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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  May 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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lenghi is following the story. >> reporter: there is plenty of speculation about what may have brought down the flight. it is too early to tell what happened, at least until they find this plane. >> reporter: a frantic search for a missing plane. egypt air flight 804 simply vanished over the med mediterranean sea. egypt air previously stated debris including life jackets belonged to their missing plane, but later backtracked. officials are leading the investigation with greek and u.s. officials including the fbi and u.s. navy helping. they cruised at 37,000 feet in greek airspace. when they crossed into egyptian air space, air traffic controllers made contact. officials say the plane suddenly dropped and turned shar
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radar. both had more than 9,000 flying hours. while egypt suspects terrorism, other experts conclude it is far too soon. >> could it have been mechanical failure? a bomb? all of these will be looked into when we find the plane itself. >> reporter: it was a bom that brought it down, officials say it could have been planted in either of those locations. of the 66 people on board, 30 of the passengers were egyptian. 1547. two canadian and 19 from other countries. though no americans. among the missing are three children, including two egyptians. the woman's niece was a flight attendant, who had just gotten married. we still had hope, she said. >> if there was an explosion. officials say no one on the flight was on a terror watch list. and there are no claims of responsibility from any terrorist groups.
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and while we don't know the cause yet. this raises concern about egypt's ability to protect passengers and planes. early ther year, a man -- earlier this year, a man with fake explosives hijacked a plane. and last october, a russian brought down the plane after it had taken off from an egyptian airport. to keep track of the breaking developments, of course, you can download our free wusa 9 app. the u.s. transportation security administration finds itself under pressure to keep our skies safe. >> so today, the tsa staged a demonstration at chicago's midway airport to show how passengers can help speed up the process. they carried prohibited items such as a knife or water
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those bags that are on that cue, from proceeding through. >> over the next month, the tsa plans to hire more than 700 extra screeners. ship more to larger airports and bump up part-time workers to full-time. a chain-link fence prevented a disaster. cessna landed savely -- safely this afternoon. but the pilot overran that landing strip as you can see. the small plane kept the plane from ending up in route 50 traffic. no one was hurt, thank goodness. records claim the plane is owned by the airport. if you are trying to keep up with metro's big repair schedule, you should know if the schedule is changing. now, the overhaul starts june 4th wa single tracking on the orange and silver lines. metro says there will be big delays. and this usually means a major pain for metro riders. kicks off a year-long project
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early this summer, three separate sections will close down for a month. >> clearly, it's been really mismanage said for a long time. and hopefully they're doing what it takes to now get it where it needs to be. and things will be better afterward. >> the delays on the silver line should end after 13 days. i believe that's the plan. we have full details of the plan with the latest changes on our website. and on the mobile app. discipline against a fairfax county father captain. a northern bureau chief, peggy fox. on a separate note, also tweeted about the cyber bullying. so peggy, the big question is, did he say anything about that investigation to you at all? >> reporter: yes, he did. in fact, that investigation is under way, with a new, internal investigator, after the first one was put on administrative leave. chief bowers is also helping
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the to assess workplace relations. >> i want to do this right. we have one shot to do this right. and that's the critical thing. >> reporter: in his first interview since wusa 9 first broke the story on the fire official's facebook page, about a sexual harassment lawsuit, richie bowers revealed this. >> the individual that, you know, you're speaking of, the captain, has been moved and also disciplined. >> reporter: chief bowers said he didn't know about the internal affairs investigator, guy morgan's offensive facebook posts until a group of women brought them to his attend a few weeks ago. he put morgan on administrative leave. >> do you feel like somebody should have brought this to your attention? he has been posting it for several years. >> i wish i would have known. but honestly, peggy, i don't start my day looking at facebook pages. we have great men and women doing great things every day.
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likely, unequivocally, have bad apples. >> reporter: the issues came to life, after nicole mittendorf took her own life last month. she had been the target of a harassment site. her husband said that nicole had seen the posts. her sister said they stung nicole. >> how important is it to you to find, if you can, the people who wrote those horrible things online about nicole mittendorf? >> i want to know. i'd be very troubled. i'd be very straight and honest with you, if anyone in our department, volunteer or civilian, anyone associated with fairfax fire department, if they posted that, i would be very, very, very troubled. >> reporter: chief bowers is also putting together a task force to look into a dozen issues, including suicide prevention. a zero tolerance policy for any violation of discrimination.
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sexual harassment or bullying. he also wants a new effort to recruit more women and minorities. in fairfax, peggy fox, wusa 9. >> all right, peggy. and they did tell us that his wife chose not to engage with those cyber bullies. then she moved on. he said she was adamant that she was in the fire department to do a job and serve the citizens of the county. they said he may never know why his wife killed herself. the u.s. senate has approved a $1.1 billion in emergency funds to fight the zika virus. the funding is attached to a larger spending bill. now, the senate will have to work out a compromised measure with the house. the house version provides $622 million to fight zika. president barack obama said he can accept the senate figure, but he threatened to veto the house version, saying it doesn't provide enough money. in that senate spending bill, there's also a provision aimed at helping our veterans. it directs the department of veteran affairs to
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reproductive treatment for veterans with service-related injuries to keep from from having children naturally. maryland governor larry hogan has sign said noah's law. now, anybody -- anybody convicted of drunk driving in the state of maryland, must have that ignition interlock installed in their vehicle. they'll have to breathe into the device, every day, to prove they're sober, before they can start the vehicle. the law is named after montgomery officer noah liotta. he was hit and killed by a drunk driver last december, while working on a sobriety checkpoint. closing arguments at the trial of baltimore police officer edward nero. he's charged with assault, and reckless endangerment in last year's arrest of freddie gray. this is a bench trial, meaning there is no jury. the judge is expected to render his verdict on monday. a jury
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not guilty. relatives said lax security allowed that attack to happen. also, house speaker dennis hastert must report to serve a 15-month sentence. hastert pleaded guilty to violating banking laws to silence someone he had sexually molested when he was a high school wrestling coach. donald trump's qualifications to become president. up next, targeting homes and cars in northern virginia. you know, jan. finally, temperatures will finally approach average levels, with sunshine i might add. 76 downtown. 75 in gaithersburg. and 76 in fairfax. we'll come back and put the future cast way into the future. and show you when the rain
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we're following a developing story in prince williams county, where shots were fired. this time, a truck and two homes were hit on westmoreland avenue, tuesday night, just before midnight. two bullets went into a man's second-floor bedroom and lodged into a pillow. he was not home. >> i was awakened with a gunshot. and it went pow, pow, pow. and i
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>> they say they spotted a black sports car, driving through the neighborhood. headlights off. just minutes before the shooting. this is the latest in a string of home shootings. dates back to mid-february, when at least 10 homes were hit. so far, no arrests and no suspects. a father and son, accused of keeping a 13-year-old girl, locked in a toledo, ohio basement. went before a judge today. >> such a troubling story here. smith and his son easton were arrested after authorities found that girl wandering the home. she is the stepdaughter. police also found two other children in the home. all three are now with child welfare services. the men are each being handled on bond. murder of 13-year-old nicole lovell. david eisenhower and natalie keepers are accused of plotting to kidnap that i girl. prosecutors say they met up last january. still
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prime min stern is forced to apologize. up next, troubling story from hillary clinton and donald
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on the presidential campaign trail.
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saying donald trump's recent behavior shows he is not qualified to be president. meanwhile, trump fires back. >> trump and hillary clinton both reacted to the egypt air crash. craig boswell reports. >> reporter: presidential candidates weigh in on the egypt air disaster. donald trump is booming the -- blaming the crash on terrorists. he said, when will we get tough? >> hillary clinton said the egypt air flight shows we need to work with allies to keep america safe. >> with a flight coming from paris, our biggest concern is what is going on in europe. >> reporter: clinton says trump isn't qualified to be president and says his controversial comments hurt america's ability to fight terrorists. >> we have seen how donald trump is being used to essentially be a recruiter for more people to join the cause of terrorism. >>
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be the democratic nominee. she and her supporters are calling on all to unite to defeat trump. >> we've had 13 million votes cast for hillary clinton and 10 million for bernie sanders. it's time those 23 come together and convince the rest of the country to follow suit. >> but tamping down could take sometime. >> everybody needs need take a big step and a deep breath. >> reporter: sanders says -- some -- saners says that his supporters will bring chaos is nonsense. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> california holds its presidential primary june 7th. along with new mexico, north and south dakota. the latest on the campaign trail and election alerts, you can download our free wusa 9
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justin trudeaux is apologizing just moments before a big vote in parliament. trudeaux rushed the conservative rip yesterday. trying to get him to sit down. government-assisted buying bill with prime minister support. professional golfer, phil mickelson is trending on twitter for agreeing to forfeit nearly $1 million he earned. they received tips from the former director. and one of those tips was passed along to mickelson who used it to make a lucrative stock trade. the complaint did not show he had violated any security laws. and he is not charged with any crime. also trending today on twitter. a new washington post poll finds nine out of 10 native americans are not offended by the washington redskins name. the poll sampled 504 random
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the country. and now, for a check of our weather. a little sunshine. like you said. we were supposed to see some and we did. >> we did. and see, all day tomorrow. won't have to wait for it tomorrow. but then, don't get too used to it. i mean, we're gill going to go downhill in a way. feel pretty good about this. i lowered it from 70 to 69. not sure how smart that was. i think we'll be okay. we'll add up the numbers for you. looking at temperatures. 69 now. that's good. winds out of the south at 8. and really a very, very nice evening. we'll have two nice evenings in a row. tonight, clear and cool. tomorrow's bus stop temperatures, 46 to 66. so kind of cool, north and west of town, early on. and everybody is in the 60s by 8:30, 9:00. friday. sunshine. highs will be well into the 70s. in fact, almost average tomorrow. we've not talked about an average day in about 18 days. cold rain on satu.
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heaviest. pretty much at the same time frame. and we're talking about temperatures holding in the 50s. the only good news for the preakness. 141st running of the preakness. rain is going to light know up by evening. but look at these temperatures. you're trying to get to the infield at noon. 55. 2:00, 56. 4:00, 56. 6:00, only 57. and rain across the board. look at the winds. north/northeast at 10. north/northeast at 11. it's really a miserable day for may. 10:00 tonight, we're clear, upper 50s, low 60s. by morning, we're clear. sup glasses. upper -- sunglasses. upper 40s, low 50s. 62 in silver spring and bowie. and 61 in fairfax. by lunchtime, we're around 70. that's a good thing. clouds will move in tomorrow evening. but we're going to stay dry through tomorrow night. don't worry, you can cook out tomorrow night. and look at this. taking future cast to 7:30 in the morning on saturday. are you kidding me? look at all of the rain heading our way with temperatures in
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50s to start. and then 57 by 11:00. and 72 by 1:00 p.m. cold rain on saturday. 68. yellow weather alert. and leftover showers and storms. 70 on sunday. next seven days. warmer next week. we're in the 80s by wednesday into thursday. but along with the nats coming back into town, showers possible each day, but not a washout. >> what do you do with the preakness. >> i wasn't aware on saturday. going to be a little bit of a mess. >> bring an umbrella. >> a big umbrella. >> curt cousins in news? >> starting to get the spring workout. deadline coming up for kirk cousins in the contract. trying to keep his focus on the field. we're we'll hear from him how he's doing it. plus why '90s rock band creed and washin
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kirk cousins finished 2015 his first whole season as one of the west in the league. 23 touchdowns, three interceptions this his final 10 games. that led to that nearly $20 million franchise tag. and now as the team's first organized activity. cousins is ready to take the next step and take command. his offers. all but one of his main targets. should make it easier to find that groove as the season starts. but of course, there will still be the issue of the contract. cousins says he es
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>> i've never wanted to play football, thinking about money. and obviously, professional sports. you get paid to do it as a job. and you want to perform well on the job. and i know i'm gog perform my best. whatever happens, i want to make sure it's about winning, about improving as a player. and i trust that the rest will take care of itself. >> curt was trending on twitter today because of this tweet. today, the greatest hits album. today was a good day. for those of you that are unfamiliar. creed is a former christian rock band that was popular mostly in the late 90s. cousins ask the son of a preacher. so that combo makes sense. however, creed hasn't been relevant this century. and this sparked ribbings of cousins. chris tweeted out, did you quit listening when those two songs were over?
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nickel back. but could have been worse. and then hilarious photos were posted. no, man. making fun of eunuchs. then my favorite. it's the girls looking at him. like seriously? creed? that's your choice in music? >> yeah. >> it's stuck in my head. >> i like the way cousins is sounding. he sounds like he's in league with this team now. >> confidence. >> and i'm loving the weather today. >> and tomorrow. we're this fine shape. and saturday, yellow weather alerts. rain rolls in here pretty early. wet at preakness? yes. and chilly. highs of 50. that's it. >> cbs is next. we'll be back
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>> rose: the mystery of flight 804. an egyptian jetliner takes a wild turn and drops out of the sky. the u.s. joins a search for the plane and for answers. also tonight, the t.say tries to maximize security while minimizing wait time. the presidential race gets tighter. >> she politically attacked sexual harassment victims. >> rose: and nastier. and life. >> i've lead a charmed life. >> rose: we'll remember morley safer, who died today. >> his reports over the years touched many millions of viewers who saw through his eyes and felt through his words the beauty, the complexities, and the absurdities of the modern world. captioning sponsored by cbs


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