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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  May 17, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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first at clock, several roads at the capital closed after a man who thought he was exposed to anthrax throve on the national mall. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm bruce johnson. police are on the scene making sure that everybody and everything is safe. we have been there all evening watching the investigation. ellen, what are you seeing and hearing? >> bruce, we have had some progress in the last 30 minutes. we first saw police officers going around the truck very closely. the robots moving back and now you can see some firefighters around the same white truck. it's still on the grass. they haven't moved it. they opened all the doors. they have the top punched up open there, as well. they have been throwing some small items from the truck a little too small for us to see from this distance. but there's also a wrecker sitting on the side of the
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investigation. they have been taking their time out here because they want to make sure that everyone is okay. they weren't sure what was in the truck. they say the driver who drove this truck on the grass said he was exposed to anthrax in virginia and brought a bucket of the stuff. he drove on the national mall grass at third and fourth by madison and witnesses called police. police came out here and eventually brought him into custody where out here they also swabbed him and tested him for anthrax and say those results are negative. he hasn't been exposed to anthrax. the man went through decontamination before going to the hospital. we talked to a man who saw it all happen. >> i looked over and there was a gentleman in the car on the phone. eventually he came out, put his hands up and officers walked up to his after 10 minutes or so. he
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the officers had gas masks on. they walked him to the bench on the side of the mall there. >> reporter: like that man, a lot of people could not get their cars. they were trapped behind this police tape. they have since let all those people get their cars out. some of the streets are still shut down as witnesses are walking by. again we are still talking to them. one more tidbit from police. we have also learned that man sent an email or letter ahead of this saying he thought he had been exposed to anthrax. not sure if anyone saw that before he drove haim on the grass. live in northwest, ellen bryan, wusa 9. any new developments will be post the on our free wusa 9 app. new information on the death of a patient from medstar washington hospital medical center. two security officers are indicted employed by the hospital. clifton montgomery and charles brown have been charged with involuntary manslaughter. 74-year-old james mcbride died la
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injury to the neck. prosecutors say mcbride walked out of the hospital without being discharged and then was stopped by those officers. >> here we go again. more yellow weather alerts. one for today another for tomorrow. chief meteorologist topper shutt tracking the rain and how it will impact the morning commute. >> good news, i guess, right now, bruce. most of the showers are moving south of town. they are still across 95, fredericksburg, la plata and north of dc you have clouds, yes, but a break in the precipitation. still rain cities around quantico on 95 but this is light activity. nothing heavy. nuisance tomorrow. here's futurecast tonight. probably can get away with a walk after dinner without the umbrella. low to mid-50s. then by morning, showers in hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester along the i-81 corridor toward cumberland with predawn showers. 8 a.m. scattered showers possible here
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and there and the temperatures again still more like march low to mid-50s. that's it. and then by 10:00 we are still only 55 downtown. 54 fairfax, silver spring. most of the showers along i-81 but suffice to say futurecast can't get exactly all the showers so there will be some showers inside the beltway we think by 10, 11:00. a reminder, download the free app to check the showers, seven- day forecast and, of course, we'll push the severe weather alerts when applicable. rinoght w, former professor is off the job and behind bars accused of sex crimes involving two students. youssef taleb taught calculus in northern virginia community college in manassas. two women told police he sexually assaulted them in the classroom and they separately went to get help for math. he started teaching to school last august. his contract was not renewed friends and the students at a northern california high ol
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loss of a former student. 18-year-old erika dunn was walking on the train tracks in burke, virginia, yesterday with two friends. they made it off the tracks in time, dunn did not. she graduated from lake bradock secondary school last year and today classmates were just hearing about the news. >> i remember she smiled a lot and that was always nice to see. >> it's not fair to be taken that young even after they graduate from this school. they're still one of us. >> police say they are still investigating the details of what happened. police have identified the two southeast dc residents killed in yesterday afternoon's outburst of violence. they are 22-year-old tayvon cummings and 45-year-old tracey cooper. an andrea mccarren reports, four others are recovering from gunshot wounds while neighbors worry about safety in their communities. >> reporter: no one has been arrested. and the bloodshed has left residents in fear. a cold
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southeast washington crime scene. police cruisers stood guard as detectives searched for clues. two murders less than half mile apart and investigators believe they are connected. [ sirens ] >> reporter: on this dismal gray day, the outlook feels bleak. shattered families, anguish and despair have come to stay. >> i rather move my kids. >> i just think it's ridiculous. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: again and again, we heard that hope was in short supply. >> it's this neighborhood. you know? there's no surprise. >> reporter: and then, we met ray evans. >> well, i'm always going to be optimistic. >> reporter: the key to hope, he says, is education and dc should offer it for free. >> got money to do that. so people have something to look forward to, some hope, some skills, some real skills, and not hanging out on the corner getting shot or
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offering a reward up to $25,000 to anyone with information leading to an arrest or conviction in either of these murder cases. in southeast washington, andrea mccarren, wusa 9. >> and if you have information dc police urge you to call them. they need to hear from you. you can also text 50411. you can find these numbers on the wusa 9 app. yesterday's burst of violence also included a murder in prince george's county. today we're learning the victim is 24-year-old timothy turner from port washington, maryland. he was found shot to death in a wooded area in temple hills. police did not believe this was random. but they haven't released details about the suspect or motive. the spiking murder rate in the district in prince george's county has people grasping for theories to explain it. wusa 9's scott broom dove into the statistics today and discovered one possible clue. at least a dozen murders in prince george's coun
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described as drug-related in 2016 all of them involving marijuana. some law enforcement officials are speculating it's a side effect of the decriminalizing pot in the district and in maryland. while possession of small amounts no longer means jail, drug dealers are moving large amounts to satisfy demand. selling marijuana does remain a felony. officials in prince george's are studying the trends carefully to see if murder is due to turf battles, drug robberies and deaths are up as a result. a federal judge ruled a dc law that requires applicants to have a good reason for a concealed firearms permit is unconstitutional. the city passed a law in 2014 after of the previous law was overturned by another judge. dc is planning to appeal and it will ask for a stay of the decision during the appellate process. another primary day in the race for president. voters voting in oregon but the polls have closed just moments ago in kentucky. democratic front-runner hillary clinton trying to stop bernie sanders as recent string of viie
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trump has already been declared the presumptive republican nominee. follow tonight's contest on our free wusa 9 app and we'll have the latest results on wusa 9 at 11. security lines snaking longer in airports across the country getting so bad, there's a hashtag full of complaints. later we'll see whether it's an issue at reagan. >> wicked weather across the south again. later, how this funnel cloud put some special occasions on hold. >> also coming up, detectives say they know who pulled off a massive case of shoplifting at a local victoria's secret. my belly pain and constipation? they keep telling me "drink more water."
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alzheimer's. prince george's county executive baker comes home to it every day. he and his family are talking more about this journal any only on wusa 9. the long good- bye, tonight at 11. ♪[ music ]
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a follow-up to a case of shoplifting at a victoria's secret. two people stuffed loads of merchandise into a garbage bag last month at st. charles town center in waldorf. the charles county sheriff's office says it's identified the two suspects. now deputies are trying to find 23-year-old alexis prison and a 17-year-old girl both from d.c. detectives say they recovered some of the stolen clothes. what caused that deadly amtrak crash that killed 8 people in philadelphia? today the ntsb ruled the probable cause was driver distraction. the safety board says the veteran engineer with an unblemished record was distracted die reports of somebody throwing rocks at trains. >> the best we could come up with was that he was distract from this phone call -- excuse me, this radio conversation about the damaged train and forgot where he was. >> there's more. now, the ntsb chair says he is very confident
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postponed a mandate that all railroads install a safety system called positive train control or ptc. it would have automatically slowed that train as the engineer throttled it up to 106 miles an hour into a curve where the speed limit was only 50. this is one person's idea of a good time. how high those winds were blowing coming up. >> we have a pollen reading the so moderate for trees but high for grasses. and low for weeds and mold spores. we'll come back and talk about weather you can cut the grass, at issue yet another yellow weather alert for wednesday. >> who doesn't need a new ride? don't forget we're giving away a brand-new mercedes-benz. tune into wusa 9 tomorrow
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tsa security line problems stretch further than you think. in phoenix last week more than 3,000 passengers missed their flights due to those long lines. at dwi one person missed a flight after more than an hour of waiting! stephanie ramirez has a look at reagan national where passengers are concerned. >> reporter: midday is normally when the security lines are pretty much empty but that was not the case at reagan national tuesday. at one point the lines were significantly longer. the good news is, reagan
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nothing in comparison to what we're seeing on twitter under the hashtag, i hate the wait. a few i talked to say they are not looking forward to it. others say they got a taste of it. >> the line was worse last week. >> we got a train from richmond in early make sure we got here about four hours early just in case. >> it's unbelievable to have to stand in line that long to take your flight. >> reporter: until the issue is resolved they say to come to the airport at least two hours ahead if you are flying domestically. if you have an international flight you want to be 3 to 4 hours ahead. you may want to look at two other options like tsa precheck or those day lounge passes that airline carriers provide. at reagan national, stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. the metropolitan washington airport authority says right now their wait times are below 20 minutes. they will be monitoring the tsa as we move the into the summer months. a woman driving down i-95 to miami caught es
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county. she says she started to panic when it got closer to the highway. a possible tornado damaged a nearby mobile home park and the high school rescheduled tonight's graduation ceremonies for tomorrow. and this story just might blow you away. the mount washington observatory in new hampshire posted this video of a man nearly gone with the wind. he ventured on the observation deck when winds clocked 109 miles per hour! it's like being in a category 2 nearly cat-3 hurricane, right, topper? >> yes. >> according to the facebook post, the weather observer gets to take a break to enjoy the windy and wintry conditions. doesn't look like fun to us. so on top of mount washington is the highest wind ever recorded 234 miles per hour. and as high as it is, as cold as it is there, it's not the highest point east of the
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carolina. >> wow. >> i would be worried if i were airborne there. let's talk about the terrible may we're having. it's is not the worst ever. 2003 we had 24, 31 rainy days, over 7" of rain. we are not there yet. but we're getting there. rain the first 11 days in a row, break upon the 12th, then friday and saturday we had rain. then 15 sunday and yesterday we were okay then rain today. so 14 out of 17 days we have had rain. probably -- actually might get by without anything tomorrow. we shall see. maybe just west of national airport. all right. our 3-degree guarantee, 59 today feeling good about that. that was the temperature at midnight. temperatures haven't gone up much this afternoon. live look outside, weathercam 56 right now. just cloudy at the airport no rain yet. all the rain is south of us. winds east-northeast at about 7. so here are the showers. they are creeping back up toward the airport. everything is light. but if
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from dc south on 95 to southern maryland you will have light sprinkles. everything is toward dell city, quantico, waldorf, clinton and upper marlboro pushing east. so just a few scattered showers tonight. mainly dry after 9:00, 10:00. yellow alert tomorrow. that's iffy. we'll issue that for the morning showers. wet commute. evening commute will be dry so we may be able to cancel the yellow weather alert tomorrow. let's hope so. sun late thursday, nice on friday. the day to may hank. clouds and dry tonight. in the morning at 6 a.m., most of the showers according to futurecast anyway hagerstown, martinsburg and west this could be a few spotty showers. gaithersburg, fairfax. 50 gaithersburg. showers to the west toward cumberland. then
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showers to lunchtime. all light, again no thunderstorms tomorrow. now at 57, downtown, and 56 in fairfax. then by evening about 24 hours from now just some clouds and a few light showers and temperatures struggling to get on the north side of 60 tomorrow. so day planner looks like this. showers at 9:00. clouds at 11. clouds at 1:00. and temperatures in the upper 50s by 1 p.m. afternoon sun on thursday may take a while. near 70. then mid-70s pleasant on friday that's the best day. saturday a cold rain low 60s. doesn't look nice for the preakness. near 70 sunday in the low 70s monday and tuesday. but showers possible each day. nats back in town monday and tuesday. it will not be a washout. >> a lot of rain. >> i remember the wets with in the way of the nats a lot last year. >> cleveland is the only team in the division that the nats didn't beat up on last year so maybe this season, will be a little bit different. nats having a hot start. the first place nationals fa
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daniel murphy has been an incredible addition to the nationals line-up. he leads in hits, battling average at .400 and multi-hit games. now he has to keep those numbers up against his former team. the nationals are in new york taking on the reigning national league champion mets right now. it's the first time murphy is playing in citi field as a visitor. he spent the last 7 seasons in new york leading his team to a world series and today, in red and white in front of the blue and orange backdrop he reflects on the legacy he hopes he left in new york. >> i never expected them to say i played well all the time but i played heart. hopefully they can say he played hard and may be goofy but he plays hard. that i can control. if i could control hits
7:27 pm
get a lot more of them, i promise. >> we'll see how he does tonight. the maryland women's lacrosse team has been unstoppable raining back-to-back national champions eying their third this season. they take on umass looking to punch their ticket to the final four at philly but the terps' numbers are outstanding. the team is still undefeated this season having gone 20-0 so far. and the seniors on this team, well, they have only loss two games their whole career. >> i didn't think in the beginning of the year i would be say thing here saying we're 20-0 at the end of the season but we found ways to -- to win. we found ways to pull it out. and, um, that's something to be said about that. you know, something to be said about their mentality and they are willing to get it done. >> we just got to keep going, you know, full steam ahead and the only way and having fun is getting excited for each other and celebrating all our victories and go
7:28 pm
that's what we're trying to focus on. >> we'll see what happens this weekend. obviously, the maryland men spill in it, as well. so maybe both teams once again in the final four. >> great. >> that's all for the news at
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tonight on e.t. candid confessions. >> 10 to 14 was the bulk anorexia. >> powerful women. >> i don't think of myself as a celebrity. >> and so much good gossip. >> you have been out spotted. >> also garth brooks new york city takeover. his big return nearly 20 years in the making. >> if that's not what you're going for, why are you getting up in the morning. >> plus celine deon describes her final moments with her husband. >> and chrissy teigen's first interview since giving birth to her baby girl. >> they just use you for your milk and you're just a cow. >> now this is entertainment


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