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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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stretches county. police are asking for your help in finding a one-week old baby and his young father. take a look at the photos, they show the newborn and the person with the baby was last seen with . they were last seen on what can spark drive. if you have seen them, please called 911. another cloudy night across the area as showers move in and there could be some fog as well. i'm lesli foster.>> i'm adam longo. it could make for another messy commute. >> we have been tracking the showers and we're talking about another messy drive. >> we had a lot of rain, it's going to be a week weather alert. nothing as crazy
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just a couple of spotty showers and there are even some breaks in the crowds. southeast pushing up toward upper marlboro. by morning there could be some showers south of town. it appears that the lion's share of the north and west of town, what is the temperatures? 51 hagerstown and 51 left later -- la plata. the 8:00 more showers and you are coming down to 70, coming in i-66 it will be a wet commute. still some showers and temperatures 54, 54 in fairfax. we will talk about a slow improvement right now we asked why haven't you done this? go to the application store and download the wusa9 application.
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you can track the showers with us and the 7 day outlook. a montgomery county school student was recently suspended and arrested after bringing a bb gun to school.>> they say his son was pretty immature but police went overboard. live at westland middle school with some reactions. what do you hear? reporter: this is a serious matter that should not be taken lightly. the students say that officials overreacted. in the shadow of countless shootings year after year in 2016 schools tend to be sensitive when it comes to the threat of guns even if the guns are fake as was the case in bethesda when a student body bb gun to school. administrators confiscated the bb gun after finding it in
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the bb gun was taken to the police station and so was the student. >> pretty obvious overreaction. this is in the gray area. >> it is a very serious matter. remind them that even play weapons are not allowed on property. our son is not dangerous, just immature. to us the reaction of police is totally disproportional. there officers properly followed protocol and even toys can lead to serious injuries especially if one is mistaken for a real gun. >> they sort of have to do that and have to err on the side of safety. >> i'm sure it was embarrassing but also a tough call for the school. >> even if
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these are serious matters? >> the point is made if you let the child know he shouldn't do it. >> of being a weapon, it makes sense for them to be safe. not want the child's life to be ruined there are instances where it wants-- warrants law enforcement for the safety of everyone there. >> no charges have been filed and it is not clear if any will be filed. now to a developing story, check out some power lines and those lines fell across a parked suv and set it on fire. not much is left. they did cut the power that it is working to fix the lion.
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police officers are now charged with killing one of the patients . james mcbride, prosecutors say he walked out of the hospital last fall without being discharged. he was stopped by officers and things went terribly wrong. the examiner ruled that he died from blunt force injuries to the next-- to the neck. they had been indicted on charges of involuntary manslaughter. the district plans to appeal a federal ruling that strikes down part of the gun carry law. it requires someone to show good reason for carrying a job outside the home. he is ordering the district to stop enforcing it because it could be unconstitutional. anthrax scare on the mall is over. it is looking like this is a story about a described
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misguided samaritan. he feared he had been exposed to anthrax and put some of the white substance and drove his truck into the grass. please found no anthrax on him and there was just dirt and grass. the only crime the man really committed was driving on to the national mall. passengers report significant rush-hour delays on the blue, orange, and silver line due to maintenance work on a tight curve. venture is slowing down the eastbound lanes and crews hope to finish by friday. we are saying it is too close to call but we may have had a car. >>
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primary between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the secretary of state did declare clinton the unofficial winner but look how tight it is. at the margin is less than one half of 1% with 99% of precincts reporting. clinton is on track to clinch the nomination in early june. >> standard is-- sanders is favored in oregon's primary. 11 2 our time, there are not very many official results to report just yet. despite not having any primary competition, donald trump still grabbed the spotlight sitting down for an interview with megan kelly on fox. >> it was the first time they had spoken since a public feud broke out in which he implied she had been unfair to him because he was menstruating. the issue of how he deals wi
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the presidential race. we asked garrett to take a closer look. reporter: he has a problem with women voters. a poll shows that 64% of women to him unfavorably. while democratic candidates typically perform better with women, that number is unsustainable if he has any chance of winning and now his opponents are moving to make it worse. >> does donald trump really speak for you? reporter: they will lunch $6 million of advertisements designed to diminish his appeal. >> if he-- she were my daughter a house-- perhaps i would be dating her. >> a state law to ted cruz. a top ally welcomed the new version. >> i am pleased
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advertising because it is a waste of money. reporter: only a handful have publicly declared support. none has done so as vocally as marsha blackburn. he believes this policy can attract women if they can hear him over the noise.>> does he need to do more to repair his relationship with women? and how women view him? >> it is fair to say he has room for improvement. when it comes to that he has said some things that i prefer he not say. >> i see tremendous suffering, i have a very big heart. reporter: when kelly confronted him for a series of tweets, he stopped just short of
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apology. >> did i say that? >> many times. >> excuse me. reporter: a one way he could address this was to name a woman as his partner on the ticket. congressman blackburn said she would not turn down that offer. she said right now she-- there is nothing she could say about that.>> that makes you go okay. this is your source for campaign action. download the application and get the alerts, the candidate profiles and the latest polling all in one place, and it is free. hundreds of people gathered to remember the road ask-- heroic acts. >> the university of dc, ellison barber tells us people from across the district had a lot of reason to think the men and women of the department.
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reporter: over 2000 people work for them. it is also a department that has received a lot of criticism for slow response time. tonight was not about any of that but the successes and the lives saved because thousands of men and women put on uniforms and run towards danger. >> i took it for granted until they saved my life. >> most of the people-- these are people who into the call time and time again and the actions save lives. they are one example. >> there is never enough. reporter: last year firefighters responded and found the home engulfed in flames.
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i could see was read spoke. >> they found michael passed out on the bedroom floor. >> he dragged me down the steps. reporter: it then they found her oncologist.>> they never gave up and i really wanted to tell them thank you for not giving up on me. reporter: for wusa9, i'm ellison barber love, loss and longing. his family opens up about a heartbreaking diagnosis and how demented changed their lives. a dc family heartbroken after someone broke into their car and stole their dog.
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we should you, a one week old baby and his young father are missing. this is the new bern and-- newborn. if you have seen them, police want you to immediately call 911. >> the charter and laws of district is county-- prince george's county. >> his wife krista helped fuel his passion for public service but at the age of 49 his partner began slipping away from the life they built together. recently the baker family invited me to their home to talk about dignity and devotion in the face of dementia. >> a tender moment, this is how he starts his days. >> i
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he straddles two worlds, leads more than 100,000 residents and is caregiver in chief to his wife, affectionately known as sis. it is rare for her to speak anymore, she no longer walks and has developed parkinson's but she communicates to her eyes and facial expressions. >> you like that? >> i would give you $1 million. >> their youngest daughter was in middle school when dementia pulled her mother to a place that was harder to reach. she was a young teenager and her father's lifeline. >> i couldn't deal with it and quincy would take care of her. and allowed me to focus on issues around the county. i would cry every day.>> quincy
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channeled her mother's journey and her own art. >> i knew she had a great sense of loneliness during this time. as they stared down a disease with no cure the family had to fuel itself for a long goodbye. >> when i came back home there was a week or so where my mother did not recognize me. that was really tough. >> i don't know what part the disease is going to take and that is kind of hard. reporter: the first lady once toiled beside her husband to help voters see what she always knew, her family knows they will never get asked the woman with the brilliant mind, quick wit, and sage advice. >> i miss going to her for advice. >>
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>> i don't think there was a piece of advice that she ever gave me that was not spot on. >> i got lipstick on her. >> they live for the moments where sis can connect to their world. >> if i did this for the next 30 years i could not pay her back. the reason that we are willing to do this and talk about it is not for us, we are blessed but it is for the fact that we want people to become aware of the emotional, financial strain that alzheimer's dementia house. reporter: the diagnosis of dementia has really been an emna
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took over everything she wants handled which was even paying all their bills. when they looked at things they saw that she had been making donations to the alzheimer's association so there is no way to know whether she knew something was going on but they think she may have known something because of what she was doing early on. >> 49 years old, and a reminder of the things you may have to prepare for down the line. >> they say they believe their mother prepared them for life without her, really a remarkable family. we have a link to the alzheimer's association and other resources on our application. when you are heading out tomorrow morning, we will
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>> not as prevalent but it will not be a pretty day. the good news is we may see a dry commute home. the other good news is-- >> i went 59. >> the high was? >> bull's-eye. >> what is more interesting is that it is the fourth day we've had temperatures only in the 50s. the record is seven days. tomorrow we will nudge above 60. winds are light with patchy fog for-- possible. this system is what has left. now the good news if you are inside the beltway most of this activity will slide into the northern and western set-- suburbs. not to say a couple of showers are not going
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morning and afternoon, so does the weather alert, it will be another nuisance day but not just a soccer. you can see showers pushing for cumberland in southern maryland. pretty quiet. yellow weather alert, morning commute but for some in the evening commute could be dry. wouldn't that be nice? afternoon sun on thursday with a price perhaps a shower but fantastic on friday. a couple of showers in fredericksburg, and spotty showers into the mid-50s, a break in the action but by 6:00 more showers off to the west with temperatures either side of 60 degrees. temperatures 58 by 1:00. the sunshine coming in with a small price, fantastic on friday
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cut the grass, play golf, nor'easter comes at us and looks horrible. near saturday-- near 70 sunday , monday and tuesday will not be washout days. >> what a mess. time to meet the mets. >> daniel murphy left new york fans did not forget all he did.b z2022z
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now wusa9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the relationships that my wife and our family were able to build will go far beyond baseball but it gets more comfortable each day. >> it has not changed his ability to impress, just his allegiance. the nationals opened their first series against the mets. he has had a great night. there is murphy, check out this nice stop.
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incredible stop his first to close out the inning. his first game since throwing, he didn't have a complete game but he threw 10 strikeouts and the second time he threw double- digit strikeouts. then check out the same defensively by daniel murphy. a good night but they could not manage any runs, falling to the mets 2-zero. >> much-deserved considering he played a big role. he spent a decade with the organization but said he is getting used to his new home.>> i have a yard which is unique, i don't think i had enough money to purchase a yard somewhere in manhattan. i know my son loves it.
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yesterday it was extended for eight games, bautista was suspended and does not plan to appeal. here's a perfect example of being a little overconfident unless you are seth curry, perhaps you should not celebrate before they go in. his three-point shot, he is celebrating, it looks good, comes right back. not only does it not go in, perfect timing. nothing more perfect. >>
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it would be bad enough to find someone busted out your car window. >> that to find out they took your puppy as well? they grabbed a four-month-old boston terrier and the puppy belongs to michael steele, he says maggie has been taking medicine for an illness and is desperate to get her back safe and sound. >> bring that donkey back. who would do that? 61 tomorrow.
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what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> stephen: hey, chris. >> hey, stephen gr hey, man, thanks so much for being here. we're so excited coldplay is on the show tonight. >> it looks like an amazing show. >> stephen: year going to have a good time. >> everything looks great, just one thing. >> stephen: about the show? >> about the theme song. >> stephen: is there something wrong with the theme song? >> no, the tune is great, the tune is great, but i feel like it needs worlds, it needs lyrics so i've been working on it right here you. >> stephen: wrote lyrics to our theme song? >> i did. >> stephen: i can hear them? >> you know how the show opens with the drum shoal. and shoo-be-do-dop. shoo-doo-dop-doo.


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