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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  May 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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scene, while they continue to search for answers. many in the neighborhood are demanding more of one another. >> kind of hard right now. because police are doing so much. and some of these neighbors. >> we're just now getting the weather. getting hot. people want to come out and enjoy the outside weather. the kids are getting ready to come out of school. absolutely, i'm worried. >> this is terrible. and i wish we would all stop the senseless killings. come together. fuel this will anger into something more positive. something more beneficialor our communities, for our kids, our youth. >> reporter: you can see right now, police are looking at evidence markers. there was a vehicle towed from the scene that had a shattered window on the side. we are being told the man was seen running from here. that person in a late age over here. here in the southeast, stephanie mi
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suspect description that . ey're trying to work off of >> we have breaking news out of fairfax. late this afternoon, we learned one of the victims of a tyson's corner silver diner crash has died. the man is identified as 74- year-old an true sharon of mcclane. police say samuel abhutto, a cook at that restaurant, intentionally drove his suv into the building. they say he the man entered the restaurant and set himself on fire. abhutto remains in the hospital and will be served with an arrest warrant when he is released. a guilty plea today in a case that has ripped our region and helped change our laws. 27-year-old waiter luis roulousco, pleaded guilty in the death of a homicide. tomorrow, maryland a governor will sign a law to fight drunken driving.
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more. >> reporter: yeah, lesli. luis ruulous co offered not much, other than to say he is pleading guilty because he is guilty. but his lawyer says he is filled with remorse and has struggled with what he did, ever since it happened. noah liotta's dad, he doesn't buy it at all. he suspects that roulousco is simply saying that in hopes of getting a shorter prison sentence. >> reporter: luis roulousco, never braked, never even realized he had struck and killed officer liotta last december. pinning the officer against the patrol car, before throwing his body some 22 feet across rockville pike. roulousco had been drinking for hours at the hooters, just down the street. his blood alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit. and he spent his
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-- he spent the bulk of his time praying for mr. liotta. and trying to seek amends in any way he can. >> reporter: more than two dozen officers were in the courtroom. so was liotta's dad, rich, who was not buying any remorse from his killer. >> i don't believe it. there's situations clearly of why people do certain things at certain times. and the remorse that has nothing to do with it. >> roulousco faces as much as 10 years in prison for killing liotta, while driving drunk and with gross negligence. his lawyer says roulousco supports noah's law, which will require ignition interlocks for all drunk drivers. rich liotta has made its his life's work. >> noah can't get back. but his legacy is going to be and will always be saving lives as he did when he was
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now. >> neither roulousco's lawyers nor the prosecutors would offer any kind of description of what kind of sentence they will be seeking for him at the next hearing coming up in august. the judge ordered a presentence investigation. but at this point, nobody seems to have any explanation for why roulousco smoked pot, took a xan xanax, and drank a bunch of big beers and lots of shots of whiskey, before climbing behind the wheel of has crv. live at circuit court in rockville, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> all right, bruce. and investigators say roulousco could have actually seen the flashing lights of liotta's patrol car, pulled over on the side of rockville pike, before he even pulled out of the hooters parking lot. a d.c. firefighter is facing charges following his alleged role in a fatal crash. >> and this
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virginia police. police say 27-year-old john pignatero had it. the driver of the lexus died at the scene. pignataro died of reckless driving. he is on administrative leave. allegations of sexual harassment. cyber bullying and department official's lewd facebook page, prompted a group of women fairfax county firefighters to speak out. they say they're tired of all the negative publicity. and they want to share some of the positive things about working in the agency. northern virginia bureau chief peggy fox has been leading the way with new developments on this story. and today, she has the other side of the story. >> the wounded firefighters say they are pleased that the chief and county leaders are hire an outside firm to look into the workplace environment. allegations of sexual harassment and morale issues. the women who
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say they have never had a problem with any of those issues. >> i've never been judged by anything other than my character and my personal work ethic. >> reporter: alicia has been a firefighter with the fire department for five years. she helped organize today's event, which included several male firefighters who stood in support behind them. >> we're not afraid to come to work. we like where we work. we enjoy each other's company. we have a lot of respect for each other. and we want to bring that forth. we want to let the public know, that's how we feel. >> reporter: reconsaid the department is a family. but like any family, there are black sheeps. a reference, perhaps, to whoever slandered firefighter nicole mitten dor of. mittendorf disappeared in mid- april. and her body was inbounds in shenandoah life. >> she had taken her own life. >> what may have happened, a lot of speculation. but i also feel like an event like this has brought us together. >> the women would not
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guy morgan, the professional standards officer, in charge of investigating workplace complaints. he was heading up the investigation into the cyber bullying of mitten dorf, before fire chief ricky baton put him on administrative leave after sexist content was found on his facebook page. >> the women say they don't deny or dismiss the complaints other women have made. they said they just wanted to tell their positive story. now, mittendorf left behind a suicide note in her car. chief bowers said he has not been told what todays. because virginia state police have not wrapped up the investigation into her death. they are awaiting the final autopsy report. if you take a look outside. you see just a few lingering showers. first alerts meteorologist topper shutt joins us now from the weather center. and top, the sun will come out tomorrow. >>
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no weather yellow alert tomorrow. no yellow weather alert friday. it's going to take a while for the sun to come out tomorrow. that said, you still have a couple of showers pushing through around the beltway. and showers more prev lent to the west. -- prevalent pushing off to the west. everything pushing off to the east. you might see wet roads, up the 270, past rockville, germantown. everything moving potentially east. maybe they get to bowie at about 5:39. make it to mar borough at 5:45. most of the showers confined to the mountains. you can probably take a walk after dinner. temperature, upper 50s. not bad. in the morning, there will be some showers. we've not issued a yellow weather alert. but there will be showers out to the west. maybe in prince williams county, fairfax. temperatures, mainly low 50s to mid-50s the by 8:00, few showers out to the west. notice some braille breaks -- some breaks just beginning to show up
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temps in the 50s. and breaks beginning to show. with the breaks come showers tomorrow. when we come back, we'll talk about when we do have to issue a yellow weather alert. sentencing day for the man who beat a kidney transplant survivor to death, during a vicious robbery. deon sabakirk was sentenced to 40 years in prison. this happened in silver spring in 2014. jonathan harris was found dead in the payment of his family's home. his mother says justice has been served. >> jonathan was the other half of my heart. i have two sons. one in heaven. and one right here with me now. >> investigators believe the whole thing was orchestrated by harris's ex-girlfriend. she's already been sentenced to three years in prison. more than 4 million more
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americans will qualify for overtime, thanks to new rules, introduced by the obama administration. salaried employees, making less than $47,400, are now eligible for o.t. that is up from $23,600. the labor department says the change will help low-level managers in retail and in fast food, as well as entry level officers. business owners will simply demote the workers and cut the hours. to campaign 2016 coverage. and on the campaign trail. gop presidential candidate donald trump has put out his list of picks to replace the late justice antonin scalia. meantime, the battle over the democratic nomination is threatening to split the party. tuesday night's democratic primary in kentucky has set the stage for the final weeks of primary season. hillary clinton claims victory in a tweet and appeals appeals for unity. meanwhile, bernie sanders cell
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in oregon. while attending a rally in carson, california. >> before we will have the opportunity to defeat donald trump, we're going to have to defeat secretary clinton. >> right now, clinton is just 90 delegates away from clinching the nomination. tracking metro tonight. and a lot of commuters are pretty anxious to hear the final details of metro's epic safety and maintenance plan. that includes the shutdown of portions of lines and a lot of single tracking. metro says the final plan will be released sometime this week. but they will not say exactly when. we do know that post midnight rail service will end june 3rd. the gun george zimmerman used to kill an unarmed trayvon martin, sold at auction today for $120,000. the top bidder will remain anonymous, due to rules for the auction site. this was the third time zimmerman put that gun up for auction. he said he
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the black lives matter movement. we're just getting started here at 5:00. local schools taking action now to protect themselves from the zika virus. firefighters in prince george's county, honored for their efforts in a crash that killed four people and injured 14 others. a family, pleading for the safe return of their beloved puppy. stolen from a ca r, inthe middle of d.c. plus, taxis in d.c., will soon deliver more than just people.
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i. a does. c. couple -- d.c. couple is offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who returns their stolen puppy. this 4-month-old boston terrier vanished monday afternoon. >> michael and mary
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alexandra steele's pup's name is. he took her with him to run some errands downtown. he met with a potential employer for 20 minutes upon. >> i came back and the passenger's window was shattered and she was gone. so i called 911 and started running up and down the block, asking security guards, looking in trash cans. >> reporter: and maggie was nowhere to be found. >> police told us that there is a black market for small dogs like this. >> reporter: and that's why the couple is offering a five- figure reward. maggie has suffer said from health issues since she was born. she's recovering from pneumonia and battling pair parasites. >> we don't know how long maggie has without her medicine. >> these flyers are posted throughout do you want d.c. and the wash issue -- downtown d.c., and the washington humane society has alerted local shelters. >>i
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baby. >> i feel absolutely horrible. she was my little dog buddy. >> the puppy does have a microchip, so local shelters will be able to contact the alexandra steeles approximate f maggie shows up. >> if you have a tip, you can contact the couple, we have their contact information on our app and website. you might think 45 minutes is a long time to leave a dog in the car. the humane society said they are not awaiver any city -- aware of any city laws that were violated. four 15 fire and rescue crewmembers were honored for their efforts in a deadly and fiery crash. it happened in november of last year in hyattsville. that's when a pickup truck collided with a church van. four were killed, 14 others were injured. it was horrific. the members, receiving the maryland star of life award in annapolis today. were the first units to arrive on the scene. >> kind of goes through your head again. when you look at the scene. a little different than when we got there
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but you still have that flash of what happened that day. >> the driver of the pickup truck was also killed in the crash. investigators say he had been involved in a hit-and-run accident, prior to striking that van. how about a cab ride for your lunch? well, the d.c. taxicab commission is partnering with to deliver lunchtime meals to cover the district. the program will expand to include laundry and other goods in the future. you will need to download the mobile app, in order to place an order. >> maybe they can deliver all my meals. >> maybe they can deliver some sunshine. how about that. >> i'm with you. >> i mean, cooking is okay. i'm a cleaner, not a cooker. >> sounds like an expensive proposition. >> it does. we have sun coming tomorrow. but don't expect to wake up with it in the morning. it's going to take a while to return. probably not until mid- to late afternoon. 3-degree guarantee. feeling pretty good until 11:00 last night. i raised it a little bit. i don't think i
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enough. 61 was our forecasted high for today. we'll see what the numbers bear out at 11:00. right now, 64. that's good. winds out of the east at 5. just clouds right now at the airport. showers off to the west. in fact, we have a little patch of showers right inside the beltway. but a much larger area of showers. everything is light. nothing heavy. no thunderstorms. along i-81. hagerstown to winchester. everything pushing off to the east and northeast at 20 miles an hour. couple of sprinkles around, silver spring, college park, university boulevard in east- west highway. a couple of sprinkiles. and light -- sprinkles and light sprinkles in town. nothing heavy. tonight, just a few showers. that's it. bus stop temperatures, a little milder. 48 to 62. that's it. showers possible to the west of town. and by that, we mean fairfax west. afternoon sun tomorrow. nice on friday. really nice on friday. then guess what? a nor'easter on saturday. cold rain. heaviest rain right now, looks 8:00 a.m.
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and if that were the case, by the time the race starts, with the preakness, it might be either stopped raining or at least gone to light rain. that's the only silver lining we had. looks like a good soaking on saturday. 10:00 tonight. clouds. mid and upper 50s. a few sprinkles possible. but not too much in the immediate metro area. 6:00 a.m., couple of showers possible. leesburg. 53 in silver spring and bowie. and by 9:00, clouds, mid- to upper 50s. we get in the lunchtime hours, just a few breaks begin to occur. as we see these, we also see more showers develop. kind of a small price to pay for a little sunshine tomorrow. by 6:00, 24 hours from now. lots of breaks in the clouds. but yes, a few scattered showers here and there, with temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s. and by 8:30 tomorrow night, 64 downtown. 62 in rockville with the clouds. but also breaks in the
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we'll stay mostly cloudy, cool. a few showers. winds out of the east at about 10. on the day planner then. maybe a sprinkle at 9. clouds at 11:00. clouds starting to see some breaks in the clouds by 1:00. and 63 degrees. now, friday, pleasant. we are hanging a cloud off the day on friday. clouds come in pretty quickly friday night. 75. that's the day to really make hay, play golf. cutlet grass. because of soaking rain. yellow weather alert. 58 for a high. that would be our fifth day in the 50s if that were to occur. records only 7. sunday may be a leftover shower. low 70s monday. mid-70s tuesday. perhaps a shower, not a washout. warmer on wednesday, 83. nats still in town. and that would be our first 80- degree day for the mont of may. >> well, thank you. straight ahead. the dangers of taking out an auto loan. and your data may be at risk after a breach at linked in. that's coming up in tonight's
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alert. plus, racing to save a whale. stuck and in danger. off the coast of massachusetts. and we feared the turtle. and lather him with praise. he's been swiped, soiled and buried in the woods. it's testuto, living on as a good luck charm. see how far we did to please him. tonight at 11:00, on wusa 9news.
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environmentalists are in a race against time to try to free a humpback whale that got caught in the fishing lines that got cough off the cape of massachusetts. the line got wrapped around the animal's body. whale experts are also riding with rescuers to monitor the whe's condition as they try to set it free. to consumer news now, a hacker named pete is not giving much of it to just over 100 linked-in users. the online magazine "motorboard" -- "mother board reports" he was using those passwords stolen from a data breach. linked in only initially reported that 6 million accounts were compromised
5:25 pm
the theft. the social media site says there is no indication that this is a new security breach. and is working to iminactivate the accounts and contact users to reset their passwords. a $1 billion bankruptcy filing in early march, could not save the sports authority. the sporting goods chain has been auctioned off. winning bidders agree to pay $101% for the original inventory, plus $1.8 million. one in five people lose their car after they sign an auto title loan. nearly 80% of the vehicle features happen because borrowers can't afford to pay the loan back in full at the time that it's due. they say short-term emergency loans turn into unaffordable long-term debt for cobsumers who are already -- consumers who are already struggling to make ends meet. for the third ra
5:26 pm
considered the third fittest state. >> according to the index, indianapolis is the least fittest city in the country. straight ahead, one of the 200 girls kidnapped by nigerian terrorists is found alive. an incredible story of sobriety and clarity. from inside d.c.'s drug court. >> and concerns over zika have some schools taking action right now, to keep mosquitoes away. and hope you've heard about this by now. we're giving away a brand-new car on wake-up washington. watch every morning in week at 6:00 a.m. for the word of the day. and your chance to get a fly new set of wheels.
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we're following some breaking news out of the district now. the national bathroom battle is hitting close to home. d.c. police cob firm that a -- confirm that a security guard is face assault charges. he apparently tried to prevent a transgender person from using the ladies room. this happened this afternoon at the giant at third and 8th streets northwest. we will keep you posted on any new details that we get on the wusa 9news app. with the house poised to vote on zika funding tomorrow. georgetown hill early schools. they're not waiting for government research before they start taking action against the virus. they have a prevention plan that is in motion right
5:30 pm
about how they are keeping mosquitoes away from their schools. >> this is what it has been like for more than two weeks at george town hill early school. they have been dealing with rain. and now they're taking steps to make sure this rain doesn't lead to a lot of mosquitoes on their playground. >> ready? >> recess moved inside. once again. >> beautiful. leaving some children at georgetown hill early school. >> hey, boys. a little less rough housing, please. >> reporter: with a little energy to burn. because the place they usually run around, has been soaked for two weeks straight. the director worries all of this rain will lead to mosquitoes on the playground. >> we know these parents are worried about it, you know, the potential hazards it could have to their families. >> so georgetown hills started its prevention program. they have a landscaper coming this month. two plants plants that repel mosquitoes. they also check for standing water after rainfall.
5:31 pm
>> just reassuring them that we're doing everything in our power to keep them safe. >> reporter: university of maryland, entmology professor michael ross says research is huge step in the right direction. . >> reporter: yesterday, the senate approved a $1.1 billion measure to fight the zika virus. which is left. significantly more to how conservatives will spend. >> here's a lot of unknown factors that are going on. >> reporter: and until they have answers, georgetown hill will work on its answer. keeping as many mosquitoes away as possible. >> the plants they're going to put in. they'll put on the other side of the fence from the playground. that way the children don't get into them. reporting in montgomery village, ellen bryan, wusa 9. >> and entmologist michael ramp said this rain is working against us
5:32 pm
mosquito population from growing, but it is helping us in the temperatures. it is not until hotter that we see the mosquito population really spike. officer nero in the death of freddie gray. the defense rested its case. closing arguments are expected tomorrow. the judge said he will release his verdict on monday. remember, there is -- this is a bench trial. no jury here. prosecutors say nero acted without regard for gray's safety during his stop and arrest. today marks the first day of the rest of five people's lives. they graduated from the sciect district's drug court. clean and sober. wusa 9's debra alfarone got a at how this changed their lives. >> to get into this program, you must have committed some type of nonviolent offense and be a drug abuser. all five people walked out of here today. clean and sober. their charges, clean, too.
5:33 pm
[ inaudible ] >> reporter: outside d.c. superior court, it's constant chaos. inside the courtroom, calm, congrat latery and above all, -- congratulatory, and above all, clean. >> i would have ended up in jail. and/or i would have never made it off the street. >> i had an assault -- misdemeanor assault charge. >> months and months of treatment, drug tests and court dates brought michael and four others to graduation day. >> i always tell people i'm addicted to abloifion. -- oblivion. >> you couldn't really tell me that. i was walking around with that one-track mind. thinking i got it, when the whole time
5:34 pm
graduated today. she and michael share the same fact. this is the longest the two have been clean. >> i have been self medicating since the age of 13. i'm 31 years old now. it's allowed me to get in touch with myself and form connections again in my life. >> you're never too far gone. surrender yourself. life is too short to throw it away. and statistics say that people who end up going to drug court, end up staying in treatment longer than people who don't. and that gives them the needed time to get better. we are live here at d.c. superior court tonight, debra alfarone, wusa 9. >> great to see them turn things around. nationwide, 75% remain arrest- free, at least two years after leaving the program. check out the surveillance video. just released by d.c. police. they need your help to camp these two men. investigators say the pair ro
5:35 pm
metro's noman gal det station monday night. no one was hurt. if you know the suspects, call police, and you could be eligible for a reward. burglars, break into a middle school in silver spring. but they got away with nothing. montgomery county police rush to the colonel brook lee school. after the alarm was tripped this morning. the burglars were gone when police got there. but police did find several computers, stacked up and ready to go. near a door. one of the 200 school girls by boko haram has been found. no word on how she escaped. but she is believed tonight first freed since those kidnappings. authorities say nigerian soldiers found the young woman, now pregnant with her second while, wandering near a forest, near the cameroon border with a baby and a man she called her husband. the rescued woman said most of the girls are still being held by heavily-armed guards in a
5:36 pm
nigeria. trending now. controversy tonight, over this weekend's prince tribute at the billboard awards. >> yellowstone explains its unpopular decision to put down a baby bison. and what actress robin wright did, once she found out her house of cards costar was making more money. topper? we actually had a pollen reading today. here it is. trees in the moderate range. mold spores pretty much off the charts. high. you can get that information on our website. also on our apps. you open the apps. just open it and scroll down to weather maps. we'll come back and talk about a yellow weather alert. but before then, sunshine returns.
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get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
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all right. let's track what is trending tonight. madonna is set to pay homage to prince. >> but shocking, not everybody is happy about that apparently. no one is ever happy about everything, are they? >> no. >> a petition with measure 7 -- more than 7,000 voters is calling a more worthy performer. they say they couldn't be more excited about
5:40 pm
madonna and prince collaborated on love songs like madonna's like a prayer album. yellowstone officials are standing by their controversial decision to put down a bison. >> they thought it was abandoned. -- a couple thought the bison was abandoned and they put if in their car any took it to park rangers. >> once they have human scent on them. it raises the risk that they will not be able to reuunite with their parents. >> they were wrong. >> reporter: they were wrong because the park superintendent said the bison herd wouldn't accept the calf. and it began to approach people and cars and it became a traffic hazard. >> what was that we were looking at there. cbs is announcing its new fall lineup. one of its most anticipated
5:41 pm
>> what? >> it's the reboot of magyver. it will now star lucas hill. much more on the cbs lineup. andich for you now on wusa 9 app. >> magyver. actress robin wright is spiking on twitter here in the d.c. area. >> you go, girl. the house of cards actress demanded to make the same amount of money per episode as her castor, kevin spacy. wright said she was making $420,000. spacy was making $500,000. so she told the producers, you mav to pay me or -- have to pay me or i'm going to tell everybody what you're doing. so what did they do? they paid her. >> and she still went public. singer harvey. find
5:42 pm
the song disngt -- doesn't -- doesn't show the communities in the best light. and the best lacrosse players in the nation can be found up the road in college park. we'll meet with the maryland star taki
5:43 pm
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a british artist's new song and video about d.c. is causing quite the controversy. alternative rocker d.j. harvey calls her song "community of hope." but residents say her unfair depictions of wards 7 and 8 show a community in disrepair. delia goncalves is live in anacostia, with what people are say being it. >> a lot of people are talking about it. we chatted with someone walking down the street who had a lot of opinions. you know, the song and the lyrics, like highway of death and destruction, definitely has people fired up. and residents admit, there are some struggles here. but on good hope road, where we are here live, they say there are signs of hope that the songwriter overlooks. >> reporter: the video opens up the driving tour southeast.
5:46 pm
being driven through what many say are the roughest parts of town. she pulls no punches folks say some blows hit below the belt. ♪ [ music ] >> you cannot judge it. >> okay now. this is just drug town. just zombies. >> that's just not real. when you do essentially what amounts to kind of like an artist's drive-by. >> nicholson is a parent's coordinator. and ward 8 initiative. >> for me, it bring up questions of us wrightsing history. >> there's big -- writing history. >> there's big challenges. >> this is leah garrett, who brings off the real community of hope off south capital. she wrote a letter, saying, quote, our neighbors struggling with drugs aren't zombies. they are living, brothsing -- breathing, feeling human beings. >> their choice to be strong is what's
5:47 pm
>> as for nicholson, he has advice for p.j. harvey. from one artist to another. >> take a week or two off and ride the a4 bus. ride the p12. ride the b2. walk up and down old hope road. and write the song. >> folks are looking for the remix. we did reach out to p.j. harvey, her record label as well. we should tell you she has released some dates for a tour this summer. her only two u.s. stoppings, though -- stops, though, not here in d.c. l.a. and new york. we're live in anacostia, delia delia delia goncalves, wus a 9. >> a nonprofit sevens the needs of 9800 people. last year, case workers ha
5:48 pm
upon -- helped more than 600 people. feeding the 5,000. feed bank and d.c. central kitchen put on the free lunchtime feast, made entirely with fresh ingredients that would have been otherwise thrown away. the items would have been rejected by the food industry, due to its shape or size. >> a lot of people are going to overlook this food. because it has that little blemish. and america, especially, has this idea that you can get this beautiful, stock food. it's all going to look exactly the same. be exactly the same. but that's just not the way nature works. >> and the goal it s to -- is to bring public awareness to the excess of wasted food in this country. the rain held off. topper, thank you. i was out there on the pavement. along with hundreds of other runners this morning as part of the annual acli capital challenge. team wu9. there were 10 ever -- wusa 9. there were 10 of us out there. close to 1,000 runners out there.
5:49 pm
senate, judiciary and other members of the media, also participating. the race goes through anacostia park. and benefits the fidelko guide dog program. provides service dogs people in need. it was super early. and bunt stayed home and laughed at us. snefs he was not there. >> you -- he was not there. >> you got it done. good job, team 9. >> our team name was you bleed, we lead. temperaturewise. perfect for a run. a lot of clouds. just cloudy. 64. dew point in the 40s. relative humidity, not too bad at 58%. here's a look at the satellite and radar picture combined. we'll zoom in a little bit. one area of showers mainly to the west of us. that's going to essentially stay on i-81, and points west overnight. a couple of stray showers possible in town. still cool, raleigh northward. remember, the ocean temperatures are still only in the low to
5:50 pm
we'll zoom in a little bit. couple of showers toward win chester and cumberland. couple of sprinkles move through town. but really, we're in pretty good shape tonight. probably hand-walk the dog after dinner. tonight, we'll say just a few showers. then bus stop temperatures okay as well. 48 to 62. could be some showers to the west. and by that, we mean fairfax west. so fairfax, loudoun county, and certainly out along i-81. afternoon sun tomorrow will take a while. then very, very nice on friday. and then a cold rain on saturday. heaviest, it looks like, will be between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. if we're lucky, it will be tapering off or possibliening by the time the preakness begins. and we got an article on that. and it's on our website as well. 10:00 tonight. we have temperatures in little upper 50s downtown. mid-50s in the burbs. and generally just cloudy. here at 6:00 in the morning. future cast. trying to keep showers west of us. we can't rule out a shower, peeling off across 95. just be advised, coupling of light showers possible
5:51 pm
also in bowie and 56 in fairfax. by 12:30. couple of sprinkles here and there. but we're back in the low to mid-60s with a few breaks in the clouds. by this time tomorrow, we see a lot of breaks. with the breaks in the clouds, yes, a couple of showers are possible. temperatures in the upper 60s by then. so maybe a sprinkle at 9:00. 57. 61 by 11:00. and just a few breaks in the clouds. a little bit of sun by 1:00. and 63 degrees. now, friday, pleasant. that's the day. that's the best day of the week. 75. because boom. here comes the soaking rain on saturday. highs in the upper 50s on saturday. next seven days. sunday is pleasant. we do have an isolated shower. but pleasant low 70s. low 70s monday. couple of sprinkles on tuesday. mid-70s. and look at this. possibly our first 80-degree day. on wednesday. and the nats still in town.
5:52 pm
the maryland women's lacrosse team heads into this weekend's quarterfinals with an undefeated record. at 20-0 this season. the terps are led by two-time player of the year, cummings. tian roberts has the story. >> this is the trophy given to the best lacrosse play ner the nation. player in the nation. she won it two years in a row and could very well win her third this year. >> coming inside. score! >> taylor cummings is a very good lacrosse player. >> terrapins of maryland. brings college lacrosse. back-to-back beauty. >> since the day she stepped foot on the university of maryland campus. she has had one of the best efforts i've ever seen. >> hers might be the end was regular season. they came in several categories, including points. she's been big-10 athlete of the year. and as mentioned, two-time tour and award winner. despite her
5:53 pm
accolades, the terps' captain is a consummate team player and will always speak about them first. >> we just really left our mark here as a class. and i'm just really proud to be a terp, to have had the team success that we've had through my four years. >> they have been to the national championship the last three years, winning the last two. they finished the regular season, 17-0, with taylor leading the charge. >> winning doesn't get old. i think there's such a tradition here with maryland. our teams have been good for so long. and each year, you want to live up to that standard. that our past has set for us. >> taylor is an amazing person. she's caring, she's compassionate. she's a good teammate. she's a good friend. you know, somebody that is always willing to do things to help people get around her. >> following the ncaa tournament, everyone will be seeing if taylor can
5:54 pm
trophies. >> and the ladies playing umass this sunday and a win. and they in the final four white sox again. >> they know to fear the turtep -- turtle up there. coming up at 6:00. new information on our investigation into a possible connection. between the decriminalization of marijuana. and a spike in murders in parts >> our area. > also at 6:00, while the democratic presidential candidates bicker over unity, donald trump is weighing in over the supreme court debate. but up next. the unintended consequences of minimum wage hike that could soon be coming to a fast food restaurant near you.
5:55 pm
vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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5:57 pm
next time you order a frosty, it might be at a self- serve kiosk. >> wendy's is ready to roll them out to save money. it's an answer, apparently to minimum wage hikes. >> reporter: at this busy wendy's on georgia avenue. the idea of replacing workers with touch screens is hard to swallow. >> i think everybody would prefer to talk to a human being. i mean, we are all -- i hate robocalls, don't you? [ laughter ] >> reporter: with state minimum wages rising across the couny,
5:58 pm
kiosks in some locations. franchise owners could save. >> that may not save the company. because they think things that are automated don't always work like they should. >> if it helps the business, let it go. >> reporter: some mcdonald's and panera restaurants are already addressing the self- service trend. in july, they will jump to $11.50. in maryland, $10.10. >> all they're doing is trying to save a little money. and you're going to put people out of work. >> wendy's has people in maryland, virginia and department c. tech -- d.c. they say technology will enhance the wendy's experience. >> i'll still be a wendy's fan. >> old-fashioned hands at the crossrods of -- crossroads of change. >> wendy's is also experimenting with mobile paying and ordering online. >> all of this, again, in an ef
5:59 pm
right now at 6:00. the local law enforcement look into the possible link of decriminalization of marijuana and a recent spike in murders. also, coming up, donald trump. the potential of a supreme court nominee. and millions of workers will now be eligible for overtime pay, thanks to rules rolled out by the white house. thanks for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm bruce johnson. they continue that alarming spike upward. so far, law enforcement leaders have not been able to explain why. >> the statistics are not conclusive. but we've discovered at least one possible clue that is now getting a lot of attention from prince george's county leaders. there may be a link to a booming marijuana market in the wake of decriminalization. >> reporter: prince george's county bureau chief, scott broom is joining us now with today's developments. scott? >> decriminalization was supposed to
6:00 pm
decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana for personal use. but as we dive in the statistics, it appears there may be a cruel irony. that it's involved with a lot of new violence. >> reporter: 22 yearly ra shan hargrave, murdered in brandy wine, prince george's county, may 3rd. three others were charged in the death a short time later. the motive, very longs said, was a marijuana-related robbery. and it turns out, all 12 of the dozen, drug-related killings in prince george's county this year, are believed to be linked to the trade in weed. that's 36% of the murders recorded in the county so far this year. something never seen before. and it comes as maryland has decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use. >> well, we have seen increases in adult use. >> reporter: kate bail of the marijuana project is a leading advocate for legalization. and while she finds


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