to settle, each to frequently result in death. meanwhile, possession of marijuana has been to decriminalize. possession of 10 grams or less in maryland will net you nothing worse than the equivalent of a traffic ticket. decriminalization, seems to be doing more harm than good. >> they should be doing the same thing they are doing in colorado and seattle and all the other es
5:33 pm
the schools. >> basically, control it yourself. and do what you need to do. manage it responsibly. i have no problem with it. >> if it can be regulated, it's fine. >> reporter: but that marijuana legal to possess in smaller amounts has to come from somewhere in big amounts. and the underground black market is stepping up to provide. in prince george's, it appears the result is at least a dozen homicides. which may partly explain why, after years of declines, the murder rate here has suddenly spiked. >> all right. there were 81 murders in prince george's county last year. 2015. so far this year in 2016, there have been 33 murders and more than 30% of those have been related to the marijuana trade, according to investigators. reporting live in suitland, scott broom, wusa 9. >> certainly a lot to think about there. thanks. the next step towards legalization comes in maryland,
5:34 pm
legally grow marijuana for medical use. the state expects legal medical marijuana to din flowing in -- begin flowing in 2017. now to the trial of officer edward nero. today, fellow officers took the stand for the defense. nero is charged with several misdemeanors in the arrest that led to gray's death. he was on bike patrol at the time. according to the baltimore sun, one witness testified that he's never seen officers train on putting suspects into a police van. dozens of people killed in bombing and suicide attacks. today in baghdad, it's the latest violence in a wave of almost daily massacres by isis forces. in one attack, a roadside bomb exploded at an open market. that was followed by a suicide bomber who blew herself up, among a crowd of people who gathered. a trip to a home improvement store took a frightening turn for a customer in north carolina. a poisonous copper head snake
5:35 pm
customer in the gardening department of lowe's. that shopper was taken to the hospital. we don't know the condition. the garden department is located outside the main store. that copper head was killed and removed in a shopping bag. no thank you. trending now. nats star, bryce harper, playing games on late-night tv. and why this woman is leading a viral protest, inside a target store. and what this nba player said about his opponents opponents that has him apologizing tonight. hi, topper. we still have light showers across the metro area. we actually got a pollen reading today. it is low for trees. but now high for grasses. speak of grasses. we'll tell you when you can cut your grass this week. and yet another yellow weather alert for wednesday. >> and did you hear, we're giving away a brand new car on wake up washington. just three more days left. watch for the word of the day d
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new set of ws.heel
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it's all fun and games. until you end up on the tonight show.
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harper on the tonight show last night. >> he did play a game of catch phrase with host jimmy fallon, comedian andy sandberg and host gigi hadid. >> you put this around trophies andid you have, so it doesn't break. >> bubble wrap. >> boom. >> big dance at the end of high school. oh, come on. >> what was it? >> it was prom queen. sorry. >> i didn't go to high school. so i wouldn't know anyway. >> he nailed it. >> what did he say? >> i didn't understand. but it's very intimidating. >> oh, oh, oh. all right. >> price harper. >> he plays a lot of things well. all right. talk about a poor choice of words in this next story. >> oklahoma city thunder center, steven adams is apologizing for calling guards for the golden state warriors, quick little monkeys. can't do that, man. >> that's never a
5:40 pm
>> he said he chose the wrong words during his post game interview with espn. big man went on to say that he was just trying to describe how difficult it was to chase them around and that he's truly sorry. >> he could actually say, it's difficult to keep up with them. >> he's from new zealand. he's not into it maybe. i don't know. moving to -- moving on. a bible toting woman and her family, making a protest against target's transgender policy. >> this is not law. and opening their bathrooms to perverted men! >> there we go. >> target's policy allows customers and employees to use whatever rest room that corresponds to their current gender identity. the 140-character limit on twitter is changing. not completely going away. but any links or photos you attach, they're not going to be counted towards yo
5:41 pm
>> that's great. >> meaning you can write more stuff that people will not read. the change is expected to arrive in the coming weeks. >> all right. so this is it. lit rite? this is -- right? this is what is missing from fast food rest restaurants. >> a burger king. in helsinki. has opened up with a spa inside. including two saunas. >> that's happening. >> if you're eating near burger king, you want to sit somewhere hot to do it. they have a multimedia entertainment center. and visitors can enjoy a whopper. tickets start at $285 for a three-hour block. who would do this? >> it's not the only thing? >> for $285. to go sit and sweat and eat a burg er. >> your burger is not the only thing that would be flame broiled anymore. equal pay for equal play? some members of the u.s.
5:42 pm
as the guys. hear what one soccer legend thinks about this. that's coming up in sports. and right after the break. long lines. a lot of delays. local airline passengers weigh in on those bulging times. standing in line, at our local airport.
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and if you have afib - an irregular heartbeatls. that may put you at five times greater risk of stroke - they can pool together in the heart, forming a clot that can break free, and travel upstream to the brain where it can block blood flow and cause a stroke. but if you have afib that's not caused by a heart valve problem, pradaxa can help stop clots from forming. pradaxa was better than warfarin at reducing the risk of stroke, in a clinical trial - without the need for regular blood tests. and, in the rare event of an emergency, pradaxa is the only oral blood thinner other than warfarin with a specific reversal treatment to help your body clot normally again. pradaxa is not for people who have had
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pack your bags am pack your patience. plan for a little extra time the next time you fly. o'hare international airport, #disaster. wait times up to three hours long. enough to strand more than 100 passengers overnight sunday. a lot of people ended up sleeping on cots. and clearly, their luggage was stranded as well. we're seeing delays at our area airports as well. one person tweeted, missed my flight after more than an hour in line this morning at bwi. hashtd -- #ihatethewait. justin tweeted, he has never seen a block-long line. >> block-long. >> it was a fat block. wusa 9 stephanie ramirez can probably talk tonight. sly joins us are
5:46 pm
us with more on what travelers are saying. >> reporter: those long lines are not exclusive to l.a.x. or o'hare. midday, those lines got noticeably longer than normal. >> reporter: it's still not this. but some flying out of reagan national tuesday weren't willing to take the risk. >> we've got to train from richmond early. >> it is unbelievable to have to stand that long in line to take your flight. >> the reaction, i hate the wait, showing long and grueling tsa security lines at airports across the country. the problem includes heightened security and a lack of staffing. >> i just feel bad for people. you know? >> blibri-- brian lane works for tsa. he, wos for t -- works for tsa. when it comes to the massive lines, he says, don't blame them. >> there needs to be better training, obviously. and they have an important job. >> bwi was actually worse.
5:47 pm
[000:46:59;00] travel. record numbers are expected this year, despite twit tweets. the -- tweets. the metropolitan says their lines are nowhere near other airports. however, they are monitoring. the porters who normally travel with kids. >> i don't want to think about it. >> i hope they can fix the problem. hope it doesn't get any worse. >> reporter: other options are tsa precheck or global entry. and the airline carriers also have their own individual entry. and wait lounge passes. but those come at a cost. stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> here's a fun game. which airport do you think has the worst lines? we have a poll going on our twitter feed. last check, viewers were telling us dulles is the worst with 47% of the vote. before you head to the airport, just pick up the phone, dial up our wusa 9 mobile app.
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woe have a -- we have helpful list on how to avoid the lines. heads up in the case of a dry cleaner that shut down. if you are one of the customers whose items were caught up in the super cleaners store eviction. you can now pick up your clothes from the georgia avenue location in silver spring. and that is because the montgomery county office of consumer affairs has stepped in. they say you can pick up the items, starting wednesday, that would be tomorrow. through friday, may 20th, between throe:00 p.m. and -- 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. and side, 9:00 to 1:00. but have you to bring identification to claim your dry cleaning. got all of that? and if you need help solving a consumer problem, file a complaint with our call for action team. just go to our website and click on the call for action link. all right. 3-degree guarantee.
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feeling pretty good. midnight. so we're feeling pretty ged. yesterday, we went 68 and it was 57. up to 56 now. either way, we're within 3 degrees now. very light showers and light rain rolling through the metro area. through the district and across the beltway. nothing crazy heavy. we have showers down towards huntingtown. and showers back toward d.c. oldtown, and tyson's corner. but nothing heavy. that's the good news. just a few showers tonight. but the yellow weather alert again tomorrow. the morning commute looks wet. evening commute could actually end up remaining dry. we may be able to cancel that yellow weather alert in the afternoon. some sun thursday afternoon, will take a while. then nice on friday. that really is the day to focus on outdoor stuff, whether it's fun or have you to get the grass cut. either way, do it on friday. 55 at 10:00. low 50s in the burbs. just cloudy. mainly dry.
5:50 pm
shower to the north could be a few showers a little further to the south and east. only 51 in silver spring and bowie. and 52 in fairfax. i mean, it just doesn't feel like may. by 9:00 p.m., a lot of clouds. but showers to the west of us. and by 12:30, 1:00, light showers, again nothing heavy tomorrow. no thunderstorms. mid-50s pretty much across the board. and by 6:00, temperatures either side of 60, with a lot of clouds. and just a few sprinkles or showers here and there. not a lot of activity tomorrow. especially in the afternoon. so some showers at 9:00, 55. showers at listen:00, 55 -- 11:00. then we pop up to 58. thursday, afternoon sun. but again, it will take a while. near 70. 75 on friday. that's the day. next seven days. i mean, a cold rain on saturday for the preakness unfortunately. 62. showers sunday, monday, tuesday. temperatures go back in the low 70s, monday and tuesday. and the nats return home.
5:51 pm
> now, wusa sunshine, game on sports. with kristen berset. brought to you by xfinity. . after a night off and fun on late-night tv. the first place nationals, and their rivals, new york mets, meet up to have their first opener of the season. daniel murphy will play in city field as a visitor. murphy was the post season hero with seven home runs and nine games. but he now faces his former team with the best batting average in the leagues. for more on this n.l. east showdown. here's frank hanrahan with tonight's inside pitch. >> reporter: nationals start the day in first place in the n.l. east, with a big series, starting tonight, against a team that won it last year. and eventually went on to the world series in the new york mets. now, we're not even a third of the way through the season. but the nats really could not have asked for a better start.
5:52 pm
although they just slid a nats threw out a 23-15 beginning. an important series with the mets tonight, as the nats start a six-game road trip. frank hanrahan and that's your inside pitch. >> thanks so much, frank. one of the first major stories is a lawsuit that has been filed against u.s. soccer federation, by members of the u.s. women's national team. they are fighting for equal pay. the women's team has won three world cup titles and been ranked number 1 in the world. but as the lawsuit says, the women make one-fourth of what the male players make. we spoke today with cobi jones. he's one of the most famous male players in soccer hist ory. he weighed in on the controversy and said he supports the women's fight. >> one thing i think must be stressed. if the women get more, they're taking away. no, i think it's athletes supporting each other. so for u.s. soccer, i think
5:53 pm
it's a situation they need to go in there, really look at it. and see where their stance is and why it's where it is at. why not? there should be just the equity all the way around. should be equal. i don't see any problems with that. >> of course, this will continue to be a topic as the olympics come around. but kobe is in town tonight. he's playing at rfk, in the capital soccer classic, which is members of congress going up against each other. >> that will be fun. >> nice and wet. people sliping and falling. >> -- slipping and falling. >> beautiful. but nice to see the women supporting. >> how can you argue against it? >> it's as it should be. coming up with bruce and jan. what federal investigators say caused a deadly amtrak train crash in philadelphia. and what could have prevented it. >> also, at 6:00, bernie sanders and hillary clinton battle in a pair of votes. while donald trump hits, hints
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
of the battle to come. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:56 pm
♪ ♪ okay. we had rain today. we thought we would put this into perspective now. we are closing in on records here. rnlt, it rained the first 11 days. then we skipped the 12th. sunday did not rain. monday, yesterday, did not rain. and of course, today we've had anywhere from a third of an inch to half inch. right now, we're 14 out of 17 days with about 4 inches of rain in the bank.
5:57 pm
now, in terms of days per month, we had 24 days out of 31, with a trace or more of rain. so we have a shot at that. it's not a good record to have. and in terms of rainfall. we get over 60 inches, we'll probably be in the top 10 of wettest mays. all right. how did we do for the 3-degree guarantee? well, we went to 59 today. felt pretty confident. because it was 59 at midnight. that was the good news am we'll talk about how we did tonight at 11:00. and we'll come back and look ahead to saturday's weather and the preakness in a bit. >> thank you, topper. there are big advances coming to make you safer while driving. crashes kill 92 people a day. >> and car companies that want -- want that number to go down. wufirst -- but first, they need washington's help. >> this is not just idle talk. it's a tech drive to keep you safe. >> these are designed to help avoid a collision. >> reporter: experteds say each year, 35,000 americans are
5:58 pm
killed while driving and it's fault. this is designed to put the brakes. to allow the vehicle to take over in those situations where a human simply is not responding quick enough. >> reporter: here's how it works. this dashboard system basically talks with other cars, using gps. so it's knowing if the car ahead of sutapping its brake -- you is tapping its brakes, before you notice. this system goes further. it will brake for you whether it senses someone in a crosswalk. the technology is not even close. >> all the technologies exist. radars, cameras. but first, regulations. car companies will be on
5:59 pm
capitol hill, asking agencies to go safer vehicles more quickly than would normally be the case. >> reporter: pete monteen, wusa 9. deadly amtrak train track . >> a virginia man is taken into custody, claiming to have anthrax in his pickup truck. and a campaign interview everyone has been waiting for. donald trump tells fox news anchor megyn kelly. we begin, though, first with break news from the national mall. a man is in custody after driving has truck onto the mall. saying he was afraid he was exposed to amtrak. police have field-tested the man for thrax and found nothing dangerous. more tests are under way. and police are using a robot. this could take several hours. in the meantime, police have
6:00 pm
searched the area, third and be mindful of that. voters make their voices heard in the presidential primary. meanwhile, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will battle next month. it's the ramping up between clinton and trump. craig boswell has the latest. >> reporter: bernie sanders is optimistic about his chances in oregon and kentucky. >> what i feel about oregon and kentucky, the way i usually feel. and that is that if there is a large voter turnout, i definitely win. >> reporter: sanders is on a roll, having won the last two primaries. but hillary clinton had 94% of the delegates needed and is on track to secure the nomination in june. >> hello, washington. >> reporter: clinton has invested time and money in kentucky, trying to slow sanders' momentum. but she has saved most of her fire power for donald trump, even mocking his potential


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