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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 18, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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mariahhs major diva dis. >> what am i supposed to say? let's pretend we're best friends. >> no love for j. lo and no words for nicki. >> can you say three nice things about nicki minaj. >> can you? >> prepare to get schooled. mariah is giving us a master class in how a diva throws shame. >> it's just me. i can't help it. then celine dion's emotional new interview revealing untold stories about her husband's funeral. also, which a-list star is rushing to the altar to say i do to a multimillionaire? >> and why are donnie wahlberg and jenny mccarthy dressed for prom in the middle of manhattan? >> the ruffles. ah! now for may 18th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> an emotional celine dion back on stage in las vegas last night. >> yeah, she is such a performer, and we know her songs
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but tonight we're really getting to know celine as a person because we see a very somber celine as she still struggles to come to grips with the loss of the only man she ever loved. ♪ where does my heart beat now >> it's only been four months, and it's not living without him. it's living with him differently. he kind of left me with all his strength. my children are helping me tremendously. i want to be the greatest mom i can be. >> celine puts on a brave face and a smile every day to be an example for her sons. posing for "people" magazine last thursday in las vegas, you can see celine's wedding ring is gone. she keeps it tucked away in a safe place. as for where she believes rene is now, she tells her kids, there's an afterlife. >> they had this vision that this life, afterlife, there's no boo-boo in the belly, no tube in th
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there's no pain. he can talk, he can see, he can eat. >> but it's this moment when 15-year-old rene charles spoke at his father's funeral that leaves the singer emotional and proud. >> at first he's like, i don't think i can -- i said if you're asking my opinion, this is the last time that you're going to talk to your dad. >> you are a tough act to follow, but with your help, everything is going to be fine. >> it's hard for a 15-year-oldd to talk to his dad who's no longer there. and when he arrived, he looked at me and his shoulders came down, and i could almost hear his kneecaps shaking. and i said, you know what, honey, i'm very proud of you. >> as for how celine is moving on after loss -- >> she told me she lives with no regrets. she wasn't even there when rene died, and the nurse who found him had to tell her that there no should haves when it comes to
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celine. >> there are two days in the year you can do nothing about -- yesterday and tomorrow. today is a great day. >> she always tries to stay so positive. >> yeah, she does. >> something else she said is the home, she actually chased the vehicle a little bit just like she did when her kids went to school. it was that hard to say good-bye. >> celine will perform in vegas until june the 4th. then mariah carey takes over three days later on the very same stage inside caesars palace. but last night mariah was on a different stage and in full diva mode. mariah soaked up the love last night. after basically conducting a master class in diva tactics -- >> mariah carey is not here, everybody. >> she was late for andy cohen's live show, asked him totc swih chairs with her, and threw a little shimmy at j. lo. >> do you know each other? >> no. >> she says you know her.
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you know what, i'm very forgetful. if i had never had a conversation with you and someone asked me about you, i'd be, like, i don't know him, but he seems cool. >> right. >> or i don't know him. >> does she seem cool? >> i don't know her. like what am i supposed to say? like, i'm not going to put on a thing like we're all hollywood. >> he turned his focus to another performer. >> can you say three nice things about nicki minaj. >> can you? >> sure. >> okay. go ahead. >> you want me to? >> well, it's your question. i mean, like -- >> i know, but i'm asking, do you want to plead the fifth on that one? >> you know, i always felt it was more important with that situation to not plead the fifth but to just stay above the fray. >> mariah's drama started on "american idol." >> making comments. i'm trying to help her. we're tryiig to help her as opposed to just comment on her outfit. >> i'm sure when the "american
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idol" finale happened, is that something you're considering participating in? >> i was devastated they couldn't be there. i almost lost my mind. i didn't know what the hell do. >> mariah was working on her just announced series during our visit. what about a role on "empire"? well, she dised that idea as well. >> they had this one idea and i was, like, look, if i'm not going to have an amazing character arc, then why would we go on "empire" to be, like, basically a version of myself? >> "e.t." was with mariah and her "empire" co-creator pal lee daniels saturday night. >> what i would have her do -- >> no, no, no. >> first idea -- >> what she's going to do is what she will not want to do. >> but that's why -- >> the reason -- >> do it in the movie version the shoot. >> no. on tv. >> there's an "empire" movie coming out? only a real diva demands her own movie. >> true, but he said, no, just tv. i like seeing them argue there. let's go from one diva to another. kim kardashian. >> kim kardashian's a diva? her diva status already?
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>> is that a compliment? kim made sure therat h cannes debut made a statement, and can you just say body hugging, shimmy shimmer and crystal all over. has she reached her weight loss goal after having her son? and how did she feel about her brother becoming a dad? >> have you and kanye given bob any advice with the baby? >> it's a really exciting time for him and i think we give him, i think fe,or m give him advice. >> kim totally glam in a custom lan yu gown. >> tell me about choosing your dress and the stunning jewels. >> they literally landed in new york from china and they were sewing it because it was too big and fixing it, and i had nothing to wear underneath it, and i just thought that was a little crazy. you know, this emerald ring is stunning. >> that emerald ring $5 million and on loan from her party host jeweler de grisogono. kim arrived in cannes on a private jet.
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there a little keeping my privacy white lie. that was just two weeks ago, but eva will be saying i do for the third time to fiance and media mogul jose baston in a lavish beach wedding. it looks as if her beauty prep is in full swing. >> not comfortable! >> a facial. >> who's invited? we say pal george lopez makes the cut as well as victoria beckham, who eva partied with in cannes. >> that's the good news in eva's life. here's the bad.
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didn't make the cut and was not renewed. but all love and happiness for michael weatherly. nearly 18 million people watched his swan song on "ncis" last night. now on to his new project which airs right after "ncis" in the fall. coveted time slot. >> we all know this is a blessing and we take it very seriously. we all jumped up and down and got excite, then we tooo it really seriously. >> in "bull," weatherly plays a trial consultant based on dr. phil. that's right, before he was this guy. >> what are you, a stepford wife? >> he worked innthe legal field helping defendants. weatherly has dr. phil's hard-ball demeanor down. >> i do know you're lying about something. >> did any part of his portrayal surprise you? >> he's got a smart-alecky attitude when he needs to have >> we have a deffndant going in front of a conservattve judge with a boy band haircut and pimp sneakers. >> dr. phil is executive producer of the drama and co-wrote the pilot. >> this is not biographical,
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because he breaks a lot of laws that i didn't break. >> aad there's more news about cbs' new fall lineup mondays, the network will re-create must-see tv. >> a "friends" reunion, sort of. matt leblanc's new sitcom "man with a plan" will air on mondays an hour before matthew perry's "the odd couple." could we see joey, chandler, and monica all back together? >> matthew erry shoots on the same lot. courtney and the celebrity game name. will you be having a "friends" reunion over lunch? >> yeah, why not? what the hell. i know what they like to eat so i can do all the orders. and -- panic. >> we can't get online! nothing works! what's happening? >> in his new comedy, leblanc is forced to sttp up his parenting when his wife goes back to work. "friends" director james burrows shot the pilot and cbs corporation chairman and ceo leslie moonves is also supporting matt again. >> developed "friends" and
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>> because i'm not your friend. i'm your father. i'm the warden. >> by the way, jenna fisher from "the office" was originally cast as matt's wife, but they will recast for a new character playing his wife in the fall. >> hmm. all right. one more tv note. tomorrow on the rachael ray show, enjoying an office makeover and it happens to be ours. klordnows we need it. >> boy, do we ever need it. still ahead tonight, the hawk shirtless at 63, but it's what is on david hasselhoff's cell phone that had us staring. inside the new "baywatch" movie with the sexy villain trying to take down the rock. >> eva ever looked so good. a size 22 and pregnant. this curvy cover girl gets naked and puts body shamers in their o place. >> i'm going to make you evvn angrier. and why is jenny mccarthy back in her high school prom dress? >> it actually fits better now than it did then. >> because i got boobs. >> closed captioning provided by --
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during our interview, adam sandler met a look-alike who shared the exact nameeof adam's character in th
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the hoff's still got it. at least i'm saying he does because for 63, pretty darn good, right?
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look at him showing it off on the beach in barbados. he's there on vacation with his fiancee, who is the same age, well, in digits, that is, just in reverse. he's 63. she's 36-year-old hailey roberts. >> his phone case says it all. the man, the myth, the hoff. david has a cameo in the new "baywatch" movie. "quantico's" star priyanka chopra is the bad guy -- bad woman. >> my favorite memory about "baywatch" was the music, when it starts. then the music. ♪ that was my favorite part. it was like my calling. and to watch everyone run in slow motion. >> priyaaka came so close to living out her own slow-mo beach scene, but turns out she's not playing the lifeguard. she's the villain. >> a big scene, and there's a villain who's got a gun pointed at
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but it's not just any villain, and it's not just any person. there's only one woman in the world that can handle this kind of pressure, this kind of action. >> evil. so good. >> evil looks incredible. priyanka and the rock really get into the whole trash-talking frenemy thing. >> i know you're not used to this, mr. rock, but i smell what you're cooking. okay? so watch out because i got you. you going down. aad he was like, oh, yeah? >> priyanka plays the villains now victoria, the opposite of fbi recruit alex parrish in "quantico." >> my role in "quantico" doesn't have me as victoria. victoria is the complete optposiee she doesn't get her hands dirty after her manicure. somebody does the dirty work. >> priyanka is not just a pretty .face she did her thing yesterday. she was singing and dancing. she's massively talented. >> no doubt about that.
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curvy cover girl who caused quite a stir after this "people" magazine body issue. and what a difference a year makes. >> i really don't care if people think i'm unhealthy. then the making of a soap opera love scene. why is that woman under the bed? >> ah! plus jenny mccarthy and hubby donnie wahlberg crack a joke with their prom stories. >> this is some guy i met on spring break. 't if you're out there, we don w ht toear from you.
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tomorrow only on "e.t." -- ♪ shake it up baby now >> a ferris bueller throwback thursday. the stars 30 years later. >> i didn't know that it was one that would lao st slong. >> revealing on-set hook-ups and behind-the-scse
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>> what are you doing? >> it's going to leave you saying -- >> bueller? buell bueller? >> that's tomorrow. throwback thursday. since this is way-back wednesday, here's another flashback. how many women can actually squeeze into their prom dress 26 years after they graduated high school? well, jenny mccarthy can. >> and you were actually wearing it now. look at that. >> i am wearing it right now. this is some guy i met on spring break. he lives in long island. i have no idea who he is. >> bob from long island. forget about it. >> he may be long gone, but jenny's bringing back the dress and the big hair far prom date o with husband donnie wahlberg in theemiddle of new york's herald square. >> what do you remember most about your prom night? >> for me, it was that i didn't enjoy my prom very much. >> no new kids on the block songs? >> not the songs. >> donny, did you go to yours? >> i went to a prom. it was not mine. and i was very sad too. i knew i was with the wrong
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and i was hoping one day to be thwi the riggt date at a prom. true. >> now these two are helping couples get in the mood for the big dance by launching sirius xm's limited run prom radio. tuneein friday to relive all the memories good and bad. >> i didn't get one compliment on this dress from any of my frienns. now i know why. because everyone tells me it's actually ugly. >> it actually fits better now than it did then. >> because i got boobs. >> yeah. the boobs are a little fuller, a little perkier. bob, you missed out on the good boobs, buddy. sorry. >> a little tmi. >> always fun. can you still fit in your prom dress? >> i doubt it. the annual body issue comes out this week with the requisite stars in bikinis. >> remember last year the magazine made international headlines when they put size 22 model tess holliday on the cover. i think that started a
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hollywood. a year later, has anything earlly changed? >> i was really happy they put me on the cover in a sheer bodysuit and, like, didn't hide my body. that alone was huge step, and there's more conversation around what body positivity is and accepting people for who they are. i feel like things are changing. >> theefeedback you got from that cover, t wasajhe my oritof it positive? >> i had quite a few celebrities reach out to me. ricki lake, amber riley, mia tyler. it was nice to see the unity in people reaching out to me and saying they appreciated seeing something like that. >> tess is pregnant with her second child. she's been posting pictures of her growing baby bump, and the haters on the web came out in -pfull force. what is it about body shaming now? it almost feels like it's become the thing for people to do. >> i really don't care if people think that i'm unhealthy or promoting something. f
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our bodies are our business and it's okay to be who you want to be and to live unapologetically, and i feel like most people get that. i do read the comments sometimes. i do see what people say, but i choose -- i posted a new photo yesterday. that was kind of my way of fighting back, so it's like -- the more people say they don't want to see things like that or the more it makes me want to do it. i'm going to give you a nude photo to make you even angrier. >> her baby is due in a few weeks, and even though tess is a larger woman, she says she still looks after her help. when you go to the doctor, does your doctor say, tess, you're a healthy woman. >> i saw my o.b. yesterday and everything was fine, my baby's fine. he said he couldn't be happier. i'm fine and healthy. >> we cannot wait till that baby's here, tess. rachel bloom from "my crazy ex-girlfriend" is in this year's issue with no photo shopping. she says when she moved to hollywood she saw all these people walking around who were real thin and she decided, i'm going to go on a diet. yeah. it lasted a day. >> don't be afraid to eat.
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then again, i don't have to take my shirt off like some of the men on the soap opera. we crashed the set of "the bold and the beautiful" for the making of a love scene. >> no. no. >> heather tom has been doing soap operas since she was 15. now 40, she's done over 575 love scenes during her 24-year career. >> my must have is a spray tan because everything looks better when it's tan. >> don diamont is 53, but you couldn't tell from his shirtless scenes. i've been doing this about 30 years. it's really no big deal, and as you saw, we laugh a lot. >> this seduction scene is actually played for laughs. that's her sister hiding under the bed. ah! >> the whole thing took three hours to shoot. >> ou've been in bed with somebody for like two hours and you're like, okay, it's time to go. >> the final product airs tomorrow on cbs. >> just another day at work. coming up, nancy o'dell tow
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dodger stadium in front of 56,000 fans. >> i didn't know how many people pould be there. >> did the ball make it to the plate? that's all i want to know. did t at giant, shoppers are discovering low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
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>> i'm completely out of the trenches. put the helmet down, took off the military jacket. >> watch her interview. travel considerations provided by -- there really is nothing like the pressure of throwing out the pitch at a major league baseball game. >> tell me about it. >> last year in boston it was a hit. last night, pressure back on, nancy at dodger stadium. >> i admit i was nervous. the warm-up was going really well. throwing with my dad, 81 years old, championship pitcher in the acc. so i felt really confident when it was my time to take the mound. you know what happened when kevin frazier threw out the first pitch for the dodgers, he chucked it over the net.
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i think that was because he was afraid he might not make it over the plate. so, kevin? you're on. ♪ >> walking away from the catcher. come on! >> it did make it over the plate. on the second bounce.
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>> jeff: we are live in los angeles at cbs for the two-hour season finale of "survivor: brains versus brawn versus beauty." we have the entire group of players here. take a look. they've waited a long time. they're very excited. it's the conclusion to a crazy season with really weird music right now that i like. it was a season full of underdogs that saw a record number of medical evacuations. there were three hidden immunity idols that were not played and mark, the chicken, the first chicken in the history of "survivor" to come this far without getting cooked. take a look. i have friends. it is a packed house here at cbs. [cheering and applause] it's a hard ticket to get, and it's going to be a fun night.


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