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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  May 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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so are you sick of it yet? it is raining just about every day this month. and today, no exception. good afternoon. and thanks for joining us. for the news at noon. i'm mike hydeck. we have seen some showers. we are getting a bit of a
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now. what about tonight's commute? meteorologist howard bernstein is tracking what is headed our way. howard? even a little bit of sun right now coming through the overcast. but we could see a shower here in the metro later. the areas that are north and west, likely going to see rain showers this afternoon and this evening. already tracking it, out to the west. and west virginia, western maryland, and even eastern west virginia, as this is now crossing areas on i-81, toward harper's ferry, just about into frederick county. light to occasionally moderate showers out there. you can see the yellows, having a tough time getting past garrett county and allegheny county. lighter showers, nonetheless. shenandoah valley, looking okay at the moment except when you get to winchester and points north. we have the showers. charlestown, over to harper's ferry. cabletown and inwood. 60 in town. mid-60s in the cool spots. we are running 55 to 60. a few more degrees today. lots of clouds though. and the showers mainly north and west, highs in the low 60s. and hey, if you can't join us, online, or on tv, you can
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pocket, on your smartphone. download the wusa 9 weather app. we have all of the weather there, of course, first alert doppler, and current temperatures, and the forecast. when i come back in a few minutes, we will have the seven- day forecast, and we have some good and bad to discuss, i will see you then. >> thanks a lot, howard. they have had enough. a group of women firefighters in fairfax county is speaking out now against some recent negative news stories. peggy fox has more from annandale. >> reporter: the women firefighters feel that recent negative stories about cyber bullying, sexual harassment, and lewd facebook posts have tarnished the department. they gathered here this morning at station 8 in annandale to shine a positive light on the  fairfax county fire and rescue department. >> we feel like we've earned respect. >> reporter: alicia has been a firefighter paramedic with the department for five years. she helped organize today's event. which included several male firefighters who stood in support behind them. >> i have never been judged by anything other than my
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ethic. >> the department is a family she says but like any family there are black sheeps. a reference to perhaps whoever slandered nicole the firefighter, she disappeared in mid april and after an extensive search her body was found in the shenandoah national park. she had taken her own life. >> it has been difficult. it has been difficult for everybody for a lot of reasons. >> reporter: the women would not answer questions about mittendorf and would not discuss guy morgan the professional standards officer in charge of workplace complaints and heading up the investigation of the cyber bullying of mittendorf, before the fire chief ritchie bowers put him on administrative leave after lewd and sexist content was discovered on his facebook page. >> what may have happened, a lot of speculation, but i also feel like an event like this is really bringing us together. and found out, you know, made us find ways to come together, and really support each other. >> the women say they do not want to deny
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other women who have brought complaints. they just want to share their stories about understanding, acceptance and compassion in their workplace. in annandale, peggy fox, wusa 9. he is charged with an alcohol-fueled crash that killed a montgomery county police officer. 47-year-old luis lusco could be answering a plea today. he has already promised to plead guilty in the case. but the details are still not clear on the deal that he cut with prosecutors. he has been behind bars since december. officer noel leotta died a few days later after the crash. what would you do if you got a call from someone who says they kidnapped your child? then the person threatens to harm them if you don't wire money? well some parents are getting calls like this, and police want you to be on guard, because they say it is is a scam. mikea turner stopped by one school in the district where the word is out. >> reporter: parents of students at schools like gonzaga know about the scam. the archdiocese of wa
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everyone is on high alert. >> it sounded a little suspicious. >> reporter: when richard learned about the virtual kidnapping scam, through an e- mail, sent out from his son's high school, he knew something about it wasn't right. >> it looked more like a scam than something real. i hadn't heard it on the news yet. >> reporter: the scam works like this. you get a call, the person on the other end claims to have kidnapped your loved one and threatens to harm them if you don't pay up. and ranalsome amounts are between 1600 and $1,900. and some students say they are not buying it. >> i get suspicious of who is telling me. >> reporter: others admit they would be somewhat worried. >> if i didn't know it was a scam, i would be kind of scared. >> reporter: in a statement, the archdiocese of washington says it immediately notified schools about the scam when a parent got a call from a person claiming to have escaped their child. of course, that wasn't the case. and a relief to the parent who confirmed their child was safe at school. >> it was good that i heard from the school first. >> reporter: hear is how you can avoid the scam. police say calls will never come in from the kidnapped vict's
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expecting from an outside area code. and you should also do this. >> call whoever your loved one is. and that's the first thing i would do. >> if you get a call, and you think it is a scam, you should notify police. reporting from the district, mikea turner, wusa 9. >> reporter: and police say a couple of reports have come in from prince william county, and george mason university, in fairfax county. often time, the caller will use someone there to make some noises in the background, like a scream, for effect. so be aware. and again, contact police. the district is planning to appeal a federal ruling that strikes down part of the gun carry law. the law requires someone to show good reason for getting a permit to carry a gun outside their home. the judge says that requirement is likely unconstitutional. and he is ordering the district to stop enforcing it. millions of americans could be seeing a bigger paycheck soon. the obama administration is issuing some new rules to expand overtime pay. to more than 4 million more workers. e
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time salaried employees, who make up to 47,$476 a year. that is more than double the current salary threshold. with small business owners, they say this will be a big burden to them. donald trump moves a step closer to securing the g.o.p. presidential nomination. and for the democrats, bernie sanders is vowing to stay in the race. after picking up yet another win. nick giovanni has the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: mike, everyone woke up a winner this morning. bernie sanders got a win. and hillary clinton got a win. and donald trump got a win in an uncontested primary. bernie sanders reaffirmed he is in this until the last ballot is cast coming off last night's victory in oregon. took it by nearly 9 percentage points and further proof with sanders opinion he has some staying power. the real drama went down in kentucky. a race to the finish line. won by hillary clinton. but by only half a percentage point. and senator sanders, a silver lining in the outcome. >> wher
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defeated barack obama by 250,000 votes in 2008, it appears tonight, that we are going to end up with about half of the delegates. >> sanders and clint written battling it out in oregon and kentucky last night, donald trump, well, he appeared to be trying to kiss and make up so to speak with fox news megyn killer with a highly publicized running feud since the first republican debate and trump stopped short of an apole from what he said and tweeted about -- of an apology from what he said and tweeted about kelly and he talked regrets and retweets about the campaign trail. >> it is not about me. it is the message to young girls. >> there is a certain amount of fighting. it is a modern day form of fighting back. i mean a girl, yes, but -- >> are you going to stop that as president? >> i am going to stop it about you now. >> trump went on to defend the tone of the campaign telling kelly, quote if i were soft, and presidential, i don't think i would have been successful. nick giovanni, wusa 9. >> and you can
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military muscle raining down on isis targets in iraq. the country's defense ministry released footage showing coalition planes bombing isis strong holds in northern iraq in the western district. fighters took out gas station, tactical sites near fallujah. mosul and fallujah have been
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controlled by isis since militants took over in 2014. the wildfire is spreading. and workers are being told to leave oil camps and sand facilities in alberta, canada. the flames gutted one camp north of town and crews were evacuated earlier this week there. so far, this fire has destroyed nearly 1400 square miles. okay, howard is tracking the weather. we are still under a yellow
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he has been swiped, soiled and buried in the woods. but he lives on as a good luck charm for all of us terps. see how far we go to please him, tonight at 11:00 on wusa 9 news. an external fuel tank ed
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to launch nasa shuttles into outer space is making its way to the california science center in marina del ray. this thing is huge. and it is heavy. 66,000 pounds. it is so big, engineers worked for months to plan the perfect route and shut down traffic for the journey all the way from louisiana. it will go right next to the retired space shuttle endeavor that made a similar trip back in 2012. candid comments from the director of iron man 3 are starting to add more fuel to charges of sexism in hollywood. the director says in an interview, he originally wrote a villain as a woman but was told to change the character to a man. he says because male action figures sell better. as michelle miller reports, the comments are another example of the entertainment industry bias. >> in disney's ironman 3, the villain has super human strength and can breathe fire. he also happens to be a man. and that wasn't the case in the original script. in
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digital news site up rocks month, the director and co writer shane block says he originally wrote killian as a woman but received a quote no holds barred memo saying the decision was made that the toy won't sell as well if it is a female. so he had to change the entire script, because of toy making. >> not surprising to me, that marvel would have some reluctance to have a female vill physician they felt it would im -- villain if they felt it would impact toy sales. >> last year toy sales were up 7%, almost $19.5 billion. and it is estimated as much as 45% of that came from movie licensed products. it is not the first time that female characters in big movie franchises have faced tough times in the toy store. ray was a force to be reckoned with in star wars the force awakens. but fans complained, she was not included in some toy sets. >> this decision was on the table today, marvel would not
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female villain from a film, especially considering how much consumers have been very vocal about wanting to see more girl action figures. >> michelle miller, cbs news, new york. >> now cbs news has reached out to marvel and disney for comment, but did not get a response on this story. in today's health alert now, a south carolina woman has defied the odds. back in 2011, doctors found a brain tumor in stephanie linscomb and she was treated with radiation. but it returned in 2012. she was diagnosed with gleeo blastoma, the most aggressive brain tumor appearing in less than 200,000 people and given only six months to live. >> no more radiation but chemeo hadn't worked that time, so i mean, there is nothing, nothing for me. i'm cured. i know i'm cured. i don't think my cancer is ever going to come back. >> stephanie's life has come full circle as the first person
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to beet glio blastoma by being injected by polio. she is a nurse at greenville memorial. and her name will be in medical journals for decades to come. well, if you are a woman who liked potatoes you might want to hear this next story. new research shows that women who eat four or more servings of spuds per week could increase their risk of high blood pressure. the findings are similar for men who eat more servings of french fries. hello. potatoes have high glycemic index compared to other vegetables so they can trig area sharp rise in blood sugar levels. and people over 50 who live busy lives have better cognitive function than nonbusy peers. and they studded 300 men and women, and regardless of education, the busiest people are better able to learn and understand quickly, and they have stronger memories of past events. so stay busy. one meter for every year she has been alive. and today,
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may culvert of south carolina made it into the guinness record books. she fell on her first try, but she came back strong, and she beat the current record, for a centenarian running the 100- meter dash and beat the record by a whopping 30 seconds. the retired schoolteacher crossed the finish line in just under 46 seconds. and while she made it look easy, ms. lvcuert says -- >> if you have something that gets in your way, due let -- you don't let it get you down. >> i want you to do your best. so when you get my age, you will be running, too. >> see the band-aid on your chin? i wonder if that is from the fall. how is she able to run at 100 years old? she says it is simply god's good graces. hundreds of runners hit the pavement this morning as part of the capital challenge. and andrea mccarron, and debra and garrett haake and iliana diaz and me
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hundredsinger and maybe the rest of the newsroom, who knows, crossed the finish line. senator, congress members as well, other members of the media participated. the race goes through anacostia park and it benefits the guide dog foundation that provides service dogs to people in need. is it possible we will set a record for rainy days in may? are we in that territory or no? >> i don't know what the number is but i would say it is possible. >> we got to be in the neighborhood, you would think. >> we have 18 of the last 21 days the other day. so yes, unbelievablable. i know 12 of the first 14 being wet, that is a record for the first two weeks of may. a cool may. we tied the number of 50 tree day highs since 2005 and baltimore, i believe has six. already. which they may break their monthly record for days hode day holding in the 60s. and mold spores are high on th
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south. one to the north. and yellow weather alert. yes, it is borderline today. and whether or not we are going to get much in the way of showers here in the metro. you can see all of the action to our north and west. some moving east/northeast. through western maryland. northern west virginia. coming toward romney and martinsburg and oldtown and paw paw, and now it is making its way in toward western and northern frederick county with light showers there. back toward going 340, to harper's ferry and points north from martinsburg and inwood and the i68 corridor, around here. lots of clouds, with a little glimpse of sun in between the overcast temperatures, and they won't move too much more today. with highs in the low 60s. and those northeast to north/northeast winds at 5-10 miles an hour. and certainly jacket or sweatshirt weather here. and the yellow weather alert. borderline. arguably we could have dropped it here. temperatures 60 now in town. you will notice in the mountains, measurable with the rain, upper 30s, low 40
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and the warmest temperatures we have are down south. we've got 65 tappahannock. and reeds will with 63. and eastton at 64. a lot of 50s right now. and clouds, and not too much, not a bad day to be boating on the potomac. not a great day, either, but at least is dry at the moment. on the michael and son weather camera. 60 degrees. we have had a northeast wind at 8 miles an hour. and the dew points are near 50. and so what we are looking at, big picture-wise, high pressure, up here. the problem is, our weather is not coming from there. it is coming from the south. and the southeast. where we have all of this disturbed weather, showing up in the southwest, and arizona, and new mexico, and texas, more showers, and storms there. and florida, vero beach, 8, 9 inches of rain yesterday. the wettest may on record. and then this activity, a lot more north and west of us, having a real tough time, though, crossing east of the blue ridge. and here is the future cast for the afternoon. the northeast wind, and that cool breeze, and lots of clouds, and showers though, theyok
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to stay west and northwest of us. i am not too concerned. overnight, we could have a passing shower. same story tomorrow. isolated showers, but i also think tomorrow, we will get a little bit of sun mixing in, in the afternoon. again, there is a couple of showers, along the pennsylvania turnpike, back to areas like northern louden county, and potentially by 5:30 tomorrow, and quiet friday night. in fact, friday looks luke like a real good day. pleasant temperatures. temperatures in the 70s. the next weather maker for friday night into saturday, is coming here. so that by midnight, we have the rain moving in. and saturday morning, rain could be heavy at times, and can we get out of here for the afternoon? that is the question. because the preakness is saturday. and i think it is going to be wet, at least through midday, a yellow weather alert for saturday. today, the borderline weather alert, the showers north and west and cloudy 62. and 52 tonight with 40s in the 'burbs. and tomorrow, an isolated shower, mainly in the morning. and 69. and very pleasant on friday. and 74 degrees.
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it. and cool and damp on saturday. with rain at least through midday, if not lingering most of the day. and then we have isolated showers in the afternoon. sudden, through tuesday. we will be back after this.
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i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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welcome back. tonight on wusa 9 news at 5:00, a song about dc's low income communities, from a 90s rocker, starting to get some push-back. we will tell you about that. and then tracking the murder rate in prince george's county. in the wake of maryland's relaxed laws, on marijuana. we have some new developments on that story. and a puppy stolen right out of a car in dc. we hear from the family tonight, at 5:00. please join our friends lesli foster and adam longo. weather wise, a couple of showers north and west.
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afternoon. isolated shower tomorrow. friday looks fantastic. and then a potentially soaking rain on saturday. before some drier weather on sunday. >> more kid's activities canceled. >> yes. >> that will do it for the news at no at giant, shoppers are discovering low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
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>> dylan: oh! >> nikki: sully, look who's here! it's daddy! >> dylan: hey, buddy. >> nikki: there he is! >> dylan: are you enjoying the sunshine? >> nikki: oh, yes. >> dylan: how was your morning? >> nikki: it's been wonderful. >> dylan: yeah? >> nikki: we walked by the lake, we fed the ducks... >> dylan: nice. >> nikki: ...and we've just been strolling along. >> dylan: well, it sounds like he got his quota of fresh air. >> nikki: [ chuckles ] >> dylan: didn't you, bud? >> nikki: i can't thank you and sharon enough. >> dylan: for what? >> nikki: oh, ever since victor's arrest, spending time with my healing, gives me hope. >> dylan: i know what you mean. i'm just glad other people feel it, too. sully, you're such a huge blessing. the very best part of us.


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